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November 1, 2018

Anti-Semitism is Apolitical


Hatred, particularly anti-Semitism, knows no specific side of the political debate, as it lies predominantly at all extremes. Anti-Semitism comes in a plethora of variations and root causes from every direction of the political fields. There are extreme leftists, extreme nationalists, white Supremacists, Black power movements, Islamic inspired, Christianity driven, Monarchists, Anarchists, Isolationists, Tribalists, Totalitarianists and probably even more than we care to list. The other thing is that anti-Semitism is something with which every age has had to struggle. The main difference was if the governance was struggling to eradicate it or using it to eradicate the Jews. There is a trope about the Jews always residing away from the rest of the community and often within a walled in community. This has been used to claim that the Jews were anti-social and exclusionary. The story often goes that wherever one finds a Jewish community, they live alone, separate and within walls to keep the world out. This claim makes an erroneous assumption, namely that the Jews chose this way of living and were the ones who built the wall. The reality is that when Jews came to a town or city, they were herded into a particular restrictive area where they were made to live separate from the others and the rest of the town or the city built the walls to keep the Jews within and not mixing with the general population. The walls were not to keep the others out but to force the Jews to remain separated and alone. When a new Jew would come with their family or alone, they were made to enter the shtetl (ghetto) and with time, these areas became excessively crowded. This was often easily accomplished as in most of the world, Jews were forbidden from owning land. This continues today in the Islamic world and is most evident in the Palestinian area neighboring Israel where should an Arab sell land or even an apartment to a Jew, they face a death penalty or, if “fortunate,” they face torture and if survived the rest of their life at hard labor. What must be stated at this point is that for many of the political definitions, just belonging to one group does not automatically make one an anti-Semite. Further, just because a person was born Jewish, it does not mean they cannot become an anti-Semite, as there are what are referred to as self-loathing Jews (George Soros for example).


Let us now broach a subject which is not going to win us tons of new friends, President Donald Trump. There have been consistent streams of screeds claiming that President Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. We are not going to go the usual route of claiming because his daughter converted and his grandchildren are Jewish that this makes him immune to the disease of anti-Semitism. We will agree with his detractors here in that this does not buy him an automatic bye. Instead, allow us to reach back to an ancient time during the past century into the 1990s. The place is Palm Beach, Florida where the existing country clubs and golf courses were all “whites only” with no blacks or Jews permitted and some even looked askance of Catholics. Donald Trump, in his own fashion of not really caring what everybody else was doing and going along to get along, opened a new spacious country club called, “Mar-a-Lago.” The rules for admittance to join this new country club, Mar-a-Lago, was very plain and simple, could you afford the fees to join. There were no other requirements or restrictions whatsoever. This ruffled quite a few feathers in the exclusively white community and he was blasted for his failure to be selective. He was given cold shoulders, every conceivable restriction to prevent his establishing the club, red tape blitz and other indignities and all because he desired to be different, to be inclusive and to accept everyone for who they were without prejudice. Donald Trump’s persistence paid off in spades as it lead to the eventual desegregating of every one of those formerly exclusive clubs into inclusive clubs. What Donald Trump did in Palm Beach was to buck the “good-ole-boys” club and instead came to town and established a new sheriff and new rules which with time everyone came around to implementing. Donald Trump could have far more easily opened Mar-a-Lago and kept it just as exclusionary as the existing system all but demanded, but he is not a racist, is not an anti-Semite and does not hate on such false grounds. If Donald Trump hates anybody, they likely crossed him in such a way that they deserve what they get.


The anti-Semitism which is growing in the United States is actually an old source which the Jews have suffered from before. Yes, there are still people like those we mentioned from Palm Beach who simply prefer not to associate with Jews, as their elitist circles are all old, established and exclusionary circles. These are fading from society but some persist. Then there are the Nazis, skinheads and fascists forms of anti-Semitism that are easily seen and who make themselves known often attempting to mount marches through predominantly Jewish neighborhoods such as they did in Skokie, Illinois in 1977, which led to a court suit where the Nazis won the right to march under their First Amendment rights of free expression (see image below). The one appreciated thing about these old and persistent Jew haters is that they make themselves known and easily identified and do not hide behind niceties and fancy words to camouflage their hate, they just come right out and put it in plain sight. Then there are still the less obvious extremists of the paleo-conservatives who hold to many of the segregation based concepts and ideas and for the majority, their most ardent hate is reserved for the Jews. Many will point to Pat Buchanan as their prime example of such people who once were amongst the mainstay of the Republican Party but have long since been relegated to the deep background where they are next to powerless. The new anti-Semitism is far more devious and even when it cones right out and shows itself, their fellow political travelers immediately give them cover and silence those attempting to shine a light on their hatred. These are the anti-Semitism who requires being outed and castigated for their unbridled anti-Semitism and any other hatred they hold.


