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December 3, 2017

Should Israel Ally with Saudi Arabia Over Iran?


There have been whispers that there may be a plan taking shape between Israel and Saudi Arabia to try and prevent the obvious moves by Iran to establish themselves as the hegemonic superpower of the Middle East. This has much to do with the Shiite Crescent we have spoken of at length which Iran has put together using the southern three-quarters of Iraq, Lebanon and the soon to be reconstituted Syria of Bashir al-Assad connecting Lebanon with Hezballah into the mix. When one adds Qatar and Yemen where Iran backed Houthis are winning against Saudi Arabian efforts, one can see immediately that Iran has all but surrounded Saudi Arabia against whom Iran has often claimed they desired the Saudi Arabian oil fields as well as taking control over the Holy Cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina which are also part of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian efforts in Yemen had early support from Egypt but President Sisi has enough troubles of his own and pulled out of the efforts in Yemen and began to work more favorably with Turkey and President Erdoğan.


An aside, one can only hope that Sisi has since reconsidered any siding with President Erdoğan as such could end up being an ill thought out plan with President Erdoğan appearing to have hegemonic dreams of his own and also having proven not exactly unopposed to siding with Iran when it suits his needs. This could prove particularly dangerous should President Erdoğan promise assistance in the Sinai Peninsula as his offer may have ulterior motives. Additional reasons for Saudi Arabian Royal Family concerns may be tied to the apparent exit by the United States from Syrian and Iraqi support for the Kurdish forces leaving them vulnerable to Iranian allies as well as Turkey’s President Erdoğan, the man who assured President Trump that abandoning the Kurds was necessary unless the United States was ready to support their declaring themselves independent, something both the State Department and Pentagon opposed. The exit by President Trump has left the Saudi Royal family nervous and seeking another power to ally with in order to pose a more formidable opposition force against Iran. This will be double should Turkey actually agree to ally themselves with the resurgent Shiite forces of Iran. That could prove tricky as Turkey is three-quarters Sunni, but then Iran has allied with Sunni Hamas and is wooing Sunni Fatah and PLO all in their effort to also encircle Israel. One can only wonder how long before Iran offers Egypt assistance with their troubles in the Sinai Peninsula as this would give them their final front with Israel and Saudi Arabia plus a direct route for arming Hamas. Iran may also pose a threat to Jordan as Jordan also borders Israel and Saudi Arabia.


One last reason for Saudi Arabia to desire allying with Israel is the obvious case that Israel is considered a nuclear armed nation and Iran is a borderline, if not already, nuclear armed state who will likely turn recognized nuclear within the next two to three years. This usually brings up the old story about how Saudi Arabia financed the Pakistani nuclear program and the two nations have an unspoken agreement that Pakistan was to provide Saudi Arabia with plans and as many as a dozen nuclear warheads upon a request from the Saudi Royal Family. That agreement, assuming that it ever existed, may fall upon the old adage of, “What have you done for me lately?” Time has passed and things have changed which means the people who made that long ago agreements have left the scene and the people who replaced them may not be as eager to provide the requested assistance. Probably the most that the Saudi Royal Family should expect might be the schematics and plans for the manufacture of nuclear weaponry and not the actual weapons and as the Pakistanis have very likely long since developed more advanced nuclear weapons including thermonuclear weapons all without Saudi Arabian assistance which probably makes the Pakistani government feel far less indebted to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family for their initial financing of the Pakistani crash effort to respond to the development of nuclear weapons by India. The Saudi Arabian Royal family likely already has checked and realized that their former agreement with Pakistan no longer holds water or nuclear warheads or possibly even the plans for a nuclear warhead or other device. This very probably has not made the Saudi Arabian leaders feel any more secure about the Iranian looming threats.


So, Saudi Arabia is facing the reality of the Pakistan deal having gone south, the United States pulling out of every hot spot in the Middle East, Egypt sliding away from the Saudi Royals and inching towards Turkey, feeling the Iranian noose tightening around their necks thus the Saudis are seeking someone, anyone to come and take some of the problem off their shoulders knowing that this time the United States has been caught flat-footed needing a friend badly. Israel is facing much the same problems, as are the Saudi leaders, and likely just as desirous of friends and allies upon which to depend coming to their side immediately. The difference is that Israel has been here before and her faith in Hashem has always provided exactly what the Israelis required. The proof was centered and has given Israel much to think and mull over. The Israelis have faced such a threat before and survived despite all odds. This still leaves much to consider before it is too late.


