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January 4, 2016

Moral Relativism vs Israeli Clarification


Moral relativism dies a death of a clarifying reality where there truly are absolutes which obliterate the fuzzy thinking which equates all views into some squishy warm fuzzy amalgam which is presumably harmless. In Israel one lives the inequalities between different cultures and political battles over the land and the different peoples, religious beliefs, virtues and the way all of these interact producing a state where reality becomes one’s teacher. This reality comes home every time on waits for a bus or is in any decent sized crowd as your eyes will peer outward scanning the immediate area for vehicles speeding towards the group. Even when one is walking alone there is the need for situational awareness where one knows all that is occurring within an area of relative proximity looking for someone acting at all different, possibly hands in their pockets appearing to be hiding what they are holding, that certain look in one’s eyes reflecting the deadness which accompanies the stark hatred required to murder a complete stranger close up and personal using a screwdriver, kitchen knife, hatchet or other such implement who you may need to watch more closely than usually you might. You listen closely while walking, especially at night, and you get a premonition as you hear somebody walking at a forced pace coming behind you that you spin to face a potential attack and are relieved to see a religious Jew rushing to services or possibly some class. Maybe you are unsure of the identity and purpose of the person walking up behind you so you increase your pace aiming for a place with more people or police or a checkpoint or IDF station just to feel safe again, but even there is one truly safe?


There is this little truth about moral relativism and all too many other of the leftist garbage the media give us in deluges daily admonishing us for our lack of enlightenment if we do not have similar views as expounded in the New York Times and other such paragons of virtue. A reputed example of moral relativism and an acute case of would you just stop making my life difficult was the reputed statement by playwright Tony Kushner who presumably stated that it would have been better if there were no Israel. His reasoning was simply that American Jews don’t want to rock the boat, American Jews don’t want trouble. To all too many American Jews Israel has become that burdensome stone around their necks called Yerushalayim which has become exactly what was described in Zechariah Chapter 12 which was written approximately two-thousand-five-hundred years ago states, and let us quote:


“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.”
“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”


The lengths and stretches made by NGOs in Israel purporting to be Israeli Human Rights enforcers working to improve Israel carry out that task in the most unusual manner. Instead of taking their case before the Israeli courts or working behind the scenes with their information to assist Israel to work to better insure equal rights and fair treatment they immediately take any dirt, manufactured or real, and make a major case over the most trivial of offense often where any offensive act they have gleaned, often formed out of thin air, and throw their accusation before a complicit world media just salivating over every minute morsel of gristle thrown them like feral dogs around a bone and parade their accusations around the world all in the name of justice and also doing a little fund raising.



Jerusalem Backdrop for Quote from Zechariah Chapter 12 Verses 2-3

Jerusalem Backdrop for Quote from
Zechariah Chapter 12 Verses 2-3



These NGOs are more often than not primarily financed exclusively by some European government, the European Union, European and United Nations NGOs or a combination of these sources or with some major portion of funding from the New Israel Fund (NIF) which despite its high sounding name is a lowlife funnel for European and untraceable foreign funds such as from wealthy individuals, such as George Soros who has been proven to be one of the NIF’s major sources of ready funding, all actuated with the actual task of the destruction of Israel by destroying the Israeli Zionist, Nationalist and Religious camps and gaining control for the most extreme leftists who champion complete surrender to every Arab demand in the name of peace and human rights. Trust when we point out that should these European cabals and their puppet NGOs succeed there will be absolutely no NGOs or human rights inquiries seeking to discern what happened to the Israeli Jews and Christians once Israel has been fed to the Arabs as these paragons of virtue will be shocked when they are left to the tender mercies of the Arabs right alongside of the rest of the Israelis facing the same exact fate as none of their current financiers or close knit friends will lift a finger to save them from the same fate they intend to press upon the other Israelis, those which disagree with their desires to destroy Israel in the name of human rights and peace.


