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May 16, 2017

Our Letter for the Upcoming Presidential Middle East Visit


Dear President Trump,


We are honored and glad you are visiting the Middle East so early in your Presidency and thought we would try to catch you up on a few items which have occurred immediately before your visit this past week which your staff may not have had the time or even seen in the news and thought these important for your making fair assessments. We are not even going to make aspersions about the loose relations between Mahmoud Abbas and the reality. Instead, we will like to tell you about an example of the fruit of the education for peace which students of Bir Zeit University put on display in the recent student elections. The article in which we read about this was written by Stephen M. Flatow titled, Palestinian Voters Display the “Culture of Peace”.


First, we would like to give the good news. Dean of Student Affairs of Bir Zeit University, Muhammad al-Ahmad, reports that a full seventy-four percent of the student body cast votes in the election. That makes everything about this election to be very representative of the attitudes of the student body. Keep in mind that these students were born and raised entirely under Palestinian Authority (PA), educated in PA schools, PA elementary, PA middle schools and PA high schools. As Stephen M. Flatow also made evident, these students were weaned on PA television, PA radio, PA newspapers and PA indoctrinations morning, noon and night. So, one could fairly conclude that their parties would represent the culture and education of peace under which Mahmoud Abbas had told you they educate and raise their children and grandchildren, these students in other words, were raised and educated, one could say steeped in. So, what were the winning parties and their political ties and leanings? Winning a plurality of the fifty-one seats is the party with the name of “Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc” which garnered twenty-five seats. The Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc has come out ahead for the third year in a row. This party is aligned with Hamas which is dedicated not only to the elimination of the State of Israel but also dedicates itself in their charter to the death of every Jew in the world, that includes the United States which has the second largest Jewish population of which a number are family members of yours. The next most popular party receiving twenty-two seats was the “Martyr Yassir Arafat” party. Just in case you missed the Yassir Arafat years, this party is loyal to the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, which though not dedicated to the murder of every Jew everywhere, they still call for the destruction of Israel and establishing Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea. The final party receiving the final four seats is the “Al Qutub” aligned with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group still on the United States list of terrorist elements. These students have a concept of peace coming only upon the grave of the State of Israel.


Hebron (ancient Hevron) also had an election recently and as reported in an article titled “Palestinian Terrorist in Killing of 6 Jews Elected Hebron Mayor” in the Times of Israel. The Palestinian terrorist to which they refer is Tayseer Abu Sneineh who was convicted of the murder of six Israelis in 1980. Mr. President, it was Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who selected Tayseer Abu Sneineh to represent Fatah at the head of the party list making it all but certain to win the Saturday Hebron PA elections. Abu Sneineh and three other terrorists on May 2, 1980, assaulted a group of Israelis using military tactics of firing rifles and lobbing grenades in Hebron murdering six people. Amongst those murdered were United States citizens Tzvi Glatt and Eli HaZe’ev, Canadian Shmuel Marmelstein along with the three Israelis; Hanan Krauthammer, Gershon Klein and Ya’akov Zimmerman and additionally another 20 people were injured in the attack. All four terrorists were sentenced to life in prison but were amongst those the PLO demanded be released as part of a deal later in the decade. The take away point here is this was the choice of Mahmoud Abbas to lead the party in elections, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, terrorist and co-murderer of six people and almost many more with twenty others injured in the attack and a murderer of two American citizens. This is his idea of a program and future of peace. Below is a video made by featuring a Palestinian from Hebron who presents an entirely different view and who claims to speak for many others in Hebron, many who likely have been disenfranchised by the PA and Mahmoud Abbas. His words are worthy of attention as they give an entirely differing view of what would be best for the citizens under the rule of the PA.