This forced the hand of the Saudi Government to act and seek new directions and friendships. Still, now that we have the time, what should Israel do in order to survive any Iranian threats, something which must be viewed as if being under a microscope? The idea to ally with Saudi Arabia has way too many holes to actually hold much promise. Israel must weigh exactly why they should enter into any relationship, especially with a nation which is still in a state of war with Israel. The Saudi Arabian peninsula has numerous oil fields and a means of gathering the Jews closer together. Israel is dependent on Hashem and need no other protections as Hashem made a promise and will be true to his words. Still, the Israelis will be alone facing a regional super power possibly after Saudi Arabia has been eliminated as one to be reckoned with leaving Israel feeling very vulnerable. Should Israel manage to be in such a position the United States would need to provide assistance though manpower would not necessarily be required. Israel might feel that the current case of threat requires her to rely on another and to seek to find such a nation. Israel has always stood by herself and honestly does not require any additional assistance to face down Iran. Starting to rely on people whom until recently sought her destruction would not be the most prudent of acts.


Saudi Arabian and Iranian Maneuvers in Middle East

Saudi Arabian and Iranian Maneuvers in Middle East


The leaders of the Arab world now seeking to ally with Israel would turn away the instant the threat has passed. Further, forming an anti-Iran alliance would result in placing Israeli Defense Force soldiers under foreign command. That would be nothing short of suicidal. Israel has an ally in this situation, and that ally is Hashem, just as she has always had. Yes, Israel might be wise to enter into a coalition which would strengthen her position, but should also be careful not to be used simply to strengthen their position leaving Israel with insufficient forces retained for her own defense. Israel has the capacity to defend herself and protect her borders and adding in her ability to launch in kind any strike likely to originate from Iran including nuclear. Israel would, inevitably when push comes to shove, have only herself to defend her people, as none of the Arab world would permit any of their soldiers to fight to protect Jews no matter the situation. Israel must contend with protecting Israel by herself with her own forces and their stamina to go the distance. Israel will have no others on which to defend her when Iran turns her attention to Israel. The sole responsibility for protecting the Israeli people falls to Israel. We do not see Arab forces rushing to our aid in a time of need, but can realize that many would be rushing to join our enemies in the efforts to defeat us.


This is part of why Israel must join those who refused Saudi Arabia’s invitation to join forces to fight Iran. One can readily see that the Saudi Arabian leadership would lead the sacrifice of everybody else’s troops before losing a single one of theirs. That is a bad deal, period. Israel should commit to her reliance in Hashem as she has always committed to doing when troubles brewed internally or externally. This next test Israel is facing will be one which tests her faith and at some point, it will take measure of the Jewish People and their collective faith in the Almighty. Should Israel pass this test, then we will know that we are prepared as a People to receive the Messiah and that the time is approaching where the Messiah will finally come to establish the Heavenly Kingdom here on Earth and peace will rule the world over for a very long period. We may very well be on the threshold of the ultimate deliverance of mankind, their final deliverance. We must be prepared for such an eventuality as we need be readied for such a monumental event. The last of our brethren who will be returning to Eretz Yisroel will be gathered to Israel by Hashem and the Messianic Age will be upon all of us with a Heavenly ruler whom we had best not disappoint.


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November 26, 2017

Silence for the Sheeple


The media is not so much in the business of informing the people as they are in pushing agendas, disguising unfortunate truths, misinterpreting informative statements, concealing facts and allowing reality to hide behind the smoke they are publishing. This has never been more true than the current storm attempting to dilute or dissolve the truth spoken by top designer Karl Lagerfeld speaking on the show, “Salut les Terriens! (Hello Earthlings!) Show” on the C8 Channel on November 11, 2017, attacking German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Lagerfeld has been libeled by private television broadcaster RTL in its magazine Exclusiv where RTL journalist, Marc Sterzenbach, was asked why Lagerfeld made the remarks. The remarks in question from the show “Salut les Terriens!” by Karl Lagerfeld were made intending to be critical of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open borders policy where he stated, “One cannot, even if there are decades between them, kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place. I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said ‘the greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.’ The young man was thrown out.” Responding to this, Marc Sterzenbach stated, “Indeed Chanel is in the hands of a Jewish family, the Wertheimers.” Well, that explains it, those Jews whining again. And of all the Jews to be whining, one working for one of those Jews who own the world and control everything. It was the usual ‘classic anti-Semitic cliché concerning the so-called “Jewish world conspiracy.” Jews have no reason to complain about the state of things as they make the world what it is. Much of the media came rushing to the defense of Chancellor Merkel and her program accepting Middle East refugees en-masse. RTL was defended by Jewish author Henryk Broder noting that, “Besides that, there are quite a few fashion and cosmetic firms which are in ‘Jewish hands’ that have never been noticed by RTL, nor has it disturbed anybody there.” Well, that must be the end of it.


