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June 27, 2018

Eventual Consequence of World Coverage on Israel

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The mainstream media coverage of Israel from around the world is basically appalling. The recent rioting and violence out of Gaza covered as mild mannered peaceful protesters where protesting families hold picnics until the IDF started shooting people. The initial reports said nothing about the burning of ten-thousand tires to mask attempts to breach the border, machete wielding men attempting to chop passage through the border fence, kites with incendiary devices sent burning thousands of dumas including fruit bearing trees which will take more than a decade before they provide fruit, balloons with larger incendiary devices struck deeper into Israel hitting communities, rockets launched with some striking kindergartens and snipers crawling up to the border, some with youths used as shields, shooting at civilians and IDF soldiers. These reports have a very strange definition of peaceful. By this definition, what happened in Charlottesville in August of 2017 was merely a social gathering with an accident with a runaway car in the parking lot. We all know what happened in Charlottesville and it was not a pretty sight. What you have not heard in the coverage is the fact that Israel sniper must receive approval from the command center where expert spotters, software and legal representatives all must concur for the shot to be taken. Yes, software by which they can receive a computer estimate whether the subject is armed or carrying devices to breach the border or other harmful devices. This is part of why over 85% of those shot and killed in Gaza by IDF snipers since the start of the rioting in Gaza have been proven either through admission by Hamas and Islamic Jihad or by tracing their names against known terror operative lists. This is actually a laudable accomplishment, but this is Israel so this is meaningless because even the terrorists are innocents for too many reporters.


Add to the slanted borderline anti-Semitic coverage the condemnations and other accusations coming from numerous nations, world bodies, international church organizations, human rights groups and nearly countless other people and groups and you start to see the demonization of Israel has become nearly universal. The fact is that militaries from around the developed world, including the United States, have judged Israel as taking steps beyond what can be expected to protect civilians in Gaza as well as in Israel. As stated in one article, some of the experts even opined that the IDF had been too careful in trying to prevent collateral damage in the conduct of the war, and that its practices could hinder future anti-terror operations, if they are adopted as a general norm. From the same article comes this quote from the HLMG* report which states, “We can be categorically clear that Israel’s conduct in the 2014 Gaza Conflict met and in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations’ militaries. It is our view that Israel fought an exemplary campaign, adequately conceived with appropriately limited objectives, and displaying both a very high level of operational capability as well as a total commitment to the Law of Armed Conflict. It did this under challenging circumstances on a formidably complex urban battlefield. This is not to say that the IDF did not make mistakes, which are inevitable in the context of urban warfare against an enemy such as Hamas, that purposefully hides behind a civilian population.” This has been the rule when investigations have come which proved the slanted coverage and eager jumping to run with every instance where Israel is accused to be sensationalism at best and pure hatred and anti-Semitism at worst. The best proof of this was the “Jenin Massacre” where the numbers of reported killed Palestinian innocent civilians rose from fifty to one-hundred to two-hundred to five-hundred to a thousand and even rising in some reports to five-thousand. The end result when the United Nations did their in-depth investigation was that virtually all if not all those killed were combatants or people forced by the PLO to remain in booby-trapped homes to entice IDF soldiers to enter for the terrorists to then explode the home killing their own people, families, as well as Israeli soldiers which the PLO saw as a worthy sacrifice. This and the Gaza recent coverage is sufficient proof that the news is slanted and many nations exhibit equally slanted views when it comes to Israel to make the case.


Eventually, the world condemnations of Israel are going to reach a point where they are so over the top in conjunction with acts by the numerous United Nations Agencies and NGOs will become unbearable. Additionally, with decisions by the United Nations General Assembly such as their United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 November 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 with 32 abstentions equating Zionism with racism and UNESCO** with its Executive Board deciding by A vote with 22 nations supporting the measure, 10 opposing it, 23 countries abstaining, decided that Jerusalem’s Old City in its entirety does not belong to Israel nor have any attachment to Judaism or the history of the Jews and Israel. The world bodies and NGOs along with ever more national governments deciding to support the Islamic revisionist history which disavows any Jewish attachment to the Middle East and accepting the claim that the Jews are not entitled to have their own nation or ever be granted self-rule anywhere in the world, or possibly beyond if they ever think that far, and the Jews must be subjected to the rule of their betters, which for the Arab world means under the Islamic thumb. How far does the world honestly believe they can push against Israel before Israel finally lets loose?