There is little to add to what was spoken by Sheikh Ashraf Jabri. The message he gave was easily understood, the Sheikh represents many Hebron Arabs who desire to live under Israeli sovereignty. Where his message was largely intended for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and we hope he has heard the message, but it also would be wise for you to heed his words as well. You might ask his question which he desired for Mahmoud Abbas to answer, namely where has all the money gone. We can give a partial answer; a large amount is going for the new royal complex from which Mahmoud Abbas believes he will rule for a long time. This complex is pictured below with a complete description included. We can add one more figure, it was estimated to cost somewhere around thirteen-million dollars, which is before cost overruns and other snags along the way. Look at the building and ask why it contains billets for guards’ quarters unless Abbas fears that perhaps he is not as popular as he might desire. Perhaps that is also why there have been no elections in the PA controlled area for his office, for any of the myriad of positions he holds. Perhaps any elections which are held are not as honest as we are led to believe and that is how Fatah always wins as Hamas and others are not permitted to place candidates and even if they did, as Stalin once pointed out, it is who counts the ballots that matters, not who casts them. We will leave the rest for your aids and advisors to fill in the blanks.


Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks


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May 6, 2017

Hamas Releases Target Rich Video


Hamas released a video (viewable below) intended to attract tourists back in 2016 showing the finer areas where the intended tourists could find fine restaurants, first class hotel accommodations, clean modern hospital rooms (if necessary), perfectly manicured beaches, recreational areas, middle eastern markets, safe near empty roads, night life, well manicured green spaces, smartly dressed traffic officers and a generally attractive views of the region displaying safe areas which appear to have suffered no damage from any of the regional conflicts. There is a constant little message in Arabic written on a cloud-like display with a hashtag that reads Thank you Hamas or #ShukranHamas that translates to “Thank you Hamas.” The views put on display a very lovely montage of attractions, which would make any location, appear like a good place for a family vacation retreat away from the problems and other worldly troubles very well might float away. This does conflict with the stories the media has been telling the world about life in Gaza. According to the pictures in the media and the scenes in this tourist video there must be two separate lives lived in Gaza, and that would be the truth. We have discussed the wealthy and their lives in Gaza as part of our article When Lunacy Rules and Lunatics Follow complete with a series of pictures of the same finer areas of Gaza untouched by the violence of war.



There are really two Gazas, the one that Hamas uses to fight their wars against Israel and the one where the Hamas leadership lives, shops, recreates and enjoys their lives. These areas could not look any different as told by the images below. What is not known, as it is hardly ever reported, is that the building supplies provided by the oh so concerned Europeans for rebuilding the damages from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups wars with Israel, which are permitted into Gaza against Israel’s better interests, are not only diverted to build terror tunnels into Israel and interconnecting their bunkers, rocket storage locations (often kept in Mosques, schools, clinics and residences), launching bays and bunkers; but are also often diverted and sold to the wealthier Gazan for projects such as adding a room, building a deck, adding another room, building a backyard pool or other beautification project for their homes and repairs to places which were not damaged in the war but simply are aging requiring a facelift. Hamas, who govern the nation of Gaza use less than a quarter of the funds and materials intended for rebuilding the apartments, shopping areas, markets, clinics, schools and other damaged buildings in the less affluent (read as poor) areas from which the wealthy Hamas leadership make sure to use for their assaults on Israel assuring their neighborhoods remain undamaged. The Hamas leaders know that the IDF will not strike residential regions from which no attacks originate, as that is not permitted under the Rules of War. Under the rules of war, if there is a rocket launcher sitting atop a school, hospital, home or otherwise illegal target, that location loses its protective qualifications and becomes a legitimate military target. If the basement of a hospital is used, as Hamas uses, as the headquarters and central communications center of the military attacks, that hospital is now a legitimate target.


