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September 14, 2018

The Jews Did It, All Over Again


We’re sorry, but we just couldn’t resist quoting Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Yogi was a man who always found a way to confuse those listening and amuse those barely paying attention. Unfortunately, the all over again is all too familiar to Jews, especially those with any knowledge of our history. What is sad is the numbers of Jews without a clue of what is happening or of the history it so closely mirrors. The odd thing is those of us who know some or most or the rare few knowing all the history of the Jews, they know that this is all part of a repetition of events dressed up in different clothes with the same hatreds underneath and the same assimilated Jews who are clueless. These are the Jews who think, and some even say, it is those other Jews, the ones who wear their Judaism all over with the little funny hats and the strings, not Jews like me, professional and accepted in all these clubs and the Rotary Club and a member of this prestigious country club, they don’t mean those of us who are part of the accepted ones and we even vote and support the politically correct party and they love us. Well, they are partly correct, they do love you, as long as you pay dearly and then when they can simply take it from you, then they do not like you as much. For starters, please allow us to quote straight from Rachel Ehrenfeld’s article

“Political Islam” and “Extremist” Terrorism;

Said Rageah (سعيد راجح), the founder of Sakinah Community Center in Toronto and the mosques Masjid Huda in Montreal and Masjid Aya in Maryland, who is Chairman for the Journey of Faith Conference and serves as an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute, has claimed “what happened in September 11 [2001] was not a work of Muslims.”


Further in this article it states that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who in March 2015, told members of a Chicago mosque, “It is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks.” He further claimed, “the root of terrorism was not committed by Arabs or Muslims.” Ms. Ehrenfeld referred often to a talk titled “ISIS, Violence and the Politics of Deradicalization,” whose video we have included below. The entire article by Ms. Ehrenfeld is well worth reading.





The article got us thinking about many of the not so wonderful things we see coming at us at an ever-increasing rate. There are always the reasons behind the Islamic radicalism and why to claim that there is nothing to be alarmed and Muslims are not to blame. One escape is that 90% are moderates and are totally against terrorism and violence. They do not support violent Jihad and because of these moderates, Islam cannot be blamed for the terrorism. The one question they never ask these moderates is, “If a Jihadist knocked on your door and asked to be hidden for a week so they could perform Jihad, would you take them in?” We have covered abrogation and how Islam used different verses in the Quran from when they are a small minority to when they are the majority in our article Islam from First Muslim to Total Control, Five Stages of Islamic Conquest, so we really are not going to go into that again. What is scaring us are the signals from many, uncomfortably many, in the Democrat Party who believe that Islam is their path to power. They see Islam as an ally simply because they believe that Islam desires ridding the world of the Judeo-Christian ethic just as the leftist Secular Humanist believers desire to do. They believe that once they have used Islam to destroy the last vestige of the Judeo-Christian ethic, then they will simply redefine Islam along with their Secular Humanist ideology. Secular Humanism is actually a religion though they claim that it is actually an anti-religious movement because they believe in science and rationality. For people who claim to follow rationality, they have some strange ways of acting and whom they choose as allies.


