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December 14, 2014

Israeli Left Showing Their Empty Hope and Change

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The leftist block has already revealed their campaign in the coming Israeli elections and it is what some have expected, full of sloganeering with a very heavy dose of personal attacks on Prime Minister Netanyahu. The basis of their campaign will be a mix of claiming Israel needs a change in direction and they are the only people offering any hope for that change. Hope and change, it seems I have heard that slogan from another leftist elite. This anti-Bibi trope will be the entirety of their campaign claiming that Prime Minister Netanyahu was unable to move Israel forward as he had no plans for addressing Israel’s main challenges and problems. What they will not tell you is that Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni conspired to bring down the coalition neutering it from within while setting up an extreme elitist left block and doing so without having elections. They will hope that Israelis will not have noticed their acts of perfidy in overturning the elected government which the people of Israel had placed their confidence in the past election. The left has a basic message which boiled down to its essence simply states, we will be better than Bibi. The vitriol will come out to defame the current Prime Minister and the leadership of the other nationalist party heads such as Naftali Bennett. Their defaming rhetoric will be gladly echoed throughout the leftist media both in print, on radio, through television and on the Internet especially on social media. When the heads of the left are before the media the questions will lead to answers which will paint a picture where they are the saviors of Israel who are needed solely because Israel needs saving from Netanyahu. That will be the major reason for hope and also their reason for change. They are betting that the Israeli public is tired of Netanyahu and that is all they need to gain power and return Israel to their other idea, surrender the lands and we will have peace.


They will claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to continue the peace negotiations just as Tzipi Livni had almost reached an agreement. The claim will be that Netanyahu could not accept peace because he is a slave to the settler movement, if only that were true. Livni and Lapid will claim that they were on the inside and saw how Netanyahu scuttled the peace talks because he refused to surrender the settlement crazies and instead was going to stick to a slogan of no land, no peace, which indicates Israel will not compromise on keeping the settlements even if that means the Arabs will refuse to make peace without the surrender of all the lands they claim. What will be missing from their message is that they were ready to give up the lands beyond the Green Line for Abbas’s promise that this would end the terror war. They will claim they had reached an agreement with Abbas which would have brought peace with dignity, but dignity for whom? What will be left out is that they were willing and attempting to form a far left coalition which would agree to the proposal of surrender to Abbas in the hope that it would bring peace. They were prepared to trust the man who almost from the word go handed Gaza over to Hamas allowing for the terror war from Gaza to continue. They will claim that Israel should trust them to reach an agreement with Abbas which will result on another disengagement, this time from Judea and Samaria instead of Gaza, with Israel surrendering land in exchange for lying words from the serial liar Abbas. They will claim that this time it will work because they are committed to a fair and honorable peace. All they really want is to stand in the spotlight beaming while they bask in the brief glory of having reached an agreement. Neville Chamberlin also reached an agreement and basked in the spotlight beaming as he too claimed to have brought “Peace in our time.” What he had actually done was, as Winston Churchill responded to Chamberlain’s deal reached at Munich, “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” Add the word ‘terror’ before ‘war’ and you have a response to the peace sought by Livni, possibly with Lapid’s concurrence.


The nationalists have come to the proper realization that Abbas is incapable of promising anything as he has no power or influence even over Ramallah itself and is but a straw man guaranteed his place to serve as the reason for Israeli surrender. Every time the season comes for reestablishing peace talks, Israelis and their leadership are pressured into giving concessions in order to prop up Abbas such that he will be able to claim he has gained an Israeli surrender which will make his conceding to talks worthwhile. Then the Israeli leader claims that whatever was surrendered would have been surrendered in any peace deal anyways so it was not given in vain. When the peace talks collapse, as they are fated to do as Abbas cannot make peace and survive, literally survive, that small surrender is lost never to be regained. That is how instead of talking about where to draw the borders of an Arab state we are talking about the Green Line and East Jerusalem instead of someplace inside Area B. This is how we are talking about surrender of ninety-five percent of Judea and Samaria instead of twenty percent. That is why Abbas is now telling the Arabs that soon we will be talking about the end of Israel, and the Europeans are supporting just that result from future talks. These are the results promised by the peace camp, the same people who brought the Oslo Accords which has become a major affliction threatening the very existence of Israel. That is the promise that further negotiations will bring about. Abbas does not desire peace, he desires being given Israel one piece for peace at a time. That is the hoped for change that the leftist will present though they are loathed to speak that truth.


Many on the right are hoping for leadership to arise which can replace Netanyahu, but that is not in the cards this election. But if Israel is to have a leader after Netanyahu, that too is not in the cards for now providing Israel desires to have a leader after the one elected come this March. Many are realizing this truth lately that there is no partner for peace because there are few Arabs who desire peace without it being granted on the corpse of the Jewish state. That alone makes the Jewish State Law necessary though neither Livni nor Lapid could see that as they are blinded by the hope for the change which results in their rightful receipt of a Nobel Peace Prize. The nationalists do not crave such honors; their honor is the health and continued existence of the state of Israel and its Jewish cultural flavor and refuge it offers to all Jews. That is what the nationalists on the right support and is the sole answer which will provide Israel a future. That is something we need depend upon as peace has been the forbidden fruit whose nectar we have been promised a thousand promises ago and still we have yet to get a tantalizing bite of that honey soaked apple. The left will claim that the path Netanyahu will have us tread is one which is without any true peace and thus no peace with honor. What they cannot understand as they have been blinded by the shiny light of peace, but of an illusionary peace whose light is but the deceit of illusion and the actual result of any peace which grants the Judean hills overlooking Tel Aviv to the Arab rocket launchers is not a real peace but simply a prelude to war. Netanyahu is working towards a peace which will not bring the end of Israel nor bring on another Arab-Israeli war. Netanyahu is the Prime Minister who can avoid another all-out war with the Arab forces while those who guarantee a quick peace are blindly leading Israel into war. Their hope and change is a dangerous and rocky path over a familiar road and many see that road which is paved with Israeli concessions ends in a familiar place, and that place has always brought forth war. War is the one change we cannot afford, and that is the reality in which Israel will be voting come March.


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