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October 2, 2019

Why Leftists Love to Hate Israel


With the General Assembly of the United Nations holding its annual opening ceremonies, we are once more likely to have Israel condemned in any number of resolutions between now and the start of 2020. These condemnations will be voted on in the General Assembly during their opening ceremonies, as they have done almost every year, then again on November 29th as the day that the United Nations proposed in the General Assembly to divide the lands left west of the Jordan River between Arabs and Jews evenly with the United Nations retaining the regions around Jerusalem. This day has become a festive period celebrating the Palestinian Arabs in their efforts to destroy Israel. This should strike anybody who knows history as quite absurd as the Zionist Jews accepted this division and it was the Arabs who refused. Their reason was simple, they intended to invade Israel at her birth and destroy the country and kill as many Jews as they were able. There was one flaw in the Arab plans by which more than six Arab nation’s forces made that attack on the morning of May 15, 1948, but failed to destroy the Jewish State. Instead they took control of Gaza and the Shomron, what Jordan renamed the West Bank. These two areas have been used by Arab forces ever since to launch terror attacks and wars against Israel. During this period leading up to the next year, the United Nations will also denounce some of the Arab and Islamic nations but in total, less than the number of articles leveled against Israel. This includes nations such as Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the many others who have abhorrent civil liberties and human rights.


But there are reasons that Israel, and also the United States, are also chosen for the locations for large and extensive protests and so many other places are left as untouchable. For example, there are often gay pride parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the capital and largest cities in Israel but one has never heard of gay pride parades in Damascus or Aleppo in Syria, Bagdad or Mosul in Iraq, Tehran or Qom in Iran, Riyadh or Mecca or Medina in Saudi Arabia, Cairo or Alexandria in Egypt or any capital or largest city in any of the Arab and Islamic states in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Going one step further, in Israel there are the beaches of Tel Aviv, the coffee bistros, fine dining, great night life, five-star hotels, personal freedoms, security from crime and all the amenities which make the liberal and modern life more enjoyable. In Israel there are no dress codes as long as you actually are dressed and all the modern civilities first world protesters have become so comfortable enjoying. These things are not so easily, if even attainable at all, found throughout the MENA world. There is one thing these leftist protesters demand for the privilege of being made to appear evil, restrictive and closeminded regardless of how open and accommodating the society is in reality; that they have all their creature social comforts. Further, for the European leftists, Israel is relatively close by and can be reached on a Mediterranean cruise.


When it comes to protesting of and often in Israel, it often appears that all the stops are taken out. According to United Nations Watch through their Executive Director Hillel Neuer in his reported Tweet, Israel will be condemned twenty times against the remainder of the world amassing a mere six (see tweet pictured below). For a deeper look into the biases against Israel in the United Nations, the European Union and the world, there is this article by the JCPA*. Many pro-Israel and Zionists have met the all too common accusation that the facts do not bear out their complaints about the specifying Israel for scorn and condemnation above and beyond all others by these agencies while they never produce any actual data. The claim remains resting on the old canard that the Jews are whiny liars who play on other people’s emotions to excuse their criminal behavior. This was a principle argument against Jews who were relegated to being money changers, the ones who made trade and economic growth throughout much of Europe, Jewish merchants accused of placing a thumb on the scale and overcharging the non-Jews while treating their fellow Jews honestly and numerous other items and libels. Take all the mistreatment the Jews have suffered over the millennia and one can now see how Israel has become the Jew amongst the nations and must practice all the horrid things which the Jews were accused.


United Nations Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer Tweet

United Nations Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer Tweet


There is another reason why such misrepresentations continue and is also contingent to Israel for not going forward with a strong counter propaganda campaign based on the truths about the Jewish state. This is a common complaint coming from many sources including numerous confounded and confused Jews over this lack of national gumption. The problem is easily explained, though many refuse to accept such reasoning. The anti-Israel conglomerate of various agencies, NGO’s, international agencies, United Nations and their agencies and far too many nations and individuals spend hundreds of millions if not billions annually financing their propaganda and directed efforts against Israel. Israel does not have the financing to counter such an insurmountable effort backed by such financing. Israel had made efforts against these defamations attempting to get more of the truth out before the world, but much of the world does not wish to even hear the reality that is Israel. Then there are the efforts of numerous personal efforts, such as many of our articles tracing the basis for international law, another bit of reality being ignored by all the anti-Israel condemnations and demands of Israel to surrender lands west of the Jordan River as they do not belong to Israel. We advise those believing this read the San Remo Conference reports and the League of Nations Mandate System and all the rest of the supporting treaties and agreements through the Anglo-American Treaty and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter (we wrote about much of this here). These efforts against Israel will eventually fail and potentially damage the nations taking positions within the anti-Israel condemnations and other efforts with them. There is one thing about Israel which will eventually erode and quell the condemnations against her through her efforts to better the planet and her work in Africa and often Israeli help being amongst the first to arrive and the last to leave after disasters almost anywhere around the world, from Haiti to the Philippines and elsewhere in-between. Also, much of the world has benefitted and seek out Israeli innovations, inventions, medical cures, agricultural developments and expertise in almost every field imaginable. The good that Israel performs often without receiving even the slightest amount of thanks while other times rave reviews come from the oddest places such as the below from a report by CNN. The Israeli efforts in Haiti was not the exception, it is the rule when it comes to assisting in the recovery and rebuilding anywhere in the world where they are permitted to do their best for any nation absorbing the costs herself.