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


Israel still attempts to avoid striking hospitals, schools and medical clinics. When fighting groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and Hezballah; one has little choice than to strike residential and other undesirable locations as these are the prime placements used by these groups in order to cause maximum destruction of residential and other public locations even to include hotels where some of the media covering the war locate (video reports by NDTV and France 24 showing rocket launcher assembled outside hotel window below, near residences and near United Nations facility). With the greater use of residential buildings, schools, clinics and other such places to place their munitions, launchers and station their forces it is no wonder that Israel is constantly charged with striking presumably protected targets despite these accusers knowing full well that Israel is completely within their rights and legality to target any building which had military parapets and bastions, be they rocket launchers, ambush locations, munitions storage, command and control plus other assorted illegal uses of military support. As one can note in one of the videos is that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror forces allow easy access to rocket launchers placed in neighborhoods almost as if these were play toys knowing that especially young men will be fascinated and almost swarm to such locations if permitted. This is a flagrant use of children to attempt to protect these launchers even when not actively in use, as these also are primary targets for Israeli strikes. In an attempt by Israel to protect the innocent, artillery locations and fighter pilots are both required to check with military command and wait to receive an all clear before releasing munitions. This check time is utilized to survey the location by spotters, drones or overflight when possible in order to ascertain whether civilians are within the target area. Even with such precautions, these checks can only see that which is in an open space and is unable to ascertain whether there are civilians inside buildings or even behind a wall near the target location, thus there will be some inadvertent civilian casualties. The one item we can all be assured of is that by the time reporters are done with the story, as in the reported Jenin massacre, the number of actual dead will be dwarfed by the numbers reportedly killed. In Jenin, the reports climbed into the thousands of civilians murdered and the final report by the United Nations in a forty-two-page document that established that there was no massacre, and puts the Palestinian death toll at fifty-two, more than half of them armed combatants and IDF losses at almost thirty soldiers. Such are the stories and their relation to the truth.




Back to the wonderful vacation in Gaza video put out not too long ago by Hamas. Allow us to add in the pictures we posted above and those in our linked-to article above and we have a novel idea. Make it known to the leaders of the terrorist forces, especially Hamas and Islamic Jihad, that for every civilian location set in the poor and less wealthy neighborhoods Israel strikes at a military emplacement there will be one residential or other comparable sized building or groups of buildings in the wealthy seaside locations where their fancy restaurants, shops, boutiques, hotels, recreational establishments, upscale markets and other niceties are located and will be targeted such that their will be shared loss of property between the usual unfortunates whose homes, shops, lives and entire communities sacrificed so freely by the leadership of these terror entities and those who made the choice to place military assets within, atop, or next to the homes of those considered expendable neighborhoods. Perhaps the time has come to change tactics and spread the damage around and allow those who are responsible for the wars to feel the price paid for the waging of their conflicts. Maybe the time has come to introduce the purveyors of war to the costs of war, the costs they so willingly force others to tolerate, or better yet, impinge on others to pay with their comfort and lives, and instead spread the joy around allowing it to be brought to their back yards, so to speak, well, literally actually. The leadership of Hamas with Islamic Jihad and whatever other forces they consort with have averaged a war every two and a half to three and a half years without a single one of their homes being damaged in any means with the singular exceptions of commanders who have been targeted by the IDF or Shin Bet. We are willing to bet that they would be far less optimistic about starting the next war if their comfort were placed at risk just like those less fortunate Gazans have been each time one of these wars were foisted upon them beginning with every time with increasing rockets launched at civilians in Israel from Gaza until Israel finally responds with military forces including ground troops.


Unfortunately, Israeli leadership and specifically IDF command would never adopt such a policy. That is the reality as it stands and the terror leadership knows this and count on this to keep their lives as pristine and untouched as others’ lives are destroyed by their actions. That is another reality seldom discussed and it is no wonder why, there is no downside for Israel; therefore, it is not newsworthy thus never discussed. We hear all the news about the suffering Gazans whose lives are destroyed by Israeli military strikes. They will on occasion actually mention that the actual crimes committed are that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and company target civilians from civilian locations. We hear how Gaza is the most crowded place on the planet. That too is a lie. Gaza City is very crowded but then it is a city just like Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (these last two are favorite targets for Hamas) and any other major city one cares to mention. On the other side, we hear about how the Gazan farmers have so much difficulty selling their produce around the world which is interesting as if Gaza was so crowded, how do they have room for farms? For a more accurate description of the Gaza population density is displayed on the map below. One will note that at worst, there exist five or six areas of dense population and the rest is fairly open terrain full of farms. So much for Gaza is the most densely populated place on the planet. That was just one last lie dispelled before we leave, so, the end.


