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July 16, 2019

Gaza is Pushing too Hard


Yes, Gaza has demanded our attentions once again. This time we are doing some version of a follow-up story showing the unfortunately expected breach of trust which we first addressed here. In that article we predicted and also showed that the agreement of trust which was to bring quiet along the Gaza border was not even worth the paper it was written upon. We pointed to the “March of Return” border protests which resemble rioting and other threats including launching incendiary kites and balloons which that day after reaching an agreement, these attacks sparked twenty or so fires. This “March of Return” has been a daily occurrence which always peaks on Friday afternoons after religious services and a good sermon to get the troops riled up and fully loaded with hatred for Israel. We know that when we attend religious services, the first thing that comes to our mind is to run to the border and launch incendiaries attempting to burn down the neighboring nation. Well, no, not really. But this is exactly what has been occurring every Friday, if not every day the entire week, since near the end of March of 2018. How long and exactly how much of Israel must be turned into a scorched earth scene? And the other question is what will it take to end these provocations. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are simply pushing too hard.



In a recent article, Minister of the Knesset Avi Dichter spoke to residents at Kibbutz Sa’ad which sits in the Gaza envelope between Sderot and Netivot. As one would expect, he attempted to tell these Israelis exactly what they wished to hear. The report included some of what Avi Dichter had stated, namely, he stated, “I have known Gaza for decades. The operational solution to Gaza will be a combat move. It will not take two weeks or two months; we will need lots of patience. This will be the first Gaza war and probably the last one as well. That’s the solution I see. On the defensive issue, we as a committee will deal with problems and accompany the process to ensure that the things presented here will be resolved.” This is the basic boilerplate presentation given by virtually every Likud politician when visiting the Gaza envelope where the highest percentage of these incendiaries strike. Something has to be happening to these Likud politicians as when they get back to Jerusalem, where their party has led the ruling coalition for over a decade, they appear to forget every promise given to those living under fire near Gaza. Instead of taking bold actions as they had promised, they hem and haw debating whether or not it would be wise to engage Hamas and Islamic Jihad and speak of the horrible consequences which will come via Europe and much of the world denouncing any Israeli attempt at mitigating the terrorist attacks and defending her citizens. One would think that the world has it in for the Israeli people from their horrified reactions to every Israeli attempt to remain viable and safe. We recently spoke about how the European Union is building in areas where the Palestinian Arabs are not permitted to build according to the Oslo Accords in order to establish for the Palestinian Arabs facts on the ground such that these projects will force Israel back to her pre-Six Day War boundaries. These structures have no roads, utilities, trash removal or government services necessary to make them livable (pictured below).


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs


We have decided to attempt to take the measure of what need be done to set Gaza on a new track where the people can lead normative lives. To accomplish such, the initial step is to allow them to elect their own leadership instead of having a Hamas led dictatorship where the Hamas leadership decide who amongst them would best marshal the people against Israel. The Gazan governance does not care whether or not most of the people have their electricity rationed as it is not their electricity turned off for all but four to six hours each day. They also do not worry all that much that their waste treatment plant overruns sending tons of semi-liquid waste in torrents down the streets in Gaza City. Operating presumably on orders from either the military wing of Hamas or of Islamic Jihad, a team of rioters destroyed much of the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing including setting the feed lines which bring natural gas into Gaza simply to protest that Israel has gas and after this Gaza did not (pictured below)? Hamas and Islamic Jihad have yet to repair the damaged structures from the last three wars instigated against Israel. We are fully aware that the European Union believed that Israel overreacted when launching an offensive into Gaza after weeks of ever-increasing rocket fire which came deeper and deeper into Israel reaching almost to Jerusalem and reaching close to one-hundred-rockets per day. Their main complaint, and the complaint of the United Nations and almost countless leftist organizations was simple, the Israeli effort was disproportional as more Gazans, mostly Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters, were killed than Israelis and IDF forces. They demand that Israel make sure to lose just as many people as died in Gaza. There were reporters and editorials which postulated that Israel must provide Gaza with these Iron Dome defense batteries which has worked miracles in preventing the majority of Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets from striking targets in Israel. This is the kind of logic which much of the world uses when they are attempting to make everything in the Arab-Israeli conflict to come out fair in a no-win situation for all. What we cannot quite find is where this idiotic concept of disproportional casualty numbers in an armed conflict is by its nature unfair and potentially seen as racist, more on that in a moment. Wars are supposed to be disproportional as that is how one wins a war.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel


As reported in, of all places, Haaretz, they delineate how it came to be that Jews became the “super white privilege” people. This has become the latest means of being anti-Semitic while appearing so left liberal. This is sheer idiocy but there is method and motive to their insanity. By putting forth the idea that Jews are the whitest of white, actually over half of the Jews in Israel are from the Middle East and North Africa and not exactly lily-white, this allows for Jews to be denied all sorts of the little things that make life enjoyable such as employment, loans, carnival rides and virtually everything which can be claimed was racist at sometime in the past. This was the idea spread at the University of Illinois at Chicago a couple of years ago as the pamphlets were posted over the campus. Their erroneous claim was that nine out of ten people, that’s 90%, in the 1%, those people we are all supposed to hate, that 1%, they are Jews. First and foremost, the people in the top 1% changes regularly as the economy moves along and new areas of innovation arrive and people get in early such as the Internet businesses. Amazon, YouTube, PayPal and others have sent a number of people from oblivion to the top 1%. People who were financial nobodies are today ruling the 1% and, in another decade or so, it will be those who managed to put together and manage mining of the Asteroids. Fifty years ago, the ultimate 1%er was J Paul Getty, an oil magnate. Jews have only made the big times in the recent past in the United States. One only need remember the firestorm of controversy kicked up when Donald Trump opened Mar-a-Lago permitting Jews and Blacks to become members. The other country club owners did not which one of these they found more repulsive, allowing Blacks or Jews was an anathema to their thinking. Trump, as usual, simply did his own thing working to do what was correct even if it went against the going flow of that time. But it is this new definition of the Jew as the top 90% of the top 1% need be taken down a peg or two by whatever means necessary, and this will eventually result in ostracization, the final form of anti-Semitism before finding some final solution to the existence of Jews, and specially Israel. By this reasoning, Israel is to be considered more privileged and granted more breaks simply because it has been labeled as having super-white privilege. We can see how this is not going to go well.


Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago


Gazans, as Arabs, are treated as people of color while many Arabs are as white as the most privileged of that 1% which have white privilege. On the other side, there are significant numbers of Jews of color, Arab, Ethiopian and throughout the Middle East and North Africa they were stripped of their wealth, refused entry to any nation unless they possessed a passport of that nation and over eight-hundred-thousand emigrated going to Israel, the exception once again taking in unwanted Jews. Israel has taken other unwanted peoples including hundreds of Vietnamese Boat People providing them with citizenship if desired and a future in which they could remain free, and more important, alive. So, Gazans and Israelis likely span the color charts with remarkable similarity, thus neither has white privilege or any other advantage other than how they approach life and problems. Hamas and Islamic Jihad see the people of Gaza as cannon fodder to be utilized as human shields for terrorist fighters, rocket launchers, vehicles and buildings. Israel has taken great and extensive trouble to place sufficient shelters for the numbers of people at most locations. If you are in Israel and the rocket attack sirens sound, do not panic and just follow the people who will all be heading for the closest shelter. Hamas and Islamic Jihad spend virtually all their money on rockets, explosives and other instruments of their terror trade. Israel invests in items such as the Iron Dome with which she protects her people even further. Hamas and Islamic Jihad see dead civilians, or a killed terrorist stripped of their weapon and other military equipment instantly becomes a dead civilian, as propaganda wins with which to claim how awful Israel and the Jews have been. Do not think that the terrorist forces and many across the Arab and Muslim worlds see one iota of a difference between an Israeli and a Jew and often use the term Jews when speaking about Israelis.


Coming back to the present, this past Friday there were over six-thousand rioters launching grenades, firebombs and slinging stones at IDF soldiers while others flew the kites and balloons with incendiary weapons attached setting at least three fires which were reported. This is despite the presumed agreement to end hostile acts. We doubt that Hamas has lost control as when people demonstrated in Gaza City, Hamas ended the economic protests against their rule with all the finesse of a runaway train beating many of the protesters, raiding their homes and arresting numerous people suspected of taking a lead in these anti-Hamas and Islamic Jihad protests. Zero tolerance would be the apt phrase to describe the Hamas actions on these economic protests. But the rioting along the border, the world is told, is a grass roots movement beyond their control. A better interpretation would be that the terrorist rulers have created a monster who’s protests they have absolutely no intention of bringing to an end. Unlike the economic protests which placed the blame for the horrid conditions in Gaza on Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership, the border riots are covered by the international pages of newspapers reminding everyone of the terrible economic condition in Gaza blaming Israel and their forced inspection of goods entering Gaza. This is ridiculous as if Hamas desires these protests to end, all they need do is stop bussing people to the riot locations, no longer provide the balloons and kites and let us not forget the incendiary packages and this alone would end the border riots and Hamas would not be required to beat severely any of the rioters as they did the economic demonstrators. Hamas does not desire for any of their active confrontations with Israel to end and they also desire to keep it at a level which the world will accept as fair. So, apparently there is a measuring stick which defines when rioters launching incendiary packages into a neighboring nation burning down square kilometers of farmlands, wildlife preserves, forests and residential areas. The Israelis who reside near Gaza are having their lives turned upside-down as these packages explode spreading fire over a wide area. Any person caught in the immediate area when one of the incendiary packages detonates would likely be killed being burned to death which would be dreadful.


