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February 11, 2015

Israeli Electorate Versus the World

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Exactly who is supposed to choose the next Prime Minister and Knesset, the Israeli voting public or the antagonistic worldwide media and governments? We have an American President who has decided that it is worth lying to the world’s peoples and medias claiming falsely that the Prime Minister of Israel and the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives conspired to covertly bring Prime Minister Netanyahu and secret him into a combined meeting of Congress to talk and answer questions concerning Israeli intelligence which he might be permitted to share about the actual state and threat potentials of the Iranian nuclear weapons program all behind the Administrations back and without the knowledge of the Democrats in Congress. Even forgetting the fact that an Administration official has stated that Speaker Boehner had filed a report informing the White House and that Prime Minister Netanyahu did not accept the invitation until well after the invitation had been shared with the White House, but why should facts get in the way of a good public lynching.


The extreme leftist assimilated Jewish lobby J-Street, a George Soros production and an NGO completely sold out for anything President Obama supports and extremely anti-Zionist and anti-Netanyahu has come out so very publically claiming that Netanyahu approached the Speaker of the House with the whole idea for his appearance as a ploy to garner votes in Israel. This has also been a plot being sold by some leftist extremist post-Zionists in Israel and, needless to point out, also has been a mainstay talking point for Yitzhak Hertzog and Tzipi Livni when attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu claiming he is using the speech before Congress in order to pretend to importance and boost his presumably sagging image which is fading before their shining the light of their honest campaign which the people are simply flocking to despite the fact that the polls have barely changed since the beginning of the campaigns with understandable slight fluctuations for such events such as primaries or the announcement of presenting the party official lists before the public. Despite this the liberal and leftist media have talked up the centrist and leftist candidates and attacked the Zionist, nationalist and rightist party leaders and their candidates. But such is expected and what is surprisingly refreshing is a majority of Israelis in a recent poll revealed that they view the media in Israel to be slanted to the left either somewhat or very noticeably with a lesser number believing they are neutral and almost none suspecting them of being slanted to the right. Perhaps not everybody is asleep in Israel and that might be sufficient to allow an informed and fair election.


That brings us to the silent threat which has enjoyed sufficient media coverage that the fact it is still being referred to as a silent threat which may be revealed immediately after the elections in Israel. This silent threat has been not-so-silently repeated by the European Union and numerous leaders of numerous European nations. Sweden has been so silent about the threats that the new government wasted absolutely no time whatsoever in recognizing a Palestinian Arab state with Mahmoud Abbas as its leader. This was followed up this past weekend with the insistence by the Swedish leadership that Israel must respond to pressures and renew the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority towards establishing the very nation they already recognized. Immediately the start of the week you would never guess who arrived in Sweden with an entire entourage of media in tow. You guessed Mahmoud Abbas? How did you know, yes, Mahmoud Abbas arrived completely unannounced and apparently unexpected and without any formal invitation simply arrived and apparently he will be meeting with government officials and possibly holding a press meeting with Swedish government officials. Such a coincidence is just simply astounding.


The biggest insanity is the threat, the unspoken threat by the European union that if there is not a change in the Israeli government’s attitude towards having honest negotiations towards establishing a Palestinian state and ending the occupation and removing the illegal settlements from the West Bank, from beyond the Green Line then the European Union and all the member nations will embargo any Israeli business which does business with the settlements beyond the Green Line. There may even be a necessity for a complete embargo of all Israeli businesses. Could the European Union make their choice of who they demand be elected to lead Israel any clearer or make such threats on the Israeli public before they choose their new government just a month from now? What would happen if Israel had threatened Sweden before their recent election to cut off trade if they elected the leftist party? We all know exactly what would happen, the world’s media and leadership would come completely unglued. There would be a race to appear before the media cameras to denounce such a vile threat. The media would not stop denouncing such an uncouth and overly pretentious demand aiming to interfere with another democracy’s internal elections which must not be permitted or ever allowed to pass as such a threat is unacceptable in a free world where the people are to be free to choose their own governance. But if the interference is in the Israeli elections it is simply expected as otherwise the Israeli public might make a horrendous choice as they have proven to be easily fooled since they elected a right leaning nationalist government when left to their own decisions last elections. The world cannot allow such to be repeated in this election and the Israeli people have to be warned of the dire consequences of choosing those unacceptable Zionist and nationalist people to form the next government. The European Union is holding a democracy to ransom that unless they vote the way the European Union desires and then enter negotiations and surrender as the European Union expects they do in order to establish a terror state on the Judean hills and the rest of Judea and Samaria and surrender half of the Jewish Capital City of Jerusalem along with all the historic holy sites thus once again losing access to these sites and an assurance that they will once again be desecrated, vandalized and destroyed just as the Jordanians had done after the end of the 1949 armistice was put in effect making the Green Line the divide between Jordan and Israel until a peace agreement could be signed and a final border determined.


