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January 21, 2015

Prosecutor’s Fate Mirrors Western Culture


Yesterday’s article about the reported suicide death of Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor investigating the terrorist strike on the 1994 bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA), did our best to convey our suspicions that suicide was the least likely manner in which he lost his life. First thing with the sun rising over the Rocky Mountains came the first inklings that perhaps Alberto Nisman had not taken his own life. There were his friends who related that he was a positive and upbeat individual who loved life and lived it well. This added to the fact that his death came mere hours before he was scheduled to appear before the Congress of the Argentine Nation to give witness on the progress and particulars of his probe into the greatest singular crime of the last century. Adding to the evidence against his committing suicide his appearances in an interview where he appeared to be really looking forward to this appearance where he had stated that his investigation against Kirchner was “likely to kill me,” horribly prophetic. Well, the initial reaction in Argentina was anything but passive as friends, coworkers and the general public were all up in arms demanding a more thorough investigation be made into the suspicious death of this prosecutorial investigator. Slowly the day passed and the evidence slowly put to lie the suicide theory as the cause of death of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman. The first evidence beyond the fact that Alberto Nisman was an unlikely candidate to have committed suicide was the admission that there was no suicide note left, a sure sign against suicide as the note is much more than a simple Hollywood convention. The final knife in the heart was the fact that the firearm found in the room did not belong to Alberto Nisman and everybody knows that one would find it rather difficult to borrow a friend’s handgun with which to commit suicide. By the end of the day yesterday the Argentine government had turned from blaming the death of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman on a suicide into making it the next urgent investigation for the Argentine Prosecutors Office.


The problems with the investigation by Alberto Nisman are that it was making some powerful people uncomfortable. The fact that those people included the present and a past President of Argentina, former President Carlos Menem and current President Cristina Kirchne, made it a very poor move if personal longevity is one of your desired aims. Alberto Nisman was a man of fate, truth and integrity who went where the facts led him and damn the implications and potential to make people of power feel threatened and thus very uncomfortable by his findings. The fact that his investigation had also led to include Iran, Hezballah and the clandestine relations between certain political entities and Faustian deals over oil and influence and he boldly went where no man had before chasing only the truth. He knew the costs could be high and that the information he had gathered and their implications might even lead to his being murdered but he kept with his faith that such was not possible because Argentine society was not that of some tin pot dictatorship or third rate banana republic but a modern democracy under the rule of law. Unfortunately for Alberto Nisman somebody somewhere whose toes he had trod upon did not hold such a high view of the nation and the supremacy of the rule of law as he ended up dead on the floor of his room by a strange firearm mere hours before making witness to some truths before the national Congress where those secrets he had uncovered were about to be revealed and placed under the light of day and made clear for the eyes of the nation and the world. Now he had been silenced which only adds one more crime to the list of crimes Alberto Nisman had investigated, and also made a strong statement which those who will be tasked with investigating his death and those who will be assigned to complete his investigations will keep foremost in their minds as they carefully tread around implying any people of influence as they will never know for sure if that person is the same who already bought silence with the death of a human being. Nobody will desire these posts and whoever is so tasked may consider finding a new line of work rather than take such a risky tasking. Hopefully there will be another person of courage and dedication which is at least of a similar bravery that Alberto Nisman displayed and an immutable nerve to chase truth and do that which is required to complete the task with honesty, integrity and a thoroughness and toughness which casts all other concerns aside following down every lead to its final arrow which flies truly to home in on those guilty of crimes against the state and the AMIA bombings. Where such a person can be found is a hard task to answer as people such as Alberto Nisman are a rare and precious breed.