Minister of the Knesset Avi Dichter was correct in stating what is necessary to correct the injustices inflicted on the Gazan peoples. But there is a serious problem with his idea as it appears that he is in favor of the “mow the grass” scenario for treating Gaza. This requires Israel to send the IDF into Gaza where they destroy rocket stores, bunkers, tunnels, weapons, explosive stores, rocket and warhead manufacturing, chemistry explosive labs, rocket launchers and their positions as well as any other tools of the terrorist trade and perform this every two or three years. There are a number of problems with this concept beyond the most obvious in that it does not solve any of the issues and simply kicks the can down the road. Should Israel continue with this method they will find themselves in a pincer attack when Iran orders her IRGC in Syria to launch and then invade Israel, orders Hezballah to launch and then invade Israel from Lebanon, and have Islamic Jihad and Hamas to launch and then invade Israel from Gaza. This will place Israel in the one place she really prefers to avoid, a multi-front terror war stretching the IDF thin until numbers of reserves can be called up and assembled. Another problem with Gaza, as with most Palestinian Arabs, is that for the past twenty-plus years their children have been raised and suckled on hatred of Israel and Jews, they equate the two often. These youths spend their summers at summer boot camp where they are trained to ready for that final war which will destroy the Zionist entity. These youths are raised to believe that there is no greater honor than to die while murdering Jews and that should such ever occur to them, this is the fastest, most direct path to an eternity in a heavenly environment with green grass, trees, waterfalls, rivers, and they also get seventy-two perpetual virgins who are absolute virgins every time they have sex. Their life there will be filled with sensual earthly delights and a never-ending flow of wine which, while making one very joyous and in good spirits, this wine cannot make one drunk nor cause hangovers. This is simply the icing on the cake as just murdering Israelis (assumed to be Jews) is something which they have been taught brings great pleasure to them and great honor to their family and tribe. They are versed in the Quranic edicts which spell out all the ways that the Jews are set to try and destroy the Arab world through conquest which started with their invasion (arrival actually for a century before 1948) from May of 1948 and how the Arabs were all living peaceably and were thrown from their homes and properties were stolen and that each of the children have their family lands simply waiting for them to return and Allah will make this happen. They are taught that the Jews are almost as demonic as the entities they worship and how they are the accursed of Allah. So, basically, the children in Gaza have been taught how Jews cause all the wars, steal everyone’s wealth and stole these children’s rightful homeland of Palestine (which is interesting as Arabic has no letter P so they call it Falestine) in 1948 and then started a war of conquest in 1967 and again in 1973 referring to the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War respectively. The reality is slightly different as the Arab forces initiated both conflicts as soon as Egypt closed the Strait of Tiran to Israeli ships thus blockading the Israeli port of Eilat.


Additionally, many of their parents were also raised on this intensive diet of hate for Israel, Jews and everything they believe. They honestly believe that their end-time savior cannot come until they have fought and defeated the Jews, not Israel but the Jew. This is why originally the Hamas charter called not just for the conquest of Israel but the slaughter of every Jew on the planet. Hezballah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” (NY Times, May 23, 2004, p. 15, section 2, column 1.) That does not sound like anybody Israel could meet halfway, and Nasrallah is probably somewhat less fanatical than Hamas’s new leader, Yahya Sinwar, their former head of their military wing, as if there actually is any difference but the Europeans find having a military wing and a political wing allows them to claim that the political wing is actually separate and desirous of peace and eschews violence. The reality in Gaza is that much of the population is enthralled with Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad and the vast majority of those under twenty-five are unemployed and so desperate to find work or some meaning of self-worth that they are willing to risk life and limb to kill Jews for the rewards they will receive. Hamas has allowed the living and work considerations to fall by the wayside which only increases their ranks as they all know in their heart that their deprivation is all on Israel and their leadership is faultless.


Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. There is only one means of ending the riotous border events which harm the Israelis residing in that region, and that is to remove Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel knows who their officers are at the top and central command. Israel knows their officers and enlisted men and knows which women are assisting their manufacturing positions, often at a direct threat to their lives. The main problem is what to do with a vast number of brainwashed individuals believing virtually anything they are instructed as they have total faith in their Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups. The only means of assuring that all the terrorist operatives have been removed from Gaza would be to depopulate Gaza and then repurpose the assets such that they are used productively, that there is plentiful clean water, 24/7 electricity, plenty of natural gas, working sewage treatment facilities, probably a desalination plant and a total environmental clean-up making the place inhabitable once more. As for allowing Arabs to return to Gaza, this would be something which has to be performed on a one-at-a-time system where everything is checked and double checked only allowing those who do not have blood on their hands. Israel would be required to take over the school system and begin to teach the children in the means which allow them to find gainful employment. The Arabs permitted to return would still be monitored closely by the IDF ensuring that they do not revert to their former terrorist ways. Needless to point out that the leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well as some of their people who were amongst the true believers will require not being permitted to return. Anyone permitted to remain in Gaza caught performing or attempting any terrorist acts would be removed from Gaza and sent out into the world after serving their sentence, and would not be permitted to reenter any part of Israel thereafter.


