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October 26, 2014

Thin Skinned American Leadership Snubs Israel’s Ya’alon

For an administration which has hurled invectives, insults and denunciations by the score at Prime Minister Netanyahu alone and just as many against the several other leading political figures, while demeaning and criticizing every single move taken by the government from defensive moves against terrorism to simply approving houses be built for the growing Israeli population, they sure are poor losers should a single well deserved snide but true comment be fired at their clumsy, toe stepping, vindictive Secretary of State who apparently has saved his disdain from his days of denouncing American troops fighting in Viet Nam before the media and in Senate hearings keeping it ready for any chance to deplore Israel at every turn. These intentional snubs were the American Administration’s punishment for Ya’alon comments made in private but subsequently revealed to the media which reported his comments to include that Secretary Kerry presented a plan so empty of concerns for Israel and with such an aloof imposition that none should object or find quarrel with his plan that he appeared to have been, “…very determined, and operates based upon an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling…” It was this reference of Secretary Kerry as obsessive and messianic which the Administration took particular displeasure with and for which they punished Minister of Defense Ya’alon. Now that they have evened the score in their petty minds perhaps we can return to acting like adults and not like schools chums trading barbs and slights.

Were I to wish to dwell on the subject of whose feelings have been damaged and who said what about who, I might go on in lengthy terms quoting such conversations as between heads of some renowned European nation and the quippy tit-for-tat one upmanship displayed by the American President, but then I would be tasked with reviewing the slights and rants and then rating them to find the best examples, and who has that much time. Instead, please allow me to mention something which may have come to mind on his return flight while Defense Minister Ya’alon reviewed his meetings and visit to Washington. Hopefully, instead of going over the meetings and the non-meetings, I hope he instead marveled at the displays of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the many other museums and galleries Washington has to offer. There will be plenty of time to review notes and report on the discussions and other tedium which go with positions of responsibility. Since it would be unwise for Minister Ya’alon to tempt fate and comment on the refusals to allow him to meet with President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, I hope he will not hold it against me for taking the privilege of expressing what my feelings would have been, “Thank all that is holy I did not have to suffer those insufferable bores so full of self-righteous indignations and unbelievable buffoonery they pass off as intelligent commentary. Such unknowledgeable dolts should never have attained high office but such is the fate of direct elections. The Administration reportedly desired cancelling Minister Ya’alon’s meeting with Samantha Power, the President’s Former Security Advisor, Current United States United Nations Ambassador and proven Israel hater who during one of her interviews from before she ever rose to high position but thought herself as worthy, she expressed that she believed that the United States should send military forces to enforce a settlement and to protect the Palestinians from Israeli aggressive policies by stationing United States military forces in Gaza and the West Bank. One must wonder whether that interview was introduced into the conversation, though I doubt so or Minister Ya’alon might have faced arrest for expressing indignities and causing an effrontery to a member of the administration. Had I been Minister Ya’alon I might have cancelled such a meeting myself so as to avoid so sullying myself. Then perhaps I am being too harsh.

I had mentioned quite a while back that there was only one way for the Europeans and Americans to assist in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I also stated they were all too full of themselves and thought way too highly of their understandings of what was really at fault and what needed be done. Their insistence that Israel was resisting taking the steps required to reach a peace with the Palestinians as they had always been too demanding and paranoid to reach any peace. This was probably made obvious to these know-it-alls when they watched the lack of Israeli flexibility in reaching a peace with Egypt in which they returned the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt refused to take back Gaza and the inhabitants within. Oh, wait, that was what happened and apparently as soon as Egypt offered a meaningful and real peace the Israelis performed backflips in order to assure that Egyptian President Sadat received a generous return for peace so he might have something to show in defense of taking such an unprecedented and brave step. The Israeli generosity proved inadequate for the Muslim Brotherhood which subsequently assassinated President Sadat. Oh, but President Obama desires giving that very same bunch of murdering terrorist supporters rule over Egypt regardless of any consequences. Then there was the inability of Israel to make peace with Jordan except that they did and even offered to give the Jordanians legal right to the lands they renamed the West Bank during their illegal occupation of lands originally reserved by treaty for the Jewish state but the Jordanians chose to allow those lands to be returned to their rightful owner, the same lands and owner the world now demands give those territories to a group of terrorist masters. Perhaps the Israelis are not only willing but actually are anxious to accept any real offer of peace but not so quick to commit suicide no matter how joyously that suicide would be received in Europe and apparently with some in the United States.

