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September 3, 2018

A Dagger Through the Heart


Imagine bringing the Arab-Israeli Conflict to the point where peace is not only possible, but if avoided, then the standing International Laws would be enforced and peace reached through this means. This would take the Arabs from the Shomron (West Bank) and they would be reunited with the nation of their familiar nationality. Each family would be given the choice of returning to the nation from whence their family immigrated into the region or being returned into Jordan as this is the last nationality their families were known to have held. This result would be even more harsh than those we have supported and stated here. The entire field has been reset this past week thanks to the efforts of President Trump. Yes, President Trump. The initial step was completely ending all United States financial aid to UNWRA, the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic United Nations organization which is based on bringing an end to the Jewish State. Their educational materials and lessons have been revealed and laid bare depicting their hate filled curriculum and the fact that in Gaza the majority of their employees are assigned from within Hamas and hold positions as teachers and the majority of administrative positions in control of exactly what is taught. With the United States withdrawing their financing from UNWRA, an amount equal to one-third of the UNWRA budget, now it will be up to the European Union and the Arab League nations to either finance the required funds which may happen for a year or two after which UNWRA will slowly wither on the vine. But this is but the initial blow which is bringing an end to the Arab dreams of destroying Israel by flooding Israel with Arab refugees.


UNWRA Headquarters the Building Rarely Shown

UNWRA Headquarters the Building Rarely Shown


President Trump just had the State Department research how many actual people who were refugees from the 1948-9 initial war to destroy Israel where six Arab armies and other forces from around the Arab world attacked Israel and as a result gained a foothold in Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank) taking land from what was originally set aside for the nation of Israel by the British Mandate (see map below). The State Department returned with their result and they found mere tens of thousands, probably around twenty-thousand. In response to this finding and the problems entrenched within UNWRA, President Trump has taken the refugees and their so-called Right of Return off the table claiming it void and only the actual refugees to need a solution. These offspring who would not be considered to be refugees under any other refugee program in the history of the earth and especially modern day earth will no longer be considered refugees when discussing Israel and the Arab world. Basically, President Trump has decided something almost unprecedented in modern history, the last time such consideration was shown the Jewish People was by Cyrus the Great in approximately 550BCE allowing the Jews to return to the Holy Land and build the Second Temple, and he is treating Israel as an equal amongst the nations. President Trump has decided that Israel, the Jewish State, should not be treated as if they were the red-headed stepchild and be treated as any other nation on earth would be treated. There are not going to be special set of impositions placed upon Israel and instead Israel will be considered and treated as an equal amongst nations.


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


When Egypt and Syria initiated their war against Israel in late May and June of 1967 resulting in what has been named the Six Day War, Israel liberated both Gaza and the Shomron. Israel also took command of the Golan Heights and the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. The United Nations, in a ruling which was quite a deportation from International Law about the rights of a nation which gains lands due to a defensive war, insisted that Israel was to surrender land, just land, not the land, not all land, just a nondescript land and was to retain regions necessary to provide safe and secure borders. Well, Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula, that definitely fits any description one might define as land. Israel annexed the Golan Heights as they make a defensible border. It was original believed for some time that Israel would retain the Shomron making the Jordan River once again the eastern border at the Jordan River, which includes the Jordan River Valley, a very defensible border (see image below). The Arabs have concentrated on making sure that the Arab world retains areas west of the Jordan River to allow for them to have a foothold beyond the natural defensive border which the Jordan River and its accompanying valley would provide Israel. This is being rapidly taken away by President Trump and he has made it purely evident to the Arab world that he is serious about forging a peace and either they can choose to take part in what is decided or simply accept whatever just comes about.


Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea

Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity
of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending
Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea


The Palestinian Autocratic Leadership is all upset that their money train might soon be derailed and their floating on cushions of cash be withdrawn. This has them making really revealing statements. For example, PLO executive committee member Ahmed Tamimi (yes, related to the darling of the anti-Israel groups who recently was released from Israeli incarceration) exclaimed, “Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic peoples.” Here is the problem with this statement found within Article 1 of the Palestinian National Charter which declares, “Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation…” Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran and has seldom been the third holiest city in all of Islam. Everyone knows that Mecca is the first holiest city with Medina holding the second slot. What has been interesting has been the history of the third holiest city. Over history, it has been Damascus, Baghdad, Persepolis, Constantinople, Madrid and whatever city was the highest priority for the Arab and Islamic empire desired to take next. Currently that is Jerusalem but even in recent times that title also was assigned to Paris, London, Rome, New York, Los Angeles and various others. PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi declared, “The rights of the Palestinian people are not for sale. There is no glory in constantly bullying and punishing a people under occupation. The U.S. administration has already demonstrated meanness of spirit in its collusion with the Israeli occupation and its theft of land and resources; now it is exercising economic meanness by punishing the Palestinian victims of this occupation.” Well, she used one word incorrectly, and that word was occupation. The Palestinian Arabs are not ‘under occupation’ but are ‘occupying’ the presumably contested region. All one need do is review the treaties, conventions and other agreements reached after World War I and signed in most instances by the leader of the Arab World King Faisal. These documents will all denote to the Mandate System and for the area in question, it will denote the British Mandate. Researching the British Mandate and the border for the Jewish State, Israel, was definitively defined as the Jordan River. Everyone involved knows the facts and the International Law which is why the Arabs never took their claims before the World Courts simply because they have no case and would quickly lose.


With UNWRA being defunded by the United States Trump Administration and the Palestinian Authority (PA) having their funding from the United States seriously cut largely due to their insistence on financially subsidizing terrorism and the murder of Israelis and their refusal to negotiate with anyone unless they have all their demands met as a precondition, the only thing left to discuss is whether or not Israel is to survive. President Trump has met the Palestinian Arab terrorist leadership’s bidding to eliminate the Jewish State and raised them an end to their ever having a state. This has unsettled them greatly and has them protesting that only they can dictate any answers, but President Trump is simply not hearing any of this. President Trump has simply but silently informed the leadership of Fatah, PA, PLO and Hamas and all incorporated in the Palestinian Arab refugee gaming of the system that these refugees are to be assimilated into the nation where they are currently located, especially those within the PA and Hamas regions as the only difference between the refugees inside the camps and outside the camps is the fences placed to force the refugees to remain outside the rest of the population so that they may be used as a political weapon. That weapon has been disarmed.


What is the Israeli part in this entire situation? Thusfar, the Israelis have remained quiet and low-keyed and not doing what many expected and expanding into the Shomron like nobody’s business. Instead, Israel has kept any building limited to the regions where Israeli developments already exist and have not started any major new developments. Politically, Israel has not been pressing anything and simply watching as President Trump redefines the rules of the game which had been being played since the formation of the Jewish State. Israel did provide President Trump with all the data and legal backing including solid evidence of the perfidy of Iran and their nuclear program. This came in the form of a Mossad raid in Tehran through which a half-ton of secret materials were stolen from the secured warehouse where the entirety of the history and evidence of every piece of research and paper trail along with CD’s and computer information revealing the whole of the Iranian nuclear program including proof that more than two decades ago, Iran had assembled the materials it needed to produce a nuclear bomb and all of this was performed within a mere six hours and twenty-nine minutes in the single night of January 31, 2018. Digest this for a moment, Israeli agents broke into a warehouse in the heart of Tehran and cut their way into some extremely secure and strong safes without destroying the contents and brought the entirety back to Israel as requested at some level. This information, every piece, was shared with the United States CIA, Military heads, State Department and President Trump and selected Administration representatives which aided President Trump in making his decision to void the American commitments and obligations under the President Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This only required President Trump to declare he was not going to honor the JCPOA as it was not an actual treaty but simply a Presidential Agreement and thus could be annulled by the sitting President at his will without any need for Congress to act.


