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September 7, 2012

Easy Solution to Israeli Kindergarten Teacher Crisis

It has been a colloquial truism that no good deed goes unpunished. The Government version of this is when you mollify one group’s demands you will create a new group with opposite demands. This is exactly what has occurred in Israel with their attempt to make life more affordable for young families by lowering the age where children are allowed into the public education system. As an immediate consequence, kindergartens now have younger students as they had to be extended to accommodate these younger children. This caused an easily solved situation, a need for more kindergarten teachers. This was no sooner resolved before a far stickier problem was raised. The teachers who were given responsibility for younger children are refusing to be responsible for diaper duty. Honestly, I really cannot blame them. As a grandparent, I love my grandchildren, even the youngest among them, as when diaper duty time comes around, I simply feign to have completely forgotten how to change a diaper. Put a diaper on the precious young one using a customized version requiring only one safety-pin and you are relieved of such responsibility on grounds of senility.

Despite the above dodge for diaper duty, grandparents and other retired individuals are vital part of an obvious solution. Since the teachers union very likely will back the teachers one-hundred-percent on their refusal to take on this sticky problem, my suggestion would be to ask for volunteers to act as teachers diaper aides. Actually, assign these volunteers to care for all hygiene related obstacles the teachers have opted to decline. I feel that once the schools let it be known that they require teachers’ aides to assist with the youngest and newest of the school’s pupils, one of two scenarios will play out. The first is the obvious marshaling of a ready, willing, able and enthusiastic small army of retired and other volunteers will be lining up actually anxious to garner one of what I believe will be prized positions. The other scenario is that upon seeing the large number of volunteers who are actually anxious and willing to give complete and loving care to these children, the teachers just might reconsider as for many of these youngest children a teacher is less necessary than an honest caretaker. Either way, the children will likely receive better care either from caring and loving volunteers or teachers intimidated into performing everything necessary to fulfill the requirements caused by the extended school coverage. Nothing like somebody willing and able to take your job and not requiring a large paycheck or desiring a union to put a good scare by the threat of being replaced to push people to perform not only at a higher level but also willing to go to whatever ends may be required. Either way, the children will hopefully gain the best care and treatment not only available, but the best care and treatment possible.

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