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August 27, 2019

Initial Terror Reports Were Frightening


Residing in the north of Israel places one thus far outside the ranges of the rockets from Hamas. Living close to the coast makes us less prone to attacks by the Arabs under the Palestinian Authority. So, we should feel safe and outside any real threat. That feeling was shattered this last few days. The initial reports were not all that informative beyond that Iranian forces, the IRGC, had launched a terror attack against northern Israel. There was no specification stating where along the north this attack was launched. The good news was that it had been intercepted by the IDF and the launching point of the drones eradicated. Still, hearing that Iron Dome units had been placed in the north as preparation for this anticipated assault is fine, but were we the target or somewhere else? Well, as with all things, time will tell. Still, hearing about such a threat which had some unthinkable result as several drones laden with explosives was the one clear item we heard the morning after the Sabbath. It was not until several hours later, as everything was slowly coming back into full operation after the Sabbath that we heard that the attack came well east of our town. There is nothing like reports of terror attacks potentially being in one’s area to bring home that everywhere in Israel is within any number of Arab forces sworn to our destruction and the death of as many Israelis as possible. Sobering would be a definitive understatement.


One thing many people around the world are often unaware is exactly how small Israel actually is. People we have met believe that Israel is around the size of the average European country while some actually believe that Israel is close to half the size of the United States. The look of disbelief on these people’s faces when they are informed that Israel is approximately the size of New Jersey with a much narrower midsection is priceless. This means that much of Israel is within strike distances from outside her entire perimeter. Hamas can reach over two-thirds of Israel from their Gaza location which is beyond the reach of the IDF without necessitating a full invasion by soldiers as Israel refuses to utilize the tactics used by the United States, Russia and most of the rest of the world where air-power is used to eviscerate any target as well as much of the surrounding region. Israel uses ground forces when it becomes necessary to destroy the Hamas forces, rockets, mortars and other offensive operations and operators. The Palestinian Authority has taken a completely different route to increase their terrorist capabilities. Rather than expend the effort, time and their security forces, they instead pay any terrorist and their family a hefty salary for life for every Israeli they murder. This investment has led to knifing attacks, shootings, car rammings and other forms of attacks which are launched in shopping centers, at bus stops or any other location where a group of people make for ample targets. Even the sole individual is vulnerable as even a single Israeli murdered means that your family will live well into the future. But the real threats come from, you guessed it, the north. That threat is traceable directly back to Iran and takes the form of Hezballah and the IRGC which are spread across southern Lebanon and all across Syria.


Four Maps of Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and India with to scale map of Israel super-imposed for comparison on each map depicting her actual rather than perceived size.

Exactly How Small is Israel
A Comparison Against Four
Well Known Countries


Hezballah and the IRGC pose such a special threat that they deserve additional comment. Where Hamas is limited to Israel south of Haifa, Hezballah and the IRGC have missiles and rockets which are capable of reaching all of Israel and beyond (see map below). Additionally, these two militaries, and they are both legitimate military terror armies, are backed by Iran and everything they have is stationed from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. This includes ballistic missiles and weapons loaded with anything from nerve agents, biological agents, chemical agents and, once they produce them, assuming they have not already, nuclear warheads. Further, Iran could use any exchange, such as the events over the past weekend, as an excuse for declaring any strike they launch against Israel was in response to any Israeli response to terror assault whether they be rockets launched from neighboring countries, ambushes along their borders, drone attacks such as the recent ones or any interception of terror forces across these borders. Iran has often rattled her sabers after Israeli forces have intercepted across border attacks or struck rocket and artillery platforms used to strike into Israel often launching air to surface missiles from within Israeli airspace across into Syria and Lebanon as necessary. These two armies, IRGC and Hezballah, directly take their orders from Iran and the majority of their attacks are ordered from Tehran. These are just some of the threats which Israel faces, but things will become worse in the not too distant future unless the world awakens to the threats being faced by Western civilization.


Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat

Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat


The main step away from Israel which has infected too much of Europe will take root and infect the United States. Anti-Semitism has been increasing at rates formerly believed impossible over the last decade and it promises to accelerate and soon becoming beyond political will to resist the growing hatred. One need simply look at the candidates seeking the Democrat Party candidacy for President in the 2020 elections. Even Joseph Biden was forced to alter his expressing support for Israel making that a minor backside issue in his campaign. The remainder sound more like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib than they do the Democrat Party of our youth. Bernie Sanders holds Israel in the deepest of contempt while defending himself from claims of anti-Semitism claiming he is Jewish and thus cannot be an anti-Semite while his history is replete with statements forsaking anything to do with his birth religion. This is far from unusual for far-left Jews of Western civilization as they defend their anti-Israel positions with the claim that they are Jews while declaring their atheist beliefs forsaking the tenets of Judaism. Their Judaism is nothing other than a shield they wield to deflect criticism of their positions against Israel and Zionism while ignoring every other nationalist movement and government on the globe. Should the Democrat Party continue their slide into anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli political positions, when they inevitably resume the handles of power, Israel will find herself cut loose of United States support. That should stand as a double warning, one to Americans and the other to those in power in Israel who will be required to address such an eventuality.


Bernie Sanders anti-Israel Support

Bernie Sanders anti-Israel Support


Between the terror scare the other morning and watching as the world continues to drift away from Israel, we are concerned as to whether Israeli leadership will make the necessary adaptions to military and political stances and dependencies such that Israel does not end up blindsided when the inevitable comes to pass. The recent Rashid Tlaib and Ilhan Omar fiasco where Israel exercised the right of any nation to prevent those who work for their destruction from entering their borders, as the United States did with an Israeli Knesset Minister Michael Ben-Ari, laid a spotlight upon exactly which politicians from both parties upon which they can trust. It also was eye-opening, and not exactly a pleasant one. Israel will be required to be the sole source for whatever may be her military weaponry and other systems as well as facing the potential that she will become the outcast of the entire world with perhaps a dozen exceptions at best. This might go so far as to include agricultural requirements for feeding all Israelis, Arab, European, Asian, from the Americas as well as Jews, Christians, Muslims and every other person residing within her borders not to mention virtually every other need or requirement for a healthy and content society. Between Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Hezballah and the IRGC in Syria and Lebanon all taking orders from Tehran and Iran also making threats against Israel (as well as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others), the possibilities for a multi-front war with Israel facing rocket and missile attacks from the north and south, terrorist tunnels on both fronts if they have not all been detected, across border infiltrations, drone attacks at both fronts and possible military attacks complete with armor and air support from out of Lebanon and Syria plus potential assault and launchings out of the Sinai Peninsula, a hot bed of terrorist groups, Israel could face what will amount to an existential threat to her existence.


There is another item we used to hear when back living in the United States coming from people who otherwise supported Israel was that they never would stand for American forces to be used in defending Israel. Some who did not like Israel were somewhat more direct claiming that they would not stomach American boys and girls having their lives placed in jeopardy over a nation of Jews. Well, allow us to place these fears to rest, Israelis refuse outright and definitively do not desire for any troops from another nation to come and fight and possibly die fighting for Israel. We are totally aware that there is no faster means of losing what support Israel has with any nation than to have their young people returning in caskets because they were helping Israel defend herself. Should there be those, like Colonel Mickey Marcus who fought with the Israelis defeating largely the Arab attempt to destroy the nascent state of Israel in the 1848 War, who choose to put on an IDF uniform and fight under their own choice and not as a foreign soldier, that is an entirely different situation. Would we expect to hear pushback should any of these volunteers die, most certainly as we expect pushback over virtually any and every act taken by our government (should we ever elect a new one), military and even our relief efforts in natural disaster regions. Hey, we’re Israel, the Jew amongst the nation, we never expected anything different. Still, Israel will hopefully do whatever she is required to do to protect her people and defend her lands. Our wish is for the world to finally make good on the promises made after World War I and allow us our full borders as laid out in the Mandate System and presumably protected under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter and enforceable by the United States under the Anglo-American Treaty and by Britain, Italy, France, Russia and Japan as signatories of the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres and numerous other agreement, treaties, accords and conferences all which referred to promises made under the auspices of the League of Nations and the Allied Powers from World War I. We do not require the world to love us, like us, approve of us or do much which would show us favor and acceptance, but we will eventually, preferably sooner rather than later, insist that promises made by the unanimous vote at the League of Nations be finally honored and once our borders have met these guidelines set out now approaching a century past, leave us in peace and we will share with the world our discoveries, new technologies, computing advances, medical cures and treatments, agricultural methods, clean water technology, communications technology, security and other software, advances in physics and virtually everything else all without attempting to be moralistic. Friendship with other nations will always be preferred, but respect has to be the minimum, and that minimum is one thing which Israel can demand as she is entitled to at least that modicum of respect, just as is every other nation.


