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May 22, 2019

Iranian Threats Must be Taken Deadly Seriously


Many in the Western World will claim that we should take threats made by Iran with a large measure of salt. Their reasoning is that no sane leader would risk such destruction upon their nation, its infrastructure and especially its people. We could not argue with this reasoning as no sane leader would risk such destruction. There are two slight problems with this reasoning as it has been applied to Iran. First is that the Ayatollahs, especially the most important Ayatollah, the Supreme Leader, do not believe that the United States would risk war with Iran because they believe they hold the same belief that President Trump is bluffing and would not risk the destruction Iran believes they could inflict upon the United States. This brings us to something which is necessary for going any further in this standoff review.


First, we will look at the United States and what they might be capable of inflicting upon Iran. The United States has replaced the aircraft carrier group in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, as the former group had been rotated to their home port, plus another carrier group in the eastern Mediterranean in addition to the fleet normally in the Mediterranean. Further, the United States has repositioned an entire B-52 Wing stationed in the region in the American base in Qatar. The aircraft carrier group was already scheduled for positioning and is not an additional deployment and as thus is merely part of the rotation of naval forces. The main additional threat is the B-52 Wing which provides some heavy bombers which are nuclear capable and can also carry the MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) nicknamed the Mother of all Bombs due to its size. This ordinance is a supersized Daisey Cutter and has an equivalence of eleven tons TNT forming a blast radius of one mile in every direction from the detonation point. Even using normative bombs, the B-52 specialty is performing what is called carpet bombing destroying large swaths of a region the plane overflies. The additional item is the B-52’s fly in formations in which one of the aircraft is what is called an electronics plane which specializes in jamming radars, giving false radar returns of additional B-52 Wings miles away from the actual group, diverting anti-aircraft missiles of numerous varieties and other electronic means for defending the wing. The naval forces America has within range of Iran includes a number of missile cruisers and frigates which have numerous varieties of missiles and warheads including nuclear warheads. But all of these are items the Iranians are fully aware but one has to wonder what the United States has in the region which Iran does not have when forming their equation. With any naval fleet there are some selection of submarines stationed within range of the fleet and even within the fleet to augment their abilities. There could be attack submarines which could assist with intercepting ships, including fast ships, and also could pass discreetly into the Persian Gulf. Then there is a possibility of submarines carrying missiles including what are called Boomers which carry nuclear missiles. Between the numerous assets the United States has advertised they have placed in the regions around Iran are sufficient to eradicate targets throughout Iran from specific targets to entire metropolitan regions and do so with conventional weapons. We are taking it on faith that the United States would not resort to the use of nuclear weapons except under the most serious of provocations.


Now, for the Iranian side of the equation which is less well defined. There is one wild card in the Iranian equation which is totally dependent upon the current location of the fleet they claimed to have deployed for stationing in the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean specifically to situate itself along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Of course, Iran has not stated that they intend to attack the United States mainland but has threatened the American naval assets in their region. The main threat coming from the Iranians is that should they come under attack, any attack by any country, they will completely destroy Israel immediately thereafter. Their threats have included the intent to use nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction such as biological or chemical weapons. Iran would not need to launch a single missile, launch aircraft to bomb Israel, they simply can send the order to their terror forces in the region to launch all-out attacks on Israel and sit back and watch. So, what are the forces and what are their weapons they might use. The one many people are already familiar with are Islamic Jihad, a direct arm of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), as well as Hamas to attack Israel with various rockets which are capable of striking near Jerusalem and the entirety of the Tel Aviv metropolitan region all the way to Haifa in the north and possibly bring down some of the skyscrapers in the center of Tel Aviv all from Gaza. That would likely be the Iranian opening strike in order to entangle Israel and the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) in Gaza in the south. Then, after two or three days waiting for the IDF to be forced to become fully involved with the Iranian terror extension in Gaza. Then Iran would unleash their main force in the region out of Syria and Lebanon backed by whatever IRGC forces they might have stationed in Syria, that being Hezballah. Hezballah has approximately one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles of varying sizes and ranges. Their largest can strike all of Israel and beyond with very large warheads including biological and chemical warheads and, if they have them, nuclear warheads (see map below).


Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat

Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat


Hezballah also has access to the entirety of the Lebanese military weapons. These weapons include numerous Russian tanks, armored vehicles and anti-tank missiles as well as American Abrams Main Battle Tanks, armored vehicles and helicopters as well as whatever Iran has been capable of smuggling to the Hezballah terrorist army, and it is an army, make no mistake about that. Additionally, Hezballah has dug an unknown number of tunnels under the Israeli border to use as an intricate part of their invasion plans in addition to the tunnels and bunkers they have spread over southern Lebanon across the entirety of Lebanon below the Litany River. Any assault by Hezballah would initially be a massive firing of rockets with the hope that when Israeli Air Force arrives to end the barrage that they will be able to use the anti-aircraft missiles they probably possess. There have been rumors that Hezballah has been equipped with the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft systems as well as shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles such as MANPADS and Stinger Missiles. At some point the Hezballah Army and the IDF would engage. The plan from Iran is that after forcing the IDF to engage with Islamic Jihad and Hamas and other terrorist groups operating in Gaza, then Israel would not have top-line elite forces left to engage their main force from in Lebanon supported out of Syria. Their thinking may or may not be valid. That may be mistaken as Israel could alter their normal division of forces and use weapons which Israel has normally deployed. Then again, Israel has not been required to engage with Gaza and Hezballah at the same time. There is one means to which Israel could resort which she normally does not use. No, we are not talking about nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction. Israel also has missiles, very accurate missiles with various warheads. What kinds of warheads? The normal answer to this question is, if we told you we would have to kill you, but that is too trite. Israel has the normal range of warheads of any first-world nations which include EMP (both nuclear and conventional), high explosive, incendiary, fuel-air (thermobaric) and various others including nuclear should such an exchange become necessary.


But what else would such an attack cause? Israel has stated that should Hezballah attack that Iran would not be spared. Iran definitely has S-300 and potentially has S-400 Russian anti-aircraft and missile systems. How sophisticated are the Israeli missiles? We know they are accurate and that they include advanced cruise missiles but the cruise missiles would require being launched from aircraft or naval vessels closer to Iran to be within their range. Israeli aircraft are almost exclusively fighter jets whose range would not permit any extended time over targets in order to reach Iran unless they were granted landing rights from a nation between Israel and Iran. Releasing the name of any Arab or Islamic nation which might have agreed to give Israeli fighters landing rights if necessary was the method by which President Obama kept Israel from inhibiting the Iranian production of nuclear weapons. Things have changed, or so we are led to believe. That will remain to be seen as time reveals what will become history.


What is frightening for Israelis, Iranians and potentially far beyond even to the United States is what follows a war between the United States and Iran in the Middle East. Such a war would immediately escalate to include Israel almost immediately. The entirety of the Israeli anti-missile systems would be tested to or beyond its ability, we can merely pray that it is up to the task as Iran has intimated that she would launch as many nuclear tipped missiles as it would take to get at least two of them through the Israeli defenses as they believe that would be sufficient to completely wipe Israel from the map. This begs the question as to exactly what it would take to prove that Iran had launched a nuclear tipped missile at Israel simply from the remains of the successful interception of such a missile. Would sufficient crucial pieces remain which could be used to prove such a case? Would anybody actually believe any proof Israel provided? What would result from such an exchange?


Well, the answer is that nothing would change and Iran would not be decimated while Israel might remain. So, for argument’s sake we will assume Israel also survives any such conflict. The very first thing would be the condemnation of the United Nations General Assembly of Israel demanding that Israel cease their hostile and unprovoked attacks. Then would come the various agencies of the United Nations followed by a litany of nations largely from the Group of 77, the coalition of one-hundred-thirty-four developing nations which have mostly followed the Arab and Muslim worlds blindly and thus will gleefully condemn Israel and exonerate Iran and turn on the United States if given any chance to do so. The chance that such a conflict would widen into a greater conflagration is actually small. There exists a possible path should Russia get involved and side with Iran. First thing is that Russia and Iran (Persia) have a long and violent history of ill wills. Russia is favorable to Israel as first, there are a large number of Russians in Israel, second, they admire what Israel has accomplished and third, Russia wants no part of a conflict with any nuclear capable nation with advanced missiles and pinpoint guidance systems. Fortunately, the majority of the Arab world being Sunni Muslims and untrusting of Persian, especially when they are Shiite, will simply wait any war involving Iran out unless attacked by Iran. We can assume that any nation which may end up fighting Iran will not be concerned with engaging the Arabs world as well. So, as long as Russia stands aside there will be little chance of this war widening beyond Iran, the United States and Israel. Nobody else wishes to have a dog in this fight and to be honest, Israel would love nothing more than to sit any and all future wars out.