Skokie Nazis March

Skokie Nazis March


As you can see, when the Nazis hold a march, they are very easily identified and often when they try to join other demonstrations, they will arrive in their little uniforms and then made to be separate from the demonstration so as to obviously not be seen as included. These we have seen occur at pro-Second Amendment rallies and other gatherings. These anti-Semites are not the group gaining in numbers and power in the United States, these people are losing numbers from the paltry totals they had at their height long ago. Today, the main strength of anti-Semitism which is growing is on the left, specifically, the far-left. One of the early and most visible leaders of this group was Presidential Primary candidate Bernie Sanders. Bernie is what most would call an atypical anti-Semite, as he was born Jewish. Unfortunately, in the modern era, being born Jewish does not exclude one from becoming an anti-Semite. So, perhaps we should provide some ways of determining an anti-Semite in the modern political climate. At the top of the list is anyone who does not believe that Israel has a right to exist or judges Israel with a completely different set of rules and guidelines, especially when these standards are used to make a unique example of Israel through selective application of the rules. All forms of anti-Zionism are forms of anti-Semitism. The reason is simple. Claiming that the Jews are not permitted to have their own nation for any reason and not making the same distinction against other nations, meaning choosing only Israel as being unsupportable because of their claim to be the home of the Jewish People, that is anti-Semitism. China is the home of the Chinese People, Japan is the home of the Japanese People, India is the home of the Indian People, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and others are the home of the Arab People, Saudi Arabia and Iran are Islamic nations for those choosing religion as their crutch as is Japan the home of Shinto and Tibet was and should still be the home of the Buddhists except that China invaded and stole their homeland and committed virtually every act prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention but everyone targets Israel with the laws and ignores what China is doing with Tibet. So, now that we have established that claiming that only the Jews, be it on the grounds as a People which the Jews have been proven to exist as a separate people or as a religion, are not entitled to have their own nation is plain and simple, anti-Semitism. Further, the Jews are a people with a proven common DNA type special and separate from general populations within which they currently reside and it originated in the Middle East, specifically the Levant, or where Israel is located today. So, now that this is established, let us continue.


There is a growing anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and thus anti-Semitic wing of left leaning politics. The majority of such is considered to be on the far left or leftist portion. Most of these are people who identify themselves as Democrats or Democratic Socialist Party members. Other than Bernie Sanders, there are numerous others of which the most easily and evident are Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now, these articles in and of themselves are no proof and to this point while we are not prone to give Linda Sarsour any benefit of the doubt as her actions and words have spoken for themselves, we will give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as making some initial mistakes and also the fact that she has yet to activate sufficient brain cells to establish any positions other than the words she has fed to her through a teleprompter, earpiece or other means of providing her answers to questions. We saw one of her early interviews where she was asked a list of one question to which she gave a perfect recollection of the answer she had memorized, obviously memorized, as her delivery was as if by rote, and then the interviewing newscaster thanked her, and she did what she does best, smiled. The problem with the anti-Semitism on the left is that it is being largely ignored by the media and other liberal and left-leaning people. It is not so much as it is being given a pass, as it is just being ignored completely and treated as if it did not exist. For an example, the Women’s Day March in successive years has rejected pro-Israel and pro-Zionist comments and participants to such an extent that a new group formed proud of their Zionist and pro-Israel affiliations and they are planning to march as a separate group if that becomes necessary. Even more specifically, it was the Chicago Dyke March which in June of 2017 they ejected women wishing to march with signs with a rainbow Star of David supporting Israel and then the next year, 2018, the Chicago Dyke March made no bones about their political allegiances with the predominance of Palestinian flags and signs denouncing Israel demanding they allow the Palestinians to have whatever they desire, which we all know is no Israel and closing on seven million Jews killed. Then there is the offer which was taken up be a number of the Woman’s Day marchers in the San Francisco Bay Area in January of 2018, where an offer made by Kate Jessica Raphael was to carry the below pictured poster making Ahed Tamimi the march’s poster girl. There was also a petition objecting to the participation of Scarlett Johansson, in the Los Angeles Women’s March which featured their heroine, Ahed Tamimi.


