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February 9, 2018

Our Topsy Turvy World


When those who praise freedoms and liberties turn on the nations which have measurably the most freedoms and liberties and condemn their every move, one has to wonder where sanity has gone. When these demonstrators declare these nations to have policies which are Apartheid, fascist, dictatorial, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and operating as a police state all the while being given complete freedom to demonstrate without interference, things just do not add up. We are speaking of two nations who have a whole sector of the society, the left, who claim to be for equality of rights, free speech, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity and the litany by which a free society is measured and considered to have liberty and respect for the individual, spend inordinate amounts of energy decrying the duly elected leaders without being rounded up, arrested and taken away never to be seen again; it leaves the thinking individual to pause and question the sanity. When the media backs these demonstrations and calls for the leaders to resign, be impeached or even to be toppled in a revolution and put on trial for crimes against humanity and duly executed, and yet these media outlets are permitted to continue to print and broadcast these accusations and demands day in and day out, one must question their sanity. There are no signs of the government being fascist, a police state, limiting free speech, showing racist or sexist preferences in hiring or breaking any laws as these demonstrators insist have been crossed. One can only come to the conclusion that for these leftist demonstrators, the only governance which can meet their definition of having freedoms and liberties is one which completely agrees with their agendas and anything else is to them totalitarian and insufferable.


Allow us to back up for a moment and define how we are measuring freedoms and liberties and thus believing the two nations we have in mind (be patient as we will name them eventually) can be considered perhaps the two nations with the highest amounts of freedoms and embodies the ultimate in liberty. Such a nation would permit any and all speech even that which many might find offensive. They would claim that it is by protecting that which is most offensive to be spoken freely without fear of the government locking you up and throwing away the key is a high water mark for free speech. If all you permit is speech which has been defined as acceptable and all else is forced to be shut out of the exchange of ideas, that is not free speech, that is freedom from being offended or challenged. Free speech must allow for opposition to any and all ideas and position to be freely stated by any who believe as such as allowing everyone the right to be heard is the very essence of free speech. These college campuses where conservative speakers are all but barred and should one attempt to be heard they are shut down with violence if necessary or the group inviting them is required to meet a different and far more expensive criteria for security or whatever reason, that is limitation of freedom of speech and in no way can such be seen as free speech. What that is, is indoctrination with only the single-minded administration and those students who either actually believe the same or back this as they have never heard a challenging word, idea or concept and thus know only the liberal leftist side believing what they have been told, the conservative ideology is toxic and infectious. These students have had their mushy little heads filled so completely with leftist ideology that it has even reached into the hard sciences where math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and the other hard sciences are now taught with insidious references in the word problems reinforcing the leftist ideology.


An example would be a word question in a math algebra course where the person is given the facts that a corporation had doubled their net sales while their overhead remained as five percent and sixty percent of the net was disposable income and as a result of the increased business the wages of their workers was increased from ten dollars an hour to twelve dollars an hour. What should have been commensurate increase in workers salaries warranted by the business and profit increases and how much did the greedy capitalist steal from the workers with the paltry raise they received if there are twelve senior officers splitting the stolen assets? Perhaps their wording might be more subtle, but the concept that worker must be granted an even share of profits is a socialist concept and if on the other hand the business were to take a one third loss the next year, these same people would demand the workers not take a one third cut in pay as they would claim the bosses were to blame and should pay for the loss of revenue. This has been the way of unions with other practices such as demanding and requiring that despite automation replacing workers on an assembly line, the company is not permitted to lay off the workers who are no longer required, even if they sit in a room and read magazines, watch the company provided television and after a couple of years the company will be forced to provide three pool tables and a dozen video games and six pinball machines plus a ping-pong table, balls and paddles. This is basically what one company which almost went bankrupt was required to do by their workers’ union.


