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June 22, 2018

Why Not Simply Face Facts


Let’s start with something simple. The Oslo Accords were originally set to provide a path to the ultimate peace within five years. Oslo II extended that another five years when one year was left in the original. That is a total of nine years and then the Oslo Accords and Oslo II applied from 1993 through 2002. When Oslo mercifully died, George W. Bush presented the Roadmap which was a three-phase plan which would design peace by the end of 2005. This too failed miserably as the intransigence of the Palestinian Authority was absolute. Then came the most wrongheaded brilliance ever imagined from the State Department and proposed by Condoleezza Rice. This was the Gaza Disengagement which revolved around two main things, first the Palestinian Arabs were to have elections for their Palestinian Legislative Council and second Israel was to pull everyone from the communities to the IDF from the Gaza Strip. The theory was that by having open elections allowing Fatah and Hamas and anyone else to freely run that Hamas would be relegated to almost no power losing in the popular elections and then the Palestinian Authority could use Gaza to showcase the wonders they could produce if given the opportunity. Well, Hamas won the elections, the split in the Palestinian Arab people became more pronounced, the greenhouses worth tens of millions of dollars were ripped apart to make rockets and because they were Jewish. The end result was Hamas taking complete control over Gaza and using it for attacks on Israel with complete disregard for the people, the economy and the world still believes that the Arab society is one. As far as what peace plan is in effect currently, there isn’t one. The Palestinian Authority has refused to even meet or speak with Israel since George W. Bush was in the White House. There was not a single meeting during the eight years when President Barack Obama was in the Oval Office. President Donald Trump has said he hopes to present the Deal of the Century once he has weighed all the options and found a path to resolve the intractable situation.


What have seen the balloons floated through leaks and other means? Well, there has been the suggestion that perhaps instead of Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the Palestinian Authority, engaging Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in some arrangement and having them rule over Areas A and B as denoted by the Oslo Accords. The sole concept remaining from that time is what will be done with Area C. Areas A and B would likely be consolidated such that they are contiguous with many of the main roadways being shared with Israel as these roadways are essential in connecting Israel communities, cities and workplaces. President Trump has stated numerous times that any solution would have to be acceptable to both parties which the media has interpreted as meaning the Palestinian Authority and Israel, but that may not be the case. The recent rejection of anything President Trump presents and complete rejection to even meet with President Trump’s negotiating team by Saeb Erekat, has resulted in the Trump administration demanding that he be replaced. This was met by an immediate reply by Erekat that he is indispensable and will never be replaced and that it is Trump who has caused the problems by moving the American Embassy and becoming a pawn of the Israelis. The Palestinian Authority has thrust down the gauntlet at the feet of President Trump stating in actuality that Fatah and the PLO are more like Hamas than they are to an agreeable people who are willing to meet Israel in any deal. This was the PLO, Fatah and the rest of the Palestinian Authority doubling down on their payments to terrorists and their families, being fully supportive of the Hamas violence and returning to the Arab maximalist demands for the elimination of the Zionist Entity (their name for Israel). They also want the Jews to either accept living under Arab rule as Dhimmis or sent to any place which would accept them or annihilated with the last being their preferred final solution. This is the current reality for as long as Hamas, Fatah, the PLO and Palestinian Authority are left as the leadership for the Arabs residing in Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank as it was renamed by Jordan). That leaves very little maneuvering room and add to this that Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the other leadership have ruled any plan from President Trump rejected upon arrival and reject the United States as a neutral mediator demanding that the United Nations General Assembly or other world body inclusive as the General Assembly to be the final deciders. Anybody who has followed the consistency with which the General Assembly decides one-hundred-plus to a mere dozen at best and thirty to forty abstentions against Israel realizes the impossibility of internationalizing this process and believing that there is the slightest chance that Israel would survive the process.


