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October 10, 2013

European Council Outlaws Judaism and Islam

The European Council recently passed an edict forbidding the circumcision of male children until the age of consent, eighteen years of age. This makes both Judaic and Islamic commandments to circumcise young male children at the age of eight days illegal forcing breaking of covenants with G0d. This is just another brick building the wall beyond which many European leadership wish to push all religious Jews, even the least observant. This is another front of the bans on Kosher and Halal slaughter of animals in order to make their meat edible under religious guidelines. Perhaps the European Council believes they hope for Jews to forget their religion or simply vanish from amongst those preferred people, those who are not religious Jews. This vindictive edict has been passed before with the same ends in mind. King Antiochus was the Greek ruler whose oppression of Jews in the land of Israel led to the Maccabean revolt known from the story of Hanukkah; according to the book of Maccabees, one of his decrees was to make circumcision of male infants a death penalty offense. The Roman ruler Hadrian outlawed circumcision as well, along with many other Jewish practices, which resulted in the unsuccessful Bar Kokhba revolt which led to even harsher and more oppressive edicts from the Roman conquerors. This is not exactly unexpected as the animosity towards Jews in Europe has once again been building with Jews facing assaults on the streets where their yarmulkes are knocked off their heads and stomped upon the ground in order to destroy their usefulness.


The main question is what can the Jews of Europe do as the hatred of Jews and all things Jewish have become a mainstay of the ruling European bodies and has crept into mainstream society where it has slowly become if not acceptable, tolerated and not opposed. It is the case of they are coming for the Jews and I am not a Jew so why should I tempt trouble? This increased hatreds against the Jews in Europe are not limited to Europe and has begun to rise its ugly head in the United States. It has been made evident with anti-Semitic graffiti showing up on Synagogue walls and doors, benches in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods even in New York City, swastikas on headstones in Jewish cemeteries where some gravestones have been broken and destroyed, and even in hallways and apartment doors which has been seen as a direct threat to the occupants of those apartments. There has been a subsequent increase in Jews making Aliyah to Israel, many of whom were not particularly Zionistic but felt threats to their lives so they chose to move to Israel. The increased number of Jews returning home, as Israelis refer to those coming to Israel, from France makes a definitive statement about the lack of feelings of safety these Jews felt in France that Israel appeared to be a safer place for them to reside. Actual statistics indicating that living within most areas of Israel Jews are safer than they may be in many of the major cities of Europe such as Paris, Marseilles in France, Malmo, Sweden and numerous others. Europe is rapidly becoming a place where Jews will feel unwanted and honestly rejected by the their neighbors as laws are passed making religious observance of Judaism illegal forcing Jews to choose between following their religion freely or obeying the laws of the state. As stated above, this is not a choice that the Jewish people have not faced before and in the end they choose their Judaism and bond together to fight their oppressors.


This newest edict forbidding circumcision claims to be based on Human Rights but is actually based on the worship of the human form as unalterable and man as the Supreme Being. This was a central tenet of Early Greek civilization where the human form was worshipped. The Greeks forbid circumcision because it marred the perfection of the human form and since the human man was the epitome of perfection above all things in this Earth, the form was considered next to divine and was not to be marked, cut, pierced or altered in any manner. The Romans followed this same line of reasoning. This was behind the banning of Circumcision by the Greeks and Romans. Though the Europeans will not admit that they worship man as the ultimate intelligence and equal to being divine such that they too are forbidding the marring of the human body through circumcision, this is a step away from belief in the Divine and the beginning of a crass form of idolatry. Perhaps it would be best for the Jews remaining in Europe to leave before the pogroms begin as that is what is down the line, like it or not.


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