Thus, the main Israeli part of these actions has been to be nice and quiet and provide President Trump with information which the State Department may not be so forthcoming as the Deep State is basically not President Trump’s greatest allies if not more antagonistic. President Trump said he was going to be the person who could bring about the seemingly unattainable Arab-Israeli peace in the Middle East. With Syria in dissolution and Bashir al-Assad only holding on because of Russian and the Iranians even more so keeping him in power and likely to eventually reestablish a very depopulated nations which may lose its northern territory to Turkey and the Druze might decide to declare their own state in the south (we hope, we hope) and with any luck, Iraq will lose the north along with a small region of northeastern Syria for a new nation of Kurdistan (should the Kurds awaken to the fact that they were conned by the State Department) and Iran is actually overextended with Syria, Iraq and Yemen all requiring their assistance and having the threat of a general uprising at home, Jordan with a King whose hold is tenuous, and Egypt about as steadily lead as the military support exists, the Arab world around Israel is as shaky as unsupported jello on a warm hotplate. Israel is the stable nation in the center of a whirlpool and President Trump can make a deal with Jordan through which he guarantees that King Abdullah II retains his kingdom in a secure region. The Palestinians will also get their nation except instead of it being in Israel, it will be in the western region of Jordan where they rule themselves. The leadership of the PA and PLO will be sent packing into retirement with all their Swiss bank accounts. Israel and King Abdullah II will both be interested in preventing any terrorist influences to grow out of the Palestinian area and thus will work together to tend the Palestinian leadership. Initially, their first election will be monitored by international watchers who will mainly be formed by people which President Trump approves, thus not any of Hamas, PLO, PA, Islamic Jihad etc… This last part is a hope from us and not necessarily what President Trump has in mind. Further, there is another problem where President Trump has claimed that the sides of the negotiations must agree to any solution which may require some arm-twisting. The one thing we can believe that arm-twisting is something that President Trump already knows exactly what will make a great arm-twister. The truth is out there and with time, it will become more evident and we will keep attempting to reason this out.


Beyond the Cusp


April 23, 2018

The State Department is Playing Hide the Evidence


President Trump has been out to have the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and UNWRA* and other related Palestinian groups stand responsible for their actions, especially when those actions stand in direct opposition to their words spoken in English, especially when spoken to the United States authorities. The paying of salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons and pensions to the families of terrorists who have died in the commission of their attacks, all these payments have been based on the numbers of Israelis murdered, has become one of the items which President Trump has insisted, under pain of forgoing funding, must be terminated by Palestinian governance. When the Palestinian Authority transferred these payments to be paid by the PLO which the Palestinian Authority would provide the funds for their making these payments and then told the State Department that these payments were no longer made by the Palestinian Authority, the State Department informed the Congress and the White House that these payments had stopped. The State department knew of the new arrangement for paying these terrorist rewards and that it was simply transferred to be paid through the PLO with the Palestinian Authority providing the funds, a hide the payment through a subsidiary of the government subterfuge. The White House and the Congress both were already aware of the conniving and underhanded scheming Mahmoud Abbas and the half-truth the Palestinian Authority was attempting to pass by President Trump to allow the continued full funding of the Palestinian Authority.


Seal of the United States Department of State

Seal of the United States Department of State


Now we have a new State Department attempt to protect the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA from even more trouble as the GAO** completes their investigation of the Palestinian Authority school books now used by UNRWA. As the GAO readies to present their results of their study of the Palestinian Authority schoolbooks now used by UNRWA, they are required to allow the State Department to consider how the report will be rated. And what did the ever Palestinian Arab loving State Department rate this report? The State Department indicated the report will need to be classified and cannot be released publicly. The public and the rest of the world will not be permitted to know the contents of these textbooks reviewed by the GAO because the State Department finds that they might pose a threat to their beloved Palestinians. One can only wonder why the State Department feels that this information needs to be classified such that nobody from the public, the media or anybody lacking a security clearance, which can include members of Congress and the White House who have yet to be cleared for Classified information. Actually, one does not need to wonder as they can read UNRWA’s Anti-Peace Curriculum Violates UN Charter and learn that there still exist problems with the curricula replete with links to the pertinent information and sources. Further, Near East Policy Research Director David Bedein briefed Senator James Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the United States Senate Near East Subcommittee of the United States Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 where he reported on the reality on the presumably new textbooks provided UNRWA by the Palestinian Authority. In addition to the article, there are plentiful links to the files which served to provide the background for David Bedein’s presentation to Senator James Risch (R-Idaho) and his legislative director, Chris Socha, and are listed at the bottom of this article. Let the State Department try and protect their precious little friends at the expense of Israel, but it does not have to be at the expense of the public or President Trump or anybody who desires to know the truth and not have the time, resources or valid reason for receiving a security clearance to be able to read the GAO report.


