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August 29, 2018

At What Point is it Sedition or Treason


According to this article, a group of Arab Knesset Ministers from the Joint Arab List are preparing a resolution at the United Nations to condemn the Nationality Law according to reports from Hadashot News. These members of the Joint List met with United Nations officials alongside Palestinian Authority representative Riyad Mansour with other senior Palestinian Authority officials in order to arrange the passing of the anti-Israel resolution claiming that the Nationality Law has numerous Apartheid provisions within. It is still unclear where they plan to submit such a proposal, according to our source for the story, but we are fairly sure that they would present this at least initially in the General Assembly and only after winning a lopsided victory in the General Assembly would they even broach the idea of submitting it to the Security Council. The reasoning is simple, in the General Assembly of the United Nations any condemnation of Israel is all but guaranteed to receive comfortably over ninety votes in favor and only receive about thirty votes against with the rest abstaining or voting present or not casting their vote at all. On average of the one-hundred-ninety-three voting members, only anywhere from one-hundred fifty to one-hundred-seventy-five actually vote on any resolution. This means the guaranteed ninety plus votes any condemnation of Israel would receive is sufficient to guarantee every condemnation of Israel will pass in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). This is why this is the body of preference for condemning Israel in a forum guaranteed world-wide news publications of the content of any such resolution as if it were the gospel truth according to the UNGA. This venue will be blown up by the leftist media whose articles, which are more editorial than straight reporting and we here at BTC do not claim to be anything but opinion and when reporting news stories do our upmost to remain un-opinionated, will have titles such as UNGA strikes down Israeli Nationality Law, which is beyond their power to do but who cares as it sounds ominous.


For those interested or needing a refresher in what exactly the Israeli Nationality Law is (also called the Nation-State Law), we have it in its entirety at the bottom of our article Leftists, the Israeli Nationality Law and President Trump. We cordially invite everyone to read the law and attempt to find anywhere in the law, as written and not how some left or far-left news source restates the law injecting their poison pen to add a word or two which completely alters the meaning, word for literal word and realize that it is simply a declarative sentence which defines the Nation State of Israel as the Jewish Homeland having the name of Israel, the symbol of the state is the Menorah with seven branches having olive leaves on each side and the name Israel across the bottom, describes the Israeli flag, states its National Anthem, Jerusalem as her eternal Capital city, its mission to provide protection for the Jewish People wherever they are endangered and the observance of official Holidays being the Jewish holidays and National dates from Israeli history, usage of the Jewish or Hebrew calendar as well as the secular calendar and lastly stating that Hebrew is the official language while Arabic language has a special status in the state and so forth. These were all items accepted as valid and in place before this law was passed and are now to stay in place going forward in time until eternity or a Knesset passes a law countermanding this law or a constitution is established where these items are redefined. All of this brings us to why now did this law become necessary, and that is where it gets far more interesting and explains the reason for near treasonous actions, if not actual treason, by the Ministers of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset.


The answer is actually quite simple, there are forces in this wonderful world which are actively undermining Israel as being the Jewish homeland and the State of the Jewish People, strong and powerful forces such as the United Nations and in particular the General Assembly, UNESCO, the Human Rights Council, UNICEF and any number of other United Nations branches, affiliates, agencies, organizations and NGOs. Another group fully intertwined with the attempts to destroy Israel is the European Union and before you call us paranoid delusional, please read this article which will give ample reason for our animus against the European Union. Then there are the efforts of many independent European nations such as Sweden and Ireland and many between. Finally, it should not even require stating, there is the entirety almost of the Arab and Muslim Worlds with very few exceptions and their allies in what is referred to as NAM which stands for non-aligned nations, a voting block of mostly third world and developing nations many of which are allied closely with the Arab states and more often than not ruled by a dictatorial leader whose elections are often appearing to have been rigged or simply there are no elections as such things are for lesser nations according to their dear leader. All of these forces and also a number of leftist NGOs, many of which have the fingerprints of George Soros all over them such as the New Israel Fund, a really non-assuming name implying it is new and desires to assist Israel. The New Israel Fund finances anti-IDF efforts where the Israeli military is defamed often using former soldiers who were and always will be disgruntled and all too often people who are pretending they were soldiers even wearing uniforms to add authenticity telling horrid and gruesome stories about torture, mistreatment of prisoners, and all the same stories we heard back in the 1960’s about American GIs in Viet Nam. Are any of these stories actually verifiable? Well, a small few, and that is to be expected, as any large group will have a few rotten apples, especially when every Jew and Druze is required to serve in the IDF. The Druze leadership insisted that they were part of the Israeli nation and demanded to serve just as the Jews serve and have been a great asset for Israel. The moral here is there are almost uncountable leftists and anti-Zionist, anti-Israelists and anti-Semites and international and national organizations and even entire national governments who all desire for Israel to be stomped out of existence simply because it is the nation-state of the Jewish People. For some it is the idea of the Jew, those little people who they had subjugated and mistreated for centuries now had their own military and were fully capable of taking revenge for the previous mistreatments or they might take over the world or seek a “Greater Israel” or any of a thousand delusional ideas and killing the beast before it does what they fear is their only solution, kill the Jewish State just as they used to kill the Jewish People.


