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February 15, 2019

Future Promises Playing Out on American Campuses


There is a truthism spoken by Vladimir Lenin which goes, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” We would like to make a slight alteration which will be just as valid a statement but ours goes, ‘Look to the colleges and you will see your future ruling elites.’ This should frighten anyone familiar with what passes for normal on today’s college campuses. There are forces who have been making inroads to indoctrinate the youth and many have gotten into position as professors at some of the most prestigious universities in America as well as across Europe. They are assisted in selling their new view and plans for the future by instigators and NGOs which hate Israel and America looking to overthrow the elective systems of governance and replace it with totalitarian socialistic governance. Their initial protests were against Israel, as blaming the Jewish State and claiming the Jews stole Arab lands was an easier sell than attempting to vilify the United States. But with the election of President Donald Trump and the media storm which has ensued ever since, selling that the United States is an oppressive regime which denies equal rights to minorities has become an easier sell. Additionally, they can equate the Trump Border Wall with the Israeli anti-terror wall/fence and the border fence around Gaza. Additionally, they paint President Trump and with it the Congress, which had a Republican majority until the last election, as serving the upper one-percent and denying even a decent living to the other ninety-nine-percent, as ludicrous a statement as the claim that Israel is attempting genocide against the Arabs. First thing is if Israel was attempting genocidal practices against just the Palestinian Arabs, then how can one explain that their numbers since 1950 have gone from approximately seven-hundred-fifty-thousand to presumably over five-million. Further, the expanded version of that slanderous trope has been that the Jews wish to destroy the Arab and Muslim worlds, as if the around fifteen-million Jews on the planet today would even consider making such a war against the approaching two-billion Arabs and Muslim worldwide. But such claims against the Jews and Israel are often fed to college age youths who have little knowledge of Israel and at best neutral feelings with no real basis for understanding Judaism or Jews take such information, especially when it is presented as fact by professors, specifically those hired in departments of Middle East studies which are very often funded by Saudi Arabia and other wealthy oil producing Arab nations and even Iran through intermediaries such as Qatar. The latest, which is explained far more eloquently by Lee Kaplan who heads Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA) and has links to places backing up and also further expounding on his article and can be read here.


The root of the program to co-opt the minds of students in universities and colleges is not a new idea on how to plan a takeover of a nation. This was part and parcel of the Communists recruiting in Russia which led eventually to combining student revolutionaries and labor union leaders and their members to man the ramparts of the revolution. Thus, it should not be surprising to find the same approach being used today by the Islamists as they are slowly infiltrating the United States and were swarming into Europe until many nations froze their immigration and closed their borders. The first target of these groups is the Jews; of course as some things seldom if ever change. The Jews were the initial target of the Nazis claiming the Jews were all Bolsheviks and Communists while in Russia the Communists also were targeting the Jews claiming they supported the Nazis and were a danger to Russia and the revolution. Now, it was true that there were Jews who were Bolsheviks and Communists just as there were Jews who initially supported the Nazis, as they were, in both cases, useful idiots. Today, the Jews are being used as the threat and the controllers of the halls of power where they are abusing their influence to threaten numerous minorities, the integrity of the nation and numerous other nefarious activities. These are not new derogatory claims against the Jews as these are old blood libels which go all the way back to Haman and King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I) in Persia around 500 BCE. Even the Pharaoh who enslaved the Jews because he did not know Joseph, as explained in Torah, was convinced by his advisors that the Jews were too numerous and powerful and might join an invading foreign power against the Pharaoh and thus needed to be brought low. This was closer to 1800 BCE. This threat that the Jews are going to destroy the nation if they are not prevented from exercising their influences to the detriment of every other group, this is often made group sensitive depending on the audience being addressed. The saddest thing about this is there are Jews who willfully assist such tropes sometimes going so far as to echo them with some being professors who repeat such deceits and teach them as fact. Think about it carefully, as the Jews make up a mere two-percent of the population of the United States and despite being prominent in numerous fields, they simply do not have the numbers to accomplish those threats they are so often accused of perpetrating. When it comes to the United Nations, where Israel is constantly under assault and the Jews are often grouped as attempting to make the world subservient to Israel through their influence around the world; the Jews, less than zero-point-two-percent of the world’s population are going to do exactly what? But the Jews are and always have been a juicy and opportunistic target to funnel hate towards.