Picture of Ahed Tamimi as the March Poster Girl

Picture of Ahed Tamimi as the March Poster Girl


But we should not just pick on the women or we will be accused of having an anti-feminist bias, which is untrue as I loved the lead character on the latest Wonder Woman movie and hold Scarlett Johansson in very high regard as she stuck to her Judaism and love for Israel when forced to choose between being the spokesperson for SodaStream and being a global ambassador for Oxfam, presumably an international humanitarian organization as it apparently has some problems when it comes to Israel. For the record, Scarlett Johansson chose to represent the Israeli based company, SodaStream. But on the other gender side, there are numerous difficulties. By far and away, the biggest problem in simply amount and severity, just has to be Louis Farrakhan. The most recent insult was his claiming that when Jews “call me an anti-Semite, stop it, I’m anti-Termite.” Needless to point out, that line was his big joke to get a laugh line and you could see he was proud of his great and intelligent wit. But old Louis is not their only problem, though we wish he were. There is, as we mentioned above, old Bernie Sanders who wants to cut all aid to Israel and detach the United States from taking orders from Israel. That is a reference to one of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes on the planet claiming the Jews control this, that or the other. There was a complaint that the Jews controlled the money lending, but the religion of the peoples with whom the Jews lived were not permitted to lend money, neither the Christians nor the Muslims. They could own land which was denied the Jews but the Jews were allowed to lend money and this was a function that their society required, so the Jews were the money-lenders. There has been the idea that the Jews are too good at selling items. Well, we were the store-owners who sold goods to the moneyed people who owned land and needed to get supplies. We did this for close to a thousand years before selling became lucrative, so we had the practice and thus had an inside track, one could say. If you look at the history, many of the things which people will complain and claim the Jews own, influence, control or succeed better, these were things which they were forced to do to survive for the thousand years plus when land ownership was denied to them. You learn quite a great deal about a trade when you have been at it for over a thousand years.


Another problematic person is Keith Ellison who has in his history connections directly or indirectly to Hamas, CAIR, ISNA and MAS as well as having been a long standing member of Nation of Islam. Apparently, anti-Semitism has become a problem for the Democrat Party which they are mostly sweeping under the rug and hoping nobody will see the bump. Some have claimed that the Democrats require anti-Semites in order to reach victory in numerous races. There are some from the Democratic Socialist branch of the Democrat Party, the two have appeared to merge, who have made false claims of coming from Jewish Families to cover their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic positions and allow them to claim that Jews and Jewish money has too much power, an old and hopelessly anti-Semitic trope. There are numerous articles, some even in the NYT, noting the rising anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party including among numerous candidates. Add to this the rampant and overt anti-Semitism on numerous college campuses. This is a problem which spells problematic for the future. When the Nazis started to disseminate their anti-Semitism and other hatreds, they did so on college campuses as well as in the beer halls. Today the same hate is using the same places, the college campuses and the modern beer halls, they are taking it to the Internet. The violence and hate being spewed from the leftists and even some not so far out in the left. The youth in colleges when taking any courses from the Middle East departments, history, geography, politics, anything, they are being propagandized by Islamic interests as these chairs are most often bought by either Iran or Saudi Arabia. Then there is the instilled anti-Semitism coming from so many other departments and even some of the textbooks in addition to the professors. The education, history, political science and most of the “soft-sciences” are inundated with anti-Israel slants which often results in further anti-Semitism. This interview with Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Board of Fellows of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), who makes a perfect analogy which explains the difficulty in preventing the continuing spread of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, to use his words, pollution as it comes from too many separate sources infused, permeating the environment and serving to compliment one to the other making an atmosphere which is becoming toxic and starting to pose as a threat to Jewish students. The real problem will begin to have its effect on society as a whole within a decade or two at the most. With this widening anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism and related anti-Semitism where in order to survive on campus in all too many instances, such as during Israel Apartheid Week or when the anti-Israel-Zionism-Semitism breaks over into Holocaust Remembrance turning it into a pro-Gaza Rally right next to the Jewish students lighting candles, some for their relatives who died during the Holocaust. To be honest, no limit to the depths these outbursts can be taken. Be very aware of these events and what is happening as the colleges are turning out the next leaders of companies, politics and the future of the schools. These students who have been infested with this poison will at some point remember their hate which was instilled and either rid themselves of such or embrace it. Everything will depend on the reinforcement they would receive for either choice. The problem is as time progresses and the colleges and even high schools and soon to any level of the education of the children will be given these thoughts and then the atmosphere in the workplace, in political discourse and in every part of life will have been poisoned. They started with the beer halls and colleges in the thirties, now they are starting with the Internet in place of the beer halls, and it is not everywhere but it is insidiously permeating more and more places, and the colleges again and they are already assembling the troops on the ground. There are BLM, anti-fa, Occupy Wall Street, Students for Justice in Palestine, BDS, ANSWER, ISM and the plethora of anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian, far left and radical groups will be the shock troops, the SA in the future when their revolution takes place. What this begs is who will be the replacement of the SA, who will be the SS when the time comes to impose martial order and bring an end to democracy and the end of America. The signs for a real and truly fascist takeover are throughout the structure in the United States and once that occurs, then there will be no turning back for the world will have lost its final hope to evolve past tribalism.