So, the main objection had to do with the fact that Karl Lagerfeld worked for the Jewish owned Chanel and thus was overly sensitive to things and was biased against the policies of Angela Merkel who was being a good universalist humanitarian and obviously, Mr. Lagerfeld obviously suffered from deep Islamophobia. Almost universally, the commentary was about Karl Lagerfeld and his obvious biases and employment while, when mentioned, defending poor maligned Chancellor Merkel and completely ignoring the actual statement itself. Heavens forbid there ever be a serious discussion about the possibility that the unrestricted immigration from the Middle East, from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan and other MENA* nations has had on Europe. It is forbidden to mention the increase in sexual assaults on women so much so that the police refuse to even take reports as long as nobody is severely injured, as in hospitalized. Petty theft and simple robberies are also underreported as police attempt to avoid reporting any increases as that might require an explanation. Unfortunately, politics has replaced police reporting in much of western Europe, specifically in France, Germany, Sweden and the other nations which have taken in large numbers of the refugee population from the Middle East. Ever since the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults in Germany were covered up until much later when it could be dismissed as “old news” and already discussed and dealt with. The reality is the problems caused by unrestricted and unfettered immigration from the Middle East not only have never been discussed, but have actually intentionally been shunned and silenced with anybody daring to mention such things being ridiculed and accused of being a racist or worse, an Islamophobe. The new group immune from any bad media, critical statistics, accusations or blame of any kind and anybody brazen enough to speak the truth is shouted down, insulted, misinterpreted and their message so garbled, mangled and even totally edited such that the truth is lost in translation, if translation can also be so mangled as was the message by Karl Lagerfeld concerning Angela Merkel and her continued policy of unhindered and unfettered immigration.


Karl Lagerfeld Who Reputedly Works for the Jewish Owned Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld Who Reputedly Works for the Jewish Owned Chanel


This German media refusal to permit any bad press for Muslim refugee immigrants along with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open borders policy goes far deeper than the malicious and underserved maligning of Karl Lagerfeld and even swipes at Chanel for being Jewish owned, as it also permeated the recent coverage of the campaigns in the recent German elections. As reported here, the German government Censored the press, social media and Internet ahead of their elections in favor of the reelection of Chancellor Merkel. This could be the start of the end of German democracy. In an article titled Germans Lose Faith in the Fourth Estate it is made obvious that the people no longer trust their news media and see it as simply a mouthpiece for the government and Angela Merkel. Of course, there were articles of the massive forces using media manipulation against Chancellor Merkel which were the reason for the government to step in. Who were these nefarious evil-doers? Why, the Russians, who else? Then there were those meddling American Think Tanks and Foundations who were also trying to unseat Merkel. There was this report from a Polish think tank about the increasing censorship and control of social media, particularly over Merkel policies and the problems it may have spawned. There have been more recent studies which have revealed that government manipulation of the media as well as political parties using media tools to their advantage have distorted and falsified much of the media, especially the on-line media as reported here and here. Currently, it is Karl Lagerfeld getting the treatment in Germany as he committed the most serious of crimes, he spoke the truth about Angela Merkel, her open borders policies and the lack of vetting or even the slightest background checks and the effects it has had on German society. Sure glad we haven’t gotten on her majesty’s wrong side.