If the world instead of concentrating all their evil thoughts, dastardly machinations, colluding conclaves and demonic covens on Israel and would instead look inwards and repair their own houses instead of attempting to find some future which the Jewish State of Israel will have once again passed from the pages of history maybe our world could be a far finer place for us all. Europe has its own problems with the recent flood of immigrants, their death spiral due to lack of sufficient children being born thus being forced to rely on immigration has led to a mix of cultures which had begun to rip the societal fabric at the seams and virtually shredding the entire societal cloth. There is the challenge of what to do to salvage the Euro and its issuing agent, the European Union, from the economic divergence between Germany, the former Warsaw nations and the southern Mediterranean nations such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and potentially France in the near future. These nations are so economically desolate that they cannot even grab their fair share of the flood of immigrants from Northern Africa, Syria, Afghanistan and other Arab and Muslim nations with some reaching the gates of Europe from Pakistan which all are heading for Germany or the Scandinavian nations and better benefits. Europe and the United States also have the slow job growth such that large parts of the population have left the work force giving up on any future employment paths. The current rift between the old developed and industrial world having entered the information age one would think they might have noticed the building anger the developing nations are feeling. The truth of their situation of not having any hope of catching the developed world and always going to play a subordinate role mastering technology decades after the Western Nations who share very little of their most advanced systems. Then there is the Arab and Muslim world believing their time has come to spread their religion throughout Europe setting up a stealth insertion of terror forces, both Iran with an assist from Hezballah and the Islamic State with the Saudi Petro-dollars assisting with funding of Sunni Mosques and schools throughout the Western World spreading their Wahhabism form of Islam.



Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide



Such forces all allied to eradicate the real and guaranteed borders for the nation of Israel because it might upset the Arab world and make energy prices ramp-up is a true and present danger which is fueled by moral relativism Western World style. The problem is the world keeps making the claim of taking the Arab Palestinians to the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice but will never actually make such a move as they are aware of the real and defined borders of Israel and that does not favor their claims. The land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea made up Israel after the San Remo Conference and was accepted at the Treaty of Sèvres and still holds to this day under the United Nations Charter Article 80 which places the British Mandate amongst the other Mandates now under United Nations responsibility to carry them to fruition. This was accomplished with the attempt to undercut the guarantee that the lands east of the Jordan River, the 78%, were reserved for what eventually became Jordan and was the home for Arab Palestinians and was formed under conditions which made it free of any Jewish presence while the lands west of the Jordan River were reserved for the Jewish Palestinians on the remaining 22% of the lands and were to be open for any and all peoples desiring to reside there under Jewish rule of the nation though their villages, towns and even cities could claim any governance they desired just as long as all citizens were free to pursue their own religion with full rights in the State of Israel as understood in any national laws were concerned. The attempt by the United Nations to further divide these lands was prevented by the Arab desire to own and control all of the lands and to cleanse all of the lands from any, as they put it, Jewish infestation. The Arabs planned to crush the nascent Jewish State the very day it would no longer be guarded by British troops on the very morning of her first day, May 15, 1948 and lined the border of Israel, and this is important, with the armies of seven nations ready and armed up to destroy the Jewish State which had fewer than one hundred tanks and aircraft combined at the onset of the war. With arms embargos in place by the United States and Europe there was nowhere really for the State of Israel to turn except for the one nation willing to sell her arms outright, and that was Czechoslovakia, a nation who knew and fully understood being sold out as inconsequential by the powers that be as they were by Britain and France at the lead-in of World War II. There were individuals who managed to send arms to Israel through means of smuggling them out of their nations often with a wink and a nod which could have gone the other way and they incarcerated for attempting to break their national policy of remaining neutral and in some cases neutral meant only arming the Arab side. The very first, and some say the greatest, miracle was that Israel defended herself from these invading armies and slowly built a credible military force with a patchwork of units forming the initial Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and prevent the nation’s destruction.



