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July 18, 2017

How Trump Economy and Entire Program is Being Undermined


Jobs are picking up, the percentage of work-age adults in the work force is rising, unemployment is steadily dropping, consumer confidence is rising steadily, stock market is climbing, wholesale purchasing is on the increase and yet the economic output figures are glued in place or dropping and the dollar remains frozen or dropping against most other currencies. To many this just does not make any sense whatsoever as with all indicators rising, why are these last two frozen or dropping? It is as if something is falsely holding them down and preventing the economy from rocketing into the stratosphere. So, we seek as to where can we look to find something which could possibly be doing this and the one glaring figure we can find is that the previous economy was far worse than was reported and had been inflated and now they are deflating the bubbles created in order to make the economy appear even marginally healthy or at least less sickly. Again, we need to look into the bowels of the government as well as at an individual group of bankers headed by Janet Yellen called the Federal Reserve, an agency which is independent from the government but not from politics and though it was set-up to be kept under watchful eye of Congress has instead become another tool of the left most fringes of the Democrat Party, though do not expect anybody to admit such. The Federal Reserve is holding $4.5 trillion of United States debt which is unsecured. This debt was taken out by the Administration of President Obama and placed in banks as stimulus. The banks could not even give the money away, let alone have it be taken out in loans. This loan is being siphoned off by the Federal Reserve from the main loaning banks, which removes loanable money on hand and will be a steady drain on the economy. Of course this is exactly what was the plan should the Republican take the White House, simply siphon off gains in the economic picture to repay the debts made by the Democrats to boost the economic picture falsely during their time in the White House. The Federal Reserve has simply become another tool used almost exclusively by the Democrat Party and will definitely be used against President Trump as to some extent both parties see him as a usurper.


There was just a little bit of fibbing going on during the campaign for reelection and continued throughout President Obama’s second term whereby the figures of unemployed were defined so as to exclude the larger part of those without work by simply claiming they had left the job market. This caused the workforce participation percentage to drop but that was barely a statistic that anybody knew existed outside economics circles and thus was far less reported than the unemployment numbers. Now large numbers of those formerly considered not part of the workforce are returning and getting employed which has resulted in an increase in the percentage of those in the workforce but had kept the unemployment figures seemingly locked in place ever so slowly dropping. That works such that the news can claim that Trump is not doing anything about unemployment while ignoring the jump in the percentage of employable adults in the workforce as that number is still ignored this time because it makes President Trump look good just like it was ignored when it was used to make President Obama’s unemployment numbers from growing and would have made Obama look bad, so squelch it with that statistic. So this is one place where the reporting by leaving out the workforce participation is again painting a false picture of the economy, which is booming far more than being let on in the media. But the people gaining decent jobs know what the reality is as do their friends and relatives and the increased economic activity has touched virtually every working-class family and this will bode well for Trump and the Republicans come elections, both 2018 and 2020.


To complete much of the vital work on charging-up the economy, Republicans in Congress need to complete the work by any means necessary on tax reform, vital and complete tax reform, which requires starting by throwing out the entire tax books and starting from scratch. Patching the system will not work as that will simply further complicate the tax law and make it easier for using the IRS as a weapon as the codes are far too complicated and includes more than necessary contradictory codes and rules. On some of the more intricate deductions or allowances, should one call the IRS help-lines, supposedly the most knowledgeable people knowing the tax codes, twice, you are likely to end up with two differing results which in many ways contradict one-another. There are complications such as these which permit businesses to be targeted by the IRS as well as individuals and also for many wealthy to cut their taxes often claiming overlapping deductions so that expenditures are listed in more than one category thus taking a double exemption on these often large investment losses or other expenditures which results in them paying far less than they actually should owe. This is why the tangled web of rules and regulations has been permitted to remain for decade after decade despite all the promises to simplify the tax code. They never simplified the tax code, they just simplified the short-form and standard deduction forms such that it appears that tax reform was conducted. Put simply, it was a deceitful flim-flam. They made a two-page form fit on one page and thus claimed they had remade the tax code when they had honestly done nothing. Then there was the President Clinton tax cut where they cut the amount of withholding which gave everybody more in their paycheck and also made it that those very same people received a far lower tax return or owed the IRS at the end of the year because what was given by one hand was taken back by the other as nothing was done to the tax law, they just adjusted the withholding end percentages to allow you your money now only to take it from your grasp later.