Further, freedom to assemble and to also petition the government for grievances are two more rights in a free society with complete liberty. An example would be the women’s marches which have been held twice in the United States since the last election and are planned to be an annual event until the people select a proper leader and Congress. Just for clarity, there were no such protests, marches, during the eight years that President Obama was in office as things were pretty much the way they should be, or so we are told constantly. There have been a litany of accusations against the two leaders of these nations we have yet to name, bet you have guessed already, with one being reelected regularly despite efforts made by not only the left within their country but with leftist from Europe and North America working on the campaigns of his opponents on the left, the far left, working to completely over turn his chance for reelection. These efforts did succeed once for a brief period before that, government fell and in the ensuing election the left lost though their favorite target from the right also did not win, his party ran a different person who won.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


Obviously, we are talking about Israel and the United States and the beleaguered leaders are equally obviously Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Trump. Prime Minister Netanyahu is closing in on becoming the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history surpassing David Ben-Gurion who served 4,575 days in office. President Trump is also an exception as he is the first President in modern times not to have come from within the ranks of serving politicians or from the military as did President Eisenhower. Even President Reagan had been in politics as well as entertainment as he served as Governor of California and had worked with the campaign of Barry Goldwater when he ran for President losing to President Kennedy. President Reagan is also credited with being one of those instrumental in redefining what it meant to be a conservative which led to the conservative revolution making conservative politics acceptable once more. President Trump has been under investigation since before he even took the oath of office. Many on the left see his Electoral College victory as one more reason that this particular institution need be placed on a ash heap of history. That will be difficult as it is in the Constitution and is the defined method for electing the President and was chosen so as to make the less populated states still valuable thus preventing a small number of states controlling the Presidency amongst them. Some claim that the Electoral College did not go far enough in allowing for the smaller populated states to have their say and point to the fact that New York has produced seven Presidents, Ohio has six, Virginia Five, Massachusetts four with California, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas each with three and a number of states with one and many with none such as Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Colorado (see map below).


Map Showing States from which Each President Hails

Map Showing States from which Each President Hails


Continuing with the scandal sheets, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also been under investigation endlessly with one of the investigations being over the amount of ice cream the Netanyahu family had been consuming. One would have thought they were operating a black market ice cream business with the importance the media made over their ice cream budget. Often it appears that sanity has left the building. The main scandal which Trump has been accused of has been his presumed working with Russian President Putin to get elected by having the Russians hack the DNC computers, the computer of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta and then dumping information about misuse of power and other potential criminal acts and bad behavior by Hillary Clinton and defaming her in the media which of its own volition was never going to happen. The media, until the information was disclosed by WikiLeaks, not the Russians, had been treating and continued to treat Hillary as the unstoppable candidate about to be elected as the first woman President. Their coverage up until the final week had been a congratulatory media explaining all the wonderful accomplishments Hillary had to her credit which were to serve her well as President. The information which was released by WikiLeaks was simply doing the media’s job for them, as it is not for the media to choose and celebrate the presumed winner; they are to be equally harsh and revealing of both candidates. We must also point out that the media in some unintended way served President Trump’s campaign when he would sucker them in and they believed they were destroying Trump when actually they ended up helping him. President Trump also ran a better campaign giving people position of his platform, what he intended to do in office and how he would achieve his goals all while the media poking fun at his positions which still got his message to the people. President Trump used Twitter to communicate directly with the American people and he is still at it.


Between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, what are the main things which make these men such enemies to such a loud and boisterous with their vindictive and often hateful and vile rhetoric of those who apparently are going to protest constantly as long as these men hold power? The most obvious is that they were elected from conservative, right wing parties. They both have a deep and almost old-fashioned love for their nations. They face threats head on and do not flinch from a fight. They are alpha males which drives leftists right up the wall. They are both not apologetic and meet accusations with bold defiance. They are nationalistic, and both happen to love the other’s country. They will support one another and neither is afraid to reach across political boundaries in an effort to have their adversaries on the left join and help where it is to their advantage. Their adversaries act more as if they are enemies lauding over every perceived misstep using any sign of weakness or vulnerability as an opportunity to go for the kill and their adversaries will stop at nothing to see them out of office. There are those from the far left who actually drool over the idea of these leaders departing the mortal coil. Both men are successful and have led their nations ahead economically and are bold in their statements and fully love and back their country. These are leaders who are strong and certain and will not shrink from and fight where the future of their nation is concerned. They have no doubts about taking actions when required and both would do whatever was required including open warfare to keep their nation and their allies safe. They both know that it is through strength and not concession that you gain peace. They are definitive in their support for their friends and allies and no nonsense when it comes to dealing with enemies of their nation. And most unusual of both men is they love the people of their nation even to include those who have protested them from the start and desire their failure and removal from office and are willing to do whatever it takes to attain their goal. Both men are self-assured believing they have a destiny to fulfill. And both men lead two of the most freedom loving nations filled with liberty and justice for all, and they epitomize those ideals.


