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July 16, 2015

Israel Isolation Right Around the Corner

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Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group

It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of Israelis as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu are about as far from pleased as a people can be, one might even claim spitting mad, over the agreement with Iran. It is equally unsurprising that the White House, especially the man at the top, President Obama, has passed to the media their stated understanding of the Israeli’s position and dislike but at the same time claim there was no other alternative. There have been claims and innuendo that Israeli disagreement will only sow the seeds of disrespect; not for President Obama, he’s close to perfect; not for the Iran deal, it is perfect; not for the European Union or the European backers of this deal, they’re perfectly blameless as the White House and State Department perfected the deal; not Secretary of State Kerry, he worked like a dog even when relegated to standing on one leg to get the deal, that was even before his accident; not for the negotiating team, their being made up in part with the same core members from the North Korea fiasco under President Clinton, they assure us they did not make the same mistakes, only new ones; definitely not the Iranians who, according to the White House and European leaders, are without blame or even blemish; not those leftists claiming that if the world would just show Iran’s leaders a modicum of respect, then the Iranian leadership would respect their obligations under the deal, thus it is the doubters fault should Iran break the deal; plus lastly not President Obama himself, he’s worked his fingers to the bone and even ran his pen out of ink and made so many calls to get such a good deal that his phone is out of minutes through 2037, sometime in early March; all the blame has come as a result of Israel, especially Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, expressing their doubts, their concerns, their admonitions all of which caused this injection of negative karma placing an ominous shroud, a kind of voodoo spell, over the proceeding which almost resulted in the death to any deal. This is coming mostly from the leftist Democrats in academia, the media and in the White House and their ‘fearless’ (I prefer gearless or clueless or both, I can be generous) leader who have all cast their lots against Israel.


Unsurprisingly, late in the document and placed after the lists of dropped economic, military, trade and other sanctions and listing each unfrozen fund and other assets all listed singularly comes “D. Nuclear Safety, Safeguards and Security” which appears in this obscure location such as nobody would have the fortitude and gut instincts to suspect there was anything after the lists, surprise. The section starts casually mentioning the obvious stating what seems as innocent as can be and would not have resulted in any serious concerns. It simply stated:

“E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, are prepared to cooperate with Iran to establish a Nuclear Safety Centre in Iran, engage in workshops and training events in Iran to support interactions between Iranian nuclear regulatory authorities and those from the E3/EU+3 and elsewhere to, among other things, share lessons learned on establishing and maintaining regulatory independence and effectiveness, and training on implementing nuclear safety culture and best practices; facilitate exchanges and visits to nuclear regulatory authorities and nuclear power plants outside of Iran focusing on best practices for safe operation; and enhance and strengthen domestic emergency preparedness and severe accident management capability.
Provide support and assistance to enable Iran to join relevant conventions on nuclear safety and security, e.g. through workshops or seminars furthering accession to such commitments. Such workshops or seminars could also take place under the auspices of the IAEA.”

The agreement then goes beyond the cusp and into the Twilight Zone with this list of promises to provide expertise as required or requested in the form of assistance stating the obligation:

E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, will co-operate with Iran in the following areas of nuclear safety, as well as in other areas to be mutually agreed:
Conclusion of bilateral/multilateral agreements with related organisations and research centres;
Supply of valid codes, instruments and equipment related to nuclear safety;
Facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of nuclear safety;
Enhance and strengthen domestic emergency preparedness and severe accident management capability;
Arrange on-the-job training and apprenticeship courses for reactor and facility operators, regulatory authority personnel and related supportive organizations in the area of nuclear safety inside and outside of Iran;
Establish a Nuclear Safety Centre in Iran, which shall be equipped with necessary tools, techniques and equipment, in order to support and facilitate technical and professional training and exchange of lessons-learned for reactor and facility operators, regulatory authority personnel and related supportive organizations;

This will complete the ability for Iran to keep their systems clean and some of their more proficient programmers may learn enough so as to use such spyware and other sophisticated invasive programs against their enemies, like Israel and the United States, the great and little satins. Much of this will reveal some of such programs already within the systems in Iran and we can bet safely that unless the invasive software has the name of the company and their logo, these invasive attempts will be blamed on Israel regardless of whom is known for having committed the crime, but that is just the start.