So, where does this leave the entire predicament, and it is a predicament if one is going to address this in any normative means. The first thing one need realize and internalize is that the Palestinian Authority was dissolved on January 3, 2013, by Mahmoud Abbas when he declared that he was establishing the Arab State of Palestine. This was accompanied by their changing all their official documents to read “State of Palestine” and Mahmoud Abbas declared himself President. This move invalidated every applicable document, plan and decision made over the past five plus years which mentioned Palestinian Authority which should also include numerous denunciation of Israel in reference to Israeli steps taken against the Palestinian Authority as one couldn’t act against something which no longer exists. Further, this declaration brings to an end any and all agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and these agreements would need to be reestablished if they are to be valid and made between Israel and Palestine. Further, every act of violence by Palestinian Arab terrorists are now grounds for a declaration of war if Palestine is meant to be an actual nation. Also, all Palestinian Authority offices around the world including in Washington D.C. and the United Nations are no longer valid and should be shuttered. Further, the representative for the Palestinian Authority no longer represents a real and existing entity; the United Nations must discharge him from all duties. Finally, Palestine would need to reapply for membership or observer status at the United Nations before they could bring any new motions and any motions brought over the past five years need be invalidated, as they had no entity with which to bring these motions. This also ends all debate over the two state solution and things from there start to get very interesting.


The realities of the situation with Palestine and with Hamas bring everything into an interesting place. We have no doubt that a nation called Palestine would receive recognition, and already has, from a great number of nations of the world including many in Europe. The question now is what are its borders with Israel? The common knowledge of facts on the ground and agreements would permit the nations of Palestine to claim Area A and need to negotiate with Israel over the division of Area B and they would have no claim to Area C. This is resultant of the original divisions under the Oslo Accords where Area A was under Palestinian Authority, the predecessor from which Palestine would receive their validity, control while Area B was under joint Israel-Palestinian Authority control and Area C was under complete Israeli control. If Mahmoud Abbas really desires to claim that the Palestinian Authority has been laid aside and replaced by a nation called Palestine, that is fine and Israel should immediately annex all of Area C and deport any and all Palestinian Arabs into Areas A and B. Then the state called Palestine can decide whether or not they care to discuss the division of Area B, the right of way permissions for roadways which would now lie in the respective nations and other arrangements. This would be to their advantage, as would their making very sure they do not make any moves which might be interpreted as an act of belligerence which might result in a state of war with Israel. Also, this state of Palestine had best take measures to prevent any act of terrorism from their citizens against Israel as that could result in an impasse where a state of war might result. Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas might best reconsider that declaration and do so with urgency.


This leaves President Trump with really no viable options as by becoming a nation, actually two nations, the Palestinian Arab leadership has left no room for negotiations. This has become a three way state of war with Israel in the middle and Hamastan in Gaza in an obvious state of war and Palestine encroaching, with assistance from the European Union (see image below), into Area C which is Israeli sovereign lands currently under military rule but which could be placed, and should have been long ago, under civilian Israeli law and annexed freely and formally into Israel.


