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August 14, 2015

Anti-Semitism is Singling Israel Alone for Criticism


The old argument of, ‘I am not against Jews, it is the policies of the Israeli Government that I am protesting,’ have a strong stench of anti-Semitism if your group accuses only Israel to protest against. The claims of occupation solely against Israel for having ‘occupied’ Arab lands, and the ‘Palestinians’ are simply Arabs, and are no more deserving of an individual state than are any minority community throughout the globe all entitled to their own nation. The idea of a Palestinian people has solely been concocted for the singular purpose of destroying Israel of its Jewish majority. The proof is beyond their demand for their own state as they also insist that over five-million Arabs be permitted citizenship within Israel in order to vote the Jews from the Government and then take whatever measures they are able to subjugate and then force the Jews to adopt Islam or die just as ISIS has been doing to Christians within their newly declared state, and the Palestinians taking control in Israel would have the identical result within the pre-1967 lines, the 1949 Armistice Lines. Further, if your organization claims they are simply sympathetic to the Palestinian desire for their own homeland being carved from Israel but you have nothing to claim for an independent Basque state, an independent Kurdish state, an independent Islamic state in the north-western province of China or especially the returning of Tibet to their ancestral governance as the Chinese have occupied Tibet since 1951, then they need to widen their demands if they are to be believed as authentically representing oppressed minorities. Is it that you only find problematic any occupation established after June 7, 1967 and before June 14, 1967 as that was a particularly difficult week in human history? The singling out Israel for your Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, the BDS movement, is a ringing clarion call bringing attention to your selective outrage against the Jewish state above and beyond all other disputed territories as having an element of exclusivity that clearly shows the bias as only against Jews and no other groups worldwide. Denying that the Jews have the same rights in their state that is accommodated every other state is anti-Semitism, plain and simple.


The first thing one need to consider is the true intentions of those who form the movement against Israel and only Israel. It is interesting that there is no similar outcry from these righteous and so indignant leaders that have no place in their hearts for the Christian’s being slaughtered by ISIS, Boko Haram, and in the remnants of Syria where virtually every force fighting for control of areas of Syria, with the exception of the Kurds, are all denying the Christians of their human rights within their territorial area of control. There is no outcry from your saintly leaders of the BDS movement for the liberation and return of the lands formerly known before the Ottoman conquest as Kurdistan nor do they strike out for the Tibetans whose lands have been repopulated by Chinese forced into the ‘Province of Tibet’ while tens upon tens of thousands of Tibetan Buddhists have been forcibly relocated to other provinces thousands of miles from Tibet in a calculated and meandered onslaught to eradicate their culture and peoplehood. As a Jew who is Jewish only because of Torah which, as the piece of Judaism which was central in the preservation of our civilizations and peoplehood until we were finally allowed to return to most of our ancestral lands, kept our culture, heritage and collective hopes alive for the near twenty centuries of living in exile. In all honesty, if we were to be permitted only the ancestral lands which made up the lands which were the borders of ancient Jewish lands, this would be sufficient and the lands which Israel has been recognized but are not included in those lands could be given to whichever nation may declare their desires of the lands but this solution would also be refused out of hand because the fight against the Israeli occupation defines the occupation as all of the land, every square millimeter, every grain of sand and blade of grass, this is what is defined as occupied because the actual goal is to force the Jews back into being a landless peoples with no nation of our own left to the whims and indifferences of living within borders always ruled by the other and leaving the Jews to the mercies of those others.