The problem now is that the far leftists are slipping further and turning to violence to implement and establish their positions and eradicate any opposition. This has become all too evident on numerous college campuses where should a conservative speaker be scheduled, the reaction has been extreme violence. What is strange is the far right or alt-right blames these violent people as being controlled by the Jews. The far left claims often that it is the Jews who are the ones responsible for bringing the right wing and conservative speakers, because of their support for Israel. The extremists from both sides have often displayed problems with Israel and through their hatred of Israel, they broadly brush all Jews as pro-Israel, period, no matter how many groups who are run by and memberships are Jewish such as J-Street, New Israel Fund, Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta, and Jewish Voice for Peace. What was really telling was the reactions to the recent Nationality Law passed in Israel. The main problem that the American and European Jewish groups, numerous congregations and numerous vocal individuals including Rabbis had was mainly to the fact that Israel had the gall to re-announce that Israel is the State for the Jewish People. Why did Israel have to go out of their way to restate the fact that it is Jewish, why did you include us in Europe and North America because of our being Jewish, now everyone will think of us as being part of Israel and responsible for things you do. What they are forgetting is a little something called history. When the Arab and Islamic Worlds sent the majority of Jews packing with minimal possessions and pretty much with no funds, did the European nations or the United State or Canada rush to take in these 850,000 Jews? The answer is not one they wish to recall and will hem and haw and shuffle their feet in order to avoid the uncomfortable answer. The truth was that it ended up that Israel was the sole nation willing, not willing, desirous to take in these Jews despite being a young nation without much in wealth, jobs, or even places in which to even house these Jews, but they were welcomed. Immediately preceding the expulsion of the Jews in the Arab and Islamic Worlds was the refusal of much of Europe to take their Jews back into their former neighborhoods where Jews heard the stories of their former townsfolk and even friends were refusing to allow the Jews back simply because they had taken over their homes and businesses and did not desire to accommodate the returning Jews. Where did the Jews end up? Many in camps on Cyprus held there by the British. Many of us have heard of the ship renamed the “Exodus” and picture Paul Newman and the ship arriving in Israel and the Jews being welcomed. The reality was quite different. The real SS Exodus was turned back from disembarking in Israel and the Jews ended up being held in a former German camp, some reports claim it was a former concentration camp while others claimed it was an embarkation camp, but either way, this was the worst possible result. But the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were spit out by Europe and offered only Israel, unless a relative in the United States or Canada signed an affidavit that they would be financially responsible for their relatives, came to what was then, is now and always will remain a safe home for every Jew. So, where did the majority of these Jews go? Israel is where they went and should Jews find they are residing in a location where they feel threatened, where are they going to go? Again, the one nation willing to take them without too many questions is Israel. The reality is the number of Jews coming into Israel resulting from desperation and fleeing situations where they felt threatened is increasing. There are reports that as many as 35% to 40% of British Jews are ready to emigrate to Israel should the Labor Party win the next elections and Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister. Sweden and France have witnessed the beginnings of an exodus of their Jews and the vast majorities are coming here to Israel. Should the United States turn in a direction in which the Jews are threatened, where does anybody believe they will be heading, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America? They will be heading for Israel and they will be welcomed because Israel is the place of last resort or first choice, depending on one’s level of Zionistic feelings and also rationality as going anywhere else does not solve the problem. Torah says that Israel will one day be where the Jews, meaning all the Jews, will reside. That is the truth no matter by which direction it will occur.


Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias in a Short Graphic History

Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias in a Short Graphic History


Either all Jews will voluntarily or involuntarily return to Israel where their forefathers founded their state after the Exodus or they will become so assimilated that they will have forgotten or were never told they are Jewish. Only, it is claimed, 20% of Jews left Egypt with Moses, and it is said that only 20% returned from the Babylonian exile, none of the Ten Lost Tribes who were conquered by the Assyrians ever returned until modern times, so, this time, we are already doing far better as by now at least 35% to 40% and some like to claim 50% of Jews have already returned to Israel making the modern return the most effective. The four nations with the largest Jewish populations after Israel are the United States (5,700,000), France (465,000), Canada (385,000) and Britain (269,568). Israel has a Jewish population of 6,589,000 according to the same place where we took the lowest estimates. Anti-Semitism is rising everywhere in the world and alongside that, the hatred of Israel is also rising. There is a direct correlation of these two hatreds as one is a reflection of the other and both a growing in identical fertile soil. What will eventually be the main reason that so many Jews will not see the turning point when the nation where they reside turns that corner from which there will be no return is actually very simple. The point in the public sphere from where anti-Semitism will rise is the same one from which it usually appears, from the extremes, both left and right but in Europe and North America it will be the left. The Tzars were far right as Monarchists, the Communists were leftists as international socialists, the Nazis were leftists as national socialists, the Pharos was about as far right as possible, the same applies to Nebuchadnezzar, Haman in Persia was right wing law and order fanatic who desired purification of the society and as there are few Monarchists or leaders claiming to be gods in human form and the largest amounts of anti-Semitism are coming from the liberal parties across the boards in Europe and North America as the leftists are aligning with Islam extremists as the leftists believe they can use Islam as their shock troops when they decide they are taking over because the people just are incapable of electing the right people. Find that impossible to believe, spend some time with no filters active while searching out on Facebook and searching for, “blame Jews,” “Jews did it,” “Jewish control” and “hate” just to sample what is there. Warning, these searches can be done generally on Google but any such search will be frightening, especially if you actually believe that anti-Semitism died with the Nazis. Simple truth, Jews are victimized by hate crimes more than Muslims in the United States.


