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June 13, 2019

The Palestinian Peace and Leadership Dilemma

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There is a simple reason behind all the reasons and all the difficulties and all the problems concerning the Palestinian Arabs and their respective societies. The first problem which strikes one is it is a matter of the leadership. But even they are trapped by their own avarice, greediness, self-professed greatness and simple lack of concern for those they rule. But their problem is also one of a cause divided and this is where we will begin. The divide is deeper than Palestinian Authority (Fatah) against Hamas with Islamic Jihad. The divide exists amongst the people who speak slightly different dialects of Arabic. The ones in the Shomron (West Bank) speak a variant of Jordanian dialect with a mix of Iraqi and Syrian included while in Gaza they have a more Egyptian dialect. The two groups are genealogically separate as well. This is part of the reason that the two groups’ societies react differently when it comes to violence against Israel. The one ruled by the Palestinian Authority look at their difficulty as a political problem where they need to force Israel to recognize their dreams of statehood, a dream which mostly disappears once one of them is outside their community completely and integrated into a new community and a normal life. The Arab Palestinians in Gaza are largely Egyptians who have become caught up in the Hamas and Islamic Jihad contempt for Israel in general and the Jewish People in particular. They are more prone to violence and mass demonstrations. They have bought into the Hamas revolutionary story and believe that Hamas will lead them to a victory over Israel and they will conquer Israel and take its wealth for themselves. What has been kept as a secret and not expounded upon often is that the two groups of people do not particularly even like one another. There exists no brotherly love or desire for unity between the two populations. Of course, if their governments ever agreed upon merging, they would merge but the two populations would remain largely separate.


Then there is the problem of money, and it is not the lack of money that is the problem. Mahmoud Abbas has channeled much of the cash flow which passes through the Palestinian Authority to his three sons and all his devoted followers who make sure he remains in power. Hamas is no different and all of its past leaders have pretty much retired with more money than they can blow through in an entire lifetime, though we are sure they will try to do just that. Neither set of leaders care to solve the problems they have molded from ant hills into what is visually a mountain but, in reality, is still an ant hill. They do it with smoke and mirrors, but mostly smoke. The recent scare is that the Palestinian Authority is dead broke and is unable to pay their government workers and also have enough to pay those and families of those who have murdered Israelis. In the end they cut their government workers’ salaries in half to pay the murderers of Jews, and that is their phrasing. When the Arab Palestinian leadership complains to the world that they are broke, it does not mean what you or I would consider broke. What this means is that their cash flow has been reduced from the Amazon River in the height of the rainy season to the Ganges River at the end of Summer before the Monsoons. Their complaint that they do not have the money necessary to meet obligations means that after they have skimmed most of their usual take right off the top, then they are without sufficient funds to continue and take their large percentage, possibly well over half, and still have sufficient to pay the murderers and also their government workers. Most of the working public are government employees of one sort or another.


Refined Living in Gaza

Refined Living in Gaza


What is so ridiculous is that were the Arab Palestinian leadership to complain that Israel had stolen all of their dandelions, half the European countries along with countless others would be growing dandelions under perfect conditions in order to have them bloom quickly to produce seeds to give the Arab Palestinian leaders to fill the terrible gap they were claiming to face. When Hamas was screaming about their lack of medical provisions, the IDF contributed to truck leads of the exact items they were complaining about and delivered them to Gaza. Hamas left these provisions to rot in the sun, rain, weather, whatever. Soon they were ruined and Hamas was still screaming about their terrible situation. The Palestinian Authority, of course, did not lift a finger to assist their brothers’ in Gaza who were in need, or so we were being told. The real truth was that they had sufficient medical provisions to treat those in need of medical care and this was more a ploy to gain funds than to gain gauze, balms, ointments, bandages or other medical provisions. As long as the leadership, their families, cohorts, security details, relatives and friends are all raking in the cash, there will be no solution and no peace. The over abundance of cash flowing through the Arabs residing in the Shomron and Gaza is more the problem than increasing it would be a solution. The funding to the Arab Palestinians has increased beyond the point of reason. President Trump addressing this situation through economic means is dead in the water as increasing their cash flow will merely increase their graft and greed. We will get back to the rumored Trump plan about to be unveiled later. It may simply be throwing money to surrounding countries who could not actually care less about their Arab Palestinian brothers and sisters and are simply taking all who are willing to cough up the cash for a ride.


