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June 25, 2014

The Looming Catastrophe on America’s Southern Border

There is a lot of commentary with each deliberation on the looming disaster hyperventilating to new heights outdoing any previous commentary. Still, the greatest potential of the crisis of the children’s exodus from all areas south across the American southern border appears to have escaped notice. Sure, the inflow of many hundreds of children, some with mothers in tow, or towing, but all too many making their way solo across the border. Some have questioned exactly how so many children found their way across the American border from as far away as countries in South America completely on their own. There have been in depth discussions about the reasons behind this phenomenon with some pointing accusing fingers at President Obama’s announcement that illegal immigrant children who were brought into the United States as youths should not be deported after being raised mostly in the United States and not being actually complicit in their illegal entry while other stories range across a gamut of villainous causes and sources. The one constant in the reporting has been the stressing that these are young children who, other than crossing an international border, or a series of international borders, illegally and without even a shred of paperwork, are innocents who should be treated with immeasurable kindness and appropriate, pardon the pun, kid gloves. But is there perhaps another hidden agenda which could pose a potentially hidden immigration time-bomb?


Where having what could potentially result in some thousands of children, with fair numbers of these youths being age five or less, in custody of the enforcement arm of the Immigrations and Naturalization Service being housed in numerous hastily organized facilities would be sufficient a calamity and a monumental challenge between feeding, clothing, bathing, and the other necessities in childcare even including changing diapers; these requirements are definitely not a normal part of the Immigration Service employees’ daily job requirements. But even these additional providing of special services will not be the last resultant challenge that will result from these waves of youthful trespassers. The disaster hiding in the future will totally depend on how the United States handles this immigration nightmare. The future ramifications of either option, allowing these children to remain and be granted American citizenship or deporting these children back to their originating nation, each contain their own difficulties. The deportation option has numerous potential challenges including, but likely not restricted to, arranging numerous transports to the many various destinations, attaining the necessary travel documents and permissions from each of the several nations, providing proof of nation of origin sufficient to satisfy potentially uncooperative bureaucrats in these same nations, developing protocols which assure that each child is returned to their patents in their nations of origin, and determining nations of origin of children too young or intentionally uncooperative children.


All of these problems and those not listed lead us to the potentially most disastrous and serious ramification, the reunification of the families within the United States. The worst of all potential future problems would ensue should the United States decide that a benevolent approach is the easiest and most acceptable path which is keeping the children and arranging some program which would arrange and assist in their adoption, raising, and any other care which is deemed necessary as well as funds to be used to address any unforeseen future difficulties which raise their little heads subsequently. Even if the decision is to repatriate the children with their families in their native country, there will be some number of children for whom it will be near to impossible to determine their parents, or even once the parents are located they might refuse to accept their child back and then there is the definite possibility that none of the nations of origin will accept the return of the children insisting that they are the problem of the United States and that they expect to witness that good hearted, all-American compassion they have heard about over the years. Any child which remains within the borders of the United States carries one last potential for future disaster, the United States regulations, laws and all around big hearted ideals that families should be kept intact at almost any cost, thus the continuing debate over the cases of what have been called anchor babies. These children are potentially a very large number of anchor babies just waiting for their families to demand reunification in a couple of years after their children’s lives within the United States have outlived any contentious difficulties and have gained near universal acceptance. They would have been further ensconced into mainstream American life with a favorable press covering their progress with fawning admiration and giving extensive coverage to graduations, club participation, election as class president and any other positive developments while completely avoiding any negative coverage of these new citizens. Of course there would be those who insist in covering any transgressions by these children as they progress such as criminal activities, delinquency, drug use or anything else which might potentially take some of the shine off the rest of the fawning coverage.