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June 19, 2019

The Threat for a Nuclear War

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You mention that there is the possibility that the next large conflict could include nuclear weapons and most people just give a half-hearted chuckle and walk away leaving you standing wondering if it was what you said. Well, it was what you said and nobody wants to even consider such a terrible set of events. Those who do engage in such a conversation point out that the efforts for nonproliferation will prevent any such unwanted eventualities. They refuse the argument that every weapon mankind has ever invented were used in the next big war or in the war currently raging. Gunpowder, catapults, trebuchets, ballistae, crossbows, long bows, mines, rockets, nerve gas, other chemical agents, tear gas, aircraft and virtually every other form of weapon has been used. Currently in Israel, Hamas has taken to using such innocent items as kites and helium balloons to carry incendiary devices which are burning fields, forests, wilderness preserves, towns and anything else they land near. They have also attached exploding toys and brightly packaged candies laced with poison. Mentioning that such is simply another example of weaponizing everything and when it comes to nuclear bombs, well, they are already weaponized. The nonproliferation argument also runs into difficulty as if were not for proliferation of nuclear weapons, only the United States and Russia with perhaps china would have nuclear weapons. But many other nations have developed and stockpiled nuclear weapons and others are on the verge and thus far only South Africa has gone from being a nuclear power to destroying their arsenal and becoming a nonnuclear nation with no nuclear weapons program that is known.


So, why our concern over nuclear weapons and their use? Well, the nations involved directly in the fighting in World War II were all given a small introduction to the horrors which nuclear weapons cause with the bombings of Hiroshima (image below) and Nagasaki. The devastation was probably no worse than the firebombing of Dresden, Tokyo and other cities. The human toll was not completely understood until much later as the side effects from high doses of radiation became evident over time. The world even agreed at the United Nations to work to prevent such weapons from ever being used again. The record of the United Nations in often causing the exact actions which they were initially attempting to prevent. UNIFIL monitoring Lebanon presumably to prevent Hezballah from rearming the border with Israel is a perfect example. Currently, Hezballah is estimated to have over one-hundred-thousand rockets and guided missiles ready to be used against Israel. Most of these are located south of the Litany River, the region that UNIFIL was to keep weapon free, and we have not even gone into the tunnel and bunker systems Hezballah has built crisscrossing the entire region. So, we would not put much faith in the United Nations preventing proliferation and, even after that, preventing a nuclear exchange leading into a cascade of unpleasant consequences. This brings us back to the fact that every weapon and weapon system ever devised by man became one of the crucial weapons in a later conflict, and usually in a conflict which snowballed into a far larger conflagration than the start ever envisioned.


Hiroshima Before and After Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima Before and After Atomic Bomb


We have pointed out that Iran more than likely already has a stock of nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles (chart below) with which to deliver them virtually anywhere on earth. Add on North Korea and there are two nations who could be prime candidates for initiating such a conflict. This has been further evidenced in the frightening commentary made by Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani as part of his Quds Day Speech of Friday, December 14, 2001.

