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November 23, 2017

Air Force General Jay Silveria Viral Speech


Air Force Gen. Jay Silveria made an impassioned though brief speech responding to an incident at the academy’s prep school where racial slurs were found written on message boards outside their rooms. You have probably already heard the speech as it went absolutely viral and deservedly so. For those who missed his excellent speech we have included it below. He spoke of “diversity” and referred to that as the strength of the Air Force, the Air Force Academy and at the academy’s prep school. This was to make an obvious point but one which is in many ways contrary to much of the purpose of these Air Force systems. Where the variety of diversity of which the general spoke does exist within the Air Force systems, this diversity is not strength unless it is applied in a dedicated system. When it comes to that dedicated system, the Air Force systems have no diversity and does everything in their ability to unify everyone into a single operating system where everyone works towards a likewise goal, that of the Air Force and the military of which it is a vital cog. Let us explain after we take a short break allowing those who have not seen the video to see it now and for those who wish to see the video again to do so.


The military and the universities have something in common, diversity where there actually is no diversity. These two places use diversity in exactly the same manner, a visual diversity where every variety of personhood is represented, every gender, race, religion and numerous other variety and classifications imaginable. Beyond the diverse appearance, diversity dies a quick and cold death at both institutions. In the military and its training academies and prep schools everyone is made to appear the same, to walk to the same marching beat, to run in groups, to wear their hair in a similar manner, to eat together, to sleep together, to wake together, to work towards that singular goal where each plays their specific role, to be one of a whole. In the university, all are taught to think the same, to share the same versions of history, of politics, of morality, of acceptance and to share beliefs in all manner of ideas ruling out any diversity of thought. Both places demand unity of thought and purpose from their parts, either officers or professors and either cadets or students. University or the military both require unity of thought out of their members. It was not always this way in at least one of these places. Where the military must require unity of behavior which requires acceptance of all other members ignoring any differences, universities have not always been so demanding of uniformity of thought where one is to celebrate all differences with amazement and graciousness towards the others of society, the more foreign to the old norms, the more celebrated such variety must be accepted, exalted and given preferential treatment. The corollary to this is the degradation and casting down of all whose ancestors previously held the power as the norm as they had advantages by definition of who they were, or at least that is the current belief being peddled at many of our institutions of higher learning. Let us see how diversity and uniformity are treated in both the university and the military and try to understand the similarities and the differences.


The university claims they celebrate diversity. They use these celebrations by identifying each person by their measure of their potential to be diverse from the straight, white, Judeo-Christian, male which is the one who is seen as the anti-diversity. As the anti-diversity entity, the straight, white, Judeo-Christian, male is seen as an evil from the old system which must be overturned so each of these classifications is seen even individually as a form of contagion. Should you have anything in any way in common with the classification of straight, white, Judeo-Christian, male which you share is a badge of disgrace, then you are to behave and be humbled. Thus being white has to be countered by some special diversity quality which negates the stigma. Being male is another which if added on top of white would now require more than one special diversity quality which negates the stigmas. Add straight to your gender and you lack an opportunity to show true love for diversity. Add in practicing religious individual of a Judeo-Christian religion and you might never be capable of proving you have anything desirable as a personal diversity as that might be the one unforgivable classification. There is one classification which may be even worse, though it often goes hand-in-hand with belief in Judeo-Christian religions, that is being pro-Israel or even worse, Zionist or actually Israeli, and most of us here checked off all those boxes. The universities have invented new classifications of gender and one is free from all biological old-fashioned identifiers which the old world cruelly imposed on us from birth without any sympathies for feelings and the dreams of our hearts. The more diversity qualifiers one can pile onto their identity, the greater their stature in the university societal structures. The universities tend to drive people to find solace in individual social groups, each one independent and separate from the others. Universities use diversity to divide and conquer where by spreading each person into as small a group and having as many of these groups as diversity makes possible allows the university to control people through suspicions of the other which is made all the easier when almost everyone is an other.