British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel



It was as the Israelis were Jewish according to the world media, ignoring others such as the precious Arab allies as some Arab villages fought with the Israelis, yet even knowing of this, the world translated Israeli as all Jewish which was not true, together, kept most of the lands from the initial declaration lands as Israel. The world insisted on ceasefires every time the Israeli forces were poised to make progress to defeating the combined Arab armies against her and thus protecting the Arab gains made initially before the Israeli forces could congeal into a reasonable fighting force made up of the different forces with which they had resisted the British attempts to completely disarm the Jews before departing. Had that been accomplished the miracle required would only have been greater in scope, but the fact that Israel survived at all was definitively a miracle. Still, Israel almost lost all of Jerusalem and a do or die attempt was launched in the final hours of the conflict to connect with the Jewish fighters surrounded in Jerusalem and allow for a contiguous State including Jerusalem and succeeded, the final miracle in almost two years of miracles. The lands occupied by Syria, Jordan and Egypt were the Golan Heights without which much of Israeli farmlands would be unworkable due to snipers, Judea and Samaria and Benjamin along with east Jerusalem which included the Temple Mount and the Old City all renamed West Bank by Jordan and the Gaza Strip by Egypt. All of these lands were occupied Israeli lands and were a part of Israel at the onset of hostilities when the morning sun revealed her hills and plains, a land where children can run free. But now these large chunks of what were Israel were occupied by foreign entities and made free of their Jews who owned lands within these areas of occupation. So, the reality is the West Bank is occupied lands; occupied by the Jordanian citizens who were unceremoniously stripped of their Jordanian citizenship granted them when Jordan attempted to make permanent their occupation by annexing the West Bank thus attempting to make permanent their theft of Israeli lands. Where this annexation was only recognized by the British and Pakistanis, today the lands are treated as if they belonged to other than Israelis Arabs who were never Jordanian, despite almost all holding Jordanian citizenship identifications, and the lands were now magically to have belonged to Palestinians Arabs who were the indigenous population going back thousands of years replacing the Jewish claims as these Palestinians who are not Arabs but indigenous have a history dating back to before the Jews claim to have come and there were either never Jews in the lands or Jews came and conquered the lands carrying out ethnic cleansing back three thousand years ago just as they are doing now. The ancient and modern Jews must be extremely incompetent when it comes to ethnic cleansing as there seem to be a constantly growing Arab Palestinian population despite reputed Israeli genocidal efforts. The only ethnic cleansing done in the area the world likes to call the West Bank was performed by the Jordanians in 1948-9 when they forced the Jews from their lands by either expelling them into Israel if they were fortunate, or by simply erasing any record of their existence through honest ethnic cleansing and genocidal tactics.



Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid

Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs
Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands
as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League
and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid



But Moral Relativists must take the side of the downtrodden over any vestige of Western society, which is what Israel has been labeled as despite the fact that more than half of the population came from Asia, Africa or Arab and Muslim lands across all of the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East and northern Africa. The only Western fact about Israel is that she has honestly achieved becoming a wealthy and free society where all of her citizens are privileged to share the same advantages and rights within the State of Israel. The “Palestinians” who are denied the right to vote, the right to free speech, the basic right to a fair trial, the right to free assembly and are persecuted and denied the rights recognized to have been granted Israelis are not denied these rights by Israel as these are not, by the definition of the world at large, Israeli citizens but are ruled under the auspices of the semi-autonomous Palestinian Authority (PA) under the definitions of the Oslo Accords. It was the Oslo Accords which first gave any legal standing for a Palestinian state to possibly be founded within what is rightfully Israeli lands liberated from Jordanian occupation in the June 1967 Six Day War. With Mahmoud Abbas claiming that the PA is no longer bound by the Oslo Accords is declaring that the PA has been dissolved, which he claims constantly while assuring the Europeans and Americans that the PA still exists as otherwise he might lose the billions of Dollars and Euros they lavish on him and his most favored of Arabs in the hierarchical dictatorship he has formed, claiming what remains of the Fatah Party and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).



Occupied Israel where Syria Occupied the Golan Heights While Egypt Occupied the Gaza Strip and Jordan Occupied Judea and Samaria They Renamed West Bank

Occupied Israel where Syria Occupied the Golan Heights While Egypt Occupied the Gaza Strip and Jordan Occupied Judea and Samaria They Renamed West Bank



Fatah might exist but not as any ruling entity as Fatah was the new PLO cleansed of it terrorist roots and history and without the Oslo Accords there can be no Fatah. There can be only the PLO terrorist entity, which is exactly what we now witness occupying Judea, Samaria and Benyamin areas formerly occupied by Jordan. These lands have been subsumed by Western charitable entities as Palestine which they make the legitimate owners erasing Jordanian occupation. The Mandate defined Jewish lands but Europe has semiofficially recognized Palestine making Israel the occupying power in its own lands by International Law. But the European leftists have defined Palestine as being defined by whatever Mahmoud Abbas claims, which is all of Israel from the River to the Sea. Even Abbas recognizes that Israel is defined as existing in all of the lands and he claims he will conquer the lands with the assistance of world recognition.



Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases

Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases



Israel must be destroyed and the lands given to the Arab Palestinians because all of Western society must be sacrificed if the world is ever going to be truly liberated, well, except for the enclaves, gated pieces of the vestiges of Western civilizational comfort reserved for the Moral Relativists as the rules they impose on others cannot be applied to them. They will have a real wake-up call once they have disbanded the nations of the western infestation and dissolved much of the western armies and they will be in their villas expecting to rule by fiat over the remaining billions of people they liberated and gave the keys of power to in exchange for promises they will be granted their comfortable villas in their established oasis of Western comforts. Their villas will soon be destroyed and them along with them as their ideal world cannot exist as once the Moral Relativists get their promise of the ideal lands with the barbarians now allowed inside the walls because the walls have come tumbling down by their equating all societies as equal and granted all societies equal access to all areas including within the gates and they expect this will work for them. Perhaps they should read, not reread as I doubt many if any of the Moral Relativists ever read the Old Testament and especially the Torah and the following book of Joshua as that would tell them what happens to a walled city such as Jericho when the walls come tumbling down, and a hint, it does not go well for the people who formerly lived behind those walls. But the Moral Relativists tell us they will get it right and their allowing the barbarians to come inside the walls will work this time. They know what went wrong when Rome paid barbarians, the good barbarians to guard the borderlands of the Roman Empire. They understand where China went wrong allowing Barbarians to man the gates along the wall, and we mean The Wall as in Great Wall of China, the most impressive and effective wall ever built until the barbarians were hired to guard the gates.



Great Wall of China Grand Views

Great Wall of China Grand Views



But the Moral Relativists have solved the problem which Rome, China and Jericho all got wrong about walls and gates. They claim by granting the good barbarians the same, equal, possibly superior rights they will adopt civilized ways and act exactly the same as the Westerners act because they will have equal rights. Never mind the barbaric history and the trillions of little steps and the accomplishments along the way which formed western society and thoughts. Little steps such as the Protestant reformations, the Magna Carta limiting the power of a King and giving rights to the other aristocracy, the political theses which culminated in the American Declaration of Independence and the ensuing Civil War because even the American revolution got some things horrifically wrong such as allowing slavery to continue and refusing women equality and the right to vote. But the Moral Relativists tell us just granting the barbarians who know not any of this and many simply blame the Western World for their misery and are just waiting for that opportunity to take their revenge and take all that belongs to them that those Westerners stole, those Moral Relativists included.


All things considered, the western World may decide the Moral Relativists are correct and all societies are created different but who can say what is a better way. We will stick with Torah as the basis for all of western thought and retain our technical savvy world and the advantages of our civil society and the rights and responsibilities that go with this societal model we believe is superior due to the path trodden by the many great minds who gave us these ideals and we will stand on their shoulders and allow the rest of the world to make their own peace. We advise your peace be with Hashem, the One you decided you were too advanced to need anymore, we will continue to worship Hashem and all He gave us through generations of hard work and toil and sacrifice to mold and build and when the rest of the world has taken the learning curve, the path least taken and most difficult, then we will open our gates. We will share advances and other items like ways to increase crop yield and medical and health advances and whatever we can without surrendering our survival. We will heed the past and Torah and will keep to those traits that made and built Western technological greatness while also keeping to the truth in which it is all rooted, Torah, the first place where the duties and restrictions on a King are spelled out in Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. That and the rest of the wisdom of the Torah and Old Testament, the Jewish Bible, and we will keep our heritage and judge it to be superior for as long as we walk with Hashem. That does not mean we believe we are superior, just that we believe Torah is superior and we are the inferiors who will sustain efforts to improve and become more holy.



Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah

Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and the Jewish civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah



About the sacrifice of animals on an alter, that was the manner of taxation to support the priestly class who had no assigned lands of their own and thus needed to be supported. They also fed the poor and took care of the responsibilities of tending the teachings of Hashem and giving that knowledge to the masses so all were elevated by the teachings of Torah and the greatness of Hashem. And how do we know that Torah and Hashem are the magic combination and the ways of truth? We know that this is so because it is what sustained us through two-thousand-years without a nation of our own and we Jews continue to exist and have returned just as the Torah and Bible said we would and in the same manner as they claimed, the nation of the Jewish People will come back into existence in a single day. Not by war as the war took from us some of those lands, but by the agreement that the world declared the righteousness and legality of our claim and the necessity to honor Hashem even if they knew not they were doing exactly that. So keep your moral Relativism and may it serve you well, though we have our doubts, and we will keep Torah and worship of Hashem and never place men over men without laws to restrict their powers and wealth because otherwise you will serve a class of nonproducers who will claim superiority of the bureaucracy they have formed over you. We will see which is right and which fails its people assured that Hashem still cares for the world and we are those who are sworn to His service and we will respect that debt as Hashem has kept us and for that we are grateful.


