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November 4, 2017

Of Democrats and Republicans and Any Difference


The two party system has failed the people of the United States yet many are unable to see this. This problem is partly responsible for the election of President Trump and the other half of the problem was represented perfectly by Hillary Clinton. That was what made the last election so very important. Hillary Clinton represented the idea that everything was working satisfactorily while Donald Trump represented change for the sake of repairing the problems in Washington. Looking at the election through this filter and it becomes obvious why the election turned out the way it did. The interesting thing is that the people have not given up on the two parties or the idea of their representing two separate choices and this election finally offered a choice. The problem does not exist at the local level as at this point the two parties are true to their core constituencies, one appealing to the more rural people and the other to the city dwellers. But as one rises in the two parties, they go through a metamorphosis or they will fail at the State-wide or National level. At these points, one need simply serve the future as it is painted by the elite leadership of both parties, and they actually agree. The core leadership at the national level of both parties and their representatives in Congress and in the White House are big government, progressive, centralized power, influence peddlers. This is the reason that President Trump is so viscerally hated by the leadership of both parties. This was part of the reason why the Diversity Visa Program continued under differing names from the 1970’s and is still up and running today. Part of the proof was the recent Manhattan terrorist attack which was carried out by a person who arrived in 2010 under this program from Uzbekistan.


Many ask how long it has been that the American public has, in reality, had no real choice for President. The answer becomes obvious when one traces the race for the Presidency since Ronald Reagan, the last President where the people had a choice until this past election. We had President George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, and in this past election, the choice was planned on being Hillary Clinton against Jeb Bush. Is anyone getting the picture here? Donald Trump won the Republican primary system exactly because he was somebody everyone could recognize and felt they knew who appeared to be the only real anti-candidate, the outsider who was anything but a normative politician. Trump represented a change if you believed what he was saying. What was more surprising than what he was saying was that once elected he started doing what he had promised; proof he was not a normative politician. Let us look into how the system actually works.


NBC News Final Electoral College Election 2016 Map

NBC News Final Electoral College Election 2016 Map


A person enters politics at the local level. Here they are trained on the buzzwords and how to present themselves to win the love and support of a majority of the people in their area. As they climb the ladder they modify their original wordings some small amount to gratify a larger audience, but their core message remains the same. Their actions, on the other hand, start to transform or they remain at the local level. The more one rises in the ranks, the more they become beholden to people in the major metropolises and the less they care about the individual voter. Their interests change and they start to serve different masters. These masters are the main contributors to both parties, which leads both parties to represent the same big moneyed interests as the same moneyed interests are buying the influence of both parties. By the time they make it to Washington D.C., the politician has been transformed, mostly, to a corporate sponsored tool or they become outcasts who will be rejected by their party and should they continue to win there are other ways or pushing them aside. Take Oklahoma’s First District Representative Jim Bridenstine, a real upstart who loyally represents the people and has had the party try and unseat him in every primary since he won the seat. They have failed, as his electorate is awake. The system still works as Jim Bridenstine has been nominated by President Trump to be the new top man at NASA, and he would be a perfect fit even if Tulsa Oklahoma would be losing a great Representative. That is the other means of keeping the Congress controlled, give the odd candidate who cannot be defeated their dream job, but only after they have served long enough to have the golden-parachute retirement guaranteed all the members of the Congressional Societal Group.


This thinning of the herd such that only the big government progressives make their way to Washington D.C. is done by plans and methods and by the money. Where the Congress passes legislation every few years presumably to take the money out of politics, they actually only rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and everything continues steaming full-speed for the iceberg. Each new refreshing of the way the money must flow to reach the candidates serves only one purpose, to make it appear that this money is further away from the candidates and to obscure the truth that they have all largely been bought and paid for by the same money. It is as close as one can get to their being one large pile of cash and everybody is at the same feeding trough being paid by the same people to complete their preferred legislation and forget the small people who elected them. Once we all realize this it is easier to understand such actions as the recent antics of Senator John McCain and company or the call by Chuck Schumer for President Trump to do something to make the vetting of people immigrating to the United States more selective after blocking every proposed change to the system President Trump has already proposed. Schumer was simply grandstanding for the media such that he was on record opposing allowing letting terrorists into the country when he really is partially responsible just as are all the others for the current system. Schumer, the Democrat Representative from New York, was actually the person who sponsored the Diversity Visa Program under which the terrorist entered the country, and that legislation was signed into law by Republican President George H. W. Bush in 1990. There was your bipartisan effort to undercut the unity of the country by bringing in hundreds of thousands leading to millions of people with backgrounds completely foreign to the Judeo-Christian base of the United States. This is one of the main objectives of the moneyed interests as this provides them with inexpensive labor and an easily manipulated electorate.