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*MENA = Middle East and North Africa


November 20, 2017

United States Needs Reevaluate Middle East Priorities


The developed world is on the precipice of failure while ignoring the severity of the problem. Much of that reason is they have adopted the view of the Sunni Arabs who claim that until their problems with Israel are solved, they cannot think of anything else. The reality is they could not care less about the “Palestinian People” as they know that there really is no such thing. They know this because they helped to build that myth. Their blaming the situation in Israel for everything is the means by which they remain in power. If Israel is to blame and the United States keeps Israel alive, then they can play off the United States using Israel as well. This dangerous game keeps these nations screaming “Israel, Israel, Israel” all day long and also ignoring the tiger breaking out just beyond and now into their eastern edge. That tiger is Iran and they are set on conquest of the Sunni Arab world and converting them all to Shia Muslims making Shiite Islam supreme once more. They see these conquests over the Arabs as revenge for the Arabs defeating the Persian Empire back just before 640 A.D. Now the Persian Menace has returned and this time the world is simply slightly larger but still deserving of Persian rule. The Iranian Ayatollah is set on the Middle East followed by the easiest European nations that they can conquer. But they have a first objective on their plate, Mecca and Medina.


The United States need forget about Israel except as the front lines of this coming war, and it promises to be a big war getting larger every day it is permitted to grow. Iran just spent eight years sucking the blood from Russia in Syria using Russia to destroy the Sunni forces. This was aided by Sunni on Sunni warfare as ISIS battled with the Sunni rebels and both fought against the Kurds, with the Kurds winning those battles with American airpower assisting. This destroyed the Sunni forces which still refuse to unify and with only the Kurds having a cohesive force as the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds found their way to fight together when necessary and do so selflessly. That is why the Kurds are the sole Sunni power standing and why the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds need to be unified in a single new nation of Kurdistan as doing so would establish a solid Sunni Islamic force and another friend for the United States which would be free and democratic in nature. The United States needs to pressure Saudi Arabia to get on board along with Egypt as they represent the core strength of the Sunni Arabs. Currently the Saudis and Egypt are not together or even near being on the same page as each is using their own unique book. The Saudis are busy taking on the Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen who have again started hurling missiles at Riyadh and other provocations. This signals that Iran is ready to join forces in Yemen taking over Yemen as they did Lebanon and taking control of the Al Mandeb Straits granting Iran control over the Red Sea exit into the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean and on to greater Asia. This would permit Iran to completely isolate Europe by making the Suez Canal useless which would bring much of Europe to their knees within weeks as they depend on the oil and natural gas flowing as well as the trade routes.


Saudi Arabia was allied with Egypt in fighting Yemen but then Egypt started facing other problems and decided to throw in with Turkey half-heartedly. Now Turkey is discarding any concerns for pleasing Egypt and starting their turn to Iran despite Turkey presumably being Sunni. Turkish President Erdoğan is most concerned with following the strong horse and attempting to recreate at least a part of the old Ottoman Empire and declaring himself as the great new Caliph. He has likely promised to take the Kurdish areas as part of Turkey including Mosul while cooperating with the Iranians allowing them to control the remainder. The Iranians, after watching the Kurdish success against the Islamic State, probably see Erdoğan as a tool sent by Allah to remove any threat from their direction while allowing Iran to take what they require from Iraq and Syria. This has left Egypt alone and still fighting the Muslim Brotherhood which believes that Sisi stole their nation illegally and they might actually have an argument, but nobody is listening. Unlike his predecessor Obama, President Trump is not concerned in the slightest with the Muslim Brotherhood and their problems, he has sufficient problems at home in the Congress even with his own party members. Meanwhile, as President Trump butts his head against the Arab-Israeli problem and getting nothing, they will be busy preparing for their next phase and with creating as many nuclear weapons in secret as they are able. One can only assume that the Iranians have the exact same nuclear weapons schematics, as does North Korea, which means that Iran has a deliverable thermonuclear warhead which can be configured as an EMP device to destroy electrical grids and components or can be maximized for destructive power allowing for the destruction of most cities in the Middle East.