The fact that a man of such integrity and honesty was laid waste in a moment of selfish thuggery is a sad commentary of our world. That there was someone of high rank and influence would sink to murder a countryman even if they called upon a person of lesser morals, though which would have been the person of lesser morals is questionable, and take the life of a modern day knight who only sought to complete his assignment to its conclusion and follow the truths where they would take him is a sad testimony, period. Western society used to have leaders who would have simply taken the accusation and at the least made a deal to tell all and resign quietly melting into obscurity with their reputation ruined and reaping the scorn of their countrymen. Apparently holding on to the trappings has become more important to some in whom the people have chosen to place their trust and such a person betraying the people’s trust by the taking of the life of a public servant who was doing what the people through their government had tasked him to perform is one of the saddest accusations against those who are offered up as a valid choice to lead one of the democratic nations in our modern world. Murder to silence an accusation was something expected in monarchies, dictatorships and other lesser forms of governments and certainly not of a democratically elected governance, yet that is what we have witnessed yesterday in Argentina. The fact the there were likely also terrorist entities involved and that some of those very terrorist entities may now be placed in high and honorable positions within the government of Iran does introduce another angle which must be considered. There is little doubt that there was probably involvement in the AMIA bombing of Hezballah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) which train and occupy a town in the tri-border (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay intersecting region) area in South America and the central area for terrorist activities in the Western Hemisphere and that these also may have had some part in the assassination of Alberto Nisman. The IRGC and especially the al-Quds force, which is the special forces units of the IRGC, are also a training and testing grounds for promotion into high level government positions within the Iranian theocracy such as Mohsen Rabbani who was the cultural attaché of the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires and has since been promoted to head the Oriental Thought Cultural Institute in Qom, Iran after having started in the IRGC. Even had the assassination of Alberto Nisman been carried out by Hezballah, a probability which cannot be ignored, there was still likely somebody within the Argentine government or well connected to the current government who would have arranged the infiltration of the Hezballah terrorist who performed the strike and then facilitated the exit before the dawn revealed the results of the deed. Any way that this horrific crime was carried out it reflects on the barbarity which still remains in the halls of power even in the democratic institutions of the modern world. Such a commentary on our modern world places into question exactly how modern that world really is. Obviously we have yet to grow beyond the self-preservation which often reveals the worst side of any of us but when it involves somebody in high office in whom a great amount of trust has been placed by the people all the more difficult it is to swallow that bitter pill.


Let us pray that the murderer of Alberto Nisman is brought to justice and all involved in what is very likely a web of intrigue, criminality and depravity involving who knows how many people of immoral criminals. May another prosecutor who takes their pursuit of truth and deep faith in the law have the desire to find the hidden truth and then bring those involved in the massacre of 85 people and the injuring of 300 others in the horrific crime to be finally brought to trial and to justice and forced to pay for their heinous crimes. We should also hope that the murderer of Alberto Nisman and any accomplices both before and after the act be rounded up and face the cold judgment of the court and be made to pay for the crime of murder for the sake of denying justice and depriving the people of Argentina of a hero of heroes in the offices of the prosecutors which was exemplified by Alberto Nisman like few have done before and likely few will accomplish going forward though such is in short supply and never more needed than in the unraveling of the tangled web woven from murder and deceit. There is a hole in the fabric that is Argentina and that hole will be difficult to mend as it is the hole made by the loss of a truly complete and honest servant of the people and of law and the order it produces for their society, a hole which takes time and others of equal or greater firmness in tackling the challenges of toeing the straight line of following the truth wherever it may lead, sometimes truth is the most difficult of things to hold oneself to following. Good luck Argentina as you now have the unenviable task of setting to not only finding the murderer of an honest public servant but also the finding of a straight and honest man who is willing to follow leads wherever they should lead, and able to discern truth from obfuscations, but also having the intelligence to find the minutia and the obscured and from then piece together the whole cloth from which they were severed and torn in an attempt to keep any investigator chasing their tail in circles made of smoke, mirrors and the fog of concealment mixed with the confusion intended to dizzy even the straightest of men such that no one could conceivably make sense and rooting the truth whence it was buried. One need be intelligent and stalwart with a singularity of purpose to complete the task for which Alberto Nisman was murdered. Unfortunately, the powers that be are more likely to seek the Argentine version of Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau than they are Sherlock Holmes or better yet, another Alberto Nisman, the best choice of all.


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January 20, 2015

The Death of Alberto Nisman


Alberto Nisman’s death will go down as a suicide and no real and driven investigation will ever be launched to prove otherwise. He had been given the task of looking into things which nobody wanted to be searched through competently. Alberto Nisman had reached dead ends in much of his attempt to prosecute those who had been behind the 1994 bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) which had left 85 people dead and 300 others injured, predominantly Jews though there were also Christians who were employed and worked in the building and were amongst those struck, in the worst attack of its kind in the South American country. Alberto Nisman had traced the culpability back to Hezballah and Iranian influence but was facing opposition to getting exact information about accomplices and other involvements. He had recently alleged some of the blame for obstruction on the offices and person of President Cristina Kirchner, never a wise step when investigating things wanted buried. In an interview from a few days ago Alberto Nisman had said the investigation against Kirchner was “likely to kill me,” how prophetic. Often such Freudian slips where people state their fears in a mocking fashion or as a passing comment are very revealing and this mostly ignored comment during an interview may have indicated some deeply held fears for his life by Alberto Nisman. Alberto Nisman accused former president Carlos Menem of also obstructing the investigation into the bombing. The bombing came two years after an attack against the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires which has also not been fully investigated and had leads back to Hezballah and Iran.


