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September 17, 2018

And We Predicted It With Picture to Boot


We know, we predicted what? Well, the closure of the PLO Consulate in Washington D.C. is what we predicted, well, our picture did. It was our article “Add the PLO to President Trump’s Dump List” in which the picture below was our main graphic. It is a picture of the PLO Washington D.C. Consulate; they like to refer to it as their Embassy, with a picture of President Trump superimposed with a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign like the one a diner might have. We had warned in that article that playing hardball with President Trump when you are holding only a pure bluff of a poker hand and he is holding the rest of the deck, that this may not be the brightest tactic. We predicted any number of other items and gave President Trump one very simple piece of advice, if he really desires being the President who untied the Gordian Knot of the Arab-Israel conflict, then he should plan on completing his efforts in his first term. Looking at his actions, he may have read our article, or some low level functionary had it as part of his assignment to research the Middle East, as he has taken steps in the past two months to completely alter the field of play and redefined some of the most precious tools which Mahmoud Abbas always trotted out as spoilers and removed them from any equation. Now, at long last, it is appearing that Mahmoud Abbas is soon to be removed from the equation if he has not actually been removed already. I guess our warning now should be to the King of Jordan warning him that he is probably just as replaceable as Mahmoud Abbas, and he should meter his attitudes accordingly if he is at all intelligent. We would guess that the King of Jordan may test President Trump initially and probably become more obliging just in time to remain the King of a far smaller Jordan and the Palestinian Arabs getting their state in the rest of Jordan with those residing in the Shomron being permitted, actually encouraged, to relocate or remain as resident aliens under what will basically be Israeli rule.


Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again

Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again


Now to elaborate. What we see coming will leave Mahmoud Abbas retiring somewhere which is willing to take him and his billions of Euros. The same will go for many of the top Palestinian Arab leadership and terror structure. The Arabs in the Shomron (West Bank if you prefer the Jordanian name) will be permitted to remain where they are or relocate to places in Jordan which will be built for them in record time. Entire cities will be constructed and new apartments and potential other incentives and these may even become or be located around Qualified Industrial Zones short version is (QIZ) which are areas within Jordan where Israeli companies are permitted to open factories (to save on labor costs) and then export goods to the United States free of tariffs thanks to President Clinton issued a Presidential Proclamation (No. 6955) on November 13, 1996. The lure of employment and a brand new apartment, especially as the employment will pay higher than average wages, may prove sufficient to take care of those seeking a real future for their families completely distant from any terrorism or living under a kleptocracy. There will be some problems no matter how great a deal is applied because this is the Middle East, nothing goes exactly as planned. More on that in a moment, meanwhile, President Trump did take the PLO, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and UNRWA and place them all together inside a trashcan which he is very close to placing at the curb for pick-up. This was absolute brilliance upon President Trump’s behalf, and not just because it was exactly what we had stated back in January, though that does not hurt. Trump apparently has little if any concern as to with whom he will end up making his deal, just as long as his deal gets made.


What is going to happen next? Well, that depends on if you mean what will happen next of consequence or not of any consequence. Even at this late date, Mahmoud Abbas will continue to believe that if he just continues to refuse everything out of President Trump and the members of his team, that the European Union, numerous European nations, the United Nations and who knows who else will back his demands to the very end no matter what because this is how it has always worked. Trump really does not mean any of this, he is just pacifying the Jews in the United States. We have some bad news for Abbas, very little concerning Israel matters to far too many Jews and this is especially true about the younger generations. As far as the remainder of the list Abbas believes will back him, they will not be worth a plug nickel when the final deal is put in place. The King of Jordan, according to the last things we have seen, was backing Mahmoud Abbas and trashing President Trump. We hope he is aware that there is a group which is supposedly willing to work peaceably with Israel while ruling the Palestinian Arabs and he has a group of people all waiting to move to Amman and take control of Jordan. Of course, it would not be that easy, as the King has a loyal military behind him. The reality is if King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein has an ounce of common sense, then he will work with President Trump to accomplish whatever is required and simply take it at face value and take it like a man and not go screaming about how this is totally unacceptable. President Trump has had just about all he is going to take from pompous fools who think they are the top banana in this mix. President Trump is the eight-hundred pound gorilla in this arrangement and what he wants is what will come to pass. This concept of a working relationship where Israel works with Jordan to provide governance for the Palestinian Arabs which will actually allow them to have a life and not have everything stolen by those holding power has its plusses and its negatives. The main plus is the fact that it sidelines Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of terrorists. The other plus is actually for Jordan in that if they can find the means to work with Israel, they will have an improved economy and many potential other benefits with time. The negatives is we are working with a group who still believe that Taqiyya is a central part of their religion and is to be used in every negotiation with those not of Islam. Attempting to get one over on President Trump did not work very will for Mahmoud Abbas and it will not ingratiate the King of Jordan with the American President. The other negatives become apparent down the road when there is a more accommodating President ready to insist Israel came by any settlement through dishonesty and attempt to undo and backtrack the solution which President Trump might actually reach. That will always be the main problem to any deal reached in this near future.


