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February 26, 2016

What is the World Going to Do, Hate Us?


Israel is facing any number of hard and soft threats. The hard threats are such items as the Syrian War spilling intentionally or inadvertently over our border, the nuclearization of Iran, especially when combined with the Iranian threats to annihilate us, and other threats to invade or otherwise cut Israel from the rest of the world, the end result if the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanction) ever succeeded in their efforts. There are some more distant hard threats such as complete sanction under Chapter Seven by the United Nations Security Council with their declaring Israel to have been formed illegally and stripping Israel of any recognized borders and calling for her isolations, their recognizing the Arab claims for Palestine replacing Israel with this new entity or simply demanding Israel withdraw to within the Green Line making that the recognized border between the two states. All of these threats would not hold complete validity until the United Nations would begin to form a military alliance to force such a resolution upon Israel or if any of the major powers such as Russia, Chins, the United States, the European Union or any group of nations capable of fielding a sizeable military force intent on forcing the issue upon Israel. Most, if not all, of these scenarios hold no possibility at this time and some are items for future sleepless nights if not prevented before their initiation. The nuclearization of Iran at the very top of that list but there we should have allies as such a threat to Israel being launched would establish the Iranian intent to use their nuclear weapons status as a weapon with which to threaten or annihilate any of their adversaries which includes every Sunni State, every non-Islamic state and most obviously the United States, Europe, and eventually China, Russia and the rest of the world on their way to world domination, one of Iran’s previously stated goal as their part of completing the commands of the Quran as they interpret it to demand of them. These threats can only be defeated by military readiness.


Israel had faced such threats in the past and fared poorly for quite some time. What the Jewish people are more threatened by is the same threat they have faced since the beginning of history, the threat of annihilation being bandied about as a stated goal by groups or nations. There have been times throughout Jewish history with the earliest being the enslavement in Egypt. This led to some of the most influential experiences of any people on the remainder of the world throughout the rest of history. The Bible as in Old Testament was a direct result as was the New Testament and Christianity and later the Quran and Islam and there have been a few other offshoots of these into separate groups through history. The Ten Commandments were given at Mount Sinai which has often been referred to as the basis for much of the body of law in the Western World. There was also the idea first given that a King or any governing body must be made to live under the same code of laws as anybody else and that no ruler should become wealthy off of public service as enriching oneself at the public’s expense is the worst form of tyranny, that of separating the rulers from the peoples. The concept of a day off from work, the weekend, the concept that slaves must be set free and the rules set forth for the humane treatment of a slave where they are to share and eat as does their owner and their family and other similar laws. When one comes across the law which states any slave may choose to remain as a slave with their master for life must so mark himself with a mark on their ear that one realizes that slave was more of a reference as a worker more so than a slave. There are numerous other concepts drawn from the Jewish writings which are still seen as appropriate today, it is really a shame that many are not extended to the Jews or Israel.


Most of the problems Israel has deal with the Arabs, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas and Islamic Jihad and how the stories related to these are retold in the world media. One might safely say the majority of the media, particularly the more leftist leaning media have a real hard time with Israel basically discounting anything and everything they claim. These same news outlets copy PA, Hamas and other propaganda casting Israel as an evil entity word for word with absolutely no check on the validity. The claim that had these news sources have stated has been the rapid speed of the news business today and that getting the breaking story out is often a greater demand than checking its validity. Of course any commentary released by Israel must be checked and rechecked and then weighed for its imperative need to be given any priority. That is the longwinded way of saying whatever Israel claims is invalid. Some of the reporting of the current Arab war on Israel which has escalated once again where there are at least an average of three to five assaults per day not even counting the rocks, large rocks hurled at vehicles hoping to cause them to cause the driver to lose control and crash and possibly kill any number of passengers. The claim given by the PA is that these attacks are completely unplanned and they have no control over the perpetrators who are acting out of frustration with the settlements and the inability of Israel to make peace. This is obvious as it is exactly what the media throughout the world has had to say. The fact that Mahmoud Abbas and the PA are running and indoctrination assault using social media, television, radio, music, the school curriculum and virtually every other ploy to instigate a many attacks as possible. That truth is also missing from reporting. One of the best headlines which had since been scrubbed as it was replaced with one somewhat less negative. The initial claimed that two Palestinian youths killed on bus, twelve injured. The part left out was that the two ‘Palestinian youths’ were cousin age fourteen and sixteen were armed and stabbing their way through the bus until they came upon police who ended their rampaging through the bus terminal. They had managed to injure to varying extents twelve people and were charging the security officers who ended up shooting them ending their stabbing their way to martyrdom. This is the other fact often left from the coverage is that these youths, and they are unfortunately youths, will continue to assault people and kill people until they are rendered incapable of continuing which too often equates to dead. Even Mahmoud Abbas stated that these young people were seeking martyrdom and lauded them for their courage. I have come over the years to realize that though the officers, the hierarchy of Arab Palestinian society constantly congratulate the suicide bombers and the current trend of stabbing suicide martyrs claiming how glorious such a death is and its rewards in heaven but do not appear themselves all that anxious to lead by example and place themselves in harm’s way. The leaders and much if not all their family members remain safely locked while building themselves some really luxurious palatial homes. Below find Mahmoud Abbas’s plans for his new residence and some of the other opulent houses, chalets, palaces, not sure on what the best word is to describe such homes. Abbas’s compound will cost around thirteen million dollars.



Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks

Mansions of Palestinian Elites

Mansions of Palestinian Elites



Perhaps it is because of the nice homes that these men do not volunteer for martyrdom attacks. Where that may appear to be an argument for economic development to improve the situation of the average Arab, that might not be the end all because nobody no matter their business acumen can make their employees as wealthy as the people whole homes are pictured. The one thing that can be guaranteed about the owners of these homes, they are either higher-ups in the PA government or are close friends with people in the PA government as nobody gets that wealthy without Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen permitting such which means there has to be some I scratch your back and your scratch mine going on. The one item never explored (I hear it coming that I have said this a gazillion times and I will probably do it a gazillion more) is exactly what the PA would accept as a final, repeat final, solution with Israel. Once upon a time a PA leader named Yasser Arafat, you may have heard of him, answered the question of what would it take. His answer was half of Jerusalem, and over 95% of the West Bank. That response was given to President Clinton who rushed to Prime Minister Barak and presented the terms. If you can find the video of Madeline Albright waddling running after Yasser Arafat as he fled to building to a running waiting car, please send it to us with link as we will use it. After that the PA has refused to give any real set of condition and will never give their actual demand. What is their actual demand, you ask? They want a State of Palestine replacing Israel from the River to the Sea. This demand also means that they are honestly aware that Israel has legal international claim to all the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Mahmoud Abbas knows that he has to demand all of the lands such that Israel cannot acquiesce as the next step once the world, or the United Nations, fits them their demand and the world powers are finally willing to commit massive troops to enforce such a deal and understand that what that means; the annihilation of over six-million Jews and almost a quarter of a million Christians being likely to be murdered as soon as the PA is replaced with Islamic State/Hamas.


The really big secret in the Middle East has been how Hamas is burning the candle at both ends and likely to get away with it for the time being. Hamas is cooperating with Islamic Jihad in the Sinai while also accepting funding from Iran as well as Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is linked to Iran and is playing a second front with which Iran can harass Israel with. Hamas also takes direction from the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State. All of the above except Iran are Sunni while Iran is Shia. The question is where will Hamas fall when Iran and Islamic Jihad lock horns? Our feeling is who care as long as they destroy one another. I apologize, that was not nice, how about only cripple? The problem is the world will denounce Israel because they are seen as the stronger force picking on powerless Arab Palestinians. The reality is that the PA goes through a budget of trillions of dollars each year and still has the audacity to claim they are broke every three or four months. Israel also receives support from the United States with a small iron bridge support cable namely they must spend the funds in the United States on military equipment solely while the PA gets to use their money, a measly half million alone from the United States plus whatever the United States pays to support UNRWA plus the unpublicized funding from extremist sources such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and who knows where else (Qatar maybe or are they too mild). The forces surrounding Israel are dangerous, well-armed and immune to any sanction from the United Nations or any Western Powers, bit that most would denounce, let alone harm, any of the forces challenging Israel.