Beyond the Cusp


March 14, 2014

Gaza Rocket Terror War Resumes

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the sixty or so rockets out of almost ninety launched from within Gaza City that fell on southern Israel. As the rockets slowly abated came the expected demands from the United Nations and other usual suspects demanding that both sides show restraint and calling for an end to hostilities. I hope the world will not be excessively put out as Israel chose to respond by striking close to thirty targets which were known to be terror weapons storage or rocket manufacturing shops owned mostly by Islamic Jihad but also including some Hamas targets as they are responsible for any actions originating within Gaza. The following morning Islamic Jihad launched additional rockets including some with sufficient range to strike Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon to which Israel made a limited response striking additional terror targets. Islamic Jihad claimed that a cease fire has been negotiated by Egypt. Whether their claims are true matters little as should they cease to shower Israel with rockets there will be no necessity for Israel to strike Gaza further. It has never failed that Israel ceases all strikes on Gaza once the terrorists from within Gaza cease firing on Israeli civilians. The major difference is the Terrorists in Gaza aim to strike Israeli civilians while Israel targets only terrorist weapons stores and manufacturing or terrorists in the act of attempting to launch rockets or fire other indirect fire weapons into Israel. The one strangely fascinating fact about these exchanges is that Islamic Jihad struck Gaza with more failed short-fired rockets than Israeli strikes from the IAF and possibly including the additional rounds from Israeli armor units. There were approximately thirty rockets that struck within Gaza never reaching the Israel-Gaza border from the launching points deep within a residential neighborhood of Gaza City. The choice of firing from within a crowded civilian residential neighborhood by Islamic Jihad is standard practice whenever terrorist units plan on firing a steady stream and large number of projectiles as by using civilians for cover they feel assured that Israel will not return fire on their location thus they can loiter long enough to utilize launchers for numerous rockets in complete safety. When they only fire a couple of rockets each from its own launcher they can choose to risk firing from open areas as they can launch and flee before any Israeli response is launched. This has a lot to do with the known fact by the terrorists that the Israeli military must first receive approval from civilian government authorities before returning fire except in the most specific of scenarios that meet predefined qualifiers.


This recent attack has been threatened for a few months and thus was not a complete surprise. A number of weeks back Hamas announced they were no longer going to prevent other terror groups from launching rockets into Israel. When Israel announced in a reply that this would place Hamas targets equally at the top of targets Israel would strike should rockets be launched while Hamas was giving their blessings through inaction. This brought an almost immediate return of Hamas preventing rocket launches, or at least their statement of such intent. Still, there were fewer that twelve rockets launched during the Hamas stand-down. This recent barrage comes almost two months after those incidents. This was probably part of the reason for the high preponderance of targets belonging to Islamic Jihad and only a few belonging to Hamas. Of course there have been the usual suspects who immediately called for Israel to retake control over the Gaza Strip. Such is not likely to become policy as Israel has little or no interest in retaking Gaza and the nasty snarled mess that would entail. The only hope in Israel is the blessing that thus far nobody has been injured or worse. This has been true on both sides of the border as Israeli strikes are usually made at night with one of the factors being that there is a much lower chance of casualties, especially of innocent civilians, than striking during the day when people are out and may be in the proximity of the terror resources being targeted.


What was saddening, other than the obvious fact that Israelis of all stripes were forced to retreat and live in bomb shelters, were the immediate response from numerous sources calling for an end to hostilities demanding for both sides to stand down even before the Israeli strikes targeting terror storage and weapon manufacturing shops had been launched. It is not accidental that there are immediate calls, sometimes even before the rockets have finished falling on Israelis, for restraint and an end to all violence when the only violence has been the terrorists launching rockets on Israelis. Should Israel actually heed these calls the result would be free runs for the terrorists to launch rockets without any fear of retribution for their actions. This demand that appears to demand that Israel simply accept that her civilians are targets for terror rockets and that any response from Israel is considered over the top and unnecessary is no different than the numerous other double standards applied to Israel and Israelis. We heard another of these double standards a few short hours before the rockets rained down on Israelis when visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron equated Palestinian inciting through virtually every available media and other possible approach to their people compelling them to commit acts of terror and violence against Israelis with the fact that Israelis live within the contested territories.