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July 20, 2018

The True Future of Diaspora Jews

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The Jews residing outside of Israel run a great risk of assimilation and leaving the faith as described in the article “Dear Israelis, America is not Israel.” This is even more likely when they live outside a traditional Jewish neighborhood, defined as, where all the children attend a Yeshiva, the family attends religious functions, the boys attend daily services preferably with the father and the home is kept properly kosher, will likely leave the religion within the next generation or two, three at the outside barring outside intervention. This will get a howl out of many who will claim that they have the magic formula by which to instill the balance of Judaism and secular community involvement. They may keep kosher at home; but not necessarily when eating out, especially at that great Chinese restaurant that all their friends rave about and where they eat with other families on special occasions. Perhaps the non-kosher outing is monthly pizza night. What about their children when attending school, do they necessarily keep kosher or might they sneak a non-kosher snack every now and again? Are their children hanging mostly with other Jewish children or a mixed crowd? When dating starts, are their dates from known families or sometimes are they dating from an unknown family and if so, what guarantees assure the person they are dating is Jewish? The potential for dangerous situations which will grow more and more prevalent as time progresses and once they are away at college it has become far too late to make corrections. The truth is even if your children are presently retaining a Jewish lifestyle while under your roof, will it be strong enough that they will do the same with their children, and then again through to their children? From what we have seen and even personally witnessed, this is not the case.


Youth who were raised with a complete Jewish background, Bar Mitzvah, president of their B’nai B’rith youth chapter, hooked into the Hillel House when attending university, and intermarried and children brought up in both religions which is almost the same as no religion; their children’s children will likely not be Bar Mitzvah and will float even further adrift with the generation after that not even knowing they came from a Jewish background looking back a few generations. We have a Mormon friend whose grandmother in his mother’s side was Jewish. Legally, he could make Aliyah to Israel on his maternal grandmother’s having been Jewish. They are but one example of how quickly a family can drift from Judaism. The reality can be seen ever so clearly just by looking back into Jewish history. The first mass scale assimilation came early on in Egypt. The Jews may or may not have been slaves or an indentured workforce and may have simply been workers whose only available employment was working on the construction projects. This was apparently the case for many Egyptians, so why not the Jews in Egypt. The truth according to most recounting is that a mere 20% of the Jews left Egypt while the majority preferred the security of what they knew over their faith. Then there was the sorry story about the Ten Lost Tribes which went into exile under the Assyrians and were never heard from until the present day. There is no proof these tribes of Jews coming from all corners of the earth are from the Ten Lost Tribes, but it makes for a very romantic tale. Finally, we have the Babylonian Exile. This was brought to an end by the conquest by Persia under Cyrus the Great. He was named Cyrus the Great by the Jews because he permitted their return to their homelands and with instructions to rebuild their Temple, what would in time become the Second Temple. Here the Jews were liberated from a cruel exile and still, once again, 20% returned to Israel, then known as Judea. The rest saw the wealth and glitter of Persia and decided to take their chances with a complete unknown rather than return to their homeland and rebuild their lives. It was easier to simply melt and assimilate into Persian life. Why should this return be any different other than we have already had more than 20% of the Jewish population, perhaps we should say known Jewish population, return to modern Israel. The number is still under 50%, but at least this time it will end up being over 20% and for that, we can be thankful. The sad news is that mostly parents who are not residing in a close knit Jewish neighborhood and whose children are not attending Yeshiva, the likelihood that their grandchildren will be within the Jewish fold is a slim bet. Yes, some will manage to hold on to that slim thread of tekhelet (blue) from their father’s or grandfather’s Tzitzit, but most will lose their grip and wander astray. This will be the sad end of many a Jewish family line.


