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December 4, 2012

Jewish Homes in Israel Infuriate the World

Jewish Homes in Israel Infuriate the World

Israel had promised the Palestinian Authority that should they actually go through with their petition to the United Nations for recognition as a nonmember observer state that Israel would consider the Oslo Accords rendered dead and there would be consequences. Israel announced the consequences when they announced plans to construct three-thousand new housing units in and around Eastern Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim. This almost instantly roused a universal outcry by virtually the entire world. Britain, France, Italy and others called their Israeli Ambassadors onto the carpet demanding an explanation as to what had possessed the Israeli leadership to build housing for Jews in and around the capital city of Israel. Oh, the audacity. Additionally, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and numerous others decried the injury this move by Israel was going to have on the peace process and the likelihood that the Two State Solution could continue to be viable. There were announcements from President Obama’s administration and others from the United States decrying the Israelis effrontery by building housing for Jews. Apparently the idea of Israel building housing anywhere near Jerusalem, and especially if it was built between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim, was causing more damage to the possibility for a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians than was the application earlier this week to the United Nations for recognition of statehood bypassing any negotiations with Israel by the Palestinian Authority.

The problem with the World reacting with such virulent bile to Israeli building of housing is that the number one complaint that by doing so Israel is breaking International Law is dishonest and most of these people are fully aware of their deceit. When the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181 on November 29, 1947, the suggestion for a partition of the lands which remained from the British Mandate was fully rejected by the Arab League, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Sudan, Transjordan, Yemen, numerous Arab entities and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and instead many of these same entities immediately attacked Israel with the intent of driving all the Jews into the sea or the grave. Their refusal to accept Resolution 181 made it null and void. By refusing and annulling Resolution 181 they then forced all the remaining lands of the British Mandate Lands to return to the previous negotiations between the British and the Zionists. The previous state of these lands was defined by the Churchill White Papers which established the country of Transjordan, later to become Jordan. In this agreement between the Arab Leadership, the Hashemites and the Zionist leadership it was decided that the 78% of the land existing east of the Jordan River to the border of Iraq to be given as the Palestinian Arab State and ruled by the Hashemite Family and the remaining 22% of the Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea would remain undivided and constitute the Jewish homeland. Presumably, these lands cannot be divided again unless the Israelis choose to allow such additional partitions of these lands.

Even if one were to claim that Israel has given their intent to further partition the lands by signing the Oslo Accords, let us look a little deeper. The current divisions of the lands of Judea and Samaria, also referred to as the West Bank, are the only part in question as Gaza has been ceded by Israel to the Palestinian Authority who then lost it in a revolutionary coup by Hamas who now possesses all of Gaza. The areas of Judea and Samaria have been divided into three separate areas, Areas A, B and C. Area A is under complete Palestinian Authority control and over 80% of the Palestinian Authority population resides within Area A. Area C is under complete Israeli control and over 80% of the Jewish communities are within Area C. Area B is under Palestinian legislative control and joint Palestinian-Israeli security control and the area contains communities of both Palestinian and Jews. This is the closest the Israelis and Palestinian Authority have ever come in attempts to reach an accord acceptable to both sides. Logic would dictate that the presumed eventual peace accord which the World holds as the pinnacle of Middle East peace would leave Area A and Area C to be held by the Palestinian Authority and Israel respectively and Area B would be divided between the two entities thus setting the boundaries between the two sides. But it is much easier to spend a week granting the Palestinians recognition of statehood and demonize Israel for building housing for Jews within the areas which they have already reached agreement with the Palestinians that the area in question, all of which is within Area C, is under complete and undisputed Israeli control, both security and legislative. Something tells me that the World, if left to their innermost and deepest desires, would gladly hand all the lands over to the Palestinians and tell the Jews that this was for their own interests and to find a way to live with it. We know how that idea ends, but why would that upset most of the World.

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March 13, 2012

How Many Rockets Before the World Understands?

Yesterday my article referred to the one hundred and fifty rockets and mortars which had been launched into Israeli residential, business, retail, and other civilian areas. None of the targets of the barrage were aimed at any military targets. There were even mortars fired at the Kerem Shalom Crossing in the early morning in hopes to kill Israelis who would be organizing the aid convoys into Gaza with food, medical supplies and numerous other necessities which are transported daily to insure that the civilian population of Gaza does not suffer from the conflict. Despite needing to delay the transfer until the mortar fire ebbed, the aid was still transited into Gaza where Hamas officials take charge to distribute as they see fit in cooperation with UNRWA officials (many of which are actually Hamas representatives placed there at Hamas insistence). The barrages continue with totals still exceeding fifty sorties a day.