The Arab League has once again started their howling over how unfair the world is to place restrictions upon Iran but Israel is allowed to roam around untethered and restricted by the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) and not be inspected by the IAEA and restricted in their production of uranium and plutonium as Iran has been pressed to refrain? The mere fact that Israel has never used a nuclear weapon despite having good cause if one was to carry things to an outlandish finish where Israel might have been attacked by almost every Arab military or some unthinkable thing which history has shown is highly improbable and Iranian are regularly led in chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel” is hardly a convincing or even applicable comparison as Israel has never been attacked the ways that Iran has been and thus has no right to complain or compare situations, Iran has been under consistent attack since 1979 when the present government rose to power, thanks again President Jimmy ‘the peanut farmer’ Carter. The question is why is Israel allowed to hide their presumed nuclear weapons stockpiles which may rival the rest of the world combined for all the world knows. They must be made to rid themselves of their nuclear weapons.


The Europeans are entirely possible to stand behind such a call if it were made in the General Assembly and slightly less likely in the Security Council, especially a binding Chapter Seven Resolution. The United States is currently easily seen as using the Arab Leagues call for nuclear disarmament for the entire world. The real problem is the likelihood that President Obama could start with demanding Israel reveal their actual numbers of nuclear weapons; an exact count which would then be received by President Obama, and should Israel claim more than a dozen warheads and bombs in total, then the push for an acceptable limit be made to the breaking point and potentially beyond to denuclearize Israel in the name of peace in our time for all the Middle East. This would be followed by immediate demand for Israel to rid themselves of their nuclear weapons, a cry that could find its way by this October to the grand reopening of the next session of the United Nations where speech after speech could address Israel not being in compliance with the IAEA guidelines, let alone nuclear free. The hue and cry in the General Assembly continues with everyone demanding an accounting from Israel or the world is in danger of spinning off its axis and flying out of the Solar System if the imbalance that Israel may be causing with their nuclear weapons in the Middle East not be remedied. The intensity would grow and grow expecting President Obama to give the climactic speech all about the evils of nuclear weapons and his offer to match anybody nuclear warhead for nuclear warhead destroyed realizing their preeminence allowing them the ability to do so.


This will be the final egg in the basket, so-to-speak, as the BDS Israel protesters will go absolutely beyond the cusp with their rioting and demonstrating causing classes and final examinations to be cancelled for the first time since the late 1960s or 1970s in some of the universities. The ever increasingly shrill demands that Israel strip down and become denuded of her nuclear weapons will become unignorable demanding Israel comply or explain why will reach fevered levels sustained by instigators on every campus paid by NGOs themselves part and parcel subsidiaries of European governments and even the European Union all pretending to be independent, grassroots systems which rely on individual donations, not government grants year after year and their overseers demands for Israel to bleed nuclear weapons until her silos and arsenals run dry.


The nuclear issue will become the rallying cry as the mob grabs their pitchforks and torches and come to storm fortress Israel and bury the nuclear monster before it destroys one more life. Never mind that no lives have been lost because Israel has nuclear weapons, assuming for the moment that such is valid. If anything lives have been saved as there has been no major war between Israel and her neighbors in what many claim and recent news has proven since 1974, just a year or so after Israel presumably joined the nuclear armed nations club unofficially as Israel has always declined to answer whether she owned any nuclear weapons ever. Still, the suspicion that Israel possesses nuclear weapons has forced the Arab League and the independent nations to have to attempt to politically destroy Israel using presumed guilt of owning nuclear weapons; presumed guilt for murdering disproportionally in her wars against Hamas, Hezballah and other terrorist entities; presumed guilt over the truths in the forgery known by the title of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion;” presumed guilt simply for existing; and presumed guilt at causing hatred of the Jews to return to the world just recently and never before has there been such hatred been known in the past, never mind the treatment of Israel amongst the body of nations.