My disbelief is that it is almost understandable that there are people and powers in the world who desire to influence the politics of other nations. There have been politicians and parties who have received or elicited funding from foreign nations even against their national election laws. Israel is a lightning rod for controversies and foreign governments and people from outside of Israel to try and influence politics inside Israel. But no matter how far things may have gone before, and they have gone beyond what would be acceptable in other nations and would be an international scandal had Israelis ever attempted such interference in elections beyond Israeli borders. The closest Israeli politicians have come to the best of our knowledge was Prime Minister Netanyahu being accused of supporting Mitt Romney despite his refusal to voice any preference and when asked who he preferred to win the 2012 United States Presidential election he stated definitively every single time that he did not have a preference and was prepared to work with whoever the next President would be. When accused of actually supporting Romney after stating his neutrality he would vehemently deny any preference repeating his statement again just in case the media personality attempting to force a preference from him had not heard him the initial time. But the extent which the Western democratic world has gone to attempt to influence the Israeli election and their complete contempt for the Israeli electorate is profoundly disgusting. When one adds that the reason they desire to affect the coming Israeli elections is so that the United States Administration and the European Union and all too many of its member states overriding desire to dictate the complete surrender of the Israeli government to the demands of the Palestinian Arab forces such that the continued existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland will be destroyed and the Jews living in Israel will either flee for their lives or be murdered, all roughly six million of them. Does that number ring a bell? Is it the plan to have a second Holocaust because the first one has slipped from the collective conscience of the world? Whatever the reason, the entire affair with its threats, lies, and completely nefarious, uncouth and uncomely actions across much of the western governments, media, NGOs and people in high standings interfering in the internal affairs of an election in another democracy is beyond belief and unacceptable. What makes it even worse is nobody in the commission of these crimes believes they are doing anything unacceptable because it is Israel so therefore they have some right to interfere because the Israelis do not know what they are doing when electing their leadership and like immature children they must be guided by better and more prudent minds. The efforts have been the greatest display of anti-Semitism we have ever witnessed and it is beyond disgusting, beyond revolting and beyond description by mere mortals. The media, foreign leftists, Israeli leftists, international secular humanist and extreme leftists working together from the far corners of the globe to the power at any cost leftists like Tzipi Livni, who in a short time went from Likud Party Knesset Minister to running on joint ticket with Labor Party just because it allowed her a path to power and her self-proclaimed destiny to be Prime Minister so she could repair Israel, all working for the singular goal to destroy Likud, Jewish Home and the right wing nationalist Zionists sacrificing them on the altar of Political Correctness even if this would result in the destruction of Israel from a nuclear armed Iran.


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October 3, 2014

The Coming Iran Nuclear Deal


During the Meeting this week between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and United States President Obama in the White House the subject of the Iranian nuclear talks with the P5+1 (Five permanent UNSC members; United States, Russia, China, Britain and France; plus Germany) was said to be one of the major topics discussed. This is probably as good a lead to this story which was supposed to have been resolved to a greater deal almost six months ago but was pushed off until the end of November when no middle ground appeared possible. This was made possible by the clause in the previous partial agreement where sanctions on Iran were loosened in exchange for Iranian promises to state there were Iranian promises, exactly what those promises were defined to be depended on whom one asked, where the last part of that agreement allowed for it to be used as a resting place for the talks if no further progress were accomplished simply by agreeing to extend that letter of agreement for an additional six months of negotiations, an extension which could be enacted almost forever off into the future through repeated extensions. When this clause was first revealed it became obvious that the interim agreement was simply a way of allowing the parties to claim progress without necessarily making any progress. So, for the time being extending the previous agreement will have to serve as progress until the end of November. So, are we to expect another six month extension or will actual progress be reach in time?


The negotiations have appeared to be all but moribund with the two sides appearing to have been unable to move any closer together though one might get the feeling that that could change as the deadline approaches. There have been signs from the White House that a breakthrough may be lurking out on the horizon that we will just have to wait and see how negotiations play out. It is almost as if President Obama might be pleading to Iranian President Rouhani to please not make Obama compromise again in order to reach a deal as he may be willing to do exactly that, but not before the mid-term elections, and that is the reason for delaying the extension of the previous agreement such that the six month delay put the next deadline comfortably a few weeks beyond the mid-term election which provides sufficient time to offer American surrenders on one point after another on the way to near complete capitulation without making an all-at-once bombshell shock and awe collapse all too evident. We can expect the first inklings of the potential for a deal right before the mid-term elections with everybody being very tight-lipped claiming that it is too early and the situation for too volatile and delicate to make public exactly what the promising signs may be. This is the perfect we are on the way to historic agreement without having to give recognition that this historic agreement will be the ending of almost all sanction over the ensuing months in exchange for kind words and meaningless gestures all of which will culminate in the ending of the sanctions as they will have proven inadequate to prevent the new nuclear power on the block as it will be made known that Iran has reached the point of breakout and may already have acquired a nuclear weapons arsenal despite all the efforts, inspections and agreements which were supposed to have prevented exactly that from reaching fruition. There will be the requisite handwringing and regrets over the inability to have reached an accord in time to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons but that is no longer possible and the job at hand will be one of containment in order to prevent Iran using its nuclear weapons as a threat while also attempting to prevent the rest of the nations across the Middle East and into Northeast Africa from stampeding towards developing their own nuclear arsenals as their deterrents and as protection against the Iranian nuclear weapons.