Another threat to the economy and to many medium to small sized companies which employ over fifty-some employees and are unable to reduce staff to under fifty, say like a gardening company; which offers yearly packages which includes spring and fall preparation of the lawn and garden, mowing service in the spring-summer-fall with prompt snow removal including vehicle clearing in the winter and other such seasonal services such as twice yearly gutter cleaning and heat-pumps’ and airconditioners’ filter cleaning twice yearly with a customer base which requires a minimum of sixty full-time year round employees and the addition of twenty to thirty spring-summer-fall employees; such faces the ObamaCare enforcement coming this January which will place a burden on the company forcing them to reduce staff and form a secondary company to handle certain functions which hires another group of the original company’s employees thus everyone retains their job and salary with one or the other company. Such restructuring requires getting licenses and qualifying for certain government mandates to perform the company’s work plus insurance for the new company and all the government hoops , bars and other government requirements, bonding everybody and countless other details just to remain in business. This does not even cover the cost of new uniforms, convincing customers that this new company was required because of ObamaCare regulations thus they were forced to split the company and who coveres what and this second company was subordinate to the original company and will act with the same professionalism and if you liked your pool boy or lawn mowers, then you can keep your pool boy and lawn mowers and the two companies will work to guarantee continuation of all services. We are sure that we have left much out required and necessary to circumvent the onus of ObamaCare. Others might simply meet the somewhat ridiculous insurance demands required by ObamaCare, which presents its own set of challenges and costly requirements. The Congress could take huge strides simply by passing legislation which pushes the applications of ObamaCare back yet one more or two more years giving themselves and the public the needed time to forge a new and workable system and present it correctly and with succinct and accurate information on exactly what is required and making sure not to sell the new program with a basket full of lies as was ObamaCare and this time have the rallying cries be honest and sound more like, “we kept the best and removed the rest,” or “This time around, you will like how it sounds,” or finally, “This time you’ve seen it before we pass what’s in it.” And what would be the plan, you ask? We can give a suggestion and a place from which to find a model next.


Congress could develop a minimal coverage system for any insurance company desiring to be within the system. The coverage should include twice-yearly visit to dentists, four times visits to your contact physician, wellness care, vaccinations, certain drugs which would be the most used for injuries and recovery from surgery and other wellness drugs. The system would also cover emergency room care with a requirement that the patient actually need be admitted even if just for a procedure such as setting a broken bone. The system would also cover eighty percent of the cost of necessary surgeries. Finally, the systems can also offer basic-plus, bronze, silver, gold, platinum level care programs for additional costs and have them include what each system decides is best for them and their patients. Insurance companies would be permitted to open their own wellness healthcare systems of clinics with physicians, nurses, specialists and be attached with hospitals in any area and require their patients to use these facilities. The platinum plan might simply include that you choose who cares for you at every level even to who removes any organs to who removes hangnails. For details, we can advise something likely unexpected, look to Israel and their system where everybody pays a fee to cover the basic services no matter whose plan you are on and this allows the government to reimburse each plan dependent upon the number of people they cover. There is no mention of preexisting conditions because there is no need for mentioning it, the plans cover such at the basic level for some conditions such as chronic dandruff to heart conditions that might require silver level additional coverage. Prescriptions are covered at varying levels according to plan. There is no Cadillac plan unless you see platinum as such. Everybody is required to join one of the systems at the basic level which is covered by the payment to the government yearly or monthly (the yearly payment saves you a small amount) from which the individual systems are reimbursed. Each system must cover the basic requirements but if they wish to attract patients, they can offer more under the basic plan despite the government not increasing the payment, this they are covering on their own. This is also the attraction of the other above regular plans, which can be tailored to the expertise, and specialties of the physicians they have in their cadre and thus making such an offer readily less costly. People will be required to mostly remain within their system and not all systems will be available everywhere, but there will be at least two systems operating in every location so as to offer some variety of coverages to the people. As stated, see the Israeli system where there are four companies which offer healthcare and further insurance through additional coverage offers. The system incorporates the basic coverage for all plus competition for people to take their plan and thus competition that keeps the price of the additional coverages lower. So, the Republicans could work to offer such a healthcare solution that even the Democrats would have to support not having anything superior to offer, especially not ObamaCare. Further, companies could offer to pay for people’s healthcare by offering some level of additional care with the healthcare insurer of their choice in order to attract employees. Everyone would have the opportunity to gain an angle in order to maximize the level of care for the entire population. How about giving this a look-see, huh guys?