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs


There have been calls in the past for a three state solution and if we are to take everything as it stands, that is exactly what we have. Israel disengaged and literally gave away Gaza with no guarantees or reciprocity and the Palestinian Authority lost it in a coup to Hamas who along with Islamic Jihad and support from Qatar and Iran currently rule that area independent from any other authority. With the current rioting and threats to the border and the launching of incendiary devices across the border destroying thousands of acres of forests, game reserves and fields, a state of war has been declared by Hamas who openly calls for the eradication of Israel and the death of every Jewish person on Earth. Palestine has refused to negotiate the outstanding differences they have with Israel and has claimed lands which belong to Israel. At the very least, they lay claim to parts of Jerusalem, an area which Israel has annexed and granted the residents special citizenship permitting them to vote in municipal elections though not in national elections. Should Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of what President Trump believes and too many Israelis insist on this fantasy of the Palestinian Authority really insist that they have declared independence and are the nation of Palestine, then Israel need only ask them what are the borders. The Palestinian Arab leadership should consider their answer to that question very carefully as Israelis might not appreciate their answer. The result of their overreach could easily be construed as a declaration of hostilities and in such a condition, the smallest act of violence could start open warfare. Wars have been started over far less. Currently, Israel has been far too passive over the war declared by Hamas and friends in Gaza and should begin to respond to this threat by targeting the places the leadership enjoys and even target their homes. The time has come to make those responsible for the hurtful damage to Israeli farmers’ lives and livelihoods and the destruction of crops, forests, wilderness preserves and the threat to Israeli lives pay for their acts of malicious violence. The period of passivity in the face of open aggression only encourages more of the same on an ever-widening scale. The escalation has already begun when they replaced the limited range kites with balloons with greater range. What are our leaders waiting for, Hamas and allies to start attacking with drone swarms all laden with ever-larger incendiaries? The rockets were fired again just a few nights back and we can bet that eventually the rioting will result in rockets and missiles raining down as Hamas is seeking a war in order to show off the pictures of the damage which was never repaired from the past two wars claiming that Israel has made the lives of the people of Gaza a living hell. Hamas is being far too modest; they have made the lives of the Gazan the living hell by diverting all provisions into their infiltration tunnels, making more rockets, and other provisions for their plan to annihilate all Israel. When one knows that there are those who come to kill him, he should rise early and kill them before they have the opportunity to kill him. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are trying their best to kill Israelis within ten, twenty, thirty miles of the Gazan border currently, who knows when they will extend that line another ten miles or more. Is there some unwritten law that until Tel Aviv and the high society people are threatened that Israel just takes whatever Hamas dishes out? Are the people of Sederot and the kibbutzim along the Gaza border expendable? The same goes for the knifing and ramming attacks sporadically from the Palestinian Arabs under Mahmoud Abbas. These attacks are not only encouraged by Abbas but he pays for them very handsomely as long as you succeed and kill Israelis or are killed in the process of your attack. Confessions from the terrorists themselves have stated they were committing acts of terror so their families would receive payments and that they wanted to be killed by Israeli security, police or IDF so their family would live the good life.


There is a sad reality which many Israelis realize and know that the Arab war to disestablish Israel will never end. Even if Israel was to militarily take all of the Shomron, expel the leadership and terrorists and grant the Arabs who desire to remain resident alien status with the potential to someday apply for citizenship, not immediately but in good time, this would not be the end. There would be another leadership which would live in one of the Arab nations calling itself the rightful Palestine government in exile demanding that the world completely extinguish Israel and give it “back” to its rightful Arab owners. They would continue to claim that the Jews never resided in the Middle East and that all Jews are Europeans sent to destroy the Arab lands despite their having expelled almost one-million Jews in the decade after Israel was founded. Somehow, as these Jewish refugees were not placed in camps and left there, they disappeared from history and suddenly the world decided they too were Europeans who were, we guess, hiding in the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Even the Jews who resided in the area which is Israel, mostly in Jerusalem and Hevron, and could trace their ancestry back to the times before King David, they too were declared to be European outcasts. The Arab world will continue to repeat every anti-Semitic slur against the Jews and claiming the Czarist forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is actually historically accurate. Mein Kampf will continue to be one of the top selling books in Arabic and the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, who spent World War II in Berlin socializing with the Nazi high command and was on the list to be tried in Nuremburg but the British figured he would be better used destroying any hope for the Jews to establish their state, will still be lionized as their great leader against the Zionist imperialism. There will still be articles and cartoons depicting the Jews controlling the world through banks, government manipulations, controlling media and virtually any other conspiracy theory one can imagine, and they have brilliant imaginations. The theory is that as long as the Arabs can make life difficult for Israelis that the Jews are weak just like all the interlopers before them and will eventually surrender and leave like the British, French, Italians, Crusaders, Ottomans, Romans, Greeks (which is funny as the Arabs never fought the Greeks), the Persians (they fought Persia after Persia had been defeated and depleted by the Greeks hundreds of years earlier and never faced the Persian Empire) the Babylonians (they never faced them either) and all others, were there any others, oh yes, the Hebrews also known as the Jews. They cannot include that as it would contradict the Jews never lived here. The Arabs claim it is because they are a desert people that they have more patience than anyone else. Desert people, I seem to remember something about forty years wandering in the desert and as for patience, the Jews waited longer than Islam has existed for our return to our ancient homelands. Sure, they will out-wait the Jews because the Jews do not have the same patience as have the Arabs. That is the first thing they got correct, the Jews do not have such limited patience as do the Arabs who have no idea what patience is. Jews have waited over three-thousand-years and the Messiah still has not arrived, maybe tomorrow.