Iran already has signaled their next set of targets. They may permit Hezballah with some al-Quds forces, if the Palestinian Authority will permit them to set up a base in Judea and Samaria if not within Jerusalem, something which very well could already be in place, and IRGC forces to attack Israel from the Golan Heights border out of Syria attempting to leave their structures and tunnel systems in tact in Lebanon. Such a frontal war would grab the attention of the world, have the United Nations frantically attempting to be relevant, press the European Union into convulsive meetings after meetings while the United States pleaded with all involved to step back from the brink and try and prevent this from breaking beyond the cusp and into a full blown war across the Syrian and Lebanese borders. Israel would have to use such a conflict to destroy as many Iranian missiles and bases as they know exist. With the world engaged in stopping this blatant Israeli aggression while Israel defends herself from this assault, Iran will be able to press a front to take the majority of the Saudi Arabian oil fields while using a pincer movement from Iraq in the north and Yemen in the south to take Mecca and Medina and surround Saudi Arabia. Once the Iranians pull the pin on their Saudi Arabia attack, the only nations preventing their spread across all of Sunni Islam are Egypt and Israel. The Iranians are mostly descendants of the Persian Empire rather than Arabs thus they feel themselves superior to the Arabs as a people and see themselves as the true rulers for the world instead of the United States, China or anyone else, and are out to prove this.


The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans

The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans


Once Iran has taken the Saudi Arabia oil fields, Saudi Arabia is finished, as all they will possess would be an ocean of sand and Mecca and Medina, the two Holy Cities of Islam. Iran intends to rob them of these at the same time. While this assault is underway, Iran will be vulnerable along the remainder of her borders. That is when Iran itself must be threatened forcing them to call off this attack and respond to their home-front. That would also bring them to the bargaining table once again where President Trump, if he had played his cards correctly, could completely renegotiate the Obama Iran treaty by formulating a new and realistic treaty where Iran was fully opened to inspections, report and release any nuclear weapons she has stored, reduced her missile capacities, remove her forces from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, stop supporting terrorism both by supply of arms and by providing money and training. The new Iran peace deal would grant Iran her actual borders and leave her well informed that crossing these borders again would bring a world of hurt down upon them by Israel if not the United States. Also, this time Israel is also be a signatory to the treaty and be granted a direct say in its implementation and enforcement. The Saudis would also join in the settlement as part of the deal would reestablish the borders of Saudi Arabia and the assigning their keeping of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, providing they were not made into international zones run by the world as a whole, like is often suggested for Jerusalem. This treaty should include the United States as its main guarantor.


The only way that peace can be maintained, or restored should violence grow worse, will require the United States to simply pass on any Arab-Israel peace deal right now and start to prepare for facing down Iran before they declare nuclear breakout or do so by using a nuclear weapon using a nuclear warhead on Riyadh, Cairo or Tel Aviv at the very start of their assault on Saudi Arabia, their next large target. The Iranians could very well send multiple nuclear warheads at the above cities as their intent for hostilities as once they acquire the Saudi oil fields along with Mecca and Medina, they become the leaders of Islam and Shia Islam will be empowered while the Sunnis will be in even further disarray. Yes, we realize such is difficult to picture, but the Sunni Arabs could actually become more fractured and at one another’s throat. But with a fractured Sunni Arab world and useless Arab League or with a truly unified Arab League under a strong leader, either way and with such as an ally or with Israel as their only ally, that is the choice, the entirety of the Sunni world or Israel, not both, the United States must address Iran even before Kim Jong un in North Korea as Iran is the true threat to world peace and the only nation capable and currently willing to attempt world conquest. Should they be permitted a running start before anybody responds, Iran will own the oil fields, have three-quarters of a billion new Shiite converts as Sunni tribe and country after Sunni tribe and country seek to ally with the strong horse and leave the all but dead horse of Sunni Muslim Brotherhood or Wahabbist Islam for the Ayatollahs of Iran. That would be a Persian dream revenge come to fruition and full success. Already Qatar has joined with Iran and turned traitor to Saudi Arabia and refused to return basically telling the Saudis that they believe Iran to be their replacement and to be such soon. Additionally, Russia has allied with Iran for years and Iran already has full control of Lebanon, Iraq, and pretty much Yemen and Syria. Turkey keeps flirting and coming closer to Iran and away from their Sunni friends. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two powerful nations of the Sunni realm, have had a falling out over fighting the Iranian proxies in Yemen, the Houthis. This left Saudi Arabia all but alone in the fight against Iran in Yemen while the United States remains staying above the war as long as their naval base remains open for refueling ships after long trips from the United States and elsewhere. The pins have obviously been weakened and all lined up and Iran is choosing their bowling ball and will be shooting for a strike very soon, and the United States can sit safely theoretically beyond the ability of Iran to strike, but what if those claiming the United States is vulnerable are correct after all, then what? This is the reality in the world and nobody apparently cares to do anything but demand that Israel do nothing to upset Iran. Really?


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