The best solution to this would be the United States and Iran talking and making a new deal, but there has been some bad blood from the United States withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) and demanding a renegotiation in which the terms would be far less advantageous for Iran. The Ayatollahs, specifically Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei who is the one who believes he got sand kicked into his face by President Donald Trump. This is something that Supreme Leaders, Kings, Emperors and other dictators take very badly and tend to react violently. We may find the answer as to whether the Supreme Leader Khamenei was serious about sacrificing the people and nation of Iran in order to destroy Israel and the United States or was he blowing smoke to try and appear more powerful. Iran is rated as the fourteenth most powerful military with Israel two spaces behind at sixteenth. Of course, Russia is rates second, China third and the United States was first, of course. The pivotal individual in this entire imbroglio is the Iranian Supreme Leader and those with influence in his decision-making processes. This includes the Council of Experts, a group of senior Imams, Ayatollahs, who are responsible for appointing Supreme Leaders and advising them, the Iranian President and their Parliament, though the elected individuals have far less input than the Ayatollahs as they are merely elected by the people, even though the Assembly of Experts also decide who is permitted to run for office. In the end, it will be the top Ayatollahs who will be more likely to simply agree with whatever the Supreme Leader decides. The problem is he is the one who likely feels he has been insulted directly by President Trump. There may be an attack upon the United States naval forces which will lead to a serious conflagration which we can only hope never does include nuclear weapons, no matter whose weapons they may be. In the end, it will be what Iran desires, peace or war.


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March 26, 2019

Hamas Rocket Attack a Definite Escalation


Hamas once again provided proof of their intent to destroy Israel one home at a time if necessary. The escalation recently includes two rockets fired at Tel Aviv just over ten days ago. Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered a responsive strike on Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza. These strikes by the Israeli Air Force were the usual empty buildings which have been hit before again and again in the name of responding to attacks from Gaza. Some in Israel have begun to refer to these bombings of empty building as the line from the movie Casablanca after Rick shoots the Nazi Commissioner, “Round up the usual suspects.” The bombing of empty buildings has become a farce even within Israel and the reaction of shock by the Europeans reminds us of another scene from Casablanca when it is “discovered” that there is gambling in Ricks bar/casino and the chief gendarme exclaims, “I’m shocked, shocked” and many people like to add “I tell you,” but that is not in the movie. We promise, no more quotes from Casablanca. The rocket attack on Tel Aviv, according to Hamas, was an unfortunate accident and never intended and they plan to conduct an investigation into the firing. This explanation was mostly accepted by spokespeople in Israel, much to everyone’s amazement. That was just over ten days ago, so enjoy the two clips and we will talk about the latest attack afterwards.




This past Sunday, Hamas once again had an unfortunate accident once more, but this time the results were nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed. This “accidental” rocket firing also went deeply into Israel, close to fifty miles from the Gaza border. The rocket landed in the Sharon region and struck the house of a sixty-year-old woman whose extended family was apparently visiting or live with her. It was reported by Magen David Adom that seven people were injured, the a sixty-year-old woman who is in moderate condition suffered shrapnel wounds and burns, while a thirty-year-old woman who is in moderate condition suffered shrapnel wounds and five people who were lightly injured including two infants. Several others were treated for shock, as often is the case when high explosives detonate within your neighborhood. The house which was struck was completely destroyed and looking at the photos it becomes apparent that it really was a miracle nobody was killed. Below are two pictures taken from this report which contains videos and more pictures for those desiring to see additional footage. The second picture shows a crib which we assume was where the infants were when the house was struck. The excuse that the rockets were fired accidentally, or they were fired without being authorized, neither argument makes those residing in destroyed buildings who survived solely because of a miracle not have grievous injuries or those whose nerves were shattered feel an calmer than if these had been authorized and intentional attacks. The truth of the matter is these were intentional attacks by whomever built the rocket, those who fashioned the explosive warheads, the ones who constructed the launchers and the individuals who launched the rockets all doing their part in an intentional attack intending to murder as many civilians as possible. By allowing such an excuse to basically stand, all that is accomplished is guaranteeing that there will be dozens of “unintended” rockets fired at targets in Israel and then soon there will be hundreds of “accidental” firings of rockets a week and then that number will become daily. Israelis have watched this song and dance before and realize that every rocket is fired with malice aforethought and with the full intent of causing as much harm, death, destruction and shock amongst whatever else these strikes may cause only to increase steadily until Israel responds with force. They also know what comes next.