So, how could the Western nations bring about a real and actual lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis? Well, step one would be to avoid like the plague any more “Cairo International Conference on Palestine Reconstruction Gaza” projects. Every penny, farthing, pence, ruble, or other funds provided for the rebuilding of Palestinian areas in the aftermath of conflicts initiated by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, PLO or other Palestinian terror entities simply is another way of financing terrorism against Israel and sometimes also the Western nations as well. This is not to imply that any such funds will be diverted and go directly into funding terrorist activities and interests, though that is definitely what will occur regardless of what measures are claimed to be put in place, but because such funds relieve the terror groups from having to invest some of their funds and manpower to rebuild after the destruction caused by their aggressions against the Israelis and their intentional ricking harm to Palestinians and their properties. They rarely place the rocket launchers anywhere near their own homes, though Israel has learned to target their homes so they too share the joys of the fruits of their terrorism. The reasoning is basic, if Hamas launches hundreds upon hundreds of rockets into Israel daily for more than a week and the Israelis get somewhat upset and answer the aggressions with some aggressions of their own and Gaza received extensive damage, then if the rest of the world does not tumble head-over-heel to send billions of dollars for reconstruction, then Hamas will be forced to fund rebuilding or face the ire of the Gazan people and bear the brunt of their anger; and since Hamas and all its terror allies are massively outnumbered by the citizens of Gaza, they would lose their sanctuary in the ensuing expressions of Gazan anger at their abuse. There is a reason that Hamas has been able to afford to wage war on Israel uninterrupted every couple of years since taking control of Gaza in a bloody coup divesting the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza. They have collected funds from the trillions of dollars sent to rebuild Gaza after their egregious aggressions against Israel. This is above and in addition to the investments made by Qatar and Iran with one sending weapons, trainers, rocketry expertise and other items for war while Qatar simply sends petro-dollars. There was over five-billion-dollars pledged for Gazan rebuilding and everybody gladly slapped each other’s backs and congratulated themselves on their well-intentioned generosity and assured one another that none of their largess was to end up stolen and diverted from the intended rebuilding of Gaza by Hamas and the other terrorist groups into digging new tunnels and producing bigger and more lethal rockets. They all ignored the boastings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that rebuilding the terror tunnels had begun immediately after the ceasefire. They ignored a few days later when United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was given a tour of one of the tunnels which was in the process of being rebuilt or survived the Israelis searches which are evidenced in these archived United Nations photographs from his tour shown below while source photos at the United Nation video records for Ban Ki-moon can be viewed here and here.   Some pictures are priceless.


Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon visits Hamas tunnel after Gaza war

Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon visits Hamas tunnel after Gaza war



Close Up Ban Ki-moon viewing Hamas infiltration tunnel into southern Israel

Close Up Ban Ki-moon viewing Hamas infiltration tunnel into southern Israel


As long as the Western governments prove susceptible to the pleadings for their treasure to rebuild the destruction brought on by terrorist aggressions and the responses they inevitably will incur, then the terrorists will continue with their aggressions and the Western nations will ever faster be parted from their treasure and eventually debt will render them irrelevant as their economies suffer from the foolishness of their actions. One can only hope they realize their investments are causing the recipients of their intentions more horrors and destructions directly resulting from their good intentions. May they come to their senses before too many more innocents pay the ultimate price, especially the noncombatants on both sides.

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