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August 21, 2019

Barak’s Democratic Union Opposes Judaism and Jewish History


Right up front we feel it necessary to mention that most of our staff belong to Jewish Home and this writer is quite fond of Brigadier General (ret.) Rabbi Rafi Peretz. My support for Rabbi Peretz was greatly enhanced after meeting with him both before and after a Central Committee meeting where all told we probably spoke for at least thirty minutes. In the time I was able to watch him, he never rushed anyone and patiently spoke to all who wished his attention. Many of the other candidates on our Knesset list were far less approachable and most hurried from the meeting as if the building caught fire, exactly what we have come to expect from politicians who unfortunately believe they are more important than the rest of us. Perhaps this, in the end, served him well when he permitted Ayelet Shaked to take his spot at the head of the ticket seeing that polls depict her leading to greater acceptance and more mandates. It was quite interesting that the day after Ms. Shaked took the top spot, the poll showed her receiving four less mandates than predicted when she was not leading the ticket. The earlier polls, in our opinion, were designed to force Rabbi Peretz to step aside while knowing full well that the difference was a mere two to three seats between the two and we figure that it would make a negligible difference in the actual elections. Now, back to our regularly scheduled article.


Ehud Barak heads the Democratic Party and invested great efforts to find another party to ally with so as to assure his making the next Knesset should one ever be formed. The Blue White Party declined his requests, the Labor Party declined his offer, and he finally found one which agreed to accept a merger, and that party was Meretz. Together they will use the moniker of the Democratic Union. A spokesperson for the party released their statement stating, “The education minister this morning is moving a system meant to educate our system another step towards a system devoted to brainwashing,” So, what could possibly have been introduced by Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz that brought such an extreme reaction from our friends at the far left? For that we will quote Rabbi Peretz, the Education Minister, directly. He explained, “The connection to our heritage and history is the bedrock of our existence and is the glue that connects us as a society. We have the duty of education to safeguard it.” Additionally, Minister Peretz added as he spoke to Galai Tzahal on Army Radio, “Judaism is an ocean of wisdom. Students will be exposed to many values, morals and love. These values will help us establish a more values and moral society here.” What could possibly be so sinister in such a curriculum as to be considered brainwashing?


The first item which has to be considered is that both parties in the Democratic Union are a fair distance from supporting the religious world. The majority of their members are either purely atheist or secular humanist with merely the slightest belief in Hashem. They view religion in general and Judaism particularly as threatening to their beliefs and supported lifestyles. Torah morality does not support the many diverse and often indistinguishable genders as proposed by the leftists. Their usual depiction that Torah is hateful is the ban on sodomy. Of course, they never couch what Torah states as considering sodomy as a sin but claim that Torah teaches hatred of all gay people. That is so far from the truth. Torah teaches us to love and accept all, particularly all Jews, and to accept and treat all strangers with respect and acceptance asking only that they obey the Noahic Code and live under our rule respectfully. The teaching that sodomy is a sin is not and never was targeting the gay community as it also applies to heterosexual couples, or simply put, it is indiscriminate to sexuality as it bans all forms of sodomy. There is no law or even commentary that we are aware of which teaches Jews to reject gay people and especially no call for their hatred. If only the far left were as kind to the religious our society would be far more homogeneous and caring for each other.


The Democratic Union also complained that Rafi Peretz is ignoring such problems as class size, improve the status of teachers and that Rafi Peretz “introduced the racist Nationality Law into the high school curriculum.” The Nationality Law was passed this last session by the Knesset and as such, the teaching of the law and what it contains and does not contain is of importance as it is amongst the Basic Laws which define Israeli society and governance. The Basic Laws which define Israel are hopefully all taught and discussed by our high school students. Or does the Democratic Union believe that the Basic Laws should be kept a secret. We are willing to bet that students are taught about the number of seats make up the Knesset; how a Prime Minister is chosen; the duties of the President, Prime Minister, Knesset Members and the Ministerial positions with their duties. Further, Torah and the Bible are histories of the Jewish People and their Nationhood. The remaining history of the Jewish People after the Roman dispersion is equally important and deserves a place in the classroom. This is the idea behind the Edmund Burke quote, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Perhaps the Democratic Union is in favor of making the same mistakes over and over again. Their insistence that the education of our children should be bereft of Torah and Bible which represent almost two thousand years of early Jewish history reaching back to Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob along with Moses the lawgiver and on to Kings Saul, David, Solomon and beyond, the Prophets and Judges and so much more as well as covering the Zionist Movement’s history from before the Balfour Declaration through the British Mandate to independence and the 1948 war to annihilate the Jews and their nascent state and everything since is as ridiculous as it sounds at face value. The Jewish People have near to four-thousand-years of history which would take more than one class to cover. Without the history and all the trial and tribulations we went through and the perils which have struck the Jewish People in the past, how can the next generation avoid these same mistakes without a solid understanding from whence our people came, how we were defined and what ideas and ideals we hold dear? The simple answer is that such would be impossible.