But this problem is closer to home as these are actual members of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, and they are claiming that the declarative statements of known facts by the Nationality Law has denied them of equality under the law and is of an Apartheid nature. Did we mention that these are Minister from within the Israeli government who have the full rights and privileges provided to every other Minister of the Knesset including bringing laws to the floor and having them voting to remove Jewish towns and neighborhoods and that these same Ministers of the Knesset have supported exactly these policies allying with the Palestinian Authority and also with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and even Hezballah, a foreign force based in and ruling Lebanon while being financed and directed by Iran. There are but a few of the freest nations of this world where their government representatives could meet with a group which has sworn to destroy the nation and appear with them at the United Nations meeting with officials to find the most effective means of denouncing their home nation of Apartheid and silencing their voice while they bring legislation, file court appeals and speak their minds in national television and radio as well as in the nation’s halls of power. This would be a short list which would include the United States (for the time being), Canada (if they were careful), Britain (they are used to such after their scrapes with northern Ireland and Scotland), France (possibly) and Israel where such happens with regularity. One Minister of the Knesset named Hanin Zoabi was an active participant in the attempt to run the blockade of Gaza by the Mani Marmara and who appeared in a class of an Israeli school telling the children that the IDF troops were murderers who killed the people attacking them for no reason because, as Hanin Zoabi tells the story, the blockade runners were humanitarians against an evil and oppressive Israel, a lesson the children vehemently denied of having even a scintilla of truth. She is also a member of Joint Arab List.


Anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian and Islamist-Christian Knesset Minister Hanin Zoabi

Anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian and Islamist-Christian Knesset Minister Hanin Zoabi


As for what Israel can and should do and what Israel will do are entirely different choices. Israel can and should revoke these Ministers of their Ministerial Immunity and then charge them in a court with treason, collusion and every other charge which the Democrats wish to charge President Trump. An investigation should be conducted in the Knesset and if these Ministers are found to have committed acts of treason, sedition or other forms of perfidy, they should be tried immediately for impeachment from the Knesset. Once they are free of their privileged positions in the Knesset, then they can be tried in civil court for their actual criminal actions and potentially be stripped of their citizenship and deported leaving them as people without a nation and persona non grata in Israel, which would also bar them from reentry. These are the kind of people who have such a hatred for the fact that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish People. They claim that this land was stolen from its indigenous inhabitants, and they are correct there. The problem is they refuse to allow that the Jewish People ever resided within this area, despite all the archeological evidence, and claim that the Arab People are the original people. Never mind that the Arabs conquered this region from the Byzantines who became its rulers when Rome fell getting it from the Romans who took it from the Greeks who took it from the Persians who conquered the Babylonians who took the lands of the Assyrians who had conquered the Ten Tribes of Israel but not Judea which was conquered eventually by the Babylonians and the Israelites conquered these lands from various city-states ruled by minor Kings who owed their protection to the Egyptians who were defeated at the Red Sea by Hashem in the well known Biblical accounting.


The first nation to make the region their home were the Israelites whose remnants were mostly from the tribe of Judah and lived in Judea and were called Judeans and when the Romans came through, well, they got lazy and careless with the name Judeans as three syllables is rough when your nation is Rome and you are a Roman which all together is three syllables, so they shortened Judean to Judan, two syllables, and finally to Ju which is today written as Jew. So the Israelite whose surviving remnants are called Jews were the first nation to make this region home. Before that, the region was fought over between the Egyptians and the Hittites. The kings of the city-states in the region paid homage and allegiance to whichever of these super states controlled the region. The Egyptians were the controlling power when Joshua brought the Israelites into Canaan where the kings of the several cities allied against him and lost in a great battle told of in the Book of Joshua. These Kings represented the remainder of that which was Egypt which was a beaten nation after the slaves left around 1500 BCE. That makes the Israelites the indigenous people and when Israel broke into two kingdoms, then Israel and Judea were the indigenous nations with Judea being the southern one which retained Jerusalem as it capital city.