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June 21, 2018

President Trump Needs to Face Reality


President Trump has followed the same path taken by Presidents before him. Unfortunately, for all the victims of this policy, he has taken most of his thoughts from State Department policy wonks. This means that he is pursuing some form of the two-state solution. This tired, banal, old, worn-out policy which has been pushed by administration after administration to naught being once again proffered will face the same rejection it has time and again. The problem is simple; one side of the negotiations refuses to permit the other side to even have an existence demanding that they are the true owners of all of the area. The Palestinians Arabs represent the entirety of the Arab and Muslim world where the belief is that Allah has granted them domain over these lands. That Allah has granted them domain over these lands means they must not permit any others from ruling even a single square millimeter of the lands in the Middle East and North Africa. This is why every President has hit a brick wall in the negotiation, as the Arab side will insist on ultimatums which they know the Israelis cannot meet. Often this is the pre-Six Day War lines including the entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem including also the Temple Mount which will immediately become off-limits to all except Muslims just as was the case under Jordanian rule. Israel cannot accept allowing the Temple Mount to fall out of their access, which the Arabs know which is why they demand such. The job of the Palestinian Arabs is to make demands so extreme that Israel cannot accept, thus making it appear that the Israelis are refusing to make peace. The truth is that the Arabs have made clear that even if Israel accepts their maximalist demands, that will not bring an end to the resistance to the interlopers who, according to the Arabs, have no claim or right to be there. According to the Arab argument, in all of history there has never been a Jewish state in this area. This is true if, like the Arabs, you believe that history began in the year 630C.E. In the Arab World, the Jews never existed in this area and their view of ancient history is even more interesting. According to the Arab Muslim views, Abraham was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, King David was a Muslim, King Solomon was a Muslim plus Adam and Eve were Muslims, everybody of consequence to Jewish history were actually Muslims and thus there have never been any Jew in this area; so how can they make such claims now. This is the reality that many Muslims believe making any existence of Israel an abomination.


Hamas are the true face of the Arab views. They do not mince words; they simply call for the slaughter of the Jewish People in Israel and beyond. Hamas speaks the reality of the Arab view, that they should rule the world because Allah promised them the world. Everybody must surrender and bow to Allah in the world for the world to be made perfect. Not just surrender to Allah, but to do so in the correct form of Islam. Which form, well, that depends on who you are being conquered by. If it is the Muslim Brotherhood, then Sunni Islam and if it is Iran, then Shia Islam, and if Hamas is the group then you will be confused as they are mostly Sunni but are supported by Iran who are Shia. What version of Islam is inconsequential, as such would only be a problem should Israel be dissolved permitting the Arabs, the PLO, Hezballah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad, to take charge of all of the lands and allow the mass murder causing the death of over six-million Jews in the process. The Palestinian Authority Arabs do not mention the eradication of the Jews as Hamas does, but they desire the same bloodshed and mass executions, as does Hamas. President Trump has been fed the same misconceptions by the State Department, as had his predecessors. He was sold the same two state solution and perhaps he adjusted it such that Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or some combination of Arab powers taking responsibility for the Arab regions within the region currently held by Israel. It is time for a new solution to be enacted which is guaranteed to relieve the economic troubles of Gaza and promise new opportunities for the Palestinian population.


So, what could such a solution entail? It begins with the removal of the terror chiefs who currently control the direction of negotiations. This includes leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO and the Palestinian Authority. Once these have been removed and placed in exile wherever they can be placed perhaps among their friends in the European Union. The next step is to remove the remainder of the supporting groups such as the officers of their security forces and other political allies and others who supported the propaganda and other forces in order to completely de-tooth these terrorist groups. The remaining populations must be required to sign an affidavit declaring their willingness to live under Israeli rule and Israeli law. This declaration must make clear that should any member of their family be found to be working with terrorists; the entire family could face deportation. Once they have accepted these conditions, then they would be permitted to remain residing as resident aliens. Providing they reside within areas which were controlled by Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the Palestinian Authority, then they would most likely be permitted to vote in local city-wide elections. They would not be permitted voting rights in national elections. Their denotation would be as resident aliens. They would be permitted to take any of a number of options. They could attempt to gain citizenship with one of the Arab nations where they have family or friends or they could sign to join a waiting list to become citizens of Israel. This path would be long, arduous and have high standards and expectations. Any deviation from expectations would revoke any application to become Israeli citizens at some point in the future. The path to Israeli citizenship could easily exceed ten years.