If one day, the Islamic world is also equipped with weapons like those that Israel possesses now, then the imperialists’ strategy will reach a standstill because the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, it will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality. Of course, you can see that the Americans have kept their eyes peeled and they are carefully looking for even the slightest hint that technological advances are being made by an independent Islamic country. If an independent Islamic country is thinking about acquiring other kinds of weaponry, then they will do their utmost to prevent it from acquiring them. Well, that is something that almost the entire world is discussing right now.


This is one of the overlooked items when Rafsanjani is touted as a moderate Iranian leader who is a man of peaceful intentions. Sooner or later, we hope sooner, the media and political climate of the developed Western World will start to understand the meaning of Taqiya and realize that, all too often, some of these leaders are simply not telling them the truth. This also likely applies to the Iranian claim not to possess any nuclear weapons.



Iranian Rocket Types and Varieties of Ranges

Iranian Rocket Types and Varieties of Ranges


There are already two nuclear powers which face one another across the thin armistice line separating them in the Kashmir region. These are India and Pakistan and these two have had a very violent history starting from the outset when Pakistan was separated from India and tens of millions of people desired or found it necessary to relocate in order to be in a place where they were assured of survival. During the dual exodus, numerous instances of violence were exchanged by the two groups over the weeks it took for the exchange to be completed. India and Pakistan have had several conflicts and almost had a war break out within the past few years. Both nations are known to have nuclear weapons and one can only wonder how these will be kept from being utilized in some future conflict between these two adversaries. Add in the probable existence of nuclear warheads in Iranian hands and their enmity towards Israel as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United States and any other nation not ruled by Shia Islam. These are all instances where such weapons could be used and should Iran simply fire missiles towards Israel, the Israelis would have very little time to decide, first, if they could with total assuredness intercept all the missiles (possible but unlikely depending on the numbers), secondly, whether the missiles were topped with WMDs (whether nuclear, chemical or biological is irrelevant) and finally, would Israel respond in kind and use nuclear weapons in their response to such an attack. The next question would be whether or not Israel has the ability to destroy her own ballistic missiles should the Iranian attack not contain any WMD materials. The United States would also face a difficult decision should Iran utilize WMD’s, specifically nuclear weapons, against Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States or anybody else who the United States is obligated to defend by treaty or other arrangement. In all honesty, in Israel we not only prefer not to have the United States use any of her military in the defense of Israel, as we wish to depend as totally on our own abilities and not risk other nation’s people including service members.


The next argument often heard in such conversations is that the human race has moved beyond using weapons which cause such horrific results and cause such damage. How people can still hold on to such a concept after Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on his own Kurdish citizens, Bashir al-Assad using chemical weapons and barrel bombs on areas known to have a large concentration of civilians and finally the horror show that was the Islamic State should have convinced people that barbarism is still with us. We could add in Rwanda, Ethiopia under Idi Amin, South Africa and numerous other instances and even prolonged inhumanity which were permitted in this presumably modern world. The truth is that the human race has not moved past the tribal society outlook where anyone outside the ruling tribe is considered a non-entity, a non-person, something totally without worth or concern. Yes, Europe has finally started to figure things out and have become so passive that their societies are crumbling due to low population figures which are far below replacement rates. The United States and Canada would also be in this state if it was not for some subsectors of their populations still reproducing at far larger rates making up for the lower rates amongst much of the population. Israel is comfortably above the replacement rate for which we are very happy. The one item which has been seen to correlate with the lack of sufficient reproductive rates is the secular and anti-religion populations which have adopted the far left and ecologic view that the ‘earth is being murdered by people’ religion. These are the same people who also believe that the United Nations is doing a swell job of keeping the peace and firmly believe that large wars and the use of WMDs is in our past never to arise again. These are the people who suffer from a Pollyannaish outlook that no matter what distressing news they read or are told respond with something totally irresponsible such as, but it is such a nice day, isn’t it? They will do anything to change such a conversation as they refuse to admit that things could even become horrific.