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February 7, 2018

No, We Have Not Lost Our Trust in the FBI or America, Yet


Representative Adam Schiff suggested Sunday, talking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, that the GOP-crafted memo released Friday could lead to an Oklahoma City-style bombing because people will have lost trust in the FBI. His incredulous claim was if one witnesses their neighbor buying excessive amounts of fertilizer, yet has no lawn, they would hesitate from calling this in to the FBI out of fear that the Congress would release their name for political reasons making you a target. Fear tactics, we have always loved it when any political argument falls to straight fear tactics, the last argument of the scoundrel. The Democrats are running around pretending that the Constitutional release of information to the people by the Congress and approved by the President has irreparably harmed the safety of the nation. We find this almost amusing after the Democrats slow leaking of information from the very same FBI and DOJ investigations throughout the campaign and usage of these agencies’ highest officials to massage and manipulate information to allow Hillary Clinton avoid prosecution for treasonous acts of playing fast and loose with secret, Top Secret and even higher classified letters, memos and investigative reports on her “personal mail server” which she used to avoid any ability for any investigation to look into her actions while she was Secretary of State and from which she lost or misplaced many thousands of e-mails, many of which were found on other personal computers and communications equipment such as Anthony Weiner’s notebook which he shared with his wife, Huma Abedin, long time Hillary confidant and close friend as well as appointed to a high position aiding Ms. Clinton as Secretary of State. Their complaining falls on deaf ears after the interference of Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch, in the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s behalf after her meeting serendipitously with former President William Jefferson Clinton on his private jet on the tarmac of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 26, 2016, while the FBI investigation concerning Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was still underway.


The leaks and misinformation and secretive meetings surrounding the questionable lack of calling for an indictment of Hillary Clinton which astonished many observers even including some Democrats and was but half of the story. The leaks concerning the Russia probe into their interference presumably to throw the election to Donald Trump were intentionally damaging and completely illegal, not legal and above board as was this document release. The near constant dribs and drabs of presumably damning information proving coercion and influence of the election by the Russian government presumably at the behest of Donald Trump continued with new updates coming out weekly, then twice weekly and by election week the revelations were almost twice daily. Fortunately, most of the leaks were unlikely to cause any damage to the Trump campaign, as they were either inconsequential or concerned items which threw more doubt on Hillary than they did Donald Trump. What has been learned since the election through reckless leaking of information by largely Democrat and Hillary and Bill Clinton functionaries has raised doubts about Hillary Clinton and her time as Secretary of State, her and Bill’s parts in what appeared to be a donate to their charity in order to influence Hillary as Secretary of State and gain influence on President Obama. And as far as the collusion with the Russians, that now appears to have been part of the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as funded and arrange by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. There is the Steele dossier arranged by the investigative agency ‎Fusion GPS who were hired to dig up dirt about Donald Trump and his dealings with the Russians and their undo influence over Donald Trump concerning questionable actions which the Russians could hold over him. The entire mess was all too contrived and manipulated to be believable and had little if any influence on the election except to hurt Hillary Clinton and to bankrupt the Democrat National Committee as well as Hillary’s campaign. In the end, all these nefarious efforts are coming home to roost and perhaps in the end Hillary Clinton will get what so many believe she deserves, an orange pantsuit, actually more of a jumpsuit, and some nice accommodations at a Club Fed facility for the politically connected.


Club Fed or Club Med?

Club Fed or Club Med?


As far as Americans losing faith in the FBI or in America herself, not even close. Americans, especially after the recent State of the Union Address given by President Trump, are more invigorated and have more faith in the possibilities for their futures than any time in the past decade; well, unless they are a Democrat in the Congress who were obviously very dour and dejected. But there are some things being circulated in some circles which are anything but true. The first is that President Trump now has the Republican Party backing him. A Republican source has stated, “Mitt becoming Senator Mitt Romney and chairman of the NRSC elevates Trump’s biggest intra-party foe. This is not the outcome Trump wanted when he encouraged Hatch to run again.” He also noted that it would elevate Romney’s stature as an anti-Trump colleague within the party. Why would a Party presumably now in line with the President be elevating a credible alternate candidate into a position from which he could challenge Donald Trump in the next election primaries? The answer is obvious, the elite in the Republican Party still desire replacing Donald Trump as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The question then becomes, what if these elites succeed and manage to place Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or any of their other favorite sons onto the ticket in the 2020 elections?