President Donald John Trump

President Donald John Trump


Then there is the problem of the “Deep State” and the bureaucracy thus generated. Part of the problem is in simply numbers that can be brought to a screaming halt with one simply action. The majority of government workers work for the Administrative Branch, they work directly for President Trump. Where he may not be permitted to fire anybody without due cause, there are other ways he can reduce staff. First and most effective is to cease all hiring outside of the military and only allow military hiring under the people at arms and nothing for the civilian corps attached to the military including the Pentagon. With the hiring freeze in place the federal government employee numbers will drop slowly at first and then generally gaining speed until it becomes an epidemic. That point will permit the transference of the remaining employees to where they are truly needed and taking from the departments, which had become the place where people were given jobs as payment for contributions from daddy to some Congress critter. When a particularly undesired department has been depopulated of its employees nation-wide, then the Secretary of that department can close the door, hand in their resignation with a declaration that their department no longer exists. Imagine a depopulated EPA, Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and numerous other departments closed because they no longer were viable due to depopulation of their workforce. This would take two terms but really only six years before some departments could be closed, but Donald Trump needs to start now and make sure that not even relatives are squirreled into positions, which is one of the most lethal means of getting incompetents jobs in the federal government. Trust that we have first hand positive proof of this actual system at work.


Another step that can be taken is to allow for open bidding on the “shovel ready jobs” for the repair of infrastructure on the Interstate Highway Systems, which is a Federal Government responsibility to maintain. Doing it on citywide and interconnection bidding systems such that all of the highway and bridge reconstruction in a metropolitan area can be performed by one contractor while the open road repair work and reconstruction where required can be bid upon by other companies better suited for such work. The work order should enforce the bid with stipulations that there will be no cost overruns, and such overruns will be the responsibility of the contractor, work will be completed on time as scheduled with the costs for any breach of the scheduled repairs stated plainly in every contract. Every bid should be required to stipulate the amount of materials, their kind, weights or numbers, number of people, types and numbers of equipment and exact dates for completion of each stage, the closure dates and methods and rerouting traffic plus scheduled methods of having maximum operability during all three day weekends and other high traffic dates such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July and other such important high volume traffic days. These construction contracts should be easily made iron-clad and specifying every detail with strict and binding penalties should the contractors be in noncompliance. This should be one of Trump and his compatriots’ main special abilities, contracts.


As a summation, the Trump administration should concentrate on two basic ideas. The first in relative importance and ability to accomplish would be comprehensive tax reform, which includes a complete rewriting of the entire tax code from scratch. The negating of the entirety of the existing tax code and regulations would be easier by far than attempting to alter the existing maze. That would provide a clean slate upon which a very basic and easy tax code could be enacted. The next is the replacement of ObamaCare with a workable system with easily understood requirements based upon competition in order to keep prices affordable and to maximize competition. The system must provide common wellness care to all for a base price and everyone required to pay for this basic level of care making the healthcare universal. Israel has such a system upon which the United States could model their system, though the United States system would, by necessity, will be considerably larger, but larger does not necessitate more complicated. Then the remainder of the promises that Trump made can be addressed one after the other. But there has been a distinct problem, which we cannot say was not anticipated. The Republicans, like the Democrats have been reticent, in the Republican’s case by disorganization and some who simply hate Donald Trump, the Democrats because they refuse to permit any other party or people to craft laws because they are the sole people, in their opinions, who can be trusted to enact laws and craft the future. President Trump need call a meeting with the Republicans of the Senate where he reads them the riot act. He needs to place the fear that they will lose their positions and that should they continue their opposition to the President’s plans that Donald Trump will campaign for and finance an opponent in the primaries and assure them that they will lose unless they get on board now, immediately. Then the President need to choose some particular reasonable Democrats, those who are not so far to the left that the make Bernie Sanders appear reasonable and level headed. He need have them to the White House; give them a nice luncheon similar to the one given the Republicans. Then the President can explain his programs and plans to make things better for all Americans and try to persuade at least a small number of them to come on board for whatever programs and ideas they feel comfortable supporting. With the minimal numbers of Democrats who are willing to put the American people ahead of Senate Democrat Leader Charles E. Schumer, Assistant Democrat Leader Dick Durbin, Assistant Democratic Leader Patty Murray, Chairwoman of Policy and Communications Committee Debbie Stabenow, Vice Chair of Conference Elizabeth Warren and Vice Chair of Conference Mark Warner, not to mention Chairman of Outreach Bernard Sanders (and he actually is not even a Democrat, he lists himself as an Independent). There have to be at least a half dozen Democrat Senators who place the people ahead of politics or has the greatness of the United States Senate degraded to the point where they are simply a high school level group of nerds and jocks where nobody dares assist the other side because to do so would be treason against your fellow nerds or jocks. Once considered the greatest debating floor of the world and now it is no more than a gym locker room where the jocks flick their towels at the nerds and everybody is locked into their position of the pecking order. That would be truly one of the saddest assessments in the Western World and could be the end of the last hope for Western Civilization.


