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September 16, 2018

Strange Irregularity in Most Israel Detractors


There has been an irregularity present in the complaints which most Western journalists and editorialists have been relatively ignored, well, until this article. As Attorney Stephen M. Flatow points out about Jacob Plitman with his claim that it was the life of the Palestinians in Bethlehem which depicted what is terrible about Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian Arabs. That little problem is that the Palestinian Arabs residing in Bethlehem have been ruled by the Palestinian Authority exclusively since 1995 with absolutely no Israeli interference. Bethlehem is an interesting place to find that Israel could in any way be responsible could only be found if one were to claim that by accepting Christians who were fleeing for their lives due to their business being stolen by their Muslim neighbors and being told their house is not their house but belongs to another family who will be moving in next week with or without their injury, their choice. Of course, this has had a detrimental effect on the Christian population of Bethlehem which has gone from 90% in the early 1990’s steadily downward to 40% in 2000 continuing on to 15% in 2013. These numbers coming from American Thinker article titled Christian Exodus from Bethlehem. This article was a response to a particularly flawed and slanted article in the Washington Post in a big spread in its December 22, 2013, edition under the headline, “What’s missing in Bethlehem? Mayor urges tourists and Christians to return.” The problems are listed of the Washington Post article which, of course, blamed Israel just as did Jacob Plitman using the same flawed illogic. Bethlehem currently has a Christian population which is less than 10% of the total population and will soon be as free of Christians as it is of Israelis, Jews, IDF soldiers or any other Israeli interference or rule. Bethlehem is completely the responsibility of its ruling mayor and council as well as Fatah, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.


Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone

Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone


When one reads stories which complain about the Palestinians and their mistreatment by their occupation by the Israeli overlords, there is a problem in that the Israelis have very little if anything to do with these people’s lives. Let us get one group completely out of the entire debate, all the Arabs within Gaza. Since 2005 all Israelis residing within Gaza and the entirety of the IDF and every Jew buried within Gaza were all removed with the dead being re-interred within Israel, the IDF transferred to bases within Israel and the Jews who had lived in Gaza relocated to what was to be temporary residences until new jobs and places to reside and government assistance became available. Some of these Israelis are still seeking new residence and employment. When you ran an operating farm on a sizable plot of land in Gaza, finding applicable work in Israeli is problematic. But, on the average, the Israelis who were relocated from Gaza are doing far better than the Arab Gazans which they had employed. This has nothing to do with Israel. The Palestinian Authority took complete control over Gaza in September of 2005 and in 2007, they were replaced in a violent coup by Hamas. So, why is Gaza suffering with such high unemployment and its economy faltering for the vast majority? Well, much of the reason is probably because their Hamas government takes almost all the tax revenue and uses it for building tunnels and rockets for attacking Israel. Hamas also takes the construction material and used almost all of it to build these tunnels and make bunkers to keep their leadership and arms safe when they press Israel into war. They refuse to use the construction equipment and supplies in order to rebuild people’s apartments or their stores and basically rebuild their lives which were destroyed because Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired their rockets from the rooftops of those buildings. The United Nations and European Union as well as groups of nations and NGOs have provided sufficient building supplies well over three times in sufficient amounts to rebuild the destroyed buildings but instead tunnels were built with the ones dug into Israel under the border were destroyed when detected. Gaza is in ruins because their government would rather attempt to destroy Israel rather than build an economy or repair the war damage resulting from their attacks upon Israel. Israel cannot rebuild these people’s lives because any Israeli entering Gaza would be dead within seconds, thus unless Israel were to reconquer Gaza, it remains under Hamas misrule. Why doesn’t Israel reconquer Gaza? Because the world would come unglued and the European Union and United Nations General Assembly and countless other agencies and NGO’s along with numerous nations would demand that Israel return Gaza to Arab control, which would become Hamas within minutes, that is why.