This is the only solution which will end the merry-go-round of Israeli concessions, Arab demands, negotiation collapse followed by the next administration starting again with Israeli concessions followed by Arab demands then negotiation collapse followed by the next administration… This is a train which inevitably leads to the complete and total destruction of Israel leading soon to the extinction of the Jewish People relegating them to small communities of a thousand or two of Jews as their remnant. The Arabs desire to do to the Jewish People that which they have done to every other civilization they have met, whittle their numbers down to a point where they no longer are of any consequence and can be ignored and threatened with complete extinction of the remnants within the Muslim world. Such has become the fate of the Yazidis and soon the Kurds, also the Zoroastrians, Berbers, Assyrians, Nubians and potentially the various Europeans should Islam continue to grow and reach the turning point where they launch their conquest of the many European nations. Hamas makes their plans open and simple. It is contrived of two main steps. The first is to eradicate Israel and the Jews within. The second is to eradicate the rest of the Jewish People throughout the world while conquering the world and then working to be rid of Christians and all other religions while forcing Islam on as many as are willing to convert. That is as simple as it gets and has been tried before by the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Nazis, Communists and now it is the Islamist’s turn to go out to conquer the world.


The Palestinian Authority, which declared themselves to be the state of Palestine back on January 3, 2013, has a slightly different plan. They will be satisfied if the world forces them to accept the pre-Six Day War lines and from that point their next target will be the Negev and then the Galilee leaving the Israelis only the greater Tel Aviv metro area which they figure with a little assistance from the Arab world can be wiped off the face of the earth before the Israelis can even send up an alarm. They are probably correct and there are those in Europe who would gladly sacrifice all of Israel to the Arabs. The Palestinian Authority leadership also claims that once they have eradicated the Jews from the Middle East, then all will live in harmony and peace because we all know that the Arabs get along so well with one another just as they have in Iraq and Syria for examples. The Islamic empire, be it Arab or Persian, are well on their way to taking control of Western Europe and unless the leaders in Western Europe awaken to their mistaken ways, they will soon be facing Islamic unrest at levels not seen outside of the British Mandate regions in the 1920’s and 1930’s and the Arab riots against the Jews.


The four stages of Islamic conquest have been put forth in numerous places and have historic evidence to back their supposition. This is what lies ahead for the Europeans and possibly the American and Canadians should these civilizations not awaken to what is growing within their borders. The good news is that at least Israel is aware of the foul intentions of their neighbors and that any sign of friendship is only due to their needing something after which they will return to plotting the end of the Jewish State. There is no such thing as reaching peace with Islamic entities as their only acceptable terms are complete and total surrender followed by conversion or annihilation of the non-Islamic population. After the entirety of the population has been converted or beheaded, then the purification starts where those suspected converts who are not sufficiently diligent in their practice of Islam will be beheaded as if they were unbelievers all as a message to the others to be more diligent in their adherence to Islam. Then will come the purification of those who worship Islam in a foreign manner. This is where the Shia murder Sunni or the Sunni murder Shia and both murder any other form of Islam until theirs is the only for practiced. From here, there will be other rifts resulting on one side being victorious and the other side killed until eventually one family is what is left. Then intra-family rifts may appear. There are some who claim that Islam will, if permitted to become the sole religion of mankind, purify itself until only one remains because in the end there can be only one. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but we would just as soon not find out.