The Secular Humanist idea is to not teach history as it actually happened but to redefine events to fit closely with their brave new world. Their syllabus for most history classes is formulated to highlight minority contributions while ignoring much of the people who formed governments and principles in the lesson plans. I witnessed such with my children in school in the United States in a quite progressive (read far left) area where the Secular Humanist agenda was the mainstay of their curriculum. Her year of American history did not include a single lesson where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin or any other Caucasian from American history other than Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt and very little reference to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers or anything written by Ben Franklin including Poor Richard’s Almanac. There was not a course in world history even offered. We will not even get into the mess which is the result of the newest math except to say that none of it made sense and I majored in math. They were told in algebra to guess until they found the answer, which works great if your answer is a whole number but not so well if the answer is the square root of -9 (which is 3i). Needless to say, we spent a fair amount of time teaching math and additional lessons in American and world history much to their chagrin. There is nothing wrong with teaching additional classes in the history of the Jewish People, both recent and Biblical and from all areas of the Diaspora with the greatest amount of straight honesty as possible (see maps of historic Israel below). This writer stands strongly against softening the history of our people for whatever reason is presented, be it to protect the student’s impressionable mind, to make everything less traumatic, or the real reason, to deny the students the standing to understand from whence they came and their long and impressive history so as to make the student more easily accepting to their newest ideas and concepts as well as believing that Secular Humanism is the most advanced societal philosophy and that Judaism, Torah and the Bible are nothing more than folk tales of little to no importance. Having seen how well such an approach to education in the United States and the products from their institutions of higher learning such as Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; we would prefer our youth have a better grasp on history and how to shape the future.


Israel Through the Ages

Israel Through the Ages


Never would we want to have any member of a ruling coalition putting forth the mistaken belief that Israel was a present given to the Jews by the European powers as an apology for the Holocaust when the reality is that it was part of the returning of lands to their indigenous peoples. Two of such promises caused the greatest amount of pushback from the Arab world; Israel and Kurdistan, both of which were also opposed by the British who were responsible for establishing both nations. Kurdistan fell when they discovered oil in Mosul and the Iraqi leader promised the British that J. Paul Getty could have the drilling rights. The British did much to mollify Arab opposition but Zionism won out and Israel did not suffer an identical result. Students need to know what lands were promised Israel which are the lands west of the Jordan River, what lands were promised us in the Bible, what lands we controlled at the various stages from the conquests under Joshua to the Greater Israel of Kings David and Solomon and that the term Greater Israel applies to that era of our history and has no meaning to modern Israel. These are some of the vital statistics and facts which our leaders of the future need to know in order to properly lead this precious nation. There are so many other facts which could be listed here, but they can also be found in numerous of our articles. We want future Israelis to have a solid knowledge of their roots both modern and Biblical and the philosophy of and what it means to be a Jew. Judaism is so much more than a religion as it is also a people and a family. Zionism is something to be proud about despite what many leftists claim as they do not believe in nationhood and desire a one world government under the auspices of such as the European Union or United Nations. They desire open borders and an end to the belief in Hashem and all religion for their concept of the perfect future. The future they envision has been attempted on a national scale before and has always resulted in a dictatorial governance and more often than not in mass killings to cull the populations and we will give you one guess who were considered unnecessary in such governance. Yes, we were most often amongst those targeted as it has always been easy to target the Jews as they were often few in number and never had political power under these systems. Atheism is the antipathy of Judaism and it is easy to tell those who believe in Hashem and those who believe that the human beings are the highest power in the universe (until the promised ET’s arrive) and we have seen these types before as they were the Hellenists from Greek culture during the times of Alexander the Great. They worshiped the human form and believed it to be supreme over all else while Judaism also values every human being but believe that every Jew can only be good if they practice being a good and religious people and act accordingly following Torah. We must also teach our children how Judaism and Torah formed much of the basis for civilization and the guiding principles of our Bible were the referenced liberally by Founding Fathers of the United States in the writing of the Declaration of Independence and numerous other principles incorporated in the founding of America. Why anyone would desire to have such knowledge denied to our children is confounding and implies some ulterior motive which often will end regrettably. Knowledge is the aim of education and our history and the founding writings of Torah, Bible, Talmud and the many other writings have a deep level of knowledge and provide a framework for making good and solid decisions. We ask again, why would we wish to deny such to our children?