For an idea on what Jews who follow Torah believe is the Promised Land and what most Jews would be within their rights to expect as compared to the maximalist demands of the lands under King David’s conquest and ruled over by King Solomon one gets somewhat of an idea of the differing ideas which can be mixed into the debate, please see the depictions below as we discuss actual current expectations and desires. The reality is that the Zionists believe the Red area on the right side map minus Gaza as we have disengaged unilaterally and gave these lands to the Palestinian Authority which lost them in a coup to the terrorist entity Hamas which, unsurprisingly, then won an election and have not deemed it necessary to hold another being satisfied with their one man one vote one time democratic rule. This definition of Israel as the Promised Lands currently is a compromise where most Zionists today recognize that the Zionist Congress surrendered lands so the British could form an Arab state for the Arabs who had come into the areas from distances as far as Yemen and southern Egypt and Tunisia seeking employment and to benefit from the Jewish rebuilding of the lands starting around 1880 and increasing since until May 14, 1948 when Israel declared independence, the British boarded their boats and planes and departed and at least six Arab national armies attempted to destroy Israel before she could take control of the lands promised her. Israel lost the Gaza Strip to Egypt and the majority of Judea, Samaria and Benyamin to Jordanian occupations. Jordan attempted to annex the lands they had occupied renaming them the ‘West Bank’ as their historical names were a bit too Jewish for their tastes. The only nations recognizing the Jordanian annexation were Britain, who had hoped to depart leaving Israel as vulnerable as possible such that she would be erased by the Arab armies which stood perched at her borders like vultures readying to devour a carcass as soon as it dies. When the British left and the Jews announced their state it was as if somebody had fired the starting gun for a land grab not unsimilar to the opening of the Oklahoma territory in United States history. Similarly, there were those already within the lands who fought with the invaders as a fifth element which led to some unfortunate necessities in order to preserve the state of Israel. Despite these necessities, the vast majority of the Arabs who desired to remain and live peaceably with the Jews retained their lands and became Israelis. The vast majority of those who lost their lands made an unwise bet by leaving their lands and siding, and often fighting alongside, the Arab forces betting they would annihilate the Jews and they would share in the spoils of Jewish property and also the property of those Arabs who had remained seeing them as traitors to Islam and Arab superiority.


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


The problem is there are many forces at work over the centuries who desired to keep the Jews as a landless peoples which some even took to the extreme of forbidding Jews residing under their rule from owning land even including under their house or business. Jews were required to have a Christian landowner or a Muslim land owner who leased the lands to the Jews who in turn paid a rental fee and had no argument when the edict came down to expel the Jews from the areas under some Sultans’, Barons’ or Kings’ lands often making such an eviction order so immediate that the Jews had little choice but to pack all they could manage to take with them and set off to seek another lands where they could be similarly subject to the whims of the rulers. Often the Jews brought with them skills which enriched the area economies but a generation later and the new ruler knew nothing of the lands before the Jews came and saw no advantage to retaining the Jews and much to gain as the ruler would steal away much that the Jews were unable to carry with them. There were times the Jews were not permitted cart or mule such that they had to leave all but the pittance they could strap to their backs. But now we have Israel, a safe place that we can escape to when the local ruler gives the order for the Jew amongst them to be spat out. But now those who would disallow Jews to be their neighbors if only that did not appear honorable, not that such will prevent an eviction forever, they not only wish us no place near their lands, they also want to deny us land anywhere. To so many the Jew as the victim is appealing and the Jew as an equal amongst the nations and with an army no less, such to them is an abomination. This is a part of the hatred driving the BDS movement, the take Israeli leaders and IDF commanders before the world courts for crimes against all that is holy, redefined as crimes against humanity and war crimes because the Jews invested millions to protect the people including the Arab Israelis and Christian and Muslims and all other faiths within Israel we spent wealth for systems to counter the rockets and shelters everywhere for their protection and reinforced schools to protect their children. Israel launches seventy-five-thousand dollar anti-missile missiles to intercept a couple of hundred dollar rockets as it saves lives thus the price is bared gladly.


Meanwhile Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their friends spend their monies on rockets and fire these rockets while surrounded by children and other innocents. They force people to remain in buildings which Israel has dropped leaflets telling the people to vacate the building as it is to be targeted in one hour. Israel sends SMS messages to cell phones in Gaza warning of these impending attacks. Israel takes these steps because innocent lives matter and matter even more than killing the terrorists who are attempting to murder us. This sounds insane and it is an insane way to fight a war. When Israel has a fighter jet in position to make their bombing run there is also a drone high above usually unseen but it can see and at the other end there is an IDF lawyer watching the video feed from the drone and until he gives the all clear the pilot cannot drop his ordinance. When these lawyers call off the attack due to the threat to innocent Arabs the jet has to take a necessary difficult landing still carrying fully loaded racks with bombs and ordinance in place. Even the observers often are completely flabbergasted and blown away by how Israel hampers themselves in order to not harm innocents, even those on the other side of which a good number would not extend the same to the Israel as they have been raised with a venomous hatred towards all Jews. But why should you take my word, so, just in case you have never heard the testimonies from Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp describing the efforts the IDF takes in their actions against the terrorists during the war fighting let us present his testimony linked and embedded below.