Eventually those behind this invasion, and do not get this wrong, this is an invasion of epic proportions, will determine that sufficient time has passed and their supporters and those innocents who served in a supportive manner despite not being a part of the conspiratorial instigators of the invasion had provided sufficient assimilative propaganda making the situation sufficiently suitable and the children assimilated for the parents to announce their sudden realization that their child was among those who had somehow made their way to the United States and they now insist to be reunified with their child and demand entry into the United States to regain their roles of parenting their long lost child. The calamitous reaction to the obvious fraud being perpetrated which threatens the new lives that America generously provided for these illegal immigrants by treating them more like refugees than as the law-breaking members of a giant conspiracy to defraud the good-hearted American people that they actually are will be hardhearted and likely to draw international comdemnation. There would definitely follow a legal battle between the new American families and the biological parents for the right to raise and provide care for these children. This emotional tug-of-war with the lives of the now accepted proto-celebrity children in the middle would be played out not only in the American press and society, but also in the media around the world which would be providing greatly sympathetic coverage of the families quest to reunite with their long lost child. There would be General Assembly resolutions issued from the United Nations and numerous NGOs would be facilitating series of demonstrations across the capitals of the world at every United States Embassy demanding that the long lost family members be reunited with their child bringing along their other children into the United States and granted citizenship in order to make whole these families who had suffered the agonies of a long absence from their only recently located child. What would be the end result of such a campaign? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but with any luck such a scenario will be avoided. Perhaps pleas from the United States transmitted worldwide on television and radio asking for the parents of any of the children for whom no information was able to be discerned to contact the closest American Embassy or Consulate and that arrangements will be made to return their child. This message might need to be followed by a second less comforting message informing all the nations from where these children may have originated that should no claim be made within some predetermined time period that after such time the parents claims to these children will be considered forfeit by the United States and no future reunification will be recognized.


Such a position will not be taken well by those who have ulterior reasons to wish to harm or otherwise defame the United States, but nations have to take the necessary, even if unpopular universally, positions necessary for their own preservation and safety. This influx of illegal immigrants, despite their young age and innocent appearance, is an invasion and must be treated as such even if care need to be taken to provide the proper sensitivity the situation demands. In the final measure, the reunification of these children with their parents in their native country in a very timely manner is the preferred solution, but if such a solution proves impossible, then whatever the resulting actions may be, they must be done with kindness, carefulness and above all, remembering that these are still children who are likely not responsible for their predicament and were not necessarily knowingly complicit in their breaking of United States immigration laws. In the end the welfare of the children must be the primary concern should reuniting them with their biological family become impossible for any reason. If such reason is the result of the nation of origin taking steps to refuse to allow their reunification with their biological family, then any other options which are made available for said reunification must be carefully considered including all the potential ramifications including the possibility that other nations will see such actions as a precedence which they might choose as a viable option they may wish to pursue. This will prove to be a situation where there will not be any perfect and compassionate solution available which will serve the best interests of every individual who plays a participating role in the entire affair. Tact may be one of the first casualties on the way to a solution which is least harmful to the interests of the United States. The one item that is guaranteed, there will be numerous detractors lining up to condemn the United States no matter what course they plot and what choices they make. At times it will appear that no matter what the United States does, their actions will have drawn unparalleled disparagements and denunciations.


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October 15, 2013

Give Gaza an Inch and They Take it a Mile

Whenever Israel responds to terror attacks they are accused of responding too forcefully. When Israel files complaints at the United Nations, the very action Israel is often told is preferable to Israel taking military steps in response to terror attacks such as rockets and mortars which land close to their towns and kibbutzim causing minimal damage and causing no casualties, the actions taken by the United Nations are laughable and often they are so minimal as to be undiscernible. So, what will be the response from the world to the latest action Israel has taken in response to terrorist activities which, had they not been averted preventing the execution of their plans, could have resulted in deadly attacks and possibly even multiple kidnappings of Israeli civilians, possibly children. Upon the discovery of a steel and concrete reinforced tunnel complex running four-hundred-fifty meters under the Gaza border wall branching out in different locations which could have facilitated a multipronged attack in several locations simultaneously causing untold horrors, the Israelis took the precautionary step of stopping all steel and concrete building supplies which they had been providing supposedly for civic and public building and certainly not for advanced tunnels complete with tracks for carts to transport terrorists and supplies more rapidly. Israel has resumed supplying these materials under duress and great amounts of pressure from the usual suspects, the United States, European Union and national governments, United Nations and so forth, all of whom gave assurances that this time would be different and that only approved projects whose plans were provided by reliable sources and were to be built by the most trustworthy of construction companies with solid international oversight which guaranteed that none of these dual use items, especially the steel and concrete, would fall into the hands of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, the Palestinian Resistance committee (PRC) or other terror related or unauthorized entities. Needless to say, the tunnel that was discovered was not in any of the approved plans presented for which Israel was supplying the dual use building materials.


