Beyond the Cusp

August 18, 2012

Amendment Establishing Real-World Experience for Politicians

I recently read a very surprising and intriguing article authored by Larry Elder titled ”Recruit George McGovern to Speak — at the Republican Convention!”. The article quoted a number of remarks made by George McGovern in reference to his experiences on his path from purchasing a small hotel and restaurant, the Stratford Inn in Connecticut to the end where the business failed. One quote which stood out made by Mr. McGovern was, “I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy aspirant to the White House.” Reading this and the other McGovern statements quoted in this revealing article I had an epiphany that we should add one more requirement for candidates running for public office, especially at the Federal level. The individual States should decide this for themselves once this expectation has been added which will require a difficult process in order to enact the new requirement, a Constitutional amendment. My thought was we should require for anyone seeking to serve in the House of Representatives have a minimum of five years working in the private sector with at least eighteen months in a supervisory position. In addition, any person seeking a position in the Senate should have eight years working in the private sector and a minimum of three years in a supervisory position. Anybody seeking the Presidency should meet the same requirements as one seeking a seat in the Senate if not something even more stringent. Candidates should also be required to list their work experience by submitting a resume with their entire work history and three work-related recommendations with one each from someone who supervised their work and a person whose work the candidate had supervised. This would serve to give the people who seek to write and form the rules and regulations under which we all must live and operate, especially the small business people, to have had to experience the existing rules and regulations and felt the impingement they have.

The way I see this is that if somebody who was as deep a leftist as George McGovern was able to learn the errors of the positions he once purported and do almost a complete turn-around, then perhaps by forcing candidates to experience some of what had such a transformational effect on McGovern could only serve to provide us with better governance. Yes, I realize that this would not be universally effective, but should it be merely ten percent effective in resetting the thoughts of those eventually seeking public office, then the change to our government and the influences government exerts on business would see a great resulting transformation. As it now sits, we have people serving in Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and most of those holding important and influential positions in the White House, the President most of all, have absolutely no real world work experience. The vast majority have not done a stitch of work outside of elected office, not even as a bagger, construction worker, pizza delivery person, or even a paper route while growing up, let alone any adult age work experience. Despite not even holding a part time job, these are the very same people who craft the regulations, tax laws, licensing demands, and other heavy influences on the work environment which stifles profit and makes running a small business near to impossible. If even George McGovern can reach a point where he issues a mea-culpa regretting his own actions and decrying the ignorance under which he presumed to craft legislation and voted on same that have such a deep and disturbing influence working against business and the people who must meet these regulations then perchance requiring politicians to have at least a minimum of experience working under the existing shackles before being allowed to craft even more shackles might be a positive move. It is doubtful it could make things any worse. It has come to the front that the main reason that hiring has not responded to any of the presumed recovery which business has supposedly experienced is largely due to uncertainty to the requirements that will be coming from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as well as other new regulations as thus far President Obama has presided over the greatest increase in regulations, requirements and new taxes upon business since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is no wonder why business and hiring are at a virtual standstill with the Sword of Damocles hanging precariously over their collective heads. What is sad is that without some sanity things will only get worse as it seems like once a piece of legislation has been enacted or a regulation loosed upon our world, that it is impossible for anybody to actually nullify such things and relieve the dooming pressures on business. We need not only politicians who will prevent further legal creep that inhibits business with cumbersome regulations and requirements, but politicians who will remove large amounts of the preexisting oppressive pressures, stifling regulations and murderous taxes off from the business sectors of our society and instead encourage business. I know, such a novel idea that it has no chance of ever occurring. How do we know if we don’t at least call for it and give it a try?

Beyond the Cusp

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