Gaza population density map also available @;_ylt=AwrB8pInghRUV1oAFCSJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIya2NmM2t0BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiNTAzMDZhY2ViNWM3ODE3ZTYzZjNjMDIwOGRjNWI1YgRncG9zAzQEaXQDYmluZw--?

Display shows large open areas with little population where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other combatants could operate without threat to the population.


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May 4, 2017

What a Difference Media Perception Makes


We would all agree that dead civilians in a war zone are tragic but inevitable. We would all agree that militaries should take all reasonable efforts to minimize the threat and danger to civilians while continuing to strike military assets. Finally, we would probably agree that militaries should also take precautions in their movements and weapons placements and storage of armaments such that they allow for little or no threat of danger to civilians. But should we use different scales when deciding which military forces are taking appropriate efforts as different societies have different standards and place varying importance on the safekeeping of their civilians and about targeting civilians. That last one is a bit trickier and perplexing, right? Let us make it a little easier. Should Israel be judged more harshly for dead Palestinian Arabs when fighting Hamas attacks in a conflict with Gaza than the United States should be judged for dead Iraqi and Syrian Arabs in their fighting the Islamic State (ISIS)? Reading reports in the mainstream media one would believe that the Israelis intentionally target Arab civilians in Gaza while the United States has avoided civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria attacks. This is possibly because the mainstream media supports targeting Israel and attempting to display the IDF and Israeli efforts as immoral and lacking in any precautions against killing civilians while President Obama ordered strikes in Syria and Iraq had to be above all suspicions, completely moral and resulting in minimal civilian deaths. In a Reuters report“At least 352 civilians have been killed in U.S.-led strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria since the operation began in 2014, the U.S. military said in a statement on Sunday.” That is correct, three-hundred-fifty-two civilians killed in United States led strikes since 2014, which makes for an average of approximately one-hundred per year or approaching ten per month. In another statement released and used by Reuters with photo credited as “AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File” showing residents carry the body of several people killed in airstrikes during fighting between Iraq security forces and Islamic State on the western side of Mosul, Iraq, statement released Sunday, April 30, 2017, the Pentagon said investigations conducted during the month of March reveal that coalition airstrikes killed 45 civilians, mostly in and around the city of Mosul. The Pentagon added that in each incident “all feasible precautions were taken,” but the strikes still resulted in “unintentional” loss of civilian life. There have been no explosions of editorials demanding explanations from the United States military or government demanding they make reparations or prove they had taken sufficient measures to prevent civilian deaths. There have been no calls for the United States to be brought before The Hague to answer charges for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. How can this be and where are the Human Rights groups with highly inflated or differing numbers or an official United Nations count that also would likely disagree with the official Pentagon numbers claiming multiple numbers were in fact killed. Do not expect there to be any such events being committed against the United States. There also have been no reporters confronting American officers in headquarters or in the field demanding to know why so many Iraqi and Syrian Arabs have died and no Americans have died. Simply, you probably did not even know of these deaths until reading this article. Now comes the time to wonder why.


March 24, 2017 file photo, residents carry the body of several people killed in airstrikes during fighting between Iraq security forces and Islamic State on the western side of Mosul, Iraq. In a statement released Sunday, April 30, 2017, the Pentagon said investigations conducted during the month of March reveal that coalition airstrikes killed 45 civilians, mostly in and around the city of Mosul. The Pentagon said in each incident “all feasible precautions were taken,” but the strikes still resulted in “unintentional” loss of civilian life. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