But this is not the only influence that America has on Israel. Much of Israeli culture is Middle Eastern but with a definite American flavor. Nowhere in Israeli law is there a guarantee of free speech yet that is often part of a judicial ruling. Now if only Israel would write a Constitution and even include much of the Bill of Rights as there are worse examples of governmental theories. Israel is a liberal democratic nation with many of the equalities written into her laws. Many come from Britain while others from America and the Weimar Republic, the German governance before the Nazi hijacked the nation and too many of its people. There is also the fable that the United States has supported Israel from her inception. There is a partial truth to that as President Truman did advise the American Ambassador to the United Nations to vote in favor of the formation of Israel, or at least the UNGA Res 181. What people are less aware about is that Truman then immediately signed an arms embargo which included Israel. During the Eisenhower administration there was still an arms embargo on Israel including for the duration of the 1956 Suez War. Israel was also insisted upon to return all lands and properties to Egypt at the conclusion of that war by President Eisenhower. Truth be told, the start of American aid to Israel came in the 1970’s with the initial trickle in the late 1960’s. The earnest beginnings of the aid to Israel came during the Yom Kippur War where Israel was desperate for a resupply of arms from anywhere willing. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon to wring some concessions from the Israelis before sending any aid. President Nixon ignored him and commanded the Secretary of Defense to send whatever the Israelis required immediately. That did run into a small problem, Europe. Every American base in Europe was immediately closed by their hosting nation to any aircraft resupplying the Israelis. The Europeans saw this as finally the opportunity to have Israel removed from the map and their “mistake” of allowing her formation erased. This threatened the entirety of Operation Nickel Grass as the United States could not fly these provisions directly and air refueling was not a viable option. In the end, despite every European nation refusing American use of their airspace for this operation, Portugal was willing to help allowing the aircraft landing and refueling permission at Lajes Field in the Azores Islands. This was the start of the American-Israeli cooperation and interdependence as Israel provides the United States with a good amount of intelligence which they otherwise might not have and cooperation on some operational missions providing deniability for both nations. Still, the United States is dearly loved by the average Israeli. Even during the Obama administration there was the feeling that Israel would not be sacrificed, as the American people would never stand for such. This was the general belief and it has definitely carried over to the Trump administration whose moving the embassy to Jerusalem sent waves of joy and appreciation of the promise fulfilled through the tiny nation.


There are things which can reinforce one’s connection to the Jewish faith, though such is not the desired means of having one return to the faith. There are many in Europe who are finding that they are very Jewish, at least as far as those who find hatred of a Jew as part of their callings. When Synagogues in your town or the city just down the highway is being firebombed and Jews who wear an identifying piece of jewelry or clothing are being attacked regularly as happens in certain places and cities in Europe, then one remembers their attachment to Judaism, as they have no choice. It is known that anti-Semites will check birth certificates and trace people’s heritage back even two or three generations and if anyone in your family was Jewish, to the anti-Semite you are Jewish and are a target. Some places in Europe rabbis are advising their congregants not to wear a kippah in public and to remove them when they leave prayers for safety’s sake. When the people around you in the public start to treat you differently because, as they would state it, you have Jewish blood, then you realize that for many once your family was Jewish always your family is Jewish, and this includes you. Even those who intermarried are not free of such hatred but their non-Jewish spouse will be considered contaminated by marrying you. This anti-Semitism is returning to Europe in all of its ugliest phenomena. This disease is growing and it is infecting the youth in Europe, especially the Muslims but it is far from limited to just Muslims. There are still the old right wing anti-Semites, some neo-Nazis and others just neo-fascists. The problem is that there is another form of anti-Semitism rising in Europe which many have tried to ignore or even claim cannot exist, but the reality is there. Anti-Semitism is becoming adopted by the far-leftists and even some presumably liberals. These groups include pro-Communists and socialists as well as the militant left. In too many places the name Jew and Israel are used interchangeably and with equal animosity. Jews will soon come to a choice in Europe, either go underground and hide their having Jewish roots until they are found out or get out of Europe. If leaving Europe is your choice, a small piece of advice, choose Israel for reasons we are about to make evident.


