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August 18, 2019

Threat Striking Israel from All Sides and Beyond


Israel, and her people, are hoping to get through the rest of the summer and the fall without the necessity of a war on any front. Recent threats from Hezballah in the north in Lebanon and from Hamas in the south in Gaza are making that possibility looking less likely. With Israel also apparently frozen politically without an actual government, a war is the last thing Israelis need. They will be heading back to the polls again this September and the polls predict the same outcome with no party able to form a coalition. With our internal problems, the last thing we need is an external problem, but that is not within our control. So, what exactly do these threats contain?


Hezballah has made statements recently that Israel is preparing to start a war with Lebanon over Hezballah. This is the claim they have made before launching rockets or firing grenades at passing Israeli patrols along the border as well as kidnapping soldiers who are then more often than not executed. Still, Hezballah offers to return the soldiers captured if Israel surrenders her northern lands or releases every terrorist in our country club version of a prison or any of a number of impossibilities knowing that eventually Israel will come to take their soldiers back. The last time they kidnapped soldiers from a patrol vehicle, they killed several others and claimed to have two alive Israeli IDF soldiers. That, in the end, proved to be a lie and the only question was were they ever alive in Hezballah custody, and if they were, exactly when and how did they die. Those were questions for which we never got an answer, just more threats. Further, Hezballah is directly controlled by Iran. This explains why there are Hezballah troops fighting in Syria as well as Yemen and operating a series of terrorist training camps within the Tri-border region of South America. Hezballah has become a terrorist army and will likely expand their operations as required by the Iranian Supreme Leader. In addition, should Iran face any problems concerning their nuclear ambitions, terrorist activities or be facing a confrontation with United States military forces, or have severe troubles with President Trump; the one item they have promised is at the top of their list is having Hezballah attack Israel to draw the media attention away from Iran. This would present the mainstream media with a dilemma, do they report that President Trump is pressing Iran into an unnecessary war or do they blast Israel for responding and defending herself from Hezballah.


Then there is Hamas. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated in a meet with Gazan residents, “I call on Benny Gantz to remember how the IDF failed in its conflict with residents of eastern Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, when he was Chief of Staff. During the next conflict with Israel, we will rain hundreds of rockets in a single barrage.” Sinwar was reacting to comments made by Gantz, coleader of the Blue-White Party who had promised, “If necessary, we’ll frustrate its leaders and crush the region. We’ll act on the ground as much as we want.” The problem is that Hamas is also under the influence of Iran though Hamas also will act on their own volition. Proof of that was made evident with Hamas or Islamic Jihad having fired a rocket from Gaza Friday evening. Initial reports place the launch on Hamas. The rocket was heading for Sderot where it was intercepted by an Iron Dome battery. Another instance of an under two-hundred-dollar Hamas rocket being destroyed with a fifty-thousand-dollar interceptor. Such need for protecting Israelis is worth every penny, but this is also an economic battle Israel cannot win. Eventually Israel will be required to remove all the threats from her borders as no nation on the planet lives with such threats coming from both their northern and southern border.


Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar

Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar


There is also an internal problem which has been identified as Israel has lost her shining image of unsurpassed military might and abilities and thus no longer is feared by the surrounding terrorist forces. This was made evident for over a year with the regular rioting along the Gaza border and the launching of incendiary devices carried into Israel on kites and balloons riding the winds. These devices burned down hundreds of acres of farms, nature reserves, forests and towns across southern Israel. The Israelis residing in the Gaza border region cannot be expected to continue to live with such threats. Children from this region show signs of mental problems caused by anxiety, fear and the realization of actual threats making their word unsafe. Children should not be required to check that there are shelters at both ends of their soccer field before starting their game. Every activity a child performs is done with knowledge of the closest shelter and responds to the Code Red alarms by running to the closest shelter knowing they have under fifteen seconds to reach safety. Would any nation be forced by the world to have their children be raised in such an atmosphere of threats, deaths and perils? The obvious answer is of course not. But the world and media reporting on any confrontation between Israel and her terrorist neighbors as being unfair simply because Israelis are kept safe while Hamas endangers their people. The difference comes from the prioritization of the two area’s governing bodies.