The next difficulty is that the entire attempt to replace Israel with an Arab Palestinian nation was not even an idea that was broached before 1964 and even after the September 1964 roll out of the Arab League and KGB production despite it not yet being ready for prime time and was still being fleshed out. Within a decade the Arab Palestinians had become the cause celeb amongst those who knew that their leftist, anti-Judeo-Christian, Israel is the problem positions were the most proper and correct positions they could ever hold. How many of these celebs had ever been to Israel? Well, none as it is near impossible to support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) Movement and actually visit Israel as that is amongst the things most certainly verboten. They view Israel to be such a horrid place where people are killed in the streets hourly, if even that infrequently, and it gets even worse in the areas of Israeli oppression as Israel is also practicing ethnic cleansing by removing Arabs by force as well as Israel practicing genocide using the IDF sweeping areas clean of Arab existence all of which explains why there are more Arab Palestinians year after year. Do these people ever stop and think their claims through? We mean like, really, do they have such a low opinion of the abilities of the IDF and Israel that if Israel desired the death of the Arab Palestinians, something we would never consider, that there would be any left alive after a few weeks for them to still protest using the same old adages including that Israel is committing genocide.


When the PLO was founded, their desired end was for their terrorist group, and they proudly exclaimed that they would be dealing in terror, would remove the Jews from Israel and then hand the lands to Jordan or sometimes Egypt or both. They had no claims for making themselves into a nation and instead saw them becoming Jordanian or Egyptian. The PLO distinctly stated they had a complete lack of concern for the West Bank (Shomron) or Gaza. Their reasoning was simply, these two regions were occupied by Arab nations so there were no Jews to expel. Egypt held Gaza illegally since they gained the region during their 1948 War to Eliminate the Jews and their State while Jordan held the Shomron region and had annexed it with three nations having recognized their annexation, Britain, Iraq and Pakistan. The Arab League even resisted granting recognition of the Jordanian move. The PLO laid their sights upon Israel and that target has never changed, it has simply regained lands which belonged to Israel legally from the outset. The defined borders for Israel were laid down at San Remo and confirmed by the British Mandate though the British decided that the Jews really would never require lands east of the Jordan River, so they gifted them to the Arabs and to the Hashemites so as to fulfill their promise to give both sons a nation of their own to rule. The other son got Iraq and was gifted the region presumably dedicated to the formation of a country for the Kurds, Kurdistan, but as these lands included the Mosul oil fields, the British cut a deal with the ruling son in Iraq and in exchange gifted him the region of Kurdistan. The Kurds have been denied rectifying this terrible injustice but other than Israel, very few are interested in the Kurds and their situation. Meanwhile, if the protesters really desired that justice be done, promises met and the rights of the Jewish People to be granted that which the world promised through the League of Nations, then the protest chant should be more along the lines of,

From the River to the Sea replete,
Israel will be made complete.

So, the problem for making peace is not money as the Arab Palestinians are the most supported group in the world by a large factor (see graph below). Their difficulty is they have predicated their hopes and desires on the removal through slaughter of the nation of Israel. Many of these Arab Palestinians would murder every individual in Israel should they have the opportunity while virtually all would agree that at the very least all the Jews must be eradicated. That is a definitive and central theme behind their education system, the books used by their education system, the naming of streets, squares, schools, sports parks, sporting events and virtually everything else which requires naming, even to include their children, after known terrorists with those who are valued the most as they murdered a larger number of Israelis (Jews), or as they refer to their victims, Zionist dogs. All of these items and far more has led to their raising a generation of, now, young adults who have a glorified view of murdering Jews, Israelis, Zionists and all those who have been set as enemies of the Arab Palestinians. Their hate has also been set against the United States and President Trump whom they view as a buffoon and a tool of the Zionists. This is why their leadership can reject President Trump’s peace proposals sight unseen before they have even been presented. They have no real desire for a homeland as much as they desire the destruction of somebody else’s nation, Israel.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