The reality of Israel is one of charity and humanitarian efforts leading such work in so many efforts and locations where a need exists. We have written about some of these efforts, and nowhere near even a majority of such efforts, numerous times such as here, here and here. Another achievement for which Israel received more criticism than accolades was a private effort to place a lander on the moon named Beresheet. Israel was the fourth nation to place their spacecraft on the lunar surface even if the final engine firing failed and she crashed, it still hit the moon and this was on the first try by an Israeli company. There are efforts underway for a second attempt and we fully expect that Israel will not need a third try to be the charm, we believe the next launch will succeed. What many people miss about Israel are the number of inventions for which much of the technology and research was and is attributable to Israeli efforts, both public and private. Cell phones, instant messengers, security software, drip irrigation, desalination and other water purification systems, special arid climate crops and so many other advances, techniques, procedures, programs, medical miracles etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (if we may quote Yul Brenner from the movie The King and I). The problem is it is chic to be critical of Israel and numerous college campuses are churning out more and more anti-Israel graduates as they kowtow to Arab petro-dollars receiving endowments and entire departments build with oil monies all with the intent of turning the next generation of American and European leaders against Israel, as if things were not an up-hill battle already. We have seen these efforts pay dividends with the likes of AOC in the House of Representatives along with Omar and Tlaib, though only Tlaib and AOC received her education at western universities. This trend will very probably escalate unless things take an unexpected turn, but for the time being, Israel is here and plans on remaining as one of the most viable democracies in the world representing its people, though currently we find our public very evenly split. The political problems Israel faces are a direct result of her being a democracy with equal rights for Jews and non-Jews alike as well as for Arabs, Druze, Christians, Muslims and Bedouins, and we will together determine the future of Israel, not some dictator or religious fanatic as with too many in our neighborhood. Israel is the country you have heard so much about and still likely know next to nothing of the reality. Come and visit and take in a gay pride parade and see exactly how tolerant Israel actually can be and is. To our Jewish readers, Shana Tova, have a happy new year and may your year be as sweet as the honey we dip our apple slices into.


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*JCPA = Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


February 6, 2019

Expectations of Next Netanyahu Government


As the polls and other indicators currently show that Likud will once again be the party to form the next government, that raises the question as to what we might expect to come from the next government. As this will very likely be Bibi Netanyahu’s last trip in the Prime Minister’s house, we expect that he will be seeking to affix his name to something worthy of being called his legacy. The first thing we need to discuss is where his legacy stands at currently. The greatest claim to fame he could arguably have is he steered Israel safely through the turbulent waters of the Presidency of Barack Obama. He might try to rest his legacy on preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, but that may prove to be a very tenuous claim at best. Netanyahu might claim he prevented Iran from establishing a strong foothold in Syria; again, a tenuous claim as Iran is firmly established in Lebanon and Gaza, and Syria would simply be a small steppingstone which could be hurdled by other means. Probably the signature of the Bibi period, approximately a decade worth of rule, has been promises to build in the Shomron, making tenders to build in the Shomron, almost breaking ground for new structures in the Shomron, but largely all the Shomron has had to show for all the noise and fuss has been a serious number of demolitions, the near erasure of a couple of Jewish communities, large expansion of European Union backed illegal buildings reserved for the Arab Palestinians attempting to cut the Shomron off from Jerusalem and Israel, and backing off all plans for Jewish building to mollify the never satisfied United Nations, European Union and the rest of the screaming masses which make up the world as we know it. Some might even go so far as to say that the decade of Bibi Netanyahu had a mere placeholder in the Prime Minister’s house.