Beyond the Cusp


June 7, 2017

The Times They Are a-Changin


The times, they are changing and in opposing directions and the two most dynamic forces behind these changes are both dealing with Islam but are from opposite directions, one pushing and the other pulling and the fate of the world depends on which one comes out on top and wins the coming argument. The pushing force is the one pressing Islam into new regions trying to press the borders of Islam throughout the world using the old forms of Islam which powered it coming out of the Arabian Peninsula, the spread of Islam through Jihad using the sword. The other force is trying to pull on Islam and bring it back to its initial writings where coexistence and freedom of religion and other freedoms recognized initially by Judaism in Torah and the driving concept of the Christian Bible though for over a millennium this was misrepresented by rulers in order to drive their ambitions. Christianity was eventually pulled back to its roots by the Protestant Reformation which demanded that Christianity meet its initial preachings of love, charity, harmony, and acceptance of the stranger, the precepts before the Roman Empire first set Christianity on the path of conquest which continued through the Inquisitions and finally died in the pulling back to the roots by the reformation leading to the Renaissance on to the Industrial Revolution which steeled the West as the great powers leading again to conquest and the colonialism which came to an end between the great wars, World War I and World War II. The Western World now sits at a crossroads and is vulnerable and vulnerable of falling before an invasion initially through infiltration by Islam “refugees” followed by a possible actual invasion within the century. The outcome will be determined by which force prevails in Islam and the order will be the most crucial determining factor and that perhaps will also determine the future for the United States as well.



We have covered the push of Islam into central Africa, Europe and Asia as well as their potential infiltration onto the North American continent, especially the United States. So let us inspect the pulling half of this equation, understanding that this is probably the more important and the one which the Western world can assist more readily, that they appear ready to control the infiltration which has spread an increase in terrorism directly in proportion to numbers of Islamic immigrant arrivals. One of the interesting meetings recently which much of the mainstream media outside of Israel all but refused to cover was President Trump and his visit in the Middle East. There was likely very good reason behind the lack of coverage, he acted and presented his case with Presidential demeanor. He did things which no President before him even attempted, let alone succeeded in all his attempts. President Trump met with the leadership of fifty Arab nations, yes, fifty Arab nations in Saudi Arabia and did not grovel or act condescending and instead took a presentation exuding his position of power demanding they toe a line he was laying down. When speaking of the Arab-Israeli conflict he made no mention or allusion to a Palestinian state or two countries or other reference which they have come to expect from the Presidents of the United States. He laid down expectations for them to change their actions regarding addressing and suppressing terrorism. He insisted they change the education process and resources such that terror and rewards for violent behavior and the superiority of Islam spreading it throughout the world by Jihad, though he did avoid the word Jihad to the best of our knowledge.