The IDF shows remarkable restraint in order to assure as much as they are able to target solely combatants. The problem in Gaza and the Arab areas is how one tells the difference between a terrorist and a civilian. Well, the terrorist is armed and wears certain distinctive pieces of clothing. Well, that is almost true. Some wear the headband showing their actual alliance and to whom they answer but not all wear such and often their weapons are left in a vehicle until necessary and often the terrorists will run unarmed from one confrontation while their weapons are transported to their next location where they set up the next ambush in an ambulance. The fact that there are twenty men of fighting ages leaving the region of a battle and seemingly heading to another battle with some wearing the headbands, do you engage or allow them to likely set up their ambush which may be intended for your squad. You demand they stop and they continue to run to some location, what would you do? If you are honest, your answer would be that you do not know. Soldiers in the IDF will not engage such a group despite the danger potentially to themselves or another IDF unit. Next thing is a terrorist has been shot and killed, and it was a sniper and his spotter who were both killed. Immediately after a firefight breaks out and during the fighting, the Hamas fighters (terrorists) take from the sniper and spotter their weapons, headbands, ammunition, binoculars and all other identifying items which depict them as combatants. Now their two bodies wearing apparently civilian clothing are come across later after the firefight and these two bodies are found on the second or third floor of a house where they had set up and takes their picture. Now you have two innocent civilian brothers shot dead by the IDF sitting near a window in their upstairs bedroom where they hid from the fighting and died anyways. That is the article read accompanying their picture. What is the reality? Israel killed two innocents or they took out a sniper team? Once you remove about five or six items from a terrorist corpse, and these are the most desired items such as weapons, headbands and other items one can sell, and you have turned a dead terrorist into a dead civilian. These are just a few things about which you can think. If you need more information on the media actively inventing a story read about the Mohammad al-Dura hoax which was actually invented out of whole cloth by a French news channel who lost court cases and were forced to pay damages to the person who outed their lie, along with other lies.


Mohammad al-Dura and Father

Mohammad al-Dura and Father


As the threats from the various agencies currently threatening continue to grow, some exponentially, Israeli defensive capabilities will eventually become stressed to their limits. On one border they are already threatened to be overwhelmed as Hezballah has well over one-hundred-thousand missiles of which they can launch close to, if not over, ten-thousand of these daily anywhere in Israel with accuracies from within a few meters to simple rockets fired in a general direction with no specific point targeted. Should a conflict break out on the Israeli northern border, until the Israeli Air Force can neutralize the launchers and destroy the stores of missiles, all of Israel would be vulnerable and Israelis know that amongst tactical targets such as Dimona Nuclear Reactor and airfields, they can also expect large civilian structures such as the skyscrapers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to be high priority targets for Hezballah as their eventual aim is to eradicate the Jewish population in Israel as well as destroy the nation itself. Should Iran find a means, they would similarly arm Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and are attempting to gain a foothold with the Palestinian Authority in order to militarize the Shomron, they would arm them with as many missiles as they could smuggle into their area. Iran has sworn to wipe Israel from the map, maybe not in those exact words, but the concept is definitely within their parameters for the future while they are on their way to becoming the Middle East hegemon. Additionally, the Arab world has recently shunted President Trump’s hopes for finding an Arab nation to take the place of the Palestinian Authority and allowing getting around the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat is not going to work as well as hoped. Jordan made it a flat ‘no way’ and Egypt and Saudi Arabia said they would be glad to assist with the implementation of a deal based on the pre-Six Day War borders (Green Line), East Jerusalem (al-Quds) as its capital and the refugees addressed satisfactorily as in the Arab Plan. Everything has pointed to the one truth which was stated by Rush Limbaugh in November 2007, that the only means to a solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict was for one side to win. By win he made no bones, he meant militarily defeated the other so completely that they would never consider attacking the other or were completely wiped out.


