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October 12, 2015

Israel Only Able To Prevent Suicide by Withdrawal from World Bodies


The rumor mill has once again sounded the warning that France will be presenting a motion to the Security Council condemning Israel as an occupier of the lands which were liberated from Jordanian occupation in the Six Day War in June of 1967. The formation of the homeland for the Jewish people came in three easy to understand steps. The first step was the proposal for the lands to be divided into one state for the Jews and a second Arab Palestinian state complimenting the already existing Arab Palestinian state cut from the British Mandate lands called Jordan, originally Transjordan. The San Remo Conference put forth that the lands turned over to British control under the title of British Mandate Lands was for the formation of the Jewish state. This meant that all of the Mandate lands under British control were to form the Jewish state. While the British were doing all within their power to guarantee that there would never be sufficient Jews allowing for their state to be founded they ‘requested’ with likely some degree of ominous foreboding that the Zionist Congress allow for the using of the Mandate lands east of the Jordan River, that is seventy-eight percent of the lands, be given for forming an Arab Palestinian State which would be ruled by the Hashemite Royal Family and in return the British Crown and nation would guarantee that the remaining twenty-two percent of the Mandate lands west of the Jordan River would remain inviolately usable for the Jewish homelands. That was the first dividing of the lands presumably reserved for the homeland for the Jewish People for which we have nobody to blame but ourselves for agreeing and that die has been cast.



British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel



The British, true to their word, to the Arab leaders, restricted the number of Jews permitted to enter the British Mandate lands, even throughout World War II when having a place to emigrate to would have saved millions of Jewish lives, and had refused an offer by the Germans before they invaded Poland for the British to allow Germany to deport their Jewish population to the British Mandate lands thus sealing the fate of German and European Jewry and setting the final segments in place for the Holocaust. Even after World War II and the gruesome realities of the Holocaust became known where figures estimate that over six million Jews and millions of Roma, Serbians, Poles, Homosexuals, mentally unstable and other disabled persons were all liquidated as there was no room in the Reich for inferior humans such as those persecuted minorities, the British were still holding out against the formation of Israel and continued to refuse to allow the remainder of European Jews to emigrate to the British controlled areas even going as far as to take some of the Jews who were caught attempting to land in Haifa, Tel Aviv and other ports and place them right back into the concentration camps under British control in Germany. This was the fate of the real ship Exodus which was portrayed in the movie by the same name except the real Exodus was intercepted by the British, boarded and the Jews taken around Europe and up the Rhine and the Jews were incarcerated in ‘Displaced Persons Camps’ which for the survivors of the Concentration Camps this was a particularly trying and distressing imposition. They had believed and hoped with all the fiber left in them that they were going to be in Eretz Yisroel and instead the British had taken them back to Germany and basically incarcerated them in a holding camp for displaced persons. History is full of ironies and events which defy logic or explanation as to why and how people could be so heartless or unthinking as to incarcerate Jews in camps after their having survived the concentration camps but then again they might have been spared the concentration camps had Britain or any other nation agreed to take them in or allow them refuge in one of their colonial possessions of the period but none were offered. The Exodus was simply one ship out of many which had sailed for Israel only to be intercepted and placed in camps only to finally release them allowing their immigration to Israel after the recognition on May 15, 1948.



Haganah Ship Exodus after the British Boarded her Blocking Jews Entrance to British Mandate Taking Jews to be Held in Camps in Germany

Haganah Ship Exodus after the British Boarded her Blocking Jews Entrance to British Mandate Taking Jews to be Held in Camps in Germany