The Arabs are going to be in righteous anger no matter what is done as has been proven on the Gaza border. It has been proven in Iraq, in Syria, and is being proven with the Turkish forces annihilating the Kurds in Syria and probably from there into Iraq. Bashir al-Assad has freely murdered the Palestinian Arabs within his country without one peep of complaint from Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and with the assistance of Hezballah. Iran has murdered many of the Sunni Iraqis and is now assisting in the conquest and slow annihilation of the Kurdish north. There is a direct possibility that Turkey under President Erdogan will result in a war with both Syria and Iraq as he has declared a desire to conquer the lands to include Aleppo, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. Erdogan has also referenced his establishing the reborn Ottoman Caliphate. This is just a small sample of how well the Islamic nations get along and we have yet to mention Yemen, Libya, or Pakistan which all have varying levels of conflicts within their borders. Add to this the visions of empire held by the Ayatollah in Iran who believes that Iran will some day rule all the earth because Shia Islam was promised by Allah that they would be the rulers of the Earth. One has to ask at some point, how many different groups has Allah promised that they will rule the Earth? Is it supposed to be Iran, Turkey, Sunnis, Shias, Saudis, exactly who is it that has the honest and real promise of Allah that they will rule the world? We Jews remember many others who said they would rule the world. Thankfully, we only desire our small little area and will leave the remainder of the world to decide who and how it will be ruled, as long as we can keep our small plot between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. This is all we insist upon and are not even going to demand our old northern border of the Litani River, though that would be considerate (see map below). As becomes obvious, we are not demanding both sides of the Jordan River and the northern border of the Litani River though we do plan, insist even, on retaining the Golan Heights for defensive purposes and to allow our farmers in the Galilee the safety of not being shot by Syria snipers.


Modern Israel Borders and Twelve Tribes of Israel

Modern Israel and Twelve Tribes of Israel


The Jews in Israel only honestly desire peace. Unfortunately, we have concluded that none of our Arab neighbors will allow us to have peace as long as we insist on ruling ourselves. Since not ruling ourselves and allowing our Arab neighbors to rule us would result in our extinction, which is proven by the world of their leaders, we cannot settle for anything less than defensible borders and as much land as we can properly claim. That amount of land is pictured above. Those borders would permit for our defense, give Israel the military depth, and well defensible borders such that we would be able to prevent any offensive launched against us. These are also the borders we were promised by the British Mandate, the League of Nations and the United Nations, though you would be hard pressed to find any evidence of that from the rhetoric coming from most sources. There will never be any agreement reached with any Arab entity, be it Hamas, Fatah, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or any other Arab entity which would permit Israel to exist in peace without having a near continuous threat of annihilation at the slightest sign of weakness on our part. That could be anything from a weak government with a weak Prime Minister to being struck by a serious flu epidemic rendering a good number of our population of fighting age being sidelined with the disease. We would still always face the possible threat by attack with WMD such as the Iranian promise to launch nuclear weapons to destroy us or the promise by Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub who vowed, “I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.” With such an attitude, is there anyone who doubts why we cannot reach an agreement with the likes as these? The only solution is to grant Israel all which is rightfully ours and leave things at that as anything less will simply leave the door open for further demands and conflict. To avoid constant conflict there must be a winner. Given a choice, we choose Israel being that winner if for no other reason; the world would never accept the six million plus Jews who would be left needing a new home to avoid being slaughtered. If this is not true, then please name the nation willing to accept six million plus Jews arriving all at once. Before you name any Western Nations, look to the references of their response to the Shoah, the Holocaust, and how nation after nation including the United States, Canada, Britain and Spain who all closed their borders to the best of their ability preventing the Jews from escaping the Nazis and then you will know that there is not a single nation who would open their borders to allow Jews refuge.


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June 20, 2018

Wrong-Headed Policies Pursued on Gaza

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The world body politic, the world media, the leftist NGOs, the United Nations, and even some from the IDF General Staff have taken a seriously wrong turn concerning the violence from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. It may have been the last of these which influenced the most recent move by President Trump addressing Gaza. These entities and people have all fallen into the same trap believing that the reason for the rioting along the Gaza border with Israel is completely about the collapsing economy in Gaza. If that were the sole driving reason, then the Gazans would also be rioting along their border with Egypt, but they are not. The rioting along the Gaza border is reserved exclusively with Israel. The reason for the rioting can be defined by what their leaders have explicitly told them should they manage to breach the border. Their leaders have not told them to grab money, steal vehicles, collect crops, grab food from grocery stores or anything else which might lead to financial gain. Their leaders have told them to “We will tear down the fence, and tear out the hearts from their bodies” as well as “will eat the livers of those besieging” and to basically murder as many Jews as they can find.