Gaza is ruled by a terror regime whose main goal is to destroy Israel by whatever means are available, even, sometimes directly, at the expense and safety of the Gazan people. Hamas runs a dictatorial governance with their leaders chosen from the ranks of the terror organization. They claim to have a separation between their terrorist (military) and their civil government yet their recent appointment of Yahya Sinwar took their terrorist leader and made him the political leader. This is not separation between the two as his appointment was a marriage of the two supposed wings as they placed their government in the hands of their former terror chief. Of course, those nations who provide Gaza with aid will continue to claim they are simply assisting the political wing of Hamas and not the terror wing. Even after building material has been provided by the European Union at least three times and nothing was rebuilt yet somehow all the material disappeared only to be found in the form of infiltration tunnels into Israel. But this will not prevent the European Union or some combination of European government providing building materials because Gaza has still not been rebuilt. They will never stop and wonder why Gaza has not been rebuilt because they are giving these provisions to a good source which is killing Jews, or at least try really hard to do so.


There is a claim that Israel has lost her ability to place fear and trepidation into her enemies. Some call it lacking the quality of intimidation. We prefer to call it poor decision making at the highest levels and a large portion of the General Staff not on the same page as the majority of Israelis. If everyone who has said that the next time Hamas starts firing rockets into Israel in quantities on a daily basis, the IDF need be sent in with orders to wipe the place clean. Some phrase it differently and claim that we need to treat Gaza as we did in Biblical times. We are not sure they fully understand that the Biblical army would kill every person, man woman and child, and wipe out their herds of sheep, cattle, goats, horses as well as their poultry and all other holdings only allowing their fruit trees and fields to survive. We do not dare even consider such and neither should the government. We prefer giving every Gazan a choice between one of three options, also derived sort of from Biblical times. They can choose to live under our rule following the Noahic Code and honoring our laws, they can leave and start again elsewhere and we will not chase them down (as was the custom when you defeated an army you chased down and killed the survivors making retreating to reconsolidate impossible), or they can decide to make war at which time the fist mentioned Biblical threat became an option. We know that the leaders of Hamas would have to be exiled if not held and tried in court, but if they will leave never to darken our doorstep again, that should be sufficient. They should be made to understand that should they return that they would be targeted for assassination and if members of their family would also come to harm, it was their fault for returning. What would be in such a deal of the Gazan people? They would have clean water, electricity, sewage treatment and so many other improvements and economically there would be no comparison. Gaza would become productive allowing for the rule of law to protect along with an actual economy. They would be able to elect their local governments and have semiautonomous self-rule while remaining under Israeli rule. There would be one item which might be considered unfair, but it is the one means of preventing further terrorism. Any person caught in an act of terrorism, planning terrorism, providing the implements for terrorism, their entire family would be expelled from Israel and banned from returning. The damage to the family is the one means of addressing terrorism before it happens. The Palestinian Authority pays their terrorists and their families making it economically incentivized. This is the opposite form of payback meant to prevent anyone even considering terrorist activities.


