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October 14, 2015

New Day and Terror Attacks Increasing


There was a promise from yesterday to talk about a recent increase in Christian yielding to ascending Islam in the Western World, so first to make good on our word. When researching some information we found that we are far from the first to talk about Chrislam as a rising idea in many churches and that this concept has spread far beyond the Anglican Church where the Archbishop of Canterbury was one of the first church leaders to suggest that his church make some accommodations for acceptance of Islam and incorporate some Islamic acceptance and influences into the churches liturgy as a method for the church to survive. When Dr. Rowan Williams when he was the Archbishop of Canterbury stated the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK “seems unavoidable,” this was the initial start of an inevitable surrender to the inevitability of Islam becoming an integrated, inseparable and intractable force in Britain. This was followed with news later that the Anglican Church was considering making accommodations which could lead to a merging of the Church and Islam in a form which would incorporate both religions as a way of rescuing the church from lack of participation and filling the empty pews. There have since been Bishops and other high church officials from almost every form of Protestantism hinting or even insinuating or inferring, if one prefers, that some form of merging between their respective churches with Islam was the path for the future whereby both religions could and would gain from the incorporation of the best from each religion making the resultant faith the largest and most followed religion on the planet. Needless to say the reactions to these allegations that some truncated version of Christianity with an equally compromised form of Islam could be the basis for Chrislam and a stronger version of both Christianity and Islam combining the two religions were immediate and anything but cordial. The claim the union would easily make for the largest of all religions was said to be assuming that there were not mass migrations from Chrislam by both Muslims and Christians to churches and mosques which remained true to the source essences of each religion was being ignored and also likely to represent the majority of adherents to both religions.


The doubts that any idea of Chrislam becoming the newest religion by forming a marriage between Christianity and Islam were expressed by both faiths, though the reasons differed radically between the two religions. The main problem the defenders of Christianity gave revolved around the conflict which would ensue over the deity of Jesus Christ and the trinity being one of the criticisms which Islam held was polytheism which they explained showed the limited understanding the practitioners of Islam held about the trinity being the three forms of the wholeness of G0d and that there was really only one G0d in Christianity who had taken three facets representing the differing entities which defined the wholeness of G0d. The defenders of Islam simply insisted in the damnable beliefs and the corrupted verses of the Christian Bible which just as the Hebrew Bible differed from the Quran which was all the proof necessary to prove it was a corruption of the word of Allah and thus the religions of both Judaism and Christianity were false religions and their adherents would either be sent straight to hell or would be granted one last chance on judgement day to accept the Quran, Muhammad and to correct their erroneous ways and join the only true faith, Islam. As for whether anything such as Chrislam will ever come to pass, the probabilities are slim at best and completely impossible as the Christians will never compromise on the deification of Jesus Christ while the Muslims will never compromise on their Quran and their being the final word from Allah superceding Christianity just as Christianity with the New Testament was thus superceding Judaism.


What is more likely to happen is those Christians who are that unsure and not wholly committed to their faith and would be willing to form some bastardized version of Christianity merging with Islam be compromising and blurring the differences would just as easily continue down that slippery slope and soon come to rest as practitioners of Islam though their probability of being accepted by many Muslims would be remote as anyone that willing to compromise their religious principles obviously is incapable of true faith and dedication that Islam demands and cannot be trusted to be true to Islam as new Muslims than they had been to their Christianity. But all Chrislam would ever become would be a way-station for those Christians unsure of their faith and already inclined to try a different religion, particularly one with adherents so completely dedicated as the Muslims they have known or read about appear to be capable of being. Their view was and would continue to be to believe whatever was the going religion of the moment and as such not really any religion as much as a person going through the motions in order to be popular and in the primary and ascendant group, the dominant religion.


On to what was a horrific day of terrorist strikes all across Israel with the brunt of the attacks plaguing Jerusalem. It tears at one’s gut to have the holy and wondrous city of Jerusalem be the scene of such carnage and cruelty. There were at least a half dozen Israelis murdered and approaching thirty people injured. There was this attack where the terrorist rammed a bus stop with his vehicle and then proceeded to assault people murdering Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky and severely wounding a second person as seen in the video below. A security guard who was close to the incident intervened and initially wounded the terrorist with his firearm but the terrorist grabbed for his weapon and rose to his feet when he was pushed against the wall and refused to go down still clasping his knife or hatchet, depending on which report, was shot a second time and he still got to his feet and attempted to make his way to his vehicle when the security guard fired one last time killing the terrorist.





Another attack saw a team of terrorists attempt to commandeer an entire bus and when that failed they attempted to kill as many passengers as possible after locking the doors of the bus. The attack took place at a bus stop in the East Talpiot or Armon HaNetziv neighborhood in southeast area of Jerusalem. The two terrorists were armed with a knife and a pistol attacking passengers with one person killed and eighteen others were injured, with at least three being critically injured. Police arrived while the attack was in progress with one terrorist threatening people in vehicles which had stopped at the scene and by the time everything was said and done one of the terrorists was injured and taken into custody and the other terrorist was dispatched to Allah.


Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky, a member of the Pinsk-Karlin Hassidic sect, spent years compiling the book “Pearls of Yeshiyahu” on the Torah, and acquaintances had told Arutz Sheva about Rabbi Krishevsky stating that, “He lived alone for many years. All he wanted to do was study Torah and perform mitzvoth. At religious events, we always honored him with speaking because of his extensive knowledge of the Torah. Standing next to the deceased at the bus stop was one of the most important Hassid. He is the second injured person who condition remains defined as serious. May the peace and quiet return to Jerusalem.” Rabbi was on his way to study Torah as he had done every day for years. Rabbi Krishevsky is survived by one son. He was laid to rest today and we have included a video funeral service or at least the scene out on the street outside of the synagogue.




There were other attacks with one thwarted in Tel Aviv, two along the coast in Ra’anana, a town north of Tel Aviv, where a man stabbed four people with a knife on Jerusalem Boulevard with one in serious condition with stab wounds to the upper body. The three other victims were slightly injured, Baruch Hashem. The terrorist was arrested. Earlier in the day, another attack just a few hours earlier in Ra’anana was another stabbing attack in which one male victim was slightly injured being stabbed while waiting at a bus stop on the central Ahuza thoroughfare in the city. A spokesperson for the Magen David Adom rescue service said, “The victim, 32, suffered light wounds to his upper body in the incident.” It was reported by Magen David Adom and confirmed by police that the attacker, after being beaten by passersby to stop the attack, was taken into custody with serious injuries.


On an older front there was shooting at an IDF vehicle by snipers from inside Gaza. As usual it was not sure which of the terror entities was responsible though by default Hamas is the elected government and by default they are held responsible by Israeli authorities. This was not the first time since the resent assault wave in Jerusalem and throughout Israel as there was another incident on the Gaza border two days ago as Palestinians opened fire at an IDF force near Kissufim working on reinforcing the border fence. While discussing the border fence, the regional leaders from the four regions bordering Gaza on Sunday called on Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to immediately advance stalled plans to build a barricade the entire length of the Gaza border. Their urgency was spurred by the recent event which saw dozens of Gaza Arabs storm the border fence attempting once again to break through to Israeli territory. IDF soldiers were able to keep the hordes back without incident despite their having some limited success in breaching the fence. The demand is for a barrier similar to the wall in Jerusalem and other points considered most dangerous in Judea and Samaria such as Bethlehem. Perhaps the fence pictured below may just be insufficient to contain the attacks which have begun to be implemented by the terror forces in Gaza and perhaps it is time to proceed with installing a barrier and make the border more secure and also to act as a bullet stopper rendering sniper fire a thing of the past.



Current Gaza Fence which has proven to be insufficient to prevent storming by large groups of terrorist invaders or in preventing sniper fire and related dangers

Current Gaza Fence which has proven to be insufficient to prevent storming by large groups of terrorist invaders or in preventing sniper fire and related dangers



Finally, in closing, despite almost receiving no coverage, as, by comparison, the stone and cinderblock throwing at passing vehicles with Israeli license plates continued and has not lessened in ferocity or murderous intents. The citizens and their friends or relatives who may visit them are still at risk of being ambushed and potentially having their windshield or other windows smashed through and the rocks, bricks and/or cinderblocks hurling through the vehicle injuring or murdering the occupants and should the driver be struck the car may careen out of control striking a wall or tree or slamming into a ditch threatening all riding within the vehicle. We could describe the times when there were serious injuries or death but that would take up too much of your time and most would not read such a list. Instead let us remember three complete innocents who paid the ultimate price. More information is available at the articles we wrote when these assaults occurred. Yonatan Palmer age one died when his father lost control of the vehicle after a large rock struck him in the head and he either lost consciousness or was murdered immediately. Chaya Zissel Braun three-month-old baby girl before she was struck in her tiny little head by a rock thrown in a stone throwing assault and died shortly thereafter. The final victim did not die but her life will be permanently scarred as she missed a year of life and school meaning she will not be graduating with the class who has been a popular member until she met tragedy on the receiving end of a Molotov cocktail. Eleven year-old Ayala Shapira was burned over almost her entire body with severe burns on her face which will always leave scars and deformations no matter how many surgeries she must endure. Pictures of Yonatan Palmer and Chaya Zissel Braun can be viewed at the links above while a video showing the vehicle minutes after the crash where Ayala Shapira received the burns and scarring she will never completely recover from. These may have been some of the most severe attacks from the rock and firebomb throwers but that does not lessen the intent of the current attacks as if given even the slightest opportunity to murder more people with Israeli license plates, note we did not refer to the targets as Jews as they would attack any Israeli where one out of five Israelis are Arabs, they would release blood curdling yells of exhilaration as they not only murdered but also continued to attack even the corpse in order to remove any identity and satisfy their bloodlust. Such is the true horror of these rock throwers as their lust to kill, to slaughter is insatiable and beyond any reason and these attacks have been pushed from any coverage as the stabbings and other attacks are more noteworthy and because of the ancient news slogan, “If it bleeds, it leads.” This may have been in use when Aristotle read his morning tablet.


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