Beyond the Cusp


July 16, 2015

Israel Isolation Right Around the Corner

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Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group

It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of Israelis as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu are about as far from pleased as a people can be, one might even claim spitting mad, over the agreement with Iran. It is equally unsurprising that the White House, especially the man at the top, President Obama, has passed to the media their stated understanding of the Israeli’s position and dislike but at the same time claim there was no other alternative. There have been claims and innuendo that Israeli disagreement will only sow the seeds of disrespect; not for President Obama, he’s close to perfect; not for the Iran deal, it is perfect; not for the European Union or the European backers of this deal, they’re perfectly blameless as the White House and State Department perfected the deal; not Secretary of State Kerry, he worked like a dog even when relegated to standing on one leg to get the deal, that was even before his accident; not for the negotiating team, their being made up in part with the same core members from the North Korea fiasco under President Clinton, they assure us they did not make the same mistakes, only new ones; definitely not the Iranians who, according to the White House and European leaders, are without blame or even blemish; not those leftists claiming that if the world would just show Iran’s leaders a modicum of respect, then the Iranian leadership would respect their obligations under the deal, thus it is the doubters fault should Iran break the deal; plus lastly not President Obama himself, he’s worked his fingers to the bone and even ran his pen out of ink and made so many calls to get such a good deal that his phone is out of minutes through 2037, sometime in early March; all the blame has come as a result of Israel, especially Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, expressing their doubts, their concerns, their admonitions all of which caused this injection of negative karma placing an ominous shroud, a kind of voodoo spell, over the proceeding which almost resulted in the death to any deal. This is coming mostly from the leftist Democrats in academia, the media and in the White House and their ‘fearless’ (I prefer gearless or clueless or both, I can be generous) leader who have all cast their lots against Israel.


Unsurprisingly, late in the document and placed after the lists of dropped economic, military, trade and other sanctions and listing each unfrozen fund and other assets all listed singularly comes “D. Nuclear Safety, Safeguards and Security” which appears in this obscure location such as nobody would have the fortitude and gut instincts to suspect there was anything after the lists, surprise. The section starts casually mentioning the obvious stating what seems as innocent as can be and would not have resulted in any serious concerns. It simply stated:

“E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, are prepared to cooperate with Iran to establish a Nuclear Safety Centre in Iran, engage in workshops and training events in Iran to support interactions between Iranian nuclear regulatory authorities and those from the E3/EU+3 and elsewhere to, among other things, share lessons learned on establishing and maintaining regulatory independence and effectiveness, and training on implementing nuclear safety culture and best practices; facilitate exchanges and visits to nuclear regulatory authorities and nuclear power plants outside of Iran focusing on best practices for safe operation; and enhance and strengthen domestic emergency preparedness and severe accident management capability.
Provide support and assistance to enable Iran to join relevant conventions on nuclear safety and security, e.g. through workshops or seminars furthering accession to such commitments. Such workshops or seminars could also take place under the auspices of the IAEA.”

The agreement then goes beyond the cusp and into the Twilight Zone with this list of promises to provide expertise as required or requested in the form of assistance stating the obligation:

E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, will co-operate with Iran in the following areas of nuclear safety, as well as in other areas to be mutually agreed:
Conclusion of bilateral/multilateral agreements with related organisations and research centres;
Supply of valid codes, instruments and equipment related to nuclear safety;
Facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of nuclear safety;
Enhance and strengthen domestic emergency preparedness and severe accident management capability;
Arrange on-the-job training and apprenticeship courses for reactor and facility operators, regulatory authority personnel and related supportive organizations in the area of nuclear safety inside and outside of Iran;
Establish a Nuclear Safety Centre in Iran, which shall be equipped with necessary tools, techniques and equipment, in order to support and facilitate technical and professional training and exchange of lessons-learned for reactor and facility operators, regulatory authority personnel and related supportive organizations;

This will complete the ability for Iran to keep their systems clean and some of their more proficient programmers may learn enough so as to use such spyware and other sophisticated invasive programs against their enemies, like Israel and the United States, the great and little satins. Much of this will reveal some of such programs already within the systems in Iran and we can bet safely that unless the invasive software has the name of the company and their logo, these invasive attempts will be blamed on Israel regardless of whom is known for having committed the crime, but that is just the start.