Hezballah posses a different problem as they also have become much of the government for Lebanon. If Hezballah were to demand the support of the Lebanese Army, Navy and Air Forces, these would probably be assigned Hezballah commanders, if such has not already occurred. This would provide them with a plethora of American and Russian equipment, air-power, helicopters, main battle tanks and various armaments they currently lack. For this reason, any war which involves Hezballah must be treated as a war with all of Lebanon and their military equipment should be targeted and as soon as it appears that Hezballah would be using these weapons, they must all be destroyed as quickly as Israel is able. Further, Israel need warn the IRGC and other Iranian units in Syria that their aiding Hezballah would prove very unhealthy. Whether or not Iran should be struck should it be found that they ordered Hezballah to wage war on Israel is such a tricky question that we will leave it up to the people paid to make such decisions. What has never made sense is why democracies, no matter the level of the threats they face, must wait until they have suffered an initial attack before acting. This and proportionality are the two most idiotic concepts applied to military actions, though they appear to be left more for Israel than anyone else. There is one other concept since World War II which actually is counterproductive simply because it is so wrongheaded. There is this concept amongst the developed nations, which just happen to be the same nations who fought in World War II directly, is that the world has realized what a waste warfare is and we live in a time of peaceful coexistence. We can tell you that this message was lost on the nations of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Just look around this region and see the conflicts which reach into every corner. Add to that the idea that one nation has been chosen to rule the entire world and the world is there for their taking. That nation is Iran and the Mullahs do intend to conquer the world little chunk by little chunk. They already took Iraq, almost have Yemen, have what is left of Syria, they own Lebanon and they are threatening Israel and Saudi Arabia along with the Gulf States and Kuwait. Iran also wants to take down the United States as they figure once the United States has been neutralized, think large EMP device over St Louis, then the world would be open for the taking. We unfortunately do not live in an era of peace, not yet.


That time could be near and it is all up to the developed world to take a risk and allow the most advanced forms of energy to be used across the globe and the wealth which would follow would unseat virtually every dictator and rid the world of uncountable problems. But that might harm the oil, coal, nuclear companies and put the eco-warriors out of business as energy would be virtually pollution free and so inexpensive that energy bills would become almost a thing of the past. This and modern farming methods, and it does not have to include hybrid seeds, but proper plowing, drip irrigation, water drainage, ecological means of pest control and other such technologies would allow the world to feed itself three times over without adding pollutants to the oceans. But the people who actually run our planet and wish to continue holding everyone in their concept of serfdom paying them for every drop of oil, every chunk of coal, every ounce of uranium and any other form of energy generation and thus refuse to allow any progress which would harm their industries. In time this will change as it always has and the Luddites will slowly fall back into obscurity.


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July 8, 2019

Is a War Coming in Israel?

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I have people asking me this question almost everywhere I go and in every group with which I associate. Apparently, I am considered a bit of an authoritative source even to those around me, quite complimentary. The simple and easiest answer is to simply say, “Yes.” Then they ask, How soon? That is where I get to say that I have no idea, but eventually something will go wrong. Then we get into the nitty-gritty and so will we as this article attempts to give a better answer that is more accurate and backed by facts and reality as seen from here in Israel. Such a discussion inevitably ends up being based heavily upon Iran and secondarily Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Hamas is the easier part of the equation, and that even includes their partners in Gaza, Islamic Jihad. These two terror outfits play a version of good cop-bad cop, which we like to call bad cop-worse cop. The game goes something like this on a quiet day. First, a quick definition of a quiet day which consists of any day with one or less rockets and under a dozen new fires in the south. The world media also have a definition of a day where nothing happened in Israel. Their definition is very simple, if Israel did not respond with any ground engagement or aerial strike which can be described as way over the top and thus disproportional to whatever the provocation may have been committed against Israel. So, under the rules of the world media, there has probably been virtually no mention of anything untoward going on in Israel. According to their reporting, there has not been a single terrorist strike including the incendiary kites and balloons. According to their no rockets means that neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad have launched any form of attacks on Israel. There were twenty new fires started on Friday and less that twelve hours after the new agreement for quiet along the border went into effect. Hamas claims that they are unable to prevent the rioters along the border as it has simply grown beyond their ability to prevent at least on some level. Hamas points their fingers at Islamic Jihad which is already pointing back at Hamas. This leads the world media to conclude that neither terror group attacked and all the rioting is simply grassroots demonstrations where there are no incentives such as the three-hundred dollars paid to anyone rioting and launching attacks upon Israel, at least according to the world media. This can lead to the world media referring to any Israel response to the rioting along the border as an unprovoked attack as there has been no recognized attack upon Israel, there has simply been some small amount of mischief and nothing for the Israelis to get upset over. Sorry, but we find anything over a dozen new wildfires set by these incendiary balloons, kites and now drones dropping these packages even further into Israel and potentially targeted using GPS coordinates or using a camera mounted on the drone and driving it to its target location. But the world media will simply say that it is but a matter of time before Israel devises a means of intercepting the balloons, kites, and of course the drones. Of the three, the drones are the easiest to knock out of the air as the electronics inside are vulnerable to a directed EMP pulse while kites and balloons are a separate matter and a bit of a challenge.