Israel will soon face a seemingly insurmountable threat to her existence. The greatest threat since over a half dozen national armies attempting to slaughter little Israel while she was still in her crib having been born in a single day and celebrated the evening before as Israelis for the most unbearable burdens for all mankind in even this presumed modern world is heading rapidly towards Israel from all fronts and in all venues. But is this world so sophisticated, so cosmopolitan, so cultured, so refined as to abhor all forms of anti-Semitism, well, except denunciation and demonization of the Jewish nation amongst the nations of the earth or do the base hatreds which drove mankind in their initial hatred of the Jews of the days when their neighbors prostrated themselves before idol and even more-so before Baal, the one they sacrificed their unwanted children to. Is the world all that progressed from those days when every upstart of a nation desired world dominion of ruling over the entire world and forcing all to their own religion, of course the kingdoms of man have progressed from those futile thoughts except for Iran, ISIS, Hamas and the scattered several potentates and high flung fools.


Mankind has become an enlightened entity where the more base segments of the body of mankind still hold deep cancerous hatreds that at least one of which has the oldest of pedigrees and this hatred has not changed since the earliest of times when these Jews demanded that in their nation and in their presence man shall not sacrifice man and especially the child sacrifice as was done, or is it when so many fetuses are murdered in the womb, in the cradle of life itself. When mankind desired to sacrifice infants, the Jews admonished and were hated. When mankind wanted to unify and make all exactly the same, true Judaism instructed how to not so practice. When one after another after another after yet the next petty tyrant all the way to Napoleon, Hitler and now the Caliph of ISIS when mankind sought to rule the entire world the Jews said except the small piece the L0rd of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave to us to do as Hashem hath commanded and they hated us.


We marched for equality with Martin, we came and saved a dancer with a modern and nearly perfect prosthetic in Haiti after the great quake raising one thing of beauty amongst the thousands Israel saved and came to the soaked northeastern shored of Japan when nuclear plants threatened to melt into the soaked soil and threaten an explosion and we nursed for as long as we were allowed to stay and then left, as we have often done, a fully stocked and built clinic in the hardest hit area and when asked how we desired payment we asked they be kind to each other. We seek peace even where the mantras are we can have no peace other than the grace and a thousand of a thousand of a thousand of thousands of millions have spread hatred of the Jew and sworn an oath to their idols they were the ones who would finally annihilate the cursed Jew and rid the world of this pestilence which seeks to be kind and to help the helpless and they too failed and fell.


Now we have probably the most numerous of foes, a collection of tribes which easily include over half the globe’s population amongst their numbers as it includes the fundamentalist Muslims, the secular humanists, the churches of the West, the communists everywhere, the developing nations beholden to the oil sheikdoms, the neo-Nazis every bit as much inculcated by hatreds so as to rival the most ardent of the final solution as their predecessors. No nation on earth is without the curse that is the hatred of the Jew even if one has never met a Jew nor has any in his village, his hamlet, even his teeming city of a hundred thousand, yet he has many friends, amongst them all, they each have their story on what the Jew has done to them or their families despite there being no Jew for a thousand miles in any direction. The hatred seeps through the cracks in sanity and infects them, one after another, some online, some in the quiet places and others in the noisiest discotheque, and they found each other in huddled corners and now they rule and spread their hatred and the promise that if they just kill the Jew, and they succeed where all before them failed, then they will have cleansed the world.


Thus they must hate and kill the Jew, and that Jew today is Israel. We survived Baal, we survived Pharaoh, we survived Haman, we survived Nebuchadnezzar, we survived the Inquisition of Tomás de Torquemada, we survived the horrors of the Dark Ages, we survived wearing the yellow star in the Caliphate, we survived the pogroms of the Tzars, we survived the death camps of Hitler and the Nazis, we will survive the renewed hatreds of the ever growing spread of hatred borne of the dark heart in Medina and its younger cousin of Qom though they sit in Tehran. That is what we do, we survive, we thrive though small in number, and we give gifts to the world through our inventiveness, our love of knowledge, our innovative minds, and our love for mankind borne from Hashem. That is what we do even when surrounded by threats and hate, we love, we heal, we persevere.