So, in Prime Minister Cameron’s official opinion, Jews living in houses they often built with their own hands following the laws is equal to Palestinian government officially calling for the murdering of Israelis and especially Jewish Israelis. This has been a libel that has been widely practiced which cheapens the value of Israeli and Jewish lives and is a general insult to every Zionist. What makes it even more so when committed by the British Prime Minister is that it was Britain which guaranteed the Israelis after the San Remo Conference had established that the British Mandate Lands were to be used solely for the establishment of a Jewish State that if the Zionists agreed to not oppose the amending of those instructions by the Churchill White Paper allowing the formation for the Arab Palestinians a state in all of the lands east of the Jordan River, that is seventy-eight-percent of Mandate Lands, then Britain, under the guarantee of the Crown, would ensure permanently into the future that all of the remaining Mandate Territories west of the Jordan River in perpetuity for the Jewish State. Prime Minister Cameron probably should be excused as who can remember such remote treaties as the San Remo Conference or the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of Sèvres, let alone that United Nations Charter in Article 80 accepts all the definitions and stipulations from the entire series of treaties, accords, conferences and agreements which resulted in the decade after the end of World War I as valid for all time as long as the United Nations and its charter stand. After all, is it not International Law which everybody demands that Israel abide by when they condemn Israel for allowing those who desire to live beyond the Green Line (the 1949 Armistice Line that the Arab League refused to recognize as a border then or for perpetuity) and west of the Jordan River (an area guaranteed by the League of Nations, United Nations, numerous treaties and agreements from post-World War I, and Britain in an actual formal document with the Zionist leadership as being solely reserved for the Jewish State) on lands they claim do not belong to Israel simply due to a very persistent and successful propaganda campaign by the Palestinians and their Arab allies which redefined reality which has been accepted by a league of world leaders who display glaring examples of extreme ignorance of International Law as defined by treaties of which many of these same nations are signatories. This is a case where ignorance is very destructive of bliss, period.


Beyond the Cusp


January 24, 2014

Kerry’s, Obama’s Paranoia of Jewish Influence Borders on Anti-Semitism

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A source reportedly close to President of the United States Barack Obama and many in the Administration, especially with Secretary of State John Kerry, claims that the two leaders have expressed their being “uncomfortable” with the “Jewish activity in Congress” which they allude as being orchestrated out of Jerusalem by the Israeli government. Israel Radio has reported that their sources have told officials in Israel of leaks that the two American leaders are quite a bit “disappointed” by criticism on the government by Jews in the US. Assuming the reports are true, and considering the actions, statements, references and intimations made by the two men, it would seem to verify such; they are approaching dangerously close to the same blood libel put forth in the Czarist propaganda publication which they used to cast aspersions on the Jewish people and blame all the ills in their society and the world on the Jews. This belief, or at least the suspicion of such, is not as far-fetched as many would have you believe as reprints of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are still alive and condemning world Jewry today through much of the Arab and Muslim worlds as well as within many NGOs, hate groups, supremacist organizations and anti-Semites around the globe. President Obama has spoken about the difficulties he and people from his Administration have faced in their attempts to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The President’s actions, such as his demand to impose a building freeze on the Israelis, stating his support for using the 1949 Armistice Lines (also referred to erroneously as the 1967 border or lines) as the basis for negotiations on setting the Palestinian State borders, his many comments, especially his “hot microphone” derision concerning Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responding to French President Sarkozy’s complaints, and the fact that President Obama has made no real effort to pressure the Palestinians into making even the smallest of gestures to show their desire for peace with Israel despite a litany of demands upon the Israelis, have all painted a picture of someone who believes that the Israelis and Jewish support for Israel are the main problems blocking an agreement while holding that the Palestinians are truly interested in peace and are making minimal and honest requests.