The position to erase the nation of Israel simply because the Zionists had the audacity to decide to create something that, according to the Arabs and the Quran presumably, had never existed and was now stealing consecrated Islamic Arab lands, which cannot be viewed as the homelands of the Jews because the Jews are an accursed people forced to roam the world being forced from one nation to the next and those refusing to leave when told are to be murdered. The Arabs claim that the Jews have never had a homeland in this region as there has never been an actual nation located in this area and none of the cities have ever been the capital of any nation or people ever since the Arabs conquered the region. The problem is that the Islamic faith teaches that Islam existed before the world and man were created as it is the law by which their concept of their deity lives by and expects all the people of Earth to live by the Quran. They further believe that history for any region began once they had conquered the area and that once made Islamic, it may never be altered or removed from Islamic rule. Their belief is that the world began, at least all that is important, around fourteen-hundred years ago as they spread throughout the Middle East and across North Africa. They pretend not to know that Israel and the Jewish homelands have existed for close to four-thousand years and the initial deed is recorded in the Bible. They view Israelis to be European despite the known fact that the Arab world spat out virtually all of their Jews within the decade after they failed to destroy the nascent state of Israel. These near to eight-hundred-fifty-thousand Jews altered the face of Israel making the Europeans merely half of the population. These Arab Palestinians are bombarded day and night with propaganda relating to how totally awful the Israelis are and how they are responsible for everything which ails them. This is also the sorry excuse behind most of the economically challenged nation where the reason for their situation has nothing to do with their actions as they performed flawlessly but the Jews, or Israelis, came like thieves in the night and stole whatever riches and lands which actually all belonged to the Arabs initially. This is a difficult storyline to use and try to rectify with the known timeline which depicts the arrival of the Arabs who currently make up much of the population came after the Jews arrived, cleared the lands, began irrigation, drained the swamps and connected the region with electrical power. These economic improvements implied there would be jobs and people would have cash which the Arabs gave them an opportunity for employment,


The basic problem the world will have with the Arab Palestinians is that the developed world follows the idea of building for the future while the Arab Palestinians desire destroying Israel and tearing down everything the Jews and Israelis have built. The Arab Palestinians are dedicated to the destruction of Israel. This was behind the Gaza rioting replete with the launching of incendiary balloons intending to spread fire destroying all that they were able to set alight. The Arabs, particularly those in Gaza, make great calls on their people to sacrifice themselves for the cause. They make efforts to publicly revere and celebrate death with this taught to youth in an all aspects of their lives. This culture of death taught to children all but demands that they sacrifice their own lives for the cause. They are raised being taught that day to day life is a hard, difficult slog lasting day after day until you die and possibly go to heaven where there is plenty of water, beautiful with lush meadows, flowing rivers and fruit trees. But if you were to die fighting those evil Jews, then your soul is whisked off to heaven straight away with all sins forgiven where you receive seventy-two perpetual virgins who will see to your every need, and they are very explicit going into some depth about how these women would serve, please and pleasure them. Their teachers are largely from Hamas or Islamic Jihad with their core teachers being Imams. These people teach their children to have a deep-seated hatred for the Zionists alongside their expounding about their culture of death. Such is a dangerous and potentially volatile combination. Is it any wonder that the Palestinian Arab culture and life with so little regard for their day to day lives and such an emphasis on death that they have so many youths risking their lives in a hopeless assault on the border wall with total disregard for their own lives. Then again, on the other hand, these youths could simply by depending on the Israeli love for life thus their IDF practices what we preach and do not take lives needlessly. But the brainwashing by the Arab Palestinian leaders leaves little if any hope of peace now or in the distant future.


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June 2, 2019

Unraveling Gaza and What it Means to Israel and Beyond

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Hamas and Islamic Jihad, whether on orders from Iran or their own volition, will continue to escalate the situation making life, potentially existence, near impossible. Israel must not permit paralysis over what the world will think, we already have seen that answer countless times, and protect her people and her land. They will not stop escalating the situation because every Israeli response which permits their continuation is their victory. There is now and always will be only one answer to this conflict, either we get the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea or they get the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. There can and will be no other end result, and that is by choice as this is between two people who claim the same land, only one can persist and the other be caused or enticed to depart. The world is fully aware that under legal treaties, with numerous nations, namely the United Nations under Article 80 of their own Charter, signatories to provide for a Jewish State between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The ruling Arabs of the time signed this treaty at the League of Nations which is what is held as still legal through the United Nations. This is why it has never been contested at any of the various World Courts, because Israel would win. Israel must be forced into signing away her claims for the land to belong to any other. That is why the pressure for Israel to recognize Palestine with defined borders. The problem here is the Arabs do not want borders as that would make Israel a real nation. Israel must not have defined borders, so the Palestinians can never make peace.


