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October 9, 2015

Why Are the Muslim Refugees Heading to Europe and not Arabia?


There are those who will claim that none of the Arab nations were prepared to take any Syrian refugees in but for the one-hundred-thousand airconditioned tents that Saudi Arabia informed the media were prepared for taking in and caring for three-million refugees. The reality is that these tents which are located roughly 2,150 miles from Syria in the city of Mina are only used a few days a year to house pilgrims on their way to Mecca for the Hajj. Only the very best possible accommodations are provided for the pilgrims on the Hajj. These tents contain a bathroom and a kitchen and are presumably fireproof. Despite the show and tell for the media, these tents were never intended nor will they ever see a single Syrian or other refugee, these are for the privileged, not the needy. Still, one-hundred-thousand airconditioned tents are quite a sight as you can see below.



one hundred thousand airconditioned tents Saudi Arabia to accommodate pilgrims on Hajj each has kitchen bathroom fireproof and never intended for refugees

So, if a refugee will not be permitted to take up refuge in those one-hundred-thousand airconditioned tents that Saudi Arabia used to house pilgrims on the Hajj, what is a desperate refugee to do? Their options are not exactly brimming with hope of any kind for their future as the civil war in Syria has been going for five years claiming the lives of approximately one-third of a million, nearly four million predominantly Muslim Syrians refugees currently in camps and unknown countless people maimed and injured as no official numbers are available. The latest development has been the stampede of refugees breaking from the camps, which the hosting countries are only too anxious to permit, heading into Europe using any possible passage and forms of transportation they are able to find, and for the more fortunate, afford would be a better term, to get them onto the soil of any European Union nation which facilitates free access to everywhere within the European Union. Often the easiest means for reaching the European shores is by crossing the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea in crafts of varying viability with the refugees often attempting such crossings in inflatable rubber rafts with outboard motors as depicted below. Many refugees have been caught by cross currents or rough seas during storms, something soon to be an ever present danger as the winter storms are soon to be upon them. Even should the refugees survive their struggle set before them in order to reach European Shores, there is still the problem of reaching a desired destination.



Syrian and Other Refugees in Rubber Inflatable Boat with Outboard Motor Risking Aegean Sea Dangerous Currents Cross Currents Hazards Claimed Enough Lives as Pictures Strew Front Pages

Many of the refugees end up landing in Italy, Greece or Spain, none of which are desirable destinations as the economic opportunities and social safety cradles are not much superior than were their home nation from which they are fleeing seeking brighter futures. Not all of the refugees are from war torn Syria as many are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, South Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iran and other Islamic or Arab states where the economy has collapsed as governments have recently changed and thus there has been a power vacuum which has presented the former citizens of these now failed states with some extremely difficult decision to make as to where their families will see the best possibilities for the future. It is exactly these reasons what many have taken on the risks of reaching Europe and have paid a handsome price for escort by those who traffic in human misery taking full advantage of desperate peoples. The map below details the facts that there are nations preferred by the refugees such as Germany, Britain and the Scandinavian nations being the most prized followed by France, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic being amongst the secondary countries as depicted in the map below. The first consideration is the economic opportunity of their targeted nation, then there is the climate and for many there is also the comfort allowed for the unemployed who must live solely on the generosity of government programs.



Refugees Fleeing Middle East North Africa Heading to Europe Prefer Best Social Welfare Safety Net Highest Payments Standards of Living


The social safety net offered in Europe is the determining reason that the refugees from anywhere in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are heading to Europe and not the numerous Arab and Muslim nations, even to include the oil wealthy nations. The nations of MENA will not share their wealth nor offer any real safety net for any peoples beyond their immediate native born population, if even them. The Arab and Muslim nations provide limited assistance to their own population and are unlikely to assist any others. This has not always been the case as during the Golden Age of Islam there were funds to care for those incapable of caring for themselves. That age had long past and was a forgotten time with the final coup de grâce was delivered after World War I when the Sykes-Picot agreement divided up everything outside the Mandate Lands which were also reserved for particular communities.