But these Arab Ministers of the Knesset scream that they have no rights as Arabs in Israel and are not given any voice in Israel despite their very presence in the Israeli Knesset. The first thing you need understand is what they define as having no rights or voice in Israel. They define their having rights as the Arabs having rights and all else serving them as Dhimmis, and for them to have a voice, that voice must be unopposed and simply become law. They also believe that once the Arabs conquered these lands that it could never be taken or ruled by anyone other than an Arab. In the case of Hanin Zoabi is somewhat more difficult to understand. She is a Christian and if those she claims should possess these lands were to retake them, it would be Arab Muslims, followers of Islam and the Quran under which Hanin Zoabi would be considered an apostate and potentially sentenced to death. She is aware of this but her hatred of the Jewish People is so engrained into her body and mind that she would sacrifice herself and her entire family just to deny the Jews the right to self-determination. And that is what the entirety of opposition to Israel is about, the Jews having the right of self-determination. Every other peoples in the world are mostly allowed to rule themselves and practice self-determination with a few unfortunate exceptions, the Kurdish People, the Berber People, the Uyghur People, the Zulu People, the Baloch People, the Catalans People, the Kashmiri People, the Walloon People, the Assyrian People, the Basque People, the Sahrawi People, the Yazidi People, the nations making up Great Britain, the many Native American Tribes from the United States and Canada including Eskimo, plains Indians and others, those of the Russian Federation, the Tibetans who are held throughout China as a dispersal to destroy their peoplehood, and numerous others on the list in the middle of this page. There are so many people who remain stateless and facing the degeneration and dilution of their culture and ability to remain as a people that perhaps the time wasted trying to add to this list should instead be used to shorten the list and give these others justice they deserve.


The world is losing these peoples through assimilation which was the one thing which held the Jews separate until the twentieth century. Had Germany not fallen into the iron grip of the National Socialists, Nazis, the Jews were very close to becoming another footnote in history and the majority had completely assimilated and Judaism had become merely a religious choice. The Jews in the United States, outside of a few Orthodox communities which will continue to practice Judaism, are assimilating at such a pace as has never been witnessed before. There is an odd thing about the Jewish People assimilating as it always backfires. The first recorded case was with the Persian Empire where the Jews were so assimilated that Queen Esther married to King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) was a Jewess. You do not get much more assimilated than somebody from your people becoming Queen. Then there was Haman and his sons who really desired ridding Persia of its Jews. King Ahasuerus obliged Haman and gave an order for the Jews to all be slaughtered on a single day. Queen Esther informed that if this royal decree were to be carried out, he could start with her first as she then revealed herself as a Jewess. King Ahasuerus had decreed the slaughter to take place and thus could not rescind any decree, as he was a perfect human, so he issued a decree that the Jews were permitted to resist and even murder those attempting to take their lives on this particular day allowing the Jews the right to self-defense. There was a rather large slaughter that day and most were not the Jews, but the Jews learned that no matter how much they had become part of Persian culture, they would still be viewed as Jews, as outsiders or even usurpers. Jews became Hellenized under Greek rule until there was a Jewish rebellion and the Hellenized Jews learned that the Greeks still saw them as those people. Romans, same story, different rebellion, pick any of three, all of which threw off Roman rule for a short period. The final one ended brutally with the Jews dispersed throughout the Kingdom and even sold outside the kingdom as slaves just as the Romans had done with the Carthaginians after the Third Punic War. Has anybody met a Carthaginian lately? Then how did the Jews remain a people despite the most severe Roman treatment used only to rid Rome of a menace permanently. (A short aside, Hannibal who crossed the Alps with elephants to attack the Romans was a Carthaginian, so you likely have at least heard of one Carthaginian.) The Jews have another form of land that defines us more so than the land, we have Torah. Torah teaches us everything we need to be Jews and remain a people. Torah also tells us that we need to live in the lands that Hashem desires that we reside within so as to take good care of the lands which Hashem gave for us to tend.