The main starting point is almost always Israel in these attacks, but as has now been witnessed on too many campuses, Jews are being targeted for violence, hatred and exclusion from college student government positions, positions on school newspapers as well as numerous other problems at numerous universities. These problems on American campuses are a recent development of the past quarter century and are a direct result of the moves by the Arab world to demonize and isolate Israel, and if they need to demonize Jews in general, that is just fine with them and possibly a bonus. Some of the accusations leveled against Israel include that it is a racist nation ruled by white European men who exclude people of color and women from power; Israeli Arabs are not permitted to live, work, join groups, be in the government and a host of other claims; Israel is working towards establishing a Greater Israel on all Arab lands, Jews are genocidally murdering Palestinian Arabs; the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is killing Arabs for body parts to transplant and various other regurgitations of old canard and blood libels including stealing money, causing illnesses, poisoning the water, candy, food etc. and many, many more. Just to poke a small gaping hole, let us kill two accusations, possibly more, with one example; Haneen Zoabi is currently in the Israeli Knesset (parliament), though she is retiring and not running again, as an Arab, woman, pro-Palestinian who desired the destruction of Israel and has called for exactly that numerous times, so, any questions? The problem is the vast majority of Americans, and even more so amongst the youth, even those of college age, know little or nothing about Israel, know just barely more about Jews or Judaism, many have never knowingly met anybody who was a Jew or especially a religious Jew and are willing to believe what they are fed, especially when it comes from one who appears to be or is in a position of an authoritarian, which professors are especially believed and there are hosts of them, especially at some of the more prestigious institutions as they have been targeted by the Arabs and Islamists so as to indoctrinate the leaders of the future (if you skipped a link above, allow us to repeat it as it lists universities where Jewish students are prone to find difficulties, more so if they support Israel, and the list is frightening as many of those listed are prestigious halls of learning) and this is exactly where they hope to take the United States and are taking Europe, at least western and northern (Scandinavian) Europe. This is also evidenced by votes taken in the United Nations General Assembly and votes in the Security Council condemning Israel, disproportionally condemns Israel.


Conspiracy Theory of a Greater Israel

Conspiracy Theory of a Greater Israel


These events are troubling if one believes in a free world with mostly democratic governance and believes that people should be free to worship as they please and that religion, gender, race, national origin, sexual preference and all other human rights remain protected for all peoples. Unfortunately, there are forces at work which are diametrically opposed to these concepts but they are hiding often behind, of all things, human rights. Most of such organizations use Israel as their first and foremost punching bag because they can use latent or outright anti-Semitism to camouflage their true identities and purpose. These groups have targeting youth, especially those in universities, as their prime focus and are seeking to change the world to bring it under the sway of Islam. Many even disguise their Islamist roots while others are being exploited by those whose goals are an Islamic World Caliphate as described in the Quran. The Islamic world through these groups will often claim that Israel oppresses their Christians but they will never tell you that of all the nations within MENA (Middle East and North Africa) which is also called the Arab world plus Iran, only in Israel are the numbers of Christians increasing. They will claim that the Israeli occupation has forced the Christians out of Bethlehem. The problem here is that Bethlehem is currently ruled by the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas and the Christians fled Bethlehem due to their stores being stolen or destroyed and then their homes and many left after death threats, all beyond anything Israel did or could do. They claim that Israel refuses to allow the Arab Palestinian from voting. Arab Palestinians are not permitted to vote in Israeli elections for a very simple and basic reason, they are not Israeli and live either under the virtual dictatorship of Mahmoud Abbas who refuses elections as he knows he would lose or they live under Hamas dictatorial regime in Gaza. Would the United States allow Mexicans or Canadians or Chinese to vote in their elections and is this denial the reason for a complaint that they deny these people a vote? Of course not, that would be ludicrous. Another reason these accusation succeed is simple, those spreading these largely false accusation are backed by nations with vast wealth as well as the numerous anti-Semitic forces and far-left and far-right political groups, neo-Nazis, and slowly but surely the left-wing political groups across the globe. The next potential and even likely Prime Minister of Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, the man who befriended Hamas and Hezballah but did not hate Jews, but cracks have appeared in those explanations which he swore by. Jeremy Corbyn is far from alone on the left, as some of the new members to the United States Congress have been proving. These are either Muslims (Ilhan Omar), Palestinians (Rashida Tlaib), or wide-eyed youths full of exuberance and short on knowledge (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Whatever their reasons, hatred of Israel and demands that it be erased from history, again, have been perched on their lips and we can expect many new faces with similar attitudes as time progresses. If screaming for people to wake-up, read-up, learn-up and if necessary, act-up before such things are no longer permitted is insufficient, then likely all is lost. Political correctness is not a polite way of speaking, it is controlling the language to control all debates and silence all who are opposed to those things which are inclusive and contained within intersectionality, which is designed to exclude Israel and her friends as Israel, and eventually this will be broadened to include all Jews, is considered beyond the pale and to be quashed. “The hate that begins with Jews (or the Jewish State) never ends with Jews,” former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom.


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