Home Destroyed by Hamas Rocket Attack

Home Destroyed by Hamas Rocket Attack



Inside Room with Crib of Destroyed Home

Inside Room with Crib of Destroyed Home


The entire escalation by Hamas, despite their plaintive excuses, is a response to the lack of Israeli push-back over the border rioting which has been continuous over the past year. Yes, we said continuous over an entire year and showing no sign of letting up. The rocket firings only serve to show that things are about to get out of hand. Last week or so ago, while meeting with Egyptians trying to mediate a cessation of the border hostility, Hamas promised to end the border rioting yet it was while they were meeting that the two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. There were two other rockets fired at the same time with one heading out into the Mediterranean and the other did not clear Gaza falling inside their area. Hamas convinced the Egyptians that they had nothing to do with the rockets fired as they could not be suspect of firing rockets while meeting with the Egyptian mediators. Who ever thought that this statement had the slightest measure of validity obviously knows little or nothing about Hamas and their terroristic duplicity. Of course they would pick such a time to fire rockets at Tel Aviv knowing that Israel would not respond as long as the Egyptian mediators were meeting inside Gaza. Israel has fallen victim of timidity due to the desire for acceptance by the world. The idea was that as long as the damage caused by the rioting on the border was limited to closely within the border area, then it was tolerable and the powers that be decided that it was not worth responding and getting the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), numerous anti-Israel NGO’s or those in the United States who desire that Israel not cause them any distress all up in arms about disproportionate responses. This was even more important right before the AIPAC convention where too many still believe that two states for two peoples living side-by-side in peace and security is the proper and viable solution if only the two sides could agree on borders. This would also be important so that when the Israeli Prime Minister and others from Israel spoke, they would be well received and there would be no cause for uncomfortable questions from those who always claim to side with Israel while all-too-often condemning Israeli actions as being disproportional. Let’s discuss this disproportionality utter ridiculousness.


Firstly, in our discussion, let us take a tally of World War II deaths by nation on each side. Looking at the Iraq War which removed Saddam Hussein from power, the allies with the United States suffered less than four-hundred deaths while the dead for the army of Iraq suffered an estimated fifty-thousand to many hundreds of thousands as well as approximately one-hundred-thousand civilian deaths. On the eastern front of World War II the Axis Powers suffered slightly over five-million dead while the Soviet Union suffered just under ten-million killed. World War II on the western front had the Allied Powers suffering three-million dead while the Axis Powers suffered over five-million dead. The War in the Pacific has two sets of casualties which have a very telling story behind them. As far as military deaths are concerned, Japan suffered over two and one half million dead while the Allies suffered four-million plus dead. Civilian deaths tell a horrid story with Japan suffering just over one-million deaths and their victims suffering somewhere over twenty-six-million deaths. One might wonder why such a disproportional difference in the civilian deaths between Japan, who had two entire cities wiped from the map by the two nuclear bombs dropped ending the war, while they inflicted such a horrendous toll against the civilians of the regions they conquered before being defeated. The reason is very simple; the Japanese troops butchered and murdered Chinese civilians in excessively large numbers simply out of their racial hatreds of the Chinese and a form of revenge for the wars fought between the two adversaries over their long histories. The one item which is apparent from these numbers, and are true of every war, one side always suffers more deaths and other casualties than the other side. Throughout history, if one were to plot the deaths of all the wars, it would become apparent that more often than not, the side which loses has the higher casualty numbers than does their victors. In ancient history this is very true as often the side that won the conflict either took the vanquished as slaves or simply slaughtered their adversaries entirely. This made the difference between the two sides far more disproportional. The casualties in war are always going to be disproportional as each side attempts to kill as many of their enemy as possible and by whatever means they have at their disposal. It has only been since the advent of nuclear weaponry that sides in a conflict limited what weapons they used avoiding exchanging in a nuclear Armageddon. There is one foreboding reality which need be of great concern; there has never in all of human history been a weapon invented which did not become the weapon of choice in a future war. Thus far in human history, nuclear weapons have been the exception such that after the two, rather small by todays weapons, nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there has not been another nuclear weapon used in any conflict, and allow us to emphasize, Yet!