While we’re viewing videos I found this little gem where CNN anchor Elliot Spitzer using the ‘Arab spring’ and the hopes running across the Middle East for freedom and democracy and a western way of life with everything as pure as the spring rains washing across the lands bring justice and transformation as his justification that Brigitte Gabriel is clueless and had vilely abused and insulted the core of Islamic belief and her warnings of an Islamic threat to the United States and Western civilization is wrong, overblown and completely defunct and devoid of any reality in her message, but we will give Mr. Spitzer a break which is far more than he gave Brigitte or would ever grant me if I were in his sights as for him I am the world human being on the planet, an American who made Aliyah fulfilling my life’s dream living now in Israel and never happier. My biggest crime in the eyes of Elliot Spitzer would be leaving the real promised lands, that was twice, when I made Aliyah and earlier when I moved from a Democrat stronghold to a warmer and more polite climate where Democrats are found largely at the 2K fun run/walks held in midtown Tulsa. So, here is the exchange below from March 9, 2011.




Elliot Spitzer is, as you might have surmised, an ultra-liberal Jew and Democrat apostle who loves to use the ‘name one’ attack which is the retreat of the scoundrel as they know that very often when there are movements one cannot give a name as most of those doing the lion’s share of the damage have remained unnamed such that they can be surveilled by law enforcement in order to uncover their entire network. The best example I can remember was an interviewer talking to a police commissioner about the apparent rise in crime due to expected heated rivalries between two drug rings. The police commissioner claimed that they had suspects and were carrying forward with their investigations and hoped that arrest could be made in the coming weeks or possibly a couple of months. The interviewer asked for the police commissioner to provide some names so as to prove they were investigating and potentially making progress and the police commissioner attempted to decline to reveal names for what he stated were ‘obvious reasons.’ The interviewer was not going to let go and kept demanding names until the police commissioner departed quite flustered and the reporter then turned to the camera and stated something like, ‘And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why our city is in so much trouble and crime is rampant, the police do not even know a single name of who is suspected of being behind any of these shootings.’ Every time I hear an interviewer stressing the ‘give me a name’ I reminded of, we are a polite site so I will limit my commentary, a thick skulled Precambrian life-form.


Back to the bad media Israel receives and how that simply feeds the hate Israel blame the Jews firsters. We are seeing one of the fiercest anti-Semitic storms emanating from the White House over the Iran Nuclear agreement. The ferocity with which the President and leftist media have gone after New York Senator Schumer has been vicious. This despite his silence after releasing the news of his choice to vote against the deal, something highly suspicious as Senator Schumer normally has been very active in lobbying people to vote as he prefers, but those efforts have been almost universally in support of White House proposals. All this effort is even stranger as news reports quoting White House sources have assured us that the President has gathered sufficient support to prevent an overriding of his veto once the legislation passes against the Iran Nuclear agreement. Additionally, there have been the linking Republican opposition to be ideological and an extension of their hatred of President Obama and is very similar to the hardliners in Iran who also oppose the deal. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any hardliners opposing the deal in Iran where it had mostly been celebrated and the P5+1 Western nations ridiculed as inept and weak, completely folding before Iranian pressures. There have also been accusations that any voting down of the deal will be due simply to the unending and vicious assault from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other right wing and Zionist extremists in Israel which is going to lead to even further isolation for Israel after the Iran deal is finalized in the coming weeks. There have been rumors that some of the pressure on Democrat lawmakers in the House and particularly in the Senate have been pressured by claiming that they do not want to appear unpatriotic and opposing the President. The onslaught on Israel, Senator Schumer and rising tides of anti-Semitism entering into politics and political discourse has raised some troubling questions. This has also led to more threats to bring charges against Israel in international courts and bring Israeli military and political leaders to trial for crimes against humanity, in particular against Arabs in Gaza or Judea and Samaria. There has been a petition circulating in Britain for the arrest and trial for crimes of various international crimes of Prime Minister Netanyahu when he makes a state visit in the coming days. One can only wonder how much longer before even Israeli citizens will be wary of traveling outside her borders for fear of charges being leveled against them simply because they are Israelis. As these political and social pressures which have been growing exponentially over time, how much longer before simply being Jewish, not even necessarily an Israeli or even a supporter of Israel, becomes a liability and eventually a threat to these individuals? There have been increasing assaults on Jews both inside and even more so outside of Israel. Where will this increased hatred lead and how much of a threat should it be considered. If history is any measure, then Israel is essential to the survival of the Jewish People as a safe zone unto which they will be able to escape. That too is another reason that the San Remo and ensuing promises must be honored and this must be demanded leading to the realization of Israeli borders meeting the promised borders from the British and the League of Nations as depicted below.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.