When Israel hits Hamas with any accusation that they are breaking any agreement for quiet, they claim that the rockets fired were done by Islamic Jihad and they have been told to stand down and if they refuse, what can Hamas do to end their launching rockets if Islamic Jihad so desires. You know, free choice terrorist style. Sooner or later Hamas owned rocket launchers get itchy fingers and they begin to join in on the launching of rockets. At some point, the world has to recognize the Israeli right to protect her lands and peoples from these attacks. Even when the one fatality about a month ago was a Palestinian Arab staying illegally in a house in southern Israel and this was almost the only struck that day. Still, Israel suffers other forms of trauma from such attacks. The world has been led to believe that the Israeli Iron Dome systems prevents rockets from reaching their destination within populated areas, which is mostly a valid statement as it has intercepted successfully over 85% of rockets fired. That still leaves that other 15% which get through and strike within the heavily populated areas within Israel. Additionally, even when the rocket is intercepted and prevented from reaching the target and now prevented from detonating its war head, there is still a matter of large and substantive remains of the rocket and interceptor which will strike the ground with all the force gravity is able to impart to them. There are also people suffering from shock who require treatment and in rare instances shock victims can reach a point where their shock spurs a heart attack or convulsions along with other reactions to the explosions. Even when intercepted, the rocket and interceptor will cause an explosion of lesser levels than the rocket would make if it struck, but still loud enough to add to the fright. Until you have been under such attacks, one really cannot appreciate the level of adrenaline and other physical changes your body goes through reacting to a situation where your life is in real jeopardy and there is nothing you can do but pray. You reach a point where your helplessness overwhelms your ability to remain calm and from there it is but a short time before one succumbs to their panic. There have been times where the rockets continued one every hour to hour and a half for days. There have been multiple launches placing anywhere from fifty to two-hundred rockets into the air in a short few minutes to a quarter of an hour and occasionally more where it literally rains rockets. Add in the fear that your child might forget the warnings you instructed that morning and on their way home from school find one of the rigged balloons and becomes the next victim to Hamas terrorism. The border rioters were provided a new way for attacking the Zionist entity and its Jews by attaching explosive devices and poisoned sweets in a colorful bag to their balloons hoping that some innocent child picks up the package and it detonates or they eat the poisoned candies, worse still, share the newly found candy. When your child is a mere five minutes late coming home from school or play become the longest five minutes in their parents’ lives fearing the worst. This is normalcy for over a million Israelis and every so often a politicians, including Bibi, make the mistake of speaking the reality of this situation, that as long as they do not attack Tel Aviv and the surrounding region, then Israel can restrain militarily and it has been this lack of reaction which has driven the silence of the terror attacks daily thrown at Israel.