The United States also is facing increasing anti-Semitism. Most of it is in the form of anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism, but in the end, it will be played out as anti-Semitism. Even in New York where Joe Crowley in the 14th congressional district just lost the primary to challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an outspoken BDS supporter who is strongly pro-Palestinian and believes Israel is illegal. Our bet is she probably does not like Jews period. Ocasio-Cortez spoke out strongly against the Israeli army’s actions on the Gaza border on May 14, tweeting, “This is a massacre. I hope my peers have the moral courage to call it such. No state or entity is absolved of mass shootings of protesters. There is no justification. Palestinian people deserve basic human dignity, as anyone else. Democrats can’t be silent about this anymore.” When asked about the Tweet, Ocasio-Cortez replied, “I think I was primarily compelled on moral grounds because I could only imagine if 60 people were shot and killed in Ferguson. Or if 60 people were shot and killed in the West Virginia teachers’ strikes. The idea that we are not supposed to talk about people dying when they are engaging in political expression just really moved me.” She also claimed to support Bernie Sanders who is also outspokenly anti-Israel, and yes, he is supposedly Jewish.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeting as an Outspoken BDS Supporter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeting as an Outspoken BDS Supporter


The waves of anti-Israel protests on major American college and university campuses as well as intimidation of Jewish students with mostly verbal abuse but some numbers have been spat upon and more recently attacks have taken place. Those inciting such actions against Jewish students will also be amongst the leaders in the future after these students graduate and take their place in the society. These positions are taking on a following strongly along the lines of the activist left. Apparently, if one is a Zionist, you cannot be an honest feminist, honest. Some say that supporting Israel bars one from all pro-rights and leftist protests and movements. The writing is on the wall even in some high schools where anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head. These types of things grow slowly and almost unperceived and eventually hit a tipping point, and then people turn around and start asking things like how did this happen and where did it come from. It came from not paying enough attention to what was growing in the shadows simply waiting for the best time to jump out and take center stage. The United States is approaching just such a tipping point when it comes to Jew hatred. This hatred has been festering in the background since the early 1980’s, and had never completely disappeared. Now it is growing with the aid of Islamist groups who are painting hate for Israel as protecting human rights and using that as the introduction to all Jews equal Israel. Even Courtney Love has referred to Linda Sarsour as an “anti-Semitic terrorist” stating in a Tweet, “I won’t follow anything that’s being led by an anti-Semitic terrorist that’s using feminism as a tool to promote her radicalism.” This is going to heat up and catch many Jews, especially those who have wandered from the religion and are completely unaware of what is coming their way.


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June 17, 2018

Netanyahu Success in Revealing Establishment Europe


Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu returned from his European trip with a few nice souvenirs from the gift shop, a hefty trip ticket, receipts, a few renewed memories and little else. His intended trip to Gay Paris, Merry olde London town and unified Berlin was to attempt to pry these leaders into joining United States President Trump by pulling their support from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This was going to be a tough sell as these nations are enriching their otherwise sagging economic outlook with what they believe will be substantial economic trade with Iran. Tiny little Israel, despite the fact of her economy being far greater than her size, does not have the purchasing power presently coming from Iran. The problem is that some of these trade items come under dual use equipment as they are utilized in the nuclear industry as well as in medical and other industries. Special blends of steel and aluminum, magnets and capacitors, strobes and filaments, microprocessors and integrated electronics can be used in various industries such as medical lasers, X-ray machines, MRIs and all forms of special equipment used across numerous industries as well as used in the nuclear industry for everything from reactors for power to nuclear warheads for power projection. This is what makes many forms of trade with Iran so potentially precarious.