That yet at the end of the last paragraph should stand as a warning. There are nations now developing or already possessing nuclear weapons which do not fear their use. They know of the devastation and suffering caused by the bombs which were dropped on Japan and they see this as an invitation for placing their enemies on their knees or worse. Iranian military and civilian leaders and spokespeople have often referred to Israel as a one or two bomb nation. Such commentary cannot be referencing any non-nuclear weapons currently existing. This reference can only mean using nuclear weaponry, and Iran is one of those nations who saw what damage was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and think of this as an invitation for using nuclear weapons and not a warning against their use. They are not even concerned over any potential Israeli retaliation, even an Israeli nuclear response. The Ayatollah has stated that he would willingly sacrifice all of Iran if doing so would eliminate Israel. This threat should frighten any logical thinking person, but the world simply goes along with the Europeans trading feverishly with Iran because there are Euros to be made and Iran is still flush with dollars provided by the United States as an enticement for Iran to join in a treaty which simply was presumed to push their developing nuclear weapons and building an arsenal by eight to ten years. That was simply kicking the can down the road leaving the threat for the next President or the one after and all but guaranteeing that Iran would be a nuclear-armed nation by the end of the ten years. If you are counting, that would be in about another seven and a half years. We are willing to go beyond these visions of a world which is not going to explode soon and warn that there is but a slim chance that Iran does not already have not only the plans for building nuclear weapons or simply many of the components to build thermonuclear weapons, the really big bombs, or simply the technology to miniaturize nuclear weapons for use in warheads atop ballistic missiles, but that Iran has already built at least fifty thermonuclear warheads and has them ready to be placed atop their ballistic missiles and use them, the question being how they would employ them. Many scenarios have them launching these weapons at Israel which would require their using all or the majority of these warheads if their hope is to pierce the Israeli anti-missile systems. Fortunately Israel has a layered interception set of systems such that these weapons can intercept incoming missiles at different places on their trajectory. The other most favored scenario has the Iranians using one or more weapons as EMP devices over the United States destroying their electrical grid and simultaneously using a nuclear weapon against the American fleet off their shores in the Arabian Sea. We pray that Iran manages to replace their leadership with people far less fanatical and definitely with greater sanity.


As for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and, according to certain estimates, the Islamic State, all of which are presumably operating in Gaza, should they continue to allow rockets to be fired into Israel, even willy nilly, as they would like Israeli leaders to believe, their will be a point where Israel will provide an excellent example of disproportional casualties. Israel is one of the few, if not only, nations to have ever gone Biblical on their enemies. The Israeli people are growing tired of the menace in the south and equally anxious over the enemies in Lebanon and Syria all, like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and friends, under the control of Iran and doing the bidding of the Mullahs. Hamas and friends need to know that there are a growing number of Israelis who do not care or even concern themselves in the slightest as to what the EU, UN, NGO’s and the rest of the world’s busybodies think or might say when Israel defends herself. Should Israel continue to be pushed and threatened, the reaction at some point will be intended to be highly disproportional and they will not care. In Israel, we look at these threats as real intents to destroy our little piece of Heaven on Earth and this does not please us in the slightest. We do not desire to have war under almost any circumstances, but when there are those who are making a real effort to destroy your nation and kill almost everybody residing within your borders, please do not tell us not to take it personally. Such a request is well beyond its use-by date as it applied way back in the 1960’s and even the 1970’s but does not make sense for the world as it is today. Europe may be on the verge of committing suicide by immigration and the United States has many who appear to be emerging from the dark side, but we in Israel simply wish to help those we can, live and share with those who wish to do so, and for those who wish us dead, well two can play that game and you really do not want to go there. Live with us in peace and it will result in a mutual advantage in which we will share what we discover in the many various fields in which Israel has endeavors. But desire to destroy us and then we will have a problem which will not end well, yes, potentially mutually not end well, but we can guarantee that it will not end well for our opponents. Simply look at history and the empires and nations which desired the destruction of the Jewish People, the destruction of Israel, and where are they today. Allow us to list just a few of them from across history and perhaps you will get an idea of what the future holds for those bent on our destruction. These former entities which believed they would wipe us from the face of the Earth and make us at most a footnote in history consist of Pharaohs’ Egypt, Philistines, Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire (and they gave it their best just as they had the Carthaginians), Byzantine Empire, Caliphate, Ottoman Empire, Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. This list has some of the former greats of history, but they are former greats and we are still here and making great strides as we have throughout history. Perhaps Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) defined the Jews best and more succinctly than anybody else with his essay “Concerning the Jew,” which we will sign off with it below.