Collection of Djinn

Collection of Djinn


That brings us to our conclusion and a prediction. The end of the Arab Israeli conflict will only come in one of two ways. The obvious one is that either the Iranian Mullahs or the Arab states finally destroys Israel and murders seven or eight million or more Jews and almost two million Arab Muslims and many Druze, Baha’I and other faiths and peoples. The other is Israel finally gets pushed to the point that they realize that only by winning and winning in a grand and extreme style which puts the fear of a world full of Djinn all determined to fight each and every Muslim for their futile fight with and inability to defeat the Jews of Israel. This might have occurred before as part of the Six Day War and more likely during the Yom Kippur War but when Israel appears on the verge of decimating the combined Arab armies with which she ends up provoked into war, the major power nations, the United Nations and whomever else can get in on the moment all combine to demand Israel cease hurting the unfortunate Arab militaries and simply retreat to the original borders as in the Yom Kippur War or stop where you are as was the case in the Six Day War and the 1948 Arab War of Annihilation which Israel was on the verge of taking all the lands east of the Jordan River back but instead the Arab powers held Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank) as what has mistakenly been referred to as the Israel War of Independence. Eventually Israel will ignore all demands and all reason and go completely to the nth degree and eviscerate the forces which rise against her and when the remainder of the Arab world balks and starts threatening Israel and mobilize their militaries and gather them along the Israeli borders, then Israel will completely destroy these forces. If this should lead to the Arab militaries being defeated to the point where they now become vulnerable to their enemies other than Israel, one might claim that since these will be the Sunni world, then the Shia world under Iran would hold a threat over these Arab states. It is at such a point where Israel can demand the grand bargain, the Arab nations all sign recognition of Israel and dedicate their eternal peace with Israel in exchange for Israel keeping Iran at bay. Then, should Iran attack the Arab nations, the new treaty would permit Israel to answer the call from their new allies and destroy the Iranian military in the process. This is a dream which can never happen, but it will take one side winning and it may just take World War III to bring this to fruition. There is one last possibility where the people such as Egyptian President Sisi and the others who wish to reform Islam succeed and bring Islam to the point where the Mecca Quran is considered to abrogate the Medina Quran. This would reinstate a more pluralistic and peaceful form of Islam. This has about the same chance of coming to fruition before there comes a great conflagration between either Sunni against Shiite Muslims or between much of Islam and a large segment of the world causing what will be termed World War III, which is virtually nil. Eventually either the world will be forced into following Islam, Islam will adopt a more pluralistic and peaceful view of the world or there will be a conflagration beyond anything the world has experienced until now to the best of our knowledge. Which one we cannot predict, but it may become evident through future actions which we will need wait and witness for ourselves.


Beyond the Cusp


*HLMG = High Level Military Group

**UNESCO = United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization


February 27, 2018

United Nations Middle East Security Council


We thought we might try and give our reaction to the recent Middle East Security Council conference which included an approximately hour long diatribe from, as all too many described him in their thanking commentary, the honorable leader of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, while most ignored the commentary or to give and remark or respect to the Ambassador from Israel. This was exactly as expected though still distasteful. The main objection is the complete lack of actual knowledge which was evident in the commentary. Their grasp of relevant history was disgraceful in its absence of actual truth and fact. So, allow us to hit on the most glaring examples.