With the Jewish People, it is all about three things, the Torah and all that encompasses, the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, the gem that sits atop, except for Torah and Hashem. This is actually lands belonging to Hashem and we may only retain this land if we follow Torah and are in good standing with Hashem; this we learned even more deeply once here. Another fact has been proven that this land will only become productive when the Jewish People reside here. This may seem like it is impossible, so allow us to quote what an Arab farmer in Gaza told his son, he reputedly stated, “Son I could not grow anything on our farm and then the Jews returned and rain returned right behind them and the land would grow crops.” We are the land and the land is us and together this works. A Jew can practice his religion all he desires outside of Israel, but here being a Jew is different. We do not want superior rights or anything other than to live here in peace and security having each Jew by his fig tree or with his flock or their choice of occupation and as he follows Torah he will be rewarded with success. We do not desire to take away land from people and are only seeking in some means of being treated with respect and for the nations who have signed the agreements over the many treaties and such which formatted the Mandate System, including Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, would simply fulfill their promises and allow the Jordan River to be our eastern border and the Arabs residing there may remain as legal alien residents which means they can only vote in local elections and not in national elections, and we would also offer a bonus plus above market value for properties you can prove you have ownership, if you wish to leave. These are the rational choices, reside here in peace signing a non-belligerence pledge or take money and leave permanently. But if any chose to remain and engage against Israel, this would be a choice you would soon regret. This time if you choose war, it will be total war just as in the Bible, so perhaps you should read about Jericho before deciding that violence against Israel is your preference.


The same will go for those who decide to take the money and then turn around and fight Israel from across the border. This too would be an unadvisable choice. We will welcome those who wish to build a future with us but we will spare no mercy on those who choose to oppose us. That will apply to every Arab in the Shomron and will also apply to those nations which desire our erasure because once we have a solution which is workable to the Arab situation; these nations had best mind their own business. Each nation will choose whether or not they prefer to trade with Israel. Should they not desire our products, so be it, but that does include quite a number of things we invent and ideas we have along with discoveries in medicine, physics, chemistry and computer sciences just to name a few. We lead the world in agriculture technology and growth potentials through breeding healthier foods without the requirement of genetically modified grains, plants and animals. We would prefer to have wonderful relations with all nations and to provide them with knowledge and the means by which to utilize the knowledge. These are the desires of most Israelis, to be able to realize all which was promised since we survived when the United States and the major European powers placed arms embargos on Israel in 1948-9 and many aided the Arab cause with weapons and in a few cases with actual military advisers. We survived due to a few exceptions such as Czechoslovakia who provided Israel with World War II fighters from all the sides, American, British, Russian and Nazi plus armor and rifles. As a final note, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution partitioning Israel though accepted by Israel was rejected outright by the Arab League making it null and void and thus it has no bearing on reality and this also left our border as the Jordan River once again becoming the only legal border for the Jewish State as defined in the Mandate Map dividing the lands between the Arab state of Transjordan (Jordan) and the Jewish State (Israel).


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October 28, 2016

How the United States Got These Candidates


With all the brouhaha over how negatively both major party candidates are received with Democrat Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton somewhere over 55% negative rating and Republican Party Presidential Candidate Donald Trump often reaching beyond 65% negative rating, it would appear an impossible situation; yet here we all are. One of the two it is obvious why they were chosen, they were promised as their 2008 consolation prize the next open candidacy for President after President Obama, thus the Democrats were to be stuck with Hillary Clinton. What is absolutely stunning, and is one reason she easily could lose, she had to resort to dirty political tricks and slanting the playing field in order to beat out a non-Democrat card carrying socialist who started his campaign on a shoestring of financing and at 3% in polling. By the time we reached an almost photo-finish, Bernie Sanders had nearly closed the gap and passed Hillary Clinton sending the inevitable one home with no crown. Imagine this, a former First Lady and Senator of New York lost to a relative newcomer with one strong speech nationally in 2008 and all but lost to what can only be described as that crazy uncle who lives the life of a hermit and is the quintessential loner who nobody has ever taken seriously in 2016. This is the candidate the Democrat Party elites plus the Democrat candidate support including her campaign teams and the mainstream media, but I am all but actually repeating myself, are claiming is the greatest Presidential candidate since the invention of the wheel? I want some of what they’ve been smoking. The Democrats could not have intentionally have designed and built from the plans a weaker and less appealing candidate, which makes it a good thing they already had one. Hillary Clinton could not have beaten almost any Republican no matter how unknown at the start. So why is Hillary Clinton up in every poll?