The Arab League has once again started their howling over how unfair the world is to place restrictions upon Iran but Israel is allowed to roam around untethered and restricted by the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) and not be inspected by the IAEA and restricted in their production of uranium and plutonium as Iran has been pressed to refrain? The mere fact that Israel has never used a nuclear weapon despite having good cause if one was to carry things to an outlandish finish where Israel might have been attacked by almost every Arab military or some unthinkable thing which history has shown is highly improbable and Iranian are regularly led in chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel” is hardly a convincing or even applicable comparison as Israel has never been attacked the ways that Iran has been and thus has no right to complain or compare situations, Iran has been under consistent attack since 1979 when the present government rose to power, thanks again President Jimmy ‘the peanut farmer’ Carter. The question is why is Israel allowed to hide their presumed nuclear weapons stockpiles which may rival the rest of the world combined for all the world knows. They must be made to rid themselves of their nuclear weapons.


The Europeans are entirely possible to stand behind such a call if it were made in the General Assembly and slightly less likely in the Security Council, especially a binding Chapter Seven Resolution. The United States is currently easily seen as using the Arab Leagues call for nuclear disarmament for the entire world. The real problem is the likelihood that President Obama could start with demanding Israel reveal their actual numbers of nuclear weapons; an exact count which would then be received by President Obama, and should Israel claim more than a dozen warheads and bombs in total, then the push for an acceptable limit be made to the breaking point and potentially beyond to denuclearize Israel in the name of peace in our time for all the Middle East. This would be followed by immediate demand for Israel to rid themselves of their nuclear weapons, a cry that could find its way by this October to the grand reopening of the next session of the United Nations where speech after speech could address Israel not being in compliance with the IAEA guidelines, let alone nuclear free. The hue and cry in the General Assembly continues with everyone demanding an accounting from Israel or the world is in danger of spinning off its axis and flying out of the Solar System if the imbalance that Israel may be causing with their nuclear weapons in the Middle East not be remedied. The intensity would grow and grow expecting President Obama to give the climactic speech all about the evils of nuclear weapons and his offer to match anybody nuclear warhead for nuclear warhead destroyed realizing their preeminence allowing them the ability to do so.


This will be the final egg in the basket, so-to-speak, as the BDS Israel protesters will go absolutely beyond the cusp with their rioting and demonstrating causing classes and final examinations to be cancelled for the first time since the late 1960s or 1970s in some of the universities. The ever increasingly shrill demands that Israel strip down and become denuded of her nuclear weapons will become unignorable demanding Israel comply or explain why will reach fevered levels sustained by instigators on every campus paid by NGOs themselves part and parcel subsidiaries of European governments and even the European Union all pretending to be independent, grassroots systems which rely on individual donations, not government grants year after year and their overseers demands for Israel to bleed nuclear weapons until her silos and arsenals run dry.


The nuclear issue will become the rallying cry as the mob grabs their pitchforks and torches and come to storm fortress Israel and bury the nuclear monster before it destroys one more life. Never mind that no lives have been lost because Israel has nuclear weapons, assuming for the moment that such is valid. If anything lives have been saved as there has been no major war between Israel and her neighbors in what many claim and recent news has proven since 1974, just a year or so after Israel presumably joined the nuclear armed nations club unofficially as Israel has always declined to answer whether she owned any nuclear weapons ever. Still, the suspicion that Israel possesses nuclear weapons has forced the Arab League and the independent nations to have to attempt to politically destroy Israel using presumed guilt of owning nuclear weapons; presumed guilt for murdering disproportionally in her wars against Hamas, Hezballah and other terrorist entities; presumed guilt over the truths in the forgery known by the title of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion;” presumed guilt simply for existing; and presumed guilt at causing hatred of the Jews to return to the world just recently and never before has there been such hatred been known in the past, never mind the treatment of Israel amongst the body of nations.