First, other than Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon, nobody took exception with Mahmoud Abbas claiming that the Palestinians were the descendants of the Canaanites adding that they had lived in Palestine for five-thousand years. The Canaanites are an extinct set of tribal people who had sacrificed their children to Moloch. Also, Palestine was a Roman denotation renaming of Judea to remove the Jewish name after the Judeans (Jews) had revolted and thrown the Romans briefly from Jerusalem and much of the surrounding lands for the second time; so in 135 A.D. the Romans named the area Syria Palaestina. It was from this denotation that the name for the region as Palestine came about which was simply the Roman name for the Phoenicians, more a mispronunciation as the romans were strangers who came a long way to conquer these lands. So, there was not even a region named Palestine until the British took control of the area after World War I and took over the Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations. The division of these lands by the British was made in 1922 stealing 78% of the lands set aside for the Jewish homelands giving it to the Arabs under the Hashemite King. These were the areas east of the Jordan River and the British made a solemn promise that all the remaining lands west of the Jordan River would be reserved for the Jewish homelands. Under the United Nations Charter in Article 80, the League of Nations Mandate System was accepted and to be enforced by the United Nations which added the United Nations to the promise that the lands west of the Jordan River were to be reserved exclusively for the Jewish Homeland. This has been a forgotten promise by the world and one which appears to have permanently fallen down a rabbit hole followed by a Rabbit looking at his watch declaring he is late for a very important date followed then by a girl named Alice.


Then there was a repeated theme that the only solution was an enforcement of the United Nations resolution which demands Israel return to the pre 1967 Six Day War lines as stated in UNSC Resolution 242. The problem is this resolution demands Israel return land, not the land, not all land, simply land. British Ambassador Cordon argued this wording specifically that Israel be permitted to retain lands for a secure and defendable border and the initial intent was stated at the time that Israel would retain the lands west of the Jordan and the Jordanian Arabs, as the Arabs in the area had been granted Jordanian citizenship, would relocate into Jordan. Well, Jordan had reneged and renounced the citizenship of these Jordanians with the intent that this would prevent their being sent to Jordan and would prevent Israel from annexing the lands. When Jordan made peace with Israel they denounced their claims to the lands west of the Jordan which they had occupied illegally and only after having second thoughts at the urging of Yasser Arafat did they announce they were transferring the lands to the PLO.


There was another interesting claim that Israel was occupying Palestine and must return the land to Palestine which it had conquered from them in 1967. There was no state of Palestine in 1967. There was no state of Palestine which could have been declared at any time before the Six Day War by Jordan if there was any desire for such a nation when Jordan occupied these lands, but that never occurred. Only after Israel had liberated their Jordanian occupied lands did the call go out for an Arab state of Palestine which was largely put forward by Russia. The KGB, seeking to foment trouble for American ally Israel took their operative and trainee Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas and began the PLO in 1964 which was the first mention of anything called Palestinian, and it was a terror organization which originated suicide bombings, airliner hijacking and numerous other terrorist acts. The PLO made no claim to the Shomron (West Bank) which Jordan occupied in 1964. The PLO’s aim was to liberate Palestinian lands which they defined as all of Israel. Their plan was to drive the Jews from Israel and turn the area over to Jordan or Egypt. The PLO did not desire a nation for any people, they simply desired to destroy Israel, and that desire has never ended. The entire idea of Palestine is to drive the Jews completely from the lands. This was emphasized when Mahmoud Abbas stated the occupation of Palestine began from 1948 and the Jews had to return all the lands they have occupied since 1948. This is not the pre 1967 Six Day War lines but all of Israel, but nobody denounced his demand for all of Israel, because they mostly agree with his desire to destroy all of Israel. If you do not believe us, remember the Durban I Conference.


Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist

Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist


International Law does not demand Israel return any further land as once Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt she had met all United Nations demands from the Six Day War. It has become an obsession of the world since then for Israel to return all of the lands leaving Israel nine miles wide at her middle and thus almost impossible to defend in a modern war (see above map). Even if Israel retained all the lands west of the Jordan River and the Arabs residing within that area were to be granted a choice of selling their properties and receiving a generous bonus of a resettlement grant to leave or remain living as Jordanian citizens and having resident alien status thus not being able to easily become Israel citizens, Israel would still be tested severely in any future war with the combined Arab militaries as faced in 1967 or 1948 as with modern missiles and armor defensible depth becomes an important criteria in defending an area. Even with all the area west of the Jordan River Israel would remain about the size of the American State of New Jersey or as of the nations of Belize, El Salvador, Slovenia or slightly larger than the French owned Island of New Caledonia (of McHale’s Navy fame).