The charge into Europe is based on a dual-track where one is a plan for the future in a long-range planning and the immediate need drives the other track. The immediate track is driven by the need to have a place, a homeland away from the ravages of war where their children can have a future assured of their education and promising opportunities. These refugees have had quite some time to realize that their Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters would allow them to perish rather than open their borders and allow the refugees to gather within and require aid and funds to feed and care for them. Instead the Arab and Islamic countries encouraged the refugees to invade Europe and to take large numbers in each of wave after wave all attempting to reach one of the prime nations as indicated in the map above. Germany became the cry by many a refugee after German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed she was prepared to process and accept eight-hundred-thousand refugees which was taken as an open invitation and the refugees began pouring over the German border. Initially, only Hungary took a stand against the refugees refusing to permit them to cross into their nation and those who managed to cross the border were advised to leave and were afforded all the assistance necessary to send them on their way. Remarkably, after Hungary there were other nations who also adopted similar no entry policies with varying amounts of success. The sheer numbers attempting to rush into Europe will eventually overwhelm any security forces short of riot troops using water cannons and other riot dispersal methods to protect the border and even then there will be those which manage to cross into every nation. This is the short term plan, simply to transfer the responsibility for caring for the Syrian and other refugees onto the European Union and the United States establishing a foothold. We should expect that any declaration to permit the extradition of those accused of criminal acts will be met with denial of their responsibility and the leaving of the accused within the European nations where the charges were leveled. This influx of religious Muslims to a largely now secular Europe will force the Europeans to reach compromises to accommodate their religion as a permanent condition facilitating their faith and its practice.


With time there will develop areas which will be Muslim dominated and under Sharia which is the intermediate step expected in this long term invasion by phases, something very similar to what is threatening Israel with five-million refugees and their descendants from the Arab initiated war of annihilation of 1948-9. Any non-Muslim entering such areas had best know their religious practice in order to perform their duties without causing insult. The long-term goal is to bring sufficient numbers of Muslims into the entirety of Europe that they will simply rule it using the ballot box, democracy and a decent amount of intimidation thrown into the mix. This will result in an Islamic Europe under either the Islamic States or under Iranian rule as these two main powers will determine whether Europe, as well as Islam, will turn towards Shiite or Sunni Islam as the Official Religion. The aim is to overrun Europe with Muslims today and down the road have Islam become the dominant and soon only acceptable religion across Europe. This will be a conquest by immigration and population predominance. Many of the secular Europeans with their history based on things they will have taught children will very likely be easy pickings when they have such little knowledge of the Bible allowing for them to be easily saturated with the Quran. The schools will be utilized in forcing the learning of the Quran and Europe will slip into the darkness of Islam and Jihad while the rest of their world watches them dissolve away being replaced with Islam either ruled by the Islamic State or Iran with little hope of retaining even a core of secularists and obviously Christianity and Judaism along with all other religious beliefs will have fled, converted or been beheaded. Eventually the Quran will have come to have consumed the Bible and once doing so it will have assured to have dominated and subjected all secularists as well. There will be only the Quran, the Muezzin’s call to prayer five times each day from right before sunup to just after sundown (something which will prove very interesting in the most northern lands in the European Scandinavia where the sun does not set in the summer and never quite rises in the dead of winter). The one last thing which all can be assured of, and that is after the fall of Europe the United States then Canada will not be far behind.


There will be those who will question how it was that Islam swept across Europe and conquered the continents of Europe and North America almost without firing a single shot. That will be a misguided question as where bullets may not have been used as the favored form of execution but there will be harsh attacks on those who refuse to believe and show sufficient reverence and devotion in their prayers often resulting in public hanging or beheading. It is needless to point out that each of these heretics to Islam will have been made to make a very public apology and recounting of and confessing their sins and their evil core before being executed making a spectacle for the public including a reinforcement of Islam. Much will parallel the story line for the society as described in George Orwell’s 1984 except instead of Big Brother there will be Allah and the Imam’s watching you while each and every European left will bow before Allah and learn to recite by rote the Quran so they will be good Muslims. Their role model will be sold them as the principles by which Mohammad lived and there will still be the Two Minutes of Hate, as pictured below, which will probably have a person to scream at on the screen who will very likely have a name such as “Emmanuel Goldstein” as that will need no tweaking.



Two Minutes of Hate Screaming at Video of Emanuel Goldstein from the George Orwell Novel 1984



Some things can share a remarkable resemblance with only the smallest of changes from the realm of good fiction to future events in real life. That is what probably makes such classic stories classic, their ability to strike that chord in people where they can see these exact principles, as in the case of the novel 1984, almost the entirety being as near an exact copy coming into fruition as one may imagine. Instead of nationalist based fascist socialism taking over all of Europe as in 1984, it does appear that there will be a form of religious based fascist socialism sweeping Europe if the power behind the refugees achieves their goals. In many ways the governance under Islam is a form of universalist, fascism with some forms of redistribution of wealth and comes with an entire self-regenerating hierarchy by which its current leadership directly trains and promotes the next generations which will carry on exactly in the same identical ways of the previous generations with little if anything ever changing.


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