President Trump is determined to reach a deal if for no other reason than he promised he would do exactly that. From what we have witnessed of President Trump is that he really does not care about the niceties, does not care too much about the rules, will do whatever is required to accomplish those items he promised in his campaign and lastly is applying an actual managerial approach to being President. Of course, he has to include the Congress which had Democrats who are doing everything they can to prevent his accomplishing anything and the Republicans often appear to be working with the Democrats though there are some Republicans who were with Trump as he was their party’s President and others have come around slowly as he has surprised them by doing a fairly conservative agenda. Still, President Trump will be looking at a new Congress and we will all just have to wait and see what the reality is then. It will depend on whether the Republicans hold their majorities in both houses, if they gain Trump supporting Republicans and not more like Romney, who will win in Utah making him the replacement for McCain (may he rest in peace). I seem to remember they were referred to as RINO’s, which is a mean thing to say about such a grumpy and irritable animal, at least the animal is consistent, if they see something, they charge it. President Trump is looking as if he will be capable of completing his Middle East Israel-Arab plans and very likely within the next eighteen months or perhaps a year and a half. Fortunately for President Trump, this is something he can use the tools in place and at the command of the President and not have to rely on Congress to pass anything. It is highly unlikely that any peace plan would include the United States in an actual treaty, thus there will be no confirmation necessary. From what we have pieced together and projected with our own guesswork, the end deal will not include the Palestinian Authority and may even address Gaza, though if necessary, that will be left for Israel to take care of possibly with Egyptian assistance of some kind.


Whatever is the final arrangement, there are going to be some lingering problems. No matter how efficient everything is in removing terrorists from the population, there will be some number of terrorists remaining and an underground attempting to turn as many against Israel as they are able. Additionally, there is the possibility that the agreement reached may not include Gaza. This would be really a bad result for the people in Gaza who desire peace. On the other side, when given a chance to vote, over 80% of Gazans voted for Hamas. When the world went crazy during the earliest days of the Gaza rioting, the riots the world referred to as peaceful protests for as long as they were able to deny the violence, when the IDF had killed sixty-two Gazans, even in an interview which was to go out to the world, Hamas admitted that fifty were their operatives and later Islamic Jihad claimed at least three were their people. That comes to over 85% of those shot were actually admitted terrorists while we can probably bet some of, if not all, the remaining people were either human shields or also attempting to breach the border or endangering IDF troops either by launching incendiaries or shooting at them (video below). Even then, the world continued carrying on for weeks until finally the truth made their contention that Israel was being horrible monsters just killing people at random for the sport of it or something, but eventually truth does have a way of surfacing. Perhaps the scenes of flaming kites and balloons and the resulting fires which destroyed huge swaths of croplands, forests and wilderness reserves that brought people to realize the reality. Perhaps it was the image below of the unfortunate falcon they used to fly an oil soaked rag tied to its legs and the resulting dead falcon caught in a tree which led people to realize the monsters Israel was facing. Perhaps it was the fact that the media simply grew tired of writing the same article day after day and people no longer cared to hear about rioting Gazans. Whatever the cause, it was better for Israel that the media ended their repetitive groaning about how terrible Israel was being to the most innocent people who ever lived, which is exactly what their reporting often sounds like.



Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Even if this only cures the problems in the Shomron, it will be a huge (Yuge for Trump fans) to have that problem settled. Were Israel granted a green light and cover the next time that Hamas, often at the behest of Iran, decides it is time to make life miserable for the Israelis residing within ten miles of Gaza, then this problem too would become history. Once Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the criminal and terror infrastructure and personnel have been removed from Gaza, the remaining people could be granted a similar deal with Egypt and Egypt could be given an opportunity to have Israeli companies build plants in the Sinai along with housing units making some QIZ developments sparking some economic opportunities for Egyptians and Gazans alike. This would also provide additional revenue for Egypt through taxes on these areas, though not the companies as that is an additional incentive to risk such ventures. As these actually became fruitful and accepted, then the added infrastructure in the Sinai might serve to reduce if not eliminate the terror and criminal elements. This might happen even faster were Egypt to make arrangements for the IDF to be responsible for protecting these QIZ developments. Any additional security forces could only be an improvement in the Sinai region. The final two problems are not likely to be solved by President Trump, well, at least not in his first term. These are Iran and Hezballah. The first step President Trump could take is to make sure no further arms are provided to the Lebanese military as they are currently just the reserve arm for Hezballah and these terrorists have access to most of the Lebanese military equipment. The remainder of the problem is purely Iran. Keeping Iran cash strapped helps but it will take more than that. Let’s put this as delicately as we care to, regime change would solve the problem. That does not mean to replace the Mullahs with MEK (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) as they are simply a Sunni replacement for the Shia fanatics. Sunni Jihadists would not help the people of Iran, as placing MEK in the government would be placing them under just another theocracy with the same problems. This would really be, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Let’s hope we won’t get fooled again, honest. Allow the people of Iran to choose their new government and allow them about eighty days to get one in place, after which, whatever forces assisted the regime change are leaving and that will be that. Israel is certainly not capable of nation building except in a nation where the problem was one of a natural disaster and the government is inoperative at the moment but will return as soon as the emergency has passed. One would be right in believing that the American people have pretty much had it with attempting nation building anywhere and might accept eighty days and out, but only if at eighty days the Americans are out. Nobody can blame the Americans as their nation building may have worked in Europe after World War II, but that was Europe and the Far East and Middle East are not Europe, at least not yet. As far as Israel is concerned, Iran is the nuclear threat which is being opposed by some of the best anti-missile systems in the world. Hezballah, on the other hand, is right across the Lebanese and Syria borders and currently has over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missile all loaded and targeting Israel. These exist from as small as five-inch rockets with half-kilogram warheads to missiles which could strike Cairo or Riyadh, which means all of Israel, and carry one-hundred-kilogram warheads, which makes these technically nuclear capable. Hezballah is known to have chemical agents including Sarin Gas which is a nerve agent with a very high mortality rate as has been proven in Syria. Further, Hezballah soldiers are equipped with modern anti-armor rocket launch systems and numerous sizes of mortars. Hezballah has claimed that they could easily overwhelm the Israeli anti-missile systems by launching tens of thousands of projectiles per hour, a threat which they might not be capable of maintaining longer than two or three days, but one hour under such a barrage would leave Israel with unbearable casualties. Damage can be serious, especially if it is vital infrastructure or any of the Israeli nuclear power plants and our desalinization plants as water is necessary for life. But much of the structural damages Israel could recover from fairly rapidly or at least in a reasonable amount of time. What we would be at a loss for would be the people killed and injured. People are our concern with property a secondary issue. It is this threat by Hezballah which has some Israelis calling for Israel to take out their provisions now while they are engaged in Syria and Yemen and unable to strike at Israel with full force. There are also those who believe we should sweep Gaza clean of terrorist and other illegal interests and people before Iran finds a means of providing them with even larger missiles. Already Hamas is capable of striking Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem metropolitan areas which placed over 90% of the Israeli population within their sights. Hezballah can strike anywhere in Israel so possibly living closest to them is an advantage as the rockets fired in your direction would be of smaller sizes. Perhaps the best bet is to have Hezballah disbanded or cut off by taking care of Iran leaving them without a national sponsor.


