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October 21, 2015

Temple Mount Is Not and Never Has Been at Status-Quo


We keep hearing about maintaining the status-quo on the Temple Mount. That begs the question as to which status-quo are they speaking about. Do they mean the status-quo right after the Six Day War when Jews and Christians were free to enter the Temple Mount freely and pray as they pleased even to the point of davening for Jews and crossing themselves for Catholics and everything inbetween. Time passed and the First Intifada came as did the end of free access and over the ensuing times leading up to the First Intifada and as the Arab incitement increased there started to be changes in the status-quo on the Temple Mount. The initial limitations were regarding hours of access, then which gates one could utilize, to limitations on how one could pray, until it reached that non-Muslims were relegated to one gate fed by a bridge which was near collapse and the Waqf has refused to permit replacement or proper repair so small enforcements had to be used to keep the bridge from being closed by engineers over safety concerns. Prayers by non-Muslims became problematic so they were cancelled. Finally we reached where we are today where when the Muslims riot the Jews are barred from the Temple Mount and the world is told, you see, the Jews were the trouble and when they stop defiling our holy al-Aqsa Mosque, which by the way encompasses the entirety of the Temple Mount, then the trouble leaves with them and finally there are riots whenever a Jewish holiday is near and continue until the holiday has ended. Since Jewish holidays run pretty much one into the other from the High Holidays through to the end of Sukkot and beyond there was required a full two months of rioting in order to keep the Jews from their holiest of all sites on Earth.



Temple Mount Arial View

Temple Mount Arial View



This almost went further with the Arab states attempting to have UNESCO declare the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) a Muslim holy site along with the plaza in order to then riot there and prevent Jews the little access they have which has blessed and made that a holy site. Fortunately UNESCO, despite having recognized Palestine without borders defined, denied the request and went all critical on this blatant attempt to appropriate other religions’ holy sites. One might ask where was this righteous indignation from UNESCO when they declared the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Kever Ruth (Ruth’s Tomb) both holy sites as Mosques of Islam. Perhaps they are waking as if they were to give this last mile to the Muslims the next request would be to claim the Tel Aviv central bus station as a Muslim holy site and from there, who knows, the Vatican, Big Ben, the White House? For everybody’s information, all of these have been declared as future Muslim holy sites and for proof please visit yesterday’s post and spend a couple of minutes and view the video midway down the page, thank you.



Western Wall also Known as the Wailing Wall and Sacred Site for Jewish Prayers Ever Since the Temple Mount Became Denied to Jews and Christians by Muslim Waqf which Also Wants to Assume The Wall and Reserve for Muslims and Deny Jews and Christians

Western Wall also Known as the Wailing Wall and Sacred Site
for Jewish Prayers Ever Since the Temple Mount Became Denied
to Jews and Christians by Muslim Waqf which Also Wants to
Assume The Wall and Reserve for Muslims and Deny Jews and Christians



The truth is that Islamists today want, if they can get away with it, to appropriate or destroy as they did the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, if memory serves me correctly, which they destroyed utterly with explosives simply because they were not Islamic and were older then Islam but not permitted to remain on Muslim lands. They will eventually make the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of the Nativity into Islamic holy sites simply be covering over any decorations or destroying them and placing four minarets around them as they did the Hagia Sophia. They will spread their domain over all of old Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Shechem and every other place holy to Judaism and Christianity starting with whatever they can grab in Israel and then before finishing the task in Israel where they will be fought tooth and nail if I have anything to do with it, and instead turn their attentions to Rome and every church and especially cathedral across Europe. They may start another front with Europe by retaking what they call Andalusia and we call Spain and they claim is occupied while most call it liberated and returned to the true faith which unfortunately also resulted in the Inquisition taking the Spanish Jews and either expelling, converting or murdering them as well as the Muslims. For some reason whenever the bath water is thrown out the Jews appear to be the bar of soap which all too often was thrown with the bathwater as a minor inconvenience as long as the baby was safe. This truism is valid whether it was Christians throwing out Muslims or Muslims throwing out Christians, both also took out their Jews while they were at it. That will not be the case in the Holy Lands any more. The Crusades and Muslim re-conquests were bad enough but this time we Jews hold our homelands and we, very many and more every day are awakening and joining in exclaiming, “NEVER AGAIN!!!”


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