When might a war begin with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza? Providing Hamas is able to curtail attacks when Israel has reached a point where actions are being considered, then an open conflict is unlikely. Sooner or later, Israel will be forced to attack Gaza in response to the nearly constant attacks simply to bring the slowly escalating terror attacks to an end. The problem is that as long as any Israeli response only addresses the stocks of rockets and explosive or poisoned packets thus preventing bringing about temporary quiet. Bibi Netanyahu might order a heavy air attack response to the border terror and especially if these daily attacks start including rocket firing as well or simply as a sign of strength and caring about the border regions and the terrorism inflicted upon them shortly before the mid-September elections. This leads to there having been such increasing levels of violence which no national leader would permit against their own people without some form of retribution with the aim of ending these attacks. What one need remember when taking in news reports about events in Israel is that almost every one of these reports will open going into painful, possibly excruciatingly so, detail of every move taken by Israel with great emphasis on attacks using aircraft. Only deep into the report will the actions by Hamas and Islamic Jihad be mentioned and if one is very lucky, the report will actually finally speak of the fact that the Israeli attack was in response to the terrorist attacks upon Israel. Another one of the medias’ methods for placing Israel in the worst light possible, the media reporting will list numbers of casualties on both sides using Islamic Jihad and Hamas numbers for civilians injured and killed as a result of the war. What is left out is that the terrorists use methods and tactics which drastically increase the number of innocent civilians within Gaza placed in direct jeopardy hoping to get as many civilians listed as casualties while Israel has invested in bomb shelters and building stronger buildings able to withstand rockets and minimize the threat they will cause those within. The Gazan terrorists also will take one of their own terror troops who was killed in the fighting and take his weapons and ammunition off their fellow terrorist’s body and, presto, you now have an instant murdered civilian. It often takes weeks, though Israel has increased their efficiency. For Israeli sources to pour over the data from the Palestinian health authorities and check the names on the death certificates screening them for known terrorists and rectifying their erroneous intentional use to inflate the number of civilian deaths when they were actually a combatant. The way the two sides fight and treat their civilians is the reason for the lopsided toll on civilians. When sirens sound in Israel, the people simply head for the nearest shelter for protection while in Gaza, when there is going to be fighting the terror units place civilians to the fore to maximize their deaths, the terror government provides no shelters and does not require new building to have built in shelters on every floor, if not every single unit and finally the terrorists instruct the medical personnel to count every death as the death of an innocent and seldom as what it actually is, the death of a terrorist.


The media simply regurgitates every lie they are fed by the terrorist leadership placing Israel in the worst possible light and then editorialize about how Israel is a mass slaughterer of innocents ignoring all facts such as the true count which takes about a week or so after the end of fighting to fully vet the facts from the lies. But there is little chance for a ground assault into Gaza at this time but can never be completely ruled out as Hamas and Islamic Jihad could begin tomorrow morning firing fifty rockets or mortars per hour and double the rate every few days and soon Israel has to do whatever is required to bring the terror barrages to a strict and complete end, and that is a ground offensive in order to protect lives. Yes, a ground offensive saves lives of Gazans while placing the soldiers of the IDF facing far greater hazards to their lives. There exists a far easier means of ending the violence in Gaza by bombing every suspected location where rockets, warheads, explosives and other tools of the terror trade are stored. Such bombing raids would be required to bomb most of the school buildings, numerous Mosques, health clinics, homes, apartments, and the areas used for weapons manufacture. The reality is that in order to rid Gaza of the weapons, explosives, rockets and other terror tools would require a virtually every building within the regions where the poor and less well-off reside and where most of the damaged and destroyed apartment buildings are found which their government, the terrorist leaders, have decided not to rebuild after each conflict such that they can point to the previous damage claiming it is brand new damage from the most recent conflict. In some way that is true as it has been a continuous battle to contain the terrorism keeping it from spreading its caustic hold which attempts to destroy all it touches. An example of the slanted reporting is shown as when Israel cleared a small section of land along the southern Gaza border pre-2005, the media made a great debacle out of the whole affair yet when Egypt cleared five to ten times the area (see image below) the media completely ignored their actions.


Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS)

Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014
(photo credit: REUTERS)