The reason is the Republican Party appears to have been set from the start to give the American people a worse and even less attractive candidate to run against Hillary Clinton cinching her getting the golden ring and all the honors she can steal and leaving the United States to look forward to four years of some of the most memorably intolerable speeches possible. We have had some question our professing that the powers that be controlling the Republican Party were seeking a candidate who would lose and lose big to Hillary Clinton. Hear us out and after that we will go one step further on the conspiracy train. Going into the first Republican debate, who was the knighted candidate in shining armor gilded and his accounts loaded with the stuff campaigns survive upon, cash? Thinking back the big story was we were about to witness Clinton-Bush, the rematch. The race for the White House was going to be Jeb Bush slugging and scratching and eye-gouging with Hillary Clinton. This was going to be the faceoff of the two biggest families in modern American politics. The seats for the debates with these two anointed ones promised to be high value and cherished items. Jeb ran into some traction problems and the Republican rank and file was not hungering for anything more from the Bush family. So old Jeb struck out and left the game rather early on.


Blame Game Starring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Blame Game Starring
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


This is where the fifth estate took center stage. The Republican elite were in a quandary as to who would now be their candidate. They basically splintered and flittered from one candidate to another never congealing in one place. This left the playing field kind of open and the media knew immediately that there were only two candidates who could give Hillary Clinton a strong run for losing the election. That’s right, we said fight to lose, not win, the election. These were Texas Senator Ted Cruz and New York loud-mouth Donald Trump. The media took to Donald Trump hard and fast over Ted Cruz simply because they knew he would produce the largest and voluminous gaffs and misspeaks over anybody. So the media became the Donald Trump for Republican candidate for President campaign central. The news cycle on television, radio, print, online, on Twitter, Facebook with any and everywhere one looked it was all Trump all the time. Donald Trump was allowed to trample over the debates being granted nearly 50%, possibly over, of the air time while the rest scratched over the remaining morsels. The media chose Donald Trump with Ted Cruz coming in a poor second sort of the reserve option, the relief pitcher should Donald Trump manage to be thrown from the game or some other means of becoming ineligible. They gave Donald Trump, as some estimates have stated, up to if not more than a billion dollars of campaign coverage. Sure everybody was patting Donald Trump on the back for his masterly use of the media in support of his campaign. It was all smoke and mirrors concealing the media’s gross miscarriage of practice by completely discarding their supposed equal time rules and replacing them with Donald Trump 24/7. About the only thing they did not do was adopt the Trump campaign slogan, “Make America great again,” as their sign on and off phrase of the moment. They may as well have as it really would not have made their fawning over Donald Trump any less or more obvious.


The media got their man in Donald Trump who they could find a path for Hillary Clinton to be ensconced in the Oval Office the end of January. Here is where the near perfect certainty of the plan, the plot thickens, so to speak. The media believes that they built Donald Trump up into being the Republican Party candidate for President so they should easily be capable of tearing him down. Trump has bigger negatives than Hillary but there is a problem here. Hillary has high negatives even with many presumed and so-called supporters while Trump’s negatives lie largely with people who would never have voted for him anyways. This makes whatever base is supporting Trump solid and unwavering while large sectors of Hillary’s base is somewhat soft and squishy leaving her to shore these voters up instead of cultivating new votes from the undecideds as Trump is attempting to do. Even the most feeble of attempts is superior to no attempt at all. This is part of the plan with the barrage of disheartening polls where every hour Trump is being cast as an ever bigger loser to Hillary. This is aimed at Trump’s base attempting to have them feel it is useless, so why bother voting if they can pal around with their friends, especially if their friends are Trump supporters and engaging in such activities breaks the back, the will of Trump support.