That brings us to the rest of the Palestinian Arabs residing in the Shomron. The Shomron was divided into three regions, Areas A, B and C. Area A is under complete Palestinian Authority control, Area B is under Palestinian Authority control with shared security with Israel and Area C is supposed to be under complete Israeli control though the European Union has decided to ignore the Oslo Accords and claim that Area C belongs to the Palestinian Arabs as well and if they get that accepted we can only wonder what area they will claim for the Palestinian Arabs next. Now, within Area A we find Bethlehem as well as including Tulkarn, Qalkilya, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah and Jericho. Within these six cities close to 80% of all Palestinian Arabs reside, not counting those residing within Area C (less than 100,000) and Jerusalem (350,000). The Palestinian Arabs residing in Jerusalem have been granted partial Israeli citizenship such that they receive the same healthcare as any other Israeli and have all the other rights of any Israeli including voting in Jerusalem and neighborhood elections but are restricted from voting in national elections, as things currently exist. The ones residing in Area C are mostly residing in illegal communities with a select few residing on their family lands. Many Palestinian Arabs from Areas A and B actually work for Israeli companies right alongside Israeli Jews. Some of these Arabs are in supervisory roles with Israelis working under them. But the fact that these Palestinian Arabs need to pass through a checkpoint is often one of the main reasons that Israel is constantly claimed to be denigrating these Arabs. These Arabs are coming into Israel from a belligerent region from where 90% of the terrorists originate and is ruled by a foreign governance. Israel, believe it or not, is located in the Middle East which, also believe it or not, is not Europe or North America. Borders are very enforced across the Middle East, not just by Israel but by the other nations as well. For the past decade, the border between Egypt and Gaza has been largely closed and guarded by Egyptian soldiers. Israel had been the provider of virtually all the goods which have legally entered Gaza and the only items restricted are those which are or can be used to be made into weapons. Despite this limitation, Israel has permitted numerous miles of pipes which became rockets and launchers and tons of cement, mortar and bricks and lumber most of which was utilized for bunkers and tunnels. During the recent hostilities which were recently suffered through and are continuing at a reduced rate, Israel attempted to provide the needed medical provisions which Hamas and Gazans complained they were running low of and Hamas refused the Israeli medical aid so that they could continue to complain that Israel was not being any help. Many news sources carried that Hamas was running out of medical provisions and Israel was the cause and refused to cover Hamas refusing medical provisions because the IDF delivered the provisions.


The United States does not have open borders with nations which desire the destruction of the United States. Further, the United States does not accept employees from most nations which desire the end of the United States. The United States does not allow people from North Korea to come into the United States without their receiving screening. The United States does not permit people from Israel to enter without being checked by customs and security if they perceive or expect a problem. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are both organizations which desire the demise of Israel. Further, citizens of the Palestinian Authority are actually permitted to work daily in Israel. Granted, Hamas citizens are not allowed to work in Israel though they were permitted to work in Israel until 2007 when Hamas ended their leaving to work in Israel. Gazans are more often than not refused permission by Hamas to seek medical assistance in Israel unless you are a high-level member Hamas leadership or a close relative. Hamas decided that Gazans working inside Israel was counterproductive to their agenda, which is complaining that Israel is denying Gazans their rights to freedom. The Palestinian Authority, in league with the Arab League and other organizations and NGOs, uses a diverse and international propagandas campaign against Israel which is based in many of the old blood libels against Jews. There are many who fault Israel for not combatting this propaganda campaigns but the problem is that Israel has to remain on a wartime footing at all times due to universal threats from almost every border; thusfar the Mediterranean Sea’s natural lifeforms have been largely neutral with exception for the average shark and other carnivorous fishes found there. Another border which is far more perilous to cross than is the Israeli border with the Palestinian Authority is the borders between China and North Korea, as crossing this border without using one of the checkpoints you risk no questions, as you will simply be shot. The border between Russia and China is well protected. Currently, there are a number of eastern European nations who have their borders all but closed as they have been since the influx of, what are called, Asian and North African refugees from entering their country seeking permanent residence. Israel is far from alone in the desire to track and inspect those who enter their nation from abroad.