There is one thing which can be said to the favor of Bibi Netanyahu, he brought a halt to the disastrous two decades which preceded him. The first of which, the 1990’s, brought Israel one of the most disastrous ideas ever conceived, the Oslo Accords. This disaster was the natural follow-on to the concept which presumably allowed for peace with Egypt and then Jordan, the concept of land for peace. With Egypt, Israel surrendered the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula, an area approximately three times the size of Israel and containing the Egyptian oil fields as well as bordering the Suez Canal. For this sacrifice, Israel had a cold peace with Egypt until President Morsi claimed that he never signed onto peace with Israel only to have President Sisi replace him and state that Egypt would honor the peace treaty with Israel. Apparently, Peace with Egypt will be relative to who is the President of Egypt and their designs for Israel. With Jordan, there was no land for peace, Jordan simply accepted they had lost the region they had illegally occupied for nineteen years, and they surrendered them back to Israel. Of course, Jordan refused to allow their citizens to return into Jordan leaving them to become the bane of Israeli existence, well, another bane to Israeli existence, as if we needed another. So, despite the fact that land for peace sort of worked with Egypt and was not even applicable to Jordan, the Oslo Accords were based on these treaties and were supposed to lead to a lasting peace with the Palestinian Arabs within five years. The problem is that a full twenty-five years later and we are actually further from peace by all measurements than before the agreement. The main problem with both of these treaties, Egypt and Jordan, is that they left their brethren in Gaza (Egypt) and in the Shomron (Jordan’s West Bank) in order to provide an irritant which evolved into two terrorist regimes, the Palestinian Authority in the Shomron and Hamas in Gaza, ruling the Palestinian Arabs and turning their regions into inhospitable disaster areas. Granted, there are areas within both communities which are wealthy, well kept, developed and normal by all appearances. The people residing in these wealthy areas are those favored by the terror groups and those who provide their smuggling mechanisms or otherwise provide them with the tools of their trade, bombs, ammunition, rockets etc.


If the 1990’s proved a disaster, the 2000’s doubled down and brought increased tensions and laid the groundwork for the Gaza wars which followed. This was the decade of the deadly Gaza Disengagement which saw almost ten-thousand Jews lost their homes, businesses, communities and everything they had built all in the name of mollifying the insatiable. An American Jewish businessman donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in order that the entirety of the greenhouses and their thriving flower and farming business could be left completely intact so that the Arabs in Gaza would have a solid starting point on which they could build their economy. Surprisingly, that was exactly what they did, in a perverted and nefarious way. The Arabs of Gaza took immediately upon the exit by the Jews to take down everything left behind including the greenhouses. Not to worry, the Arabs of Gaza put the greenhouses to good use, in their own twisted concept of good. They turned the piping into rockets and rocket launchers of various sizes and used these to initiate the First Gaza War. One of the greatest deceptions was the guarantee by the European Union that they would take over the monitoring of the corridor between Egypt and Gaza, the Philadelphia Corridor. Well, their monitoring lasted less than a month and they were back in Tel Aviv quivering and complaining that the Arabs had threatened them. After their retreat, the Arabs tore down the monitoring cameras and they began to bring in by smuggling tunnels or stashed under burkas the makings of ever-larger rockets. This was eventually brought to a halt by Egypt under President Sisi, but even after Egypt destroyed hundreds of smuggling tunnels, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in conjunction with Iran found other means of getting the weaponry through into Gaza.


There was to be another disastrous decision made which was in response to pressures from the left, with assistance of relatives of the troops stationed in Lebanon, which led to the withdrawal from southern Lebanon. The terrorism and the slow drip, drip, drip of injuries and fatalities slowly mounting and the dissent at home and the government caved and in a huge and frantic display of disorder, pulled the IDF out of Lebanon. This was heralded by Hezballah as a great victory and a sign that Israel would soon be destroyed. And of course, a war with Hezballah followed which was equally poorly thought out as Ehud Olmert declared some grand expectations for the Second Lebanon War, almost none of them realized, making Israel appear weak and Israel faced a loss of deterrence emboldening Israel’s enemies on all sides. The Peace Process brought exactly what the Arabs designed for it to perform, Israeli concession after concession with no end in sight. President Trump’s so-called Deal of the Century has hinted at it containing some serious Israeli concessions. Fortunately, the Arabs have refused to even hear the deal before refusing anything calling it dead on arrival, if not before. Since the end of these disastrous ideas, poorly thought out battle plans, reliance on foreign promises and all the other dreadful events and ideas of that twenty-year period, at least that was ended by Bibi Netanyahu. In many ways, we should hope that he takes ending the slide towards oblivion as his legacy and not go for something bold, daring and probably not all that well thought out.