Israel will soon face a seemingly insurmountable threat to her existence. The greatest threat since over a half dozen national armies attempting to slaughter little Israel while she was still in her crib having been born in a single day and celebrated the evening before as Israelis for the most unbearable burdens for all mankind in even this presumed modern world is heading rapidly towards Israel from all fronts and in all venues. But is this world so sophisticated, so cosmopolitan, so cultured, so refined as to abhor all forms of anti-Semitism, well, except denunciation and demonization of the Jewish nation amongst the nations of the earth or do the base hatreds which drove mankind in their initial hatred of the Jews of the days when their neighbors prostrated themselves before idol and even more-so before Baal, the one they sacrificed their unwanted children to. Is the world all that progressed from those days when every upstart of a nation desired world dominion of ruling over the entire world and forcing all to their own religion, of course the kingdoms of man have progressed from those futile thoughts except for Iran, ISIS, Hamas and the scattered several potentates and high flung fools.


Mankind has become an enlightened entity where the more base segments of the body of mankind still hold deep cancerous hatreds that at least one of which has the oldest of pedigrees and this hatred has not changed since the earliest of times when these Jews demanded that in their nation and in their presence man shall not sacrifice man and especially the child sacrifice as was done, or is it when so many fetuses are murdered in the womb, in the cradle of life itself. When mankind desired to sacrifice infants, the Jews admonished and were hated. When mankind wanted to unify and make all exactly the same, true Judaism instructed how to not so practice. When one after another after another after yet the next petty tyrant all the way to Napoleon, Hitler and now the Caliph of ISIS when mankind sought to rule the entire world the Jews said except the small piece the L0rd of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave to us to do as Hashem hath commanded and they hated us.


We marched for equality with Martin, we came and saved a dancer with a modern and nearly perfect prosthetic in Haiti after the great quake raising one thing of beauty amongst the thousands Israel saved and came to the soaked northeastern shored of Japan when nuclear plants threatened to melt into the soaked soil and threaten an explosion and we nursed for as long as we were allowed to stay and then left, as we have often done, a fully stocked and built clinic in the hardest hit area and when asked how we desired payment we asked they be kind to each other. We seek peace even where the mantras are we can have no peace other than the grace and a thousand of a thousand of a thousand of thousands of millions have spread hatred of the Jew and sworn an oath to their idols they were the ones who would finally annihilate the cursed Jew and rid the world of this pestilence which seeks to be kind and to help the helpless and they too failed and fell.


Now we have probably the most numerous of foes, a collection of tribes which easily include over half the globe’s population amongst their numbers as it includes the fundamentalist Muslims, the secular humanists, the churches of the West, the communists everywhere, the developing nations beholden to the oil sheikdoms, the neo-Nazis every bit as much inculcated by hatreds so as to rival the most ardent of the final solution as their predecessors. No nation on earth is without the curse that is the hatred of the Jew even if one has never met a Jew nor has any in his village, his hamlet, even his teeming city of a hundred thousand, yet he has many friends, amongst them all, they each have their story on what the Jew has done to them or their families despite there being no Jew for a thousand miles in any direction. The hatred seeps through the cracks in sanity and infects them, one after another, some online, some in the quiet places and others in the noisiest discotheque, and they found each other in huddled corners and now they rule and spread their hatred and the promise that if they just kill the Jew, and they succeed where all before them failed, then they will have cleansed the world.


Thus they must hate and kill the Jew, and that Jew today is Israel. We survived Baal, we survived Pharaoh, we survived Haman, we survived Nebuchadnezzar, we survived the Inquisition of Tomás de Torquemada, we survived the horrors of the Dark Ages, we survived wearing the yellow star in the Caliphate, we survived the pogroms of the Tzars, we survived the death camps of Hitler and the Nazis, we will survive the renewed hatreds of the ever growing spread of hatred borne of the dark heart in Medina and its younger cousin of Qom though they sit in Tehran. That is what we do, we survive, we thrive though small in number, and we give gifts to the world through our inventiveness, our love of knowledge, our innovative minds, and our love for mankind borne from Hashem. That is what we do even when surrounded by threats and hate, we love, we heal, we persevere.