Does anyone honestly believe that nowhere in the world there exists a potential leader who would use nuclear weapons? If so, why? We have witnessed chemical weapons, nerve gas, barrel bombs, suicide bombers, passenger aircraft filled with people used as building torpedoes, vehicles driven into crowds, terrorism of various varieties and attacks made on places of worship during services to maximize the carnage. How none of these register with so many people is amazing and frightening. These are often the people voting for governments who might actually have to face such difficulties, and the rest are hoping they choose well. With what we have witnessed and some of the bluster coming from often unelected rulers, it would appear that believing that there is little if any chance of a nuclear exchange or a one-sided use of nuclear weapons would appear foolish. There is no real difference between using a nuclear weapon and the use of other WMDs, especially biological agents which do not respect borders. For those shaking their heads at the use of biologic agents, do we have to remind the world of the anthrax attacks, many being faked but there were quite a number which proved to be real. What if instead of anthrax they had access to use a mutant form of plague combined with the flu such that it had a two week or months long incubation of certain viruses and no known treatment while being completely resistant to antibiotics as viruses often are. Such a biologic agent would spread far and wide before the initial victims ever showed symptoms which would be the initial stage of any sort of warning. There are numerous nations who still have very active biological warfare research facilities making what would probably be our worst nightmare were they to ever be unleashed upon the world. With some actually having and potentially intending to use such weapons, why would anybody believe such people would bat an eye at the use of nuclear weapons being used if they were in control of such weaponry. The probability that there will be a nuclear exchange somewhere on earth within the next decade is, in our estimation, probably between one in ten to almost even odds.


The real question will be whether or not the nation initially attacked or any of their allies have such weapons and will use them in a response. Were one nation to utilize nuclear weapons against an enemy, it is possible that the victim would decide to take the strike and hope for the best responding with normal ordinance and not resort to using nuclear weapons in their actions. The odds of such is rather low as there are bound to be some anger issues involved in the decision-making process and the ability to resist going nuclear would be a very difficult idea to swallow. This is where the problem comes into play. Let us say that there is some overly aggressive nation’s leader who drank way too many espresso coffees and decided to launch three or four nuclear tipped missiles at an enemy nations fifteen-hundred miles distant. The struck nation returns the favor using ten to twelve of their nuclear weapons. The initiating country, in the fog of events and war, claims that the nation they initiated the attack upon had done something which caused the attack such as attempted an assassination and they make this plea to their allies who now join in a larger nuclear attack of the initial victim. The newly attacked nation knows nothing of any attempted assassination and only knows that they have been struck by missiles and several WMDs from now four or five nations, so they call on their allies, that is how these things work, right? By the time everything is straightened out, half the world is missing a large number of its citizens and their infrastructure is mostly destroyed. This is not an absurd scenario any more than some terrorist in the Balkans shooting some relatively unimportant but favored Archduke and his wife could launch the main powers of the day to wage a war to end all wars. As has been stated often enough, wars have been initiated by lesser acts. The world will have a war where one of the main weapons used fairly early in the conflict will be nuclear weapons, and most likely thermonuclear devices which can destroy even most modern metropolises. It is entirely possible that Iran might test Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s that, “the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything.” Israel may only be the size of New Jersey or half the size of Estonia, but that is still beyond the area of devastation which nuclear weapons are theoretically capable of causing immediate destruction. Granted, were such a weapon dropped centrally on the Tel Aviv metropolitan region, that would potentially murder close to half the Israeli population, but the nation would likely still be viable with most of the regular military remaining intact. How Israel would respond would be completely dependent upon who would be the Prime Minister and the members of the Knesset. The bravado that such an attack upon Israel would immediately result in the decimation of Iran is likely just that, bravado for the consumption and responses of the media and people.