When the day comes that the world accepts that the Jews are permitted the same rights to have their own homeland and self-govern, then these other problems can be approached in a normative manner and not with the shadow of the hope these terrorist forces might destroy Israel. That will bring the world closer to the day Jews have prayed for for years, that Israel could be a light unto the nations benefitting all of mankind with inventions, cures to diseases, new drugs and discoveries in virtually every area of life. The other nice thing is once the world truly accepts Jews as having the same rights as other peoples, then the world will be very close to having done away with all varieties of hatreds. This is why the efforts being carried forward by President Trump may prove to be worth far more than the world realizes at this moment. Currently, in Britain it has been reported that at least one-third to three-fifths of the nation’s Jews are ready to move to Israel, Canada or the United States (the majority to Israel) should the Labor Party win the next elections and Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister. The rising anti-Semitism, which appears often to be worldwide, is another reason that President Trump succeeding in his peace efforts is so vital to world peace. We have stated that we do not believe that the next world war will start with Israel. We still feel this way but it is not because such a chain of events is that improbable, it is actually one of the likely scenarios which we have seen presented, it is that there are so many other flashpoints which are more likely to erupt first. The majority of wars which involve Israel are more often of a local nature and highly unlikely to spread as long as the neighboring nations have more to lose than they are willing to risk. Currently, the only nations not making this list all have one thing in common, Iran. The nations who have little to lose by joining a war with Israel are Syria, Yemen and to some extent Iraq and with the unrest building in Iran, we are afraid they might soon join this club. Replace the Mullahs with an honest democratic republic in Iran, if required the Shah can have one palace back and an honorary title with a sensible stipend, and all of these other problems would rapidly end. Russia would very likely tell Bashir al-Assad that he cannot have the entirety of old Syria back and then allow the Kurds to have their own country and the Druze to have their own country and from there we would have to see what would be what. Turkey is another problem which is currently attempting to commit genocide against the Kurds starting in northern Syria and they might just continue on into northern Iraq at which point there would be the face-off between the Mullahs and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, or as the two sets of leadership see it, Persia against the Ottoman Empire. That is one pairing which the world has yet to see and one which it could do well to avoid. I guess what this last part shows is that Israel could be a solution a whole lot more than she is a problem. If only whatever resulting solution will come of President Trump and his efforts would hurry up and arrive, it could make the entire Middle East at least appear less frantic and dangerous. Note, we said appear, we did not say anything about reality.


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September 5, 2018

Israel Need Be Bold While Bold Will Work

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We are aware that in being bold, a politician is taking risks and their actual job is to get reelected to their same position or higher and that is best accomplished keeping everything the same. We even know exactly the argument that our dear Prime Minister will use in the 2019 elections when they arrive. Your claim will be that it is uncertain if President Trump will be reelected in 2020 and because of this, we need to keep the ship strong and centered in order to survive in an uncertain future. Your opponents will sound different strategies which will include a change in course and perhaps some risks. These risks is how you will slowly eat away at these opponents claiming that their ‘radical’ suggestions are great if the timing were right, but the timing could not be any more problematic as we do not know who will win the American elections. A few weeks before the election you will find or build a strawman situation where the Joint List or Zionist Union may pull off an upset or the two could make a coalition with their two groups of parties and perhaps Meretz and Lapin or maybe Lieberman filling it out and that Israel can ill afford their getting the nod and that is a reason to leave any other right of center candidate and instead everyone need vote the only true choice to prevent this potential catastrophe. Then Likud will receive 28 or 29 Mandates and will get first shot at making a coalition. Then your strategy will have worked again using fear to win instead of using hope for a better future and you will have demanded we need caution and not rock the boat at times as uncertain as these are. It is a trap which had worked for how long now? Why not try striking while the iron is hot as the plan, take on the issues we all know must be faced head-on and to make a bold attempt towards solving them now before the elections. Trust that the triumphant hero is a far better bet for retaining power than the scare-monger claiming only he can walk that fine line between doing nothing to cautiously doing nothing to change anything so the next election the same scare mongering might still work its magic again. Your fear of failure is greater than your confidence in yourself to actually become a really great leader rather than merely the protector who held to the status-quo. Sometimes more is accomplished in the long run from someone going out in a blaze of glory and the nation benefits, and that should be your greatest hope, that the country succeed.