As far as Secretary of State Kerry is concerned, he has never been referred to as being all that supportive of Israel, though he had spoken of support for Israel whenever pinned down by reporters on the Middle East or when speaking to Jewish audiences which would be obviously necessary for anybody seeking election in Massachusetts considering the large Jewish presence in and around Boston. Secretary Kerry has further demonstrated that he believes that in order to forge a peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians that Israel must be pressured far more than the Palestinians. This is backed by the deployment of virtually all his specialists, advisors and other personnel of the team to pressure Israel while almost entirely ignoring the Palestinians. Furthermore, Secretary Kerry has stated when referring to the diplomacy going on in his efforts to forge a peace that it is Israel that requires pressures and that he fully understands why the European Union and many European governments are threatening Israel with boycotts while making no reference or demand for continued support to the tune of hundreds of millions of Euros in aid to the Palestinians, not even a single demand that the Palestinians actually cease and desist using European donations to finance terrorism or that there be transparent records of where the donations are utilized. Secretary Kerry has reportedly gone so far as to express support for the preconditions being demanded by PLO chairman Abbas and other Palestinian spokespersons even providing them with a document guaranteeing that the final treaty will include reference to Israel complying with and meeting every one of their preconditions. Meanwhile, there has been very little mention, let alone pressure, made to the Palestinians pressing them to at least make minimal efforts by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state or by reaching some compromise placing limitations on the “Palestinians refugee right of return.” This one sided pressure pressing Israel almost exclusively by Secretary of State Kerry and it being performed with the full support and backing of President Obama lends complete credence that they would believe that the Israeli government is the main source of the difficulties with forging a fair and balanced peace and that in order to resist the pressure that the Israeli government has dictated orders to the Jewish leadership in the United States to lobby and pressure Congress and anybody willing to give a favorable ear to rally support for Israel even if such support would necessarily mean opposition to President Obama and his agenda, thus working to undermine the efforts of the United States to make a lasting and good peace and the ability for the United States to carry out their foreign policy goals in the Middle East.


The proof of where exactly President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry stand will become more and more evident crystalizing before our eyes in these last few months remaining in the agreed to nine months of renewed peace negotiations. Despite the nearly constant coverage of diplomats and politicians in the mainstream media claiming that Israel is unwilling to make necessary compromises, the truth is rather different. Where Israel has been compromising almost constantly since the end of the Six Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Palestinians continue to stand fast on the very same demands originally made by Yasser Arafat, arch terrorist and founder of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) that the Arab state of Palestine must be formed by the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and that this state must be both Arab and Muslim with any non-Muslims permitted to reside as a Dhimmi peoples. If anything, the position of the leadership of the Palestinians has actually hardened over the years as the application of the PLO’s original definition for reacting to any Israel position has been constantly applied. This position is that any position or principle expressed by the Israelis will immediately become a Palestinian demand except that the recipient of any advantage will be changed to the Palestinians and the Jews will become those who must further compromise. This is how the so-called Palestinian right of return came into being; it simply was the distortion of the Israeli Laws of Return which was established to allow the Jewish people be facilitated in returning to their ancestral lands. The Jewish claim to the Biblical history was twisted into claims that the Palestinians were the original inhabitants of Canaan and had a history going back nine-thousand years thus predating the Jews. There were the numerous rewritten Biblical stories which stand from the Quran and Muslim lore claiming that Jesus was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Abraham was to sacrifice Ishmael and not Isaac, the Temple Mount became the foundation of the al-Aksa Mosque and even Noah was made to be Muslim which was going even further than the Hebrew Bible which states that Noah was a righteous man but as he lived before Abraham he could not have been a Jew. Apparently being born to predate Islam and Mohammad is not a problem in one being Muslim. In closing allow me to list one of the most recent reversals of an Israeli demand; Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted that the Palestinian recognize Israel thus ending any continuation of the terror war against Israel. The Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel and demand that even should there be a peace treaty establishing a Palestinian state they reserve the right to resist and protest the continued occupation and presence of the colonizing Zionist trespassers. The definition of resistance is violent terror and a state of continued aggression until all of Palestine has been liberated and the accursed Jews driven from all of the lands. As the Palestinians simply continue to include additional demands and never have acquiesced or moderated a single demand since 1964, even before there were any presumably occupied lands by Israel though the world then recognized the West Bank as occupied Judea and Samaria and Jordan as the illegal and occupying power. The real question concerning Judea and Samaria is who really owned the title to these lands and the answer is that those from whom Jordan was occupying those lands is the real owner and that happens to be Israel. This was based and is still based on the Churchill White Papers and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.


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