Beyond the Cusp


Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group


December 29, 2014

Time for Israelis to Proclaim Their Dreams Proudly


The world has proven beyond any doubt that they have chosen sides in the Arab Israeli war, and make no mistake; it is most definitely a war where the loser loses completely in the small tract of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The idea of two states living side by side in peace and security is a miasmatic dream. The deadly nature of this concept was made all too tragically evident Thursday evening when eleven year old Ayala Shapira and her father were ambushed while driving the last few miles to their home and an Arab youth and young Arab adult threw firebombs at their car penetrating the interior and setting the vehicle ablaze lightly injuring her father and seriously wounding Ayala with smoke inhalation damage, severe heat damaged airways and third degree burns over most of her body, head and face landing her in the intensive care unit where she received the initial surgery of undetermined numbers of other in her future. She has stabilized but is still as near to death as she is life. Video clip showing the car as firefighters extinguished the flames and the body is shown after being extinguished and the warping of the frame and body panels are evidence of the ferocity of the fire all in our previous article “May These be the Last Victims of this and All Intifada.” European politicians largely have chosen to support the Arab claims against Israel to such a point that they echo any and every claim made by Arab authorities against Israel, especially the charges against the Israeli Defense Forces and other Israeli enforcement personnel, even repeating such charges even after they have been disproven and shown to be defamations holding absolutely no validity such as the claims of thousands having been murdered during the Jenin Massacre during Israeli sweep of Judea and Samaria on April 8, 2002, as we discussed in our article “Abbas Lays Plan to Turn American Public Against Israel.” There are some exceptions who are also vocal but are almost lost in the cacophonic debates and completely lost in the mainstream media which produces possibly an even more slanted coverage of all things Israel with Geert Wilders, and from a more personal story of an awakening experience weaves her story, Brigitte Gabriel.


It is sad that some of the most vocal defenders of Israel come from outside of Israel and the political field within Israel is largely silent on the international stage while there are numerous Arab spokespeople who are as vehement as they are loud who speak so often that at least one is quoted almost every day somewhere in the Western mainstream media while Israeli supporters and spokespeople are rarely given anywhere near as much mainstream media coverage. Further, not only is the media editorial content slanted favorably to the Arab narrative; but the same preference is evidenced in the reporting of stories and the inclusion of quotes in such articles as often there are twice as much content by spokespeople favoring the Arab narrative which is also given supportive commentary while almost all pro-Israeli spokespeople’s statements are challenged or left without any supportive commentary. The story in the United States is more favorable but there too problems exist. Many of the most vocal supporters of Israel are often derided not only on their views on Israel but derided for any and everything they support or even the manner in which they choose to give their support. One of the most visible examples might be Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is possibly the most derided and ridiculed members of the United States Congress. Another couple of Israel supporters who have been hounded by the media even after she departed the political arena are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. What has always amazed as well as angered me has been the coverage and Jewish anti-Israel spokesperson receives and the fact they are lauded as being somebody whose opinion must be taken as the most serious and knowledgeable person on all things Israel because of their being Jewish by birth while Jewish supporters of Israel are often assaulted with marginalizing their opinion and even their facts often challenged even if they are simply challenged to give corroborative evidence one could pursue to validate their facts.


Despite such media difficulties, challenges and other obstacles, more Israeli supporters must make themselves heard by any and all possible and available means and to do so loudly and without any remorse or defensive timidity. Israel can no longer depend almost exclusively on the Prime Minister or a few members of the Knesset, party leaders and media personalities to make the case for Israel. But even if all of the pro-Israel members of the Knesset were to become active spokespeople seeking out every opportunity and even forcing the issue and making every possible moment into an opportunity to get the message out and defend Israel, this would still prove insufficient and would still pale as the media would still be critical of their support and use the fact that they are in the government of Israel their support should be expected and hold less weight for that reason. Already when Knesset Ministers who deplore and condemn everything Israel and specifically denounce the Israeli Defense Force in every action they take they are swamped by the media and are lauded and granted great praise and coverage often above the fold on page one. You read that correctly, we stated that Ministers from the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, condemn and denounce Israel and the Israeli Defense Force and the list of whose who is astounding. There is Ahmad Tibi who in a previous position was a close and trusted advisor to Yasser Arafat, the same terror master Arafat who initiated the first Intifada and the second Intifada. Tibi was also actively advising the Arab terror master and political leader, Yasser Arafat, who was also one of the Arabs who’s defaming and violent attempts at replacing Israel through military action was but one facet of his evil, as Arafat also arranged the assassination of the United States Ambassador to the Sudan possibly with assistance of his close advisor turned Minister of the Israeli Knesset, Ahmed Tibi. There is Hanin Zoabi who is possibly one of the most virulent of the Arab Ministers in the Knesset who opposes the existence of the Jewish State and was one of the people on the Mavi Marmara which was one of six civilian ships of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” during May of 2010. She had knowledge that there were terrorists onboard the Mavi Marmara who would be assaulting any Israelis who might board the ship with metal rods, baseball bats, knives and possibly handguns if things went as planned. Hanin Zoabi regularly leads trips to the leaders of enemy nations often in direct contradiction to direct policies even immediately after they were stressed to her personally by the Prime Minister. MK Zoabi regularly makes commentary during debate in the Knesset solely to provoke disgust and revulsion from other Ministers including one recent comment which could have been taken as humor except it was well known that the comment was meant as a challenge to the mere existence of the Jewish State and the existence of Jewish communities when she challenged that the Jews were fortunate that she and the Arabs permitted them to reside in Israel as all of the lands were rightfully Arab and Muslim lands. These were simply the two most well-known of the Israel detractors in the Knesset.