To those who wish to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu and become the next Prime Minister, we have some advice and it is worth exactly what you are paying for it, a few minutes of your precious time and nothing more. Yes, we would consider being of greater assistance by becoming a trusted advisor to one of you as you lead our party. But here it is free of any hidden charges except it may be close to what you are planning anyways. The first advice is that you will need to approach the situation throwing caution to the wind and going for it all. Confidence is also going to be a necessity with one making very sure that the public know that now you not only feel you are ready but also that you are sure that these are the times which call for your bold leadership. You will need to come at Bibi from the right, and the further right, the better. The people of Israel, outside of Tel Aviv largely, are hungry for a leader who will storm the barricades if need be and storm the castle. No faltering or moments of doubt, for if you have any doubt that you are the person and this is the time, then move aside and let one ready to say and do all the right things for winning and for Israel. Should you have a solution which you believe is better than those we have offered, then run it with certainty. Run as if there is no tomorrow without your bold steps which are required in the short time Israel is assured of somebody having her back. Even if, or possibly especially if, President Trump does not get reelected, Israel need act immediately and strike while the iron is hot. You can list the signs which the President had conveyed and tell all Israel that we require his assistance so Israel can provide a certainty into the future. Make known what you plan to do in addressing the main problems of the Shomron and Gaza and remember that solutions have been handed out and now is the season for change and to strike to make progress before anything in the situation has even the chance of altering, then it would be well if the Israeli plan for the future were to be implemented. Things will improve only if we take the necessary steps reaping the rewards change brings to the entire situation. The Oslo Mistake was a severe and drastic action in which Israel was forced to suffer the terrible consequences and is continuing to wear that yoke around her neck and now is the time to shake off that yoke and act with the boldness of certainty. This is not the time for timidity and certainly not the time to continue with a Prime Minister who refuses to act or for a Prime Minister who claims to lead from the right when in actuality he leads as if slightly left of center from where you stand.


Top Left Yair Lapid, Bottom Prime Minister Netanyahu, Top Right Naftali Bennett

Top Left Yair Lapid, Bottom Prime Minister Netanyahu, Top Right Naftali Bennett


What should your campaign revolve around? That we can tell you in a single word, actions and results expected and how these will be accomplished under your bold approach. Do not fear that you will be too far to the right, you will be fine and far right is what the people are seeking. The truth is the Israelis desire an end to the stalemate as they have watched as caution has resulted in the loss of legitimacy and loss of regions of lands. This is another reason for actions which you propose, the suggestions are from the right of center which is closer to the purity of Zionism and free of any false hopes which rely on not rocking the boat out of fear as to what Europe may do. The future of Israel is to the Far East where she has already good relations and has built trust, something she never really had with much of Europe. Times are changing and Israel needs change as well if she is to thrive and survive. She need thrive in order to survive. You need to tell the people the truth in that seeking to avoid ridicule from Europe by kowtowing to every gut-wrenching demand for inaction from Europe who is not necessarily our friends will not work. You must stress the point that Israel needs think of Israel before thinking, fretting, worrying and even panicking over how action will be perceived by the nattering nabobs of negativism in the Old World. Israel need now lead the New World into a glittering era where hope and bold answers are the way to go, being defensive and overly cautious was great during President Obama’s attempts to destroy us but he is long gone and we may be driven to boldness and actions. And the specifics are the best part and you keep those close to your chest until a little less that than a week, immediately after the current Prime Minister makes his great speech about how only he can guide Israel through the rough and choppy seas of uncertainty. This is when you show your hand and claim that currently the seas are calm and quite well prepared for actions while we have the opportunity, we owe it to our children and their children and all future Jewish People who will turn to Israel for salvation.


At the very top of your plan should be the exile once more of Mahmoud Abbas, the entirety of the Palestinian Authority leaders in both the political realm and the security and military wings. This is not the cherry on top but the first act within three weeks of taking office and having built a coalition. Then Israel will offer the Arabs three choices, two are very viable and the last is very unfortunate. The Arabs in the Shomron and across all of Israel may take an equitable buyout of their properties plus a rather sizable bonus to all be utilized in getting started in some new nation and signing a promissory note that they will never again seek permanent residence within Israel. The Arabs in the Shomron may choose instead to remain and live within Israel as resident aliens who will be granted the right to vote in local elections in the selected major Arab cities chosen by Israel. These Arabs will be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement which if it is breached results in deportation, immediate and without any bonuses or other payments. We did mention a third choice, the one we hope none will resort to taking. Choosing which plan one is going to request should not take forever, thus these offers will be available for the initial six weeks after the announcement. Allow us to now get around to that third choice we said would be offered. We realize there will be a percentage of the Arabs who will decide not to pick any of the plans and instead desire to continue their war on Israelis; even these will have an option. The IDF will be given a list which will denote which choice you decided to take, the first or second, and the list will include those choosing to continue the war and those who by default made no choice thus joining those who decided to fight under the third choice. The IDF will be tasked in driving these remaining Arabs who were not in either of the first two selections out from within the Israeli borders, the ones from under the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres, the British Mandate and all other related material which all came long before World War II and were the result of World War I treaties and conferences. The final borders suggested for Israel included the Shomron and all lands west of the Jordan River and north to the border of the French Mandate and south to the Negev-Sinai border and the port city of Eilat (see map below). Resulting from three defensive struggles, Israel annexed some additional area of the Golan Heights as it had been used by Syrian snipers to shoot Israelis working their fields, tending their flocks and simply walking in an area they could see. That situation was not tolerable. Israel has also annexed all of Jerusalem with special love shown for the Temple Mount and all the special places throughout the Old City. Israel will also be annexing the remainder of the Shomron making all lands west of the Jordan River and its Valley to the north and south now a part of Israel. That would complete the plan you would tell the people which still leaves a few holes to fill.