So, at the very least, Bibi brought all of this slouching towards disaster to a halt, and for that we will credit him. On the other side of the ledger, it was also during his time that Hezballah has built an arsenal of around one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles with many able to reach anyplace in Israel and even beyond. Iran was the presenter of these weapons and has been trying as best they are able to provide and affix guidance systems to the larger rockets upgrading them into missiles capable of striking within a few meters of their intended target instead of fire and hope, as is the case with unguided rockets. Iran has also been managing to provide Hamas and Islamic Jihad with larger and more powerful rocket motors such that they can now easily strike Tel Aviv and are on the verge of striking Jerusalem and Haifa, possibly Akko. The main and probably debilitating problem which appears to have hampered Bibi has been his appearing to care far too deeply what the rest of the world thinks of Israel, specifically the Europeans. Where his great care not to make large waves and defer to outside pressures may have gained Israel a few friends here and there, for the most part this tactic has garnered little. The United Nations General Assembly continues to condemn Israel almost monthly, or so it seems, and by large majorities usually one-hundred-plus with ten to twenty voting with Israel and the United States and most of Europe either voting to condemn, abstaining or heading for the water-cooler and being counted as not present. Further, despite Israeli airstrikes attempting to prevent an Iranian presence in Syria on the Israeli border, Iran has been making inroads in Syria, has IRGC and al-Quds force units stationed in Syria around Damascus which is not that far from the Golan Heights and the Israeli border (see map below). There have been numerous incidents where sniper rounds have struck IDF equipment including vehicles in use, anti-tank rockets and artillery fired onto the Golan Heights, rockets launched into Israel targeting the Galilee fortunately intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome systems, drones flown into Israel both armed and unarmed surveillance as well as other breechings of the border by IRGC and other Iranian units. The tensions along the border have been mounting but have yet to reach a boiling point. This is largely due to Iran not desiring to have any escalations which they do not initiate, as they desire building up their strength and their consistent attempts to stock the region with more missiles and rockets before launching any serious threats to Israel. Iran may also fear what reprisals could come from Israel against the Iranian homeland should they push Israel to a breaking point demanding such a response.


Israel Syrian Border with Golan Heights and Damascus

Israel Syrian Border with Golan Heights and Damascus


So, with Bibi’s Likud Party perched to be reelected to lead the next coalition government, the only surprises left are of a limited nature. The most expected challenge could be the indictment of Bibi over any of the myriad of investigations claiming improper behavior such as trading preferential treatment in exchange for more positive media coverage, bribery of media owners, receipt of “expensive” gifts from visiting multi-millionaires or billionaires, kickbacks from military contracts and other lesser charges. The media coverage investigations ran into a small problem, the media under investigation never changed their negative coverage of Bibi thus there could not have been any quid pro quo. The investigation into the kickback scheme did catch a few Bibi associates including a lawyer and others but Bibi was found to be free and clear of any gain or knowledge of these criminal undertakings. The receipt of expensive gifts we already covered in our article Israeli and American Fighting Leftist Wars where we asked exactly what is a person of extreme wealth supposed to give the Prime Minister when invited to dine at the Prime Minister’s official residence, a Ronco Veg-O-Matic and Pocket Fisherman? This particular “scandal” was over expensive cigars, champagne and jewelry for Sarah Netanyahu which was not costume jewelry but the real thing. In every other developed nation, such presents would be considered simply good manners, only in Israel is it fodder for scandal. Even were Bibi indicted on any of the investigations, such would not prevent Likud from wining a plurality of the vote and only were the Supreme Court to rule that Bibi could not serve as Prime Minister while under indictment would it change who would serve as Prime Minister, but Likud would still be the party deciding such. The only problem in such an instance would be whom Likud would choose instead of Bibi as he has not exactly nurtured an heir apparent as of yet.