The surreal threat comes from Hezballah in Lebanon and their stockpile of tens upon tens of thousands of rockets and with more still being manufactured as well as missiles provided by Iran. A coordinated upgrading of the larger of the Hezballah rockets has been instigated by Iran who is providing Hezballah with guidance packages which can be fit into their warheads or their rockets transforming them into targetable missiles. This makes each rocket turned missile worth ten or more plain rockets as it would take that many rockets to make certain you struck your intended target. Hezballah is closer to the definition of a military as they have received generous training and arming by Iran through the IRGC. As Iran has forces in Syria in addition to the IRGC forces which have been fighting in Syria in support of Bashir al-Assad using both to provide arms and provisions for Hezballah which is also assisting the fight in Syria as well as supporting the Houthis in Yemen who are also armed and trained by Iran. Iran would arm Hamas and Islamic Jihad to a level comparable to Hezballah if it were not for the fact that Israel prevents such from the sea while Israel and Egypt assist one another in preventing such over land provisions for the terrorists in Gaza. Egypt has been angered by attacks in the Sinai Peninsula which have been aided and supported by Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Egyptian forces and personnel. As far as when the coming war with Hezballah, this war will apparently not be initiated by Israel without a provocation traceable to Hezballah, and even then, any Israeli response would be measured. Israelis really wish to live in peace without threats hanging over our heads or over our borders. Currently, there exists Iranian interlocuters at both the northern and southern borders and Iran has been making overtures to Mahmoud Abbas as well as some of the other leadership including some of his rivals. Iran looks at the regions controlled by the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist entity of the PLO and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, such that Iran will have Israel almost surrounded. Any war in the north will be the result of attacks from within Lebanon and not starting from within Israel. In many ways this could prove to be a disaster. Israel is fully aware of the locations for all of the Hezballah rocket and missile storage sites, their weapons depots, most of the bunkers and their interconnecting tunnel system. Israel knows where each rocket launcher exists including the one under the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.


The presumed intimidation Iran believes their ability to command the terror forces against Israel is producing is, in all reality, simply nonexistent. One would think that Israelis were walking around shaking in their boots fearing that their next step could easily be their last. Such an assessment is ludicrous as Israel remains just outside the top ten happiest nations coming in at a respectable eleventh, well ahead to the United States which is ranked seventeenth. Iran also has designs on Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the gulf states. This is the reason that Iran is allied with the Houthis in Yemen, so as to attain a southern front against Saudi Arabia and control of a maritime choke-point the Bab-el-Mandeb at the southernmost end of the Red Sea and a point that should Iran close down this waterway they would basically be closing off the Suez Canal isolating Europe from Asia. Such a blockade would be against maritime codes and make Iran a pariah amongst the nations. Iran could go do far more by closing the Strait of Hormuz allowing only their own oil to be passed through and to the rest of the world. As far as Israel is concerned, Iran poses a far greater threat than any other nation. This is amplified by their ongoing threats to destroy the Jewish State in the first half of this century. As they hold ultimate control over the actions of Hezballah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and IRGC units in Syria and potentially out of the Sinai Peninsula where they may have organized other terror groups who use that region for supply and training. This would leave Israel with only their border with Jordan being free from attack. Iran might even go as far as using the IRGC to remove Mahmoud Abbas and their taking control of the regions in Judea and Samaria under Palestinian Authority control. That would all but encircle Israel. The only thing which could make this worse would be for an Iranian naval task force to also attack from the Mediterranean Sea forcing a naval battle with the Israeli naval units which protect that region.