Let’s take a quick tour of the forces threatening Israel. The PA which received more money than anyone can track and pays all of the Hamas government salaries, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad forces used as Gaza Security (or in otherwords all of them) and likely helps with everything it believes it can legally and not anger the United States. Hamas gets funding from every direction in the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as European governments (many of whom have demanded Israel negotiate with them as they believe they are just one of the boys who really hate Israel) and UNRWA as well as many other United Nations funding options. Hezballah is the attack puppy of Iran and runs Lebanon with an iron fist and, as the Syria war has proven beyond any doubt, is at the beck and call of Iran to perform any service they require and anyone other than Iran will have to stand in line until Iran is not using Hezballah, otherwise they are in the clock and you can just wait. These are some of the threats Israel faces. There is also Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, IRGC and the Muslim Brotherhood financed forces as well as some other lesser forces. With these forces threatening Israel on every border Israel needs to redefine their borders such that they are far more defendable. What does that mean? The first step is that as long as the PA is encouraging stabbing, vehicular, rock throwing, firebombing and other assaults with the intent of murdering Israelis, everywhere else in the world that is an act of war which is responded to forcefully. The new border after everyone known to be attached directly to the decision making processes of the PA driven beyond Israeli borders and any terrorist having them and their entire family, cousins, uncles, aunts, mother, father, brothers, sisters, wife, children, and other first step family members all deported. Then, when Hamas and Islamic Jihad take their next missile and rocket attacks and using tunnels to attack inside Israel and possibly attempting or actually committing kidnappings, then Gaza should be pushed into the sea or Sinai with the Egyptians warned ahead of the assault so they could be stationed at their border to arrest all the terrorist and others undesirable refugees as they crossed their border as they will more likely prefer being arrested by Egypt than Israel. What can I say about the last comment about preferring Egyptian arrest, everybody is permitted one mistake. Finally, when they return from the Syrian war Hezballah will need to regain their street cred with the people of Lebanon and they will turn on Israel to get their support. Israel should let the Christian, Druze and Sunni Muslim who all are subjugated by Hezballah that this would be the time to clear the Becca Valley and place sufficient forces to arrest all of the remaining Hezballah forces at the Litani River and once and for all having destroyed Hezballah, Israel will be assuming the Litani River as their northern border. The immediate response from the world, the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Russia, China, Vanuatu and who knows who else will be to denounce the Israeli aggression, disproportional force, and expansion of borders. The problem is that when attacked a country is permitted to retain the lands from which the attacks were manned and launched and establish a border which is defensible which usually means holding the high lands (Golan Heights), a river (Jordan and Litani Rivers), larger bodies of water (Dead Sea) and other strategic lands granting the ability to see attacking forces at a distance (areas beyond the Negev Desert into the Sinai Peninsula). These are the natural borders Israel should implement if attacked from across her borders and let this be known ahead of time as a deterrent. Those who will claim Israel will never hear the end of such overt moves, let us ask, and we are hearing the end of our defending ourselves from Hamas and a thousand rockets a day and from the PA with their all-out attack backed by instigations from government media and with government social media blitz and financial rewards yet Israel is attacked for killing homicidal maniacs demanding to be stopped and who when shot and injured lunge at victims until shot repeatedly and killed. We are being victimized by the world for defending ourselves within our current borders so why care what the world thinks as they already condemn us for breathing. We want secure borders on all fronts and we should take them as they become necessary. Nothing less than knowing attacking Israel will cost the attacking forces land, period. We tried carrots, now is the time for sticks.


Beyond the Cusp


November 20, 2012

Now the World Demands a Cessation of Violence and Attacks

For year after year, hundreds turned into thousands and passed into tens of thousands of rockets pouring over the Gaza border raining down on the residents of southern Israel. Initially it was limited to Sderot and a few unfortunate Kibbutzim located close to the Gaza border. Soon it reached past these unfortunates and included Ashkelon, then Ashod and Beersheba, and have most recently with this augmentation of the terrorist’s rockets the Iranian provided Fadjr rocket which has brought the range nearing the outskirts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. All this time the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, almost all the European Governments, virtually the entire world remained silent allowing the barrages to continue unprotested with the notable exception of Canada Prime Minister Steven Harper who denounced the targeting of innocent Israeli civilians. Almost immediately after an Israeli response began to the increased daily fire rate of over one-hundred rockets and mortars per day and the introduction of guided anti-tank Kornet missiles also Iranian in origin which were used against an IDF jeep causing severe injuries and permanently blinding one IDF soldier, the world sprang into fevered action seeking to stop the violent exchanges over the Gaza-Israel border. This was not at all surprising as this has been the same order of world reactions before, during and after the last Israeli response to the attacks in the Cast Lead offensive which did result in a lull in the rocket fire for a short while. So, what was it that launched the entire globe into action to end the violence?