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August 18, 2019

Threat Striking Israel from All Sides and Beyond


Israel, and her people, are hoping to get through the rest of the summer and the fall without the necessity of a war on any front. Recent threats from Hezballah in the north in Lebanon and from Hamas in the south in Gaza are making that possibility looking less likely. With Israel also apparently frozen politically without an actual government, a war is the last thing Israelis need. They will be heading back to the polls again this September and the polls predict the same outcome with no party able to form a coalition. With our internal problems, the last thing we need is an external problem, but that is not within our control. So, what exactly do these threats contain?


Hezballah has made statements recently that Israel is preparing to start a war with Lebanon over Hezballah. This is the claim they have made before launching rockets or firing grenades at passing Israeli patrols along the border as well as kidnapping soldiers who are then more often than not executed. Still, Hezballah offers to return the soldiers captured if Israel surrenders her northern lands or releases every terrorist in our country club version of a prison or any of a number of impossibilities knowing that eventually Israel will come to take their soldiers back. The last time they kidnapped soldiers from a patrol vehicle, they killed several others and claimed to have two alive Israeli IDF soldiers. That, in the end, proved to be a lie and the only question was were they ever alive in Hezballah custody, and if they were, exactly when and how did they die. Those were questions for which we never got an answer, just more threats. Further, Hezballah is directly controlled by Iran. This explains why there are Hezballah troops fighting in Syria as well as Yemen and operating a series of terrorist training camps within the Tri-border region of South America. Hezballah has become a terrorist army and will likely expand their operations as required by the Iranian Supreme Leader. In addition, should Iran face any problems concerning their nuclear ambitions, terrorist activities or be facing a confrontation with United States military forces, or have severe troubles with President Trump; the one item they have promised is at the top of their list is having Hezballah attack Israel to draw the media attention away from Iran. This would present the mainstream media with a dilemma, do they report that President Trump is pressing Iran into an unnecessary war or do they blast Israel for responding and defending herself from Hezballah.


Then there is Hamas. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated in a meet with Gazan residents, “I call on Benny Gantz to remember how the IDF failed in its conflict with residents of eastern Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, when he was Chief of Staff. During the next conflict with Israel, we will rain hundreds of rockets in a single barrage.” Sinwar was reacting to comments made by Gantz, coleader of the Blue-White Party who had promised, “If necessary, we’ll frustrate its leaders and crush the region. We’ll act on the ground as much as we want.” The problem is that Hamas is also under the influence of Iran though Hamas also will act on their own volition. Proof of that was made evident with Hamas or Islamic Jihad having fired a rocket from Gaza Friday evening. Initial reports place the launch on Hamas. The rocket was heading for Sderot where it was intercepted by an Iron Dome battery. Another instance of an under two-hundred-dollar Hamas rocket being destroyed with a fifty-thousand-dollar interceptor. Such need for protecting Israelis is worth every penny, but this is also an economic battle Israel cannot win. Eventually Israel will be required to remove all the threats from her borders as no nation on the planet lives with such threats coming from both their northern and southern border.


Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar

Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar


There is also an internal problem which has been identified as Israel has lost her shining image of unsurpassed military might and abilities and thus no longer is feared by the surrounding terrorist forces. This was made evident for over a year with the regular rioting along the Gaza border and the launching of incendiary devices carried into Israel on kites and balloons riding the winds. These devices burned down hundreds of acres of farms, nature reserves, forests and towns across southern Israel. The Israelis residing in the Gaza border region cannot be expected to continue to live with such threats. Children from this region show signs of mental problems caused by anxiety, fear and the realization of actual threats making their word unsafe. Children should not be required to check that there are shelters at both ends of their soccer field before starting their game. Every activity a child performs is done with knowledge of the closest shelter and responds to the Code Red alarms by running to the closest shelter knowing they have under fifteen seconds to reach safety. Would any nation be forced by the world to have their children be raised in such an atmosphere of threats, deaths and perils? The obvious answer is of course not. But the world and media reporting on any confrontation between Israel and her terrorist neighbors as being unfair simply because Israelis are kept safe while Hamas endangers their people. The difference comes from the prioritization of the two area’s governing bodies.