The other main problem is that these moneyed interests mostly are not just people interested in the success of the United States, just the opposite. Many of these people are international in nature and have only a world government as their preferred goal. There are a few problems which prevent their success in their efforts; the United States is the biggest of these problems. The one name when it comes to politics and money almost everybody can recognize is also the best person to prove of what we speak. That person is George Soros who stated in his book ‘The Age of Fallibility: The Consequences of the War on Terror’ (2006), “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” We have provided a video of George Soros discussing his book below. He is far from the only internationalist who believes that the United States is preventing any progress towards a World Governance which was the original idea behind allowing any government so choosing to join the United Nations. This was the idea behind the Common Market and the European Union it eventually produced. Other efforts in this general arena of a World Governance include but are not limited to, the World Courts in Geneva, the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, World Bank, International Atomic Energy Agency, INTERPOL and for a list of other international agencies and organization one can look here. As is obvious, the world has been either tied into large units or covered universally by subjects. Another side to these efforts would be to start the unification projects by unifying many of the similar NGO’s and Agencies into one central agency for each general area rather than the splintering which has been the practice. Looking over the list of international agencies one could surmise that in some instances, these are simply divisive tactic or, even more simply, they are nothing more than a means to provide employment for far too many people getting their higher degrees by choosing the world crusade which they desire to follow. If you desire to save the world through ecological awareness, very soon you will find that you would be best served to choose a specific ecological identity such as saving a specific species such as the group Save the Beluga Whales and have them pay for your Doctoral Thesis on the need to protect Beluga Whales which would lead to your being employed and that would be your niche. More generally, there is a group which oversees a plethora of save this species or save that species and it is the Defenders of Wildlife. The same is true of almost any special interest group you can think of, and in some cases, it appears more like whatever you can invent. Perhaps we should start our own NGO and call it, The Lost Causes Nobody Thought to Cover and we could collect donations for all the causes which fell through the cracks and anybody with an agency of any sort could list with us and share our financial tools and maybe even receive some money from the central group, though much of that money would go to pay for lobbyists and pay the staff as it would largely be an employment agency matching people to their respective group for their cause.


These groups represent the desired end of our world as we know it. Much of the support many of these organizations get through volunteering and fund-raising comes from people who honestly care and want a better world. Still, if on every last one of these fund-raising efforts they would place the idea that the group supports a one world government such as the United Nations where everyone were to become citizens of the world, the citizens of the world would stop their support, or at least we would hope that would be the case. If the majority of people in the free world actually believe that a world government would be a good idea, then the world is in worse shape than we thought. Just for a moment, we would not ask you try this any longer than that, think of how problems, such as the pothole, which has blown three of your tires upon hitting it on your way to work this past month, would get resolved by a world governance. Did you feel the agony of paperwork and other technicalities which would be required to fill a single pothole? There would be environmental impact studies required and feasibility studies followed by a committee to decide on the best means and methods submitting the five best plans for repairing the pothole. Then somebody would demand that a study be done on the probability of repeat potholes on your stretch of road and whether repaving might be an even better option. After probably three to five years of studies and research, the government would send a large dump truck and a flag waver and streaming tape all to mark the work area so the crew would be safe while repairing the pothole. The union demanded twelve-man crew would be there with eleven men observing one guy shoveling tar and asphalt into your pothole which had grown over the year and a half of studying it. Then, after a whole day or two the pothole would be finished and everything would return to normal except there might be a new pothole which, of course, could not have been repaired by this crew as they were not assigned to that pothole which, incredibly, is all the way in the next block, they cannot be expected to work on that pothole without the necessary paperwork and studies and procedures being followed.