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February 22, 2015

Iran, ISIS, and United Opposition to Israel

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What has been missing from most analysts’ Middle East reports is that between ISIS and Iran we have, to use a term popular in modern analysis, a perfect storm. Graeme Wood reported on interviews with supporters of ISIS and what was revealed completely contradicted the approach President Obama has taken defining the number one problem driving support for ISIS to be a lack of economic opportunities. What was revealed instead is that they believe they are called by God to create a Caliphate that will ultimately lead to the apocalypse. Essentially, they are a death cult centered around their religion. They stressed their devout and all-encompassing belief that they are following the word of Allah and completing the will of Allah in order to bring on the Islamic version of the End of Days, a scenario very different and in very spectacular ways the opposite of the Christian belief in the End of Days. This is the Sunni Muslim impetus in our time right now to bring a world-wide apocalypse as quickly and completely as they are able and the driving minds behind ISIS are not simpletons but driven people who have displayed great command of technology and have developed, as noted by experts the world over, a highly technical video campaign using some of the latest effects and professional stylistic designs in their video campaign. President Obama and many others have sold the leadership of ISIS short and have grossly underestimated their capabilities.


With Iran we have a more well-known entity as we have been able to observe them since their 1979 rise to power in Iran, a rise to power greatly aided by then President Carter who stated that the Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini (Farsi: روح الله موسوی خمینی) was a man of the cloth and a decent man with whom the United States could work. President Carter basically equated a devout Shiite Muslim with Christianity and completely ignored the belief that Islam supersessionism means that Islam has replaced both Christianity, which Muslims accept was the supersessionism of Judaism, and as well Judaism and is the final revelation which disallows for any future revelation to be valid. There is a singular problem with both forms of supersessionism that is shared, the reestablishment of the Jewish state of Israel which both Christian and Islamic supersessionism claims is not possible as the Jews have been forsaken and cursed to travel the face of the earth nationless as there no longer exists the Covenant between G0d and Abraham as that Covenant was replaced by the Covenant with Jesus which has in turn according to Islam, was replaced by the Covenant with Mohammad according to each faith. Add to this the Iranian belief in the Twelfth Imam and you have another apocalyptical religious force in Iran.


Basically the world is facing two complimentary apocalyptical religious forces both competing for hegemonic preeminence in the Middle East and both having a central desire to extinguish the Jewish state of Israel both believing it to be an abomination to Allah. This comes at a time when the United States has taken a six year hiatus from participating constructively on the world’s stage. But even in remission, the United States is playing a central role in the form of an acquiescing power which will facilitate the nuclearization of Iran. The importance of this action must not be lost in our consideration of the immediate future. The most recent report from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) paints a very bleak picture and displays the fact that the Western nations, the United Nations and much of the Middle East have at best an extremely opaque and blurred superficial knowledge about the state of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Their report told more about the obscuration by Iran than it did report on the actual existence of the Iranian program. A basic summary of the report would be to say that the world, and especially the Western nations, has almost no knowledge or understanding of the current abilities, size, scope or technological refinement of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.


The last glimpse the world had was almost eighteen months ago and then we were able to get an indication that the Iranians had achieved an advanced centrifuge which was six times as efficient as their previous model and they were very close to perfecting its use. Since then there has been rumors, rumors such that they carried some degree of weight and validity, that the Iranians had made another quantum leap in centrifuge development and designed an even faster and more capable centrifuge design and were in the process of installing these latest designs into their nuclear processing of uranium. The problem is that nowhere in the negotiations or in any IAEA report is there a sign of these centrifuges being installed. This begs a question; where are these latest and greatest centrifuges which we should have noted being installed and if we are unaware of their installation, then where is the uranium refinement being carried out with these newest centrifuges? This is a definitive indication that Iran has developed a secret nuclear enrichment system of installations and who knows what further developments are being carried out in this secretive parallel program. One matter which must be kept foremost in our minds is that the Western nations and the rest of the world have little if any knowledge of the amount of uranium Iran may be mining out of their own uranium mines and whether they have also perfected in the gasification of the uranium to uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6) which is an essential development if Iran is to operate a secretive parallel nuclear program which could only be intended for weapons production. Iran might also be producing fuel rods for their Heavy-water reactor by refining uranium by smelting it into purified UO2 which could be used in the Arak reactor to produce plutonium. All of this is currently well beyond anything of which the IAEA or the Western intelligence agencies appear to have even a hint of understanding. Perhaps Iran really does not care about the negotiations or reaching any deal as their program is far beyond the understood level assumed in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran.