Gaza is ruled by a terror regime whose main goal is to destroy Israel by whatever means are available, even, sometimes directly, at the expense and safety of the Gazan people. Hamas runs a dictatorial governance with their leaders chosen from the ranks of the terror organization. They claim to have a separation between their terrorist (military) and their civil government yet their recent appointment of Yahya Sinwar took their terrorist leader and made him the political leader. This is not separation between the two as his appointment was a marriage of the two supposed wings as they placed their government in the hands of their former terror chief. Of course, those nations who provide Gaza with aid will continue to claim they are simply assisting the political wing of Hamas and not the terror wing. Even after building material has been provided by the European Union at least three times and nothing was rebuilt yet somehow all the material disappeared only to be found in the form of infiltration tunnels into Israel. But this will not prevent the European Union or some combination of European government providing building materials because Gaza has still not been rebuilt. They will never stop and wonder why Gaza has not been rebuilt because they are giving these provisions to a good source which is killing Jews, or at least try really hard to do so.


There is a claim that Israel has lost her ability to place fear and trepidation into her enemies. Some call it lacking the quality of intimidation. We prefer to call it poor decision making at the highest levels and a large portion of the General Staff not on the same page as the majority of Israelis. If everyone who has said that the next time Hamas starts firing rockets into Israel in quantities on a daily basis, the IDF need be sent in with orders to wipe the place clean. Some phrase it differently and claim that we need to treat Gaza as we did in Biblical times. We are not sure they fully understand that the Biblical army would kill every person, man woman and child, and wipe out their herds of sheep, cattle, goats, horses as well as their poultry and all other holdings only allowing their fruit trees and fields to survive. We do not dare even consider such and neither should the government. We prefer giving every Gazan a choice between one of three options, also derived sort of from Biblical times. They can choose to live under our rule following the Noahic Code and honoring our laws, they can leave and start again elsewhere and we will not chase them down (as was the custom when you defeated an army you chased down and killed the survivors making retreating to reconsolidate impossible), or they can decide to make war at which time the fist mentioned Biblical threat became an option. We know that the leaders of Hamas would have to be exiled if not held and tried in court, but if they will leave never to darken our doorstep again, that should be sufficient. They should be made to understand that should they return that they would be targeted for assassination and if members of their family would also come to harm, it was their fault for returning. What would be in such a deal of the Gazan people? They would have clean water, electricity, sewage treatment and so many other improvements and economically there would be no comparison. Gaza would become productive allowing for the rule of law to protect along with an actual economy. They would be able to elect their local governments and have semiautonomous self-rule while remaining under Israeli rule. There would be one item which might be considered unfair, but it is the one means of preventing further terrorism. Any person caught in an act of terrorism, planning terrorism, providing the implements for terrorism, their entire family would be expelled from Israel and banned from returning. The damage to the family is the one means of addressing terrorism before it happens. The Palestinian Authority pays their terrorists and their families making it economically incentivized. This is the opposite form of payback meant to prevent anyone even considering terrorist activities.