The media has brought forward some ordinarily devastating quotes, leaks, accusations, improprieties and other disparaging trash against Trump. Any normal Republican politician would have walked away in shame begging the world’s forgiveness as they checked into a psychiatric home to receive therapy for all their shortcomings. The Republican Party itself would strike their name from every roll and committee and that candidate would be ruined. Not Donald Trump as he takes hit after hit right in the chops and bellows, “Is that all you’ve got,” in that native New York in your face, never back down wisecracker. Trump is not a shrinking violet who would allow a few paltry accusations of what was at the edge of indiscretion thirty or forty years ago be applied and judged by the prissy modern politically correct judgmentalism which demands that if you are a white, male, Christian then you had best know your place and get down on your knees and confess, it is good for your soul. Of course, since Trump has refused to do so the media is exclaiming that they knew it, Donald Trump has no soul. Trump is a soulless zombie that preys on women and weaker souls who are ill prepared to face such a monster, a beast who sends the delicate and wonderful ones shrieking in horror running for their safe zone. Donald Trump written in chalk on a college campus or so has proven the evil that is Donald Trump. Thusfar the media is failing to destroy Trump and his support and this frightens them all the way to their boardrooms. A horrible creature they believed they created now refuses to heel and obey. Next you know they will come for Trump in the night with pitchforks, tar, oil and torches and burn everything down as this creation must be stopped before it is too late. November 8 is their deadline, after that either they will sigh relieved Hillary Clinton prevailed and won or many media and Hollywood thespians will need be placed on suicide watch.


We will need such no matter which one wins, or if the only thing worse, proof of malfeasance or trickery performed on the voter rolls or votes or counting thereof is proven beyond any doubt. Any dishonest, underhanded or low-down misappropriations of votes which renders the process to be unreliable and broken in order to present false counts or even change who won fairly, the United States falling to such mischief is all but unthinkable. If in America the vote is not sacrosanct, then where can an honest election be found. Such disappointment would cause every democratic, parliamentary and republican form of government and even the laws themselves would all fall into doubt. That, above all else, is why this coming American Presidential Election is so vital to the Western World and all held precious. If we cannot trust the vote, we do not have fair and trustworthy governance, period.


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March 17, 2015

Vultures Circling as Israel Goes to the Polls

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Israelis will be casting their votes today but that is only the start of the process in forming the next coalition which will rule at most for four years. That is assuming this government makes it to the conclusion of its term, a real rarity in Israeli politics. Still, the results from today will be leered over with every morsel’s potential meanings gleaned and meticulously quantified with the unflinching attention of a vulture over an injured beast waiting for it to breathe its last signifying dinner is ready. Then it all starts tomorrow or even a few days down the road when President Reuven Rivlin has talked with the various heads of the respective parties to gather their input as to which particular leader they favor for the position of Prime Minister. Though it is not unheard of for some parties to initially place the name of their head as their choice for Prime Minister fully aware that such is next to impossible, though conceivable as President Rivlin is free to choose whomever he believes would be both the best choice and also capable of forming a ruling coalition exceeding sixty Ministers. Such a suggestion still mostly prolongs the process and may even work to produce a choice for the first attempt in forming a coalition to the candidate your party did not prefer, so it is best to not choose to make such a recommendation. That is particularly true this election cycle as whichever person between Benyamin Netanyahu and Yitzhak Hertzog is given the go-ahead to form a coalition will likely succeed. Such is not an unprecedented situation but is not the most likely scenario but this election the citizens polling has depicted an evenly divided electorate between the two expected leaders to receive the nod to form a government. Once a choice has been made, it starts a clock of sorts which allows the candidate forty-two days (six weeks) to assemble sixty-one ministers by cobbling together sufficient parties by granting demands and negotiating alternatives. Should that leader fail, another leader is asked to try; he or she has up to twenty-eight days (three weeks) to attempt to achieve a coalition. Once the President believes there is little or no hope for any leader to forge a coalition, the elections are held again hoping for a different result, almost like Einstein’s definition of insanity, trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result. I guess one might look at the Israeli government forging mechanism and determine as such it is, it could qualify as insanity in action.


Meanwhile, there is a world out there with some just interested in seeing which side wins the opportunity to forge a coalition and succeeds so that they know with who they will be dealing, who will be Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and any other Ministerial position which may determine how they interact with Israel on any number of fronts. What is different about this election is the number of interested parties who have a definite preference to the point that there have been interferences in this election campaign of varying degrees which were mostly beyond acceptable levels. Where editorials in the foreign media are to be expected but daily editorials demanding that the Israeli public choose the leader of the opposition from the previous sitting government in the place of reelecting the current Prime Minister is perhaps attempting to have an influence on the electorate is a bit over the top. But writing editorials and holding frequent interviews with people antagonistic to the current Prime Minister and even holding repeated interviews with influential people, leaders of political parties, heads of NGOs and reporting intended sanctions which will be levied against Israel all demanding that one of the two leading candidates not be granted a chance to form the next government even should their party win by a decent or sizable margin is carrying things way too far into the influence peddling. A foreign government making threats against one of the leading heads of parties from being given the opportunity to form a coalition regardless of the votes cast and doing so for weeks even months or even immediately after elections were called is meddling beyond the acceptable level. But even this was not the limit of the interference.


