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May 17, 2017

The Media that Cried Wolf Too Many Times


The latest Trumpism is from the Washington Post, which unfortunately makes one suspect from the start, is that President Trump divulged intelligence secrets with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. The White House reply was that no intelligence gathering information or military plans, which were not already public knowledge or sensitive data not already known to both parties, were revealed. Who to believe and who has the right to final arbiter in this case? Well, allow us some explanation about so-called secret information and discussions including such with foreign dignitaries. First item is that many secret and higher classifications are determined by the Executive Branch and as such, their classifications can change. So, the basic fact is that secret information, the absolute lowest level right there alongside sensitive information, the latter oft times more damaging than actual secret information, can be reclassified even on the fly if the situation calls for such reclassification. That means that the White House can reclassify information allowing for sharing of information with the appropriate people, even from Russia, and can cause a reclassification of such information. When the White House has reclassified certain information, such a release will have predictable ramifications and send expected ripples through certain circles. For this reason, after any such reclassification, it becomes necessary to inform people in the intelligence communities, such as the CIA and NSA, so that filters and listening departments can have their directives altered appropriately.


What all this means is that unless information is too deep into the secretive layers, Top Secret or higher classification, it can be divulged as long as the gathering techniques remain undisclosed and the appropriate agencies are to be notified at the earliest convenience. These rules would explain the calling of the CIA and NSA by Administration personnel who handle such information and the trail of information and other pertinent implications. Any observational information is often granted secret classification as it waits being scrutinized and its final classification can be determined. There are many in the White House who can grant such information its final recommended level thus often making such secret information into unclassified information. The National Security Advisor, the CIA Chief, Secretary of Defense, and, believe it or not, the President of the United States can make such classifications even on the fly as necessitated. So President Trump disclosed information whose classification he can determine and give a lower classification completely upon his own determination. Under these rules, the President did no wrong and the immediate calls to the CIA and NSA were required once the final classification or reclassifications were issued by the President such that these agencies would not be blindsided by the release of information. Often it is the technique by which such information was acquired that is sensitive and not so much the data itself. There is so much more than the Washington Post reported at play here and because of powers vested in the White House, there was likely nothing more serious than a slight breach in protocols, nothing more. But in the current heated contesting of the legitimacy of the unapproved to be in the White House, their getting an untested drink of water would be blown up into an international scandal.


The fevered hyperventilation of the extreme left, which has hijacked the media and many in the political left of the spectrum, proves to be like crying wolf every day, twice a day, just to gain attention and keep the pressure up on the administration hopefully until the Administration is so tied in knots that it becomes impossible to accomplish anything for fear of media second guessing. That has become the atmosphere this Administration is being forced to operate from and in order to make gains they are forced to perform simple tasks which the former Administration performed without even the slightest of doubts being expressed by the media are no longer being tolerated. These normative activities have now become the basics for making impeachment hearings necessary and people’s heads on poles. This is unnatural and makes for a poisonous atmosphere under which every last move is examined from all possible angles seeking the worst one in which to report any act making a walk around the Rose Garden the equivalence to a declaration of war against the decencies set forth by the fourth estate and their cohorts across the leftmost edge of the political spectrum. Lastly, on issues such as anti-terror operations and limiting the effectiveness of the Islamic State, the Russians are our allies and as working allies addressing a shared problem they often would have the right to certain observations and other information about these shared enemies such that the United States and Russian forces do not end up in the same place at the same time giving each away when both are there addressing the same evil. Sharing information is how setting the Islamic State and other ideas of a fair settlement of questions still waiting for information are moved along. This makes the earth-shattering news reported by the Washington Post to belong in the trash, as are many of their opinion pieces, which was largely expanded to include too many front-page stories.


Earth as ISIS soft Target Bullseye


It becomes a problem when headlines in all too many newspapers have taken to resorting to attacks upon the President because it is what is expected from them. Almost every news-cycle there appears to be yet another scandal emanating from the President or at least one from the White House inner and most confidential staff, which of course warrants the impeachment of the President. One has to wonder what these peopled expect would happen should their wildest dreams come true and they successfully impeach President Trump. All such would accomplish is the placing of Vice President Pence into the White House and not Hillary Clinton. Truth be told, anything short of a revolution would be incapable of placing Hillary Clinton in the White House any time before 2020. Even in 2020 it would require Hillary Clinton to prevail against an even stronger President Trump, she would need to defeat him in a Presidential Election. At this current juncture, President Trump would be even more formidable and more difficult to defeat in his current level of popularity. Otherwise, there is no means of replacing President Trump with a Democrat of any stripe before the next elections. Invalidating the Trump election would set a dangerous precedent under which all future Presidents would necessarily fall, and such restrictions might make cooperation with other powers, with allies. Sometimes where dissemination of information is required, some items may require a reevaluation before being restored as secret or placed in the more general classification, potentially having all secrets revealed to the world.