The other item is that Israel would not have any real desire to cause such upon the people of Iran who actually have little say in who rules their nation and choosing those entrusted with such decisions. Yes, we realize that Iran holds elections for their legislature and President. We also know that only candidates approved by the Guardian Council are permitted to be on the ballot and they do not have anything such as a write-in candidate. Whomever the Guardian Council decides is eligible to run for the parliament and for President are permitted to be on the ballot and all the rest, well, not so much. There are many who believe, including a sizable amount of the citizenry of Iran, that the nation utilizes the Joseph Stalin philosophy for vote tabulating in that it is not so much who votes that counts as who counts the votes that matters. This was evidenced in 2009 with the people contesting the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Green uprising. We also were made aware and realized exactly how brutal the ruling elite in Iran could be with how they handled the protests and the levels of violence dealt to the demonstrators. This was a peek inside the Iranian leadership and their concept that they are the law and operate above the law. They also provided proving evidence of their general lack of concern for human life. This is a combination which could prove to be the exact dangerous groups with power to initiate a war with nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, with the remaining question merely being against whom.


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January 29, 2019

Why Israel Arab Conflict is Unsolvable

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We sometimes have heard that solving the Israel Arab conflict cannot be that difficult if only Israel would sacrifice for peace. We wonder, does sacrifice for peace include returning the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt? That is Israel surrendering an area more than two and three-quarters the size of the nation of Israel itself. Somehow, the world appears to have forgotten this small fact. When Israel made peace with Egypt, Egypt refused to take the return of Gaza and disassociated from the people who had lived under Egyptian rule for almost twenty years before the Six Day War. Perhaps Israel should be thankful that Egypt did not demand that Israel accept the population of the Sinai Peninsula as Egypt really just wanted the oil wells anyway. Then Israel made a peace with Jordan and offered them the return of the “West Bank” (Shomron or Judea and Samaria) and eastern Jerusalem, Jordan refused them both but also disassociated from the Arabs residing there who had Jordanian citizenship, but that was cancelled. A great number of those residing in the area Jordan refused included people forcefully relocated by Jordan across the Jordan River into the region left to Israel. Jordan has refused to accept the return of any part of the people in the Shomron including those they relocated there in order to Arabize the region beyond anything Israel could ignore and so as to cause difficulties for Israel in the future. Then there is Syria with whom Israel is still at war but with whom they had an armistice agreement. That agreement had been breached, broken and shattered by Syrian and Iranian forces firing into Israel with snipers, launching rockets into Israel, flying armed drones over Israel and firing anti-tank missiles at IDF and civilian vehicles on the Golan Heights, yet people demand that Israel return the Golan Heights and change this to all of these projectiles aimed across the northern one-third of Israel at farmers, motorists, towns and cities just as was the case before the Six Day War when Syria owned the region. The difference is that weapons have become more accurate, have increased range, and carry larger warheads which would all but vacate the entire region within Israel, as it would become unlivable. These are the facts which, despite some debate about them, are basically uncontroversial. Finally, there is the demand that Israel returns Palestine to the Arab Palestinians.


Israel from Mandate to Six Day War to Currently after Gaza Disengagement

Israel from Mandate to Six Day War
to Currently after Gaza Disengagement


Let us start with the last one first as it is the easiest to discuss and the least of the actual problems. When was there this Arab nation of Palestine that Israel stole from these Arabs? Simple answer, it never existed beyond being the name of a region given to it by the Romans when they dispersed the Jews, decided that Judea and Jerusalem were far too Jewish, and changed the names of the province, that is Roman province long before any Arab stepped into these lands and definitely not a nation unto itself. Judea became Syria Palaestina, while Jerusalem was renamed to Aelia Capitolina. The British and League of Nations referred to the region from which Britain carved out Jordan east of the Jordan River and Israel west of the Jordan River was referred to with its Roman nomenclature of Palestine, which was still a region and not a nation and from which two nations were actually carved. There has never been any nation named Palestine and Aelia Capitolina was a provincial capital which was abandoned within the first year as the people left to handle this region return to Damascus and performed their duties from there. Even as late as 1867, as reported in Mark Twain’s writings in “The Innocents Abroad,” or “The New Pilgrims’ Progress,” in the section on his visit to the holy lands, the description was less than flattering and told of a land mostly abandoned to weeds and scrub brush with hardly any inhabitation outside of Jerusalem, and even his commentary about Jerusalem was less than flattering. One can only wonder what Mark Twain would have to say now, just over one-hundred-fifty years later, seeing the Tel Aviv metropolitan region and the others including Jerusalem; they are all a far cry from the desolate little sleepy region where lethargy appeared to be the rule except for a few intrepid farmers, possibly the earliest Zionists who set to work draining swamps, channeling water and irrigating the lands starting farms as soon as they arrived. But that is claimed to have little bearing on the modern situation, because the reasons that these problems exist are not of concern to the world, it is something else.