Hezballah posses a different problem as they also have become much of the government for Lebanon. If Hezballah were to demand the support of the Lebanese Army, Navy and Air Forces, these would probably be assigned Hezballah commanders, if such has not already occurred. This would provide them with a plethora of American and Russian equipment, air-power, helicopters, main battle tanks and various armaments they currently lack. For this reason, any war which involves Hezballah must be treated as a war with all of Lebanon and their military equipment should be targeted and as soon as it appears that Hezballah would be using these weapons, they must all be destroyed as quickly as Israel is able. Further, Israel need warn the IRGC and other Iranian units in Syria that their aiding Hezballah would prove very unhealthy. Whether or not Iran should be struck should it be found that they ordered Hezballah to wage war on Israel is such a tricky question that we will leave it up to the people paid to make such decisions. What has never made sense is why democracies, no matter the level of the threats they face, must wait until they have suffered an initial attack before acting. This and proportionality are the two most idiotic concepts applied to military actions, though they appear to be left more for Israel than anyone else. There is one other concept since World War II which actually is counterproductive simply because it is so wrongheaded. There is this concept amongst the developed nations, which just happen to be the same nations who fought in World War II directly, is that the world has realized what a waste warfare is and we live in a time of peaceful coexistence. We can tell you that this message was lost on the nations of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Just look around this region and see the conflicts which reach into every corner. Add to that the idea that one nation has been chosen to rule the entire world and the world is there for their taking. That nation is Iran and the Mullahs do intend to conquer the world little chunk by little chunk. They already took Iraq, almost have Yemen, have what is left of Syria, they own Lebanon and they are threatening Israel and Saudi Arabia along with the Gulf States and Kuwait. Iran also wants to take down the United States as they figure once the United States has been neutralized, think large EMP device over St Louis, then the world would be open for the taking. We unfortunately do not live in an era of peace, not yet.


That time could be near and it is all up to the developed world to take a risk and allow the most advanced forms of energy to be used across the globe and the wealth which would follow would unseat virtually every dictator and rid the world of uncountable problems. But that might harm the oil, coal, nuclear companies and put the eco-warriors out of business as energy would be virtually pollution free and so inexpensive that energy bills would become almost a thing of the past. This and modern farming methods, and it does not have to include hybrid seeds, but proper plowing, drip irrigation, water drainage, ecological means of pest control and other such technologies would allow the world to feed itself three times over without adding pollutants to the oceans. But the people who actually run our planet and wish to continue holding everyone in their concept of serfdom paying them for every drop of oil, every chunk of coal, every ounce of uranium and any other form of energy generation and thus refuse to allow any progress which would harm their industries. In time this will change as it always has and the Luddites will slowly fall back into obscurity.


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August 13, 2019

2020 American Elections as Seen from Israel


The consensus here, from those we meet and greet daily, is that President Trump will win reelection. There are but two questions on which there is a fair bit of leeway in the opinions. The first is by how much with the range being anything from a squeaker to President Trump moving the bar even higher than President Ronald Reagan has set it. The other is about the cheating which is widely seen as inevitable but still unable to alter the final results. What the main disagreement over the cheating is less about the amount of cheating but more about whether those conducting the campaign to potentially steal the election by fudging the numbers in numerous battleground states will be caught and spend any jail time. Here at BTC we believe that in the areas where the cheating could occur are regions where nobody working for the predominant party would ever be charged with tampering so nobody is going to jail. Some we talk with believe that so much cheating will be attempted in order to sway the elections that it will be beyond the abilities of anyone to ignore and people will be held as responsible and face trial and jail time. Most everyone believes that those at the top, the Obamas and Clintons, will escape without as much as a scratch just as they have always done and will continue into the future unless somebody with iron-tight security decides they need to answer to the American people. So, why even discuss the elections if it appears from here across half the globe that President Trump will be reelected and everything else will be pretty much exactly as it has been in the past? Because there are rumblings which some over here are worried for the America they thought they knew, as what they are reading now depicts some massive changes and many not for the better.


The thought of a civil war in the United States, something which a number of editorialists have written, is a definitive possibility or even an inevitability. This type of information does not sit well with the average Israeli’s view of the United States. Partly this is the fault of Israelis who have this idealist view of the United States while others have this 1950’s or 1960’s view where people line their lawns with white picket fences and everyone cooks out on their bar-b-ques every Sunday afternoon in the summer and wave to one another while shoveling snow in the winter. They were not born during these times and grew up listening to their parents rave about the greatness of America and how it almost became the Promised Land. Most Americans know the old tales about the streets are lined in gold and anybody can make it if they just work smart and hard. These old, tall tales are actually believed by some and trying to tell them that things are no longer like that is not an easy row to hoe. It is definitely an uphill struggle to break many Israelis of such beliefs just as it is near impossible to get them to understand that the United States will not be there for Israel in the not too distant future. It is difficult to even prove that the United States aid to Israel did not begin in earnest until the 1970’s and President Nixon was the man who started the aid resupplying Israel over the protestations and advice of many of his advisors. The shocked reaction we receive when we warn that the United States aid to Israel is not going to last forever is as fascinating as it is frustrating. The only thing which Israelis love, respect and expect more from than the United States is their beloved Israel. This may just be what will be necessary to do without United States aid as that will be a day of panic here in Israel despite the reality that Israel should be capable of not only surviving that day and what comes afterwards but will very likely thrive in that future. Currently, Israel is holding up her end of the deal and not producing combat or other aircraft in exchange for the United States taking care of that area. This promise started when Israel shut down her plans for production of the Lavi fighter jet. This deal will end when the United States decides that Israel is just that much of too expensive a friend to continue the relationship. But there is more to the coming break-up, and it has to do with the new additions to the Democrat Party who, along with numerous members of the Black Congressional Caucus and those behind and driving Black Lives Matter, Antifa, CAIR, BDS and numerous other leftist NGO’s and activist organizations. Israelis are having a rough time figuring out where these groups came from unless they are simply in denial that these groups exist.