That is an easy question to answer but difficult to prove as even claiming the truth labels one as paranoid and exaggerating the problem as identified. Those who point to the truth are told that they are overreacting as the world is acting to put all the violence to an end and find an agreement that will lead to a permanent peace. So, what is this claim that only the most daft would propose? My bet is you have already figured that out, it is that the world really cannot stomach Israel defending itself against the Palestinian terror offensives. As long as it is Israel, perceived to imply Jews, that are being attacked and absorbing casualties, deaths, and injuries including crippling and permanently debilitating injuries, then the world simply continues as if all is well with maybe the occasional declaration which remains unenforced just to toss the Israeli government a bone. As soon as the tables are turned somewhat and the attacks are also now originating from Israel and the Palestinians are screaming demanding something be done, the world erupts into action with leaders of countries and virtually every NGO rushing and demanding a stop to all violence, when they actually mean all Israeli (Jewish) use of force.

I know, how can I make such a claim? Well, I can go past just because and five examples. We can look at the response to terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and car bombs originating from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) on Israel striking civilians in restaurants, attending services, in nightclubs, and setting up ambushes on roadways which triggered the offensive Israel called Operation Defensive Shield. Almost as soon as the IDF entered Judea and Samaria the world exploded in condemnations and virtually every news service began repeating every Palestinian claim without any fact checks while reporting IDF and Israeli reports with cautionary advisories such as “IDF claims that” or “Israeli sources claim.” When the Palestinians reported about a massacre in Jenin they were carried as fact. To this day one can find references to the Jenin massacre where supposedly thousands of innocent Palestinians were supposedly slaughtered by the IDF. Even despite a United Nations investigation into the events in Jenin reported that there had been no massacre, the number of Palestinians killed was fifty-two with the majority likely being combatants or directly due to the explosive traps set by the Palestinian terrorists in many of the homes and buildings while Israeli casualties were twenty-three IDF soldiers. Despite the United Nations report and the fact that the report received virtually no coverage as it came many months after the whole Operation Defensive Shield had ended, the world still believes the propaganda, especially in the Arab and Muslim worlds where any exaggeration of claim that slanders Jews is automatically accepted as fact.

There was the reaction to the Cast Lead campaign in Gaza that resulted in the derogatory and biased Goldstone Report. When months later Judge Goldstone repudiated his own report and the methods employed in the reaching of the report’s conclusions. His revealing that the members of his team were chosen after they signed an affidavit revealing they had reached a conclusion before they had even researched any facts and were predisposed to condemn Israel no matter the facts revealed. He was pilloried and nearly destroyed by the world press when he came clean about their report’s lack of truth and preconceived conclusions. Then there was the Second Lebanon War which was also roundly deplored and it was stated that Israel was overreacting.

