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November 6, 2016

Campaign Closing Craziness


Well, just a couple of days and the vote and much of the crazed daze will end and we may be entering phase two, the challenges. But before we get to that it all must be presented and set in place beforehand and that is where everything from the sublime to the ridiculous comes to the fore. We have long ago heard Donald Trump claiming that the fix was in and how everything was set against him from the media coverage to the Clinton campaign being given the debate questions ahead of the debates to voter fraud and darn near everything but the kitchen sink. Was there potentially or probably any rationale for Trump’s claims? Of course there was but that does not mean that it was going to play well in the media and he was roundly scoffed at. His main problem is he made his move too early according to the political handbook of etiquette. The only surprise there would be the actual existence of such a book and there isn’t such; it is all an intricate part of the game that only those inside the system are privy to knowing. This within the system correct time for such claims is in the final four days which are reserved for setting in place your excuses and legal reasons for discounting the validity of the voting and counting processes. Trump’s challenge is based on voter fraud and systemic biases against him and other skullduggery.


But then what has camp Hillary claimed? You are going to love this. Apparently Donald Trump has a fan who will stop at nothing to make him the next President of the United States. This person wants Trump to win as he fears the power and political brilliance which a Hillary Clinton Presidency would bring to bear against their position and how a President Hillary would simply overwhelm and out-play them at every turn. Who is this that so fears the mighty Hillary? Why it is none other than Russian President and often shirtless Putin. Why President Putin is so afraid of a Hillary Clinton victory on Tuesday that he is preparing a cyber hacking to win the election throwing it to the Donald. Exactly how this is being accomplished is so incredibly devious that only a KGB trained master spook (spy) could pull this off. First the Hillary e-mail scandal was all orchestrated by Putin who arranged for all these bogus incriminating e-mails to have been in the computers to begin with and these were amongst the e-mails destroyed as Hillary was only required to turn over actual real State Department e-mails and these obviously fraudulent e-mails could be erased without penalties. Here is where the plot thickens. The other copies of these corresponding e-mails were also placed on the appropriate recipient’s computers to validate their real existence. That is some professional and well planned hacking; but we are talking about a KGB trained master spook with all the computer resources of Mother Russia at his disposal. And the proof is without question impeccable and beyond suspicion. You see, United States Senator Tom Carper, a Delaware Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has discovered just this past week the existence of a document forged to appear as though Carper was writing a letter to Clinton. This forgery appeared to include his office’s personal letterhead and by all first look indicators would be an honest correspondence. Fortunately this perfect fraud which includes the Senator’s own personal letterhead was found on his office computers, and nowhere else to include the computers of the Clinton campaign and was apparently not amongst the e-mails turned over by Secretary of State Clinton nor did it appear on campaign or other computers. The sole copy was apparently only to be found amongst Senator Carper’s office papers and files. Of course this damning evidence of Putin perversity was turned over to the FBI and has been added as exhibit A in their investigation on Russian malfeasances concerning the coming election this Tuesday. Of course there can be no doubting these allegations as how else would Senator Carper come across a fraudulent letter he did not order or dictate written on his own stationary with the appropriate letterhead, how could such a situation ever be staged.


Then there is that real fear that Putin and his gang of KGB trained goons will use their skullduggery to gain access to voting machines throughout the United States and register thousands, nay, tens of thousands, dare we predict, hundreds of thousands of fraudulent Trump votes. Such hacking would never create so many ballots such that only a vote for President was registered and the remainder was blank, not just without other votes for other positions and petitions and other issues; but completely devoid of even those selections having exclusively the choice for President. Nobody counting and tabulating the votes would ever expect that something smelled rotten when many thousands of votes more were cast for President than all other ballot issues. Such an obvious discrepancy would never raise alarm bells, would it? And further, one must extrapolate from this unimpeachable evidence that what Hillary claimed from the start has been validated and the entire e-mail scandal was a false issue invented and raised by her opponents who are everywhere from the FBI to the State Department and then there are the Republicans and Donald Trump and don’t forget, Vladimir Putin and the entire Russian machine. All Hillary ever wanted was her name cleared of this manufactured scandal and this evidence is just the hinge necessary to prove her complete innocence and, didn’t you know that FBI Director James Comey is a Republican. There you have it, end of story, she is not a crook and now can you just vote to give her what should so obviously be hers for the taking.