As we expect that Bibi will be Prime Minister, no matter the rest of what are mostly irrelevant distractions, this raises what he will actually do should he seek to leave office with a more substantial legacy. If the past is any reference, then there is much to be feared. The Gaza Disengagement occurred under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Prime Minister Sharon was originally elected as the leader of the Likud Party. When he ran into strong opposition in his government coalition to the Gaza Disengagement, he formed Kadima with s smattering of politicians from the entire spectrum including many who were formally in the opposition and did so without bringing new elections. This was quite unusual but the Supreme Court was in favor of the idea of the Gaza Disengagement and, as good leftist that they were, sat silent allowing for the new government to be formed without having elections. Kadima was quite temporary as a viable party not lasting the next two elections without everybody either returning from whence they came, retiring from politics thus far or forming their own new party with hopes and visions of grandeur, as Tzipi Livni did with the Hatnuah Party which merged with Labor Party to form the Zionist Union, which recently separated from Livni sending her in search of another party with which to merge so as to break threshold and remain in the Knesset. To Bibi Netanyahu’s credit, he refused to join Kadima and eventually came out against the Gaza Disengagement, something which probably was difficult as Ariel Sharon was one of his mentors. But past performance of Prime Minister seeking a legacy were what brought about many of the worst disasters politically and otherwise which include the Oslo Accords and the Gaza Disengagement as the two most obvious. These legacies were to be built around the lasting peace they were to bring for Israel and died after bringing the worst of the terror wars Israel has faced. These include the Gaza Wars with Hamas and Islamic Jihad who are backed by Iran, the Second Lebanon War against Hezballah who is backed by Iran and the series of Intifadas declared and launched by the PLO which was renamed the Palestinian Authority to hide its terrorist past and which then turned and declared some of the worst terrorist streaks such as the Second Intifada which lasted from 2000 into 2005 before the IDF was launched into the Shomron and they cleared out much of the weapons stores and engaged terrorists which depleted the ranks in the terror brigades populating the Shomron. One of the hardest fought engagements was the battle in the Jenin refugee camp where the media played it up as destroying most of Jenin and used well-chosen angles for their photography and the claim of innocents being killed went through an ever escalating body count which began as tens and then hundreds with some of the final claims reaching into the thousands. The United Nations performed an investigation into the events as they refused to accept the IDF appraisals and once finished only served to validate exactly the claims made by the IDF and Israel, that almost all the casualties were indeed combatants. Our article What is Said About the IDF? covered this well and included a typical media shot as well as an aerial photograph which showed the actual area in which the fighting took place and the complete range of damage. The media shot and map at the least are well worth a look. They give a real example of the lengths media hype will go to tarnish Israel and the IDF, the military that the American military leaders decried that they could not live up to the actual performance of the IDF and feared that their actions in future wars would be judged by the standards set by the IDF.


Should Bibi decide that his legacy could be defined by making peace with the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud, I never met an offer I could not refuse, Abbas, then Israel should brace for the ensuing aftermath. Mahmoud Abbas has sworn to uphold the spirit of the Khartoum Resolution issued by the Arab League in September of 1967 in response to the Six Day War and their defeat which included the “Three No’s”; “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with Israel.” The Palestinian Authority has promised they would never accept any peace treaty with Israel in which the Jewish State would continue to exist. They will only accept a peace where even if there are two states, both would be ruled by Arabs and under Islamic rule only. So, how could Bibi make peace with an intransigent Abbas? Well, there has at times been the idea that Israel declares they are willing to return largely to the pre Six Day War borders, the Green Line which is the 1949 Armistice Line and nothing more and declare the parts east of the set border to be the Palestinian State, pull ever Jew out from the region, remove the IDF from the region and make a big deal about the entire fiasco at the United Nations expecting accolades which would never materialize. No matter how the border is adjusted, exchanging parts of Israel such as the Arab Triangle, better known as the Lieberman Plan where Israel retains some of the major settlement communities, actually cities, and the Arab Triangle is ceded to make Palestine as a land swap, a variation of land for peace. The supposed beauty of this plan is that it does not require anyone else to do anything for it to be executed. The expectation is that the United Nations will applaud and approve, the European Union will applaud and approve, the United States will provide a standing ovation and a couple of Atta-boys and the entire world will love Israel for their benevolence and grand sacrifice for peace. Unfortunately, other than possibly the United States, the remainder of the above is a pipe-dream. The reality is that once Israel has pulled the IDF out of the surrendered regions, and after there has been some minor adjustments all of which will be Israel giving up more land including the Jordan Valley Rift, a key defensive position, as well as likely some of the heights overlooking central Israel and the Tel Aviv metropolitan region, then within a year or two, if even that long, Hamas will move in and take over the newly minted Palestine. They would do so at the first election if such is forced upon Abbas, who, if he was smart, would flee as soon as the word election was uttered taking his ill-gotten-wealth with him, or they would take it just as they took Gaza and they would purge the entire region of all the PLO and Palestinian Authority leadership and faithful, just as they did in Gaza. Once Hamas has assumed control, within a short period, however long it would take Iran to fully arm Palestine, an easy task if Israel were forced to surrender the Jordan Valley Rift, simply by transferring arms across the Jordan River from within Jordan. If the Jordanians refused to permit such a transfer, the world can expect Iran to simply instigate a revolt within Jordan using the IRGC, that is what it was founded to perform, initiate terrorist attacks and overthrow regimes by instigating from within, Hamas would unleash a barrage of missiles and rockets upon central Tel Aviv and the surrounding regions where three-quarters of Israeli infrastructure, industry, population and international and military airports are located. This would lead to an end of the hopes of Palestine as the Israeli response could very well become Biblical in scope. Hopefully, Bibi will find a better solution to his founding a strong legacy as Israel can ill afford another Likud turned to the dark side, as did Ariel Sharon. Israel has suffered sufficiently from people doing the absolutely wrong thing for what they thought were the right reasons.