Where Israel really needs desperately to have speaking out and seeking public pronouncements and media coverage are her Rabbis. By Rabbis I am not referring to the Ministers of the Knesset who are also Rabbis but Rabbis who are knowledgeable of Torah and the facts surrounding the claims that these lands were the original homelands where Abraham and Sarah resided as did their children until the Egyptian period of the first exile and was the lands to where they returned as Moses led the Israelites and Joshua led them into their new home. Israel needs the world to hear the voice and certainty of a Zionist Rabbi giving an extensive and illuminating story explaining all that is Israel and its importance to the Jewish People along with further explanations concerning Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiberius and the other ancient cities which were intimate parts of the historic narrative and that the future of the Jewish People is very likely dependent on the existence of Israel. Most of the Rabbis I have encountered through life’s experiences have been very capable speakers, astute debaters and formidable debunkers when challenged while being extremely competent and knowledgeable far beyond my comparatively menial efforts here at Beyond the Cusp; but we all do the most we are able with what the good L0rd gave us. Until, and even after, the legions of Rabbis seek out the media and give them specific and deeply persuasive arguments, the rest of the Zionists and their allies of Israel in all walks of life wherever they may be found must take available opportunities to support Israel and explain to others the truths.


Do some research into the earliest times of the Zionist movements which continues today to bring more Jews home to Israel. Read some descriptions of the barren and forgotten lands turned into an uninhabited wasteland with a desert in the south and swamps and rock strewn hills and fields untilled and cities almost devoid of people which described the lands which would become Israel well after the description made around the late 1800s and back to soon after the fall of Rome. Samuel Clemens, also known under his pen name of Mark Twain, wrote a detailed description in his writings describing his trip around the Mediterranean titled “The Innocents Abroad” which included a section on the Holy Lands even to include details of Jerusalem. Research the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the Churchill White Papers, the League of Nations treaty and the Charter of the United Nations Article 80 and the truth that it was not as a response to the Holocause that Israel became the national home for the Jews. Of all the treaties, conferences, papers and other legal proceedings, both binding and not binding, only Article 80 of the United Nations Charter came after World War II. The rest came well before World War II and the general knowledge from the news of the Holocause was made public pushing the formation of the Jewish State as these decisions and treaties and conferences were a direct result of persistent and loud protestations of the Zionists who refused to be quieted until their demands were addresses and satisfied. The decision to reestablish the homeland for the Jews would have eventually been reached as Jews would have continued to return home, as they had been doing since the mid-nineteenth century and is still occurring today and into the future.