This repetitive referencing of Hezballah and Iran of conducting such attacks within Buenos Aires, Argentina might appear to be a stretch but actually is not that difficult to believe. What is seldom mentioned by news reports is the fact that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) and Hezballah, basically an offshoot division located and semi-controlling the country of Lebanon, have a base of operations deep in South America. In a small town in the ‘tri-borders’ town South America perched right on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay is neglected by the law enforcement and security forces of each nations with each claiming the town is the responsibility of the other two thus avoiding what would likely become a small war zone should they actually attempt any actions. The top officers and many of the trainers are from the elite IRGC unit known as the Quds Force of Iran. These forces have been reported to train the enforcers for the Mexican drug cartels in exchange for their assistance in infiltrating forces and sleeper cells into the United States. The attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador residing in Washington D.C. was also linked back to having origins in this nefarious little area. Many of the top leadership throughout the Iranian government have at some point in their lives had ties to this area or to Iranian offices in South American nations such as Mohsen Rabbani who was the cultural attaché of the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires. He has since moved on to head the Oriental Thought Cultural Institute in Qom, Iran, an office where he can recruit top people to become leading members of the forces charged with spreading the “cultural revolution” which brought the Ayatollahs to power in Iran elsewhere around the world. A more visceral definition would be that they are charged with executing attacks deemed desirable by the Iranian leadership around the world. It is for this reason plus covert training that the tri-border region facility is tasked to facilitate any actions in the Americas and the western continental areas.


The people, forces and organizational arrays which Alberto Nisman was charged with investigating were very powerful and stretched all the way back to some people very high in the Iranian government even to members and leaders in their parliament. We are speaking of people who have a very long reach and had proven to be capable of operating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was part of the reason there were crimes to be investigated. This might lead one to form some wild theories which would be dismissed as originating from insane ideas from beyond the cusp of sanity to explain the death of 51 year old Alberto Nisman from a gunshot wound to his head in his Buenos Aires apartment overnight, hours before he was to testify at a congressional hearing into cover-up allegations he leveled last week against Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. Nothing suspicious about such an obvious suicide, let’s move on after taking the appropriate amount of time to pay our respects and honor this dedicated public servant and show our regrets to this loss. Needless to say, but we will most definitely find others to carry on his work in this investigation but they will be starting with the handicap of not knowing all the thoughts and suspicions which Alberto Nisman took with him to his grave. Such a loss will be hard to take with his investigation leading to who knows where and now having to retrace steps and try to digest years of dedicated and sometimes, we admit, far reaching and uncomfortable boundaries which had been crossed by an intrepid and dedicated man who would investigate every lead regardless as to whom it may have implied to have been connected to those awful bombings at the two largest and most central Jewish entities in Buenos Aires, the Israeli embassy and the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association. Alberto Nisman will be missed and we fear that there will not be anyone who will be capable of filling his shoes to continue his work. I will pray for whoever is chosen to continue these investigations and hope they have half the temerity when it comes to following every lead regardless of who it offends, implicates or incriminates. Justice will be served only should the ensuing continuation of Alberto Nisman’s work makes those very same people uncomfortable and the full truth be revealed in the finality of the investigations.


Beyond the Cusp


April 18, 2012

A World After a Nuclear Iran and Why to Avoid at all Costs

There have been numerous discussions in the media of the consequences of Iran becoming a nuclear power. There are those who claim that Iran can be contained through the same method which has contained any aggressions from going nuclear between the current existing nuclear powers, the MAD theory of mutual and presumed total destruction. Included in this position is the assumption that simply by extending the United States nuclear umbrella to cover all of Iran’s non-nuclear neighbors will suffice to give them comfort and safety removing the temptation for them to also go nuclear. Add in the plans for spreading an antimissile system that will be designed to prevent the launch of any missiles by any one nation against any other nation and what could go wrong? The proposed inclusion of Russia and China as well as NATO in the deployment and maintaining of this missile shield will allay any fears that the system will be built to favor the United States interests by neutralizing the Russian and Chinese weapons while enabling the hegemony by way of the missiles possessed by the United States. But exactly how tenable are these assumptions?


The first myth that is repeated despite being contradicted by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt which have had at least one from within their political or military leadership confirm or lay claim to the certainty that should Iran become nuclear weapon capable, their nations would be extremely hard pressed to not follow suit and develop their own nuclear armaments. These claims were made initially before the plan to spread the coverage of the nuclear umbrella to cover all the nations in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and possibly the Far East if requested. What has been mostly ignored in the mainstream press is that this proposition did not put to rest the fears nor silence those who had called for these countries to follow with their own nuclear arsenals in response. Instead, the media gave coverage to the negotiations with Russia which resulted in the cancellation of the planned antimissile systems deployment in Eastern Europe that was planned to be placed in Poland and the Czech Republic. This system has been presumably replaced by the stationing of Aegis equipped cruisers and destroyers with antimissile interceptors in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Sea. Reviews on this substitute system’s efficiency, sustainability and adequacy as compared to the original system have been mixed but all point to one shortcoming, the inability for this solution to address ICBM’s, the launching of a massive number of missiles in a coordinated simultaneous attack, and lack of permanence since in an emergency somewhere else on the globe could force the redeployment of the ships crucial to provide the protection against an attack. There have also been those who claim that the ships cannot provide the complete area of coverage which the original land based system was capable of providing. These shortcomings have not been ignored by the nations in the area.