Should the Palestinian conundrum ever be solved, that would only serve to transfer the problem to the north of the country. Should, by some unseen way, the Palestinian problem reached a definitive solution, then Hezballah would claim the Galilee as their ancestral lands stolen by Israel. This, once recognized by the world media and then governments and the General Assembly, without a doubt, it will simply have shifted the focal point for the challenge that Israel must not exist. Nothing Israel can offer, no amount of compromise, nothing is sufficient and thus there is only the shifting of the claims which will follow one another. The Khartoum Conference stated it clearly, “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with Israel.” What part of this declaration is unclear to anyone? There is a huge difference between friends and allies. Allies are nations with a similar view of the world and face the same threats but all is fluid as things change. The one constant is change. The ultimate change is harmony, but things will change. Even harmony cannot last, things will continue to change leading to cacophonic accusations as to who spoiled the harmony when it was merely time and always inevitable. That has played very large in the case of Israel for which much discredit must be thrust at Great Britain and their Judeophobic activities while presumably keeping the Mandate. Since then, the open Arab Judeophobia has been sufficient to force countless altercations for well over the last century.


Eventually, the question comes, do you mean that there can be no Arabs in Israel? To that we have to ask if you are blind as well as insulting. There are Arabs throughout Israel. Maybe not in every community, and there are communities where one would not find Jews. Arabs will be serving in the next Knesset, whenever that occurs. There are Arab judges, doctors, nurses, teachers, police and every other occupation one could imagine. The best way to put the entire situation is simply follow the traditional ways. If they wish to reside with us in peace and with mutual respect as defined under the Noahic Code, then we have no problem. If this is too much or something you refuse to permit, then there is a problem. This problem has two solutions, you may leave with your belongings and a fair price for your properties and we will not pursue you or you may choose war, it is your choice. Back to Hamas, they have chosen war and there will be no appeasing them nor any pathway to peaceful existence, they demand war. Perhaps the sane act would be to warn the population that soon there will be a final war between Israel and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, so please leave for your continued safety. But no Israeli leader in modern, or possibly post-modern, day Israel would say that as we are too refined for such a solution no matter the provocation. There is that word, the crucial and critical word, “provocation.” As stated early-on, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will continue to ramp up the violence, havoc and destruction of the lands they claim they love just so the Jews cannot use it.


Initially, the Palestinians would shoot, bomb and suicide bomb Israel into submission. Now Israelis likely go through four to seven checkpoints each day and more if they ride the trains. This was the price for safety which we still pay. Then came rockets which led to the Iron Dome which still makes for a financial burden. Often, for each rocket intercepted, they launched two interceptors. Each interceptor costs approximately fifty-thousand-dollars while the Hamas rocket costs mere hundreds or even less. Then came the kites and balloons with incendiary devices setting fire to the countryside and destroying croplands, wildlife preserves, forests, and associated buildings. Meanwhile, the recent rocket launch was complimented by mortars. This is important as mortars are an indirect fire aimed device where a ground target is chosen rather than random fire of the rockets. When mortar rounds which misfired are found in kindergartens, playgrounds and similar targets, there becomes little doubt who their intended target happen to be. The aim is to maximize the terror, but the Jews have the toughest of people who are determined to keep the lands and fulfill a destiny Islam cannot even begin to imagine. They claim they are desert people. We are the original desert people who were tested for forty years in the harshest of deserts, one the Arabs avoid.


The anti has been upped by the recent advent of using drones. They even attempted to strike an Israeli tank (see video below). Actually, their targeting a military vehicle is far more in-line with the rules of modern warfare. When fighting a supposed occupier, you target their military. But that is where reasoning has gone astray, as this is not about occupation, it is about existence. Sure, the claim is that Hamas rewrote their charter, but they never gave up that charter and it is what drives them today, the complete eradication of the Jews worldwide. Were Hamas and Islamic Jihad ever get control of the land of Israel, they would systematically murder every Jewish man, woman and child. They would emulate the treatment dealt to the Banu Qurayza Tribe as described in the Quran. This would be the best that could be expected, and this is why Israel can never lose as that is the end, one loss and it is all over. The remainder of Judaism would evaporate except for a few small close-knit communities. Israel is also fighting for the continued existence of the Jewish people, religion and everything which goes with Judaism.



Read the Torah and it perfectly describes the lands which we were to inhabit, we ask no more and desire no less. One can trace our doing what every nation which desired to continue did four-thousand years ago, we conquered our homelands. This is where people again go wrong claiming that we must have taken the land from the Arab Palestinians. The Arab tribes of the time were warring with one another in the Arabian Peninsula with the tribe of Moab between them and the Israelites. The Arabs know this but are counting on the rest of the world not knowing or caring and simply doing what has been done for centuries, believing every accusation leveled at the Jews. The Arabs did not even reach the Levant (the region surrounding Israel and Lebanon) until the Seventh Century, and arrived then as conquerors. This is why the Arab world claims lands from the Iranian border to the Atlantic Sea in Morocco. These lands were fought over between the European Christians and the Arabian Muslims for centuries with Jerusalem changing hands more than once. Each time it changed hands, the Jews were accused of being spies for the other side, and that was because there were Jews residing in Jerusalem continuously since David made it the eternal capital city of Israel. Jerusalem has never been the capital city of any other peoples since David declared it for the Jewish People.