Beyond the Cusp


Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group


April 22, 2015

Peace, Peace Yet There is no Peace

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The latest effort in the news is New Zealand who claims they will start an effort which will end the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Their premise that the base of the problem is the formation of a Palestinian State with established borders ignores one very simple problem, the Palestinian do not desire a two state solution, they demand a one state solution with no Israel. Their desire is an Arab Palestine without a single Jew left alive between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. They have gotten bolder of late and freely claimed their desire for that solution completely assured that the media will not report their spokespersons making such statements because it does not fit the world’s narrative which blames Israel for the lack of peace. Look back at every last single attempt to find a solution and show me where the Arabs have been pressed to make any sacrifice or effort towards accepting a solution. I can save you the pain and suffering of going through so many promises by outside powers claiming they only want to solve the problem. Every attempt to solve the problem has one assumption at its base, Israel just has to find the right borders for setting up the Palestinian State and everybody will live happily ever after. There is one huge obstacle to that solution, Abbas has repeatedly said the Arabs will not give up their quest to forcefully fight for all of their beloved nations and the Jews have been driven from its shores. Just in case you are still having difficulties understanding exactly what that means, let me put it the way Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser stated the Arab desire so succinctly and so precisely when he demanded the Arab forces would not stop until they “Would drive the Jews into the Sea.”


“Drive the Jews into the Sea.” That was the cry of the Mufti of Jerusalem in 1948 as his forces backed by the armies representing seven Arab nations, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and additional militias and troops from Yemen, Turkey, Sudan, and Libya which all came together along with military advisors volunteering their expertise and with no other war grabbing their attentions from Britain, Germany, France and Austria, yes, you read that correctly, Nazi officers and British officers working together to assist the Arab armies to destroy the nascent state of Israel. To put things right, the Israelis were fighting with whatever they could scrap together and on the kindness and extreme efforts of some helpful nations who sent military equipment with little promise they would ever receive payment as the Jews look like they were facing some severe odds, yet still Czechoslovakia sent artillery and armored vehicles along with rifles, machineguns and ammunition. An American Jew in the United States went and bought up all the leftover military hardware which was available in the United States and as he owned a company which made the huge transformers for electrical substations and that some manufacturers require, he attempted to send the outer shells of a transformer with the insides removed and filled instead with military equipment even to include a couple of tanks, armored transport vehicles, Jeeps, Rifles and ammunition until the unit weighed the same as if it had housed the real transformers and shipped them off to Israel from his home city of Baltimore. He knew the dock hands who loaded the ships and they challenged him that he had been shipping an awful lot of transformers to Israel and it is reputed that his answer was that the transformer were filled with military equipment and laughed and then told them Israel was replacing their entire electrical system and needed the transformers. This was his explanation he gave despite knowing quite well that the very same items he was shipping were against the United States government emplaced arms embargo on Israel immediately which was ordered after recognizing her as a nation thanks to the State Department. There were rumored shipments from France which probably had some validity considering that Baron Rothschild was once again back home in France. Somehow the Jewish forces of the Haganah, Irgun, Sternists and other paramilitary and forces considered to be terrorists under British rule and now were a part of the Israeli military preparing to take on an assault they were never supposed to win. In all fairness, there were a number of Arabs communities and extended families who fought alongside the Jews to preserve Israel and these were amongst the Arabs who were gladly accepted as citizens of the Jewish state immediately after the 1948-9 war which Israeli refer to as a war for independence.


In reality the initial war to destroy Israel was in some ways identical to every war as they are all fought for survival because every war Israel endures there is one potential outcome every Israeli must face, if Israel loses they will, in all probability, be killed as the forces sweep through the broken shell which had been protected by the IDF and lost allowing communities to be left unguarded as if Israel lost; they had fought to the last available person. Facing the guaranteed wholesale genocidal slaughter of the population should Israel ever be defeated on the battlefield is the motivation and realization as the consequence of failure for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) upon entering any battle. This is part of the reason that Israel having secure borders weighs so heavily when negotiating with the Arabs who demand their own nation cut from the nation promised for Israel and the Jews at San Remo and again unanimously voted into law by the League of Nations as a part of the Mandate Plans. The British Mandate lands had already been split with seventy-eight percent, the area between the Jordan River and the border established for Iraq while the small piece of land westward from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the very sea the Arab armies of 1948-9 desired to push the Jews into as they cleansed the lands, all of that land was set aside for the Jewish State and not for two states living side by side with one side still trying to annihilate the other side as so many push for today.


That brings us back to the European Union imposing a ban on all goods coming from the reputed contested areas. In cases where a manufacturer might be employing banned items in his parts list or recipes, they too will face being boycotted thus, just to be on the safe side, they assure they employ only approved parts. Of course Israel can simply avoid such inconvenience by closing the factories beyond the Green Line and only build items inside the areas the Europeans feel comfortable with, at least for now. There would soon be raging Europeans demanding to know why all the Arabs employed at the factories lost their jobs when the factory was relocated within the Green Line and then demanding that the factory reemploy their former employees from the Arab areas and have then, at each factory’s expense, these former employees provided transportation to and from the new location. Then the Europeans would refuse to buy the products as the price would have become prohibitive due to the added costs of moving and providing rides and everything else.


