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September 30, 2016

Restore Honesty to the Mainstream Media and Internet


There are constant howls from all sides of the political spectrum about the slanted media. Conservatives rail against the New York Times and MSNBC while the Progressives rant over FOX and the Wall Street Journal. Both sides protest their not getting fair coverage with both sides demanding something be done. Well, we have a plan for making the media into the investigative in depth coverage that both extremes will love. They will look into why the Congress refuses to pass legislation when the nation is demanding that they address the demanding problems of the day. There will be enough meat and gristle for both ends of the spectrum and for a change they will pretty much agree about the problems but still differ about the correct directions the nation should turn. They will stand in agreement throwing shots at Congress at different sides there but will blame the voters and, of course, the White House. There is only one thing which needs to be done to bring about this miracle; elect Donald Trump.


That’s correct. Electing Donald Trump will bring the political classes together like never before, well, since Ronald Reagan until Reagan started going to the real power in America, the people. For those of us who were old enough to understand what was happening, Ronald Reagan was not particularly loved by the establishment money of the Republican aristocracy and was hated by the liberal Democrats. Congress was not exactly enamored with his election and probably would have remained gridlocked, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But Reagan had a secret weapon, the American people, even those in flyover country. Reagan made his first address to the nation and a weapon for getting America’s work done was launched. Reagan went to the public whenever it counted and the chips were down as well as when things were going well as he kept the nation involved like few before him. The media was not his greatest fan but slowly he won respect and slowly got some media respect.


Is Donald Trump comparable to Ronald Reagan? In a word, no. Well, at least not thus far. Likely Trump will never be Ronald Reagan and there likely will never be another, he was a one off, single model after which they broke the mold. Donald Trump is from a different mold. A really different mold and he is a one off as well. There are other niceties about a Trump White House; it definitely will not be boring. Just watch all the conniption fits the media will have and the near heart failure of the political elites. Of course in a Trump Presidency the Congress will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the nation’s business. But as we pointed out a little earlier, a do nothing Congress might be the best manner for doing the nation’s business in the best interest of the people possible. Of course the people would probably like to see tax cuts and a repeal of Obamacare, not an adjustment, a full repeal and pray the healthcare industry can make a speedy recovery. Beyond that, the American public may have to make their feelings known through the media or through social media which may prove to be the greatest pressure cooker for political change ever invented. Eventually, providing the Internet remains the greatest open forum for free and open discussion, for as long as it lasts, the power brokers will clamp strict rules and controls, very possibly almost invisible to the average users.


That could be an angle for a smart politician who could make proposing a Constitutional amendment making the Internet forever the property of private enterprise free of national or international controls for all parts under United States control. That will never happen as long as the two main parties have their lock on power. The two main parties are only likely to leave the Internet alone for as long as it does not challenge their power. As soon as the Internet and social media realized that it can actually cause the media, the political class and any other powers that be up to and especially the United Nations to sit up and pay attention, that will be the instant that the Internet becomes the property of the governments and the power elites and freedom of expressions will be gone in an instant. Blogs will be sanitized or removed and there will be second by second monitoring of all things entered onto social media with anything which crosses their path being nixed. The Internet scares the elites and the power brokers for the same reason Donald Trump scares them. They can be unpredictable and stray from the beaten path into strange fields where otherwise only dreams and nightmares reside. Of course that is the problem with the great unwashed, the public; they are unpredictable and uncontrollable which scares those who believe they control everything the most. They hate unpredictability because they have everything planned out for decades in advance and they just hate surprises, unless they marketed them. Thus far the Internet and social media have not challenged the Man so nobody who is anybody has had their feathers ruffled. If anything, those powers that be have more controlled and used social media as their personal echo chamber serving their purposes and probably plan on doing more of the same far into the future, possibly for perpetuity. But what if that should ever change?


The first thing that need be understood by Donald Trump and the people, the people who believe they actually control the world really believe they control the world. They also have their fingers deep into the Internet and social media and have programs to predict what will be the next big thing and what they can expect to be right around the corner. Their programs and geniuses they hire to make things work to their best interests have thus far done a wonderful job. But what happens when they fail and the people finally awaken to the power they have at their keyboards? The one beautiful thing is that when the people decide they have had all they will take; no amount of money or innate political power can win against the will of people with a desire to be free. There is one prerequisite which need be addressed first, people who have never known freedom and do not understand what freedom is or can be must first be educated and shown what it means to have freedom and with any luck, given the feeling of what freedom tastes like. That may be the first and foremost challenge that social media must overcome. When the human race understands and demands freedom to live their lives unfettered by government rules and burdensome taxation then maybe things can change. That will not be something we will see tomorrow, but perhaps in the future.


First is the beacon of freedom, the United States needs something to reawaken their spirit and yearning as it has appeared to wane these past ten or so years. The people need to break beyond their self-imposed limitations and believe again. The old must educate the youth as their education system has failed them. The schools have become a jobs program for teachers and administrators primarily and indoctrination centers producing little drones secondarily and lastly they teach enough to produce obedient little workers. What has been forgotten is that parents are responsible for teaching their children but that used to be performed by the schools in generations past, but that has changed as the schools became unionized and began to care more for the employees and electing those who would increase their salaries than about the children. Are there still good teachers who truly care, yes, but nowhere near sufficient to change things from the pitiful state that will only grow worse. Freedom and its loss was actually predicted in a warning given be Ronald Reagan and as I seriously doubt we will hear such profound words and elevating language from Donald Trump unless somebody gets his undivided attention and trust and writes the words for him, please allow a quote from Ronald Reagan.