History of Jews from 2000BCE to 1CE


We are simply coming home after a prolonged vacation from sanity. The land has bloomed and far more since the onset of our returning back in the mid to late eighteen-hundreds. Swamps drained and cleared and boulders removed with water provided for crops and the lands tilled soon to be followed by more modern industrial base all the way into the digital age. Israel should be the model for the Arab nations to emulate, not destroy. In many ways, Israel is the golden goose who lays gold eggs. This ends once you kill the goose as the eggs stop being laid. Israel is the little marvel which was viewed as impossible for almost two-thousand years and she has been reborn more wonderous than ever. One can only wonder what things could come out of Israel in the future. Well, for such to ever come to fruition, first Israel needs to exist. The Arabs stated, when they first realized that the Jews really intended to return, that they would take their (the Jews) land and everything they ever build and destroy everything. They predicted a slaughter which would bring the memory of the Crusades and the Mongols, the two main adversaries the Arabs have faced, with the eradication of the Jews back in 1948 on the eve of the first Arab attempt to erase the Jewish state, often mistakenly called the Israeli War of Independence. They made two more such attempts in 1967 and 1973 and then resorted to using terror and propaganda employing the tool they had hatched in 1964 working closely with the KGB, the PLO where the idea of an Arab Palestinian nationalism using terrorism could liberate the lands from the Jews. Hamas was a later group which split from the PLO as they were not sufficiently Islamic. Islamic Jihad is the IRGC contingent in Gaza. Well, of course they chose a new name as Iran is not stupid enough to station IRGC in GAZA and call then IRGC, they simply adopted a name that trended well in some poll. That brings us to what the world faces now.


There is one thing that the world should realize and awaken to. The powers of Islam are not going to be satisfied with just Israel and they are not going to wait for the defeat of Israel before they begin to infiltrate other lands. Europe has been amongst the latest as are the United States, Canada, Australia and the rest of the western world. As time continues and more and more “refugees” from the Arab and Muslim world, there will be an increase in terrorist attacks, first against Jewish targets and then Christian targets and then taking over the government and forcing Shariah replacing their democratic form of governance. That will be the death cry in the western world if their leaders do not awaken to the threat they have imported with their foolishness. Nations are not to be used as social experimentation if you cherish the society you currently possess. In any repair business, there is a maxim which goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The western society was not broken and it had systems in place to sustain it and the people believed they found a better way. This better way was not just under the standards of Judeo-Christianity, this brave new world was not even under the standards of the Noahic Code. These social experimenters are going to wake up one morning, hopefully before it is too late but that is in question currently, and realize that everything which they took for granted has become forbidden or severely restricted. There is a new religion coming to town and it does not play well with others, especially with those who have forsaken Hashem. The best hope which Israel wishes is for the world to realize that we need to live with understanding, sympathy and respect for all such that all may have respect for us. But respect does not mean surrender or allow one’s entire civilization be pulled crashing down around them. That is what is at risk and Israel was simply the initial front line and the diversion which will be used to distract as the western world is slowly digested and conquered. For another view on this discussion, please do read this article by Giulio Meotti as it is well written and quite interesting.


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May 30, 2019

Two Truths Most Jews Deny


There really are two truths which the majority of Jews will deny, but first a truth that is well known by a large number of Jews, most of which already live here in Israel. The Jews who most deny this truth, which we will soon reveal, are our American Jews who believe that they have found their promised lands and these are in America. They live in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods where everybody is comfortably living the upper-middle-class life or nicer and all appears right with their worlds. The truth they refuse to admit is that they face a larger chance of being killed in a criminal act, including terrorism, in the United States than they would be in Israel. First, everyone’s actions make people more or less safe. If you have your own security details for round the clock protection, then you have a level of safety which would never be accepted in any study. But for those of us in the everyday world know, to increase your safety, avoid those areas where crime is known to be predominant. This is as true in Israel as it is in the United States. What is interesting, when specialists make studies on both societies, Israel and America, people in Israel are more safe than people in the United States. We are afraid this is true but it was one of the facts which convinced one of us to come to Israel when the one inviting was pointing out the advantages of life in Israel.