New Zealand has claimed that they will see if they can find the route to restarting the peace process. They will likely try to find what the Israelis can provide Abbas and the Arabs in order to sit at a table and be insulted and demands made for Israel’s eventual destruction and then when nobody is able to convince the Israelis to sign onto a peace treaty which stipulated that the desires and needs of the Palestinian Arab people must remain sacred with all parties fully understanding that such a phrase guaranteed the continued terror attacks upon the Israelis despite the treaty and then the world will decide that maybe if Israel surrenders all of Jerusalem and all of the Negev then the Arab Palestinians will be satisfied. We all know that such would only lead to increased terrorist attacks and an eventual new peace process and a further retreat of the Jews and so on and so on until the Israelis really are living in rafts floating in the Mediterranean which is when the Arabs will demands that the Jews floating in their internationally recognized rights to the Sea be removed. The world will rush to grant them their darkest desires and the Jews will have their rafts towed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and then left to drift only to be eventually towed again to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and yet they will still produce more than the Arabs living on the whole of what was Israel are capable of creating. One will have to wonder what reason the European Union and member nations will find to boycott anything made on half of the rafts as they too should be granted to the Arab Palestinians. This sounds ridiculous but is the end result if the world continues to leave the Arab Palestinians blameless for the lack of peace yet they are the party never satisfied which is why the world has literally run out of sacrifices Israel can give to be permitted to sit and be insulted and the end of the talks the Arabs will walk out or force Israel’s hand to refuse some ludicrous demand with the Arabs knowing full well that this final insane demand will be the first offering in order to lure them to the next round of who can demand the most out of Israel, the world or the Arabs.


That is the feeling in Israel as we know and you know and we each are aware of the other’s knowledge that the peace process is nothing more than an international effort to destroy Israel removing this Jewish entity that the world finds so repulsive an idea that it must be eradicated by any means possible. Much of the world sees the existence of the reestablishing of Ancient Israel and the return of Jewish sovereignty as the home of the Jews as an anathema as it contradicts every accepted norm of the world’s greatest defilement and racism, the helpless Jews always just that one step into the perilous direction and the immediate reflex has always been to blame the Jew, even if no Jews resided where the calamity was experienced, then it is the fault of the Jews for not coming to repair the world. Never mind that Israel is often the first on the scene of every disaster no matter where such occurs, Israel may be the only nation which has entire troops trained and ready at a moment’s notice to transport them and their necessary equipment across the globe to assist the stricken. Israel had the first working hospital fully stocked and equipment which the nation of Haiti after they suffered a devastating earthquake. They had delivered their first baby in the maternity ward which was across the field from triage area directing those victimized by nature in order to provide them the assistance necessary. Israel also had search teams trained for exactly this kind of emergency who brought equipment and dogs trained to find victims trapped in the rubble. The Israelis made a number of harrowing and dangerous rescues and even took a dancer, who had lost one leg, back to Israel in order to provide him with a top of the line prosthetic device and he returned to his career dancing like he never had dreamed was possible during the aftermath of the earthquake when he realized he was to lose one leg as it was beyond saving. George was in for a surprise, and we reported on George Exantus, a great dancer and dance performer, amongst a few other discussions which we spoke of in Why Doesn’t Israel Refute the Propaganda Against Her? which has a link to see a video of George performing with his new leg and except for his putting on his prosthesis one could not tell he was not fully functioned with never having lost one leg. If only the world would get to know Israel and her actual spirit and desires to aid all we are able and not have to suffer a disaster, earthquake in Haiti and others around the globe where Israel has been, tsunami, reactor failure as in Japan, and Israel was there as well, hurricane as in New Orleans or of any other calamity where Israel, it turns out, are amongst the first to arrive and provide assistance and often the last to leave making sure all are restored as best as can be expected and medical personnel have been trained to carry on the therapies. We could continue to a disaster in the Philippines where one team of Israelis went to aid a remote village only to find out they were the first aid workers or anyone else to visit their hamlet, let alone come to assist. Here too a child was named Israel in recognition of the generosity and actual caring assistance. Is it really necessary for the entire world to have faced an emergency and actually witnessed the caring heart of Israel extended to assist before understanding our desire to be the chosen to assist others and the chosen to be a light unto the nations during even the darkest of times?


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