But should Hamas or Islamic Jihad force another confrontation, this time we need to make very sure that it will not be required to do so again in a few months or even years. The next Gaza conflict should be the final Gaza conflict even if Israel need act upon the promise given to Arik Sharon by George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice that should things go wrong from the Gaza withdrawal, Israel retained the right to retake Gaza and place it under their own military rule until everything is worked out. The problem is that Israel does not desire the problems which Gaza would present of which terrorism is in the top ten but not the top five. These five imperatives should Israel retake Gaza would be the lack of utilities, lack of adequate water, malfunctioning or useless sewage treatment and a general improvement such that the Gazans can lead normal lives and Israelis in the Gaza region will be safe from exploding balloons, rockets launched at them, sniper fire and all the other threats posed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Gaza requires being taken in its entirety and for the final time incorporated into Israel. The time for Israel to take control of the regions promised her under International Law and for those Arabs who cannot stand to allow Israeli (Jewish) rule, they can be invited to depart and never darken the Israeli doorstop ever again. There will be those who decide to return to their terrorist past and they will face deportation where they are to be banned from ever returning. It is time that Israel simply take the world to task for their broken promises and force the world to live up to their obligations and promises. The Arabs will scream and protest calling for the United Nations to sanction Israel or even throw Israel from the United Nations. Whatever the price for achieving peace and having the world live up to their promises which they have ignored and refused for so long, it will be worth paying that price as long as it is only required that Israel pay that price but once. The time for a diplomatic solution has very sorely passed and now Israel need act before her enemies decide that perhaps now is the time to test the defensive systems of the IDF such as the Arrow Systems and David’s Sling.


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July 14, 2019

The Forgotten People are the Israeli Public


We hear almost incessantly about the plight of the Palestinian Arabs never stopping to wonder how their lives differ from that of Israelis. We are referring to daily life along with the occasional trip to see a doctor, go to Tel Aviv to get goods not available in our town, take a trip to Jerusalem to visit government offices or to simply look at all the sights or a myriad of other items. The first things we will talk about are the regular obstacles and things which make up an average week. Should we decide to go to either mall in town, there will be the checkpoint where we walk through a magnetometer checking for metal no matter how small and any bags you have are gone through by one of the people at the checkpoint. Just to get this out of the way, there are checkpoints all over Israel even to include restaurants, office buildings, train stations and on and on meaning that it is possible to have to pass through three or four or more on a badly planned day. Additionally, there are security cameras in places throughout town. Some are looking for shoplifters while others are actually for security. Checkpoints and monitoring cameras are simply part of life in our current state of the world. We take them as a necessary part of our being kept protected and safe. Even with all the precautions keeping one safe, often you just worry if you really are being kept as safe as possible, and you accept that some balance has been attempted, but, yes, checkpoints can be a hassle, more so when you are late and barely have time to catch the right train.


The biggest difference between residing in Israel and the Palestinian Arab regions is economic. Do not take that to mean that there are no wealthy Palestinian Arabs, as there are many who have gotten quite wealthy often through providing the terrorists with their tools of their trade. Others were favored by the leadership, be they Hamas or Palestinian Authority (PA), and thus given special treatment which provided them with a steady and quite sufficient cash flow. This is much the same as it is in many places except theirs is on steroids. If the PA or Hamas are not getting their “rightful” cut of your business, then you will soon find yourself out of business and replaced with somebody more appreciative. In Israel there are stratification in wealth with some who have become extremely wealthy and those who are barely getting by. The housing makes this quite apparent. The main difference is in Israel the government is restricted by the rule of law under which the government and its officials are constrained to work. The Palestinian Arab governments are rule of man where the people with political power can use such unrestrained for their own purposes. In Israel everything lives within the same set of rules, not so much under the PA and even worse under Hamas. Your opportunities being greater in Israel is largely due to the fact that the government is constrained and not taking half of the profits and using it in a terror war against Israel. This also puts a damper on the Israeli economy as there is the added cost of providing security which requires a virtual war footing 24/7 and yet Israel has managed to be a successful economic nation.