Air Force General Jay Silveria Giving Impassioned Speech Condemning Racism

Air Force General Jay Silveria Giving Impassioned Speech Condemning Racism


The Air Force, its academy and prep schools as well as everything to do with military groups is to accept all varieties of people and then to mold them into a cohesive unit. They do everything to remove all feelings of individuality. They issue everyone identical clothing in all manner of appearance. They have dress codes and limitations as to how one may wear their hair and wear their clothing with inspections to assure that these standards are kept. They regiment everything in life. Everyone eats in the same hall at the same times and pretty much the same food choices which are relatively limited but nutritious and attempted to be made tasty. They have drill to practice walking in ordered marching order and even run in formation in what is called a “double-time-march” which is a shuffling form of jogging. Their jobs are even regimented and there are specific directions in how each job is performed right down to order which bolts are taken off and replaced on an engine needing full disassembly and reassembly. There are forms required for everything from requisition to how to retire items and then procedures for their disposal. Even painting fences has a correct and acceptable way of applying the paint and any other means or method is considered unacceptable. The military accepts diversity up to defined points and differences are accepted until they run afoul of regulations or get in the way of completing the mission. The military does not celebrate diversity; it accepts diversity and then demands cohesion and uniformity in actions and purpose.


Air Force General Jay Silveria was critical of members within the Air Force “family” being denigrated due to an accepted diversity, in this case racial. What he was also upset over was this unacceptable behavior also hindered unit cohesion which is necessary for the mission being accomplished. This action hindered the uniformity between individuals as the military demands that though diversity of personnel is desirable, diversity is to be ignored, differences are to be accepted, not noted or used to differentiate any individual as the military is about units and not individualizing. The military wants their individuals to work as cogs in the machine, and cogs are not differentiable in a machine if they serve a similar purpose. In training, such as in a prep school, differences are downplayed as much as possible treating each individual as equally as possible and the entirety of the group is brought along as a unit disregarding differences as much as possible. In a prep school, the teachers will privately note pupils who act and show some additional degree of leadership or excellence as they are instructed to keep in mind those who might be prepared for officer and command positions. Excellence is about the only diversity which is noted but they still reserve any separate treatment for private counselling and in all other training they treat even those noted as excelling with little if any deference or difference.


In the military, excellence is determined through ability to perform tasks and understand and implement instruction and other concrete specifics which define task and are critical for mission accomplishment. Universities also determine excellence by defined criteria. They determine the level of excellence of a person by the numbers of diversity qualifiers one had adopted. This was carried a little too far with the self-definition of one’s chosen diversity in the not too distant past. This came about in the case of Rachel Dolezal who was NAACP Spokane, Washington’s Branch Caucasian President who was outed in June of 2015. She said she identified as black and was not aware that she was actually doing anything wrong as her identifying as black should be sufficient to qualify her to work for the NAACP. She was interviewed and was apparently quite surprised, shocked even, that people, especially the NAACP, were upset and were going to disqualify her from working as she had performed admirably while in the position.


Rachel Dolezal was NAACP Spokane Washington Branch Caucasian President

Rachel Dolezal was NAACP Spokane Washington Branch Caucasian President


She was probably accepted completely at university as she identified herself or had seen many others who were permitted to act in any capacity with which they felt qualified or identified. She may be only the first trans-person to take trans beyond simply gender. Transgendered people have recently been accepted by the left, by universities and are being forced upon the remainder of the population. Rachel Dolezal should have simply claimed she was transracial and fought to remain as the NAACP Spokane, Washington Branch Caucasian President as their transracial black President. One can only wonder what other criteria one could possibly apply the trans qualifier just by placing it in the front of their desired claim? Height should not be defined simply by measuring on from head to toe. Could we have people who are trans-tall or trans-short? Then there could be trans-slim or trans-plump, pleasantly so, or trans just about anything one may decide they wish they were. Why should trans be limited to transgendered people when there are so many people who wish they could claim to be something they are not? What if one gets up one morning, or after lunch, and decides they wish to be an actor, why not just claim to be a trans-actor, it sounds better than an undiscovered-actor just waiting for the moment when fame and fortune and recognition of their photogenic qualities and other attractive abilities are recognized. There are those who would probably prefer if Donald Trump were simply the trans-President of the United States instead of the actual President of the United States and I know this from the wonderful things I read in the brief moments I spend on social media each day when we post that day’s article. The Arab Palestinians could be defined as a trans-people while the more deserving actual people, the Kurdish People, are repudiated and denied the nation promised them by the British during World War I. There are so many ways in which we could apply the trans moniker which are being ignored by the university elites and we thought they were imaginative and open minded, well, at least imaginative as they are the most closed minded of people when it comes to diversity of political thought. Even the military permits a wider range of diversity of thought which was proven by Spenser Rapone who was the communist, Che Guevara tee under uniform T-shirt wearing cadet who was recently permitted to graduate despite knowledge of his communist beliefs and documented hatred for the United States and its form of government. Perhaps he could have claimed to be a transpatriot. Perhaps you are right and that might be going too far, we are transsorry.