March 24, 2017 file photo, residents carry the body of several people killed
in airstrikes during fighting between Iraq security forces and Islamic State
on the western side of Mosul, Iraq. In a statement released Sunday, April 30, 2017,
the Pentagon said investigations conducted during the month of March reveal
that coalition airstrikes killed 45 civilians, mostly in and around the city of Mosul.
The Pentagon said in each incident “all feasible precautions were taken,”
but the strikes still resulted in “unintentional” loss of civilian life.
(AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)


Let us return to the seven weeks from July 8, 2014 through August 26, 2014 and the Israel Hamas (Gaza) War. The numbers of civilian casualties released about this conflict varied greatly depending whose numbers you wish to believe. Here are the particulars; the Gaza Health Ministry reported 1,617 Palestinian civilians killed with 10,626 Palestinian militants and civilians wounded; the United Nations Human Rights Council reported 1,462 Palestinian civilians killed; Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported 761 Palestinian civilians with 428 uncategorized males aged 16-50 killed as well as at least 23 Gazans executed by Hamas. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reported that there were 5 Israeli civilians dead (3 killed directly by rocket fire, 2 died of heart attacks after hearing warning sirens), 1 Thai civilian in Israel killed and 87 Israeli civilians wounded. Granted, no matter whose numbers one uses, the number of Israelis affected pales in comparison and this was the number one question the mainstream media asked incessantly for an explanation. This had nothing to do with their lack of knowledge as to the answer, it had everything to do with painting Israel as a monster who worries about their own people but have no regard for the Arabs residing in Gaza. Many reporters acted as if Israel was directly responsible for the protection and care for the people in Gaza as if they were Israeli citizens. Almost none of them displayed any knowledge that starting in August 2005 and completed on September 9, 2005 Israel removed every Israeli, razed everything with the exception of the Greenhouses left for Gazans to use to produce crops and the synagogues as to have bulldozed them would have been a desecration and the IDF removed their last personnel. Those Synagogues were desecrated far worse in the ensuing days by the Arab Palestinians and the greenhouses were stripped bare and used to make weapons and rocket launchers, not grow crops. Hamas took control of Gaza in a coup lasting June 10 through 15 of 2007 and immediately reissued their declaration of intent to destroy Israel and kill every Jew on the Earth. All this history was ignored and the disparity in civilian deaths was the sole news worth reporting. Why was this, one might query.


Well, it was all about what one reporter blurted out in her moment of excitement and whose interview has been scrubbed from history, or at least the internet, where she actually asked, “Where are the dead Jews, I mean, why so many dead in Gaza and none in Israel?” Well, why not simply answer that very question. Despite the vast majority of Hamas rocket and artillery strikes targeting civilian structures to include largely schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, day care facilities, and residential neighborhoods, Israel was fortunate to have been protected by the Iron Dome Batteries which are one of the finest anti-rocket and projectile interceptors the world has ever seen. The Iron Dome determines the projected strike point of any rocket, artillery or mortar fired and if it will be close to any civilian or military built up areas it launches its interceptors, which has over ninety-percent efficiency in taking out its target. There was one major failure of the Iron Dome systems where three interceptors were fired at one of the Hamas larger rockets and all missed. This rocket was headed for the center of Tel Aviv and would have been catastrophic. The easy explanation was a huge puff of wind blew it out into the Mediterranean Sea in the last few seconds, or there is the description and entire story as told by the Iron Dome Battery in question of this incident commanding officer as we reported back when this happened in our article ”How to Fight Terrorist Fanatics Unless You’re Israel”. The reason so few Israelis died is because Israel has built shelters everywhere and requires all new residential structures to have a built in shelter in every apartment, home, row house, etc. as part of the building codes and when the sirens sound in any area the Israelis will drop whatever they are doing and head directly to their closest shelter. If an Israeli is out and does not know where the closest shelter is on their own, they are easy to find, just follow everyone else. Hamas, on the other hand, uses their civilians to protect their rockets and the launchers and often will call in women and children and place them on the roof of any building they wish to protect knowing the Israelis will not bomb such a target. Israeli pilots are required to call headquarters and get clearance before dropping ordinance and there are officers using drones to oversee most missions who will check the target before allowing ordinance release.