Then while in Israel, President Trump became the first President to visit the Western Wall and then to add to his visit, he prayed while at the wall. His Israel visit was friendly and warm though he still did not announce he was moving the embassy to Jerusalem, but he did not say he was not going to do so at some point which Nikki Haley said he still intends to accomplish this before leaving the White House. This was a refreshing change in tone from the relations with one certain United States President. Then President Trump went to visit with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. This was reported on in some of the international mainstream media and even some in the United States simply because despite what were unprecedented actions, meetings and changes in relations, this was by far the most impressive. Many referred to it as President Trump scolding Mahmoud Abbas for lying to him in Washington D.C. and demanded that all payments to terrorists and/or their families end, otherwise all United States aid will stop, and that their education systems be revamped to actually teach as he had claimed, for peace with Israel and that all incitement be stopped, period. President Trump seemed even more furious when he informed Abbas that he knew and was fully furious and avidly incensed and fully irritated by the situation where Abbas himself was proved to purposely incite terrorism while also extoling and glorifying terrorists and that this too must end. This was a full dressing down unlike any previously seen in recent time even to include Hillary Clinton’s tirade berating Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as Secretary of State which presumably had lasted almost three-quarters of an hour. Reports claim that in the entire conversation with Abbas, President Trump never mentioned a Palestinian state or anything about independence for the Arabs under his rule currently. This was also entirely different and unprecedented. There is definitely a new sheriff in charge of the United States and he is not constrained by the old paradigms.


Since President Trump visited Saudi Arabia, there has already been a change which makes the new rules evident. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt decided to cut ties with Qatar and boot it out of an Arab coalition fighting in Yemen in order to pressure the nation to expel Hamas terrorist Saleh al-Arouri who was instrumental in the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens. It is also reported that the terrorist Musa Dudin was also expelled by Qatar and that there may be additional Hamas individuals soon requested to leave the nation. This coming soon after President Trump made his crucial visit to Saudi Arabia and demanded that the Arab world take responsibility for ending terrorism of every kind, which has emanated from the Middle East and in particular from allies of some of the fifty heads of state who attended the meetings with President Trump, is an astounding turn of events by so rapidly responding to a visit from any United States President and may be quite an accomplishment, but do not expect the American media to notice.


There is another hero in the Middle East making a difference in Egypt. That would be Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He has taken to the podium before the Imams who teach and run Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the leading Sunni institution of higher education in the world, and both times demanded that they bring their institution from its darker teachings which belong to years long passed and begin to bring Islam, Sunni Islam, into the twenty-first century. The first effort appeared to have likely gained more laughs and jokes in private as laughing to his face, even for these high-ranking Imams of Sunni Islam, really would have been over the top and undignified, and their dignity may have had them differ to the better parts of valor. After President el-Sisi made a second visit and did not shy from his demands, perhaps they began to realize that he was not a man with whom they could trifle. Al-Azhar University has now done what before would have been unthinkable, they have hired an instructor to their medical school faculty who is a non-Muslim. Have we used the word unprecedented already? Well, it applies here as well as this is all but beyond belief and is as if a three-hundred pound jockey rode a horse to victory at the Kentucky Derby.


Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt

Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt


President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Egypt has another surprise in store for the world showing a new direction for Egyptian leaders. When there were recent terrorist strikes against Egyptian Coptic Christians, an event which previously had seen police and even military personnel joining such attacks previously, this time resulted in Egyptian pilots bombing the terror bases in Libya. This was not a one off event but a response which has occurred multiple times. Imagine this, Egyptian pilots, from the nation where the Muslim Brotherhood was birthed in the 1920’s, have flown retaliatory strikes for terror attacks upon Christians. This truly is a new page in Egyptian culture and leadership and further proof that the ruling culture in Egypt has changed. Now we can hope that a few more things in Egypt can also see change. One of the first would be the illiteracy rate which can be addressed through increased availability of public schooling and requiring even the religious schools to teach reading, writing and basic arithmetic instead of solely concentrating on memorization of the Quran. Next will be something which will require change across the almost the entirety of the Arab and Muslim world, the end of anti-Semitism which has been a rampant disease which need be rooted out on every society around the world. Proof that anti-Semitism is a worldwide problem can be realized here.


Beyond the Cusp


March 18, 2017

Freedom is a Wonderful Thing to Have and a Horrible Waste When Lost


Let us start our discussion today with some information directly from another article titled The Pelosi Principle by Terry Jeffrey written for Townhall. The article was about the Republican replacement for Obamacare which while not being everything many of us would want, was still a better deal for much of America. This quote though tells a lot about what has gone terribly wrong with American society and paints a dim view that this can ever change as both sides of the aisle agree that the old way must die and government prevail. The article states, “Both Republicans and Democrats have rejected the principle of subsidiarity that once governed American health care: Individuals who could not pay for their own care were covered by private, particularly religious, charities and local governments.” Despite everything else, at the base of the opposition to Obamacare was the opposition to the Nanny State and its insistence on being all things to all people. Forced government insurance was just the latest outrage where government demanded they be given the responsibility for our care and as usual their ideas left much to be desired.


