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September 28, 2018

Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation

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There is something special and different about Israel and her actions in world affairs. Israel is not a spiteful nation which turns her back on nations over their mistreatment or disrespect but instead stands ready to assist any nation after they experience a natural disaster or severe accident whether caused by natural powers or human error. Israel could break relations with any and every nation which in any way, shape or form recognized Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ as doing so is the same as wishing Israel be destroyed. Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ is the dream that Arab forces destroy Israel and build him his own fiefdom in its place. Of course, that is his pipe dream and in reality would be his nightmare as Hamas would swoop in with assistance from the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Jordan and Iran headquartered in the region in Syria. Once Hamas had cleared the region of the PLO Security Forces, they would then begin tossing all the command level politicians off the roofs of buildings in Ramallah. There would be a few exceptions such as Saab Erekat, Mahmoud Abbas and others from the highest order of the PLO, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority. These Hamas would desire a special end so as to make clear that they will breach no opposition by anyone and would hang these people from the public leadership slowly allowing them to strangle hanging from cranes. That is the monster the world is recognizing and it is a monster which would replace Israel, not living besides her, and would murder every Jew and Christian once Hamas is established. Most nations would break off all diplomatic relations with anyone who recognized a terrorist group’s claim to replace the nation and murder the vast majority of her citizens, but not Israel. Israel will even come as quickly as permitted to aid such nations just as she gladly does for friendly nations. Should you desire to ask about such Israeli disaster assistance, please ask the citizens of Haiti, the Philippines, Japan, Nepal where the Israeli team was amongst the first there and were the last to leave and even the United States as Israel was there in New Orleans after the Katrina hurricane assisting where permitted. For more on this we can recommend reading this article, this article and for a special treat, watch the video below.



But Israel has even offered to assist earthquake struck areas in Iran and Turkey and other Arab and Islamic nations or any nation no matter how far or small or isolated. We could add Italy and others to this list but the one which actually got covered was Haiti where the Israeli field hospital was in place, up and running before many other places had yet gotten their clinics fully functioning, as reported in the video below in a two minute CNN report and a very surprised, perhaps shocked, reporter who happened onto the grounds and was truly amazed. The IDF medical teams, search and rescue teams, rehabilitation specialists and even their search K-9s are a very special set of dedicated people who live in a state of on-call for any emergency anywhere on the globe where their assistance is accepted. These are specialized teams who specialize in specific areas as the reaction to different emergencies produces specific and special demands such as the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan severely damaged their reactors which required specialists in nuclear contamination, containment and clearance of radioactive materials plus on the treatment side the need was for burn relief and repair, cancer screens, radiation sickness and mitigation of contaminated personnel. Israel would send these teams into any nation which was proven when they offered to aid Iran after their deadly earthquake and did assist Turkey. Israel places her love of life above politics and it is a driving ethic within the military, police and special units. Below the video, we have included a map of locations for the IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world through the first half of 2015.



Locations of IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world up through the first half of 2015

Locations of IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world up through the first half of 2015


Israeli forces take minimizing loss of life into consideration in every operation on each step taken. Does this result in no civilian casualties, unfortunately not, as there will be collateral damage resulting from unintended consequences in any military action. Of course, this does not matter as far as the United Nations, Human Rights Council, European Union and the leftist media are concerned. While they pretty much ignore Syria’s use of chemical weapons (until President Trump arrived), minor mention is made of the dead civilians resulting from United States and NATO wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but let one Palestinian Arab suffer an injury, let alone a death of one, the world gets into an uproar as if somebody had bombed the Vatican or Mecca. The conditions do not matter nor does the situation, only that Israel can be depicted as imperfect and lacking in some way. There are two scales for weighing evidence of wrongdoing, one very lenient used for most if not almost all of the world and one so stringent that nothing short of Hashem could meet the expectation which is reserved for Israel. For a more in depth coverage of some of the strange and special measures used only against Israel, please read this article. To add some more ways Israel differs from other nations when directing their conflicts, Israel drops fliers, makes cell phone calls, and makes announcements on radio informing the Palestinian Arabs of where the IDF will be operating and the estimated time the troops will arrive in an area. Immediately we get challenged asking, does that not warn the enemy combatants allowing them to set up traps and ambushes? Oddly enough the answer Israel gives is, yes, it does and we will just have to deal with that. Also, even in airstrikes in support of ground troops, before loosing a bomb or missile, the pilot must check with command one final time where a command level officer and a lawyer from the IDF legal and international law specialist review all information including often live drone camera feed of the target, which they have watched while the aircraft was airborne, and have requested that the pilot himself take a good check of the area and even provide video all before allowing the attack. This does result in attacks on even high level targets to be scrubbed because there were too many civilians in the strike area. Yet, much of the world systems refuse to accept IDF inspections of itself and its operations despite their proving time and again that they will prosecute any offense committed by one of their soldiers. The world is always ready to believe the worst stories invented about the IDF with one of the most infamous being the Al-Durah Myth where a French television news operation concocted their own story about the IDF murdering an innocent youth intentionally replete with video shot of the episode which required editing to even make it acceptable to back the story. After checking the facts, which took quite some time, as the IDF had to review every action they had been involved with the entire day as none fit the story. The IDF checked and rechecked and could not verify or deny the story and could only reply that they had no facts backing the claims made. It took months for that myth to finally be revealed and put down but in the Arab world, al-Durah is still considered a holy martyr. Another over the top exaggeration by the media was the battle in the refugee camp within the city of Jenin. For an in-depth report including maps of the battle area, please read this article.