Now we are watching the same reactions to the Israeli actions. The fact that some in the West have reacted finally backing that Israel has a right to self-defense has been very refreshing but still has a troubling side. Thus far that has been the reaction but those supporters have already announced their point of turning on Israeli self-defense. Apparently, there is a limit to how far Israel will be allowed to go and receive the support of much of Europe and possibly their other current support with the exception, which I must note again, of Prime Minister Steven Harper of Canada, thank you PM Harper, you are a pillar of righteous strength among the leaders of nations. The tripping point where Israel’s support evaporates is when the IDF begins any form of ground campaign. Despite the truth that the IDF is the most restrictive military with the strictest ROE (Rules of Engagement) on the planet meant to do as much as is doable to prevent innocent casualties to the point of even suspending all activities despite such a step allows terrorists to escape retribution as the lives of innocents are considered valuable to the people and leadership of Israel, including Palestinians. Don’t believe me, listen to the gentleman we linked to yesterday reporting on the IDF to the United Nations, Col. Richard Kemp (ret.) a career soldier of the British Military. Despite this known fact, a deep dark secret as far as the media and most of the world’s leadership, but a well-known fact that is purposely ignored, the world feels the necessity to place limits on the Israeli use of force in her defense. These leaders are aware that this limitation they will attempt to use will hamper the Israelis ability to actually completely finish the eradication of the ability of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, the PRC, the Salafists and whatever other terrorist forces I failed to mention to continue to attack the Israeli people who have suffered near ceaseless violence day and night seemingly as far back as one can remember. They intend to prevent Israel from utilizing the same degree of military force as was applied by the United States and her allies after the 911 attacks which began with airstrikes just as have the Israelis and proceeded on to ground invasions with the intent to change the governance of the nations from which a threat was thought to be present. This was the actual range of force applied in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was also applied to parts of Pakistan where it was the cooperation of the Pakistani military which applied the ground forces used to attack targets. Despite the fact that the United States and her NATO allies utilized everything at their disposal to remove threats, such is considered a luxury to be denied to Israel in the defense of her people. Will this limit be applied as threatened? We may unfortunately find out if Hamas and their fellow terrorist entities refuse to stop the launching of the rockets onto the civilian population of Israel. My real hope is that not only will a land invasion prove unnecessary but that the future holds peace and quiet for both Israelis and Palestinians and the whole world, for that matter. Pollyannish? Very much so, but a hope worth holding on to despite all the realities which make such thoughts seem so ridiculous.

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March 12, 2012

Jews and Israel Now in the Same Lifeboat

In today’s world with the state of political and social unrest the words Jew and Israel are used virtually interchangeably. This produces a situation where every Jew needs to become more attentive, concerned and supportive of Israel as whatever becomes the fate of Israel will directly affect them, their lives and the lives of many of those around them. This also places an additional burden upon those who decide the fate and actions of Israel as they now decide the fate of all Jewry. Too many Jews in the United States prefer to dispute this situation claiming that the Jewish community in America is vigorous and healthy and can exist on its own. With the rates of intermarriage on the rise and the level of assimilation absorbing more Jews away from traditional Judaism, how anyone can look at the Jewish community within the United States as healthy and having a future, let alone a bright future, is beyond me. There may be some small pockets where Judaism would still be practiced in another century should Israel lift off the planet and fly off to a distant star or otherwise disappear from the map of the world tomorrow, but Judaism as anything beyond a social club beholden to liberal politics is highly doubtful. It is with this in mind that I wish to plead with the leaders of Eretz Yisroel, the Ministers of the Knesset, the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and inner circle, the Defense and Foreign Ministers, and any others who hold sway over the decisions of State.


Israel has reached a crucial crossroads, probably the most vital and threatening crossroads since May of 1948. Even the threats on the borders in both 1967 and again in 1973, when everybody ignored the signs pretending Egypt and Syria would not dare attack, Israel was not as seriously under threat for her existence. For the sake of Israel and all Jews who will very likely soon need a healthy lifeboat and refuge to which to run, please do that which must be done and let the world do as it pleases after Israel is safe and secure. I am not talking about Iran and their nuclear program, though that too is an existential threat which will soon need our full and undivided attention. I refer to the threats on and within your borders, our borders. Prime Minister Netanyahu just finished talking bravely and truthfully at the APAC conference and presumably with President Obama. Both the Prime Minister and President spoke of the right for Israel to defend herself, even by herself if need be. I pray the Prime Minister believes his words though it is less apparent if President Obama meant his words as he threatened two days later to blame Israel for any and all ramifications which may arise should Israel defend herself against the approaching and promised Iranian nuclear threat by taking President Obama at his word. Before we can ask the world to join Israel and assist with removing the ability for Iran to produce nuclear weapons, Israel must act to prove that a Jewish life is worth saving. How can we expect anybody to come to our aid if we refuse to help ourselves?