But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg that describes the lengths the State Department has gone to in order to aid not only the Palestinian Authority and the PLO and other terror entities surrounding Israel but in aiding the enemies of the United States over the years. During World War II it has been reported that the Government officials from the State Department to the FBI to President Franklin Roosevelt himself argued that refugees posed a serious threat to national security. Further in this same article it states, “As the historian Deborah Lipstadt points out in her book Beyond Belief, The New Republic portrayed the government’s attitude as ‘persecuting the refugee.’ The Nation didn’t believe that the State Department could ‘cite a single instance of forced espionage.’ But these voices were drowned out in the name of national security.” To read more about the actions by the State Department as reported in a Treasury Department investigation into the State Department actions intentionally applied to prevent news of the Holocaust from surfacing and preventing allowing Jews to escape that genocide by refusing entry and dragging out refugee investigations and perpetrating any delaying tactic available in preventing the Jews escaping to the United States in this article. Obviously, the State Department has not altered their policies regarding interests which have any favorable relationship with the Jewish People. This is perfectly inline with the State Department recommendation to President Truman not to recognize Israel when she declared her independence and coming into the world as a nation. But then, things have not changed even the slightest as the State Department continues to refuse to allow documents for Jews from Jerusalem to state that they are from within Israel as reported here. There are some things which will never change and the State Department distaste for Jewish People and the Jewish State is likely amongst them. Their actions have always been bent towards the Arabs as their fear of the oil weapon from the Arabs might strike again. Of course, that does not explain their preventing Jews from escaping the Holocaust and their attempts to prevent the entire truth of what was being done to the Jews of Europe by the Nazis and cannot be explained by oil. Maybe it is not as much the Arab oil as it is the Jewish People that the State Department has problems with and why they so consistently work for the enemies of the Jews. We will leave that for our readers to decide.


Beyond the Cusp


*UNRWA = United Nations Relief and Works Agency

** GAO = Government Accountability Office



January 19, 2018

Democrats and Palestinians Have a Common Bond


The Democrats and the Palestinians share a common thread in that neither one appears to understand President Trump or anything to do with him. Let us start with the Democrats as apparently their phobic reactions are more easily explained. Their problem is that they simply reject the result of the election. And why should they believe the results when everything which media prognosticators and reporters alike foretold was the inevitable and guaranteed result, President Hillary Clinton. The media was selling its false picture despite what their actual figures depicted. They had two varieties of polling; those weighted truthfully which told them there was a problem in Liberal Utopia and the ones weighted by calling landlines on weekdays in the later morning and early afternoon which always resulted with Hillary Clinton winning by a wide margin. In the final days of the campaign the media began modifying their tune hinting that perchance something was amiss. The last two or three days there were even a few articles which just came out and told what the media knew, Donald Trump was going to win the election and become President, and that the outcome would not even be close. They knew that Donald Trump had a lead in sufficient states throughout the central lands between the coasts and a select number of battleground states such that the election was unavoidably to be a Trump victory. They also knew that the only reason the actual vote totals might be close or even favor Hillary Clinton as she was going to win some states by all but unprecedented totals such as her finish in California and New York, states which would provide her with perhaps a popular vote win. This proved to be true, leading to the usual calls for the elimination of the Electoral College and allow the popular vote to choose Presidents. Fortunately, the Constitution is not easily changed and it precludes turning the election of a President over to the large cities and a few well populated states while turning the majority of states, the less populated states, into forgotten backwaters come election time making as few as ten to twelve states into the makers of Presidents.



Those who were taken in by the media and their pretense waited for the revelation, many at the various Hillary campaign sites including her headquarters, when the horrific news that Donald Trump had won. This placed some into a state of shock, others into denial and still others went into a blinded rage which apparently has yet to be consoled and for some will never be consoled. Many of those who are frozen in the night of the forlorn result where their princess was to be coronated queen only to have a rogue steal her crown, a pompous and irreverent rogue by the name of Donald Trump. These people who were affected in such various ways chose numerous paths in dealing with their disappointment. Many decided that they would work harder the next elections and returned to their lives much like the conservatives did in the last two Presidential elections. Others took to social media and have been waging the better fight ever since because they just know that if they can make Donald Trump quit or be removed from office, then, by default, Hillary Clinton will be the one to replace them. Whatever you do, do not try to explain to them that there is a presidential line of succession, as they just know that Hillary will be called to take over and fix everything that President Trump has destroyed. They work at this day and night circulating the same mems and alerts over and over and over ad nauseum. But they are carrying on the fight and they are fighting the good fight and will continue to fight until their candidate is given what was rightfully hers and was stolen. They will not defect from the fight and are determined to get Hillary her rightful rewards and everything she deserves. More on this as it develops, or maybe not.