The good news is that the United States is not alone in resisting the idea of a single world government. There are a few other nations such as Great Britain as was evidenced by the BREXIT vote to leave the European Union. You will have noticed that the leading politicians have mostly tried to play down the people’s vote and remain in the European Union. Also remaining outside of the European Union are, in alphabetical order, Albania, Armenia. Belarus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vatican City State. Another nation which stands against any one-world plans is Israel. The Islamic World is actually in favor of a single world government providing Islam gets to be that power and they see the one world government being called the Caliphate. The absolutely frightening reality is there are leaders in the world willing to make that sacrifice just to reach their goal of one-world governance. As John Lennon put his dreams of a one-world governance in his song Imagine where in it he envisions a world where: “Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too, Imagine all the people, Living life in peace.” Of course he goes full tilt communist crazy in a later verse stating; “Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world. Sure, right John, wherever you are, we tried that and the result was everyone had nothing while the select few had everything they ever desired. We have seen the results of this system in the Soviet Union, North Korea and Venezuela and none of these give any appearance of being enviable.


World Freedom Ratings

World Freedom Ratings


Anyway, the elites of both parties desire centralized power with them ruling that governance. President Trump disagrees with this vision politically despite being one of the preferred people within the system himself. President Trump is the one who can begin the struggle to drain the swamp, as it has been put. He has provided a great service towards that end already by exposing the media for their ‘Fake News’ Stories and how they have lied consistently in favor of the privileged few, the power and moneyed people. He has thrown the covers off and revealed the naked truth, the people have been being fed a bunch of garbage and that the mainstream media has been complicit in providing exactly what was ordered. Climate Change meant that people would have to surrender driving more than two-hundred miles per day in their electric car. Never mind that after five to seven years an entirely new set of batteries will be required which will cost almost as much as the car’s original price. Government will mandate that ethanol be mixed into your gasoline which at a certain point will mean older vehicles will no longer run on the provided fuel mixture. Ignore the fact that ethanol mandates have made many farmers switch their wheat fields to growing corn, which requires irrigation and fertilizers, and that we are now burning a goodly percentage of our food crop in our car engines. This is absolutely not a sustainable development. President Trump attempted to remove the coming increases of ethanol into the gasoline mixture only to have the Congress reinstate the mandate through some resolution where this instruction to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. This was done to satisfy the ethanol lobby, a very powerful lobby which uses the Iowa primary caucuses as their bludgeon with which to threaten politics. This lobby is supported by some very deep pockets which include Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Cargill and three international companies from outside the United States of Bunge (Founded in the Netherlands in 1818), Glencore International (Anglo-Swiss multinational) and Louis Dreyfus (French company founded in 1851). Also in on the lobbying are DuPont and Monsanto plus others not mentioned. Corn for ethanol has replaced wheat and corn for human consumption as the number one crop in the United States, has driven up the price of feed for cattle, and is pressing the prices of the entirety of food in direct jeopardy. Making the entire concept even worse is that gasoline ethanol mixtures not only produce lower miles per gallon but are harmful to the engines literally burning these fuels. The constant creep of more ethanol blended into the fuel also forces the vehicle manufacturers to redesign their engines just to accommodate these fuels. Are these politicians thinking of the people or their campaign pockets when they make such decisions?


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December 4, 2014

Another Day Another Terrorist Stabbing Attack

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If things are as I remember from my times outside of Israel, then very few have likely heard of the nearly daily terror attacks unless the attack results in numerous fatalities or has some particularly grisly results or an extraordinarily newsworthy angle, the news does not reach even all of Israel, let alone the rest of the world. My misfortune is that I make a special effort, as to me every Israeli is my friend if not my relative, and in many ways Israelis do make up a large extended family. Today it was a stabbing at a grocery store which would have been far more newsworthy had not an off duty security guard been passing the Ram Levi grocery store just outside of Jerusalem and shot injuring the knife wielding terrorist. There were two gentlemen reported to be in their fifties, one who was stabbed in the head and the other stabbed in the shoulder and both received emergency medical treatment at the scene and were then transferred to a hospital. The terrorist was also transferred to a hospital to receive further treatment as his wounds were also not fatal as were fortunately not the wounds of his victims. Once again the terrorist was from East Jerusalem just as were the two terrorists who murdered the four Rabbis during their morning prayers as well as a Druze Israeli police officer who was the first to arrive on the scene and attempted to rescue others from within the synagogue last week in the Har Nof neighborhood in West Jerusalem. These terrorists from East Jerusalem are former Jordanian Arabs who have been granted Israeli citizenship as a result of Israel annexing all of Jerusalem after the Six Day War. What is even more distressing has been the fact that these terrorists are celebrated by others in the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the mother of one of the cousins who murdered the Rabbis and the Druze officer recently appeared praising their actions and lauding the blessing they were to her as she bore one and was the aunt of the other and she could not have been more proud and was celebrating their martyrdom. These Arab citizens will be voting in the same elections coming to Israel in mid-March as they are as Israeli now as I am.