Western intelligence has decided that the Iranian nuclear program has not proceeded to develop new and more advanced facilities without reporting of their existence, much as the development of a nuclear trigger at the Parchin Military Complex was completed and all traces including the suspected buildings were completely destroyed and the area cleansed such that any inspection would be hard pressed to find any evidence should they actually gain admission to the area for an inspection. This research was all but completed before the activity at Parchin Military Complex had even been detected and suspicions aroused. Additionally, it was apparent that the actual announcement and the beginning of negotiation with Iran over their nuclear program by the Europeans, which predated the United States entry to the scene, was initiated revealing a complex and expansive nuclear program already in use. It was determined that Iran had been working on enrichment of uranium for very likely at least a decade before being discovered. This lack of reliable intelligence and the ability of the Iranians to conceal their actions from detection bode poorly for any reliable detection of new facilities being constructed. The last installation detected was the refining facility at Fordow, near the city of Qom, in 2012 which was only revealed after it had initiated refinement of uranium. The complex was still being completed but little was known about its level of development as it was constructed underground and beneath a mountain making detection more difficult. The level of complexity and capabilities of the Iranian program most definitely permits the assumption that Iran is capable of constructing a secretive base which is only made a higher probability due to the existence of natural caves which would remove much of the heavy work of building an underground complex within a mountain.


Simple truth is there is a potential for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of the United States Congress releasing information which will completely destroy any hope of a nuclear deal with Iran short of surrendering to the fact that Iran is, if not already the in the near future, capable of producing nuclear weapons and there is little which can be accomplished through the P5+1 negotiations as Iran has successfully deceived their adversaries lulling them into a false sense of security believing they had a proper assessment of the scope of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. This is the fear which has the White House in a panic. The fact that President Obama may be revealed to know that the negotiations have all been a ruse to stall any actions by the Western nations or Israel to cripple the Iranian nuclear sites with a military strike. The complete single-mindedness of the efforts by President Obama to find a peaceful way of preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state has been proven by the leaking vital information at the most crucial point of Israeli plans on at least three occasions which completely blew up destroying each attempt by Israel to use military force to destroy as much of the Iranian nuclear sites as they were able. This devious prevention by the White House of any and all efforts by Israel to address the nuclear weapons development sites by use of military force was in part just a further act by President Obama insisting that he can by the power of his voice, the influence of his words, the imposing of his will and the full effect of his karma can alter the world to his designs thus being a world molding power by his will alone. This faulty perception is not challenged by any advisors who remain in the White House and is in fact reinforced by sycophantic devotees surrounding the President. The proof of this has been the near constant parade of Secretaries of Defense where the people in that position receiving briefings which explain the realities including on Iran has frightened them each and every one that they attempted to shake President Obama’s faith in his ego being undeniable on the world stage and his ability by his presence to change realities. As intelligence released to Congress is mostly under the influence, or even control, by the White House, it is possible that the Congress has been denied much of the truth which is unflattering to the President. The fact that President Obama has no way of keeping the truths from Prime Minister Netanyahu and that the Israeli leader is about to upset the President’s apple cart and reveal the core problem which Iran truly poses is something the Ego in the White House cannot countenance as the President will be revealed to not have the fine robes of the Emperor and that the reality is that he is actually standing naked once robbed of his control of information.