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December 11, 2018

Let Them Kill Jews


The absolute venomous loathing displayed once more by the United Nations General Assembly, a representative majority of the world’s nations, has again come to the fore in their voting not to sanction the offensive actions launching rockets into Israel by Hamas in the recent violence. The resolution went further than simply Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, including its digging of terror tunnels, and launching of incendiary balloons at Israeli communities destroying thousands of acres of farmlands, forest and protected wilderness preserves in the Gaza envelope. The ninety of nations choosing to stand in disgrace was the result of fifty-seven countries voted against the resolution, and thirty-three countries abstained. This would be the final vote with the United States represented by Nikki Haley who stated emphatically before the vote in a final plea for the General Assembly to do as it had never done before, level charges against those who terrorists who would attack Israeli civilians and use its own people as human shields. This resolution was not so strong as to attempt to take on such charges, it simple wished to condemn the rockets, the incendiary balloons and kites as well as the border rioting.


She stated directing the weakness of the world in this area by stating. “the question before us now is whether the UN considers terrorism is acceptable if it’s directed at Israel. Is the hatred of Israel so strong that you will defend a terrorist organization, one that is harming the Palestinian people? Isn’t it time to let that go? For the sake of peace and the sake of this institution I respectfully urge my colleagues to this resolution.”


The closest thing ever reputed to be said which makes it one-tenth the way to being as callous as this vote was Queen of France Marie Antoinette stating, “Let them eat cake.” Here the General Assembly stated just as callously, “Let them kill Jews.” This is far from the first time that the General Assembly has done such perfidy. It is not even the most recent even rating such a horrific view as they more than outdid themselves in their recent hate-fest in their annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This is simply another of the annual events held regularly by the United Nations and its affiliated agencies in order to vilify, revile, assail, defame, berate and in other ways excuse any and all hatred of Israel and by association, all Jews. The test case for much of this was the Durban I conference which had the noble title of “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.” The result of this grandly titled confab was a few days of purely hateful bile being regurgitated in the most caustic manner one could conjure in order to express the contemptable detestations they had or had heard about concerning the dastardly deeds which were intolerably conducted by Israel. The reason the reports only lasted a few days was due to even the Western media departing knowing there would be nothing of more to report, this was especially true as the United States and Canada had followed Israel in departing the conference declaring it an unfortunate waste of their time and so sorry what might have been a productive forum to discuss the world and some of its disparities and other ills was instead hijacked by some of the worst transgressors of human rights in order to castigate and defame Israel as the root of any and all ills which have ever befallen mankind. The Durban Conferences have continued to bill themselves as the protector of the rights of the downtrodden and those without a voice while continuing to allow those with very loud voices to continue to defame a nation which speaks softly and allows her actions to speak for her. But this latest vote was one for the books. When it becomes impossible to condemn an internationally recognized terrorist group which weaponizes their own civilians using their deaths as a means of attacking their object of hatred and thus condoning, with the world’s apparent blessings, placing their children and mothers in the line of fire, inviting youth to admire their rocket launchers during conflicts, chaining women to the roofs of buildings vital to their operations, placing their central command bunker in the basement of a large hospital and so many other obvious contrivances to force their despised neighboring nation to risk international condemnation whenever they return fire or target legitimate military targets, then it should become obvious that the United Nations General Assembly has lost virtually every drop of validity in their assumptions of determining right from wrong or being capable of directing their accusations accurately at those who are criminally intent at disregarding the rules of law and civility versus those who portray the highest standards of integrity during engaging hostile forces who do more to entrap them in appearances of breaking the rules of law than in protecting their own people.


Today, having the General Assembly applaud your actions one need only choose their enemy correctly and then anything they do in the cause of destroying their target will be blessed as actions above and beyond all that could be expected of a fighting force while their targets will be reviled as the cruelest and most dastardly people whose choices on the battlefield make the Mongols appear to have been the most benign forces of history. The means for attaining such a protected status comes from attacking the United States or her allies as the second best guarantor, or attacking Israel which gives one gold-star first-rate treatment as forces for the betterment of mankind and for making the world safe for little children. This status will ignore your actions in all other things and provide you cover for such practices as throwing people whose sexual practices of which your guiding book disapproves off of tall buildings, shooting your political opponents in the street without trials, refusing to return the corpses of your enemy unless they release thousands of terrorist prisoners, honor killing of women family members accused of inappropriate behavior (merely accused without proof), vehicular assaults, suicide murdering bombings and standing for the genocidal murder of the entirety of the Jewish People. At the very least, this is also a description of Hamas which the General Assembly just refused to condemn for their policy of assaults on Israel which began towards the end of March of 2018 and continued up through the recent rocket barrage of over four-hundred-sixty rockets in one day and whose violence has returned to the “benign level” of incendiary kites and balloons, assaults on the border fence, explosive devices used to attempt breachings in the border fence, shooting at IDF soldiers, burning thousands of tires to worsen air quality across the border and other forms of aggressions.