Levels of Applied Sharia in the World

Levels of Applied Sharia in the World


Abbas also made a poison pill demand for an internationalization of the peace process. His demand for a United Nations General Assembly style meeting of approaching two-hundred nations represented is deadly to Israel. Where membership in the United Nations and being included in the General Assembly would be the prerequisite for attending and voting in said forum might serve Abbas, it does not even permit Israel any hope for an even chance. Mahmoud Abbas was requesting to have a body which normally votes with over one-hundred consistently condemning Israel and possibly twenty on a good day siding with Israel and over thirty abstaining. This would be one-hundred wolves with twenty roosters and thirty hens meeting to discuss their super plans as a group. Abbas knows that such an international conference would more resemble the Durban Conference in early September of 2001 which devolved into an anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and anti-Israel hate fest. Abbas is fully aware that at such a conference he could suggest that Israel be dissolved so that an Arab state be put in her place with the Jews assigned the honored role of Dhimmis (second-class citizens with no legal rights or standings) and it would be received overwhelmingly. This has been a dream and goal of the Palestinian Authority for the last decade and a half and every time it is brought before the United Nations, it is received with loud ovations of approval and some may be seen to drool over the prospect. What does not need to be clarified is that such a conference would bring about the end of the sole Jewish state replacing it with another Arab Muslim state. The claim that there are no nations other than Israel which claim to have a religious basis for their existence is shown to be false simply by looking at the Islamic world. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mauritania, Iraq, and the Sudan all employ Sharia as their basis for making laws which implies strict adherence to the Quranic Law (see map above for more information). Then there is the information of percentage of Muslims in the population where Mauritania and the Maldives each claim to be purely Muslim with Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Tunisia close behind with populations over 99.5% Muslim populations and Saudi Arabia, the one nation everyone expects to be 100% Muslim, is actually 97.1% according to these numbers at the link above. The article has a subtitle which reads, “Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, and Yemen are the Islamic states of the world.” We will take their word for these numbers and other concepts. According to the Pew Research Center in 2015 there were 50 Muslim-majority countries, as reported by Wikipedia. If one were to take the seeming voting block of the Non-Aligned Movement, which votes with the Arab and Muslim world as a rule, these one-hundred-twenty member states and seventeen observer nations, virtually all of which, if not all, are voting members in the United Nations General Assembly and would be a major part of the internationalized Mahmoud Abbas requested conference members, this alone would permit Abbas to ask for virtually anything and have it granted and stamped approved. This is what he seeks and this is the poison pill he keeps pushing.


Abbas will refuse to make peace and wait until the world tires of the situation and simply gives him everything just to end the situation. This is why Israel must give Abbas and the Palestinian Arabs an ultimatum of taking what even President Clinton approved and stated met Yasser Arafat’s demands, the Ehud Barak offer without one item as times have changed, and a deadline after which Israel will remove their recognition of the Palestinian Authority to have any validity and Israel will simply annex the lands which were promised her. According to the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres, the Mandate System and other related treaties, Israel received the lands west of the Jordan River and was obliged to grant the Arabs residing within all rights with the exception of political rights. It would be within Israel’s rights to offer the Palestinian Arabs no voting rights whatsoever but Israel would probably, our assessment, grant them local rights over their areas but not in national elections or elections outside the areas recognized as under their political control. The entirety of the Palestinian Authority could be exiled in this process as an adverse and violent influence unfit for keeping the peace. Israel would thus retain full control over the lands with the IDF permitted operational standings throughout the annexed regions when required. This would grant the Arabs local rights to self-rule as a semi-autonomous governance within the State of Israel and not as an independent nation. This should be the best they should be permitted considering the current situations. This permits Israel to have a defendable region. Israel would retain the right to expel any terrorist or any connected to terrorist acts in any supportive role. That is required to keep the peace.