The result of such a coup in the Republican Party will be a complete turn around from the election of President Trump. One item which has not been discussed very much is why was the media so assured that Hillary Clinton would win and why was the Clinton campaign nonchalant about even bothering to campaign in places such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the remainder of the so-called battleground states and instead spent all her time basking away before cooing crowds in New York and California where she was guaranteed large adoring crowds and easy victories. The campaigning answer is she was attempting to appear confident and as a winner with the adoring crowds arranged for her and as far as also the media, the fix was in, sufficient votes had been fixed where necessary and Hillary Clinton had the necessary votes to defeat Donald Trump assuming he got the votes they believed he deserved. Do not believe that Donald Trump lost the popular vote, at least not the actual popular vote, as he had to win and win so big that all their vote stealing and other cheats were not sufficient to prevent his victory. As far as malfeasance and mishandling of vote tallies, all one need do is research the accusations and actual findings which are always minimized by the guilty party and as very seldom does an election turn out so close that there results challenges and hand counts which often have varying results on each recount. The Bush-Gore Florida fiasco was a perfect example of the mess that comes when the actual votes are to be tallied and even then, there are games played such as divining who someone actually desired voting for when there was no vote in the Presidential boxes and other shenanigans. It is an unfortunate thing when a nation gets to the point where the omnipresent main parties have so rigged the election games that they remain relatively unchallenged and can even alter the results of elections.


So, what will happen should the Republican Party use the primaries and the alignment of the Super Delegates and other contrivances in order to remove Donald Trump and replace him with a mainstream Republican in good standing with the progressive elites who believe it is their fishbowl and they can control who is permitted to play in it? The people who elected Donald Trump will become disenchanted and very likely remain home and some may even decide that the Democrat Party candidate is less offensive than the candidate the Republican elite selected. Such an eventuality will prove to be an extreme disaster for the United States as should the Democrat Party ever get sufficient power in both the Congress and holding the White House and have sufficient State governments to pass an amendment to the Constitution despite any opposition, then we can expect some dire changes to occur. They might do away with the Electoral College and replace it with a straight popular vote for the electing of a President. People claim that such changes to the Constitution are impossible yet back in 1913 the Progressives won sufficient power throughout the nation that they changed how Senators were chosen making it a popular vote instead of allowing the State legislatures or Governors or some combination where each State chose how to select their Senator with the Amendment XVII. This made the Senate a smaller version of the House of Representatives and permitted the Federal Government to literally walk all over the States Rights, which had been protected through their selection of Senators to represent each state. The Constitution initially made the two houses of Congress for two entirely separate duties. The House of Representatives was to be the people’s house and the Senate was to be the States representatives. The Seventeenth Amendment ended that and turned the Senate into simply another popular people’s representative leaving the states powerless to prevent the Federal Government from usurping their power. It was the year 1913 with the two presumably ratified Amendments, numbers XVI and XVII, the income tax power for the Federal Government, as before 1913 there was no direct Federal Tax on the people, and the direct electing of Senators. Now the Federal Government had complete power over the individual states, began usurping all power to Washington D.C., and used the income tax in order to bring all finances to Washington D.C. This was the point where the Deep State began to take shape and it would take the repeal of the two Amendments, Sixteen and Seventeen, to bring sanity back to the government and permit the states some semblance of their power back with which they would hopefully whittle the size of the Federal Government back down to where it was almost harmless.


