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April 30, 2012

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Father Dies

The world learned this morning of the passing of Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu, father of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, at the age of 102 early this morning. Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu will join his eldest son Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu who was the only casualty from the successful raid on the Entebbe Airport to free 102 of the 106 Jewish hostages held by terrorists. He commanded a unit from the elite Israeli army commando unit Sayeret Matkal and became a national hero along with all the men who took part in the raid.

Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu also lived long enough to witness his son Benyamin Netanyahu be elected as Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu was a man of accomplishments himself receiving many awards for his scholarly work as a Historian and awards for his work in study and practice of Zionism.

We would like to offer our condolences to the entire Netanyahu family, all those who were close to Ben Zion Netanyahu and to all of Israel and Jews everywhere. May those who mourn the loss of Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu find peace and solace in the memories of his accomplishments while remembering those special moments in which he added value and blessings on those around him. Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu was a beacon for knowledge in life, may he be remembered for the lamps of wisdom he lighted in those who knew him and may they spread his light even further in his memory. May G-d receive and embrace his soul and heal those whose hearts now ache at the loss of this great scholar.

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