Since Friday morning, out of Gaza with the full support of Hamas, the ruling governance in Gaza, and their allied alphabet soup of other terror groups, such as the PRC, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, and even some PLO, have launched upwards to one-hundred-and-fifty or more rockets at Israeli towns, kibbutzim, cities, and farms. None of those targeted are living beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines which are so regularly denoted as sacred in the news under the misnomer of the 1967 borders. These are Jews, Arabs, Druze; Israeli citizens, all who live, work, play, and sometimes need to run into shelters to hide from these rockets fired from Gaza. This is the same Gaza which Israel destroyed every single trace of Jewish existence and forced every Israeli living in Gaza to leave their home and become orphans in their own state for peace. This is the same Gaza where millions of dollars’ worth of agricultural equipment was left behind so those Gazans who had worked alongside the Israelis would be able to continue to make a living and be productive. This is the same Gaza that tore those greenhouses apart and transformed the pipes into rockets with which to attack Israelis, sometimes even the same Israelis who had been forced from Gaza for peace. Peace? There is no peace with Gaza because the Arabs masquerading as the Palestinian people consider all of Israel as their land occupied by the Dhimmi Jews.


How can Israel expect other countries or anybody in the world to defend the Israeli people with more force and commitment than shown by the government of Israel? Where G-d helps the helpless, mankind falls miserably short in that area; and Israel has been acting quite helpless in the eyes of the world. I realize that whenever Israel acts it seems like the entire world deplores their efforts and condemns them and may even try to punish Israel with sanctions and other forms of harm. It is the same as when the star player on the school football or rugby team uses his strength to defend some poor unfortunate from the bully. He will be called before the headmaster or principal and the coach may make him miss a game as punishment, but the bully respects that he no longer is unopposed, even if the hero needs to repeat his actions a few times and take the heaps of scorn from those who pretend to be the protectors. It is the same with the United Nations, the European Union, the European governments, the United States, Russia, China, and all the rest who claim that Israel should have petitioned them and they would have protected Israel. We both know that is pure balderdash, a bare faced deceit. The only reason the rockets fired from Gaza are not causing near countless dead and severely wounded Israelis is due to their inaccuracy. Israelis cannot continue to rely on the fact that the rockets being fired into their neighborhoods will most often fall harmlessly in fields and not on schools and houses as eventually Hamas will acquire more accurate munitions. We all witnessed exactly what would be the result of guided munitions in the hands of these blood thirsty murderers when they fired a guided anti-tank rocket aiming and striking an Israeli school bus killing the sole student still aboard and severely injuring the driver. Where they celebrated this vile act in Gaza handing out sweets and candies, we also know they cursed that all the other children had gotten off the bus moments earlier. Oh, the joy in Gaza City had that bus been full of children.


The only possibility of the world taking Israeli warnings and pleas for help with Iran and the rest of the threats from the Arab and Muslim world is if Israel shows that they themselves are serious about defending their people. Striking at empty buildings at three in the morning to assure minimal casualties will never be an effective deterrent to the rockets and terror strikes by Hamas, PLO, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority, Hezballah, and the rest of the terrorist murderers. Only systematic and consistent targeting of the terrorists themselves and particularly their leaders will deter their murderous activities. No warnings, no declarations, simply strike whenever the opportunity presents itself at any and all the leaders of the terror groups allied to murder Israelis and Jews everywhere. You must keep in mind that your actions not only will serve to protect Israelis of all stripes, religions, gender, and race, but they will also protect all Jews throughout the world as your stand will strengthen every Jew and when you are perceived to be weak, so is every Jew perceived to be weak. Waiting for the one time a rocket or a suicide murderer succeeds in an attack that kills massive numbers of Jews and other innocent Israelis to strike back will not protect any of the citizens of Israel. When it is noted that these terror masters revel in the death of any Israeli as has been proven when they celebrate the death of Arab, Druze and Bedouin Israelis with almost as much revelry as when their victims are Jewish. The only response the killers of Gaza understand is resolute, firm, and deadly actions. That is their language and that must be the tone of your response if you wish to be heard. Return to protecting every Israeli life with every fiber and ounce of Israel’s ability and the world will sooner or later respect and soon after assist Israel in her defense. Run and hide and simply talk at this deadly challenge and Israel dies slowly, one person after another and with Israel, so go the rest of Judaism.


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