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


The most frustrating part though was the demands for Israel to give back the lands it took in 1967 from Palestine, which did not exist then or ever. There has never been a nation named Palestine in the entire history of the planet. The claim that the Arabs who arrived as conquerors in the Seventh Century are the descendants of the Canaanites is so ludicrous as to be an insult to even be broached. To claim that Israel has been occupied lands since the declaration of Israel in 1948 is to demand the dissolution of the Jewish State completely from the planet as Israel was founded in 1948. Abbas was demanding Israel return to the borders of 1947, the year before the Jewish State was reborn. Using the maps above, Israel perhaps should demand she be permitted to return to her former borders either as the original Twelve Tribes which had her northern border as the Litani River and lands east of the Jordan as well or perhaps the lands which came under Israeli rule during the Empire of Kings David and Solomon where Israel stretched to the Euphrates River through much of what is today Syria, almost all of Lebanon and a small slice of Iraq. The reality is Israel should demand the area in red on the map to the right which includes the lands promised her by the Mandate, the British, the League of Nations and originally by the United Nations with one small addition of the Golan Heights so as to prevent snipers from killing Israelis tending their fields in the Galilee. Israel is so often treated with such scorn and the entire world knows the reason goes back to the oldest hatred which still permeates even areas where no Jew has ever trod, anti-Semitism. This is the driving reason behind the world’s desire to see Israel destroyed and her people slaughtered. Perhaps a few quotes from Israel’s worst enemies might explain the depth of the hate. Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezballah, stated in 2002, “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, stated in 2008, “With God’s help the time has come for the Zionist regime’s death sentence.” Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Khamenei’s representative to the Moustazafan Foundation, in 2010 stated, “We have manufactured missiles that allow us, when necessary to replace [sic] Israel in its entirety with a big holocaust.” Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Khamenei stated in 2012, “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.” Another quote from Hassan Nasrallah from 2013 reads, “The elimination of Israel is not only a Palestinian interest. It is the interest of the entire Muslim world and the entire Arab world.” Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Khamenei again in 2014 makes our list stating, “This barbaric, wolflike and infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.” And then there is the infamous déclaration by the French Ambassador to Britain Daniel Bernard who commented at a dinner party by Conrad Black of the Daily Telegraph to whom the comments was made, stated, “All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel. Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?” Perhaps this might be time to recall a quote from Henry A Kissinger sourced to Newsweek June 13, 1983 where he was quoted stating, “Even a paranoid has some real enemies.”


Beyond the Cusp


November 20, 2017

United States Needs Reevaluate Middle East Priorities


The developed world is on the precipice of failure while ignoring the severity of the problem. Much of that reason is they have adopted the view of the Sunni Arabs who claim that until their problems with Israel are solved, they cannot think of anything else. The reality is they could not care less about the “Palestinian People” as they know that there really is no such thing. They know this because they helped to build that myth. Their blaming the situation in Israel for everything is the means by which they remain in power. If Israel is to blame and the United States keeps Israel alive, then they can play off the United States using Israel as well. This dangerous game keeps these nations screaming “Israel, Israel, Israel” all day long and also ignoring the tiger breaking out just beyond and now into their eastern edge. That tiger is Iran and they are set on conquest of the Sunni Arab world and converting them all to Shia Muslims making Shiite Islam supreme once more. They see these conquests over the Arabs as revenge for the Arabs defeating the Persian Empire back just before 640 A.D. Now the Persian Menace has returned and this time the world is simply slightly larger but still deserving of Persian rule. The Iranian Ayatollah is set on the Middle East followed by the easiest European nations that they can conquer. But they have a first objective on their plate, Mecca and Medina.