Another result if the Republicans deserted their base by replacing Donald Trump on the ticket by whatever means, no matter how proper and natural such was performed, this would lead to a Democrat taking the White House. With the now seeming complete power which has been consolidated in the Presidency, initially by every President since Washington but rapidly accelerated by President George W. Bush after 9-11 and then by President Obama to get all of Obamacare into law and amended as he saw necessary; the Royal Presidency has been furthered by Donald Trump in order to undo much of the illegal items done by fiat by President Obama. President Trump has simply validated much of the powers usurped by the former Presidents and possibly even added to them himself. The Presidency has been granted power to accomplish desired goals almost through pure will of the individual holding the office. Such power is defined as accomplishing the desired goals by fiat all but challenging the Congress to stop the President. The problem there is the Congress had grown lazy and no longer even wields the powers which remain within their purview. No longer does the Congress write the laws, they simply define that which they desire, the President signs off on such legislation, and then the departments are assigned their sections of the legislation to write the particulars, which are the regulations. These regulations have replaced what used to be laws. Congress used to define the goals and the means for accomplishing such goals and every specific step required. Now it is the Deep State that spells out the specifics after Congress has given them a general gist of their ideas. No longer are the people’s representatives responsible for the enacted implementation of the laws and thus they do not even know what their legislation has wrought. They will campaign using glorious sounding words telling about the legislation and what it is designed to accomplish when they have no idea what it actually will accomplish because they did not write how the legislations was to be implemented. This is the Deep State which President Trump desires unraveling such that the government can be returned to the people. President Trump does not agree with the lazy Congress and desired making the legislators actually write the codes of each piece of legislation and not passing off to unelected bureaucrats to enact the often-onerous regulations which supposedly derive from the Congressional direction in each piece of legislation. The Republican Party along with their allies in the Democrat Party do not desire that Congress actually work at their jobs as they see their jobs as being the social calendar and the reelection efforts. It is uncertain which they place first. The members of Congress, for the most part, simply desire to pass high-sounding legislation and not get their hands dirty working out the minutia. They leave that tedium to the Deep State of bureaucrats who often decide how much control they can grab and claim it fits the spirit of the legislation. This is the evil of the Deep State. This is something the progressives have wrought and the sad truth is that both parties are run by progressives. They love big government because that permits them to have control of the people and for the most part the people are too busy simply trying to survive the mess made by the Deep State to actually realize they are being had. The reason that even the Republicans desire the end to President Donald Trump is simple, he is not one of them and he is actually working for the people, the unwashed masses with whom the powerful in Washington D.C. prefer not to have to deal with. That is the sad truth and once President Trump leaves office, that may be the beginning of the end of the United States of America and, if we be permitted to slightly alter a great quote from Abraham Lincoln, this will be the end of the “Government of the people, by the people, for the people,” shall now perish from the Earth. We changed one letter of one word, we changed a ‘t’ to a ‘w’ making ‘not; into ‘now’ and that makes all the difference.


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January 19, 2018

Democrats and Palestinians Have a Common Bond


The Democrats and the Palestinians share a common thread in that neither one appears to understand President Trump or anything to do with him. Let us start with the Democrats as apparently their phobic reactions are more easily explained. Their problem is that they simply reject the result of the election. And why should they believe the results when everything which media prognosticators and reporters alike foretold was the inevitable and guaranteed result, President Hillary Clinton. The media was selling its false picture despite what their actual figures depicted. They had two varieties of polling; those weighted truthfully which told them there was a problem in Liberal Utopia and the ones weighted by calling landlines on weekdays in the later morning and early afternoon which always resulted with Hillary Clinton winning by a wide margin. In the final days of the campaign the media began modifying their tune hinting that perchance something was amiss. The last two or three days there were even a few articles which just came out and told what the media knew, Donald Trump was going to win the election and become President, and that the outcome would not even be close. They knew that Donald Trump had a lead in sufficient states throughout the central lands between the coasts and a select number of battleground states such that the election was unavoidably to be a Trump victory. They also knew that the only reason the actual vote totals might be close or even favor Hillary Clinton as she was going to win some states by all but unprecedented totals such as her finish in California and New York, states which would provide her with perhaps a popular vote win. This proved to be true, leading to the usual calls for the elimination of the Electoral College and allow the popular vote to choose Presidents. Fortunately, the Constitution is not easily changed and it precludes turning the election of a President over to the large cities and a few well populated states while turning the majority of states, the less populated states, into forgotten backwaters come election time making as few as ten to twelve states into the makers of Presidents.



Those who were taken in by the media and their pretense waited for the revelation, many at the various Hillary campaign sites including her headquarters, when the horrific news that Donald Trump had won. This placed some into a state of shock, others into denial and still others went into a blinded rage which apparently has yet to be consoled and for some will never be consoled. Many of those who are frozen in the night of the forlorn result where their princess was to be coronated queen only to have a rogue steal her crown, a pompous and irreverent rogue by the name of Donald Trump. These people who were affected in such various ways chose numerous paths in dealing with their disappointment. Many decided that they would work harder the next elections and returned to their lives much like the conservatives did in the last two Presidential elections. Others took to social media and have been waging the better fight ever since because they just know that if they can make Donald Trump quit or be removed from office, then, by default, Hillary Clinton will be the one to replace them. Whatever you do, do not try to explain to them that there is a presidential line of succession, as they just know that Hillary will be called to take over and fix everything that President Trump has destroyed. They work at this day and night circulating the same mems and alerts over and over and over ad nauseum. But they are carrying on the fight and they are fighting the good fight and will continue to fight until their candidate is given what was rightfully hers and was stolen. They will not defect from the fight and are determined to get Hillary her rightful rewards and everything she deserves. More on this as it develops, or maybe not.