The initial efforts after the realization that all efforts had failed exactly as warned by Israeli intelligence reports and the repeated admonitions by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that Iran was approaching the doorstep of entering the nuclear armed nations of the world and that President Obama’s actions and drawing negotiations out indefinitely into the future was simply facilitating the Iranian nuclear program and allowing it to reach its final goal of nuclear weapons and the industry to continue to produce additional warheads to their arsenals. The focus once it has been established that Iran has become a nuclear armed nation will be aimed at dual targets; the first will be the prevention of Saudi Arabia and Egypt from also attaining nuclear weaponry and the second to force the Israelis to surrender their nuclear weapons as the initial step to convincing Iran to also destroy their nuclear weapons, neither of which is likely. The first nation to follow Iran into the nuclear armed nations house will be Saudi Arabia though they will not necessarily have developed the necessary infrastructure to produce further weapons on their own as their initial weapons will have been provided them clandestinely by Pakistan as has been their standing agreement ever since the Saudis financed the Pakistani nuclear program allowing them to follow India in becoming a nuclear power and retaining the so-called balance of power between the two rivals. Following Saudi Arabia will most probably be Egypt and Turkey though the order of which will be the first between the two is unclear.


Once it has become evident that Iran has attained nuclear weapon status, the next stage will be working out some agreement limiting their arsenal size and opening up their facilities for inspection to assure they are abiding by any agreements to limit their production of nuclear warheads and the systems with which to deliver them over the entire globe. The rapid development of longer and longer stage rocket system with Iran long having ballistic weapons capabilities has presented a viable threat though it is presumed they have yet to have developed a reliable ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile) which would allow for targeting the United States from within Iran. The development of a reliable and accurate ICBM may still be beyond Iranian capabilities but such capability is not that far off and like nuclear weapons, where there is the will, there is a way and Iran will assuredly reach that goal over time. Their lack of such a weapon at current times does not mean that the United States is perfectly safe from any Iranian nuclear weapons threat. Iran has allies who would gladly act as forward launching facilities placing all of the United States within range of their largest ballistic missiles should they succeed in placing them with their allies in South and Central America. Even without such staging, the Iranians have developed and perfected the ability to launch their two-thousand-mile range missiles from specially modified cargo vessels, an ability they have practiced launching from the Caspian Sea. These developments have been accomplished in some part by the assumption, erroneous as it has proven to be, that Iran did not have the scientific knowledge base to have accomplished the numerous weapons systems they have claimed to have accomplished and placed into production, but such an assumption is a dangerous thought process and may result in proving the admonition against underestimating the capabilities of one’s enemies. What the exact price will be for the United States and the world will be required to pay but we can be assured it will not be a cheap and inconsequential price.


It can only be assumed that another consequence of Iran becoming a nuclear armed nation will not only cause their adversaries in the Middle East to rush to attain a balance of power but it can be expected that there will be allies of Iran with whom they will share their bounty and among those nations we will assuredly find North Korea. Adding in Syria and Hezballah and we are starting to spell out a scenario which resembles many of the models for Armageddon. There will be those who will point to this failure to prevent a nuclear armed Iran as just one more proof that President Obama had only one goal and that was to disempower the United States and her closest friend, Israel, while setting the world ablaze with revolutions and the redrawing the map of the world and the balances of powers within. This would be just the goal an anti-colonialist would imagine as their life’s goal, to create a multi-polar world where the United States would merely be one of the equals amongst the rest of the primary powers within the world. This was first evidenced when President Obama tasked NASA with a new primary goal of imparting a sense of accomplishment and partnership in the Muslim World as without whom the space program would have been impossible. Their job-one was not any missions to Mars, or to the outer planets or even the moons of Jupiter or Saturn, nor was it to identify and set in place current plans and develop better future plans for dealing with near Earth objects and Earth crossing objects. The world is becoming a strange and interesting place and thus our times have also entered those strange, complex and interesting, even better and more disconcerting than the world in the ancient Oriental curse. What more could one ask of the first President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize simply for getting elected and who described his election to the highest office on the planet promising that, “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals.” Well, I guess we can only conclude this article by again using a quote from a man once said to be so humble and reserved, Barack Obama, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”


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