The United States need forget about Israel except as the front lines of this coming war, and it promises to be a big war getting larger every day it is permitted to grow. Iran just spent eight years sucking the blood from Russia in Syria using Russia to destroy the Sunni forces. This was aided by Sunni on Sunni warfare as ISIS battled with the Sunni rebels and both fought against the Kurds, with the Kurds winning those battles with American airpower assisting. This destroyed the Sunni forces which still refuse to unify and with only the Kurds having a cohesive force as the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds found their way to fight together when necessary and do so selflessly. That is why the Kurds are the sole Sunni power standing and why the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds need to be unified in a single new nation of Kurdistan as doing so would establish a solid Sunni Islamic force and another friend for the United States which would be free and democratic in nature. The United States needs to pressure Saudi Arabia to get on board along with Egypt as they represent the core strength of the Sunni Arabs. Currently the Saudis and Egypt are not together or even near being on the same page as each is using their own unique book. The Saudis are busy taking on the Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen who have again started hurling missiles at Riyadh and other provocations. This signals that Iran is ready to join forces in Yemen taking over Yemen as they did Lebanon and taking control of the Al Mandeb Straits granting Iran control over the Red Sea exit into the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean and on to greater Asia. This would permit Iran to completely isolate Europe by making the Suez Canal useless which would bring much of Europe to their knees within weeks as they depend on the oil and natural gas flowing as well as the trade routes.


Saudi Arabia was allied with Egypt in fighting Yemen but then Egypt started facing other problems and decided to throw in with Turkey half-heartedly. Now Turkey is discarding any concerns for pleasing Egypt and starting their turn to Iran despite Turkey presumably being Sunni. Turkish President Erdoğan is most concerned with following the strong horse and attempting to recreate at least a part of the old Ottoman Empire and declaring himself as the great new Caliph. He has likely promised to take the Kurdish areas as part of Turkey including Mosul while cooperating with the Iranians allowing them to control the remainder. The Iranians, after watching the Kurdish success against the Islamic State, probably see Erdoğan as a tool sent by Allah to remove any threat from their direction while allowing Iran to take what they require from Iraq and Syria. This has left Egypt alone and still fighting the Muslim Brotherhood which believes that Sisi stole their nation illegally and they might actually have an argument, but nobody is listening. Unlike his predecessor Obama, President Trump is not concerned in the slightest with the Muslim Brotherhood and their problems, he has sufficient problems at home in the Congress even with his own party members. Meanwhile, as President Trump butts his head against the Arab-Israeli problem and getting nothing, they will be busy preparing for their next phase and with creating as many nuclear weapons in secret as they are able. One can only assume that the Iranians have the exact same nuclear weapons schematics, as does North Korea, which means that Iran has a deliverable thermonuclear warhead which can be configured as an EMP device to destroy electrical grids and components or can be maximized for destructive power allowing for the destruction of most cities in the Middle East.


Iran already has signaled their next set of targets. They may permit Hezballah with some al-Quds forces, if the Palestinian Authority will permit them to set up a base in Judea and Samaria if not within Jerusalem, something which very well could already be in place, and IRGC forces to attack Israel from the Golan Heights border out of Syria attempting to leave their structures and tunnel systems in tact in Lebanon. Such a frontal war would grab the attention of the world, have the United Nations frantically attempting to be relevant, press the European Union into convulsive meetings after meetings while the United States pleaded with all involved to step back from the brink and try and prevent this from breaking beyond the cusp and into a full blown war across the Syrian and Lebanese borders. Israel would have to use such a conflict to destroy as many Iranian missiles and bases as they know exist. With the world engaged in stopping this blatant Israeli aggression while Israel defends herself from this assault, Iran will be able to press a front to take the majority of the Saudi Arabian oil fields while using a pincer movement from Iraq in the north and Yemen in the south to take Mecca and Medina and surround Saudi Arabia. Once the Iranians pull the pin on their Saudi Arabia attack, the only nations preventing their spread across all of Sunni Islam are Egypt and Israel. The Iranians are mostly descendants of the Persian Empire rather than Arabs thus they feel themselves superior to the Arabs as a people and see themselves as the true rulers for the world instead of the United States, China or anyone else, and are out to prove this.


