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May 10, 2014

U.S. State Department Anti-Israel Hyperventilation

The loud protestations seeking targets to blame since the collapse of the latest incarnation of the Palestinian Peace Process have largely zeroed in on the Israeli settlers and the announcement to build additional housing units in Gilo, a suburb south of Jerusalem which both the Israelis and Palestinians have agreed is one of the areas which will be retained by Israel by swapping lands within the Green Line in one of the land swaps that even United States President Obama has referred to as part and parcel of any peace agreement. The most vocal and reported upon whiners and complainers who have decided that the entire failure of the peace process lies with the Israeli announcement for tenders to be presented to build additional residential units in the South Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo and the weeks of threats to “blow up the peace talks as soon as the last group of terrorists were released” which was threatened by numerous Palestinian spokespeople had absolutely no influence on the situation and their immediate filing to numerous United Nations and international conventions immediately after Israel demanded that the Palestinians make some guarantees to complete the negotiation and reach a real solution before they released the final terrorists of which most were serving multiple life sentences for murders of Israeli men, women and children. This line of criticism placing the totality of blame on the Israelis for announcing the intent to build is all the more ridiculous when one finds out that when the Palestinians were asked what concessionary bribe they demanded from Israel just to bring them to the table to talk, they chose the release of one-hundred-four terrorists who were serving life terms for murdering or complicity through terrorism planning murders of multiple Israeli citizens and passed on demanding a building freeze. Upon the Palestinians announcing their preference for terrorist releases the Israelis informed both the Palestinians and the United States that this would allow them to continue with any building plans even as peace talks continued. From the very onset of the talks the Palestinians started demanding that Israel also enact a building freeze as they truly desired to have their terrorists and a building freeze as well. Even United States Secretary of State Kerry admonished the Palestinians for their near constant plaintive demands that Israel be forced to enact and announce a building freeze despite turning such an option down instead choosing terrorist murderers’ release from prisons. But since the collapse of the talks, nobody allowed for reality and the truth of the original agreements and foreknowledge of what each side planned to commit to get in the way of laying all the blame anywhere but with the world’s permanent victims, the Palestinians.


Numerous Palestinian spokespeople all but lined up and the media all but formed a greeting line to meet, greet and quote the latest line on exactly what sins and provocations the Israelis were guilty of performing that ruined this latest and greatest opportunity to finally find the true and only path to universal world peace. The ultimate wounding to the Israelis was not this conga line of blame coming from the Palestinians as such a spectacle has been witnessed numerous times to the point that most cognitive people simply hear such claims of blame and react with a been there, heard that, don’t care or accept as that complaint won’t play any longer. The ultimate wounding came from Secretary of State Kerry and Special Envoy and former Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk who within a couple of weeks each gave speeches blaming Israel completely and exonerating the Palestinians from any responsibility or blame for the failure of the peace talks. The really disturbing reality is that virtually every expert of the Middle East predicted with relative accuracy the manner in which the talks would fail even before the first meetings had concluded. Many had even foreseen that the Palestinians would use as their excuse for terminating the negotiations the Israeli refusal to release additional terrorists, which was one of the demands that was being voiced by some Palestinians as necessary for the talks to continue, or that they would demand a building freeze or bolt should the Israelis actually announce any intention to build despite the fact that they had been forewarned that Israel reserved the right to build as it was not part of the initial demands by the Palestinians when they chose the concessionary bribe required to begin talks. Those who had made these predictions were not seers or prophets; they were realists who have lived through so many past experiences that prediction of how these negotiations were likely to end without anything even close to an actual peace agreement took simply choosing the most probable scenario that fit the current negotiations and concessions demanded by the Palestinians initially and the other demands they would make continuing through the talks threatening to balk if they were refused additional stroking and additional concessions. As the song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Deja Vu says, “We have all been here before.”