Map of Israel, Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace, which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable

Map of Israel,
Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace,
which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable


The largest hole left in the plan are which cities will be denoted as Arab cities where they will have their vote in local elections. The Arabs already living within Israel who desired became citizens and have complete rights to vote. There will be a listing in which will be potentially short some of the cities where Arabs would also be granted voting rights. The first item which may cause Arab Panic would be that Shechem (Nablus), Jericho, Hevron and Bethlehem would revert to being Jewish towns-cities which were Israelite from time immemorial. Most of the remaining Arab towns would be included as those where they have voting rights. Should an Arab reside in one of the cities which Israel is taking or any other city which does not become part of the list of Arab cities where the alien refugees would be permitted to vote, they would be able to claim a partial moving bonus to assist their relocating to one of those other cities where they could vote. There would probably be some inexpensive but nice homes which those who chose to leave will no longer being used as a residence which are vacant and for sale. What must be made specifically understood in no uncertain terms is that the IDF will be given the assignment to seek out any former officers who were exiled of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, PLO, Security Forces and al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade along with those who chose to remain at war or did not sign onto any program and to deport them. The IDF will also be ordered to take the least risk possible and protect the soldiers’ lives and health as the paramount importance. Should resistance be run into, the IDF would once again be reminded that their soldiers’ lives are the most important and vital item which should be granted complete protection. The somewhat promising idea here is that most of what has been listed could be accomplished with a minimal call-up of reserves and still completed within approximately six-months. This method further does not require the cooperation of the King of Jordan, al-Assad of Syria, Sisi in Egypt or any other Arab leader in order to accomplish such solutions. Now, all that remains is either Bibi stepping up to the plate while still in the office of Prime Minister and changing tactics and suddenly becoming bold and decisive such that he takes the charges we suggested here or something resembling this theme. Then he could run on a great performance which resolved so many of the problems and is now ready and willing to take Israel forward with clear vision. And if not, then he is leaving an opening for the people to replace him with an Israeli ready to take the needed steps. The problem has reached a magnitude that mere managing the situation has become counter-productive and simply dangerous. Israel is in need of a leader who is willing to try and even to make some mistakes along the way, at least progress should be made and the quagmire of the Palestinian Arabs would be completed and hopefully well on its was to a form of normalcy. These truly are interesting times, the variety that try the hearts and souls of men.


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July 29, 2018

Will America Turn as All Free Societies Before Her?

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If one were to peruse all the great democratic governances of the past, there is one thing which becomes frighteningly apparent, how each and every one ended. It did not matter if they were republics, democracies, presidential or parliamentary; they all died from the same disease. All democratic governances died from complications with their economies or their money. Once their money became questioned or their economy showed signs of collapse, they reached these points about the same time as the egalitarians started taking up causes which were foreign and contrary to the work ethic and the ideal of self-improvement as the means of bettering oneself. These ideals came from a false sense of equality taking the equality of ideas and turning it on its head while taking the equality of opportunity and twisting it into equality of wealth amongst the people regardless of their contribution to the society as a whole. Today this illness has a name, and that name is socialism. Look around the world today and almost all the misery is caused by having government make society fair and effort neutral taking from those who have and giving to those who have not. In the end, this results in everybody becoming a member of the have nothing community as the people learn that there is no amount of wealth which can defeat poverty, but there is plenty enough poverty to eliminate all wealth. This is the reality behind the collapses from Athens to Venezuela, from Cuba to the USSR, from South Africa to Europe and this beast is now readying to swallow up the wealth of the United States and squander it upon the stage of governance where equality is the byword but fascism lies right behind.