The claim that Israel must sacrifice for peace is ludicrous. There are so many real reasons that peace has not been reached which have nothing to do with Israel past the simple fact that she exists. The Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967, and its three no’s, “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel,” has been the Arab position. Arafat, then Abbas, were permitted to negotiate providing they swore to accept the other two no’s and work towards the day when Islam defeats the Jews and Israel is no more. There is a small problem which is stated only in Arabic, a language which the Western media appear incapable of finding a translator, even Google, that any peace would simply be the first peace to be followed soon thereafter by a new round of terrorism, a new set of demands, and a new peace process, which if it should ever reach a peace, would be followed a few months later by another explosion of terror, new demands, peace talks, peace, violent terror, new demands, you get the picture. The aim is stated to destroy Israel in stages if necessary, but the end result is to destroy Israel. The only solution, you could call it the Arab final solution, is for the Jews leaving by whatever means are necessary, including exhuming the dead to take with them, and all of Israel belonging to the Arabs, because that is the way the world works and the Quran demands such. No Arab or Muslim land can ever fall under somebody else ruling it, and most certainly not the accursed Jew. That is the base position from which the Arab world had negotiated since the first day of Israeli existence when the armies of over a half dozen Arab nations poured over the borders, some were already operating in the Arab neighborhoods and farms inside of Israel that morning, and set to destroy all of Israel and every Jew along with it. The Arab war of 1948 was best described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” His reference was to the Islamic defeat of these two wars, though their victory over the Mongols came after nearly a century of Mongol rule over large parts of their Arabia. That was their intentions then and those are still their intentions now.


There is a dirty little secret which most, if not all, the people from the United States State department to the European Union to the numerous European national leaderships, to the co-conspirators at the United Nations to the several United Nations Agencies and virtually every two-faced, double-talking expert on the Middle East do not speak. This little secret is that it is not Israel which is preventing the making of a peace agreement. They know the Arabs turned down half of the lands west of the Jordan River in late November of 1947 when the United Nations offered just such a deal and the Zionist congress agreed but the Arab League steadfastly refused as they were going to wipe those snotty little Jews off the map a few months later, or so they believed. Egypt was offered Gaza and Jordan was offered the West Bank, both declined to retake lands they knew did not belong to them plus they were to be used to destroy Israel as the plan was already hatched. The Arabs were offered over ninety percent with land swaps and Eastern Jerusalem towards the end of the Clinton Presidency and this was refused by Yasser Arafat. The Arabs were offered over ninety percent with land swaps and Eastern Jerusalem towards the end of the George W. Bush Presidency and this was refused by Mahmoud Abbas. The Trump “Deal of the Century,” which century might be how long it will take to formulate, has already been refused by Mahmoud Abbas without seeing the offer. Abbas has all but told President Trump to take a hike and is swearing he will refuse any peace deal which will be presented by President Trump. Well, that is so much for and chance for peace in the immediate future. Wait, you say, how about President Trump working with Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Well, Jordan has refused him, twice that we have counted, Egypt has turned him down unceremoniously and in no uncertain terms regarding Gaza, and Saudi Arabia backed away from any agreements they had made when it became a part of the deal that they take in some of the Arab Palestinians.