There were other completely ridiculous question asked by reporters during the Gaza War and here are a few samples. “Why does Israel not provide Iron Dome Systems to the Gazans?” and “Why has Israel refused to build bomb shelters in Gaza?” As we mentioned, apparently the reporters were not informed that Gaza, is for all technicalities, an independent country and Israel has surrendered all connections and ties to Gaza. The one Israeli connection with Gaza is the blockade, which is more of an inspection for incoming goods to assure that there are no weapons or military useable goods such as weapons grade steel, explosives or other dual-purpose items that could be used in a military means. Israel permitted tons of cement and rebar into Gaza for the reason of humanitarian aid to permit the rebuilding of the homes damaged in the wars. Well over three-fourths of these goods were utilized to build the Hamas tunnel and bunker system underneath Gaza and tunnels into Israel itself. These bunkers are also used to protect the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist fighters but the Gazan civilians would be shot if they entered these bunkers as Hamas and the other terror groups desire maximum civilian casualties which they utilize in the media to paint Israel as a monster while pretending they are too poor because of the blockade to provide protection. What probably would surprise many to know is that Israel continued the daily transfer of aid into Gaza of food, medical supplies and other non-military aid in the tons of material per day. Below is a video of one such transference and here is an article giving the Israeli side and the proof of Israeli assistance to Gazan civilians including setting up a field hospital to treat injured individuals from Gaza. This was one fact which one would have thought might have attracted at least the slightest of curiosity with Israel sending tractor-trailer trucks by the dozens across into Gaza in the midst of a war and perhaps some wonder at how this could happen and not be shot at by Hamas. Well, here is a surprise, Hamas and Islamic Jihad would on some days target the aid deliveries and once it was of such a severe nature that Israel was forced to skip one day’s shipments, as the risk was too great. Additional aid was sent across the next day to make up for the loss of daily aid. What was truly amazing was the fuel was included in these shipments despite that Hamas could fuel their vehicles, as the fuel was also necessary to produce electricity. Even the electricity aided Hamas and the other terror groups but to deny Gaza electricity would have placed a greater burden on the people. Israel also continued to deliver electricity through the shared electrical grid and provided water, clean water, through the interconnected water system. Everything Israel had been providing to the people of Gaza before the war continued to be delivered as best as possible throughout the war and continued after the war. The reports of Israel starving Gazan or refusing them medical treatment are all propaganda spread by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the anti-Israel mainstream media. They all know that they are repeating or stating lies but as long as there are those who choose to believe anything they are told that Jews are acting with malice and committed to evil deeds, then the terrorists, Arab sources and far too many in the mainstream media will all continue to feed these people grist for the mill.



People often ask what Israel could do to prevent these misfortunes from befalling the people of Gaza. The unfortunate answer is that Israel is already doing as much as she can to relieve any suffering by the Gazans. One difficulty is that Hamas will regularly refuse to permit Gazans from seeking additional and often-necessary medical treatment in Israel as that can be used to claim that Israel refuses to provide medical aid. The truth is when Hamas and other terror leaders’ families require advanced medical treatment, guess where they are treated? The answer can be found here, here, here, here, here and one possibly repeat here. Israel is not the monster reported all too often in the news. Israel cares deeply about her own people but also is concerned for the well-being of those who are her sworn enemies. This confuses many in the media so they simply paint a picture they can be happy with, not that the truth would accept. The aid sent during the war is likely one of the most positive proofs that Israel is anything but what is too often reported, sometimes in Israeli mainstream news as well. The truth is worth digging for even if one had to suffer through some news slanted in the other direction, sometimes getting a variety of views helps clear the vision. The diametric opposite treatments of Israel compared to the news about the United States and civilian casualties is striking. We do not mean to impugn the United States in any way as they too make the most honest of efforts to avoid civilian casualties.


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