This decline has always begun with telling the poor that their poverty is not their fault but the fault of those with more money than they really need, after all, after some point of wealth, more money simply becomes what these levelers of all results claim is just obscene. They propose that this excessive wealth should be given to those unfortunate who, through no fault of their own, find themselves financially deprived. Their state has nothing to do with bad life habits, substance abuse, unemployment, illegitimacy, lack of education or sometimes actually things beyond their control. The new leaders who scream for total equality place this blame on those whose lives are spent in seemingly unending perfunctory toil as they work every day of their lives providing goods and services in exchange for a wage. These become the evil of society; those who had a hand in its construction will reap the blame which brings the destruction. They would have saved the nation if only they had been aware, but they worked and spent little time worrying about their world around them as all appeared well from their limited vision blurred and unfocused except upon their jobs and families. These were the taxpayers upon whose backs the new age of the egalitarian utopia would be built. All the while, these were the people most vilified and made to appear as the most depraved and despicable amongst us, clinging to old fashions, beliefs and morals. These were the ones who believed in the Supreme Being with their hearts and who remained blind for far too long only to awaken in a brave new world.


America Weeping

America Weeping


Eventually, all became clear and they may have started to stand, but they were always too late, too weak and never sufficiently organized as were their detractors. Their societies all fell to the fascist of one sort or another, each successive failure worse than those before them. The Ancient Greeks were becoming victims to the plague which comes accompanied by totalitarianism but Rome conquered them before the true evil had set in completely and started redistribution of wealth. Rome fell to the providing distraction for the masses, to the concept of bread and circuses as pacifiers of the rabble, the unwashed, those in poverty. Rome slowly went bankrupt both monetarily and morally. Rome provided food and shelter along with the games in the colosseums to entertain those who were in need of being provided for under the guise of complete equality in all things. Then their savior came promising to end their suffering caused by their current corrupt and evil leadership if only the people would trust them. Sometimes this new savior is not necessarily a singular ruler but new ruling elites who possess a higher morality which must take its rightful place, replacing the old ways with new and more equalizing rule. Free things were promised by this new governance, if only the people would invest their trust to those of the new leadership. They would lead their nation and now the world into its new age of total equality where nobody would want for anything as their promise and everyone wanting for everything their eventual result.


The promises always sounded so wonderful. Slogans were big such as, “From all according to their ability, to all according to their needs.” Always the promise is more stuff for free paid for by the wealthy, but the wealthy always find some means of not paying and that burdensome task falls to those who accept the slogans because they have no time for such foolishness and instead work. They believed in everyone giving to contribute and sharing the work as such would make no difference in their lives, they were already producing and serving to their best ability. They were working; sometimes two or three jobs, and working very hard and the government began to divert their wealth production for the support of those who placed them in office. These were those who were not producing, some for what all recognize as legitimate reasons and others simply because they had learned to get by while not working. They had a weapon by which they could gain a level of relative comfort with food, shelter and, most of all, entertainment. Usually all their needs were to be met by the wonderful new government as the new party demanding the right to lead promised everything to everyone, and the working class labored on. The initial demands were insignificant, a safety net to catch those in desperate need and set them back on their feet, some wage insurance for the unemployed, medical coverage paid by others became a right, universal employment became a responsibility of government, when that failed it became a guaranteed wage with work no longer a requirement. The last step is actually taking the wealth from those who held power for so long with their money talking while the workers simply toiled away their lives. Once the wealth of the super rich was spent, the system collapses and that is when the savior demands, give me the power and I will end all the sorrow and bring back greatness again.


These are your Caesars, your Napoleons, your Lenins, your Stalin, your Mussolini, your Caligula, your Mao, your Castro, your Che and Hitler or other dictatorial saviors who bring temporary relief followed by complete destruction with time. These leaders all have a common thread, things are never their fault as if only they had some more money, more funding, then they could make it work. They can never make it work because government cannot provide anyone with anything it did not take away from others. The problem always lies in the fact that when the government provides you with something for free, it actually costs the society thrice as much than if you had provided for yourself as for you to have done so would have meant you were providing a service for the society instead of being a growing and greedy burden. The main problem arises in that for the government to have the means to pay to provide free stuff, they must take in cash through taxes, fees, charges and other incremental encroachments upon the baseline productivity. To take in this money costs money, adding this to the total costs. Then they must find the means of getting the funds from here to there and on to there and those who dispense the funds and free stuff and all this costs more money until the overhead starts to impinge upon the basic functionality of the society. Eventually a tipping-point is reached and the siphoning of funds becomes too great and a crisis arrives. Then, as soon as the savior takes the seat of power, the end approaches.