The first reality which Jews around the world, including within Israel, refuse to admit oh so frequently is that it is time for Jews to make Aliyah, period. The reasons are quite obvious as you read or hear the nightly news. In America there are lunatics whose anti-Semitic inner rage sent them seeking a Synagogue as their target for murdering Jews. In the Tree of Life Synagogue located in Squirrel Hill just outside Pittsburgh and near the weekend breakfast restaurants where numerous students from Carnegie-Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh have leisurely breakfasts or brunches, Robert Gregory Bowers entered during Shabbat Services on an otherwise peaceful Saturday morning and proceeded to shoot everyone he could find and when all was finished, eleven people were killed and six innocents were injured as he searched two levels (floors) of the synagogue. But this attack was not sufficient of a wake-up call telling the Jews that there were madmen whose politics were inconsequential as what matters is they were so driven to murder Jews that their own safety did not matter, this miscreant just wanted to kill Jews and chose to do so while they were at prayers.


Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill Pennsylvania

Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill Pennsylvania


Then, just to reinforce the message, exactly six months after the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there was another Synagogue shooting in the Chabad Synagogue in Poway, California, just north of San Diego. In this heinous crime, one woman was killed as she protected the Rabbi with her body, and three people were injured including a child and the Rabbi who lost two fingers yet finished the service before allowing them to take him to the hospital. The culprit this time was John Earnest. His victims were 60-year-old Lori Kaye who was murdered and 34-year-old man named Almog Peretz and his niece, an 8-year-old girl named Noya Dahan, who were injured in the attack as was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein who lost one finger and another was reattached. The murdered victim, Lori Kaye, was a long-time volunteer who had great respect for Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein for whom she took a bullet meant for him.


Chabad of Poway Synagogue

Chabad of Poway Synagogue


Despite these two events so close together along with all of the news about Jews being victimized across Europe and even within the Haredi neighborhoods in the New York City metropolitan area, American Jews remain calm believing they are very safe to completely safe and they need not worry about these two incidents as they are irregularities which if digested and applied to their lives should raise their discomfort. Weekly there are stories about Jews being harassed in their public schools even in elementary schools. There are anti-Semitic acts which occur regularly across the United States with such crimes spanning the gauntlet from graffiti to anti-Semitic tropes and swastikas even to firebombs and bullets fired at Jewish Houses of Prayer. Almost every synagogue in America hires or has city provided armed guards for the High Holidays and often also for Bar Mitzvahs and Wedding Ceremonies with some even requiring such protection for their weekly Shabbat prayers services. Jewish schools and pre-schools have also felt the anti-Semitism including all of the above plus simple vandalism. Still, American Jews feel safe and accepted within their society. We have thought about this phenomenon and have reached some conclusions which may explain this apparent dichotomy.


The vast majority of Jews live, work, worship and find recreation living largely in neighborhoods where the income level is above average. Almost all their daily contacts are professionals who largely do not harbor anti-Semitic feelings and those who do keep such hidden for fear of losing their employment. Their exercise routines often consist of running within their neighborhood or working out at a gym, often a pricey sports club. They shop at stores in their neighborhood, get their foods from kosher stores and butcher shops and often shop at the boutique stores and name brand companies. They seldom spend time in neighborhoods where the crime is higher than average nor do they frequent places where alt-right groups frequent. Their interaction with people who openly hold anti-Semitic positions are extremely rare and, as stated above, if they do meet such a person, that person would conceal their resentment and hatred which fuels their anti-Semitism. This social isolation leads them to the conclusion that they are perfectly safe and that anti-Semitism is not a problem in the United States. Even the few Jews who do live in what might be defined as a far more coarse neighborhoods where ethnic and religious hatreds are expressed regularly, if not frequently, and seldom relate such to any friends they may have at Synagogue or through other contacts as expressing such things will lead to one being shunned as one who is portrayed as being too negative. Nobody desires to be excluded from their surroundings, thus even the Jews who see these acts against Jews and have a more intimate interaction with such feelings keep their stories close to the chest and merely share them with a small group of conservatives who are often Zionists as well thus any mention of making Aliyah is met with encouragement. Eventually, things will reach a point where ignoring the anti-Semitism which is spreading into even the halls of Congress as something which is real and need be faced and decisions made. The most logical response is not to buy more expensive security, it is to move to Israel where your security, along with every other Israeli, is the first order of the police and IDF. One could not find any better security than this.