There were efforts by NGOs within Israel who received much of their, if not all, funding from foreign entities or even foreign government and the European Union all of which were very direct in what was expected as far as attempts to influence the outcome of the Israeli election and there was a group V15 (aka V2015) which is allied with OneVoice, a tax exempt entity which recently received a $200,000 grant of funds from the United States State Department and who was headed by political strategist Jeremy Bird leading five Democratic consultants all directly ordered to work for the defeat of Netanyahu as directed from both the State Department and the White House and probably by President Obama personally. Bird and his team are working with a group known as V15 which is a politically allied partnership with OneVoice which describes itself as utilizing grassroots canvassing and door-to-door politicking tasked to amplify the voice of Israelis and Palestinians to empower the election of, as they candidly have stated, “anybody but Bibi” allowing those more favorable to the two-state solution to defeat Netanyahu removing what President Obama identifies as the greatest threat blocking his forging a lasting peace. This interference in the Israeli elections if legal is only by depending on what the meaning of is is as well as the definition of interference is. Had Israel done similar against the reelection of President Obama during the 2012 elections the group and its entire staffing would have been arrested and charged with spying and working for a foreign government interfering in the election process of the United States and probably a dozen more charges and brought to trial and likely the top organizers and any of the people holding Israeli citizenship being imprisoned for an exceedingly long time. Such would not have been tolerated, let alone continued to act impervious to election laws about foreign interference.


Meanwhile, in almost unanimous agreement the media and anybody who could get themselves before a microphone or quoted in print or in pixels on the Internet were given such attentions providing they were speaking to removing Netanyahu from power and promoting Yitzhak Hertzog directly or simply pressing for any candidate from the opposition who would keep Netanyahu from holding any influence or power in the coming Israeli government. There were even demonstrations and organized rallies which though couched in innocuous to misleadingly tame to even inane terminology though any inspection of their mission or political support were all aligned across the globe to defeat Bibi Netanyahu. One example we recently found related to in an editorial titled A “Peace” Party where the events were describe as the global, “Dance for Peace,” in which parties are being held around the world in the name of electing an Israeli government that according to the organizers, will “bring peace” and “transform the Middle East” One does not need to look too much further before realizing the aim is to defeat Netanyahu and elect Hertzog as by doing so the impediment to peace, a strong and Zionist Israeli government will be replaced with a weaker and more pliable Israeli Prime Minister who can be pressured into making the necessary sacrifices to allow for the formation of a Palestinian Arab state carved out of land that belongs to Israel by any and every legality which can be derived from International Law. We discussed the particular treaties, conference, League of Nations ratifications, and inclusion carrying all forward within the charter of the United Nations in yesterday’s article titled, Israel Elections are Upon Us Tomorrow found within the final paragraph for those interested. This global Dance for Peace goes beyond the obvious assembling people who desire removing Netanyahu from leading the Israeli government and are willing to attempt to influence the Israeli electorate by staging these events throughout the globe which would also include positive coverage of their actions and thus accommodating their view and amplifying its effects, especially if it received such coverage internationally as was also an obvious goal.


As also stated in the editorial, this “peace” movement which is attempting to influence the Israeli election has some glaring assumptions at its base and also makes an oblique accusation against Israel, the supportive Israeli public and anybody who supports Netanyahu over Hertzog casting them as anti-peace, or even worse, as pro-war or warmongers. Prime Minister Netanyahu has made tremendous efforts to forge a peace with Mahmoud Abbas and has taken steps presumably beyond the sight of the average Israeli in order to facilitate the efforts by President Obama meeting even his demand for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to extend the building freeze well past its initial nine months making it virtually permanent, a dispensation which may be crucial in this election removing him from power as it caused a housing shortage and increased pricing, a likelihood very much desired by United States President Obama. The implied accusations of all the efforts to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu are predicated on erroneous assumptions that first-off Prime Minister Netanyahu does not desire peace, is unwilling to make the territorial sacrifices required for peace, desires to inflame tension to a breaking point forcing another war and finally that the Israeli people are equally guilty of these supposed crimes and would foolishly and blindly reelect Netanyahu if the entire world does not save them from themselves. These suppose that the Israelis alone are to blame for the lack of peace and the making of the Palestinian Arab state and that the Palestinians have already sacrificed for peace and are ready to jump at the chance for peace if only Israel would sacrifice even more if the Israelis even came close to making a fair peace settlement. These suppositions ignore reality to an unfathomable extent. The United Nations extended in the General Assembly Resolution 181 passed on November 29, 1947, offered the Arab League a petition plan where the Jews and Arabs would have divided the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea evenly and somewhat unfairly as close to half of the lands granted the Jews consisted of the Negev Desert while the Arabs would have received the prime farming lands and despite the Jews accepting this partition the Arab League refused to accept this initiative thus rendering it null and void in that process and opted instead to wage war a few months later on May 15, 1948 immediately the morning after Israel declared their independence. Israel had declared their independence on May 14, 1948 at sundown which in Jewish law was the actual beginning of the next day, May 15, 1948, the Israeli Independence Day.