We would like to claim that we expect more from the United Nations, but we do not. We duly understand that admission into the United Nations has no real qualifications except that one must not be amongst the more exemplary members of the nations of our Earth. Were Israel to seek entrance to the United Nations these days, her admission would probably be refused. When the body of nations cannot even agree that the digging of tunnels under the border aiming to reach the center of residential towns for the purpose of killing families in their sleep and abducting others to hold for ransom does not constitute acts condemnable by that world body, then the world is definitely on the wrong track and heading for a great wake-up call in the form of a strong knock upside their collective heads. The problem is that these wake-up calls too often take far too many of the decent people we know reside the world over; often it is just the leadership which is to blame. What become a tragedy is when the governance of a region takes charge of the education system and transforms it into a militarizing and radicalizing instrument fomenting hatred to a the point beyond all reason and uses summer camps for field training and weapons mastery, then the result is lost generations and an entirety of a region which has become lost to mankind. The result of such indoctrination is a population who are unable to produce even rudimentary goods and has been molded as an armed extension of the leadership ready to attack whatever group of people they are facing. When people do such to animals, the result is an animal which, due to no fault of its own, must be put down. That is what people do with animals taught to hate people, we attempt deprogramming and kind treatment. We have had some experience with animals with a dangerous side and have had limited success using kindness combined with obvious negative reactions to their violent tendencies. We can only imagine that it would be equally difficult with people, especially if they have also been taught that any kindness is performed merely to gain an advantage over them and to be suspicious and rejecting of all kindness. This is also part of the terrorist training so as to make them more difficult to repatriate into normal society with any real success.


Hamas makes no bones about their intent for Israel. They desire Israel completely destroyed with every last Jew murdered. They train their operatives to believe that every Israeli who does not actively support Hamas need be murdered. But their extremism does not end there. They further insist that they murder every last Jew on the planet and that their vision and variety of Islam be imposed over the world and their leadership to rule over the world. Theirs is a strict taking of the current teachings from the Quran where the world belongs to the Muslims and only the Muslims be permitted to hold power and only Islam be practiced with Allah being the sole deity with every knee bending to Allah. Well, we are unable to even say that such is a nice goal as goals are a good thing for a people to have, as this is not a healthy goal for any people. There is one thing which Hamas holding to this goal, as do Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and a few other Islamic leaders such as the ones from the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, can be used to teach the Western and developed worlds. In these developed civilizations, cooperation is one of the main themes because these nations have given up on the concept of ruling the world. After suffering the Egyptian Empire, Hittite Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Caliphate, Ottoman Empire, Mongol Empire, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, British, Austro-Hungarian, German, Holy Roman and various other Empires, they have realized that ruling the world is quite impossible. They have also concluded that the remainder of the world has reached the same conclusion. That is a false assumption. If only people were able to read translations of the things stated across the Islamic world in Arabic, Farsi or the numerous other languages which the Western media appear incapable of translating instead of relying on the chosen disarming world of peaceful bliss and loving warmth spoken by the same Imams and leaders in English, then they would be aware that there exists a basic belief across Islam that it will conquer the world and all will be made to convert or die and in the end all will worship Allah and follow the directions of their Imams in blissful ignorance. One need know that the qualifications to be an Imam are to be able to quote all or some fair amount of the Quran and produce concepts in such a manner as to gather a following. To be a great Imam one need gather a great following. One of the Imams with the greatest of followings is Sheikh Professor Dr. Yusuf ‘Abdullah al-Qaradawi (Arabic: يوسف عبد الله القرضاوي pictured below), who was banned from Egypt by President Sisi after the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from rule. He has radio and television presentations as well as sermons on CD’s available throughout much of the world and preaches some of the more violent and hate-filled messages. He has a particular hatred for the Jewish State, the Jewish People and Judaism on particular and has a special hatred from the United States which he depicts as the second greatest threat to Islam. Sorry, our American friends, but Israel apparently is the greatest threat to Islam as well as the world according to Imam al-Qaradawi. He has the number one listened to radio broadcast in the Middle East and across North Africa (MENA) from his residence in Doha, Qatar. He also is the chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars holding a number of degrees purporting his great and deep understanding of Islam. He is a very influential speaker rousing crowds to his banner and being able to say what he believes and have millions be strongly at his side. His teachings could bring the body of Islam to conduct campaigns of war against those he depicts as enemies but he has restrained from making overt demands of his followers to violence. This may be part of the agreement granting him sanctuary after his initial banishment from Egypt. On the other end of Imams who gained a great following are such as Imam Muqtada al-Sadr who led forces against the United States in Iraq, Imam Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi who leads the Islamic State or, going back into history a short distance to remember the man who inspired Mahmoud Abbas and was the mentor for Yasser Arafat, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini who spent World War II in Berlin and in the Balkans organizing two SS divisions out of the Muslims there and persecuting Christians between hobnobbing with the Nazis elites and even having been rumored to have attended the Wannsee Conference where the Final Solution was launched. Yes, for the record, there are Islamic leaders and Imams who call for deradicalization of Islam and teaching the followings of the Mecca Quran over the Median Quran such as President Sisi of Egypt. We discussed the differences and reasoning in our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi