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December 1, 2016

The Unmaking of America


America was founded upon great principles which relied upon a well-educated and involved electorate founded in morality and steeped in Judeo-Christian ethic. The moral underpinnings of America have been eroded slowly but inexorable since the end of World War II and the beginning of the rule of the cities which many were destined to become megalopolises. Just like the original cities of iniquity, Sodom and Gomorrah, deprivations began to grow within the cesspools of the new civilization. The pews grew emptier and emptier until the churches became too expensive to support by the paltry remains of congregants. They became schools, restaurants, malls and some even became Mosques as the new religion which was growing was Islam. This was the story and history written across Europe and gaining a beachhead in America. The hope and presumed saving grace which was to protect America was her well-crafted Constitution. Presumable the balance of powers and the checks and balances would prevent the corruption from taking the nation over the edge and into oblivion. But as presented, the Constitution was written for, in the immortal words of John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Slowly but surely the United States has sunk beneath irreligious immorality rendering the Constitution less of a protecting blanket and more of a sheer veil pretending to cover and protect.


But the immorality, it ends up, will be the lesser problem as the lack of education of the people will bring forth an electorate which will be enticed by babbles, smoke and delights offered by tempters and shysters. Their votes bought with the treasures of a government which will become bankrupt in the process and the nations will be left with a populace which will be as empty in their pockets as they are in their heads. The education system will have failed them raising instead of scholars mere rubes indoctrinated to follow false prophets who they will elect for promises equally as empty. They managed to escape the charlatan this election only due to promises just as bold and bodacious as they will be difficult to fulfill. Yet to look at the colleges and their campuses and the future is written in their classes and the major fields the new intellectuals pursued and now educate the youth. Gender Studies and other philosophies of government painted as savior and the many needful groupings and minorities, the many colored and patterned quilt as the new model replacing the melting-pot. Instead of “E Pluribus Unum” the new cry is “instead of one-many.” Celebrate your separateness, be a special group demanding recognition and rights designed to keep each within their own and none shall stray from their special little click. Thus the populous has been set separate one from the others all against the other fighting for their special recognition and treatment exalted through government favors. Thus divided, the people are set to be conquered by the charlatans.


The colleges have also been bought by the oil sheiks and their monies as they have endowed new departments which they bought with their ill-gotten oil wealth making Middle East studies their means of indoctrinating the youth with their alternate reality. Their motive was simple; to win favor and defeat the one they believe is the greatest threat to their promised future. They have a religion in which they believe with every fiber of their beings. Their faith and trust in their god is the opposite of that in the Western developed world. They see their faith as resurgent and rising to replace all others starting with the Western religions starting with the Jews; it always starts with the Jews, but these believers of Allah also hold Christianity in equal disregard. This is why their main enemy which they teach in their classes and reinforce with staged demonstrations is Israel and the Jews. This is their theme in protests such as Israel Apartheid Week (month) and Palestinian Awareness protests through which they turn the irreligious against the Jews through repetition of tropes many thought dead and buried after the defeat of the Nazis and the revelation of the camps and anti-Semitic hatred which was a uniting trope of Nazis, a unifying hatred of the other, the Jew. Now the same trope is being sold on many college campuses including the Ivy League and top schools such as the California University System, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, CUNY, MIT, CMU, CWR, and many other well-respected places of higher learning. The spring semester and the coming of better weather throughout the college world across the United States is the time where the demonstrations turn against Israel and Jews feel and, in too many cases, become threatened and some have been attacked being blamed for perceived crimes of Israel. What crimes? The audacity to exist in the heart of what Islam considers their sacred Waqf.