That leads to how does a nuclear Iran change things and how does ISIS fit into these scenarios. The current understanding is that Iran is fighting against ISIS and is supporting their obedient puppet governments in Iraq, Syria and even Lebanon. Iran is about control, complete control. They see Saudi Arabia and its GCC, Egypt with President Sisi and his anti-terror programs, the United States simply due to its capabilities despite their being muted by the great President in the White House and please ignore the little man behind the curtain scared of being revealed for a fool, and of course Israel as the current power in the Middle East. Iran will still manage to gain the United States President’s accommodations as long as they make their argument appear to be aimed solely at Israel, as sacrifice the White House has already signaled they are more than willing to make. What is being assumed is that Iran would never ally with ISIS because one is Shiite and the other is Sunni and nary the twain shall meet. That assumption is dead wrong as can be proven by Iran and their partnership which has been reestablished with Hamas, a perfect definition of ISIS Lite. Should ISIS further establish their nascent initiatives in Gaza, Judea and Samaria and become preeminent replacing the Palestinian Authority and subsuming Hamas, or at least those of Hamas who are capable of passing their purity test which would still include most of the fighters from both Hamas and Islamic Jihad and potentially others as well, this would make ISIS the terror organization required to attack Israel. The only fly in this ointment is the probability for ISIS to reject any assistance from Iran viewing them as just another enemy and even worse, an apostate enemy. If ISIS instead decided that a temporary alliance with the Devil, Iran, then a bond of mutual objectives may be possible and once these two powers make such an arrangement there may be no preventing the apocalyptical eventuality they both desire. In many ways ISIS would be a better fit with Iran than is Hezballah or Hamas as ISIS shares the view of forcing the End Times through the creation of an apocalyptical war encompassing the entirety of the planet. Facing a nuclear armed Iran willing to share such devices for the obliteration of targets of common hatreds would be the stuff whose aftermath may look very much like many of those post apocalypse B-movies we have seen on late night television.


This is why the speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu before the joint session of Congress and his likely follow-up speech at the AIPAC Convention will be of unprecedented importance. One might equate the potential of these two speeches to the speeches given by Winston Churchill at the onset of World War II. What Prime Minister Netanyahu must avoid is belittling President Obama or making any claims that the President has been played for a fool by Iran. Instead Prime Minister Netanyahu must be seen to have constantly praised President Obama while offering him a new approach which will be more in-tune with the current reality and move him tactfully away from the disastrous path he currently walks. This is not the time to air grievances as we all also need the cooperation of President Obama and for him to dedicate at least the airpower and other capabilities of the United States. American boots on the ground can and should be avoided; at least initially as things will need to be assessed as everything develops. The President should be made to forfeit any plans he may be couching for a linking and exchange of ambassadors and opening of embassies with Iran and instead doing what must be done to prevent Iran from attaining their goals. Then the President must understand the level and extent of a threat ISIS has begun to assume and how they are gaining allies. The Congress will also need to understand the urgencies currently loose in the world and free to undermine all that allows for cooperative relations. The world is at the most definitive crossroads that it has ever faced. The price for making the wrong turn at this and the next three or four crossroads, forks in the road, will be the extinction of man as a technological and developing race into simply another steak in the food chain. Yes, it all really is that serious, and dire too. The blinders must come off and the path towards the preservation of our technological way of life through the wise applications of force now rather than waiting for the forces against modernity to throw the first volley, so to speak. Now, let each of us pray, concentrate, or give whatever form of supplication your beliefs may require in times that will test our souls, our civilizations, our freedoms, our development, our integrity as a human being who does have love for his brothers and sisters and knows forgiveness is not always the correct path, sometimes actions are required if we are to correct certain wrongs which plague our world and threaten us and all we hold dear.


Beyond the Cusp


February 14, 2015

Obama Promises Kept and Cashed by Iran

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“We will extend a hand if you are unwilling to unclench your fist” President Obama proclaimed in his inaugural address in January 2009. Iran heeded these words and now that President Obama had run the entire gamete and though he won the White House twice, he managed to lose the Congress entirely and the Republicans now hold both houses. That probably is the least of the tactical problems facing President Obama in completing his desired handshake with Iran forging a relationship he sees as lasting into eternity as the two powers divide the world between them. The problem is that Iran never has unclenched their fist. But even this is of no concern as Iran has done the next best thing. Iran has used that clenched fist and pummeled President Obama so severely that he now sees that clenched fist as a hand extended for a warm, friendly handshake as the two nations appear to have reached a surrender scheduled for announcement on or before March 24. This agreement will probably allow Iran to retain at least twelve-thousand operative centrifuges and retain the remaining seven-thousand as spares to replace any that fail. Further, Iran will be permitted to replace these centrifuges in use for newer and faster centrifuges as they develop them. All inspections will be placed in the hands of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who will set an inspection schedule in cooperation with Iran. That should work out really well.