“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”


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March 23, 2016

Terror of Fish and Eels

The Syrian and other refugees have been washing across the European landscape posing some very real terror threats. It has become evident that amongst the refugees there have been a fair number of terrorists planted within; and in a reaction to these numbers, numerous European governments are planning to return as many refugees as they can apprehend to Turkey and the refugee camps found therein. The Europeans are also planning on paying Turkey for each refugee returned. The main problem is that the vast majority of those captured will belong to the fish category while the eels will be ensconced out of site awaiting their activations by Hezballah, Iran, Bashir al-Assad or other such terror masters who will be waiting until the moments are primed before activating these cells. Meanwhile, the net being deployed will catch the most easily apprehended individuals and their families. The same percentage of individuals will be awaiting their orders to strike while the families are deported and Turkey becomes a clearing house, and also be those ready to avoid arrest by the legal authorities. We need to recall that there were well over thousands who had not registered and were loose within Germany and such events were the norm rather than the exception. The net being cast now will prove insufficient, permitting the Eels to continue their destructions as was the case in bombing attacks which rocked Brussels airport and metro stations earlier on Sunday.

As became evident today, there existed terrorist personnel working to destroy Western Civilization and that there exists a frank number of operatives obviously just waiting to receive the call which permitted these terrorist assaults across Belgium. There have been reports made by German authorities admitting there were thousands of refugees who made it into Europe sliding past any listings and simply dissolving into the background likely never to be listed on employment numbers nor be traced and accounted for in official reports. These will be represented outside of the normal lists and very likely covering manufacturing positions that are taken in through those seeking temporary position. This is how terrorists can judge the end of the line where the various positions are closed out.

The reasoning behind taking these least desirable positions is precisely because of their anonymity. These events are currently those occurring where each nation is casting their nets wide in attempts to capture and return as many of the Islamic refugees as is humanly possible and they are catching the refugees as fast as they are able and paying Turkey to take back as many as possible. The problem is that despite casting out the nets, all they are able to catch are fish and not any eels. The reasons are plainly evident as the fish are the easy ones to catch because those slippery eels went deep into the crevices hiding out as they had been trained to do rather than remain visible and so easily swept up. All the European security forces are sweeping across catching those which are easily caught in their nets, catching thousands of fish while those slippery eels remain in hiding and another select group surfaced yesterday in Belgium at the Airport and another group a few blocks away from the European Union main buildings. The French had their moment in the sun just a few months back as terrorists swept across the city wantonly murdering everyone they saw at a discothèque and a stadium. Months earlier the terrorists murdered the staff at Charlie Hebdo and now the murderers swept again freely murdering in the capital city of Brussels. The initial signs that the European authorities had completely lost their control on the situation came when the German Police were reporting that thousands of refugees had gone missing and had simply walked away from the refugee camps which had hastily been set-up to try and handle the tens of thousands of refugees as the authorities began to first note they were at a loss for accounting for the unexpected millions flooding into Europe. Simply put, the refugees had exceeded the capabilities for the authorities to distribute and track the numbers.

One can bet that had the tables been turned and French, German or British young men had been organizing rape parties in Dubai that situation would have been brought under control within hours and the offending youths arrested, tortured and never to be seen again. There would have been no debates about understanding that these youths came from a different background and societal standards were not to be applied to them as this is how they acted. There would have been no wringing of hands except in anticipation of teaching these miscreant youths a lesson which nobody back in their home country would soon be forgetting. There would be no riots in the outskirts of Addis Ababa where expensive vehicles belonging to the wealthy were turned into roman candles as occurred around Marseilles and Paris a few years back as riot police would be turned out in force and the youths shot for even approaching a vehicle while lighting a cigarette. Had there been an underground satirical newspaper outside Cairo publishing cartoons lampooning the British Royal Family there would not have been an organized commando raid set to murder the editor and the entire male staff plus an expressed one woman staff member because she was a Shiite Muslim. There would have been no stand-off at a Halal delicatessen that Friday while Muslims were shopping. Debates over how to react to such events are a condition only existing in Western societies where the government leading the people has to check common sense at the door and twist in the breeze in attempts to make excuses for such uncivilized behavior.

Would there be a situation where social unrest were to strike down another Western nation forcing the majority of its population to flee their homes, we would hopefully not rely upon other nations with an entirely separate culture to take in our refugees leaving them to the tender mercies of a strange culture. Granted that the refugee situation of Syria is a wholesale separate kettle of fish, or is it eels. The problem is that terrorist groups have looked at the refugee problem as a gift from Allah through which they are able to infiltrate the Western societies placing wholesale terror assets into the Western Democracies and have been granted this potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to sow the seeds of insurrection destabilizing an entire continent. The terror groups are looking at the flooding of innocent fish into Europe as their opportunity to infiltrate Europe and potentially all of Western Society with their eels and thus having their one moment to infiltrate and destroy Western Society. They see this as their once in a lifetime opportunity to cave Western Societies hoisting them on their own petard, and they are not about to miss this opportunity, believe it.

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