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December 27, 2013

Where are the Foundations of Netanyahu’s Building Tenders?

As we approach the third in the presumably four terrorist murderer releases, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also included, as he has with the previous releases, a slip of paper and an announcement that another so many thousands of tenders to build houses beyond the Green Line. This cannot be confused with contracts with construction companies to actually build housing, it is a slip of paper promising to claim to want to build houses though they likely will never be constructed. These tenders to build are simply placebo documents meant to assuage the pain of those who have suffered the loss of loved ones to those very same terrorists as well as give the left something to complain over thus lessening if not drowning out the protests from the Zionists. These slips of paper issued by Prime Minister Netanyahu are just that as Prime Minister Netanyahu has already made a backroom deal and caved to Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas demands and backed by United States Secretary of State Kerry.


It is part of the assurances Secretary Kerry presumably made with Chairman Abbas to fulfill every last one of his list of preconditions. This agreement came after the release of the first group of terrorists as Prime Minister Netanyahu issued the standard bromide of housing tenders along with the terrorists and Chairman Abbas demanded from Secretary Kerry that none of the plans to build could be allowed or the Palestinians would walk from the meetings and break off all negotiations. This arm twisting came after Chairman Abbas had agreed to allow Israeli construction east of the Green Line as he decided to choose the release of arch-terrorists over a building freeze. Of course Abbas knew that all he would need do is complain and put on his irritated look threatening to scuttle the peace process and he could have both the terrorist release and the building freeze. Secretary Kerry was a sure fire slave to any and all of Chairman Abbas’s demands as Kerry will do virtually anything to allow the peace process to appear to have any future life. This means nothing is beyond reason to grant the Palestinians as all they have to do is ask and threaten to walk while no threat is off the table to threaten the Israelis to force them not only to continue the negotiations but to grant any demand that Secretary Kerry carries over to them after receiving his marching orders from Chairman Abbas.


Many people wonder why this arrangement is permitted to continue by the Israelis as they are slowly being torn asunder and having the very existence of Israel as the home for the Jews utterly and completely destroyed. The truth is this building freeze has been enforced by Netanyahu since returning to the office of Prime Minister. Initially, Prime Minister Netanyahu tasked Minister of Defense Ehud Barak with the unenviable job of enforcing by any means necessitated a building freeze for all areas beyond the Green Line in Judea, Samaria and Benyamin or the entirety of the so-called West Bank. This channeled great amounts of scorn to fall upon Minister Barak which many believed he deserved due to his positions and established participation in the initiation and structuring of the Oslo Accords. With Ehud Barak finally deciding to leave political public service, Prime Minister Netanyahu no longer had someone to rely upon who has as proven, faithful and untarnished record of liberal progressive anti-Zionist views and opposing all construction in what they honestly believed was destine to become a part of the Palestinian State to enforce his building freeze. Thus, Prime Minister Netanyahu has allowed truth to surge forth that it was his view all along that a building freeze be enforced in order to genuflect to the Palestinians and the demands and preconditions of Chairman Abbas. What makes this even more perilous for Israel is that both President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are fully aware that they have a compliant, malleable and weak person as Prime Minister of Israel who can be forced and pushed and will not stand firm, all he demands is to be permitted to talk a good game pretending to strongly support a Zionist position. Prime Minister Netanyahu may even truly feel and hold a Zionist position but has shown only the ability to talk the game and has virtually always fallen short of enforcing and implementing a Zionist agenda. Perhaps Netanyahu could be given a position where all he is required to do is give speeches supporting Israel, Zionism and Torah.


Granted Prime Minister Netanyahu is more supportive of Zionism and Zionist principles than most of the previous Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres. What Israel could really use is a Prime Minister in the mold of Yitzhak Shamir or Menachem Begin, both of whom stood up against pressures and demands from the United States yet managed to continue to have good relations. The truth be told, one generates greater respect and better relations by standing strongly for your beliefs even if doing so places you in opposition to the desires and positions of others. By virtually surrendering and bending over to meet every spoken desired position or policy you engender ideas which influence others to simply take advantage of your weak will and disrespect your positions disregarding them completely as they speak praises of your ability to compromise but honestly seeking your complete and final surrender. The time has come for Israel to find new leaders who are not compromised by the last twenty years. Israelis need to find the next Prime Minister who is a dedicated and forceful Zionist who will refuse to kowtow to foreign pressures and truly pursue the Zionist agenda and work to fulfill the Torah requirement to settle the land. Once Israelis and the Israeli leadership combine to present a united front that demands Israeli rights to all of our ancient homeland all the forces demanding the destruction of the Jewish state will begin their withdrawal from the debate. For those who refuse to live in Israel and recognizing that she is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society which will be ruled with the ideals of Judaism and Zionism as the primary inspiration in the making of laws and celebrating traditions while respecting other religions, can depart and receive compensation for their losses with the granting of a one-time monetary payment to assist them in establishing a new home in whatever country they should choose to reside. The Prime Minister of Israel needs to insist that the world honor the promises and treaties made between the two World Wars which called for the institution of a Jewish state in their ancient homelands with no exception or formation of other entities within these guaranteed borders as described in these treaties and conferences. Israel and the Jewish people are not demanding anything beyond the promises and assurances made with them at the end of World War I as the remnants of the Ottoman Empire were divided up by the victors which established much of the map of the Middle East and North Africa. Just as each nation came into being, Israel was also given guarantees which inevitably grant that Israel shall be governor over all the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This is far less than the original promises which initially granted the Jewish state the lands west from the Iraq border to the Mediterranean Sea. In the Churchill White Papers the Zionists granted the one time release of the lands between the Jordan River to the Iraq border to form a Palestinian Arab state under the rule of the Hashemite family. The remainder of the British Mandate was guaranteed by this treaty to be granted to the Jews indivisible for all time. What part of indivisible does the world, which agreed to grant all of the British Mandate lands originally at the San Remo conference treaty, not understand?


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