Anti-Israel Demonstration

Anti-Israel Demonstration


Israel is but the first step, just a taste of their believed inevitable conquests. Their god has promised them that Allah will give them the world and all the people within and in that end they are bound to conquer all nations and convert or kill the infidel, the unbelievers. Their eventual gift to the world is rule by the Imams and all given a choice, Islam or death. This is not taught in their Middle Eastern studies as there they receive only the palatable. They are steeped in the hatred and inviolability of Islam throughout the Middle East and the hatred of the Jews and their presumed affront to humanity, to Islam, Israel. They are indoctrinated with the Palestinian narrative of the Jews stealing their ancient homeland and are taught that the Biblical story of the Jewish People, the Israelites is actually the history of the Palestinian Arabs. Never mind that the Arabs did not arrive in Jerusalem until the year 637 and was then fought over for centuries thereafter. But the new teachers of history of the Middle East know that their students have little if any knowledge of the Bible, the Old Testament. Many know next to nothing about the New Testament so it stands to reason they would know even less of Jewish history and thus are willing to accept that which they are taught. The professors of other subjects accept this alternate history with the only major fields not thusly infected being the hard sciences. One of the most renowned of the linguistic professors was the late Edward Said who, along with fellow traveler and also linguist, Noam Chomsky, have taught the Islamic tropes and fully vilified Israel and the Jews, which is weird as Noam Chomsky was born Jewish. They are but a sampling of the humanity professors who back the Islamic Middle Eastern history letter for letter as many of their departments are dependent upon the oil monies which equal over a billion dollars yearly from Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and even Iran.


This lifeblood corrupts the entire scholarly endeavor infecting the universities and through them future generations who will soon be the leaders of the Western nations leaving them vulnerable to Islam as these leaders will have already been corrupted. This is what could bring down America and the world will be a darker place for the loss. This past election was the primal scream of the middle of the United States, fly-over country, the moral and often silent majority. This was the expression of the last of those who fill the pews of the churches largely outside the main metropolises. These were the people who will hopefully demand their country back and force truth in the education system. Should the education system remain corrupted and ineffectual then all will be lost. The task ahead is one of rebuilding, of rejuvenation and of resurrection of what has been lost to corrupt governance. The schools need be retaken and once again teach the lessons which were the basis that built America. There need be a retaking of the youth for if the youth are lost then so will be the future. The teacher unions have forsaken the children and education in their lust for political power and higher wages. Teachers often now are more interested in job security, retirement benefits and ever increasing salaries with tenure assuring them of a comfortable life where their position is unassailable and thus does not require their fulfilling any obligation to actually teach to actually educate. What are the options? That is a difficult one but the most obvious is to drastically change the education system. The available alternatives are private schools or homeschooling. Should sufficient students be pulled from the current education system, perhaps it would collapse under its own weight and allow for replacement with a better system. Continuing on with the current systems, then the future will be determined by a basically ignorant electorate which has a false history fed them by teachers in the grasp of their unions and foreign money and influences in government. That will present a populace which silently accepts what their “betters” dictate to them without even a murmur. Let us pray that this last election was not the final scream as the world plunges into darkness for a thousand years, maybe longer.


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June 15, 2016

Is Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia Growing in the United States?


We hear about the ever-increasing anti-Muslim hate crimes often in response to a terrorist act and with these claims the warning to avoid Islamophobia as if Islamic hatreds were growing out of control. Let us look at the reality on the comparison between anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic crimes starting in 2000 through 2014, the last year we could find comparable statistics, using FBI gathered statics below:

Year                                            Anti-Islamic Crimes                                 Anti-Semitic Crimes
2000                                                   28                                                                1109
2001                                                 481                                                                1043
2002                                                155                                                                   931
2003                                                149                                                                   927
2004                                                156                                                                   954
2005                                                128                                                                   848
2006                                                156                                                                   967
2007                                                115                                                                   969
2008                                                105                                                                 1013
2009                                                107                                                                   931
2010                                                160                                                                   887
2011                                                157                                                                   771
2012                                                130                                                                   674
2013                                                135                                                                   625
2014                                                154                                                                   609


As one might have expected, hate crimes against Muslims peaked in 2001 and settled back to a level which was significantly higher than the 2000 statistic but there was no significant rise after 2001 despite the incessant cries of Islamophobia which we hear after every Muslim atrocity such as the recent attacks in Israel, the United States, Europe and the others in Africa, Asia and the rest of the Middle East which we do not hear about. Yes, we know there is violence and fighting going on in Libya, Syria and Iraq, but we hear little about the fighting between the Islamic State and the Kurds as well as Turkey and the Kurds and the Christians who are still getting murdered wholesale in the Middle East, North Africa and all along the borders between Islam and the Christian world and between Islam and the Hindu and Buddhist worlds.