There are a few things which Israelis suffer through silently, for the most part with this article an exception, which the Palestinian Arabs do not suffer of which the most obvious is the fear of being caught in a terrorist bombing. We hear some claiming that they have to fear being caught in a bombing raid from Israeli fighter jets, this we will get to in a later paragraph. Then there are terrorist attacks such as stabbings, vehicular ramming, shootings, stones slinging and other forms of attacks. Fortunately, these are a rarity in our little town, probably because we are considered to be in the boondocks and rarely merit attention, which can be a good thing. Still, when we take a trip to Haifa, our chance of being in a terror attack likely doubles, Tel Aviv it becomes four-fold and going to Jerusalem makes such nearly ten-fold a problem and we will not even talk of Hevron or visiting Joseph’s tomb or other places which require visiting around 2:00 AM with a full IDF escort platoon or company as if the visit is discovered, the visitors will require a military styled extraction as a riot with fire-bombs, rocks, bottles and anything else being hurled at the “invasive Jew.” Even visiting the Temple Mount, one runs a risk of having a riot break out or a shooting to occur threatening their safety. Visiting the Western Wall one can sometimes find that there are those from upon the Temple Mount hurling sometimes sizable rocks down on those praying below and this is a three to four story fall where the rocks pick up their share of momentum. All of these terrorist threats do not exist for the Palestinian Arabs as the Jews are not seeking to murder every last one of them as they are attempting, or at least desiring, for us.


About that threat of being caught in an Israeli airstrike, that is a fairly rare occurrence with the exception of when there is open warfare. If one reads the reports on the Israeli retaliatory strikes, they will find that any number of buildings have been hit and there are no or extremely few casualties and rarely fatalities resulting. The IDF is ordered to strike buildings known to be vacant and often when an Israeli strike has been provoked, Hamas or the PA make sure to keep their forces out of harms way. Further, Israel targets military forces and structures and attempt to avoid civilian structures with the exception of targeted strikes on leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups. When strikes are formulated by the Palestinian Arabs, they target Israeli civilians and often the most vulnerable, our children. One deadly example is pictured below where a mortar struck a kindergarten play area fortunately a mere hour before the children arrived. The attacks are often planned to coincide with the times when children are on their way to or from classes. Even the disjointed and varied schedule has little effect as they simply observe and choose the best times for killing the children to attack. Israeli strikes are usually executed in the early, early morning when there are few if any people who might be hurt or worse. That is a major difference. Israel attempts to minimize civilian casualties while the terror groups target Israeli civilians, which includes sometimes Israeli Arabs.


Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area

Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area


Mind you, there is one threat which actually targets our little town along with everywhere within Israel, and that is Hezballah. Hezballah is a terror army under direct control of Iran who also has provided them with weaponry including a large supply of rockets and missiles. The estimates range around one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles. The fortunate break, if it can be considered as one, is that as we are a smaller city and reside rather close to the Lebanon border, the rockets (rarely missiles as we do not have targets that important to the terrorists) they strike us with have smaller warheads, usually between fifteen and forty pounds of high explosive or incendiary agents (see tables below). Still, having three to five hundred of such projectiles striking in and around your town can make for a really bad day. Have it happen for ten, twenty or over thirty days in a row and life approaches unbearable. This is something which, believe it or not, you get accustomed to as just one additional potential threat which can ruin one’s life. We understand that the damage caused by these “smaller” warheads is nothing compared to four-hundred-pound warheads on their larger missiles. Still, one really does not wish to be anywhere close to a missile strike. These threats were much of the impetus for the development of Iron Dome which is capable of severely reducing the risk for Israelis being struck in any such attack. The problem should Iran order Hezballah to start launching their rockets and missiles in great numbers, when they are launching hundreds of these every hour, even the Iron Dome has its limitations.


Hezballah Rocket and Missile Types and Sizes

Hezballah Rocket and Missile Types and Sizes


There is one other threat which Israelis face that the Palestinian Arabs only need worry about misfires or faulty guidance systems, and that is the threat of an attack directly from Iran. Such an attack would most likely be targeting Tel Aviv metropolitan region, nowhere in Israel is all that far outside of this area and thus potentially could be struck. Iran would only be firing missiles and there is the potential for these warheads to carry anything from explosives and incendiaries to nerve agents, biological agents and other chemical agents. The nerve, chemical and biologic agents are all qualified as weapons of mass destruction and constitute war crimes should they be employed. Iran could not care less about such niceties. They would launch anything and everything if it might add to the body count in Israel. This includes nuclear warheads should Iran possess such weapons, and we fear they have a stock of nuclear warheads and potentially thermonuclear warheads. These missiles would need be intercepted by David’s Sling or the Arrow systems which are designed to intercept ballistic missiles, exactly the variety Iran would utilize in such an attack. Are they as effective as the Iron Dome? We need remember that we only know of the effectiveness of the Iron Dome because it has been tested in actual conditions during the last set of rocket barrages out of Gaza launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We hope to never find out exactly how well the anti-ballistic missile systems work as we would just as soon avoid any situation under which they would be tested. The fact that the United States placed a THAAD system in Israel to provide further defensive capabilities should Iran attack Israel is another sign of how serious the situation has become. This was a precaution provided for these times when tensions between the United States and Iran are running high and keeping in mind that Iran has promised to destroy Israel within an hour after any American attack upon Iranian assets. This means that Iran already has missiles targeting Israel ready for launch as soon as the word is given. But you get used to such things.