The inflow of Jews making Aliyah this past year set a number of records with more French returning set a new high, the United States set a new high mark, the Anglo-speaking nations other than the United States set their new high mark and, almost needless to point out, Jews returning from everywhere combined to set a new benchmark. Israel, that small but innovative nation comparable with New Jersey in size, surpassed the entire United States to become the nation with the highest numbers of Jews with just over six million Jews. That number will increase significantly as the Jewish populations of Europe from Portugal to the Ukraine have been returning at rates well into two, three, even five times all previous record years. This has been part of the housing crunch which has been further stressed by the unannounced building freeze which has remain in effect despite the negotiations having collapsed simply to avoid exacerbating further relations with the problematic United States President. The next few years are going to be very decisive with many threats and actions posing challenges far more of a threat than past crises. Israel is in a decisive, vital and definitive period which at the far end we will be witness to either a land of celebratory rejoicing or a land so embroiled in a war for her continued existence while Europe remains silent in response to Israeli diplomatic inquiries while giving sympathetic voice to the Arab claims of Israeli illegal tactics, tactics producing victories instead of defeats. The more supporters of Israel who place her needs and reputation at the top of their arguments, the better the hopes that Israel will provide the Jews a much needed homeland.


Beyond the Cusp


June 21, 2014

Pending Iraq Catastrophe and the Kurds

The fighting in Iraq seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention on numerous fronts. We have President Obama attempting to go the minimal route and basically claim he has sent sufficient Special Forces troops to advise and assist as needed to turn the table and somehow force to make the Iraqi military stand and fight rather than run in flight as they have thus far. The reality is not quite as pretty or honorable but is probably the best option all things considered as far as saving Baghdad from itself. These special units which are being deployed consists of at least one Special Ops Unit who are trained specifically on IT (information technology), networking, and computer sciences and are tasked with destroying, neutralizing and rendering inoperative the massive computer complex, monitoring, as well as data retrieval and storage capable of gathering, storing and analyzing an impressively wide, extensive and complex variety and amount of data. Perhaps this is the smart way to go all things considered. The United States hopefully learned a lesson from their adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan, namely that you cannot impose by force, coercion or any other implied form of persuasion a democratic governance which will produce a multicultural and acceptive society amongst peoples who are still part of a culture which is tribal, clan based or religiously exclusive such as exists between the Sunni and Shiite Islamic denominations without first reorienting their educational system and then remaining with a heavily influencing if not also heavy footprint residual force for probably close to two generations and maybe far longer as their basic approach and exclusive societal structure has been basically transformed into a system more adapted for inclusive, multicultural based society which can then become an operative democratic society. Establishing a democratic governance in a clan or tribal society can only produce a society in which the predominant faction will gain control over the government and use that power to make their rule permanently entrenched and often will go so far as to eradicate any other sector of the society they perceive as a threat.


What has been ignored in Iraq is the slow but steady eradication of the Sunni influences on the government by the Shiites who feel they are entitled to impose their will as a vengeance on the many decades of Sunni oppressions committed on them. They were simply using their control of the government to apply payback for the slights and oppressions they had suffered at the hands of the Sunnis under Saddam Hussein. This treatment by the Shiite government on their Sunni countrymen was restrained for as long as the United States military was present and preventing the majority Shiites from imposing their will and utilizing the government as a large club to oppress the Sunnis which served two purposes, it guaranteed their continued control of the governance and it limited the rights and liberties to their rival form of Islam, the Sunnis. The Shiite controlled government in Baghdad also would have imposed their will in a similar manner on the Kurds except the Kurds formed their own militia which performed the same role as a national army in defending their territories from outside influence thus protecting the Kurds enabling them to establish their own semiautonomous kingdom in the northern areas of Iraq. This has provided the only stable area in Iraq since the removal of the American forces and is the one saving grace which remains and is a credit to the United States liberation of Iraq from the oppressive rule of Saddam Hussein. The Kurds are also the only force thus far which has successfully stood up to the invading forces of ISIS even to the point of re-liberating Kirkuk after the Iraqi military stationed there simply evacuated before the advancing ISIS terrorists. Hopefully, when all is said and done and the new divisions of Iraq become somewhat stable, or at least as stable as anything currently can be in much of the Middle East, the Kurds will retain both Kirkuk and Mosul.