This tunnel was large enough for a healthy sized man to easily stand erect inside and ran out under the Gaza Security Barrier for over a quarter of a mile and had a number of side tunnels leading to other desired locations. This tunnel was the most advanced and largest tunnel to be found connecting Gaza with border communities inside Israel and was far larger and technically sophisticated than the tunnel used when two IDF soldiers were murdered and Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and held hostage for five years. With the multiple exits spaces over a sizeable area near numerous Israeli communities and there existing tracks for use of motorized carts, Hamas could have launched a wide spread, multiple target, coordinated attacks and possibly have taken a number of hostages or simply murdered as many as they could before retreating or continuing further into Israel until caught leading to casualties and damages near unimaginable. This tunnel may have been the result of something many have suspected and feared where terrorist entities such as Hamas, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and any others with sufficient funds and the wherewithal to arrange such transportation send teams to South and Central America and to the southern neighbor of the United States, Mexico, where the terrorists assist in the military training, bomb building and other terrorist training which the drug cartels find valuable and in exchange are given training in advanced tunnel construction and infiltration methods which the cartel members can advance the terrorist knowledge base. There may be some advantages for the Israelis and the United States Border Patrol to exchange notes and determine if this tunnel’s construction bears any similarities with the drug and human smuggling tunnels of the United States southwest. If such similarities exist then it may be time for the IDF and the United States Border Patrol to take a page from the cartel and terrorist cooperation handbook and do some combined training and exchange of methods and other appropriate information.


Meanwhile, the question now is how long will it be before Mahmoud Abbas and many Arab leaders who are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and by such also with Hamas such as Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, take to their respective soapboxes and extol the world media with the horrific conditions, lack of proper housing, and deteriorating conditions within Gaza because the most evil regime on Earth, Israel, refuses to allow building materials shipments to enter Gaza leaving the Palestinian to live in squalor without proper shelter or infrastructure. We can expect the Lady Catherine Ashton, the European Union High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to be one of the first along with Dr. Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and representing the United States it will likely be either Secretary of State John Kerry or President Barack Obama. We should also list the majority of Foreign Ministers from the European continent who are always in good voice when it comes to advising Israel how to best proceed in order to be appreciated and acceptable to the reputable nations of the world. The problem with the advice given by all these not so well-meaning officials of high title and low morals is that their advice always seem to resemble instruction on the best and fastest way for Israel to cut its veritable throat. Just once I would love to see the world give Israel the kind of advice they would demand for themselves if they were facing the threats and challenges which threaten Israel and every single Israeli citizen. We have all witnessed the reactions of these other nations when struck by terrorist threats. We witnessed the delicacy the English troops practiced in Belfast, the restraint shown by the United States after 9/11 and the Afghan and Iraq wars and drone strikes all around the globe, the reactions in France, Spain, Germany and others when facing terrorists. None of them showed restraint nor did they bother to solicit permission from every single nation who wished to advise them on exactly what amount of violence would constitute a reasonable use of force. Nope, they gathered their arms and took care of business and did so with little concern for delicacy. Just once allow Israel the same latitude and there might be a surprise afterwards, Middle East peace as such a peace will only come once the Arab and Muslim Worlds come to the final realization that nothing they can do now or ever into the future will remove Israel and the Jewish People from their ancestral homelands.


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