Finally the United Nations on November 29, 1947 held their vote in the General Assembly on whether or not to offer a partition plan which would establish another Arab Palestinian State additional to Jordan and Israel for the Jews and even proposed a set of boarders which would have maximized the two sides to be constantly at each other’s throats with constant complaints of border transgressions. As this was a General Assembly Resolution it had absolutely no binding powers and held only the power of suggesting one possible solution and could have led to negotiations or other method of settling any disputes or claims from either party. The one thing it could not do was survive either side refusing to accept the offer of two states for two peoples living side by side in peace and security or in any form what-so-ever. Thus was General Assembly Resolution 181 born with the map below depicting the borders proposed by the United Nations which was sent to the Zionist Congress and the Arab League for their respective approvals. Should both parties have accepted the proposal there would have been two states formed in the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The Zionist Congress and all Jewish Agencies agreed to the proposal almost immediately. The Arab League held a vote where it was almost unanimously refused claiming that no size Arab state was acceptable if it did not include all of the land and that no Jewish state was acceptable in any form, size or other consideration and that the Jews must not be permitted a state on what was pure Arab lands. The refusal by the Arab League meant that General Assembly Resolution 181 offer for two states died at that moment and the United Nations decided with the agreement of the British, as the British desired to be rid of the entire tangled mess and all the problems their remaining would entail, so Israel was born with the borders being the entirety of the British Mandate lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The rejection by the Arab League left all the land in the map below to become Israel, the entirety including both the orange and green plus the white area depicting Jerusalem as the Arabs gave up their claims and that made void the divisions proffered in Resolution 181 so when the British still insisted they were leaving as of sundown May 14, 1948, then at that point the Jewish state of Israel came into being which was the next day as in Judaism sundown is the start of the next day which is why though the British surrendered their control at sundown on May 14 that Israel declared their independence day to correspond with May 15, 1948 which was 5th of Iyyar, 5708 on the Hebrew calendar.



UN Palestine Partition Versions of 1947 and included within UN General Assembly Resolution 181 which was rejected by the Arab League negating the UN Resolution as if either side rejects such a UN Resolution which is non-binding, it invalidates the entire agreement rendering it mute from that point forward. Jerusalem was to be managed by a corpus separatum (Latin: “separate entity”) set up consisting of an international groups most likely to be rotated. This offer was accepted by the Zionist Congress but having any General Assembly Resolution accepted by one side and rejected by the other is simply one hand clapping, useless.

UN Palestine Partition Versions of 1947 and included within UN General Assembly Resolution 181 which was rejected by the Arab League negating the UN Resolution as if either side rejects such a UN Resolution which is non-binding, it invalidates the entire agreement rendering it mute from that point forward. Jerusalem was to be managed by a corpus separatum (Latin: “separate entity”) set up consisting of an international groups most likely to be rotated. This offer was accepted by the Zionist Congress but having any General Assembly Resolution accepted by one side and rejected by the other is simply one hand clapping, useless.



That morning seven national armies crossed into the nascent state of Israel in an invasion having the full intent of murdering every last Jew; every man, woman and child. This war continued off and on for over a year and became known as the Israeli War of Independence. The problem with that name is it is a misrepresentation of what occurred. Israel did not win this war; they just did not completely lose this war. Israel survived a war intent on their annihilation but lost lands to Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Israel did fight a war for independence which ended on November 29, 1947 when the date was set for Israeli independence and the departure of the British Mandate forces. From that date on Israel was fighting a war with the Arab population led by the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini and these guerilla forces were joined by armies from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Arab Liberation Army (Arabic جيش الإنقاذ العربي‎) commanded by Fawzi al-Qawuqji, Army of the Holy War (Arabic جيش الجهاد المقدس) commanded by Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni and Hasan Salama, and volunteers from Muslim Brotherhood, Yemen, Pakistan and Sudan. Additionally both Britain and the United States had official policy of an arms embargo on all sides though there was some British help provided the Arab forces as the British turned over much of their arms and equipment to the Arab forces as they departed in the weeks leading up to May 14, 1948. Israel very well might not have persevered if not for one nation which understood being the victim of British ignobly when they were sacrificed to Germany and Hitler in order to avoid any potential conflict over such a trivial matter such as was Czechoslovakia to the powers such as Britain in the period immediately before the invasion of Poland began World War II officially. Czechoslovakia bravely ignored the major powers embargo and basically all but dared them to say something, anything about what they had chosen to do. Israel owes them a debt of gratitude and more to the Czech Republic and to Slovakia so as to return the favor of life which they provided Israel in their time of greatest need and challenge.