Many Israelis reacted with a degree of shock over the statements made by Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when these items became more well known. True, the Tel Aviv region is more worldly and mostly ignore much of what they learn because they are the heart of the Democrat Party support in Israel. These are largely the former supporters of the Labor Party in Israel and who are now the main support for the Blue-White Party of General Ganz and Yair Lapid. But even a number of these left-wing Israelis are appalled at the reports about Rashida Tlaib and even more perturbed over the antics and statements of Ilhan Omar which were widely reported before their recent visit. There was a degree of overreaction to their visit. This was largely due to the simple fact that everyone knew why these two came to the Promised Land, and it was about as far from a goodwill mission as any can get. Further, with the way these three with little other support have all but taken over the Democrat Party which has been evidenced by the statements against Israel made by virtually all of the Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls. This brings us to the Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls and their apparent potential for posing any challenge to President Trump. Well, at least this is the general feeling over here. What is frightening is the potential that serious violence could break out after the elections should President Trump be reelected. Of course, we in Israel, who are seemingly unable to elect a government as the nation is so evenly divided, we have little room to talk, at least the United States has a system which almost rules out such troubles. We just had to take the worst ideas of all the European, mostly western European, parliaments and added our own twist just to make everything dysfunctional.


Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Probably the worst, and thus the most challenging, problem which could erupt after a Trump victory would be rioting in the cities led by BLM and Antifa. Of course, any reaction to the election will be blamed on President Trump, doubly should he prove victorious as we predict. What will complicate many of such situations is that the President cannot intervene unless invited by the governor or potentially the mayor of the city. So, we can see the situation where the rioting is in cities where their mayors and their state’s governors are all democrats seeking to blacken President Trump for winning his reelection bid. The President cannot act without either his assistance being requested by the Mayor or Governor or President Trump declares the city a national disaster area which would also blow-up in his face. No matter what President Trump attempts to accomplish, he will be called racist or fascist as we explained here a while back. If he waits for the city or state to make a request, they can stall while the mainstream media attempt to blame President Trump for his obvious inaction and lack of caring for these cities in distress. Should President Trump declare any of the areas a federal disaster zone in order to intervene, he will be cast as uncaring for these cities because they did not support him and they are people of color. He will be in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation where whatever you do is wrong according to the New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the plethora of leftist media. But a civil war will not break out even should President Trump win reelection and especially if he should not prove victorious. Nobody who makes such decisions desires to see a civil war break out as they have far too much to lose and the risk of losing everything would be far too great. The powers that exist on both sides of the isle, Democrat or Republican, Leftist or Conservative, Capitalist or Socialist; any way you slice the pie, any war, especially a civil war, runs a very high risk of destroying the pie or largely diminishes what pie is left to cut.