The big question for President Obama is will he be able to salvage even the slightest victory from this deal. The potential would be better if he had any cards to play and even knew how to play them. Still, he still had hope as the Iranians may very well see allowing the United States to return and reopen their embassy in Tehran to be to their advantage. Such a move would allow President Obama to at last claim his big legacy building event with his signing an agreement for the return of the United States embassy and opening relations with Iran and declaring the possibilities for how together the United States and Iran could work and stabilize the Middle East. Such an alliance would turn the entire current Middle East structure on its head. Such a move would place the United States in Iran’s corner against Israel and Saudi Arabia. Such an alliance would probably include Turkey as Erdogan will bend in whichever direction best serves him while still working behind everyone’s back to serve his own purposes, just as he has aided the American efforts against ISIS allowing their use of the airfield in Turkey while also allowing ISIS to run recruitment efforts and resupply efforts crossing into Syria from within Turkey. The real question is whether the rest of the Middle East and potentially beyond can stomach such a deal as President Obama is obviously ready and willing to grant the Iranians pertaining to their nuclear program. Facing what can only be described as President Obama rolling over for Iran, it is no wonder that Israeli Prime Minister has been willing to face the blitz of forces turning against him in blatant support of President Obama.


The real problem and the possible fate that all efforts are already too little, too late is what is facing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as he will be speaking to the combined houses of the United States Congress sometime early in March presenting any information which Israeli intelligence is willing to share and probably even more intelligence later in private meetings before committees and probably some individual meetings which might be requested. The strife and scorn being unloaded on the Prime Minister with the fraudulent claim that he blindsided the President by accepting the invitation by Speaker of the House Boehner before the White House had been notified must be unbearable and only made worse as the New York Times noted that both the Speaker of the House and Prime Minister Netanyahu had spoken with the White House before the invitation was offered and before the Prime Minister agreed to speak. President Obama has spared nothing to try and discredit everybody and anybody in an effort to make the speech of secondary importance to the insult thus voiding anything presented. That leaves the question of what can anybody do to blunt the overt display attempting to make the entire affair, the speech included, disregarded and relegated to the trash bin of irrelevancy, making it all about insulting the President and otherwise meaningless. Meanwhile in Israel, the leftist media and the ill named pairing of Hatnua with Labor as the ‘Zionist Camp,’ two far leftist, post-Zionist, post-modernist, anti-capitalist, redistributionist parties are only exceeded in their leaning by the communists and in a close tie to the far leftist Meretz.


I have rolled ideas around in my head and nothing, absolutely nothing came to mind, until I got a flash which has to be one of the most ridiculous lines the Prime Minister might use at the start of his speech and then hope he gets either a fair amount of laughter or at least some meager appreciation from what will potentially be a rough house; he might try saying, “I have not come here to bury President Obama but to praise him.” After that, should he not get a response, then the only thing left is the old Henny Youngman line which was later used to great fanfare by Rodney Dangerfield, “I don’t get no respect, I tell ya.” After that the Prime Minister will need to rely on the facts and a somber telling of the potentially dire results if Iran is permitted to reach breakout level as before they could be prevented from going fully nuclear they could easily make their breakout by building ten, twelve or even more devices, all of which would be deliverable on their ballistic missiles including their newest ICBM capable of striking anywhere on the globe. The numbers of weapons they might originally make is dependent only on the amount of LEU (lowly enriched uranium) at about 3% they had accumulated which they would be permitted to enrich under current agreements and would very likely continue with only the amount under debate, providing the monitoring could actually track the amount and none was stashed beyond inspection sites. It is believed that the latest centrifuges Iran is currently putting into service they can reach HEU (highly enriched uranium) of above 90%, which is easily made into weapons without further enrichment, in one cascade easily within their current capabilities. What the United States also needs to consider is that the Iranians have also launched suborbital devices which traversed an orbital vector from Iran which would place their satellite if placed on a more powerful launch system, such as the one recently pictured by Israeli surveillance satellites, would approach the United States mainland from the south and taking it on the perfect trajectory to avoid the United States antimissile systems and at a height perfect to deploy a nuclear EMP device, one similar to the device tested by the North Koreans and suspected of being a test carried out on an Iranian device to test its yield and potential as an EMP device. The device in question was detected and assessed to have reached a yield of approximately 16 kilotons, a higher range EMP capable measurement. This piece of information need not be interjected by the Prime Minister as these facts have been readily available and suspected though unprovable for quite some time.