Many American Jews likely are not even concerned about the rampant anti-Semitism spreading across Europe. Part of the reason why is because to admit this would upset the apple cart upon which their lives are balanced. Further, they enjoy taking trips to Europe and would be put out if their favorite European vacation region became unavailable. As most European vacation areas are guarded with better than average security and police presence, their vacations are fairly safe until the unthinkable happens. The European Jews are beginning to catch on to the rising rate of the problem and many have already started arriving here in Israel. Each year the number of European Jews making Aliyah increases bit by bit. This is slowly draining the Jewish population of Europe away which will sooner or later result in a flood as the last ones to successfully escape Europe make their way to the welcoming Israeli shores. But even across Europe, the majority of Jews are still in denial about the growing problem and even the source. Ask many European Jews and virtually all American Jews from whence does the growing anti-Semitism arise and they will claim from right wing Nazi-like individuals and they will deny that there is another source. They will identify that Islam and the influx of “refugees” has worsened the problem and that there is a massive wave of anti-Semitism roiling on the far left. Their refusal to accept these realities is basically because to do so would upset their entire worldview. One can only hope and pray that these disillusioned Jews awaken and smell the coffee before it becomes too late. The German Jews who had largely assimilated also kept telling themselves that, “It cannot happen here. Germany is the most advanced, cultured, educated and socially advanced nation on earth. They would not mean us; they mean those other Jews.” If you are one thinking in this manner, bad news, you are so very wrong and we can only pray for your awakening to come before it becomes too late.


The other disbelief is held by mostly Israeli Jews including, unfortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu and many in the Knesset. This is a two-part fallacy which starts with the United States will always be our friend and ally just like they have always been and continues, anyway, the Arabs of the Sunni states are becoming friendly and accepting our existence as the Jewish State. As far as the United States always having been Israel’s friend, other than President Truman voting to accept the Israeli declaration of independence of May 15, 1948, the United States immediately thereafter placed an arms embargo on the entire Middle East, which, as the Arabs were being provided for by the Soviet Union, this meant any potential for providing arms to the nascent state of Israel was made impossible. We cover the entirety of this subject in our articles “America can be a Fickle Friend,” “Time for Israel to Help Trump and America,” as well as in “The United States Will Distance From Israel.” With this out of the way, let us address the so-called new Arab friendship effort. For us, this new friendly warmth coming from the Sunni Arab world such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf Emirates plus Kuwait is, at best, disingenuous. One might say that they have an ulterior motive which has nothing to do with our being accepted finally as their neighbor despite our being a Jewish entity. This is not the puppy love as it is being treated in much of Israel, especially by the political elite. This is good old solid we are afraid of the after-school bully threatening us in the playgrounds better known as the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea and even into the Red Sea. This bully which has the Arabs in the regions around Israel is the Persian Shiites of Iran who have been testing missiles with significant ranges and quite likely working on and building nuclear warheads to fit atop those missiles. This is what is driving these Sunni Arab neighbors of Israel closer to the Jewish State, survival, not acceptance.


If anyone for even a single moment believes that the Wahabis strain of Islam has accepted the Jewish State or that Jordan which has amongst the highest levels of anti-Semitism in the world or that Egypt was softening towards Israel, they have another think coming. Egypt has a number of reasons to be cuddling up to Israel of which Iran is but one. Egypt also has a serious problem with terrorists setting up camps within the Sinai Peninsula in the mountainous regions which are difficult to patrol. Egypt needs Israel to assist them in preventing Hamas from interacting and providing the provisions of war and terror into the Sinai Peninsula as well as on occasion allowing Israel to attack some of these groups when they attack Israel or assist Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Egypt also benefits from Israeli intelligence which has often tipped the Egyptian military with timely information about terrorist plots against Egypt. Meanwhile, Jordan is cautiously approaching Israel though they continue to pretend that whatever new charge against the Jews or restriction which the Jordanian Waqf can bring preventing Jews from ascending to the Temple Mount or other restrictions for Jewish use of the Temple Mount, visiting the Jewish holy sights in Hevron and other areas without difficulties is simply enforcing the status quo. The problem is that the status quo is anything but static. We have discussed this status quo situation in our articles “Temple Mount Status-Quo Not so Static Though.” “Temple Mount Is Not and Never Has Been at Status-Quo,” “Temple Mount Status-Quo Must Go” and “History of Jerusalem and Status Quo Incompatible.” Right now, the King of Jordan is worried about retaining his crown and position as the Arabs in Jordan are restless. He also fears Iran and even more so with them perched in Syria along his northern border.