Concerning the Jew


“If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also away out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvellous fight in the world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it. The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”


Beyond the Cusp


August 21, 2018

Hamas Rejection of Peace Could Actually Save Israel


We are baffled, confused, concerned, distressed, perturbed and rightfully frightened and scared. What we cannot figure out is who are the crazies in the Israeli government who believe the terms leaked thusfar for a peace with Hamas and the declared end of violence on the Gaza border are at all acceptable and will tend to the betterment and peaceful existence, if any existence, of Israel in the future. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beytenu) has to be the initial suspect for even giving this obviously flawed plan any consideration. Next is Prime Minister Netanyahu (Likud) who has to take the credited blame for permitting such a disaster to even reach the point of floating trial balloons, after all, have we not had enough of incendiary balloons, and this peace will result in things incendiary falling over all of Israel in the near future once implemented. Here is a link to an article with the essentials of the deal which became public. The two things which we found most distressing was permitting Gaza, meaning Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to have a port on one of the central points of the Suez Canal located at the city of Ismailia which sits on Timsah Lake which is a central part of the Suez Canal. Anything imported through this port would be transferred into Gaza through the Rafah Crossing which would be reopened and remain open continually. The deal also requires that Israel open the Kerem Shalom crossing. Finally, as part of stage-one, this plan actually has five stages which we would predict would never reach stage-four before a real war breaks out from Gaza, and this would be a real to the death war, there would be an airport opened in the Sinai Peninsula for the use of the Gazans, read Hamas and Islamic Jihad getting imports from Iran, large and heavy imports.


Stage-two would require Israel to measurably increase the electricity it provides to Gaza. Read that carefully as it has no provision for Gaza to pay for any of this electricity but should Israel cut it off it would be breaking the agreement. Even if Hamas were to explode the high-tension power towers, Israel would be found out of compliance because the electricity stopped flowing. Further, there would be a complete opening of the blockade around Gaza. During this stage, Israel would also allow import and export of everything into and out of Gaza that Hamas and Islamic Jihad desires without any limitations, inspections or any form of control. Stage-three would include the United Nations executing humanitarian projects it previously promised, including an airport, seaport, general rehabilitation of Gaza, and the construction of a power station in Sinai. Somewhere between the stage-two and stage-three, most likely during stage-three, Hamas will have built a modern fighting force with artillery, tank corps, armored personnel carriers, fighter jets, attack helicopters, troop carrying helicopters, air assault capabilities and a navy which would include corvettes, destroyers and a submarine force all complimented by guided ballistic missiles with many tens to hundreds of kilometers of range, warheads with tonnage of high-explosives and accuracy of within fifty-meters of aiming-point and potentially even worse, a few nuclear warheads with twenty or thirty kiloton warheads. All the while, the economic situation would worsen and the crisis known as Gaza would have worsened and the world would continue to blame Israel claiming that we had not done enough to help the poor Gazans.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad Banners

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Banners


Well, we have a plan which would help the Gazans who desire to live well as our neighbors in peace and harmony. This would require finding sufficient Gazans willing to live in a modern multi-cultural democracy where everyone has equal rights and the driving force within the government and amongst the people is not attempting to blame Israel for every misfortune and constantly call for the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jews who exists anywhere. We would challenge the world to actually produce such a core of Gazans who number over five-thousand out of their population of over one-million-eight-hundred-thousands. We would hope that is not too much to ask before trying to rebuild Gaza as a functioning population with rational leadership, something totally lacking currently. Of course this plan would need to be a well-kept-secret as its implication would depend on Hamas doing exactly what they have been doing for the past going on five months, attacking Israel, destroying livelihoods, destroying fields of crops, burning down forests, burning up wildlife preserves, targeting civilians and especially targeting kindergartens and schools. After Israel would have cleared Gaza of its vile leadership and removed all leadership, members and supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad along with the criminal elements who have gotten wealthy on their black market and weapons smuggling, then we could build a functioning establishment starting with those individuals found who love peace and wish to reside in partnership under their own leadership.