Then we have Hamas leaderYahya Sinwar repeatedly declaring their goal being the, “March of Return affirms that our people can’t give up one inch of the land of Palestine. The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” As noted previously, the number seventy has special and declarative meaning, the erasure of all that is Israel as the reference of seventy years takes back to the year 1948 and the declaration of Israeli independence. Hamas has designs far greater than just Israel; they claim loudly that they will kill the Jews down to the last one and that Allah will assist in the destruction of America (see video below). The impetus for the Gaza rioting and their objective has been made obvious, they desire to erase the border, infiltrate and murder every Israeli, with the assistance, once the real fighting begins, of Israeli Arabs, erasing Israel from the map and using this as their base to begin their conquest of the remainder of the world. Their next target is Rome and Western Europe followed by the United States and Eastern Europe. It is obvious that Hamas plans big. In every announcement from Yahya Sinwar, there are references to blood and killing Jews, erasing the border and other forms of violence always claiming they will win because Allah will grant them justice for not already ruling the world or whatever and absolutely no mention or reference to anything economic. Their goal is not the wealth of the Israelis; it is their lives that they are to take, period. That is why the new approach by President Trump and discussions amongst all too many Israeli political and other leaders are deadly and wrong-headed.



It does not matter from where aid comes, presumably to relieve any suffering being felt by Gazans due to the apparent nearly collapsing economy. Their presumption is that the rioting and attempts to murder every Israeli are caused by economic hardship. The truth is their putting everything they receive into efforts to murder Israelis is the cause of the economic hardship. Should any arrangement be made to inject funds, building materials, more electricity, steel, cement, pipes, medical supplies, food or any other aid; all will be converted into furthering the efforts to destroy Israel and murder her Jews. The building materials, cement, bricks, cabling, electricity will be used not for hospitals, housing, restaurants or other public use but for more infiltration tunnels into Israel despite knowing that Israel finds and destroys these tunnels before they can be utilized for any objective such as murdering or kidnapping Israelis. Israel is often nice enough to allow Hamas or Islamic Jihad to almost complete their tunnel and be ready for their attack before Israel destroys their tunnel, often a day or two before they were to use the tunnel to attack Israelis. There have been estimates of what the materials used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in their infiltration tunnel construction could have built for the people of Gaza. Quoting from the article, it states, “that each tunnel cost Hamas $3 million and the construction materials used for just one tunnel could have been used to build 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools or 19 medical clinics.” Subverting international aid provided to relieve the inhumane conditions existing in Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their still receiving over eighty-percent approval from the people in Gaza is a measure of the level of hatred which has been built up in the population through incitement. The scapegoating of Israel and Jews as the cause of all misery and violence in the world and using these claims to bleed the people of any hope for an economic normalcy and using the people themselves as weapons throwing them into harms way simply to avail their terrorist operatives a chance at breaching the Israeli border is cold-blooded barbarism.


While the people of Gaza have intermittent electricity and often are left with unfiltered and untreated drinking water and other deprivations from the refusal of their government, which is Hamas, to use provisions to give the people a possibility of a decent life; the hypocrisy of the United Nations blaming Israel for the economic disasters in Gaza is off-scale. But not to worry, the leaders and the smugglers all live well, have electricity twenty-four-seven, have plenty of natural gas, nice cars, malls and well-kept open areas, five-star restaurants and every convenience one could wish for all within their area of Gaza. This is something which would be better told with pictures, so please view these pictures from Gaza, the first showing the difference and the rest simply the good-life in Gaza and the final shows the two classes of life in the Palestinian Authority region under Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party and PLO terror wing.