This problem has been a long time coming and is not about to wane any time in the future without a near revolution by the American public. Not a real, grab the gun off the mantle, revolution but one where the American people take the power back from the government by selecting a whole new type of political representation, regular, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (or watch at end of article) representation. This would have to be an all-encompassing movement which will only arise when things reach an intolerable level and when failure means the end of the democratic process because the government has even assumed making the choices as to who will lead and who is subjugated. One can only hope that such a time is not quite yet upon us, though with some of what has occurred there have been claims and fears from both sides that the other is attempting to take control of the governing processes and end any true freedom of choice. History has proven that one side’s claims are merely an excuse for them to enact just such fascist governance and the other side’s claims are actually valid fears. But this article is to tell the story of how we reached this point.


This all started with something everybody would know from history if such was still taught in the public and private school systems. Not all schools are delinquent of such but far too many are which has made ask the average person in the street history and civics questions something which makes for great laughs while others of us just shake our heads and fear for the future. We know that a people who do not know from whence they arrived at this day will have no idea where they will be going as the tomorrows pass. The beginning of our story is the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the Bill of Rights. One should read the Declaration of Independence as it is a litany of things in a governance which should be feared and the people should ever be watchful against their reoccurrence. There is a political theory which describes the cycle of governance from bondage to freedom and back to bondage called the Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance (see below). There have been many debates in universities back in our day and hopefully these debates continue as they raise awareness and strengthen societal awareness in the upcoming generation. The debate in my day over where in the circle we stood was over which it might be; Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy or Dependence. Nobody ever claimed Abundance and a few would claim we were on the verge of Bondage and the others were completely beyond consideration. One can only wonder where the debate would go today.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


We got to wherever in the cycle we actually stand from a time when faith was high and courage was felt by a strong and steady leadership and their following and from that they struck forth and gained liberty. The American Revolution was led in many communities by their religious leaders who were men of sword and musket as well as the Bible. These men made up the Black Robe Regiments and were why the British often burned churches and would hang clergy on sight if they were at all suspect of preaching about freedom from bondage and King. The Revolutionary War was fought by people of faith and courage who gained freedom and a new nation. There were few large cities and nothing even approaching a modern city with London being amongst the largest in that day and Boston, New York and Philadelphia being amongst the largest cities but still the denizens were largely self-reliant. This was the way of life in early America and this was how it remained until sometime into the mid-1800’s. The problems began in the largest of cities which would be found on the eastern seaboard, west coast and along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Within the largest cities people began to depend on certain public services. There was the water systems replacing the need to draw one’s own water, sewage replacing digging your own outbuilding, trash pick-up, and public transportation which was often bartered out to a private service whose owner often became quite wealthy as did the private purveyor of any other service which the cities licensed.


The services provided through public/private contract or by the government directly such as police forces, judicial systems, street maintenance, street lighting, gas lines, fire departments and as time went more and more provided by the cities. Then there were the specialty services which cared for services which many of the people either found distasteful or were simply incapable of doing for themselves. Some of these services had always required a professional but many had also been performed by the average person before the advent of large cities with a professional core of providers whose prices were controlled by demand and number of people providing such services. Examples include the obvious such as shoeing horses, blacksmithing, locksmith and others and then ones we have forgotten in our modern world such as chimneysweeps, milkman, ice deliveries and other such services. Some still exist in smaller towns or rural areas or as specialty service in cities. What these specialty and general services started was the first stages of dependence which as long as it is kept to essential services is fine, but it did not remain this way. There used to be a safety net which provided for those people who were down on their luck or simply had fallen from the normal routines of the society and were dependent on the good graces of others for their sustenance and other needs. These people were served by religious groups, the churches, synagogues and other religious congregations and charitable organizations. This was the way of things for over a century until the onset of the initial takeover by the government which began with unemployment insurance which was not any form of insurance as much as it was a tax and spend means for government to reduce the power of people and increase the power of the government. This was followed by Social Security and soon thereafter adoption services were slowly subsumed by the government.