Now let us address the Palestinian Arabs and their never-ending case of denial. They also have been peddling a sob story about their being forced off their lands by the <a href= target=blank>Europeans who used the Jews in order to steal the lands</a>. The land has nothing to do with the Jews according to the Arab Palestinians who have claimed they have resided in as the original Canaanites. They like to ignore the small fact that the Arabs did not leave their Arabian Peninsula until after year 600 and the Jews resided in the area back to well before 1000B.C.E. when the First and Second Temples stood upon the Temple Mount. Of course the Palestinian Arabs refuse to accept the existence of either Temple despite records from the Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations all of which predate the Arabs leaving their peninsula, imagine that. According to Abbas, “The Bible says the Palestinian existed before Abraham…” Abbas added even more and better, “We have been planted in (this land since)… the invention of the Canaanite-Palestinian alphabet… more than 6,000 years ago,” (see video below). Further proof of the insanity prevalent in almost everything coming out of Abbas and compatriots’ mouths is that <a href= target=blank>Cuneiform</a> was first developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia around 3,500 B.C., a mere 5518 years ago which means that written language did not exist in that mythical era Abbas claims existed. But his recent actions are beyond what even we have come to expect from Mahmoud Abbas. He has lashed out at the world and especially the United States, burned not only his bridges behind him but also the fields around them and even the walls to the castle. He is on a tear as if to destroy everything before others can get to them. He appears to have a particular and extreme hate for President Trump.





Guess what? Abbas and his cohorts have very good reason for their feeling for President Trump, more-so than the fanatics talked about earlier who also have a seeming white-hot-hate for President Trump. The reasons for the Arab Palestinian leadership’s deep feelings against President Trump is because he has decided that he will be the decider who ends the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by making a peace. He has already made the initial moves and by the reaction from Abbas, he must be on the right track. President Trump has only made two moves and they have made all the difference. First President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. This removed Jerusalem from the equation and offered the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Next, President Trump has ended payments to UNWRA. While this will not bring the immediate death of UNWRA, the others who initially cover the shortfall will not do so for very long and only as a test to see if President Trump wavers. He will not waver. As UNWRA becomes financially starved and the remaining donors start to realize the folly in continuing to pour more funding after bad, they will all stop and UNWRA will die a final and natural death it should have suffered decades ago. Then the millions of refugees will start to melt away finding new places to call home and finally being absorbed into the other Arab nations, Europe or wherever they will be accepted. That will bring the end of the other major obstacle, the refugees which will erode to a manageable number of a few hundreds. With the two main bludgeons removed from the arsenal, the Palestinian Arab cause will no longer have its main weapons with which to destroy Israel, their true goal. They know the importance of Jerusalem, as does President Trump which is why that had to be resolved and taken from the Arab Palestinians as it only meant the destruction of Israel to them and it meant survival to Israel. The refugees have been a weapon to attempt to infiltrate them through force into Israel thus outnumbering the Jews and turning Israel into just another Arab colony, part of the largest remaining colonial empire on the planet. With UNWRA on the endangered agency list, the refugees will soon be gone from the equation and then the destruction of Israel will no longer be possible for Abbas and his cohorts and they will have failed. Abbas realizes the writing is on the wall. He can make a deal now which permits Israel to continue and keep whatever they want as Israel will soon know they have won completely. The next step will be to permit the Palestinian Arabs to leave and return to their original lands or move to another place to start in a new land. Abbas has decided that only hos threats might be capable of scaring President Trump from continuing with this plan making any other choice look as if it will spark a great upheaval resulting in untold violence. We have some bad news for Abbas, President Trump will not back down, that is not his style and as proof we simply present the littered remains of some of the best and brightest politicians from the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton all lying in his wake as he sailed to the Presidency. That is where things now stand and we will now watch as President Trump stands firm while Abbas will slowly grow more and more unbalanced until either he explodes or his own remove him by one means or another. In Abbas against Trump it will be no contest, and Abbas can join those littering Trump’s wake where he will be the poorest of company for the rest.


Beyond the Cusp


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