When people wish to claim that Israel is mistreating or responsible for some problem which Arabs are suffering in the regions west of the Jordan River, you need to look into the report and find exactly whom the author is referring to in their article. We hear a lot that the Arabs have not been permitted to vote in an election for President since 2005 in the West Bank. There are so many problems with such a report that where to start is almost difficult. West Bank is a general term for the entirety of the Shomron. The Palestinian Arabs is the group they are referring to in such a report and that is far from an Israeli problem. Israelis, Arab, Jew, Christian or other have not voted for President for even longer as the President is chosen by the Prime Minister and approved by the Knesset and we vote for Knesset which is the Parliament and whichever party forms the ruling coalition chooses the Prime Minister. The problem with the Palestinian Arabs is that Mahmoud Abbas knows that he would lose any election and then would lose the protection of the Presidential guard and might not live long enough to flee the region. Trust that Israel would have nothing to do with letting him leave or not, that would end up being a problem for Jordan should he escape the Palestinian regions. Hamas does not believe in free elections and often simply promotes new leaders from within for Gaza. So, the Palestinian Arabs have not been permitted an election by their own ruling groups, parties and governments and Israel does not interfere with their internal political intricacies. The Arabs of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority rule themselves and have found themselves stuck in two separate and equally economically depressive, financially crippling and embezzling through misappropriation of funds making their lives impoverished. Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat’s widow are both worth hundreds of millions if not billions while the leadership of Hamas is recognized as billionaires and they all managed this through skimming a large percentage of the generosity of the world in funding their governments. When Israel as much as withholds funds from taxes collected in order to partially ameliorate the difficulties by the utility companies who are not paid for the power, water, natural gas and other provisions they provide for both Gaza and the Palestinian Authority populations, The European Union, many member nations, the United Nations and several agencies and a slew of “human rights” NGOs all protest vehemently. The European Union almost had a hernia once when Israel withheld funds to pay for some of the debt to the utility companies as Israeli companies’ solvency is unimportant and Israel actions must universally be blamed. This is also the attitude that many of these writers take and they are encouraged to do so as that is where the high paychecks lie with news networks and papers which lie mostly on the far left.


The left has bought hook-line and sinker into the ‘Israel is the evil one’ and to blame for all the problems within the Middle East and the Arab world. Israel was behind all the wars in the Middle East. Israel forced the United States into Afghanistan and Iraq and now with the leaving of the nuclear agreement with Iran. We have heard that if Israel would make peace with the Palestinian Arabs by simply ceasing to exist or, as Mahmud Ahmadinejad once said, “This is our proposal: give a part of your own land in Europe, the US, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country.” The left has taken up the Islamist causes and this places Israel outside their narrow range of view. Israel has become the international Jew making anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli positions the internationalizing of anti-Semitism. The left has a history of scapegoating the Jews and this apparently is not about to change; the target is simply a larger Jewish target. The real problem will come when the left decides that the Jews within are all part of the Israel problem because, as was the motto in Europe for over fifteen centuries, you cannot trust the loyalty of a Jew as they stick together and are often disloyal. There was no actual proof of this; it was simply another reason to hate the other. The Jew has always been the other no matter where they have lived or under whose rulership. Now Israel is the other which has been proven by the United Nations and so many other sources which would take longer than we care to list. We have given partial lists of such over the years and those who read here regularly probably have the full list memorized. The one reality which is slowly dawning on Jews across the world is they are becoming very happy that Israel exists as it provides them a place to which they can escape and be received with joy. Never Again will Jews face the dreaded trip from what they had thought was salvation in Cuba only to have to dread the entire trip returning them to Germany on the MS St Louis on what became known as the ship of the damned. Now the Jews have an unsinkable ship which does not need to find an accepting port as this one provides that accepting port, many accepting ports. Let the world hate Israel, it is not fair, but at least it is ours and we can always call her home and with great pride as Israel is the little country that does the impossible despite all the odds.


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