Going forward we can expect the European Union, United Nations, Arab League, and numerous other people and organizations to jump on board the blame Israel for every failure wagon. We can expect the Palestinians to manufacture a world tour demanding the whole world compensate them for the damage done by the evil Israelis ending with a trip to the United Nations demanding that statehood with borders of their design be granted them and the armies of the world to enforce the decision on Israel. This has been their intended plan from the start of Oslo as the Palestinians never actually desired to negotiate with Israel, they figured they could persuade the world of the evilness of the Jewish State and get the world to ally with their cause and impose the desires and nightmares of the Palestinian minds upon Israel. This has been the aim of Arab and Palestinian propaganda which has since become the mainstream argument accepted by the Europeans and much of the world’s leftists who gladly allied with some far right nationalist socialists in blaming the Jewish State Israel for all the world’s ills. This has been proven time and again when polls of European nations and select political groups and even more and more Americans who place Israel as the greatest threat to world peace amongst all the nations of the world. The logic which places Israel as a greater threat to peace than Syria, China, Cuba, North Korea, Russia and numerous Arab nations is mind bogglingly absurd. But these are not the most distressing of the people blaming Israel first.


The individuals who have chosen to blame Israel first that are most distressing are the Israelis doing so. Tzipi Livni, Isaac Herzog and Zahava Gal-On attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu are all understandable as each of these party leaders honestly believe that they should be the next Prime Minister once the current governing coalition collapses. Tzipi Livni is the most interesting of these stalwart whiners as her party is a member of the coalition and polls show her party possibly not even clearing the threshold to make it into the next Knesset. Yair Lapid has also made some comments blaming Netanyahu for the lack of reaching an agreement but has tempered his criticism by also placing a large share of the blame of Naftali Bennett despite having formed an alliance between their two parties in order to guarantee both were included in this government. Another set of groups which cause distress are the numerous NGOs who falsely claim that because their membership is predominantly or completely made up of Jews that they are therefore automatically to be considered pro-Israel yet they take every opportunity to condemn Israel by echoing virtually every Palestinian accusation. These groups while claiming to be pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, Pro-peace and Jewish take positions repeating and amplifying every accusation against the IDF, amplifying by consent any dispersion against the Jews living in the settlements including those in the major settlement blocks that all sides agree will remain as a part of Israel. These groups often join with leftists and anarchists from Europe in staging riots and challenges of IDF soldiers at checkpoints or on patrol with the intent of producing highly edited video which they then release on YouTube and other on-line sites in the hopes of casting aspersions and defaming Israeli soldiers and hopefully placing doubts in the soldiers’ minds which might lead to their not performing their required duties and thus placing lives at risk and making the world safer for the terrorist acts perpetrated against Israelis. It is truly sad how the world can so readily accept any aspersion against Israel without the slightest proof and often against all evidence which is readily available requiring only the slightest curiosity and a smidgeon of effort to acquire and learn the truth. But I can expect that there will be those who will accuse me of ignoring the real truth and claiming that Israel controls the media and the United States and other governments and world bodies and claim that the fact that there has been no peace reached with the Palestinians as the proof of their claims. The frustrating portion of these entire circumstances is that the protestation made by certain Israelis wither for political calculation or potential gain or because of leftist secular views of leftist secular Jews by birth who despise the idea of the Jewishness of Israel who give the other voices validity by their damning protestations which are inspired by world or political views which cloud the issue and actually have almost nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict. The reality of the Arab-Israeli conflict can be summarized by the three no’s from the Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967, where at an Arab League Summit it was decided that there would be no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel and that the only solution which would ever be acceptable would be the complete eradication of Israel. This is also the aim of Hamas, Fatah, the PLO, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority, the complete eradication of Israel, whether through stages or in one glorious jihad genocidal assault, and that is the real truth of why these talks and all that follow will all end without any solution, Abbas and whoever should follow when elections are eventually held cannot and will not accept anything less than the complete eradication of Israel.