As also noted from the table of anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic crimes, it becomes quickly evident that if there were an actual problem between the two it would be anti-Semitism. The sad news is that anti-Semitism has been reported to be escalating, especially on college campuses where at some major universities the Jewish students are afraid to let their religion become known and would never consider wearing any religious items such as a Yarmulke or Star of David jewelry for fear of being assaulted. A report in Arutz Sheva titled Anti-Semitism jumps by more than 100% in New England obviously is some ominous news as if counting New Jersey and New York to New England, that small area, accounts for approximately half the Jewish population of the country. The particulars may not sound horrific but anyway one looks at the number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled from five per month to just over ten a month is worrisome in what it portends for the future. The Majority of the offences were registered from Massachusetts. Going back a few years and taking the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) figures, there was a 21% increase in anti-Semitic offences in 2014 over 2013 with the numbers rising from 751 to 912. What is troublesome to us is whose figures to believe, these from the ADL or the FBI reported a drop from 625 to 609. Who to believe is the problem, but for a solution one can believe that the ADL receives more reports from Jews who decide not to take out a police report as such can often be more problems for no arrest or other assistance as most often the report is taken and filed as many of the incidents are misdemeanor crimes though to the victim it probably feels a whole lot more serious. Still, unless one seeks to find information about anti-Semitism you are unlikely to know how much more prevalent it is in the United States as well as Europe, the Middle East and around the world.


Anti-Semitism figure and acts of vandalism


Looking at recent activities on many college and university campuses, as stated above, the majority of it is anchored on Israel, which is the springboard for further anti-Semitic actions. Whenever there are activities such as Israel Apartheid Week events designed to misrepresent Israel making Israel out to be the haters and the Islamic world as the exemplary nations where Utopian tolerance and inter-religious tolerance exists, even a cursory review of reality proves this to be a fiction of the worst kind. In Israel the Arabs, both Muslim and Christian alike as well as Buddhists, Baha’I, Hindu, Yazidi and any other religion practiced in the world are accepted and protected with the same or more open acceptance as in the United States while throughout the Islamic world their nations persecute Christians as well as Buddhists, Baha’I, Hindu, Yazidi and any other religion practiced in the world. Even Muslims who are of a different sect or variety are persecuted by the majority Islamic variety such as is prevalent in places where Sunni and Shiite both reside in the same nation. This has been extremely evident in Iran, Syria and Iraq where the violence is often open and flagrant. Yet within the United States Islamophobia is a static and a far lesser problem than is anti-Semitism, but what about the future?


This is where things become more clouded and obscured because attempting to paint a picture of the future one cannot necessarily rely on the past, even the most recent past, but instead must rely on a sixth sense which is difficult to support with facts but let us give it a go. Islam is ascendant in the West and has been cutting out a niche, especially in Europe but also in the United States, where their communities are often segregated from the rest of the nation and are so by design. There is this move towards civilizational Jihad where they initially set aside areas where their numbers are prevalent and work towards clearing an area in major cities and also form small communities out in the countryside usually well away from the beaten path. These are intentional as once they have cleared an area they can impose Sharia or in the remote communities set up military training areas outside of the normal police and societal rules where Islam makes the rules. Many of these hubs of Islamic activity are represented on the map below depicting statistics gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. What is most distressing is that a number of these locations are already “No-Go” zones for law enforcement within the United States just as have existed in Europe for the past few decades. Within these miniature Islamic areas, one might equate them to the little Islamic homeland away from home forging their own little Middle East homeland in America. Many of these locations are financed directly by terrorist organizations and others by Islamic countries. Some of the terrorist influences include but are not limited to Hezballah (one of the most widespread and heavily financed terror groups in the world mostly financed by Iran), Muslim Brotherhood (includes CAIR and ISNA), Islamic State, Palestinian Liberation Organization (financed by the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and largely responsible for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions BDS against Israel) and others. Two of the nations who are by far the largest are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi Arabia builds Mosques, provides Imams, finances youth groups and spreads the Wahhabi form of Islamism and finances Middle East Chairs as well as providing professorships. Iran finances many Shiite Mosques and training areas and these interests just got a huge financial windfall as these areas are part of the Iranian government through the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) as the Iranian Military which was granted many billions of dollars resulting from the Iran Nuclear Deal and with a large interest under Hezballah control also financed by Iran through the IRGC and directly. The main influence which will have large effects in the future are the manipulations and influences being introduced and has been heavily financed on college and university campuses.