This continued with the government granting college scholarships first through grants for veterans through the G I Bill and then loans and Pell Grants. The largest expansion of the government came under Lyndon Baines Johnson and his Great Society which enlarged or created such programs as Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, National Endowments for Arts and Humanities, Public Broadcasting, Cultural Centers, Homeless Shelters and a plethora of other programs all based on a simple principle, the government was going to save people from being preached to just to receive help as the religious institutions were forcing people to suffer. They were saving the world from religion. In time the governments also provided the cities with transportation funds to assist public transportation in an attempt to replace the personal vehicle, environmental assistance and codes, consumer protection because people were incapable of not buying substandard goods, public housing so those on welfare could live without shame in any neighborhood where section eight housing was declared which was anywhere except the most exclusive neighborhoods, labor regulations and it continued into every realm of life even eventually to include the water permitted to be flushed by a toilet.


The government did not stop there and they are currently working on the next and near final stage of their plans to completely control all of society, the replacement of the children from parenting by amateurs. That is the theory behind the plan proposed by Hillary Clinton with her claim that “it takes a village to raise a child.” She made an entire book from the idea, It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us in which she gave examples of such as African villages and spent most of the book encouraging new programs and government controls over ever more of people’s lives. Some of the programs and ideas coming out from her writings include Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, Community Policing, the Brady Bill, Amber Alerts, immunizations, State Children’s Health Insurance Program, financial regulation, expanded Child Tax Credits, Minimum Wage increases, and the one making so much of the news of late, Universal health care. Government appears targeting even more of our lives and taking from us every choice as to how we live our lives, what we teach our children, what we are allowed to drive, where we are allowed to drive and how we can raise our children. Some schools have told their students that their parents do not have the power to deny them use of a telephone, forbid them access to a computer, refuse them their rights to watch what they want on television or other means of punishment including spanking, grounding or forcing them to eat foods they dislike and told students as early as first grade that they can report any violations of these rights by their parents to the school and then the school will report their parents to the government and the problem will be taken care of and they will have their rights respected. That is true, the child has inalienable rights which a parent may not infringe and amongst these rights is anything they desire. Of course once the parent has been duly punished for ignoring these rules, the child will just love the foster home and the parenting they will receive there.


One can only wonder where this will end and many will tell you it will not end, or at least not end well. There is actually no limit any longer as to how far into your life government can impose. Already the wild stories that the government can turn on the camera attached to your computers, the camera attached to your phone (always keep them camera facing the table), turn on the microphone to your computers or phones, and have microphones and cameras spread all over your town or city and can also monitor any cameras which are electronically monitored despite what you have been told by the security company, every keystroke made on your computer and a log of every web location you have visited, and darn near anything else with soon coming to any electronic device bought new will also be able to report the amounts of electricity used as well as your electric, water, gas or other meters reporting your use and any notable changes such as a guest visiting (additional use especially during times you are not usually home) but all this only if you reside in the United States or are under suspicions by the NSA, CIA, FBI or any other intelligence agency including allies of the United States as the intelligence services of the Western World are capable of collecting every electronic piece of information on virtually every person within the United States, its protectorates, any ten nations the United States chooses with the exceptions of India and China (really way too many people) all with some abilities to spare. The problem is calling up the data on any one person unless specified in advance is a bit tiresome but then there are numerous government employees whose tiresome job it is to extract exactly just such data on demand, lucky them, or on their own whim if they can cover their tracks. The claims by President Trump that his phones were being listened to are true but then so were probably mine and yours and your best friend, worst enemy, and the past five-thousand people you have passed on the street because everybody has had their information gathered because it is far more simple to gather all the information than to choose whose you actually need. With the NSA’s new data center in Nevada outside Reno (pictured below) that is a simple deed and they can store all of it to be retrieved as required at any time. It simply requires the personnel to do so and that they also have.


National Security Agency NSA Utah Data Center

National Security Agency NSA Utah Data Center

That is where freedom now stands in the United States and much of the world today and that is the real problem we all face. But do not worry; most of us are of little concern so as long as we behave as expected we are safe. We hope that reading Beyond the Cusp is not a triggering exercise for which your data would be pulled up, but why worry as too many things likely will do the trick anyways.


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