But Saudi Arabia is the biggest of the fish caught in this conundrum. Saudi Arabia is fully aware that Iran is desirous of their oil fields which are along the Saudi northeastern border which is close to Iran. They also are aware that Iran would love to take over Mecca and Medina, the two holy cities of Islam dating back to the start and before the Arabian forces climbed out of the Arabian Peninsula intent on taking over all the lands they would be capable of conquering. Saudi Arabia is also the big fish in the Gulf States pool with some of the other Gulf states having deep pockets as their resources other than oil. Where the Saudi Royal Family has shown mixed signals but still tending towards a thaw in relations for expediency has made overtures with Israel. Still, with the Houthi Rebels along their southern border and the Iranian special units assisting and the Houthis launching a missile every so often, even to include some at Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital city, the Saudis have a great deal of Iran on their borders. This is probably why the majority of the communications originate with Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are also the ones who stand to lose the most should Iran begin to attack the Sunni states in the region in order to take over Islam simply by taking the Saudi oil fields along with the cities of Mecca and Medina then being able to claim that Iran is the protector of the two holy cities of Islam. It is the guardianship of Mecca and Medina upon which the Saudi Royal family rests their right to rule and be the foremost influence within Islam even to rival Egypt and Al-Azhar University, the most prestigious Islamic University where leading Imams are trained and sent all over the world to spearhead the spread of Islam. Iran faces an uphill battle to become the leader of the Islamic world as they practice a minor form of Islam consisting of about ten percent of all Muslims. Iran feels that if they can take the Saudi Oil Fields and the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, then they might be able to convert masses of Muslims to Shiite Islam and take over the Islamic world. For mounting a successful attack to capture those two targets, in order to simplify that attacks on Mecca and Medina, Iran would best be served by mounting the attack from the south and north simultaneously. The pincer from the south would originate in Yemen while the northern pincer would be required to originate in southern Jordan. This is another fear for the Jordanian Monarch.


Iran also holds the world hostage to two threats Iran posses to maritime traffic in the world. The one most well known are the Straights of Hormuz through which almost one third of the world oil supplies move. Additionally, through Yemen, Iran also has tactical control over the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait which controls the southern exit from the Red Sea. Closing this second waterway to shipping would paralyze Europe as it would effectively close the Suez Canal and would prevent all Israeli shipping from Eilat on to Asia. According to international law, cutting off Israeli shipping from exiting the Red Sea is a casus belli for war and is a direct attack on Israel. Such would also be the same for Egypt with the Suez Canal. So, a quick look around and the main countries facing Iranian aggressions are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States. This is just an introduction to the threats Iran poses currently to the world. It goes far beyond the chess match being played currently which could strike a point which ends up misinterpreted by either the United States or by Iran at which point the standoff could turn hot and cause a chain reaction which nobody needs. The one item that the world can believe was the threat by Iran that should they be attacked by anyone, then their first retaliation will not be against their attacker, not even if it is the United State (Great Satan) but rather Iran would immediately attack Israel (Little Satan). Why would Iran attack Israel first, simply, because after an attack on Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or the American fleet, there probably would not be enough of Iran left to attack Israel plus Iran is convinced that nobody would attack Iran no matter what they might do when attacking Israel. Iran is currently assured that none of the European nations would attack Iran no matter what they did short of attacking Europe. Should the Iranians drop a nuclear warhead in the center of the American fleet sinking virtually every ship, the Europeans would possibly send wreaths to the United States and exclaim how they mourn with the Americans but due to treaty obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), they were powerless to act, so sorry. The world is facing trouble and all that most of the world appears ready to do is surrender, throw up their arms, wail unmercifully and then blame Israel for the entire situation. Israel and Israelis and their politicians need to understand that the warm feelings they feel coming from the Sunni Arabs is driven by fear of the Shiite Arabs of Iran and once that problem becomes resolved, then back to the regularly scheduled antagonistic low-level warfare through sponsoring terrorists against Israel, Sunni terrorists such as the Palestinian Authority or Hamas in Gaza.


Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait


One might say that these are the pressure points of the World, the points where even a minimal amount of pressure produces the maximum effect and currently both can have pressure applied by the Iranian regime. The current Iranian threat level is high with few specific regions where Iran has and is posing threats to the well being of the world. Currently there is a threat of war breaking out and should such a war break out, we are all but guaranteed that Israel will be one of the first targets to feel the Iranian threats with Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezballah all poised and ready to pounce upon the Jewish State. The only guarantee over the next Middle East conflict is, that no matter who else will be concerned, Israel will be one of the first targets struck by Iran through her proxy terror groups deployed where they can do the most harm armed with the weapons required to pose such threats. Iran can always use these groups to dial up the tensions and violence in the region even if merely to distract attention away from Iran herself.


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