Late each afternoon on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday transmissions on Egyptian Al-Arabiya television network claimed a ceasefire was imminent and that Hamas had petitioned Israel to join in an end to the violence. Despite the façade of a willingness to curtail the rocket and mortar assault on Israeli citizens, the firings of rockets and mortars have not abated and continue at an unprecedented rate of fire. It should be noted that once again the rate of fire and the sheer volume of sorties per day during this latest assault on the south of Israel has exceeded any of the previous escalations. Pilots have reported that the terror launching teams have been surrounding themselves with civilians, often children, to shield themselves from Israeli targeting while they setup and prepare their potentially deadly launchings. Hamas making hollow claims of innocence and inability to directly control these terror strikes placing the blame for the violence upon Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees and other residing terror groups ring hollow. This plethora of terror entities which populate Gaza often claim to be acting as independent wings outside of Hamas control yet take their marching orders from the leaders of the Hamas military wing. There is no space between Hamas and these terror proxies just as no difference exists in reality between the military and political wings of Hamas yet the world cooperates with these terror entities by supporting these differences which exist where there is no difference.


Meanwhile, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Baroness Catherine Ashton and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon have issued statements condemning the new round of violence and demanded that Israel and Hamas take steps to end the cycle of violence. They had no condemnation for Hamas for initiating the violence and appeared to hold Israel as an equal aggressor for having the chutzpah to defend themselves. They made no note of the fact that while Israel was striking at actual combatants and other military targets such as weapons warehouses and rocket manufacturing shops, Hamas was intentionally targeting civilian locations and had actually struck the play area of an Israeli school. Thankfully, the school was closed due to the danger posed by the rocker and mortar barrages as also most stores, businesses and everything else in southern Israel has had to shut down for the duration. At what point does the world condemn the terrorists instead of equalizing the terrorist assaults with Israeli defense of their citizenry.


What will it take for the world to take off the blinders and the clouded glasses and see and speak the truth about the facts concerning Hamas, Gaza, and Israel? Gaza has been completely cleansed of Jews since August of 2005 as demanded by the Palestinian leadership as they implement their apartheid rules which demand the cleansing of Jews from their lands. The Palestinians in Gaza have been under Palestinian rule since then free of any influence from the Israeli government. As far as the naval embargo is concerned, this was implemented after Hamas took complete control over Gaza in a violent coup overthrowing the Palestinian Authority and dedicated themselves to the complete destruction of Israel. Israel implemented the blockade in order to prevent weapons from reaching Gaza to be used against the Israeli public, especially heavy weapons and more sophisticated weapon systems. The blockade has been deemed as legal by the United Nations and found to be based on valid concerns under the Law of the Sea Treaty and International Law. In place of free access into Gaza, Israel has continuously shipped tons of food, medicines, medical supplies, general items, clothing and lately even building material despite being fully aware that some will be diverted for Hamas military use such as bunkers.


Even if one includes the so-called “West Bank”, more honestly in historically referenced as Samaria and Judea, one would find that virtually ninety-five percent of the Palestinian population lives in areas completely under Palestinian Authority rule, control, security, laws, and supported by Palestinian Authority tax revenues with complete autonomy. The areas under either shared control between Israel and the Palestinian Authority contains the remaining five percent of the Palestinian population. Much of these areas are under Palestinian Authority legal control and shared security control as much of these areas are utilized by Israeli citizens in daily commutes. The settlements which are the presumed overwhelming presence which is an impassable obstacle to peace consist of less than fifteen percent of the land in the disputed areas. Where in this does a valid raison d’etre exist for the independent entity of Gaza which is fully ruled by Hamas and is free of any Israeli presence, no Jews, no roadblocks, no checkpoints within its borders, no Israel presence beyond the aid trucks carrying supplies each morning, for the rocket and mortar assault upon Israeli citizens by the Hamas military entity? Without any valid cause, then when will the world condemn Hamas for their brutality and transgression of International Law? Hamas has once again viciously and without provocation committed acts of war against Israel and the world wants Israel to display restraint and just allow these attacks upon her people. No other country would be requested or would actually commit to stand down from such a vile act of aggression. Enough with the double standard and enough with the world shrugging and being frivolous in their attitude when it is merely Jewish lives. The world has committed such sins for over three thousand years and it is time for Jews to be granted the right to live equal to anybody else. And finally, to the Jewish People, enough with allowing the world to look upon and treat Jews as sacrificial lambs before whatever evil rises in the world as has been the history from the Pharaohs to the Babylonians, the Persians, the Syriac Greeks, Romans, Christian Europeans, Muslim Caliphs, and the Nazis. No More and Never Again must be defended and proudly proclaimed for all who wish to minimize the plights of Jews casting it off as it is simply only the Jews and not something one need be bothered over. Time to make all of the world bother over the Jews, even one sole Jew must be proclaimed and protected and that must start with actions by the leadership of Israel. Time to say, “Enough!”


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