FBI Strategic Assessment of Domestic Terrorism in the United States


One of the main aims of the Islamic influences on campuses is to indoctrinate anti-Semitic strains of thought into the educational systems and onto college life. The Palestinian influence is seen with a heavy hand in these areas. They wrap their anti-Semitism in an anti-Israel agenda where they pound home the propaganda that Israel is a hate-filled and racist nation where only Jews are permitted rights and everybody else is at best victimized and at worst are the victims of genocidal campaigns to annihilate them. This is the line being proposed with their Israel Apartheid Week where the claim that Israeli Defense Forces are routinely implementing a genocidal campaign whose aim is to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians residing within the “occupied” areas. The evidence they provide are based on lies and they never explain or permit into the discussion the inconvenient fact that the Palestinian numbers have grown from 650,000 in 1948 to presumably over 5,000,000, if their numbers are to be believed, when they demand that Israel accept every last Palestinian to return to within Israel with full rights so they can destroy the Jewish State via the ballot box, something that would otherwise be impossible if Israel truly was an Apartheid State. There is never permitted any discussion about the three-quarters of a million Jews expelled from the Arab World in the Middle East and North Africa between 1948 through 1960 in an attempt to inundate Israel with Jewish refugees who had been stripped of any wealth. One has to wonder where these Jewish refugees are today and that is easy to tell, they are incorporated and a vital part of Israeli society because the Israelis welcomed their brothers and sisters and never for a moment considered placing them in refugee camps to utilize as propaganda against their former home nations within which many of their families had resided in these areas for close to two-thousand years. Israel would not degrade anybody in such a manner. Another small fact that is never permitted into the equation is that the Arabs who continued to reside within Israel after the seven Arab armies failed to destroy her in 1948-9 were also not thrown into refugee camps but fully intertwined into Israeli society, given full rights from day one, had full voting rights and voted in every election since 1948 including the very first Israeli elections, were allowed to work in any job, many as doctors and nurses, members of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset), are judges, lawyers and many own their own businesses just as any Israeli is permitted, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any other religion.