Since then Israel offered what has been considered to be the acceptable over ninety-five percent of Judea and Samaria (West Bank), all of Gaza and to share Jerusalem, even dividing Jerusalem instead of internationalizing the city in a manner, and made this offer repeatedly since when Prime Minister Ehud Barak did so during the Camp David Accords under President William Jefferson Clinton during 2000 and January 2001 as a favor to President William Jefferson Clinton and both were refused by Yasser Arafat with his initial refusal coming in Paris where after being presented with Prime Minister Barak’s offering which included everything Arafat had demanded from President Clinton included in the offer by Arafat abruptly rising and stalking from the room without even making a subsequent demand or comment charging to his awaiting vehicle which was running which leads one to believe this was a planned exit though unexpected by President William Jefferson Clinton and Prime Minister Ehud Barak or United State Secretary of State Madeline Albright who attempted to request for Arafat to return to the negotiations strangely running as best she was able calling Yasser Arafat who simply ignored her and drove away returning to the disputed territories and initiating the deadly Second Intifada as had been planned from even before the negotiations began. The offer was given again by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008 at the very end of George W. Bush Presidency which was refused out of hand by Mahmoud Abbas who demanded a complete right of return for five million plus Arab refugees within the boundary of Israel instead of mostly to the areas to be declared as the Palestinian State and refusing to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish People. Mahmoud Abbas has made numerous references to what he considers to be a fair offer of making the entirety of the lands between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea into an Arab state where the Jews will be initially permitted to reside and expected to accept their status as Dhimmis with the rule of the new state being under an Arab Muslim all powerful leader, presumably Mahmoud Abbas until Hamas replaces him, and with the Jews receiving no political rights and limited religious, social, legal, entrepreneurial or ownership rights. Such statements can be located on MEMRI using their search as we did using the search term Mahmoud Abbas and received a plethora of results. Making claims that the Israelis are solely to blame for the lack of peace or the formation of an Arab state and addressing the refugee problem simply aggravated intentionally with malice aforethought by the Arab states surrounding Israel border on or fall under anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and are definitively anti-Israeli. They are also as false as any statement which nullifies and abrogates any Palestinian culpability for the lack of peace. Perhaps such lack of actions against the Palestinians is due to the small fact that there has been no Palestinian election since 2006 and even longer for Mahmoud Abbas’s position as the leader of the Palestinian Authority while Israel holds elections regularly and often. That would be a nice thought and would pass muster except that worldwide demonstrations consistently target Israel and seldom if ever the Palestinians plus all diplomatic and economic pressures, threats, proclamations, sanctions, boycotts, arraignments and punishments almost without fail are used against Israel while the Palestinians simply receive the majority of aid monies in the entire world through NGOs, UNRWA, funding from individual governments especially from the United States, Europe and the European Union as well as from numerous other United Nations Agencies. The funding of the Arab Palestinian entities is measurable in the billions per month and likely trillions per year should all of their monies including clandestine funding by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other secretive sources. Such inequities have unfortunately become so commonplace and almost to the point of being mundane that they no longer raise even a question from any corner of the world and the Palestinian Arabs are held guiltless while the Israelis and held culpable for every sin and transgression real or imagined and such should deserve far more even scrutiny than any appear willing to grant. With the measurable rise in anti-Semitism worldwide, these disparities of intentions, actions and accusations will only increase even more until they become an all against the one, the one and only Jewish State and possibly only place on the earth where a Jew is permitted the freedom to worship as they please. On that day Israel will be the sole nation with universal freedom of religion, the last and only.


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