But let us not forget that should Hillary lose then Donald only won because of Putin managing massive voter fraud just as Putin is manipulating the polling forcing the numbers to swing towards Trump so the fraud will appear more genuine. You have to hand it to Putin; he is doing one heck of a bang-up job winning the election for Trump. What escapes reason is how does Putin sitting in Moscow or at the Czar’s palace by the Black Sea (you didn’t think the communists tore down that castle to oppression, did you? No, they kept it for the most equal citizens of the Soviet leadership) using his Blackberry and getting on Facebook, Twitter or U Hack Anonymous and simply dial-up directly to the calculating voter system and simply dumping thousands of Trump votes, right? Who cares if the voting computers use closed systems which have no internet or other outside connection. Even the Microsoft games are removed so no playing Minesweeper. So, with a closed, dedicated system detached from any potential outside interference with encrypted data and a double feed for error checking and other built-in safeguards all tested beforehand, what could go wrong and how. Then most states also retain the paper record of each voter’s choices which can be reviewed to correct any detected problems or to respond definitively to any challenge to the machine counts. Add that each state and even each precinct group such as any major metropolis would have their own system which only need be compatible with the state system at the collating server in order to transmit on a dedicated secured line used solely for the election. Voter fraud almost has to be committed at each polling station within every state and even Putin does not have the people in place to perform such tasks. The Russians are not going to affect the elections on Tuesday any more than the French, British, Chinese or Pago Pago (part of East American Samoa).


No Minesweeper Allowed

No Minesweeper Allowed
No Games Allowed


Then there is the generally alarming information which warns thus far only for al-Qaeda terror attacks for tomorrow while the forecast for Tuesday has no predictions for any steel rain. This is hopefully just an alert as preventive measures such that all which can be buttoned-up gets buttoned-up. This should have been announced that attacks were more probable for the entire week before the voting as that has been the Modus Operandi (MO) of al-Qaeda when attempting to influence the vote by scaring people from taking the risk to vote. Any terror attack would actually favor Hillary Clinton as her supporters are strongly attached and fully believe in her themselves while many Trump supporters are so ambivalent about supporting him that such an attack might be all the excuse they would need to stay home. There will be those who will attempt to make such an attack to favor their opponent in order to replace the panic from terrorism with terror of the wrong candidate in the White House. So there you have it in a nutshell. Putin will steal the election for Trump while poll workers might steal the election for Hillary while al-Qaeda simply desires the Election Day above the fold bold headline to be reporting of attacks potentially against New York, Dallas, Huston and/or Washington D.C. This threat has been given credibility and led to heightened security. Who said this would be a normal election anyways? Definitively not us. Please vote as there is much more than selecting your preference, or at least avoidance from, your candidate of choice for President. Almost all else aside, with Hillary America would have a President almost completely predictable at every turn while with Trump one would be left constantly guessing as he even has mood swings while sleeping. So please vote only once per state at the most. Thank you for your vote and readership.


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July 4, 2012

Do We Really Need More Uninvolved Voters?

Many people on both sides of the political spectrum are having misgivings over the recent Supreme Court decision concerning the Affordable Health Care for America Act (Obama Care). Those on the Left end of the spectrum were less than enamored with the Supremes ruling that the States could not be penalized for refusing to expand their Medicaid and Medicare spending in order to cover all provisions included within Obama Care by having their Federal subsidies revoked. This will allow any or all of the States to option not to extend additional funding and coverage thus placing the onus to cover these expenditures with the Federal Government. This may very well prove to be the stumbling block to implementing Obama Care universally throughout the country. That may lead to some states being an active member under Obama Care while other states would not be included in the stipulations in Obama Care unless the Federal Government agreed to provide all the funding. Should this lead to the condition where not all States would have to apply the full mandates in Obama Care then those who optioned to be included might become havens for those seeking such coverage for some personal reasons.