Much of the Western world has at best a scant concept of what exactly Islam means and the beliefs of its over one-and-three-quarter-billion adherents. We will say here that not all followers of Islam interpret everything including the Quran and the Hadiths reaching the same conclusions and there are a fairly significant number of peace-loving Muslims. But if only ten to twenty-five percent of Islam was to be radicalized and willing to commit acts of violence, that would be one-hundred-seventy-five-million to four-hundred-fifty-million people which is twelve to thirty times the total number of Jews in the world today. To put that in greater perspective, that is between one-half to one and one-third times the population of the United States. For the rest of the world, we will allow everyone else the pleasure of doing the math. We are taught that Islam is a religion of peace yet from the year 720 to the year 750 Islam spread from the Arabian Peninsula to threatening India in the east, the Byzantine Empire at Constantinople in the north and Spain from across the Gibraltar Straights in the west making it one of the largest regions under a single ruler in the world. It was this success which molded much of what Islam believes to this day and why they see themselves as perched on the edge of world conquest. That is the current default belief in Islam as they apply Naskh (Arabic نسخ), or abrogation, the replacing of older texts with more recent texts. They explain the corrections being applied to that which Allah preached not as a correction but that as situations change, reality changes and thus what is correct also changes. What is interesting is that once they replaced the peace and coexistence taught in Mecca with conquest and the sword as in Medina, the situation has yet to swing back such that peace and coexistence have returned to being the driving and central themes in Islam. By coddling these beliefs, the world brings upon itself that which it is rewarding. That is the problem with allowing Hamas to wantonly attack Israel simply because the world could not care less that Jews are being slaughtered, or attempted being slaughtered. The world after three-thousand years of lesson that what starts with the Jews seldom ends with the Jews still has not learned that allowing the Jews to be threatened will lead to all being threatened. This time, it is quite possible that it will mean all will be threatened. Iran, the backers of Hamas as well as Hezballah, Bashir al-Assad, the Houthis, Iraq, Hezballah and internationally the IRGC, has developed, despite what the current propaganda meant to lay fears aside, nuclear weapons and is probably but a test or two away from thermonuclear weapons and have developed EMP devices capable of destroying the European electrical grid as well as the North American electrical grid, and the world simply pretends that the threats they make are too grand to be believed. Iran does intend to do whatever they must to become the rulers of all that is left of the world making Shia Islam the dominant, actually only, religion on Earth. Israel has sounded the warning and attempted to tell the world from their permitted platform at the United Nations. The initial problem is that whenever an Israeli speaks at the United Nations, the vast majority of the world takes a prolonged smoke-break. When it comes to the Security Council, Israel is amongst a small list, if not the only nation, to have never held a seat and thus never been permitted a voice. Israel has been excluded from any number of United Nations agencies and an unwelcomed member at much of the rest. There have been areas where Israel has been welcomed such as the agencies which bring agricultural developments, medical developments as well as training and expertise to third world and developing nations particularly in Africa and Asia and now expanding to South America and those areas which permit Israel to assist. Unfortunately, these areas do not include the Arab and most of the Muslim worlds as they claim that Israel only taints that which they touch and never provide anything of assistance. What Iran is willing to do to become the foremost, if not only, power in the world can be measured by what their Supreme Leader has stated they are willing to have happen in order to destroy Israel. The Supreme Leader has stated that even were Israel to be capable of a second strike which would destroy most of Iran, as long as Israel was also destroyed, that price would be worth paying. Further clarification was made when he referred to Israel as a one-bomb nation claiming that with one Iranian bomb, Israel could be destroyed while it would require at least five such weapons to destroy Iran. If the Supreme Leader and Grand Ayatollah is willing to sacrifice his entire nation just to eradicate Israel, does anyone really believe that a deterrent exists which would prevent Iran from the attempted annihilation of any considered their enemy? The time has come to declare that Israel is a nation amongst the community of nations and not going to be erased and that the world need learn to live with one another otherwise we will all soon die together. So choose, do we live together or die together and if it is live together, that must include Israel or how can anybody believe that those willing to sacrifice Israel are not willing to sacrifice everyone else.


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