The promise of good relations and a new market was the sole concern for the three M’s, Merkel, Macron and May. The rulers of France, Germany and Britain gave Netanyahu a warm and fuzzy cold shoulder. They refused to advise any changes to the JCPOA and definitely refused to withdraw from the agreement. Their claim was that their nations had given their word in good faith and to break their word was unthinkable. Really? Telling Israel that France, Germany and Britain were seriously concerned about their word being their bond was brazen audacity. We would try to count the times and ways that these three nations have reneged on promises to Israel and to the Jewish People but doubt such is really necessary. But Prime Minister Netanyahu should have known this before leaving which leaves one wondering why he even bothered to try other than to placate the left and be able to at least claim he gave it an effort. The trip may have been to inoculate himself from just another pointless politically motivated attack for pushing Europe away when, according to the critics, the European acceptance is necessary if Israel expects to have a future. Well, that is a nice concept providing you are backwards looking. The truth is that the future for Israel economically, politically, and societally is not looking to Europe and the past but to the future and upcoming nations such as India, China and the working democratic, free-enterprise nations in Africa and South America. But when there are those seeking to attack you, they will blame Netanyahu for the rejection by France, Germany and Britain but had he not approached them he would have been criticized for not going. It is the old you can fail by trying or fail by not trying, either way your failure will be attacked.


Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World

Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World


The reality is that politically France, Germany and Britain wish Israel, and by Israel the Jewish People, would simply be overrun and removed from their consciences. They blame the Jews for surviving the persecution heaped upon them by Christians and the Greeks and Romans before Nazi Germany almost succeeded in Europe. These leaders will make nice statements and even provide security after each attack, but they believe that their future is to adapt and make their Islamic immigrants become good Europeans. The more likely result will be the Europeans with become nice Dhimmis in an Islamic centric society likely within the first half of this century or by the end at the longest. Imagine Britain under Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, France under Union for a Popular Movement leader Jean-François Copé or Germany under Alliance 90/The Greens Party leader Annalena Baerbock, all heavily pro-immigrant parties and candidates who see the future of Europe as reaching a working alliance with a large percentage of Muslim immigrants welcomed into the nation to replace the numbers of youth not being birthed by native Europeans. Germany (below 1.5 children per woman), France (hovering around 2.0 children per woman) and Britain (approximately 1.9 children per woman) all have reproductive rates below the 2.2 children per woman required to simply have replacement rate. This has been the plaguing problem, with the only reason that these rates are increasing is due to the high birth rates by incoming immigrants, thus since the early 1970’s Europe has been looking at a disappearing native population. This changing demographic has brought on a backlash of anti-immigrant political demographic which has been latched onto by the far right parties. The futures of the nations of Western Europe are being wagered on building their new nation largely upon immigrant populations. This will take them politically further and further from Israel politically and in policy. Israel need accept this reality and come to the realization that though Europe provides markets in the here and now, the future will not be in Europe, at least not in Western Europe. Israel would be better served to work with the former Warsaw Pact nations, assisting them in modernization and build relations with that sphere.


Israel has much to offer any nation in developments and new discoveries. These will produce trade relations with every nation willing to trade. As for political alliances, Israel should not be the beggar but rather offer free trade with those nations which whom we can have strong political relations and a shared political outlook. Israel should build relations with nations who are willing to be cooperative and not constantly joining those in the United Nations General Assembly and other institutions of the United Nations condemning Israel in a near constant basis. Israel should announce that her trade barriers would be lowered for those who support Israel and would be raised on those who choose not to defend Israel from undue slanders and denunciations within world bodies. Israel need stop going from nation to nation with their hands out begging for favors. Israel need simply take care of Israel and deal with favor with those who decide they wish to join Israel into the future. Those who desire or act to the detriment of Israel, well, who needs those who show Israel no favor. Every nation has the right to deal with those who befriend them and to avoid interactions with those who do not. Israel, as most nations will do, should trade with those willing to trade unless a nation is amongst those who denounce Israel at every turn. Israel need go forward by building alliances with nations willing to stand with Israel and move slowly but surely away from any which repeatedly join in denouncing Israel. Israel should not expect any nation to bend or act against their economic future to please Israel but on the other hand, Israel need not assist those nations who choose to work with those who threaten Israel as nations we cannot count amongst our allies. Israel should work with allies made and leave the others as neutral unless they prove otherwise, and then they should be shunned.