Iran is currently conducting wars in Syria backing Bashir al-Assad, Iraq where they have decimated the Sunni population and are also driving the Kurds out squeezing them between the Iraqi and Iranian forces and Turkey sweeping in across northern Syria, Yemen where they are supporting the revolution against the elected government using the Houthis and IRGC forces, in Lebanon through Hezballah Iran can take control there at their leisure, and surrounding Israel and Saudi Arabia while threatening Jordan; yet, they have the nerve to claim Israel is attempting to conquer the region. Iran is the threatening hegemonic power in the region but they know they can always distract the United Nations, European nations, European Union, the various human rights NGOs and numerous other political entities by screaming that Israel is doing ethnic cleansing or conducting genocide or is an Apartheid regime or any of any number of tropes used against the Jewish State here in the not so civilized era and divert all attention from themselves. The current exception to this rule is President Trump. This does not mean that the Republicans are all that enthused with Israel or that the Democrats have much nice to say or think about Israel, but it does point out that the vast majority of Americans still support Israel. The problem in the United States is that the Democrat Party has adopted a new outlook for the future which does not include Israel or even necessarily the Jews. Still, the vast majority of Jews support the Democrat Party through thick and thin, and it is getting thinner every day but the leftist Jews simply refuse to see. Iran will start the next large conflagration and it will start in the waters around Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Where their initial target will be the United States naval fleets, they will attack Israel if by no other means than using Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezballah and whomever else they can find including the IRGC in Syria and elsewhere. Once Israel has neutralized Hezballah in Lebanon and retaken the Gaza forcing Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Sinai where Egypt will deal with them at the first sign of trouble, then as far as Israel is directly concerned, this conflict will have ended. Certainly, Iran could launch ballistic missiles at Israel potentially even having nuclear warheads. The Israeli layered anti-missile defense augmented by the American units manning the THADD systems should prove to be an effective blocking force against any Iranian ballistic missiles. The main hope is once Iran has forced a war in the Middle East upon the world that the United States and her allies will make a very quick and resolute end to the problems caused by Iran and then turn the country over to the people and allow them to elect new leadership within three or four months and then the United States should simply leave a small detachment behind and otherwise go home. Removing the current Iranian leadership would allow the entirety of the Middle East to at least catch its breathe before any new problems arise.


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June 11, 2019

So, You Thought Hezballah was Merely an Israeli Problem?


You read the news and almost every time, if not every time for most, when the Hezballah is reported, it is virtually always to do with Israel or some other conflict in the Middle East. Hezballah is mentioned in threats to fire missiles striking in Israel, tunneling beneath the Lebanon border into Israel with intent of infiltration raids on Israeli civilians, fighting alongside Bashir al-Assad Syrian forces aided by Iran and the IRGC in Syria, aiding with training as well as fighting allied with the Houthi rebel forces in Yemen and in that rare occasional report which mentions the tri-border region in South America where Hezballah has a series of training areas where Argentina shares borders with Brazil plus Paraguay. The areas you almost never hear references to Hezballah is in Europe, Asia, North America and southern Africa. Perhaps this is due to such events being swept neatly under the legal carpet presumably for the common good of the society. After all, no political figure wants to hear the news reporting of any Hezballah plots to carry out an attack using three or so metric tons of an explosive, say, ammonium nitrate, anywhere near their district, city, county, state or country, all depending on the political level which would be so threatened. Perhaps the political pressures could affect the way in which any such threat would be detected, investigated, possibly prosecuted or, to avoid any undue strain on the body politic, and arrange for other means of handling those involved.


Well, guess what. That is right, such a terror threat which was foiled with minimal fanfare and without anyone being charged, that despite one initially being arrested, all because the timing was off. This has come to light thanks to a deep investigation carried out by The Telegraph where it was reported that Hezballah had been caught planning a terror strike in or around London with, you guessed it, using metric tons of ammonium nitrate. MI-5, assisted by the London Police Department, uncovered the stash containing thousands of disposable ice packs filled with ammonium nitrate. This amount was considerably more than was used in the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people and damaged hundreds of buildings. The raids were carried out on three businesses and one home in North West London by MI-5 and authorities after a months-long investigation. It was stated that MI-5 was acting on a tip from a foreign government which uncovered the major terrorist plot linked to the radical Islamist terror organization and Iranian ally, Hezbollah.


Here is where everything becomes interesting and contains a political attempt to cover up the entire series of events as they came at an inconvenient time. What makes it all the more intriguing was that there was one suspect, a man in his forties, arrested in connection with the raids, though he was later released without charge. The fact that only one person was detained, and then no charges made concerning a plot of such size makes for numerous questions to arise. What had authorities so worried that there was a code of silence concerning the entire affair and no arrests, trials or other ramifications from a months long investigation. Presumably, citing “well-placed sources”, the report claimed that the terror plot had been disrupted by a covert intelligence operation “rather than seeking a prosecution,” which is puzzling. Where things become somewhat clearer is when we are told that this plot was timed during the time of the negotiations and pending of the Iran nuclear deal. This was where The Telegraph suggested that the matter was withheld from the public in order to keep “the Iran nuclear deal afloat.” Still, it was reported that the plot was so serious that then Prime Minister David Cameron and then Home Secretary Theresa May were personally briefed on the discovery of the explosive material. One need not read much further to see where to begin to look to see the origination of the demand that this be kept as quiet as possible and not to make any large display including arrests which could have led to some very uncomfortable complications. After all, this was around the point that the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) and we all knew instinctively that nothing, and we mean nothing, was to come between the P5+1 and the Iran deal.


