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September 5, 2017

North Korea and a Time for War


United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated flatly that North Korea’s threats and actions were unacceptable and threatening the peace of the world. Secretary Mattis warned Kim Jong-un that North Korea would suffer a “massive military response” (video shown later in the article) should they attack the United States, her allies or protectorates. He stared further, “Any threat to the United States or its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response.” Also, “Kim Jong-un should take heed the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice. All members unanimously agreed on the threat North Korea poses. And they remain unanimous in their commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Because we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely, North Korea.” Secretary Mathis added “many military options” are available to the United States and President Donald Trump insisted on being briefed on all of them.


Trump Kim Showdown at Guam

Trump Kim Showdown at Guam


Secretary of Defense James Mattis was flanked by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford, another four star Marine General, and whenever you are facing two four star Marine Generals, you are looking at a real and viable threat. The generals of North Korea should also note that there was no State Department representative at the press briefing which to us signals that the playing of games and screaming threats back and forth are done. President Trump has apparently lost all patience with the petulant child leader who believes his own propaganda that he is a godly endowed beloved Dear Leader of North Korea and that his sweat does not stink, if you catch our drift. President Trump has a Congress to conquer and cow into submission, and we do not mean the Democrats but the presumed members of his own party which presumably are helping get his agenda accomplished. To do this, he needs to straighten out the Republicans in Congress or promise to run campaigns against them in the Primary Election and again in the General Election if that is what it demands to get them replaced with somebody willing to end Obamacare, cut and simplify the tax codes and finally address and keep a thousand and one promises he made along the campaign trail. President Trump would much rather work on reducing the load of government regulations which prevent small businesses from succeeding and find some way to inject more competition into the seeming monopolies which have all but taken control of the largest media network in the history of the world, the Internet.


North Korean missiles are simply flies to be Swatted by Trump

North Korean missiles are simply flies to be Swatted by Trump


North Korea and all of its missiles are simply flies which require swatting out of the air so that the President can get to rebuilding the United States as he had promised. But, Winston Churchill stated clearly once that, “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.” President Trump would likely agree wholeheartedly and already traveled that road. You might remember his use of “jaw-jaw” which was covered extensively by the media under claims that President Trump was going to start a nuclear war any second. President Trump never said anything about starting even the shooting of a rifle unless provoked by an actual attack by North Korea. The initial promise by President Trump to answer in kind with that little extra touch called complete destruction if North Korea followed through on any of their three most stated threats, the complete destruction of Seoul, South Korea and a full assault on South Korea, a missile attack which would potentially include nuclear warheads on Japan or striking Guam with nuclear tipped missiles destroying everything on the island American Protectorate was overshadowed by the media circus. It must have been because Kim Jong-un doubled down on his threat by claiming the nuclear attack on Guam was imminent and the decision was already made and the time was approaching. President Trump again chose to jaw-jaw promising to reply to such an attack with rain of “fire and fury” down on North Korea. The media went ballistic again screaming fearfully that war with North Korea was imminent. What was odd was they said almost nothing or absolutely nothing when Kim Jong-un backed down and remained silent and promised he was ending missile tests. When the threat of war fell to almost zero, the media went as silent as Kim Jong-un with nary a mention that President Trump had backed down North Korean lunatic President Kim Jong-un and instead started their non-stop coverage of Charlottesville and the war on Confederate War statues.



When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided to publically brag about the back down of Kim Jong-un by President Trump and his administration to the media, it proved to be a provocation according to Kim Jong-un. What needs to be understood is Kim Jong-un is unstable and fully believes that he is invincible and that North Korea can stand toe-to-toe against the United States militarily. Kim Jong-un also fully believes his own greatness and superiority in all things, after all, this is the man who shot an eighteen the first time he went out and played golf. When Secretary Rex Tillerson challenged Kim Jong-un, he challenged his manhood as far as the North Korean man-child was concerned, and nobody is permitted to insinuate that Kim Jong-un is anything but an invincible god-man. It was no surprise that Kim Jong-un launched missiles the very next day and the day after and has returned to threatening to launch nuclear tipped missiles at Guam. Secretary of Defense James Mattis flanked by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford gave what are most probably President Trump’s final words on the matter and as long as this final warning is heeded, the world will return to a nice peaceful place with nothing further from Kim Jong-un. This is exactly what would happen in a perfect world.


The problem is we live in this world. President Trump is pretty much done with Kim Jong-un and the whole North Korean threat. He has requested the different scenarios available from the Pentagon and how each one would be implemented. The President has likely also requested other plans for situations likely including decapitation of Kim Jong-un, preemptive strike to destroy Kim Jong-un’s ability to launch attacks on Guam or anyone, and other scenarios as well as what additional steps are required to provide full missile protection from the North Korean threat. The most difficult jobs will be protecting South Korea and Japan, as they are geographically neighbors of North Korea. As far as the probability of an actual war between the United States and North Korea, that is highly improbable. It would be an exchange of military might which would last less than two days, more likely less than thirty-six hours. The most probable outcome will be that things will start to cool as China or Russia will talk Kim Jong-un down from the perch and ground him for the duration of Trump’s Presidency. A war, even one of under a week, between North Korea and the United States would not prove good for either of their present plans, as they desire a United States concerned with internal problems and turning a blind eye to their plans and operations. Russia has their little arrangements for Middle East hegemony with Iran and its Shite Crescent stretching across from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea while China is quite busy creating their own Islands out of sand in the South China Sea. Neither of these ventures needs an alert and active United States looking around as to what needs addressing in this world.


President Trump is finished with jaw-jaw and will now allow Kim Jong-un to continue to scream and, with any luck, President Trump can avoid responding either in speech or by Tweet, then the world will be treated to Kim Jong-un sounding more and more desperate and futilely trying to gain some response from President Trump and permit him to gain some notoriety. This will be a test for the new Chief of Staff General John F. Kelly to control President Trump and keep him and the administration in a nonresponsive state no matter the challenge or threat from North Korea. This situation did not need to get this far but both China and Russia decided early on that they were not going to assist President Trump in any way and simply leave him to twist with a media roasting his every decision as if each were an impeachable offence and his entire administration suspected of the worst corruption or incompetence. They may have decided that this was a quick way to judge and frame exactly who President Trump is and what they can expect from him and how far he might be able to be pushed or pressured and what the signs are in order to judge him in the future. If this was their thinking, then they are also partially responsible along with the American media who spent their time tearing down the United States President than covering this conflict accurately and factually allowing Kim Jong-un to move the crisis to a more pitched height which was unforgivable. Should this terse conflict reach open warfare, there will be sufficient guilt and blame to go around but the only coverage which will be covered by the mainstream medias will be simply that President Trump was culpable for the entire mess and that Kim Jong-un was willing to end the crisis if only President Trump had simply made concessions and pay North Korea and provide them with fuel, food, money and who knows how much more and as North Korea has used this method of extortion multiple times before with success. Nowhere will one hear that the best solution for the people and the world would be the end of Kim Jong-un and the tyranny which has misruled the nation, all to the severe degradation of the lives of the people of North Korea, the real victims of the Kim family tragedy.


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