The information, which was disclosed, appears to have been one of the aforementioned classified secret waiting for final evaluation by probably the State Department. Fortunately, the White House can also determine the level of secrecy was involved in this instance. That means they had every opportunity to pass a bill making such information a higher classification, which would even forbid many Congressional members from being able to read the contents without a minder familiar with the information looking over your shoulder and advising you of your options. The United States systems of government would necessarily slow and grind ever more relentlessly to a complete halt. Nothing could ever be accomplished simply because almost every iota, every scintilla of information gathered outside Congress would not be permitted review until its final determination was completed and the level of secrecy calculated. By having their secrecy calculated, we would be referring to the current rules regarding document classifications and its application to have them addressed in a timely manner. Still, such hindrances must be weighed against the potential for harm or for miscalculations being made to permit such information be used by allies in the War of Terror who may have lives depending on this. Allies come in all shapes and sizes and include the Russians when it comes to the Islamic State. That was the why President Trump revealed the information in question. Given a choice, the President decided that divulging this information would permit the Russians to perform towards the Islamic State in a positive and policy affirmative manner supporting the American aims for the destruction of the Islamic State forces and ideology. Weighing this desired end against all else, it made sense for this information to be shared in a timely manner and that is what the President did with the full knowledge of the correct individuals from his Cabinet assisting on this decision. They then notified the relevant agencies as required but this will never satisfy the get Trump out at any cost forces.


The entire reason behind these accusations is finally find one that sticks. The leftists and their minions are going to continue to holler about one thing after another until they wear down the sane opposition and they get their one or two or ten special investigations with a couple actually garnering some traction. Then they plan on wrapping President Trump so tightly, by whatever scandal they find gained traction such that everything he attempts is stifled and prevented from coming to fruition because it can be claimed that until the investigation is complete he must not be allowed to pursue any agenda. This is the end result desired, a President so hounded that he gives up attempting to do anything starting with draining the swamp. Nobody is quite sure what draining the swamp might entail and what skeletons will rise from the swamp. Fear of things becoming known or seen as the swamp drains has both sides of the aisle nervous with the left in full panic. Their panic is because they do know what some of the things that would be revealed by draining the swamp and are very worried about these items seeing the light of day. They are like frightened vampires who cannot be taken out into the noon or afternoon sun or they may explode. The entire concept behind these investigations and the desire for one to gain traction was made evident when one leftist spoke truthfully the other day demanding that whatever special prosecutor they might finally expect to entertain, that the investigations should be prepared to continue for four to eight years. Funny they should pick such numbers, four or eight years, exactly the length of one term or possibly two terns just in case they are unable to bring Trump low and make him to heel like a good puppy doing absolutely nothing the entirety he is in office be that four or eight years, we can tie him up answering investigations for that long. This is the great idea from the left, hogtie the President and intertwine as many cabinet posts into their web snaring them also for the entire length of the Presidential term, be it four years or a full on eight years. That one message spoken by a Democrat calling for a variable length investigation which could last merely four years and then declare they found no wrong but if Donald Trump gets reelected the special prosecutor could then fill another four years with stifling every effort made by any in the Administration, especially anything involving the top appointments. So, my friends, the most basic level, the screaming will continue until another progressive leftist is ensconced in the White House to finish what President Obama started, the conversion of the United States into European Union II. Once that has been accomplished, then the deconstruction of the United States as a world power can commence earnestly and never again will Americans be considered anything other than the new Europeans and the cowboy will be forever vanquished. They are planning nothing short than the death of American Exceptionalism once and for all. The question is will America allow the systematic deconstruction of everything they once stood for? We fear that they just might, but hoping we are wrong and they do fight and rage against the dying of the light.


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October 31, 2012

Benghazi Should Signal a Warning for Israel

We have heard the same platitudes whenever the topic of his support, or lack thereof, for Israel is posed, that he has Israel’s back and that Israel is an important ally. Immediately after and for quite some time after the hostile and fatal attacks were reported from Benghazi, Libya the President and many of the highest officials in the Administration tried to obfuscate the truths with stories of a U-tube video caused riot which became uncontrollable and overwhelmed security forces leading to the destruction of the Consulate resulting in the deaths of our Libya Ambassador and three other personnel along with other embellishments on this story. When this fabrication disintegrated when the truth finally shone through, President Obama was asked by KUSA’s Kyle Clark, “Were they denied requests for help during the attack?” His reply was another example of avoidance but still was revealing when examined more closely. President Obama’s exact words were, “Number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to. Number two, we’re going to investigate exactly what happened so that it doesn’t happen again. Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice. And I guarantee you that everyone in the State Department, our military, the CIA, you name it, had number one priority making sure that people were safe.” Obama went further stating, “These were our folks and we’re going to find out exactly what happened. But what we’re also going to do is make sure that we are identifying those who carried out these terrible attacks.”