The frightening effect the peddling of these lies on campus is that they also paint the Jews with the Israelis claiming there is no difference and that the Jews in the United States are Israeli agents and are attempting with great success to destroy the United States sacrificing America for Israel. When one listens to their rants, they use Israeli and Jew interchangeably making no differentiation despite the fact that the vast majority of American Jews have never visited Israel and all too many have no desire to visit Israel and do not even support Israel. There are numerous Jews who ally themselves with these anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic organizations supporting their fight against Israel. These are useful idiots in the truest sense of the word. They are used as foils to prove the openness of the Arabs and Muslims and as proof that Israel is every bit as evil as claimed as even these Jews fight against the monstrous crimes committed by Israel. The only problem is that these Arab and Muslim propagandists and community organizers are suffering from the world’s worst case of projection as their Arab and Muslim homelands are guilty of virtually every charge they accuse Israel of committing. There is a reason that these Arab and Muslim activists fight tooth and nail against having people visit Israel, simply because within a few hours of visiting Israel their entire lie-soaked presentations would collapse before the obvious evidence within Israel’s open society. Instead, when they arrange trips to see the reality in Israel, one is whisked off to the Palestinian Arab side where any Jew would be murdered on the spot unless they are with the group being indoctrinated, and they are treated to the greatest show that can be put on. The show includes lies that claim that the Jews believe themselves to be superior to others just as the Nazis had done and that the Jews are the modern Nazis. The entire propaganda served up about Israel equals Jews and Jews equals Israel and both are contemptable racist haters. The only defense we will attempt is to invite those desiring truth to visit Israel independently from any group and see reality uncolored by any preconceived notion or filtered through any lenses other than one’s own glasses or contact lenses should one wear them. Nothing else is required to prove the Israeli side of the discussion and Israel has nice beaches and believe it or not skiing in the winter with any good fortune. There are historic sights, the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth and what many claim are therapeutic benefits from swimming or just immersing in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. There are even Roman period ruins and those are some of the youngest sites. There is Akko, one of the oldest cities in the world and a once powerful port city with a crusader history as well as being the sole city to repel all attacks from Napoleon. There are religious sites from Islam and Christianity and even older sites from Judaism which predate both religions. For an idea on the age of Judaism one need only know that Buddhism and Confucianism, which predated Islam and Christianity by centuries, their founding teachers Confucius (551–479 BCE) and Gautama Buddha (558 – 491 BCE) both lived and taught during the Second Temple periods beginning as it lasted from 515 BCE until its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE. Judaism’s First Temple, or Solomon’s Temple, period was from its construction 970 BCE to 931 BCE until its destruction in 587 BCE. So, yes, there is quite a lot of history to be witnessed and a surprisingly open and vibrant society where everyone enjoys equality.


Those who wish to claim that Israel is not open and that the Jews are haters are selling the oldest of all anti-Semitic diatribes. Nazi Leader Adolph Hitler was far from the first anti-Semite claiming that the Jews were responsible for all the nation’s woes and were a threat to the continued government. Anti-Semitism very likely even predated Pharos though Pharos was the first to be credited with such falsehoods. The Jews of that era were to be known as the Israelites even before there was an Israel as the Torah was written with the promise that all the lands which Avraham could survey from the tall hilltop would eventually belong to his bloodline from generation to generation. The modern version of anti-Semites paint a picture of Israel as the greatest oppressor and hater of all outside of herself and then smear Jews in general using the presumably proven evils of Israel and claiming that all Jews are Israel and Israel is all Jews. This is circular reasoning, a form of reason considered to be false and the worst place to be should your side be caught in such a supportive argument in any debate. Unfortunately, the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semites do not permit debate and will intimidate, shout down and use the campus codes and ban on Hate Speech to silence any pro-Israel argument. The ever-present threat of violence should any opposition be permitted against the anti-Israel-Zionist-Semites attempt to express their side almost always intimidates the University or College officials into closing off any counter arguments as hate speech thus silencing one side allowing the other to claim there is no opposition because the other side has no legitimate argument. Who’s practicing Apartheid techniques now?


The eventual desire of these anti-Israel-Zionist-Semites is to prove that the Jew is the real threat and that the Jew is the enemy of all good people and the Jew is the ruination of the nation and as such the Jews must be eradicated. All of their arguments are by their nature intrinsically anti-Semitic as they deny Israel the right to exist thus denying the Jews their own nation as every other peoples have with the exception of the Kurds who have been denied self-determination by Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Their attempt to define Israel as the sole nation to have ever committed any hate ignoring equal or more often worse such actions is again singling out the Jew amongst nations for special judgements. Setting a different bar by which to judge Israel and then only judging Israel is again anti-Semitism by selective judging of Israeli society. Singling Israel from all the nations on the planet and setting it aside for special considerations is another form of Israel victimization and when all counter arguments are summarily dismissed out of hand is refusing Israel a defense or defender and thus anti-Semitism. Finally, when supporting a Palestinian State, those supporting such always mean replacement of Israel with another Arab state and not two states side-by-side as is almost always claimed when these anti-Semites are put upon and this can be proven by their favorite chant, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine must be free.” Where is there any allowance for the Jewish State in that argument? The final nail in their coffins is their oft repeated chant straight from the streets of Tehran which demand, “Kill, kill Israel, kill, kill every Jew.” Another of their stock and trade is the chant, “Death to the Jews.” That last one need not be given any argument beyond the pointing to the quote and allowing it to stand for itself.


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