Unrest is a completely different problem. There are two very different kinds of unrest, that which was called for by an organizer and that which just rose literally from grassroots. The first can get beyond the organizer’s ability to control which then transforms the unrest into a warped version of the grassroots unrest. The grassroots unrest is the more difficult to put out as it had different leaders throughout the separate breakouts of unrest. Grassroots unrest lacks a single leader which makes negotiations next to impossible. The only way to restore peace in a city torn apart by social unrest is through superior force deployed either by the police or National Guard if required. The trouble is finding the sufficient but least amount of force required to end the unrest and restore peace to the community. This is likely the aftermath of the coming 2020 elections. But the United States will continue as the world super power and a wealth producing country which a mostly capitalist economy. While, for the time being, in Israel the September election in Israel, our second one this year, where we, if the polls prove correct (they rarely do), the coming elections will once again fail to provide either Likud or Blue-White the capability of forming a governing coalition as the Arab parties refuse to join any government and this makes reaching the necessary sixty-one mandates, as with the approximately thirteen Mandates which are not going to join any coalition, impossible. This requires that to make a ruling coalition, one requires reaching sixty-one mandates out of the remaining one-hundred-seven available after subtracting the Mandates of the Arab parties. This makes it necessary to claim instead of just over fifty-percent to needing slightly over fifty-seven-percent, almost ten-percent more than was the original plan when the system was implemented. Then either Israel will have to hold another election and continue doing so until somebody proves victorious and the Knesset forms around one side or the other. Hopefully, Israel will reach and form a government before the United States election results are known in November of 2020. The American election which should worry Israelis is the 2024 elections when the Democrat Party top tier people will vie for the nomination and the Republican Party will no longer have Trump or anybody even remotely similar and much of their base could end up returning to their hibernating position simply working and doing so despite any and everything. Then Israel might find herself on the wrong end of American foreign policy, and even more likely should people like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still hold any power. One need remember that Ilhan Omar received posting to the Foreign Affairs Committee, a very high and powerful position which is seldom if ever given to an entering Congressperson. Ilhan Omar is being groomed for higher office once the Democrat Party takes the White House. This future is what Israel should rely upon and why Israel must finally break free from dependence on the United States and learn to stand on her own two feet. The two graphs below show that American aid to Israel has remained level at approximately three billion dollars while Israeli GDP has grown from almost nothing back in the early 1969’s when Israel was struggling and when United States aid to Israel started in earnest, Israeli GDP had reached approximately thirty-five-billion dollars, which means that American aid was equal or just under one third of the total Israeli gross domestic product for that year. Currently, Israeli GDP stands at three-hundred-plus-billion-dollars making the current percentage the American aid presents is barely over one percent. That is right, a mere 1.02% of GDP, such an amount by comparison means that Israel will survive just fine without American aid monies and will be cut free from her dependence and subordination to the United States.


United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)




But there is another bonus which will come when the day arrives that the United States cuts from Israel leaving Israel to fend for herself. Israel could benefit from the end of our mutually beneficial relations and Israel will continue to treat America as an ally and friend until such is made untenable. Further, Israel would then be required to design and produce her own aircraft just as she manufactures her own Merkava tanks. While Israel has to start to design her own aircraft, she should do the same for their infantry rifle and change to a heavier and more powerful round which still has extreme range, designed for desert warfare but equally adaptable to urban warfare. The development, production, assembly and other various necessary jobs will be created and these will be well paying jobs producing taxes which will increase the GDP and the general wealth of the country. Israel might even decide to construct a launching facility for rockets into space. The facility would be largely underground protecting the rocket and launch facility. The possibilities are virtually endless and developing these weapons and aircraft along with the Merkava, and if Israeli aircraft are as well adapted to the needs Israeli missions call for, it would be a desired aircraft on the open arms market. This will be the Israeli future simply because the United States, despite protestations, will break relations with Israel. The writing is on the wall already written there by none other than President Barack Obama and how he treated Israel and especially his drafting and permitting to pass United Nations Security Council Chapter Six Resolution 2334. The next Democrat President is very likely to build on that reputation and attitude against Israel. Even former Vice President Joe Biden was forced to step back from offering ironclad backing at the United Nations and claiming they will need to be fair to both sides, often the code that means Israel is going to be called on to sacrifice for peace and then all promises will be broken and Israel will have gifted something to the Arabs for nothing in return and no longer even have a reliable friend in the United Nations and the Security Council in particular. But very few ever heed our warnings and most believe we are simply overly concerned about things which could never happen. Maybe we should take bets that what we claim will happen by 2033 after the 2032 elections. But first the September Israeli elections and hopefully a government which is at the very least strongly Zionist and then the 2020 American elections which will probably reelect President Trump and then the 2024 elections when everything will be completely up in the air as the Republican Party has no candidate who could and would do as President Trump has done either as a candidate and as President. It will be interesting to see who the Republicans choose for 2024 and beyond as the United States reaches into the future.


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