The presentation and reception for Prime Minister Netanyahu will define the options and possibly the necessities of Israeli actions in the near future and beyond. It is probably already too late to prevent Iran from having the wherewithal and the technology mastered to produce nuclear weapons, the only debate left is how to minimize their abilities to actually produce such weapons. Everything being debated and covered is performed assuming that Iran did not manage to produce and stash any nuclear devices already and are also being pursued without any knowledge of how far and how deep the cooperation and collaboration between North Korea and Iran has developed not to mention potential assistance from China or Russia, all of which would not be beyond question. Perhaps the only thing that is in question is not whether or not Iran will break into the nuclear armed nations club uninvited or invited, depending on your assessment of President Obama and the P5+1 negotiations actual aim, but how soon and how they will be received. Much of that will depend on the Iranians themselves. If they continue their rhetoric calling for the annihilation of Israel and of every Jew on the planet and holding annual conventions titled, “A World Without Zionism and America” and continue to be the largest terror facilitating nation on Earth, then there will be great trepidation and uncertainty. Many nations will be looking for somebody else to take whatever intervention which will end the Iranian threat before Iran decides the time is right to force their hand and hegemony over the Middle East.


The question everybody will be asking themselves and discussing in hushed tones in back rooms and with quick furtive glances and knowing winks and nods, nervously pondering when will the first shoe drop knowing that after that the second shoe will fall right behind. The debates will be where the first Iranian move will be, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States? Who will they empower to possibly utilize nuclear terrorism and where would such terror strike? Will it be Hezballah, the Houthis tribal fighters, or providing some assignment in the Americas deployed out of the Tristate Area in South America where a terror city sits adjoining the borders of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina and none of the three security forces dare intervene? It was from here that the attacks in Buenos Aries in 1992 where the Israeli Embassy was struck by a pickup truck driven by a suicide bomber and loaded with explosives destroyed the Israeli Embassy, a Catholic church, and a nearby school building killing four Israelis and twenty-five Argentinian civilians making it the worst terror attack in Argentinian history until when a second terrorist attack was launched on the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) which murdered eighty-five people making it the worst terror attack in Argentina and over which the prosecutor Alberto Nisman was recently murdered (More can be read about his murder in the articles, The Death of Alberto Nisman, Prosecutor’s Fate Mirrors Western Culture and Hezballah Cross Border Attack Threatens to Elevate Conflict). There have been intelligence reports which claim that Hezballah from the Tristate Area have made agreements arranging for gaining access into the United States with the aid of the drug cartels. These reports also claim that this agreement has allowed terror cells to have already been implanted within the United States who would be ready to assist in any plans communicated to them and would even be capable of assisting any new force and weapons provided such as explosives or worse. Whatever the choice a nuclear armed Iran chooses, even should they decide to use conventional weapons likely in a terror bombing attack relying on their nuclear threat to prevent any retaliation against their terror interests such as Hezballah or other forces even including the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps), in what they decide to do once they have attained nuclear weapons capability and production they will have an entire new set of avenues, as other nations, if not nuclear armed, will have little recourse against Iranian hegemony.


This will very likely press the rest of the Middle East and other Muslim nations to research and produce their own nuclear weapons armaments in order to even the military leverage thus removing the Iranian advantage as soon as possible. Once the Iranians gain nuclear weapons production, the amount of time that Iran will be capable of forcing their will due to their nuclear threat will be short as Saudi Arabian wealth and agreement with Pakistan would result in their attaining nuclear capability within weeks, not years. Egypt and Turkey would also not take an extended amount of time to reach nuclear weapons capability and Jordan might do the unthinkable, reach an agreement with Israel in the form of a mutual defense pact, and if Israel was not willing, then Jordan would definitely seek admission to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) seeking the protection of Saudi Arabia. A fully nuclear armed Middle East and North Africa would present a certainty of an eventual nuclear exchange, the sole question being between which two nations initiate the conflagration and what the further conflicts and spread of nuclear fallout would be spawned by such aggressions. Whatever the future holds, a nuclear armed extended Middle East would be the most dangerous situation ever seen in Earth’s history, a very dangerous situation which would be playing the most dangerous standoff of nuclear armed nations who have little knowledge or history of the destructive and horrifying nature of nuclear warfare and its aftermath. Some of the leaders of these newly nuclear capable nations have no concern of consequences and only their victory by any means necessary, the most dangerous kind of nation to have nuclear capability. The world will be looking at an unknown but dangerous future which all but guarantees a holocaust of unpredictable numbers and incalculable ramifications should oil fields be made unusable, maritime channels made unpassable or simply carnage and ramifications unthinkable and unknown in all of history until that fateful date. Perhaps the question which needs to be asked of us for consideration is what happens in the immediate aftermath and on into the future, if there is a future?


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