Of course, we fully expect that the United Nations, European Union, numerous countries from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, third world and anywhere else and of course the United States State Department all to condemn such a plan giving every reason except the truth, that they want Israel destroyed as it stands in the way of a single world order run by those who truly know what is best. Who are these people that know best? Well, they are the same people who have gotten the world to the state in which we find it currently. They were the people who almost as soon as Israel was a concept and was to be brought back into existence in its ancient homelands after over two-thousand years of exile, insisted it not be allowed to be born and once born that it not be recognized and once recognized have yet to miss an opportunity to attempt to dirty her reputation or demand her being expelled from the world of nations. These are the forces which convinced the Kurds not to declare themselves a nation, which they heeded which was their greatest mistake since trusting the British. We understand, as we trusted the British and were also told that declaring our statehood was inconvenient and that we should wait until the State Department and others gave us their blessing. Had we heeded that, we would still be waiting and in the meantime the surrounding peoples would have been doing everything to erase us from existence and the State Department would have declared us terrorists. Thank Hashem we did not listen, as Jews we have often survived by not listening to others telling what would be best for us, it seldom would have been best. We survived barely listening on occasions which all resulted in great calamities and conflagrations which have often almost purged us from the world’s population, but we had a secret weapon, Torah and Hashem.


The alternative to finding rational non-Islamists to govern Gaza replacing Hamas and Islamic Jihad who have taken what could have been a tourist haven and a delight and turned it into a complete pit of torment and suffering with the sewage treatment plant regularly overflowing into the streets in such surging tides of morass that people have been killed. Almost the entirety of their multi-billion Euro budget is thrown into manufacture of rockets, incendiary devices, bunkers, interconnecting tunnels, rocket launchers, mobile MLRVs, weapons of all sorts and infiltration tunnels under the border into Israel which Israel destroys upon their detection making these tens to hundreds of thousand Euro tunnels a complete failure wasting their funds which could build homes and apartments and built a functioning economy. The school system teaches military tactics and hatred of Jews and Israel. Summer camps appear to be closer to basic training than a summer camp. Hamas and Islamic Jihad with their supporters are basing their entire governance upon hatred and the destruction of Israel by any and all means possible. They claim to have great support pointing to the tens of thousands, often an exaggeration repeated warmly and enthusiastically by the mainstream media, when the reality is that the vast majority of the people were not protesting violently or otherwise at the border and many who were there had been paid to riot. Hamas lays their claim to govern on a single closed election where the choice was the Palestinian Authority which were the incumbents and present government which the people despised and would have voted for the devil himself if that were the other choice, and in some ways Hamas was the devil itself and the people chose Hamas to replace the Palestinian Authority which led to the civil war between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas allied with Islamic Jihad for control of Gaza in 2007 and Hamas won. Elections since then have not been held, they won one election once, Arab democracy in action. Eventually, Hamas will cause sufficient damage to central Israel, and this is unfortunately coming sooner if this peace is accepted, that the only choice the people will give the government of Israel will be the complete and total annihilation of Gaza, wiping it clean and simply doing something the world has not seen yet this century, a completely capable and trained military going completely Biblical against their enemy, doing to Gaza what Joshua and the Israelites did to the Canaanite kings who came against them. The Israelites came into the lands and gave the Canaanites three choices; they could live peaceably by the Noahic Code which contained seven principles for basic civilization, second choice was to pick up their properties, flocks, families and members of their household and leave to restart their lives outside of the borders of Israel and they promised to leave them to go in peace and not chase them down or they could choose the final third choice, to make war, make an absolute and complete war where at the end only one side stands. The Israelites had been instructed that for those who chose war they were to kill every man, woman and child and to slaughter their sheep, goats and all animals and take all their idols and put them to the torch and smash them into small unrecognizable dust and to leave absolutely no trace of their existence having ever dwelled there. Gaza with Hamas and Islamic Jihad chose war, complete and Biblical war of annihilation, which is exactly what the Hamas Charter demands them to do to the Jews. Eventually, this war will happen and only one will remain in the end.


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