The terror strike, and that is what the truth revealed once the air was cleared of all the superfluous distractions and outright lies, has revealed further truths which remain unexplained and almost beyond belief for a vast number of Americans and friends of America around the world. The facts revealed a story of two unbelievable brave and honorable (former which I refrain from saying as once a Seal, forever a Seal) Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, disregarded the orders to stand down and hoofed it the mile or so to the Consulate building and retrieved the remaining personnel and escorted them to the CIA safe house and to safety likely saving these lives. After the Consulate building had been destroyed the terrorists pursued those who had been pulled from certain death by two exemplary human beings and assaulted the Safe House. These two Navy Seals, their names cannot be said or praised too much for their actions need to be honored and remembered, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, then spent the next several hours defending the Safe House and the people within. This battle all told lasted approximately seven hours. That bears repeating, the attack lasted seven hours while for the whole seven hours assistance was on line and simply awaiting the order a mere five hundred miles away, a mere two hours from coming to the rescue and reinforce the vastly outnumbered Seals. The same can be said for air close support in the form of a AC-130 Spectre which could have completely changed the entire state of the field of battle all by itself; such is the firepower of one of these aircraft. (If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of this magnificent close support aircraft, it would be worth your while to do a search and watch some videos of this unprecedented game-changer.) The truth is that these American patriots were left out to the ravages of this terror attack. It has been reported that their appeals for relief and backup were denied, a denial which had to originate from very high in the Obama Administration, if not from President Obama himself. Hopefully, someday the complete truths will be revealed and reported to the American public and the world. But what does any of this have to do with Israel?

Despite the language, gratitude and praise shown to President Obama and his words of support by Prime Minister Netanyahu and others in high position within the ruling coalition, one can safely assume there are doubts as to exactly how much President Obama could be counted upon for support when the crisis is occurring and things may appear dire. These doubts have been validated by the numerous actions of disrespect shown to Prime Minister Netanyahu and other officials have received from the Obama Administration. There have been leaks of critical information concerning Israeli maneuvers and precautionary steps taken in preparation for a possible future conflict with Iran on more than one occasion, the most grievous of these was information concerning Israeli leasing the use of two idled airfields in Azerbaijan which border Iran to the north and would have provided Israeli pilots a landing place should they have any difficulties which would have made returning to Israel highly difficult if not impossible. There have also been the very public displays of conflict over whether it would be wise to set a “red line” that if crossed by Iran would trigger the initiation of the military option to bring an end to the Iranian nuclear program. Prime Minister Netanyahu desires a strict and well defined position leaving little to no doubt at what point there would be a military intervention while President Obama favors leaving such undefined and emphasizes his complete faith in the inevitability of sanctions being sufficient to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons. These disagreements and opposing views towards taking tangible actions regarding Iran are sufficient on their own to make any military support from President Obama questionable at best. Add into the mix the fact that President Obama was reluctant to the point of inaction when Americans were under direct assault by terrorist forces and any Israeli leader would have to believe that he would not receive any assistance from the United States should hostilities with Iran develop, even if such actions were initiated by Iran.

On another front, the so-called Israeli/Palestinian peace talks President Obama has through his words and actions severely undermined the Israeli position. President Obama invented the idea of a building freeze even unto the inclusion of all of Jerusalem. President Obama went further than any of his predecessors by stating that the negotiations over boarders between Israel and a future Palestinian state should use the 1967 Green Line as the basis for borders despite the facts that these Armistice Lines had never been construed, even by the Arab World, to have any meaning or implications about borders. That has now forever changed. All of President Obama’s demands thus far have been almost universally aimed at Israel while rarely making any demands or stipulations on Mahmoud Abbas or the Palestinian Authority. The sole limit which the President made any large measure of reprimand on the Palestinians was their attempt to be declared a member nation of the United Nations which required a super majority vote of the Security Council where the United States holds the power of veto. Still, it was not until days, maybe a week or so, before the vote was to be requested before President Obama finally declared the intent to use the United States veto power. Had he made this known from the start, then the entire posturing and parading by Mahmoud Abbas demonizing Israel at stops all over the globe could have been prevented. Much of this lackluster support of Israel closely mirrors the lack of support given the Americans under terrorist attack in Benghazi. As such, what should Israel expect in the form of actual military assistance from the United States under President Obama’s leadership? One last item to remember, we have since found out that even though President Obama made the infinitely difficult decision to have Osama bin Laden assassinated, it took him as much as six months of brooding over the entirety of risks and possible ramifications before allowing the assault on the bin Laden compound to go forward. Israel under attack from Iran or any combination of her neighbors would likely, from past experiences, not have anywhere near six months, more like six days which may be beyond President Obama’s ability to carefully weigh the situation thoroughly and reach a conclusion and even then the conclusion being favorable for Israel is not guaranteed.

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