Now let us address the Palestinian Arabs and their never-ending case of denial. They also have been peddling a sob story about their being forced off their lands by the <a href= target=blank>Europeans who used the Jews in order to steal the lands</a>. The land has nothing to do with the Jews according to the Arab Palestinians who have claimed they have resided in as the original Canaanites. They like to ignore the small fact that the Arabs did not leave their Arabian Peninsula until after year 600 and the Jews resided in the area back to well before 1000B.C.E. when the First and Second Temples stood upon the Temple Mount. Of course the Palestinian Arabs refuse to accept the existence of either Temple despite records from the Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations all of which predate the Arabs leaving their peninsula, imagine that. According to Abbas, “The Bible says the Palestinian existed before Abraham…” Abbas added even more and better, “We have been planted in (this land since)… the invention of the Canaanite-Palestinian alphabet… more than 6,000 years ago,” (see video below). Further proof of the insanity prevalent in almost everything coming out of Abbas and compatriots’ mouths is that <a href= target=blank>Cuneiform</a> was first developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia around 3,500 B.C., a mere 5518 years ago which means that written language did not exist in that mythical era Abbas claims existed. But his recent actions are beyond what even we have come to expect from Mahmoud Abbas. He has lashed out at the world and especially the United States, burned not only his bridges behind him but also the fields around them and even the walls to the castle. He is on a tear as if to destroy everything before others can get to them. He appears to have a particular and extreme hate for President Trump.





Guess what? Abbas and his cohorts have very good reason for their feeling for President Trump, more-so than the fanatics talked about earlier who also have a seeming white-hot-hate for President Trump. The reasons for the Arab Palestinian leadership’s deep feelings against President Trump is because he has decided that he will be the decider who ends the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by making a peace. He has already made the initial moves and by the reaction from Abbas, he must be on the right track. President Trump has only made two moves and they have made all the difference. First President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. This removed Jerusalem from the equation and offered the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Next, President Trump has ended payments to UNWRA. While this will not bring the immediate death of UNWRA, the others who initially cover the shortfall will not do so for very long and only as a test to see if President Trump wavers. He will not waver. As UNWRA becomes financially starved and the remaining donors start to realize the folly in continuing to pour more funding after bad, they will all stop and UNWRA will die a final and natural death it should have suffered decades ago. Then the millions of refugees will start to melt away finding new places to call home and finally being absorbed into the other Arab nations, Europe or wherever they will be accepted. That will bring the end of the other major obstacle, the refugees which will erode to a manageable number of a few hundreds. With the two main bludgeons removed from the arsenal, the Palestinian Arab cause will no longer have its main weapons with which to destroy Israel, their true goal. They know the importance of Jerusalem, as does President Trump which is why that had to be resolved and taken from the Arab Palestinians as it only meant the destruction of Israel to them and it meant survival to Israel. The refugees have been a weapon to attempt to infiltrate them through force into Israel thus outnumbering the Jews and turning Israel into just another Arab colony, part of the largest remaining colonial empire on the planet. With UNWRA on the endangered agency list, the refugees will soon be gone from the equation and then the destruction of Israel will no longer be possible for Abbas and his cohorts and they will have failed. Abbas realizes the writing is on the wall. He can make a deal now which permits Israel to continue and keep whatever they want as Israel will soon know they have won completely. The next step will be to permit the Palestinian Arabs to leave and return to their original lands or move to another place to start in a new land. Abbas has decided that only hos threats might be capable of scaring President Trump from continuing with this plan making any other choice look as if it will spark a great upheaval resulting in untold violence. We have some bad news for Abbas, President Trump will not back down, that is not his style and as proof we simply present the littered remains of some of the best and brightest politicians from the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton all lying in his wake as he sailed to the Presidency. That is where things now stand and we will now watch as President Trump stands firm while Abbas will slowly grow more and more unbalanced until either he explodes or his own remove him by one means or another. In Abbas against Trump it will be no contest, and Abbas can join those littering Trump’s wake where he will be the poorest of company for the rest.


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