Beyond the Cusp

September 10, 2021

Feared News to Come from Afghanistan

We fear future revelations resulting from the termination of efforts in Afghanistan and the disastrous lack of preplanning and pathetic execution of the United States withdrawal of military personnel and equipment. Missteps and outright blunders committed by the Biden Administration and top military Command and Control (CnC) within the Pentagon forces one to consider some horrifying possibilities. We have thus far resisted revealing our innermost fears as they paint a truly horrific picture of incompetence or outright treason against the United States and its Constitutional and legal restrictions placed on the various branches of governance. So, let us start down the rabbit hole into the dizzying realms of potentialities caused by the sniveling cowards playing General and CIC (Commander in Chief).

Secretary of Defense Austin and General of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley

Our intense fears are concerning the actual number of American citizens left behind spewed by the media only counts those in Kabul. Add in the remainder of Afghanistan and that number quickly shoots past a few thousand and potentially being determined to be tens of thousands of American citizens, closing in on two-hundred-thousand American citizens, their families and the Afghanis solemnly promised inclusion in any pullout ordered. The possibility exists that the billions of dollars of advanced military equipment intentionally left behind was just one more insulting factor in the Biden-Taliban agreement. Another apparent surrendered item in the Biden-Taliban agreement was deserting the allied Afghanis leaving them to the not-so-tender mercies of the Taliban. Rumors abound over the Biden Administration recognizing the Taliban as the rightful government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan while providing the Taliban with millions, if not billions, of dollars in ‘humanitarian aid’ allowing the planes with Americans and Afghanis sitting on runways to finally leave. These are but some of the blunderings committed by the Biden Administration and the Pentagon pertaining to the Afghanistan withdrawal, a withdrawal which has all the images of complete American surrender to the Taliban and turning against their former Afghani allies. Time will reveal other shortcomings as we learn more, potentially allowing for another article at a later date.

Beyond the Cusp

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