Still these attacks continue daily with two, three, even four succeeding in serious injuries and, unfortunately, a number of deaths have occurred and the number unfortunately continues to rise. Today Islamic violence against non-Islamic victims occurred when a thirty-seven-year-old kindergarten teacher from the United States was knifed to death by a burqa-clad ‘woman’ in shopping mall toilets in Abu Dhabi. She was a kindergarten teacher who has 11-year-old twin boys. Our condolences to her family, friends and all who knew and now will have a hole torn in their lives. Their loss is one all too familiar to many in Israel and they should know that many across Israel will feel sorrow in her death and the unnecessary deaths which have struck so many lives short, across all borders in all too many nations. Yet despite these effects reaching across the globe there still is no agreement from the affected nations to work together to end the deaths of more innocents in the coming years. That begs the questions as to for what are the nations of the world waiting and how many more must go to their deaths needlessly before the nations affected by such deaths finally band together and demand justice and an end to needless deaths?


The truth is that this is nothing new in Israel as such has been happening ever since the Jewish People originally began returning to their ancient homelands around the middle of the nineteenth century. Initially the Jews came and drained swamps and removed boulders and stones and began to transform the land making it productive once again for the first time in almost two thousand years since the Roman expulsion. This was met by Arabs moving into the area from neighboring countries initially and as the land grew and prospered the Arabs came from further and further afield with some coming from as far as Morocco and Yemen. By the end of World War I the Zionists had initiated sufficient callings for the recognition of the Jewish homeland that the Balfour Declaration was issued. This led to the San Remo Conference where the Balfour Declaration was adopted by the main allied powers from World War I. By the 1920s there began to be Arab discontent largely brought on by the plans to establish the Jewish state on lands which the Mufti of Jerusalem and many of the Imams sermonized was Islamic lands and must not be permitted to be violated by the presence of a Jewish state. During the 1920s and through the 1930s there were a series of Arab riots stretching across the lands with the most famous ones being in Hevron and Jerusalem. The rallying cry then, as it is now, was that the Jews were going to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque, or destroy the Dome of the Rock and build their Temple in the ruins of the Islamic and Christian holy places on the Temple Mount. There were no plans to rebuild the Temple but that was of no consequence as the Arab leadership was going to drive the Jews from their lands and not permit the Jewish state to even be born. This is the rallying cry today and the rioting is no different today and neither are the stabbing attacks and other assaults by Arabs against Jews. The next step will be Muslim on Muslim violence against Muslims who are seen as not supporting the fight against the Jews.


Such violence will repeat itself century after century until it is forced once and for all to be put to an end and Islam to be moderated by those within Islam who desire to live their religion in peace and allow others to enjoy the same privilege. Such is possible as all such would require would be for Islam to follow the teachings within the Quran which were written while Muhammad resided and originally preached in Mecca and to place the Quran from their holiest city to supercede that written in Medina where Muhammad wrote verses from a far different perspective and standing within the society. That is something which must be decided within Islam. Until then the rest of the world needs to recognize that there are two completely separate viewpoints within the Quran, one benevolent and the other malevolent. The practitioners of Islam need to be persuaded by whatever means are necessary to choose the benevolent verses of the Quran and hopefully banish the malevolent supremacist verses such that Islam can take its place amongst the world religions and not be dead set on supplanting all of the world’s religions with Islam as the sole surviving religion permitted. Hopefully such does not require the violent confrontation which will ensue should the current path be continued on into the future and the eventual confrontation be forced upon the world resulting in another world war as such will very likely this time demand a sacrifice of treasure and modernity which may place mankind into another dark ages from which there may be no easy recovery and that not only our children but our grandchildren and their grandchildren as well will live in a far less comfortable world still recovering from the horrors we will end up wreaking on all the world’s societies simply over whose religion is permitted and whose is forbidden. Have we not learned as a species that mass murder on a horrific scale is no way to guarantee a better life for our children going on into perpetuity? Choices need to be made and made now, not after the next horrific terror attack or the one after that or even far later down the road after nuclear terrorism has struck and some cities across the globe are smoldering wastelands uninhabitable for the next century or more. This is one challenge we must not force our children to live with or else we will have failed them miserably.


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