The assumption that Iran would be deterred by the threat of a United States nuclear response to any Iranian provocation has also been questioned by many of the nations closest to the threat and has been laughed at by both Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who have intimated that they are willing to sacrifice millions of Iranian lives in a nuclear exchange with Israel if such an attack destroyed the Zionist Entity. And the idea that the major threat of a nuclear armed Iran would come from an Iranian use of these weapons of mass destruction completely misses the totality of the Iranian threats to the rest of the Middle East and the rest of the World. Iran has been launching attacks against Israel for decades without having a single shot fired from within their borders. They have used their proxy forces of Hezballah and more recently Hamas as well as other terrorist groups to launch rockets and missiles upon Israeli cities and towns. Using the same proxy forces they have executed terror raids and attacks within Israel including bombings, shootings, attacks upon IDF border posts, kidnappings and the recent use of an anti-tank guided missile on a school bus in Southern Israel. Iran used Hezballah operatives which had received much of their training in Iran, some claim direct involvement included the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, on Jewish targets in Argentina when they bombed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires on March 17, 1992 and two years later bombed the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center on July 18, 1994. These attacks against Israeli interests worldwide would definitely increase in both level of intensity and numbers once Iran has the confidence of their own nuclear deterrence against any retaliation by the rest of the world.


Another consideration which would very definitely come into play once Iran feels it is secured against attack due to a nuclear weapons capability would involve their stated intent to be the leading force establishing the new Caliphate. There were accusations that much of the Shiite violence and uprisings throughout many of the countries affected by the Arab Spring, or more appropriately named the Arab Winter, were instigated, guided, armed and generally aided by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. This accusation weighed heavily in the violence which raged in Bahrain which resulted in Saudi Arabia dispatching a heavy military presence to restore order in the small island nation. There was also a similar uprising of the Shiites residing mostly in the oil rich northeast of Saudi Arabia which resulted in the nearly immediate and overwhelming deployment of military and security forces ending any plans which may have been planned. Such a response came as little surprise for anybody knowledgeable of the iron rule of the family Saud over their territories, just ask the Hashemites. Looking at the future for Iraq after the end of the United States military presence indicates a heavy Iranian influence. Success in gaining control of the government of Iraq to Iranian influences would give Iran a continuous influence from the Indian Ocean and Iranian (or Arab) Gulf all the way to the Mediterranean Sea reaching through Syria and Lebanon in addition to Iraq. This would also pose a direct threat to Turkey which might explain the seemingly friendly relations replete with exchanged visits between Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Iranian President Ahmadinejad with the full approval of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei.


The real threat of a nuclear armed Iran is not so much the threat of their using weapons of mass destruction unless they decide on a suicidal exchange with Israel, something we doubt, but is the freedom to implement their terror proxies to attack without worry of retaliations as they would be under the Iranian nuclear umbrella of protection. The Israel nuclear Armageddon scenario is far less likely than has been hyped by the media. It is their usual distraction with an unlikely but drastic scenario in order to sell their papers or gain listeners and sponsors. The real threat of a nuclear Iran for the United States and Europe comes in the form of Hezballah and other terrorist entities as well as operations carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. It may come as some surprise to some that there has been a central Hezballah training and operation center in the tri-border area in South America. They literally own the entire town of Ciudad del Este on the lawless borders Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, thus the name tri-border area. This was the base used for the attacks by Hezballah on the Jewish interests in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These same terrorist groups have been reported to have spread into Mexico and are now assisting, or at least cooperating, with the drug cartels in order to utilize their smuggling routes and facilities in order to insert operatives and supplies inside the United States. Terror attacks throughout the Western nations would go off scale once Iran felt secured by their nuclear weapons. By using their terrorist operatives they attain a small amount of deniability despite all the evidence implicating them collected by security agencies. They would push their terror war through periods of high escalation and lower intensity all the while making sure to maintain a level unlikely to force an actual response. Eventually, a nuclear armed Iran will overplay their aggressions and very likely lead to the most dread of eventualities, a worldwide conflict that sucks every nation into the conflagration. Simply put; everything and anything that is necessary in order to permanently terminate the Iranian nuclear program should be taken from the table and implemented as soon as it is feasible, point blank period!


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