Beyond the Cusp

November 30, 2020

Post-Pax-America (Part Two)

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Then there is the proposed MANDITORY firearms buyback which might tend to cause some unintended consequences. Of course, the mainstream media is emphasizing the buy-back, playing down the “mandatory” part of the bill. Providing certain exceptions for antique firearms, historic military firearms, firearms of notable history and lastly weapons with a worth of over some set number of thousands of dollars, will be used to control who is allowed to own weapons. Yes, exceptionally expensive weapons will be legal such that the entry price for a weapon will be set at the government minimum and a weapon of any decent manufacture and quality costing many multiples in price. In the end, it will become weapons for the wealthy but not for thee, the regular Joe Six-Pack or even the average white-collar worker. The Man in the Street will be unarmed and vulnerable while his wealthy employer is able to afford being armed or hiring those who are armed for their personal protection. Finally, on firearms, there will exist a list of all firearm owners and their weapons such that as the weapons are deemed too dangerous, they can be located for destruction.

United Nations Twisted Gun
Twisted Gun

The next two ideas will be intertwined by some of the coastal nations following the initial leads taken recently by Oregon where decriminalized possession of hard drugs, amongst them being heroin, cocaine and LSD, which will eventually meet-up with a guaranteed minimum salary to accompany guaranteed employment. These decriminalized, eventually to be legalized, harder drugs and guaranteed employment from birth fulfill the predicted society in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” where necessary classes of humans required for each class of job are produced in test-tubes and raised by the state specifically to fulfill their biologically predetermined class and a drug named Soma placated much, nearly all, of the population where obedience to your prechosen class and profession is beyond the norm into the expected enforced by the state. Where the Biden plans divert from those described by Huxley is with open borders and granting paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants (undocumented individuals). Add to this that the set minimum must be the demanded $15.00/hour set by the Squad and the far left in order to quiet and throw them a bone. Much of this depends on the Republican Party returning to their go along to accomplish something. We doubt they have yet to learn that sometimes getting nothing is better than what is planned to be accomplished. If the Democrat Party manages to win both Georgia Senate seats on January 5, 2021, then the Republicans become inconsequential.

Beyond the Cusp

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