Life in Israel is good and always a bit interesting. Fortunately, these interesting items mostly include trying something new for lunch, watching the local schools play sports, wondering if the movie will be any good, and other normal items. Then, in the back of your mind, you have these other little elements which cause an entirely different kind of excitement, the not so pleasant kind. We all know of the threat and sometimes even discuss what we expect, what we should expect and what we fear we need to expect. One-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles is a terrible and real threat. Hezballah is the largest and best armed non-state military. The reality is that Hezballah is to Lebanon what the IRGC is to Iran. So, the next time somebody complains about how the Palestinian Arabs have to pass through checkpoints, please inform them that Israelis also are required to pass through checkpoints as part of their everyday lives as well. When their complaint is that the Palestinian Arabs have such a poor economy compared to Israel, tell them it is their terrorist governments which steal most of the funds and take a lion’s share of the economy to operate their terrorist attacks and to line their own pockets. And lastly, when they claim that the Palestinian Arabs reside under constant threat of attack, please do not let that lie pass unchallenged as the attacks Israel directs are targeting buildings used by the terror outfits and Israel attempts to minimize casualties while the threats against Israelis are targeting the public at large. Finally, there is always the threat sitting on the northern border of Israel in the form of Hezballah and the threat off in the east known as Iran, and that last threat very probably is a nuclear armed state. The main difference is that the Israelis do not have a propaganda system in place around the world financed by billions of petro-dollars and supported on virtually every college and university campus in the forms of BDS and the plethora of Palestinian Arab rights groups and other groups disguised as human rights groups which are in reality anti-Israel teams used to attack any time Israel defends herself. These are the realities which are clouded in a storm of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic hatred which is poisoning much of the Western World and already has inundated most of the third world nations. Strip away the lies and propaganda and the picture radically changes, but we do not expect such a miracle for the time being and still hold out hope the Messiach will soon arrive and all will be repaired one way or the other.


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July 1, 2019

Why Palestinian Arabs Were Invented

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Let’s start this with a small challenge. Find a reference to Palestinian before 1964 which referred to Arabs instead of the Jews. Small hint, that is an impossible task. Even the British referred to the Jews as the Palestinians while referring to the Arabs as, oddly enough, Arabs. Sure, sometimes they would be called Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqi, Saudi, Egyptian and even the occasional Yemenite as their family names also depicted their origins. The original use of Palestine was, as most of you already are aware, by the Romans who after the final Jewish revolt was put down and the majority of the Jews moved scattering them throughout their empire and even selling them into bondage beyond the empire, that was the fate the Judeans faced and on top of the dispersion, they renamed Judea to Syria Palaestina in order to put an end to the Judean, the Jews. Even then, the newly created Palestinians under Roman rule were Jews. Since then, the area which comprises Jordan and Israel was referred to as Palestine while Lebanon and Syria were called Syria. There never was a nation known as Palestine and the only people to ever use Jerusalem as their capital city were the Jews. This also proves that all of Judea is part of Israel and history also backs the Israeli claims to Samaria. But we have a bigger question as the title promises.


The Palestinian Arabs were invented with the founding of a terrorist organization, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in September of 1964. The whole concept and idea of how to successfully destroy Israel and turn it into another Islamic Arab run country came out of Moscow and the KGB. They had trained a number of the core officers amongst which was Mahmoud Abbas and close to the top was Yasser Arafat. They worked with the Arab League arranging to get forces and people to take on this name which was crafted with care by the KGB. They knew that for the most part, the world is completely ignorant about Middle Eastern history outside of most Jews and the majority of Arabs. This is not an area of study for most schools with the exception of the post Greater Israel under Kings David and Solomon (see map below) usually with either Babylonia or the Persian Empire followed by Alexander the Great through the Roman Empire and then nothing. The main history of the area which is now Israel was abandonment with the exception of some Bedouins, some Arabs and, more often than not, a majority population which was Jewish. Further, almost every (if not every) census by religion of the population of Jerusalem found the majority were Jews. The lie that the Jews deserted the lands is not entirely true as there have been Jews residing within what became Israel and parts of Jordan across the Jordan River as the original Tribes of Israel inhabited both sides of the Jordan River (see second map). This lack of education and knowledge allowed for the Palestinian Arabs to steal the Jews own story of returning to their ancestral lands except they left out the return and labeled it their constant inhabiting of the lands while claiming that there was not a single Jew until after World War II when the world gave the Jews Israel as an apology for the Holocaust. That entire narrative is false. Israel was promised post World War I in 1920 at the San Remo Conference and validated in numerous following treaties, then by the Mandate System put in place by the League of Nations where Israel was recognized by a unanimous vote of the members including the leader of the Arabs of that time, King Faisal and finally the United Nations Charter Article 80 enforces the Mandate System by the United Nations and recognizes the boundaries and borders of the Mandates. This makes the eastern border of Israel the Jordan River.


Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE

Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE 



Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


So, the first thing which we see is that the Palestinian Arabs took the title Palestinian and always leave out the Arab part as by calling themselves Palestinians they can take Jewish historical events and claim that they were the intended party to receive the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the 22% not gifted to Jordan as a home for the region’s Arabs (that 22% becomes important when interpreting Mahmoud Abbas). Jordan has even become known as the homeland of Palestinian Arabs as over three-quarters of the Jordanian population are closely related to the Palestinian Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority (a legalized PLO to be used by the world bodies to destroy Israel). Often both Yasser Arafat and more so Mahmoud Abbas would claim that all they want is their rightful 22% of the original Mandate (see, you did not have to wait and remember for too long). This does not mean 22% of the lands west of the Jordan River, this is a reference to the British Mandate and thus to all the lands west of the Jordan River. When, after the Six Day War, Yasser Arafat and all of the leadership of the PLO fled with the Jordanians across the Allenby Bridge into Jordan, you would never guess but they attempted to overthrow the King and take over Jordan in what would be referred to as Black September (also the name of the group which murdered the Israeli Olympic Team in Munich). After losing to King Hussein of Jordan, the PLO core were banished into Lebanon where they again attempted a revolution which might have succeeded if not for the intervention by Israel as Syria had joined the PLO in attempting to conquer Lebanon. This sent Yasser Arafat into exile with the top leadership of the PLO in Tunisia. There he sat until, for reasons which will forever be lost, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, under negotiations headed by Uri Savir with Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Shimon Peres, and Ron Pundak, the Oslo Accords agreement brought Arafat back as the leader of the Arabs to, as promised, bring order and an end to violence after the First Intifada. Arafat would become instrumental in forming the Second Intifada and the endless violence Israel still faces currently. The Oslo Accords is when all the great plans and schemes of the KGB would finally begin to pay dividends.


So, after the signing of the Oslo Accords signed in September of 1993, twenty-nine years after the founding of the PLO terrorist group, they were now transformed through Oslo into the Palestinian Authority and wiped clean of their terrorist past. Starting anew, Arafat almost immediately began building a fighting force and terrorist cells. What is interesting is who the other agents were in the formation of the Oslo Accords as this was not an out of the blue idea but another well planned plot to further the use of the Palestinian Arabs for the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. The initial work, which was performed under strict security and secrecy, took place in Norway with a number of Norwegian facilitators. Somewhat less known was that the United States State Department was also involved in the machinations leading up to the start of the process. The story goes that some department overseeing the Middle East working with contacts within the State Department from the European desk brought in the Norwegians who offered to be the go between and not to physically bring State Department people into any visible positions. The State Department wanted complete deniability of their hands being part of this process. The Norwegians were actually representing a broader European base which also supported this idea for returning Arafat to within Israel to organize the good fight. This idea was sold on the basis of the peace reached with Egypt, the idea of land for peace, but as the Palestinian Arab position is for them to take all of Israel and the Jews can flee or be taken care of in some manner. There have been times when it was intimated that the Arabs would treat the Jews well and with respect due them once they got their Palestine returned to them. Why would there be any need to claim that the Jews would be welcome unless the Arab intent was to take all the land. Further, we all know what giving the Jews the respect due them actually means; the Mufti of Jerusalem spent World War II in Berlin and toured Islamic-Nazi battalions while also broadcasting into the Middle East urging Arabs to fight the British and begging Hitler and the top Nazi leadership to promise to cleanse the Middle East of its Jews after they conquered that area.


So, we have seen that the Palestinian Arabs were a KGB invention with the able assistance of the Arab League to be used against the Israeli allies of the United States and remove this region of American influence as the Soviet Union was fully behind the Arabs and their war against the Jews. When the Arabs failed to destroy Israel again in the 1967 Six Day War, (again as they also attempted to destroy Israel in 1948 and managed to occupy Gaza and the Shomron (Judea and Samaria aka West Bank of Jordan), it was decided that perhaps through terrorism they could force the Jews to give up and leave. The ties the Jews have for these lands is something that the KGB and the Arabs as well as Europeans and all the rest who think the Jews can be removed from their return to Eretz Yisroel is far beyond their ability to comprehend. This return was prophesized in the Torah and is occurring exactly as predicted. There are other references such as Isaiah 66:8 it states, “Who heard [anything] like this? Who saw [anything] like these? Is a land born in one day? Is a nation born at once, that Zion both experienced birth pangs and bore her children?” And as it states, Israel came into being unlike almost all other nations in a single day she was declared into existence. Yes, there are a minor number of Jews who claim that Israel must wait for Hashem and presumably they imply the Messiach. But Torah simply states that Hashem will cause Israel’s return in a miraculous way and that pretty much sums up everything which brought the Jewish State back from oblivion.