The problem comes down to a simple problem, what to do with the Arab Palestinians, not just those living within Israel but the over five-million so-called Palestinian refugees. These refugees numbers just over six-hundred-thousand in 1949 at the end of the Arab War to Annihilate the Jews which was renamed the Israeli War of Independence so it would appear that Israel started a war for their independence and not they gained it legally and the Arabs attacked with the intent of wiping the lands clean. These refugees had children and unlike any other refugees, these children became refugees. These children had children who had children who have had or some day will have children who will have children and so-on ad infinitum. That is how over three-quarters of a century six-hundred-thousand refugees become over five-million refugees instead of a problem already solved. One need understand that the Arab refugees, far from anything to do with Israel, are not handled under the regular United Nations Refugee Agency, they are handled under the UNRWA, the agency which President Trump ended United States monetary support. The rest of the world jumped up and are supporting them for the time being. This energetic rush to aid anything to harm Israel will cool and UNRWA will be making desperate calls for aid from anywhere and demanding that the United States pay it fair share. You have to love all the uses that the political types get out of the phrase, “pay their fair share.” You hear it about taxes, “We just want the (super) rich to pay their fair share,” or the United Nations and its myriad of agencies whenever the United States defunds them, “We just want the United States, the richest nation in the world, to pay their fair share,” or the newest version, “Making sure foreign investors pay their fair share,” and after any oil spill or ecological disaster we hear about the company which has already suffered a blow to their income with the losses incurred by the event of the ecological disaster, yet we hear, last one, we promise, “We just insist that aggrieved company pay their fair share to clean up the effects of the disaster.”


There will be no solution to the Israel Arab Conflict for the foreseeable future. The world will need to be reawakened to the small problem caused by the Quranic promise that the Muslims will rule the world and Islam and the surrender to Allah will become the universal faith which every person on the planet will come to follow. The Muslims, on the strength and timing of the Arabs as they emerged from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered much of the Middle East including the lands under Persian Rule and across northern Africa taking the lands of Egypt and the Berbers, crossed into Europe at Gibraltar and were finally turned back by George the Hammer Martel at the battle of Tours. They took the Levant and were stopped by the imposing walls of Constantinople. The Ottomans made two attempts at Europe with both being turned back at the gates of Vienna with one being accomplished almost completely to the merit of the King of Poland, John III Sobieski, who commanded the Holy Roman Army plus the entirety of the Polish Army leaving his nation unprotected and depending on the promises of the other leaders that they would leave his lands safe. Surprisingly, they kept their word. These were the past attempts by the forces of Islam to conquer the world and turn every knee to bend before Allah. This means that there have been at least three or four attempts by Islam to conquer Europe, but Christianity stood and held. When the Crusaders would take Jerusalem, they often would murder the remaining Muslims and a fair percentage of the Jews. When the Muslims would take Jerusalem, they would murder most of the Christians and a fair percentage of Jews. The number of Jews usually was proportional to the casualties and amount of time and effort was required to take Jerusalem. The Arabs desire taking Jerusalem and making it completely Jew free. They wish to do this to the entirety of Israel. Their plan does not necessarily include any rescue for the Jews. They do not plan on making such necessary. The terrorists scream slogans calling for the eradication of the Jews and the Jewish State. This is their desired solution to the Arab Israel Conflict. They refuse to make peace because their solution does not include peace unless it is rest in peace, and I doubt their Jewish victims will even get that if they were ever to succeed. The Israelis know the score but the world would rather pretend that the Jews are the problem. Our best guess is old habits are very hard to break, and much of the world has been blaming the Jew for every misfortune for so long that they just simply fell back on the stock reason that there is a problem, the Jew did it. The only thing the Jews did was reclaim their ancestral homelands, the lands and city, Jerusalem, which they have prayed over, prayer for, prayed about almost every single day of their lives. We have been saying Jerusalem, next year we will celebrate this day in Jerusalem. Even a recalcitrant Jew knows the desire for next year in Jerusalem. Now that it can be right now in Jerusalem, we, as Jews, are not returning to dreams when we hold the prize in our hands. That goes for Jerusalem and every part of Eretz Yisroel.


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