By the end of the war the Egyptians held the Gaza Strip which they gained from Israel, the Syrians had gained control over the whole of the Golan Heights which previously were divided at their highest point and Jordan had gained much of Judea, Benyamin, Samaria and half of Jerusalem which included the entirety of the Old City as well as the Temple Mount and many of the oldest and most historic and important cities and towns from ancient Israeli and Jewish history. These lands gained by these aggressors were the true occupied lands and were presumably part of Israel and were lost when Israel managed to survive the war of Jewish annihilation by over a dozen Arab armies but still Israel lost lands and the world has done everything possible to enforce that loss despite Israel liberating these lands when forced into war by another attempt at annihilation when Gamal Abdel Nasser commanding the Syrian and Egyptian armies declared they would “drive the Jews into the Sea.” Jordan did not join in this war in early June of 1967 and Israeli leaders begged Jordan not to join the war and not to believe the broadcasts on Syrian and Egyptian news telling of their advances and imminent capture of Tel Aviv, but Jordan wanted their slice of the corpse of the Jewish State and the Jews trying to tell them that they were actually winning was just a ploy by the Jews who had to be lying so Jordan jumped in on the second day of the Six Day War and lost the occupied lands as Israel liberated Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and most of all the Old City and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The world has never forgiven Israel for winning these wars and surviving because they cannot accept the Jews as being confident, armed and proficient at defending themselves. But just because Israel has not lost the fight does not mean they have to win the peace. The aim is to force Israel back to the presumably undefendable borders of pre Six Day War 1967 so that the Arab armies can have another go at Israel and maybe this time they will succeed and Israel will be destroyed and the Jews will be back to begging from every nation to please permit us our little corner and we will promise not to make any trouble and will live at your kindnesses.


Now the French are next up to introduce another Security Council Resolution declaring that Israel has no rights to “occupy” Arab Palestinian lands in the West Bank, the name which Jordan gave to Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and eastern Jerusalem including the entire old city and the Temple Mount. The reason given for this emergency resolution is the dangerous rioting in Old City Jerusalem and particularly the Temple Mount for which these lands must be immediately rewarded to the Arab Palestinians so that the rioting will end as the Israelis are the reason for the rioting and the terrorism. If only the Arab Palestinians are granted their historic lands, historic lands for a terminology used first by Yasser Arafat with the assistance of his Soviet KGB masters who invented Palestinians to mean the Arabs who are no different than the people in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the other Arab nations in the Middle East. What is being glossed over is that the rioters are the Arabs and if the solution to Arab rioting is to give them the lands then what is to be done with the Arab violence in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon and the future Arab violence which will break out in almost every corner of what is today Israel? I think I can guess at the European solution and that would be to give all of Israel to the Arabs and let them do as they wish with the Jews just as long as they do not send them to Europe. The question is are these miscreant youths who you really wish to reward encouraging their behavior, especially when there are thousands of potentially like-minded youths residing in and currently entering Europe? Think about this carefully, really carefully.




Perhaps the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations should place a sister resolution to the Security Council which will reward the Arabs rioting across Europe by giving them the cities and nations where the Arabs are rioting to the Arab rioters as if it is the right solution to Arab rioting them; it must work the same wherever there exists Arab rioting. I have a suggestion for the French; take care of the Islamic violence in your own nation such as the horrific murders at Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher kosher market, the terrorist murders of three young children and a rabbi at the Ozar Hatorah School in the north-east part of Toulouse before throwing barbs at Israel. There are sufficient problems in every nation at some level which others could throw the stones of indignance at, but throwing such stones from your own glass house at somebody else’s glass house results in two very smashed glass houses with no benefit to either house owner. If for one moment the world would read the San Remo Conference results and they would know almost instantaneously that the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea all belongs to Israel and technically so does all of Jordan, but the Zionist Congress made a sacrifice to please the native Arab population and allowed the British to make good on their promises and this is the repayment, the attempt to take the remaining twenty-two percent of the lands promised the Jews and reward those who would destroy everything the Jews have built and murder every Jew given half the chance. Let us all hope that the French will prepare for their own problems because if the reward for Arabs rioting is to give them the lands, we can expect a world full of Arab rioting and demands they be rewarded the lands in which they rioted just as the precedent the European and United Nations demanded from Israel as why should Europe be any different than Israel? Time will tell but be careful on the precedents set as they have a nasty habit of growing bolder and more voracious with their appetite only growing after they swallow another morsel surrendered under duress, a lot more appetite.


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