What would be an even grander vision would be the Kurds declaring themselves free from the dictates and alien government in Baghdad and establish the nation of Kurdistan, something which was presented to them as a promise which was not only never kept but intentionally broken over oil by the British. When the time came to establish the promised area of Kurdish autonomy and nationhood, the British made a new deal for the oil in northern Iraq as well as their already established agreement over the southern oil fields and thus Iraqi leader King Faisal was granted dominion over the Kurdish lands and Kurdistan was erased from the plans and the map. The Israelis are familiar with the British form of promises and honoring said promises as not only did the British take over three-fourths of the promised British Mandate for the Jewish State and in its stead establish Jordan as a gift to the Hashemites, a losers condolence prize after they were removed from their positions in Mecca and Medina, but also to this very day as the British are complicit with the Palestinian claims to Judea, Samaria and Gaza despite their solemn promises that the lands west of the Jordan River, after stealing those lands east of the Jordan River, would be inviolate and forever reserved and part of the Jewish State. If Israel relied on British promises, even Tel Aviv would not be a safe haven kept as promised for Jews to reside.


 The Kurds have had their own autonomous enclave for well over a decade starting with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by the forces of the United States. They are sufficiently independent from the influences and controlling reach of the Shiite government in Baghdad that they have begun pumping the oil in their region through a Turkish pipeline to which they have become connected. Their initial shipment under the auspices of their declared governance, the autonomous Kurdish Regional Government, is sitting in the SCF Altia tanker ready to be unloaded tomorrow at the port city of Ashkelon by the Israelis. Israel has reached an agreement to buy Kurdish produced oil which will be piped through the Ceyhan pipeline despite opposition and protestations from Baghdad, obviously, and the United States, Israel has accepted this first shipment and is working to develop further relations with the Kurdish Regional Government. Israel should inform the Kurdish Regional Government that Israel is prepared to recognize the autonomous areas under Kurdish control, including Kirkuk and also Mosul if they should gain control of this city after the Iraqi unrest settles down, as an independent nation of Kurdistan and willing to enter a mutual defense pact promising to assist in the defense of the Kurdish areas should any outside force attempt to compromise their borders and lands. Such an event would controvert the claims from Baghdad that they control the region and that they and only they are permitted to sell all the oil within the Kurdish Regional Government areas.  Perhaps it is time for Israelis and the Kurdish peoples to claim the lands which were promised them at the end of World War I with the setting up of the mandate system under which both the Kurds and the Jews were promised homelands but those promises proved to be fluidic and the Jews saw over three-fourths of their mandated lands stolen and presented to an Arab potentate and the Kurds saw their promise simply dissolve completely as Iraq was given their lands in exchange for allowing the British to control the oil in the previously promised Kurdish lands.


The Kurds and Israelis share relatively good relations and share a history replete with broken British promises as major tragedies in their history, making their friendship that much stronger for the shared experiences. These difficult times with Iraq being swallowed by terrorist violence and assaults from the ISIS terrorist forces and the potential for Iranian troops to enter Iraq presumably for the purpose of assisting in the protection of the Shiite government in Baghdad and to repel the ISIS forces who are currently wreaking havoc over much of central and southern Iraq. Why should Iran or the United States have the right to intervene and defend the Baghdad government of Iraq and Israel be prevented from recognizing and promising to assist in the defense of the Kurdish lands in the north should they come under attack from terrorists or other outside forces. Contrary to their opinions, the United States and Iran have not been granted hegemonic control over the entire Middle East or even simply the Iraqi areas claimed by Baghdad. The Kurds have been operating independently for years and have earned the right to declare their independence. Why is it permissible for the disparate peoples who made up what used to be Yugoslavia be permitted to establish their own little fiefdom nations all of which would easily fit within the area controlled by the Kurdish people and the Kurds are forbidden from the same autonomous freedom to have their own lands. Just because President Obama or the State Department does not like the idea does not mean that such is forbidden. The Kurds should simply remind President Obama of his promise that the United States would no longer dictate to the world what they could or could not do and the world would not any longer require the permission from Washington before acting in their own best interests. This time of distress and dire threats is the perfect time to allow the Kurds to establish their own independent nation as their having defended their lands and the reputation of their military forces, militias as they are referred to, being largely responsible for the northern Kurdish defended region being left in peace. If keeping their area peaceful and under its own governance’s control and this serenity being the exception should be reason enough for the establishment of Kurdistan as they are not being protected by the Iraqi army or any other force out of Baghdad, so they should not be governed by those who are unwilling to protect them as they appear to be unable to protect their own or any other part of Iraq. Long live Kurdistan, friend and sharer of similar history and friend of Israel.


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