The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans

The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans


Once Iran has taken the Saudi Arabia oil fields, Saudi Arabia is finished, as all they will possess would be an ocean of sand and Mecca and Medina, the two Holy Cities of Islam. Iran intends to rob them of these at the same time. While this assault is underway, Iran will be vulnerable along the remainder of her borders. That is when Iran itself must be threatened forcing them to call off this attack and respond to their home-front. That would also bring them to the bargaining table once again where President Trump, if he had played his cards correctly, could completely renegotiate the Obama Iran treaty by formulating a new and realistic treaty where Iran was fully opened to inspections, report and release any nuclear weapons she has stored, reduced her missile capacities, remove her forces from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, stop supporting terrorism both by supply of arms and by providing money and training. The new Iran peace deal would grant Iran her actual borders and leave her well informed that crossing these borders again would bring a world of hurt down upon them by Israel if not the United States. Also, this time Israel is also be a signatory to the treaty and be granted a direct say in its implementation and enforcement. The Saudis would also join in the settlement as part of the deal would reestablish the borders of Saudi Arabia and the assigning their keeping of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, providing they were not made into international zones run by the world as a whole, like is often suggested for Jerusalem. This treaty should include the United States as its main guarantor.


The only way that peace can be maintained, or restored should violence grow worse, will require the United States to simply pass on any Arab-Israel peace deal right now and start to prepare for facing down Iran before they declare nuclear breakout or do so by using a nuclear weapon using a nuclear warhead on Riyadh, Cairo or Tel Aviv at the very start of their assault on Saudi Arabia, their next large target. The Iranians could very well send multiple nuclear warheads at the above cities as their intent for hostilities as once they acquire the Saudi oil fields along with Mecca and Medina, they become the leaders of Islam and Shia Islam will be empowered while the Sunnis will be in even further disarray. Yes, we realize such is difficult to picture, but the Sunni Arabs could actually become more fractured and at one another’s throat. But with a fractured Sunni Arab world and useless Arab League or with a truly unified Arab League under a strong leader, either way and with such as an ally or with Israel as their only ally, that is the choice, the entirety of the Sunni world or Israel, not both, the United States must address Iran even before Kim Jong un in North Korea as Iran is the true threat to world peace and the only nation capable and currently willing to attempt world conquest. Should they be permitted a running start before anybody responds, Iran will own the oil fields, have three-quarters of a billion new Shiite converts as Sunni tribe and country after Sunni tribe and country seek to ally with the strong horse and leave the all but dead horse of Sunni Muslim Brotherhood or Wahabbist Islam for the Ayatollahs of Iran. That would be a Persian dream revenge come to fruition and full success. Already Qatar has joined with Iran and turned traitor to Saudi Arabia and refused to return basically telling the Saudis that they believe Iran to be their replacement and to be such soon. Additionally, Russia has allied with Iran for years and Iran already has full control of Lebanon, Iraq, and pretty much Yemen and Syria. Turkey keeps flirting and coming closer to Iran and away from their Sunni friends. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two powerful nations of the Sunni realm, have had a falling out over fighting the Iranian proxies in Yemen, the Houthis. This left Saudi Arabia all but alone in the fight against Iran in Yemen while the United States remains staying above the war as long as their naval base remains open for refueling ships after long trips from the United States and elsewhere. The pins have obviously been weakened and all lined up and Iran is choosing their bowling ball and will be shooting for a strike very soon, and the United States can sit safely theoretically beyond the ability of Iran to strike, but what if those claiming the United States is vulnerable are correct after all, then what? This is the reality in the world and nobody apparently cares to do anything but demand that Israel do nothing to upset Iran. Really?


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