Israel cannot expect anybody to respect Israel more than Israel does herself. This is another lesson which the political class need learn and learn fast. If Israel acts as if she is unsure of what is rightfully hers, then how can Israel expect others to be more assured of such than is she? That is illogical at the start. The initial step in this strengthening of Israel and her stand within the community of nations is to act with assured firmness. Step one is to annex all of Area C from the Oslo Accords in which Area C was left under total Israeli control. The existing Palestinian Arabs who are residing within Area C are doing so illegally under the Oslo Accords. They should be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement signifying that they hold no support for terrorism and no ill will towards Israel and accept residing under Israeli Law. In exchange, they will be permitted to remain as legal alien residents. Those who refuse should be offered reasonable remuneration for their property and allowed to move into Area A or Area B. Once the screaming has dimmed to a dull roar, Israel should invite Mahmoud Abbas to sit down a make peace or lose Area B. We expect that he would balk and instead run immediately to the European Union and United Nations and get as many denunciations of Israel for seeking such a meeting under dire threat. Following such a response by political attack and attempted political ostracization, Israel should simply annex Area B and offer the Palestinian Arabs residing there the same option as those from Area C. Finally, the same procedure should be exercised with Area A, the world should expect the same result, and in the end, we could send Mahmoud Abbas to live in Paris with as many of the leadership as possible with the rest being allowed to leave for whichever Muslim nations will have them. Once Israel has established her eastern border as the firmly and originally promised Jordan River, she can move forward acting as if the world has finally come to grips with its original promises. Yes, there will be a period of adjustment and France, Germany and Britain will be generally put out, but sometimes nations need to do what they need to do. Israel does not exist to make the French, German or British people and governments happy, she exists to be the Jewish State and take whatever steps are necessary for her own future and survival. The façade of a peace process has gone on long enough and it is time to settle things and bring it all to an end. The proper end would be and should be that Israel is entitled to every inch of the lands promised her by the Mandate, by the League of Nations, by the Allied Powers of World War I (it is a very old promise) and by the United Nations who promised as much in Article 80 of their Charter. That is the reality and there really should be little if any argument about this. The Europeans and their World War I allies are aware of the promises, as is the Arab League and every Arab and Muslim nation. It is inscribed indelibly in the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres, the Mandate Agreements and numerous other places, thus ignorance really has to be willingly adopted. The time has long passed for the grievance mongers to be rejected and sent upon their way into the dustbin of history and Israel to take her place as a nation without question. Those who wish to recognize her may and those with problems may have their problems, these problematic countries should not act as an excuse to deny Israel her rightful boundaries. There were promises, an Arab state was already carved from 78% of the British Mandate, and there is no agreement that a second Arab state followed by a third and a fourth until all the Jews reside in a single building in Tel Aviv is required. The time has come to end the ruse and reveal it for what it is, the dream of politicians around the world to step-by-step disassemble the Jewish State and bring the life of the Jewish People to an end where they become a scattered few who live at the kindness of others. Never Again! That phrase should become the negotiating slogan as Israel takes that which is hers and makes it final. Never Again means that we will take the interlopers injecting their politics to Israeli detriment no longer. That time has arrived and it will not take much longer before Israeli politics catch up and this becomes a reality. Prepare for this and prepare your politics for this as the end of the ruse is coming.


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