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February 9, 2013

Stubbornness Contest Between Shas and Yesh Atid

Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing difficulty in forming the large coalition which includes as broad a span of political views as possible such that the result will not be dependent on any single party other than Likud-Beytenu. The problem he has struck is the contest between Shas, the Hasidic Party and Yesh Atid headed by Yair Lapid who refuses to compromise on any of the party platform issues he and his list had campaigned upon. One issue which has become a hot button issue finds the religious parties including Shas in direct conflict with Lapid’s Yesh Atid stand that only the top four-hundred Torah students be allowed a deferment from IDF or National Service a part of the share the burden solution. Shas, needless to point out, wishes for an equal or at least very similar style deferment law as the Tal Law which was ruled to be against the constitution by the Supreme Court in a decision made in the final days under Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch, a strange concept as Israel has no constitution. Neither side wishes to budge on this issue and Lapid, who is entering the Knesset for the first time as are all the people on his list, will likely be introduced to the concept that if you demand everything you will often end up not in the coalition and you get nothing, such is the way of parliamentary governance. My feelings are that Yair Lapid knows full well that at some point he will need to give in order to get but is going to play hard and stiff for as long as it serves to further his ideals and ideas and bend only at the last moment. Shas will not bend and will need to be bludgeoned into accepting any form of compromise but that is their way and is expected.

Yair Lapid might be playing a dangerous game believing that Netanyahu cannot permit him and his nineteen Knesset seats to join Shelly Yachimovich and the Labor Party in the opposition. He had best do the math and realize that Netanyahu can form a sixty-one seat coalition simply by including the two purely religious parties, Shas and Yahadut HaTorah with eleven and seven seats respectively along with HaBayit HaYehudi which has twelve seats. Add in the thirty-one seats of Netanyahu’s Likud-Beytenu Party reaches the sixty-one seats out of the Knesset’s one-hundred-twenty total seats, the minimum necessary for a majority to form a coalition. Netanyahu has even spoken with Tzipi Livni and Shelly Yachimovich and even the leader of Meretz, Zahava Gal-On, even though the likelihood of their parties joining the coalition are minimal, as the Prime Minister had stated he wishes to form as broad a governing coalition as possible, even a unity government, though that is next to impossible. All told, the forming of the coming coalition very well may prove to be more interesting than the usual cut and dry same old expected coalition of traditional allies. With some of the difficulties which may come to a head and have to be faced by the coming government, a large and stable coalition that is not dependent on any one party is something that is definitely desirable. I do not envy the members of this Knesset, especially having a fairly good idea of what challenges are coming down the rails like an out of control train.

Back to the tug-of-war between the Hasidic Parties and Lapid’s fairly secular party over exemptions may be the most evident battle ongoing but is not the only and may prove not to even be the most critical or vitally important debate that forming the coalition will need to address. Another of Lapid Party’s concerns that I feel is likely even more important concerns the economy and the price of living. One of the major segments of the economy which needs the magic touch of Netanyahu’s economic miracle workers is housing prices and rents. During the last Knesset Netanyahu took aim at the cell phone monopolies and he opened up that market to greater competition and the prices dropped like an anchor. Hopefully Netanyahu will be able to work similar miracles with housing and rental prices, then taking aim at food prices, especially dairy and the other areas where the number of vendors is quite limited. What makes this area even more important is that much could be gained in relieving some of the upward pressures on food prices that could be attained through annexing at a minimum Area C of Judea and Samaria, the area already under total Israeli rule and control. The additional farm lands and expanded area would serve as a stimulus to the Israeli economy, an economy that is already one of the most robust of the Industrialized West. Another possible benefit from such a move would be to place some pressure on the Palestinian leadership which might be sufficient a shock to bring Abbas to the negotiation table and remove from United States President Obama’s list of misconceptions about Israel, namely that it is Netanyahu who refuses to negotiate and Abbas the willing partner. In the meantime, let’s just relax and watch the barter and other fun that goes with making a coalition. I wonder if there were a way of making coalition forming the national sport of Israel after all, they do it far, far too often.

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