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


Gaza Untouched

Gaza Untouched


Refined Living in Gaza

Refined Living in Gaza


Really Nice Neighborhoods Away From the Fighting as well as Anything Israel Might Target or Apartments the Less Wealthy Reside Everything is Quiet and Peaceful

Really Nice Neighborhoods
Away From the Fighting as well as
Anything Israel Might Target or
Apartments the Less Wealthy Reside
Everything is Quiet and Peaceful


A Taste of the Gazan Good Life Away From the Rockets Firing and the Noise of Exploding Tunnels

A Taste of the Gazan Good Life
Away From the Rockets Firing and
the Noise of Exploding Tunnels


Central Park in Gaza City


Gaza City Beachfront


Plush Gaza Hotel


Palestinian Society The Face of Two Worlds Poverty vs Opulence

Palestinian Society
The Face of Two Worlds
Poverty vs Opulence


We could show a plethora of such opulence within Gaza. These are the areas of Gaza which the western media never show but are where they stay when they are inside Gaza. These are the areas where the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and smuggler leaders live and play. They have no fears that their precious properties will get struck because should Israel actually target these places the media and world organizations would become hysterical, as Israel was not shooting at an actual rocket, mortar or other military position. Israel is not to be permitted to upset the lives of these diplomats who run the terror tunnels because these are the people who wine and dine with the European elitists who visit Gaza as a measure of their support for the Gazan people. These elitists never bother to do more than a photo op with the real suffering Gazans but they stay in the best of hotels and dine in fine restaurants and swim in pristine beaches and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They can have a first class vacation with their families in complete safety and on their taxpayers’ Euros as the visit is political to research the evils being imposed on Gaza by Israel. Never would there be a discouraging word about their hosts who showed them such wonderful diplomacy and treated them to a real first-class vacation. But against Israel, that they have reams of things to say because when they visit Israel they stay in Tel Aviv visiting the coffee bistros along the beach and never bother to go for more than a photo op with the Israeli leadership in Jerusalem.


The thing is that the idea of actually destroying the lovely places where the Hamas and Islamic Jihad and friends enjoy the good life might be worth the inflamed hatred which would ensue from Europe. While doing this, it is time to completely cut Gaza off from all Israeli aid. Still allowing all aid sent through Israeli ports but cut off the electricity, water, gas and all aid which originates in Israel. Most in Europe will act similarly if but one Israel tank shell misses its actual target and hits an ice cream stand. Perhaps it might pay higher dividends if for every rocket and mortar Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire into Israel, instead of striking the launch area which often leads to further suffering of the poorest Gazans, Israel should zero in on the terrorist leaders starting with the highest ranking member of Hamas and then Islamic Jihad and work down the list hitting their homes. Then, every tenth reprisal Israel might consider striking one of their precious restaurants or their mall or water park taking away a piece of their fun. Just continue with this and at some point take out their hotels and their statue of the M-75 rocket, the one they call the Jerusalem rocket, just because we know its coordinates. We bet that there would be some honest screaming from a group of very irate Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders and commanders because they believe that they are impervious to attacks and their position and location away from the rocket launchers which they themselves made assurances would only be placed near the low cost apartments where the working class resides. Their lives were supposed to be separate from the day-to-day working types. They were immune because Israel would never actually decide to take out political leaders who were respected by such as Jeremy Corbin or their mouthpiece who repeats the Hamas line while representing the European Union, Federica Mogherini or her predecessor, Catherine Ashton who equated the Toulouse Jewish school children’s murder with Israeli defending herself striking in Gaza presumably, according to Ms. Ashton, children killed in Gaza.


Should Israel decide to adopt this wise policy of striking Hamas where it would hurt the most, how much worse than the above could Israel expect from Europe. If you cannot win or escape even the slightest tinge of seemingly automated declarations of condemnation even when showing remarkable restraint, why bother with any considerations and actually take what should be considered necessary actions to end the violence against your people. Target what their leaders prize and see how much longer they will continue to incite. If after their places are in ruin and they still incite death to Israel and death to the Jews, then we will know that there is only one answer left, full and all-out destruction of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their entire support structure and then weed out the remaining population. Yes, that requires retaking Gaza, but that is the only response which will silence the terrorism. Even that will not end the terrorism immediately, but as the terrorists are caught and expelled from our lands, eventually what will remain are people who wish to live normal lives, raising their children and all the normative things a normal people place as their priority.


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