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June 22, 2021

COVID Variants Eventual Conclusion

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Almost every week or so we hear about the latest variant of the dreaded COVID-19 virus. Each variant is introduced emphasizing how it is theoretically more transmittable and has the potential to even infect people despite their having taken the vaccines. Left out of much of the panicked, hyperventilating, frantic, over-the-top doomsday reporting is the fact that each new variant is almost assuredly less severe than the original virus or whatever variant the new variant was traced back to as its originating virus. Before continuing, I have a few confessions which are necessary. First-off, I am not a physician nor was I ever in any courses where pre-med would be the appropriate major field. Further, I did not stay in any Holiday Inn Express or have any epiphany and the rest are conclusions based on my over two decades repairing and even designing healthcare, hospital and medical equipment of which half these experiences was at a thousand bed major cardiac hospital which included top level care in virtually every form of medical care.


The first item we need to define is that bane of too many winters, the Common Cold. We have all at some time fallen prey to a more severe form of the Common Cold such that we seek medical assistance. An honest treatment might include a shot of B-complex and other vitamins and mineral supplements but other than strengthening one’s body to better fight the infection, but they usually do not even provide any anti-viral medicine and hopefully they resist giving any antibiotics as these are merely effective against bacteria and have little if any effect on a virus. One would assume that for as long as humanity has suffered the misery of the Common Cold that some scientist would have found the anti-viral vaccine ending the Common Cold once and for all. This is where the problem and tiny little secret we are rarely told, the Common Cold does not derive from a singular virus but rather there are almost countless varieties of viruses which cause the Common Cold. The cost of sequencing each particular virus for every Common Cold sufferer would be prohibitive and the results would take longer than the body requires to repulse the infection and return the person as healthy.

There is a simple and all too obvious result from following the reporting on the COVID-19 virus, its variants and the variants’ variants. Each variant has been reported to be more easily transmitted yet we are not witnessing the same serious physical responses to these variants as fewer people require hospitalization and virtually no one has expired from the variants. This is known in medicine is Muller’s Ratchet. This trend where virtually every human-to-human transmittable virus with each mutation becomes more virulent but less severe has been found to be applicable to the current COVID variants. Just as the vast majority of viral infections of the past, be they a simple flu to the most devastating viruses from history, have eventually become so impotent that their basic symptoms have come to represent the numerous and various forms the what we euphemistically refer to as the Common Cold. This infers that there are numerous variants and even completely separate origins for the probably uncountable viruses which can be the cause of your sniffles, sneezing and general misery we have all come to loathe, the Common Cold. We will even go out on a limb and predict that COVID-19 will fade from our collective consciousness and slightly later from the news, thus this version of COVID and the numerous variants will just be another set of strains for the root cause of the Common Cold.

Beyond the Cusp


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