UK supporters of extremist group Hezbollah

UK supporters of extremist group Hezbollah


The British public has every reason to be quite put out by such political suppression of such an important investigation to the point that there were no arrests or other actions taken beyond raids to impound the explosives while not pursuing further actions. We ask, how is it possible to have such a plot with three-metric tons of explosives but not have any people involved with the use of the explosives or even a group planning for its use. Nobody was found or even to be of interest to MI-5 or the London Police concerning what was definitively a major pending terrorist attack. This cover-up probably extended to high officials in the British government requesting the silence on whomever the unidentified foreign government which provided the initial tip to the British assisting in their preventing a potential tragedy. They were likely contacted and had the situation explained and thus the request for not reporting their efforts in preventing the attack. The threat of terrorism is far too great and is of great importance to the people of every nation. Such an attempt would be politically important as well as the right for the people to know the truth about the world we all live within. But the news and the ruling elite do not treat the people in all too many countries as being capable of handling the truth. Kind of reminds one of the critical lines from some movie. So, because the people are too unsophisticated, too ignorant, so delicate, so uneducated and so emotionally unstable that they are deemed not capable of living in a world where they are told what the reality actually is. This is why the news granted for public consumption is not the reality of the world but a picture of a world with just the right kind of problems which permit the political class to remain in power unchallenged and apparently with everything under control. Telling the people that a significant threat of a terror attack was planned in their precious city and was very probably prevented due to some unmentionable country providing a warning with sufficient information that MI-5 and the police could clean up the threat without even a ripple being told to those who were under this threat. Makes one feel as if the public is not entitled to the truth as they presumably cannot handle the truth.



This is where society has reached, the stage where there are two worlds, the one we are all left sleeping peaceably in our beds each night assured that all is well meanwhile the elites know the reality that they are fortunate that terror threats are discovered and it matters not by whom as long as the people are able to be left in blissful ignorance. This is a sad commentary on our societies as it provides a picture where the people are expected to simply accept the reality fed them by a coordination of the political class and their media allies. The media also does not believe that the people can handle reality, so they sell the people a story-line which lulls them into a sense of being fully protected and safe. The powers that be insist on keeping everyone within the lines they set out for the public and the media and the politicians work to provide as little of the real threats from being identified as it might upset their ability to be reelected, and that is all that matters, right? Why should the people expect for their ruling elite who are chosen time after time to return to their comfortable little jobs while the decision to place trust in these elected officials is all a mirage. So we have what is an important treaty in the wings, well, better not tell the people that those who the politicians are about to make a deal concerning the manufacturing of nuclear weapons were planning what would have been one of the largest terror attacks for somewhere in London to be executed by the terrorist groups which handles the worldwide terror network for the Iranians. The politicians wanted the treaty as it would allow for trade and making large profits for the people who really matter, so the regular folk need not be troubled with any such information which could be distressing. This goes double if it might make for difficulty in carrying on business as usual and making their financiers happy. So, rest easy, they made raids and took away all the explosives and nobody was responsible for the planned terror strike or for hiding three metric tons of explosives, it all just assembled all by itself without any human intervention. And not to worry, the people planning the attack would never attempt to try so again, they probably promised. You know, they promised that they would go home and never try such an attack as was spoiled again just as Iran has promised not to manufacture nuclear weapons or more advanced ballistic missiles, you know, just like the ballistic missiles they have been testing. Read about these tests here, here, here, here and here. We hope you have a nice day and remember not to worry; your worrying would only upset the governing class.


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