On the right side of the spectrum there were numerous camps with many people having more than one problem with the Supreme Court rulings. The most obvious dispute was that many felt assured Obama Care was completely and utterly against the Constitution. They, for a large part, felt that since Obama Care was presented not as a tax but as a mandate under the Commerce Clause, that under that definition would not allow the government to force people to purchase anything, let alone healthcare insurance. Others were simply in shock when they realized that even Justice Anthony Kennedy was vehemently opposed to deeming Obama Care as Constitutional and even wrote a scathing minority opinion for the Court strongly stating what had been defined as the strict constructionist, conservative opinion. Others were more specific in their objections and simply had difficulty with the personal mandate which placed them in a similar camp as many of those surprised by the Constitutional ruling for the majority of the stipulations challenged in the Court. Then there were those who were most upset with the reasoning by Chief Justice Roberts that it is not the purview of the Supreme Court to protect the people from the decisions of their duly elected representatives. Those in this group argue that it is exactly within the powers of the Supreme Court to decide that the actions or legislations produced by the other two branches of the Government whether done individually or jointly are Constitutional or not. They took umbrage that the Chief Justice opined that the Supreme Court was not so empowered as to dissolve or negate actions by the rest of the government as it was basically a complete disemboweling of the powers of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts by his opinion has neutered the Supreme Court by negating the power of the Court to overturn legislation under the grounds of its being against the restrictions on the Federal Government contained in the Constitution, a power which was originally established by Marbury v. Madison when he declared parts of the Judiciary act of 1789 unconstitutional in 1803. Instead, this decision removes this power and responsibility from the Supreme Court Justices and lays it at the feet of the people and their elected representatives. Chief Justice Roberts has now placed the power of determining Constitutionality with the other two branches of government in all matters concerning duly passed legislation, probably the most drastic and important affect this decision will have going forward.

The United States will now be forced to answer Chief Justice Robert’s challenge. The hue and cry resultant from this challenge set forth by this decision has mostly rung around a call to action in the upcoming November elections. This may very well result in making the November elections more of a potential recall petition over Obama Care than simply a normal Presidential and Congressional election cycle. The demand has been strongest by conservatives who have made the call for every person who cares about the future of the United States and to its Constitution to make sure they are registered to vote and exercise their right to vote. Whether or not you agree with their seemingly panic mode overreaching excitement makes little difference, this has become their rallying call. Those who support the opinion expressed by Justice Roberts or simply are supportive of the decision on the Constitutionality of Obama Care will need to either answer this call with one of their own which will simply guarantee the election being a referendum over Obama Care. This is where everything gets interesting. It would be one thing if only those who are actually animated by these events were the ones who went to the poles and voted, but with the heightened emotional aspects of this vote will result in likely interesting consequences. One will obviously be the higher likelihood for voter fraud and other shenanigans. This can be fought by both sides being vigilant and having more than usual observers at polling locations making sure all laws and requirements are enforced and everything is performed by the book and aboveboard. The other side effect will be increased occurrence of both sides placing far more emphasis on recruiting and registering people who may not normally bother with voting and persuade them to support their particular views. This might result in many people voting in one way or the other with little or no knowledge as to the why and wherefores of the votes they cast. This is likely to be even worse than usual and may not be the healthiest of efforts as there are sufficient people already simply voting as some influence instructs them to vote without having any honest preference or knowledge on the candidates and choices. There are those who will simply say this is one of the drawbacks of having a democracy. Others will answer back that we are a republic, not a democracy. Neither side will actually address the issue of what can politely be called ignorant voting. I guess that is something that actually is a result of our overriding desire to increase ballot access by any means possible, as long as it gets more people who support what our side wants. We don’t really need more voters as much as we need more informed voters.

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