But by using the title of Palestinian attached to their movement, the Arabs claim that there were no Jews in the land until May of 1948 when the Jews suddenly appeared and invaded destroying the country of Palestine. There never was any nation called Palestine in 1948 or ever, it is simply the Roman label given the lands of this area and they included Jordan. The Arabs are correct that there was a war and many Arabs fled their homes. This was their obeying the Mufti of Jerusalem who the British brought back seeing that charges of war crimes against him were lost, dropped or otherwise ignored. He promised that the gathered six Arab armies would destroy the Jews and then they could partake of the spoils. Well, even though the Arab forces occupied lands which were intended for Israel, they did not destroy Israel, so, instead they placed the Arabs who left expecting to share in the spoils into camps where they have remained ever since. The same promise was made in 1967 before the Six Day War and again Arabs went behind the Arab armies waiting for the Jews to be defeated. Israel won this time and liberated the lands which had been taken from her in 1948 as well as the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and the Golan Heights which the British turned over to the French in order to take them from Israel by claiming they no longer controlled these lands. These too were liberated from Syria while the Shomron was liberated from Jordan and Gaza from Egypt. Interestingly, the majority of Arabs residing in Gaza have family names which denote Egyptian ancestry. If international law and all the treaties, conferences and everything else concerning the borders of Israel, the current borders of the Jordan River, the Golan Heights and the Sinai-Negev border along with the Blue Line border with Lebanon and you have what was initially promised after removing the 78% of the Mandate gifted to the Arabs and the Hashemite family (see map below). Further, international law would allow for the surrounding Arab nations would be required to absorb the Palestinian Arabs, those in Gaza to Egypt, those in the Shomron to Jordan or Syria and that would settle the exchange of refugees.


Definitive Map of Israel May 15, 1948 As the Sun Rose Immediately Before Half a Dozen Arab Armies Invade Assisted by Militias from Several Entities

Definitive Map of Israel May 15, 1948
As the Sun Rose Immediately Before
Half a Dozen Arab Armies Invade
Assisted by Militias from Several Entities


Oh, you were unaware of the Jews who became refugees after Israel was founded? Well, over eight-hundred-thousand Jews were driven out of the Arab and Muslim world in the first decade or so after the founding of Israel. The vast majority of these Jews had their families living in these regions for over a thousand years, but they were dispossessed of all their wealth and anything of value and often allowed one suitcase to take with them, a suitcase which was carefully examined for anything of value which would be confiscated. No nation was willing to take them in unless they were forced to by dual citizenship gained from the European colonial times in the period after World War I. The vast majority came to Israel who sent planes and ships and whatever was required to bring these Jews home. They were not put into camps to languish waiting to get their property back returning to their former country as the Arabs have been, they were incorporated into Israeli society. This meant for some rough financial times, but the hardship led to the Israel of today. But the Arabs refute this claiming that these Jews deserted their former homes taking all the wealth with them and are responsible for their current troubles. One can only wonder what Bashir al-Assad will claim about the Arab Refugee camps in Syria which were struck with barrel bombs and chemical agents and were amongst the first targets for Assad’s forces to strike. There were no United Nations condemnations forthcoming and almost nothing has been said about these events, they have been largely ignored. The camps which were in Syria are now mostly ghost towns and largely ruined. That is what many Arabs think about the Palestinian Arabs. Kuwait expelled the vast majority of the Palestinian Arabs, some claim all, during and after the First Gulf War and there was no great deal made about this relocation of almost half-a-million Palestinian Arabs. Apparently, the only people who are blamed for the misfortunes of the Palestinian Arabs is Israel.


The eventual end to the Palestinian Arabs and their use as a wedge for the eventual destruction of Israel is not going to meet any of the world’s great dreams. As neither the Palestinian Authority nor Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza are willing to allow the Jews to continue to rule their lands and their insistence that they be given all of Israel and refusing to accept anything less, they will eventually get nothing. When that day or series of events occurs, then the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and in the Shomron will either willingly relocate possibly with a financial incentive, or they will eventually face being expelled for the same reason that Jordan and Lebanon expelled them. Actions have consequences and if the only thing you are willing to accept is all of Israel or nothing, then you very well could end up with nothing. They were designed to erase Israel off the face of the earth and in their insistence on succeeding in that task, they will receive what the losers in any conflict receive, nothing. That is the inevitable result from the current Arab insistence that Israel succumb to being ruled by their supposed betters when these betters placed the losing bet. Israel is not going away and that is the simply end of the story. The Palestinian Arabs will eventually either rebel against their current ruling group and reach an agreement or they will receive nothing and end up exiled in the end without having destroyed the Jewish State.


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