Initially, the savior appears to have it all figured out when in reality they have been working their way through the rich and powerful and initially imprisoning these wealthy adversaries and later simply executing them as enemies of the state when they were killed for their opposition and to steal their wealth to prop up the savior’s government. Eventually the savior will have to feed off of the loyal friends as their money too will become rewired to stay afloat. Eventually the Ponzi scheme of free things for all will crash and burn and then the nation ends up like Venezuela or Greece where everything has failed and they reap that which they had sown. There is a cycle explaining the circular path which people travel around leading from one period to the next where bondage results at some point from freedom through various stages. This cycle is called the Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance (see image below). The Tytler Cycle at first glance appears to be misleading because everyone believes that they live in a period of greater wealth and freedoms than reality would dictate, unless the collapse has struck and somewhere between Apathy and Bondage, right before the new struggle where faith and courage bring on freedom once again only to be lost as the wheel continues to turn. The cycle may repeat but each repetition only rhymes with previous as each collapse suffers a different fate through which everything falls apart on the rocks of everything for free as even free stuff requires it be paid for in labor by one who is productive in the society, at least until every last of the productive has been rendered spent. There are signs of the failure coming and finding that all you are told is mostly a lie such as false news and hysterical outbursts about how absolutely terrible and unconscionable everything is because of those who are chosen for the big blaming. For Hitler it was the Jews, for Stalin it was the Jews and the religious in general, for Mao it was the Buddhists and religious people, for the Greeks it was the Jews, for the Romans it was the Jews, for the Persians it was the Jews, for the Babylonians and Phoenicians it was the Jews and truth be told, for the Muslims it is the Jews and for the new intersectionality rules on the far left it is the Jews and particularly Israel.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


Intersectionality is an interesting terminology as used by the leftists. With intersectionality, they enforce an all-for-one rule where every leftist group must toe the line on certain universal wrongs. Amongst these universal wrongs are their purported perpetrators and their helpless victims. The victims are defined as women, minorities, illegal immigrants, Muslims and the LGBTQIA communities. The perpetrating powers who are ruining the world are defined as white, male, Israel, conservatives, religious (other than Islam), Europeans, Republicans and amongst others, the Jews. The one unifying factor of all these former and the current anti-traditionalist movements is their hatred of the Jews. As such, women supporting the feminist cause and who had signs which also showed support for Israel or for Zionism were banned from the recent anti-Trump Women’s March. At the lead of this rejection of the hopes and dreams of over two millennia of the Jewish People is Linda Sarsour, a pro-Palestinian Islamist who assisted in terrorism against Israel before making her way to lead the new left and the Democrat banner in the United States. This will be the new face that these far leftists will place into the mainstream of American culture. If one desires to be included in the new Progressivism, then they will be required to forsake Israel and the Zionist dream and instead of viewing it as the dream of a people over thousands of years, claiming that it is an oppressive cult barely worthy of being a religion which must be scoured from the face of the Earth. This new “humanist” sectarian culture has no room for religion and especially no room for Jews who actually believe in and follow Torah and Hashem.


Jews are welcome as long as they support the Arabist Palestinian cause whose driving force is the extinction of the Jewish People just as the Hamas Charter repeats from the Hadiths stating in Hamas Charter, Article 7, “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ except for the Gharqad tree, for it is the tree of the Jews.” This is the face of the new Democrat personified in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, winner of the Democrat primary for Congressional District 14 of New York representing the Bronx. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) has also adopted the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and anti-Zionism positions. The new Democrats have made support for Israel a partisan position with Republican remaining in support while the Democrats not so much. AntiFa has linked hands with the anti-Israel BDS movement which was spawned originally by the Arab League. The truth is the left has sold out Israel and joined the Palestinian battle to eliminate Israel whether they see this truth or not. This is the new political reality whether many non-Orthodox Jews care to accept and believe it or remain in denial. Many claim that their Democrat representative supports Israel, but does that matter when the Party demands they vote to condemn Israel for defending herself? These are the forces which will turn the United States just as such causes have destroyed and torn asunder other formerly great nations. The only hope is for the cycle to be broken, but that will take a huge reformation to fight this well financed and destructive force now unleashed within the heart of America.


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