Still, despite being on a war ready standing more than almost any other nation on earth and having faced mortal threats from every neighbor and often all neighbors and other nations as well on numerous occasions, Israel is still the little start-up nation out of which comes numerous innovations, new techniques, new technologies, new agricultural plants, new agricultural water usage with other innovations, new apps for your mobile phone, even the mobile phone itself, instant messenger programs, computer innovations, medical advances and on and on. One can only wonder what else Israel might produce if she were left intact and in peace. Israel is on the verge of finding cures for many forms of cancer and is amongst the most advanced nations in the treatment of this deadly disease. We can merely scratch the surface when attempting to proclaim the wonders that have come from Israel and been shared with the world. Israel is probably the most involved nation when it comes to assisting the villages and small towns throughout Africa where Israel installs water treatment and new and modern concepts and technologies to assist these places with crop growth, production and storage as well as assists with medical training and providing equipment to hospitals and much more as listed in this article. More information can be found in this article and this group.


But what makes Israel extra special is the one reason it is hoped will never be realized. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People just as it was when Joshua brought the Israelites to the Promised Land and when King David made Jerusalem its eternal capital 1050 B.C.E. and is once again what it has always been, the one place on the Earth where any Jew is welcomed and will be protected. The lives which could have been saved if only Israel had not been conquered and forgotten for two and a half millennia are nearly uncountable. Israel is life rafts for the Jewish People should they ever face a madman such as Hitler or Nebakanezzer or countless others from the pagan idolaters of old through Christianity and then Islamic leaders all used the Jews as their scapegoat. Israel took in the 850,000 plus Jews evicted from the nations in which their families had lived for over a thousand years without much more than the clothes they were wearing as the Arab and Muslim worlds purged their populations of the Jew. These Jews make up half of the population and it is starting to get to the point where the European Jew and the Middle East and Northern African Jew no longer exist as separate as through intermarriage a new group is emerging, the Jew without any descriptors. We have one such here at BTC whose father was from London and mother was an Iraqi Jew from Bombay, now Mumbai. This is the future of Israel, to mend and meld the once disparate forms of Judaism into a single religion. There are already calls from people within the government to merge the two Chief Rabbis making it a single person as Chief Rabbi representing all of the Jews in their developing oneness. If we are to truly be with Hashem as our model, His is the ultimate and undefinable oneness, thus we as Jews must strive for oneness in our religious observances and our lives lived together in mutual support and harmony. Is Israel there yet? Unfortunately, the answer is no, we have quite a ways to go. There are definitive signs that progress is being made and at a pace about what one might expect. Israel has to also make sure that she provides as safe an area as is possible but it is also up to each Israeli to take responsibility for personal situational awareness. Currently Israel is being challenged from Gaza, threatened from Syria, Iran and Lebanon with Hezballah yet we must also ready ourselves and our infrastructure with the expectation that large segments of the remaining Jews in the Diaspora making their return home rather suddenly and unexpectedly. This is the case from England should Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister and there are also challenges across Europe which are making the Jews fairly nervous and uncertain. Israel must be prepared for all of them despite knowing not all will leave and those who leave will not all arrive in Israel as of yet. Israel must prepare to accommodate probably about three to four million Jews from North America sometime in the next twenty years or so. Currently, very few even see this as a possibility on the far horizon but we believe this could come suddenly and with little notice by the average Jew in North America. Israel is the place of refuge during the storms which inevitably come, often just as the Jew has become about as assimilated as any group can become. As throughout Jewish history, whenever we get so assimilated that many cannot tell who is a Jew and many Jews forget their heritage and are seemingly lost to Judaism, and then come those who want to label the Jew as an animal to be hunted down and their blood drenching the lands. This happened with the Persians and Haman through the Greeks, Romans, Christians, Muslims and continues today with a twist, but it will end with the Jews under threat of death with the more assimilated Jews believing they must mean those other Jews who wear their Yarmulkes and Tzitzit. They are always shocked when the enforcement troops or police come for them or those close to them. This is when they finally get nervous remembering their Jewish past and how if their grandparents or great-grandparents are researched, it will be found that they were Jews buried in a Jewish area of the cemetery and this will make their pedigree known as being the Jew. Then they will know that one cannot hide their Jewishness and should never want to do so. It has never worked and it will not prevail this time as well. That is why Israel needs to be prepared for virtually anything from Western nations becoming National or International Socialists as both groups consider the Jew as inferior and not actually human or the West may fall to Islam leaving Israel in a very precarious position. But still there will be an Israel forever as this will be our final return for all time which is left to us. Israel is the one and only thing which every Jew can gain some benefit and possibly even some joy; we have definitely found joy thanks to the other Israelis we have met and come to know and pray with. Israel is warmth and acceptance on a level beyond description and likely also understanding, but Israel does love us.


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